Day Two Red Serpent energy wave. White Lunar Worldbridger

Today is the first portal day of ten in this amazing energy wave of transformation.

It’s a very memorable day and I’m sending love out to our world community because absolutely everyone was affected by the events on this day.

Everyone’s world changed on this day and huge ripples went out on every level.

Like every event that touches us in such a deep profound way we can see that there is much learning comes from places of adversity and challenge.

So much humanity and compassion were created as an outcome of  this destruction.

So is our life challenge as we learn the most from these times.

This is where we get to see what inner strength and courage we have.

Today’s Mayan energy is White Lunar Worldbridger.

It is in simple terms number two on a wave of thirteen steps.

Red Serpent Wavespell

Yesterday we were seeing how much we love the skin we are in.

If you choose you can join me each day to explore this energy with some inner questioning…..

use it as a universal lifecoach opportunity

gifted by our ancestors the Mayan People.

Who were very wise and heart knowing and created these ways of being synchronised with the universal waves of energy

thousands of years ago.

As we see how we feel each day…..

we get an opportunity to let our feelings be our guide as to where we are feeling in the love zone and happy….

and where we are not feeling that is showing us where we can surrender and let go of some past story and belief we are holding on to.

Today we are looking outwards at what our relationships are showing us.

Depending where we are on our evolutionary consciousness and understanding we will have different views on this.

For example we may see things very simply in terms of duality.

A man is masculine and a woman is feminine.

My blog today is about looking deeper and this may challenge some people’s views.

My intention is to share my understanding as “a” way

rather than “the” way

and the reason I do this…..

It has brought so much joy and peace for me and how I relate and many people I have shared it with

I am asking the reader to be curious and ask

“what if ……    this could be true and work for me too?”

There are no strings attached….

I promise

Trust me…

You are me….

everything you do affects me…..

and I want the very best for you…..

I want the very best for our world…..

I want the best for me

I am worth it

and so beautiful souls are you

So we can let go of holding onto old hurts and seeing them showing up every day

 we can all get along

because although we are unique….

deep down we all want the same thing….

to be loved and respected for who we are.

Our world is so beautiful and there really is no need to guild the lily

and yet because each one of us has self-esteem issues…..

every single person on the planet is equal under the sun in this….

we feel we are not enough 😦

So we need a badge of worthiness to prove xyz on the outside.

What if…….

all we need to do is change how we feel on the inside and let go of any need for any “stuff” to show others that we are lovable?

and what if…..

when we create peace on the inside…..

everywhere was experienced as peaceful on the outside……

Because we had no buttons to push anymore….

This is so possible and indeed it is the heart path.

This is our whole life purpose and the emotional evolution we are now going through.

It’s time to feel everything and let go of anything that doesn’t feel good.

The universe works through cycles and when the time of year comes around where everything happened before

deep down our emotional unconscious soup is stirred.

In planetary terms we have a sun sign and a moon sign.

This is our universal barcode…..

I call it a Starcode…

and we chose it before life.

We have come here for a reason and a season to create ever expanding learning and energetic change

In the UK we are moving into Autumn and as a Leo I resist that because I love the sun….

and we haven’t had too much of that this year….

same old English summer story….

As a Taurus Moon I have a very different flavour coming in…

Each of us has masculine and feminine energy

and at this time of the Aquarian Age ….

we are cup holders of the Gods…

We are God and Goddess energy and we create our lives energetically through our beliefs

and keep repeating experiences until we get the outcome we want….

 we feel love

If you look closely with the intention of seeing clearly you will see how whatever is happening to you now is a reflection of your childhood in some way

Wherever you go you will see certain archetypes appearing that represent your birth family

and unless you have consciously worked with creating change around relationships

then you will still be relating in the same way you did when you were a young child.

How many women have believed they found a lover who was so masculine and rebellious….

only to discover that they were dating their father’s archetype?

How many men have ended a relationship because of how their female partner changed when they had children?

How many people have moved into same sex relationships because they believed that it would be different …..

only to find that it was the same after all in many ways?

It’s all about us

If we don’t change our inner structure then it doesn’t matter how many times we search for the “perfect” partner ….

we are going to create the same outcome

because it is us that have to change to change the outside result

This is what relationships are all about.

Balancing our masculine and feminine within.

The Sun is our guiding light and simplistically our masculine energy.

The moon is our emotional feminine within place that shields us from seeing the whole picture immediately

If we had instant enlightenment from say the age of 21 we couldn’t play the game of life as we would know and see everything 🙂

Our moon sign is very important as it is the mirror that reflects back each month where we are at in the love game.

All the planets and their movements influence us and align us at the perfect time to experience what we need to let go of our hurt…

our shadow

this is why when we surrender and allow ourselves to work with this rhythmn rather than make things happen

we experience synchronicity

and the perfect partner shows up…

sometimes our worst nightmare rather than our dream lover…

to move us forward through a challenge

so we get an opportunity

for them to show us


Our emotional mind and our heart is the navigator

Whenever we have an emotional resonse

that is our stuff….

If you know what your Starcode is you can work with awareness

at the perfect time

with your universal guide

your higher self

who will speak to you

in dreams

in symbols

in the world through animal totems

gut feelings

and this love language gets easier to read the more we allow it…

We have been taught in many western societies that this is isn’t science

in history it was very dangerous to be intuitive and connect to the higher self

or collective unconscious

and so we live in the land of the head now.

The secret is balance

Using our head and intellect to learn and then integrating that experience by taking action and living what we believe

If you feel you are the only one in your company who believes in woo woo

be brave and talk about it and then see how many people share your ideas

this is going global

because it is who we truly are

amazing magical beings

Using our heart is about letting our feelings show us the way

Living our dream and daring to do what it takes to create it.

Many women have swung the pendulum and become men in the feminist age

Many men became women to experience that space to match women and explore that learning

We had a shift

we often go to the opposite polarity place so we can understand through experience

we are now swinging our planet into balance

by being balanced ourselves

it’s an inside job

Instead of seeking another lover

another job

another designer outfit

another pet

another xyz to

complete us

we let go of old stories and hurts from the past

and feel whole within.

In The Zahir by Paulo Coelho

he mentions the acomodador

and this is our life challenge….

to overcome places where we have felt defeated in some way and haven’t met our personal challenge

and are then constantly hitting the glass ceiling……

this is our energetic story

and I use Emotional freedom technique to let go of it.

It’s an ancient technique based on acupuncture meridians

………and talking

and this is the secret

we cannot create change purely by talking and thinking

because the emotional mind works through patterns and feelings

I can talk to you all day about this subject and you can tell me your story and you will have all the answers as to what has happened in the past….

however this is simply talking and talking doesn’t create the energy change.

Any feelings we have around past hurts are seeking to be felt….

when we feel them and tap

we let them go

then we see the world differently

and as we release the past we are free to

create something new


Everyone can tap

it isn’t rocket science

I can help you with your process

……….and I cannot do it for you

the more we tap and the more we change

gas and air for the birthing process of our butterfly emerging

We all have to walk our path

and be it

Message me if you want to know more about how……. you can let go of where you are now and rewrite your script to take you to where you want to be

that’s is my special gift to share

how to live the heart path and be free of the past

with a practical process that creates magical living from within

Love to you today and our surrendering

so we can soar even more

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