Harmony of Heart and Mind

Artist unknown Inspired By Rob Happy Mayan New Year Blue Lunar Storm I am writing this blog 8 days in Lots of experiential happenings for me I am writing this on Blue Planetary Hand day  Today we see what we have manifest in our lives through shaping our destiny  Learning healing tools to assist our […]

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Retreat Day 3 ~ Light Alchemy

Day 3 ~ Light Alchemy  Day 3 of the retreat is how to create light alchemy by healing the shadow    Yellow Sun  20th Mayan Sign  How to embody the connection to the Galactic Sun by healing our personal story Planet is Pluto  We prepare today to go into the centre of the Tzol Kin  […]

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Stormbreaker: Retreat Day 1

  Stormbreaker Heyoka Retreat Saturday 25 July 2020 1 to 3 Initiation      Day out of time A day of reflection ~ literally  What is reflecting back to you ? Today we will be focusing on : How to work out your ancestral patterns ~ using a decoder  How to map your wounding using […]

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White Mirror Wavespell 11/11

See yourself reflected back through your reflection Great website for more info about this card : http://www.elitarotstrickingly.com/blog/the-tarot-of-eli-the-thoth-tarot-key-16-the-tower Moon in Taurus waxing to a full moon tomorrow Moon at 6 degrees at 11am in UK : https://aquaorfire.net/astrology/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html#taurus6 TAURUS 6A pink diamond.The heart feels everything. It burns with a fever. Inside the burning something marvelous is forming. […]

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New Year Cycles ~ Gregorian

Pic by Amanda Clark White Magnetic Mirror  01 January 2017 We are starting a brand new 13 Year Cycle  This is a refining cycle in  the Blue Castle of Transformation refining the last 13 day process of the evolutionary Red Serpent Wavespell It allows us to look at what is reflecting back at us The […]

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Relating Code

Red Galactic Serpent Day 8 of White Mirror Wave The day of Hiroshima  The depth of inhumanity   When I look back at human history How were these things possible These actions These decisions These choices in relationship made for the many by the few How can this be? Total pathological ego of people in […]

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White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 13

White Mirror Wavespell Day 13  White Cosmic Dog  The day of movement  Today a Cosmic shift is available We can have moved from our position 13 days ago when we started this journey  Certainly we will have moved in some way as the world has moved on that is how life works ~ a constant […]

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White Mirror Wavespell ~ Day 12

White Mirror Wavespell Day 12  Red Crystal Moon   Today is the crystal complexity code where we can start to get really clear about what our emotions are distorting  based on our past  The Moon’s planet is Cancer The current 260 day circuit began back on the 18th of July  back in Cancer Sun time  […]

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