Magical Empowerment



Are we ready with our magic wand?

White Wizard Wavespell begins today.

The universal fairy godmother is ready to grant our every wish…….

Are we in the mood to wish upon a star ?

To allow the wind to blow us to your next destination ?

Are we ready to take a chance?

Putting on our travelling clothes?

 To lightly go……

Where we haven’t been before ?

Tis the season of dreams and Mercury Retrograde where our heart is in centre stage

ready to pull us to our next destination

and pulling in all our team players who are ready for the next chapter

in our human adventure.

We have written the loose plot before we came here

and now we are filling in the details and making miracles appear out of thin air

rabbits out of hats

The Magician and the High Priestess conjoined

to birth our delicious dreams.

The magic wand , I offer , is within us

our spine holds the key to our kundalini rising

and the secret is……

to listen to our heart’s desire and let our energy flow ….

a pure clear channel

of joy


so we create joy without……

It doesn’t matter what we choose

It doesn’t matter where we go

All that matters is…..

that we go…..

Deeper and deeper within

and have courage to dream big

and take action.

Lots of lovely tools to help us on our adventure now

and we can take a tip from some heroes and heroines that have trodden the path before is……

Lots of clues and signs

and some are very literal and obvious if we are ready to be clear

about where we have travelled this far

This is what it means to be a true seer


Taking off the rose tinted spectacles

getting a reality check

otherwise we live in illusion

One of the tools that we can use is The Mayan Wavespell

and I am sharing this with you.

Trust me when I say

it is the most wonderful simple to use…… yet complex and amazing

revealer of our divine matrix

and the key to moving us into synchronised five dimensional living

We really truly live beyond the veil and can see the workings of grace

when we use it experientially

Today is a very good day to plug yourself into it…….


and even if you can only spare ten minutes a day in your linear schedule to check it out

and notice how it feels

notice how you can work with it to see where you are on your path……

we can raise our awareness

This wavespell is all about self empowerment

The key to living in a way that serves us is to be aware of how we are using our will

To be powerful in a heart centred way

What is our intention?

What is driving us

are we externally referenced ?

Are we coming from an integrated core of love?

This can be confusing when we use our minds to analyse

and we may struggle if we aren’t clear on feeling our feelings

our feelings show us where we are coming from and so the more we learn to trust our feelings

and know whether we are creating from fear ~ ego wounds

or love from authentic self

the more we flow

and the more we refine our wizardry

The more I learn about our energetic universe and the more magical it becomes

The more I clear out old ways of being and the more I learn and feel from intuition

An energy story:

Let’s say we grew up tuning in to people in our circle

and as a young child we didn’t know a lot about the ego mind games and strategies that adults were playing

because we hadn’t been around long enough to learn them

We did know that what people were saying to us didn’t match what we felt about them

Immediately this created an energy dissonance for us

we had a mismatch between what our heart was feeling

and what our intellect was being told was the truth by the adult

This grew and grew as we got older.

We came to the planet with a particular energetic circuit and this was now being rewired in some way

and it didn’t feel good

however to play the game of life we had to learn to go along with our care-givers rules

or risk the consequences

We adapted to survive the environment we were in

Some people chose to be rebellious

Some people chose to be fixers

Some people chose to be chalices of other people’s feelings

Some young people had to grow up fast and become the parent

because the parent didn’t know how for whatever reason.

We do not have parent school mainstream yet because we do not energetically match it yet…..

It is on it’s way……

In the womb we were shaped by our mother”s environment and how that affected her emotionally

As a child in many ways we were a sponge absorbing and learning

although we already had an energetic pattern

often this became distorted by other people’s behaviour

and we allowed it because it was a survivor choice.

As we become able to meet our own basic needs in some ways we start to make different choices using our mind.

Everything we have ever experienced is in our energy field and this is what we are always attracting

on an unconscious level

The universe always matches us and balances us outside

When we become balanced inside……

flexibility is the key

to move with the groove.

If we have a belief about relationships with anything

ourselves, people, food, money

It is all the same on an energetic pattern level

and unless we change that energetic pattern

no matter how many new relationships we create

this pattern will come out

same tent different circus 🙂

until we rewire it through letting go of the old codes

and putting some new ones in

and we can only do that if we include healing the heart issue

the heart is the magnet that attracts.

There aren’t any problems involved…..only the ego mind may label as such

It is our process

It is how we learn and evolve.

Many people aren’t yet tuned in to how this energetic universe works

 they are still focused on believing that tools hold the power

that if they have the latest gadget , more money , more training………

they will be “successful”

that is the most popular earth model for living on our planet at this time.

When the toys are taken away the child inside remains

and is powerless.

Other people hold the power because the energy circuit is wired up in that way.

When we change our core through working with our pattern creators

we energetically evolve

Many people believe that they can do this simply by thinking it

and yet if we observe their behaviour and their energy it isn’t a match for what they believe to be true

for what they are saying……

A famous quote

You shall know them by the fruits of their labours……

This is true for all of us in different ways because we all have had stuff happen that we weren’t happy about

We all have a Pandora’s box

We all have a story

It is the nature of being human.

If we are to change that story

We have to love and accept it

only then can we create something new

otherwise we are fooling ourselves.

The key to being a magical manifestor of the heart

is to empower ourselves through

raising our self-esteem

true self-acceptance of all of us

letting go of


rebellion simply for the sake of it

wild polarity swings through living the life that is true for us

instead of doing it for someone else

afraid of hurting others with our honest choices

healing our shadow.

We have just completed the Red Dragon Wavespell.

In there over the last 13 days, were lots of clues about how we were letting go of anything no longer serving us

and allowing the goddess energy which we are a part of

to bring us what we need to receive

surrendering to what isn’t flowing

because our ego is trying to make it happen and going against the nature of who we are

trying to make things fit such as is our current ego framework


living in a box

when we actually live in a circle 🙂

If something isn’t working out

there is a universal reason for it

how many times does it have to crash before we get it

universe say no 🙂

We do have to apply ourselves and learn frameworks too

and say no

to following old energetic routes that lead us back to the start of our path

down the slippery snake

do not pass go…….

do not collect because we cannot receive and our receiving circuits are blocked by old fears

Our feminine side is the nurturing nature and the part of our circle often rewired by not receiving the love and care we needed when we were growing up

This is the part that is seeking to be honoured and heard

and has it’s shopping list of how that can be achieved in it’s own unique way.

This is what it means to put ourselves first because until we do that……

we put others first

in every way.

We may not think that to be true…..

listen to your heart and feel the difference.

To put self first is what we are here for

and mind our own business 🙂

when we do that we have so much more to share with everyone else.

Be Do Have

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Love to you today cosmic dreamers.

Living from our heart and creating our dreams changes our world.

Go for it.

Virgo full moon is a wonderful time for sending out your intention

to live from love


Illuminating the shadow


Yellow Cosmic Sun day and the last day in this star wavespell. How are you feeling today? That is the most important question of all if we are truly living from the heart instead of being led by the head.

The energy of this mayan sign is all about questioning the intelligence so we can be in our heart wisdom.

Letting go of being ruled by the limited linear mind and training and transforming our inner dog so it leads us to maturity and love.

We are always going to be bounding off into the shady woods to learn and digress and go round and round for a while as the path is a spiral……

Do we choose to reign in our temper tanting child or live forever in the world of it’s making…..?

Today I have learned of two people dying and I feel this can be such a cosmic nudge to remember ,that although we are infinite beings we have a finite life as this person and what is really important often gets lost in the mundane trivia that our mind likes to wallow in as a way of avoiding total emotional immersion.

I see it every day in Glastonbury where people weave a fantasy land to live in to avoid facing their sadness at a life that has created realities they didn’t want.

What most people don’t realise is that in any moment this can be transformed into the life of their dreams….but only if they get real.

In writing these blogs it is my intention to raise awareness of the emotional evolution we are in, as through my own personal life journey I know this is a truth.

Whether you believe it or share it  as your truth….is of course your personal road trip.

For me I will do whatever it takes to open my heart and live from love and that has involved a close encounter with my shadow side every day for years. There are no short cuts and no skipping over and sidestepping the painful parts of our lives because that is what we are here for to live the darkness in order to reveal the light.

Let’s hear it for the shadow 🙂 Chatting with several people in the past few weeks it seems we have a circle of consensus…..time to let go of biting our tongue when we smell a bullpoo reframe and manipulation…. and we all recognise it  🙂 This year let’s create workshops, opportunities and frameworks to raise reality awareness and in the process we are creating the potentiality of intimate open hearted relationships. Rip off the corsets of repressing our true selves and hold the love space of taking whatever goes with that. It can feel uncomfortable simply because it is new ground.

Everyone knows what their stuff is. We all know what has hurt and what we don’t like about ourselves and our shadow always took shape in our childhood. It isn’t rocket science. It is the same for everyone although we each have our own unique experience. There is no need to come up with elaborate structures or methodologies to release this as all our shadow seeks is to be heard , loved and accepted. To come in from the cold and feel the warmth of inclusion. This is the integration process.

Very simply it’s about love and when we see it we know it. We know when someone is in an open heart space.

The myth of any need to manipulate someone is starting to fray at the edges because people have been around long enough to be on the receiving end of that abusive behaviour. Manipulate ~ lie basically.

Over millenia we have created amazing methodology to explore this shadow side and each generation has evolved and shared insights into our psyche. There isn’t really anything new under the sun only a slight twist to technique.

The key answer I have found is to simply let the emotion out and feel ok with expressing it and I still have work to do in this for myself . I am still uncomfortable with being the one who is unpopular because they speak about things that other people don’t want to deal with. The more we let go of past emotional events and the less emotion is in there to vent and ideally we can keep clearing it so we don’t have volcanic eruptions.

Today I am sharing a story with you about my journey as a therapist with the intention of illustrating the difference between what we call intelligence and heart wisdom which is what today is about and it’s also a portal day so a super gateway to allow time to be transcended. and create a huge shift. From what I understand of the nature of our universe this is how we evolve….through each of our own personal evolutionary journeys weaving together.

In our society we have such a high regard for intelligence as a sign of elitism. We measure a person’s ability with how many exams they can pass and what grades and so many people are excluded because they do not fit this box. Today in our society children who are classed as having behavioural or learning difficulties are seen as deficient and often a problem in some way as they don’t fit the norm and are labelled accordingly. In over 40 years the way the majority of our educational systems work with these out of the box children hasn’t changed …..not the ones I have seen.

Don’t you find that amazing? That in 40 years we haven’t evolved in this area? This is a passion of mine.

How much of your childhood education has been of any real practical use to you as an adult?

When we look closer at our educational system in the UK we can see how it was a duality system for the working classes and elite and birthed. For the former shaped to create a holding space for children so their parents could work on many levels. The subjects were ( and still are in many ways) chosen for the industry in the locality and how their workforce would need certain skills. A sausage factory of Pink Floyd The Wall ilk. I have watched this film many many times with a good friend who certainly had ( and still has ) a wild child very well developed side.

Many people today are still very ignorant as to how this system has no individual free spirit ethos. It isn’t there to create self-empowerment, learning about relationships, how to handle life and how to focus on self esteem in our young people….indeed the opposite is true. We aren’t often privvy to what is driving  the powers that be and their curriculum and sometimes we are so used to being led that we don’t think to ask or challenge …..

When we raise our heads above the parapet we are often humiliated and criticised….what do we know? Poke at the illusion bubble and risk the Wrath of the mask wearer.

Every child knows the simple truth of love or fear because it is an innate knowingness that is often worn over time on the way to adulthood and then can be reclaimed.

Imagine an alternative where young people learned how to do what they loved and about their star seeded mission. How to follow their internal emotional sat nav to live authentically and create new foundations. Instead of one size fits all and you have to be a square peg in a round hole.

In ancient times we had mystery schools teaching of sacred geometry and the building blocks of our universe. We had initiate training for the soul journey to assist our planetary evolution and all of these structures were evident because it was the perfect time for that to happen…..just as now it’s the perfect time for it to return. It is all there magically in waiting for us to energetically match it and so awaken . We have the keys to turn the mechanism and breathe life into the form.

Now is the time for us to reconnect to who we really are so we can live from our heart place and let go of feeding a system that simply perpetuates slavery to the ego.

We are all equal under the sun no matter how unequal people’s distribution of wealth may seem.

Many coaches focus on finance as the way to go because that is a model of excellence and supposed emancipation….I have yet to meet a financially wealthy person who is happy more than not and living an authentic life and although I have never reached the dizzy heights of fame or what is known as financial security ….in my short life I really understood very early on that money cannot buy you anything truly worthwhile because it is an ego created mechanism and as such a manipulation.

We have so many written words, songs, scriptures and gurus from the past teaching us of this and yet how many of us are actually walking the talk of it?

So back to the story of my learning as a therapist. In previous blogs I have shared how I started out wanting to focus on psychotherapy and very quickly realising that although this can give understanding it is only a piece of the puzzle. I added NLP to my tool box that gave further understanding and more techniques….and there came lots of ecology questions for me with using those powerful strategies. If I have ecology questions I find myself going round in circles without a way forward until I can resolve them. Here I learned EFT ( tapping) and this started to show a way forward.

As a fire sign and a blue solar hand in the Mayan calendar my energy is about transformation. Talking therapies for me have to have an outcome to work towards that creates change. This is my energy blueprint and my gift. Simply talking in an unfocused way isn’t my domain.

The teachers I chose were heaven sent to show me their personal techniques of using EFT and again this is where heart wisdom reveals itself . We can all learn the same technique and we will all use it differently because of our starcode and our life mission so if you have ever ruled out a system because of an individual’s methodology  I urge you to seek and be persistent with finding a person who has a different delivery of it because they are out there. To take responsibility for our own learning is the Aquarius way.

In the past I have had many teacher’s who did not meet my expectations in their delivery of course content and as a child I quit some courses and dropped out of sixth form. Revisiting that space as a mature student  I did not limit my learning because of my teachers approach. I love what I learn and so it is easy to learn it and this is the difference that makes the difference. I decide my outcome in life through my actions and attitudes and one of my strengths is persistence. Sometimes life doesn’t match my desires and it often delivers something I wasn’t expecting…my outcome  in life is to open my heart and share that process so I always move in that direction even though it is often going back to go forwards.


When we have our training as a therapist most schools insist on doing personal introspection and discovery first because it is key that we know how this process works so we can share it. Many courses today skip that and state that isn’t necessary. This is especially evident with Alpha male pattern NLP schools. They like to sell a course  to completion in a couple of weeks with no or little work on the person first and if we look at the bigger picture of that we can see what a nonsense it is. If a person has no life experience then they simply haven’t lived long enough to transform intelligence into the next stage of integration through experiencing it on a daily basis in a practical way. If they haven’t ever had relationships of a therapeutic nature with people and learned about person centred approach and empathy then how will they pass that knowledge on? Most people I know who have done this are simply looking for a short cut and to manipulate others and have zero awareness of their own patterns. They actually don’t care about other people and don’t want to hear any content because it is boring to them. They simply want to “fix” the other person that is pushing their buttons and feel powerful and they are great teachers in this process….only not about what they think they are teaching….

Most people I have met who have been on these types of courses have lots of parlour tricks to play with people and very little interest in how that can deeply affect the person they are practising their newly learned trickery on. I know in the bigger picture we can say that is the law of karma in action….and if we are to create changes in this then this way of being is not of love and respect or any form of wisdom and maturity system I choose.

When we have done a good delve into our inner work ~ and this I believe is a lifelong peeling of the onion skin process ~ then we can start to work with other people. All the perfect people show up so we can both evolve as we are always an energetic match in some way. This is a true win win when this happens and a beautiful process.

I had one client for over a year on a very regular basis and each time they challenged me. I learned so much from this relationship and as I offered person centred therapy and believed strongly in it , I always let them lead as to the outcome they wanted. Over time I noticed that whatever we supposedly solved in an intellectual sense using a coaching solution based framework, always popped up somewhere else in a different form. This person had tried lots of therapies and lots of coaches and money wasn’t an issue. They made it part of their life. Whenever I made a suggestion that came close to childhood issues they wouldn’t go there. I always give homework to my clients to integrate their experience and minimise any dependency and transference and yet this wasn’t done by them. Whatever frameworks and boundaries I raised around sessions was always breached or pushed and my intuitive offerings overridden.

This person had been on so many courses and had so many certificates and could trot off so many trite positivity intellectualisms at workshops and yet nothing was changing because although we tapped they weren’t allowing their feelings to come up and part of their ego defence mechanism was to create a diversion whenever we came close to the wound.

Despite so many sessions and so many solutions their behaviour wasn’t changing because it wasn’t the right time for them to go there…..and it may never be because there is so much fear blocking the heart opening process. That is their choice and none of my business. What is my business is how I choose to work as a therapist. Eventually I ended the relationship because I wasn’t allowed to be me and so was delivering my energetic intervention in a straight jacket that I allowed. No matter what my relationship is with someone I have to be me. I cannot be someone else’s fix in an out of balanced way. That is co-dependency .There are so many misunderstandings in these areas and no matter how I tried to explain it they couldn’t understand it because to them I was a business service and I was paid for them to use in what way they chose. As we got nearer to the core of their wound their behaviour around any boundaries I was setting became more resistant and in the end I would not allow them to attend a weekend retreat because I knew the impact their behaviour would have on other people in the group….and that wasn’t an outcome I wanted for my retreat. It was sad for me because so much of our relationship was inspirational and it had to end because I was ready to create new circles for me and they weren’t willing to face their fears and let go of control to go into them.

As I have raised my self esteem and confidence I have raised my boundaries too and for me this is about being discerning and seeing people’s patterns through their behaviour….trusting my instincts and wherever possible being open without judging. This comes with experience and the more we release our ego stuff the more we can see clearly.

In Glastonbury this is essential as it is the Heart Chakra of the planet and so the ego stage.

Many people behave as if it is the Crown chakra and become a godly saint archetype. It’s the perfect place to see that being acted out . Many people become something here to enable their ego to perform and forget or try to hide their humanity in the process… is so clear to see though through a discerning eye. No one is perfect/happy/saintly all the time and somehow if you act any other way …..authentically revealing a shadow emotion…..then you have fallen from grace.

One of the key learnings for me with EFT was my first teacher Gwyneth Moss and her sharing of our inner dog in our training weekend. Our emotional Mind. This was a major aha moment and really shaped the way I used EFT. Gratitude to you Gwyneth. It has been the foundation of my understanding and pivotal in how I work with myself and everyone else. The emotional mind is a pattern matcher and I have an in-depth pdf about it here.

Our emotional mind does not do intellectual logic. It isn’t rational. It simply wants to avoid pain and bring pleasure ~ hence our addictions. Like a child it doesn’t understand how eating lots of processed sugar every day leads to no teeth and diabetes if unchecked. It doesn’t care if our alcohol intake leads to liver failure or inappropriate behaviour. It is purely concerned with getting it’s fix in whatever way it can so we don’t feel unhappy and it learns this very early on in life. Whatever was used as a sugary pacifier, in a mind, body spirit way, in our childhood is plugged in to our way of living and unless we rewire that pattern it simply expands.

The more we rely on intellectual solutions instead of getting our emotional needs met and the more our emotional need grows and the more we need our fix.

Tapping works by combining mind, body and spirit. It can be used in many ways with content, without content, with or without emotion, with pictures, with art, drawing a line on a piece of paper, watching a film, in your car, in a meeting, in labour….it’s limitless you choose.

Any age,  literally anything even appliances, animals, surrogates, with reiki, with massage…’s universal because it is simply energy and  ancient wisdom. It allows us to let go instantly if we are ready…..

Our heart knows our path. Our heart knows if we are on it. Our heart doesn’t need all the intellect to know love because it feels love. Our society loves mind and it has become the primary focus often as an avoidance of pain…… living a life so far removed from who we are.

We are always attracted to rebels, wild child people, the bad boys, rude girls who entrance us with their audacity and derring do. Our desires rarely run to fantasising about the domesticated nice person who is safe and always accommodating and if we have created a life without challenges and colour we are undernourished in our beige haze.

This is where the addictions surface.

So instead of being Stepford wives we can be the imperfect human beings we really are and love ourselves and then we let go of any need to do alter ego behaviours that cause our bodies pain or hurt ourselves and other people physically or emotionally.

Here is a video you can use if you choose to start to tap and create your own scripts. If you don’t find this appeals there are lots more people out there who do it so simply google or go on youtube and explore the world of tapping. It is amazing how quickly we can create wellbeing and peace with this every day for ourselves….who cares if it looks unusual? If it works and there are no side effects what is there to lose except our fear

and……it is free for each of us to do it ourselves.

The EFT community offers so many free resources.

Love to you and your beautiful wild child self.

In the words of The Doors ~ Wild Child full of grace saviour of the human race.

Please try EFT for yourself if you haven’ already…..and share it. If everyone uses EFT each day instead of addictions our world will change. If you are using a pure mind system for letting go of an addiction please consider bringing in your emotions because they are a key part of the process. It’s time to let go of scapegoating and blaming alcohol or drugs for causing destruction in our society ….it’s people who do that with their behaviour and it simply stems from lack of love and understanding.

Star People



Today is the letting go day in the Star wave spell and if it’s your birthday today then this is the bigger picture wave for you this year.

White Spectral Mirror

It’s a new moon in Aquarius and this weekend is a powerful one showing us our Aquarius selves.

Blue Moon astrology ~ fabulous insights every time

How we are shining our starlight from true potent possibility

and where we have shadows

that are seeking some information to transform

and some loving to be healed.

Light is information remember…….

all those particles of sunshine

have gifts to bestow

Shimmering skin like the creatures of the night in Twilight

When we learn about astrology we can see how the planetary dances are caressing us

shaping us and evolving us

by resonating and plucking at our heart strings.

Whenever we have a huge hit at the box office or a runaway bestseller it is going deep into our subterranean fears and desires.

All the metaphors of the intoxicating heady shadow selves are there.

This weekend is a Scorpio and Taurus North Node and South Node Tango

 this culminates an amazing wave of exciting new galaxies to explore for me

and it soooo makes sense of the dynamic happening in my household just now.

If you have read my earlier posts on this on my facebook page you will know how this wave has brought massive new learning for me.

I don’t do daily posts about this on a regular basis for a full wavespell

I felt called to do it this time with this particular spiral.

All the coloured words in this blog lead to great resources that have appeared on my cosmic cookie trail and I am sharing them with you….

they may be perfect for you and you may choose to google and find your own

as we all have our sacred thread to follow that is individually patterned for us

We have a wealth of limitless resources and thanks to the wonderful web we can access them

in a magical way….

following our sacred cosmic cookie trail…

when we remember our heart wisdom we remember that competition is an ego invention

there is no need to compete as there is the perfect match for us in every moment

the perfect therapist

the perfect business partner

the perfect lover

and so on…..

who is here right now showing up right on time

to take us over the page and into the next dance marking our card….

if we allow it and that is the most powerful magical place to be….

to allow it

In tarot the princess of cups position

Most people aren’t allowing


energetically believe…… and so dance with lack

competition = lack in the bigger picture

and a belief in scarcity and limited resources

which in some respects is a material truth…..

there are a finite supply of sources on our planet

and an infinite supply of creative alchemical soul….utions

through transformation

Millions have trod the earth before us and all that ever was is still with us in our earth bubble

A combination of masculine and feminine touch and system is the key.

If we push and force we get an outcome that can sometimes be brutal and damaging

ripping a strip off……

another way is to soften and render tender

so the husk opens up and falls away with the new growth revealed.

In the Mayan calendar this is where we are heading for in July.

July 26 is Yellow Galactic Seed and a time for new growth.

The Heart Path 🙂

We are currently in Blue Resonant Storm and this is a whirlpool year of death and transformation

stirring up our ego suit of armour that often has become our somnambulist performance

playing a role instead of our soul.

This weekend North Node is Scorpio which is death and rebirth.

This is a wonderful resource if you know what yours is.

This is a wonderful site of information from  Elizabeth Spring

If you don’t know and would like to know more please message me with your time,date and place of birth and I will set you off on a cookie trail of discovery about a bigger picture if you are ready.

All my info has links so you can do this for yourself and if you want to go deeper then….

like me you could book for a reading

this week I had an indepth astrology reading with Mary English that was a total wow 🙂

This year for me I am revisiting my Jupiter expansion that happens every 12 years and as it’s my 48 birthday in August

in my Mayan thirteen year cycle I am moving into year number five which is blue overtone hand 

Radiating my mayan sign which is a gateway for healing, shaping and death and transformation

on the heels of white self-existing wind

a year four of speaking truth from the heart and creating a structure in the process

In this year I have been revisiting lots of old patterns and cycles….

which I offer you is what we all do

and then we get a chance to experience from a different perspective….

back to the Scorpio North Node which is evident in parenting

It is only when we become parents that we truly understand where our parents were coming from…..

and we are at a choice point…..

often we find ourselves hearing our parent’s words coming out of our mouths….

never would those words leave our lips we thought…..

and yet 🙂

ooops there they are.

Conditioning is so strong

we hold all our experience in our energetic blueprint

our cup holder of the gods

it is there to be transformed

One of the key issues we are all faced with at this time is understanding our child selves so we can transform into mature beings

on all levels not simply what uniform we wear or what face we put on to our peer group

while we have an alter ego ….the child who is the rebel

Watch a group of young children and their attention span to something they really don’t want to do 🙂

That is really all of us isn’t it?

Only we have a parental control mask that we employ

and now and again it slips off and the bushy wolf tail pops out from under grannie’s nightie.

When we were a teenager how did we get our rebellious kicks?

As we were morphing and our bodies maturing…

our hormones racing

and our search for love and belonging

how did we learn to achieve this……

this is the key now to our transformation.

Do you remember the first valentine card you received or gave?

Do remember your first kiss?

The sound of your heart beat

feeling the pulse of desire

and the warmth spreading


the first cut is the deepest….

sorry no to Rod Stewart here I do draw the line….

love the lyrics tho….

Scorpio is sex on one level

I watched the Full Monty last night and it brought back memories of living in a South Yorks town after I lived in Crete in 1987

both had lots of similarities around masculine and feminine role playing

In the wake of the miner’s strike there was huge fear about the ending of that cycle

Pits were closing fast

there were working men’s club’s and women dressed to the nines …

the trophy wife

women stayed at home to make the Sunday lunch while the men got drunk and watched strippers

and I found this to be sooooo frustrating and controlling

and I wouldn’t do it 🙂

Many people of my generation learned to role play

me totally included full throttle


Cover their emotion with alcohol

allow themselves to be liberated to excess through getting drunk

and some are still doing it because it works on some level

gets them into another place but there is collateral damage

and it’s often at a very high price

Feeling connected to base chakras through sex

feeling empty because that isn’t love

and all the feelings return that we are trying to suppress in triplicate along with the hangover.

I notice the difference with my children and children I have worked with

in a holistic therapist approach

Generally they are not doing that dance and are refusing to wear the mask which is why we have so many


around attention and presence

and my offering is these truth tellers

heart wisdom

out of the mouths of babes

are moving us towards authentic relationship

because they demand more

they expect more

and they are showing us the next steps towards our future

being real

Deep down none of us want to do the boring stuff

and resent mundane aspects of our lives

and we have created them because we believe that is how it must be

and that is true as long as we believe it…..

Time to change our beliefs?

I left the UK in 1986 because I didn’t want to be a hamster on a wheel

I felt so strongly that there was more to life than a 9 to 5 and soap operas and I was really scared to take the plunge

some of my friends did it and so I had a stepping stone into the unknown and I took it

This was my first major awakening on a Greek beach gazing at the mountains and feeling oneness

I was alone that day and part of me plugged in

This place is Paleochora…..

Old town 🙂

During my time there I indulged in a hedonistic life

I turned a major milestone here

my 21st

I ran away from intimacy too on one level and kept looking for it in others

I had a Scorpio addiction time of building my shadow

Watching Ulrike Jonsson and her sex addiction confessions gave me a major consciousness raising on this.

My moon is in Taurus and I can indulge deeply in hedonistic pursuit

When I became a parent this changed in my physical process

and yet part of me grieved at the loss of freedom of other aspects of myself.

Now I am seeking to integrate these adolescent parts of me that learned to feel loved in a certain way

outside of myself

because my ego defence that I learned was to people please and to feel valued through others

work in progress 🙂

One of the shadow aspects of this time is that we seek to distance ourselves from our feelings and emotions

and use intellectual control and solutions instead

when ideally…

when in balance…..

we do all of it

and wherever we have emotional black hole responses or addictive urges

we notice that

and for me I use EFT (tapping) to transform through letting go of all my fear ( anything other than joy and love)

so I can be free of my past

and live differently

so I am not  living my past today.

If you know your North Node and want to know who you share this with here is a great site

for this and many other things


I find we can see so many things about ourselves through others with the same patterns and I discovered a

lot about my children and me and my partner.

I have had an affinity with Jim Morrison since my first boyfriend introduced me to him

He sang in a band

I thought the music very bizarre at the time and now I am really getting the lyrics in a whole new way

Jim and I have had an on off relationship over the years that has embraced many places and people

and I love how I can time travel to them simply by playing the tunes.

My partner has the same north node as him and is a Saggi and I have the same as his girlfriend Pamela Courson which I found very interesting 🙂

Energetically the wave we are in process with

that the Mayan wavespell reveals to us…..

takes nine steps

one each day

It takes thirteen days to complete a wave and each is unique

each is continuous like creation

we have an opportunity to see ourselves through working with it

it reveals our pattern and beliefs

The first nine steps lead to the tenth …

the manifestation and that was yesterday

we created a wave

an energetic signature

a resonance

a potent dreamweaver

that is how our world really works

thoughts become things

it is so simple

and so complex 🙂

We are part of it

when we raise our consciousness we can create consciously with it in ever more powerful ways

if we are willing to do what it takes

or we stay at Go point and keep coming round to the same place

This is the pattern of the ego dweller who isn’t willing to let go of the old to welcome the new

and so will struggle because digging in heels

create resistance

and resistance is futile…..:-)

We all have ego and it is our friend

our shadow dance partner

Today we are at the letting go day of seeing this wave that we have created so we can release it

and therefore create anew with new ideas

awareness of what our star potential is

what our shadow is

If something outside of us creates pain

something inside of us matches it


that is why it is showing up outside so we can see it

hello 🙂

It is an opportunity to let go and the next wavespell is coming up on tuesday

hot on the heels ready for us to dance with this new learning

Red Dragon wavespell

perfect for the Chinese New Year which is Serpent energy

see how magical it is this framework

Day two is Valentine’s day which is always the challenge that helps us create and evolve.

The Dragon is the great mother energy of the serpent


Our mind worries about this and that

and all the while the universe is about it’s business weaving in amazing beautiful patterns

that are way beyond our human mind comprehension and our heart wisdom knows.

Learning to let go and let love show the way is key

and it’s easy to do in an abstract Facebook fluffy rabbitty way

posting spiritual pics is all well and good

and …..

doing it is the key

doing the shadow dance

jumping off the edge

building the letting go of the safety net muscle 🙂

Today is all about seeing what has happened over the last nine days to mirror what seeks release




What has pushed our buttons

What is challenging us

What feels really uncomfortable

Where are we facing walls, barriers and ego protection

Where are we avoiding intimacy

Where are we holding back on speaking out for fear of…..

This wavespell is now moving into new moon energy

the energy is expanding

and as we cannot see her face yet

the moon is in darkness

still shielded

our feminine is still shielded too

first couple of days are in darkness

Here is George Michael and star people which has been buzzing around in my mind today

The amazingly talented beautiful man who is George Michael.

I was never a huge fan until I went to see him perform live and heard him.

Heard his heartfelt communication and felt the resonance of his music and words

the caged bird singing…..

I sobbed my heart out to his

Jesus to a child

telling of his love for soul mate who died from aids

and once I started I couldn’t stop

he touched my resonating inner child

How can this amazingly talented man believe he is unworthy when his gifts have manifested so much?

yet part of him feels so unworthy he was very close to death recently

Isn’t it true for all of us?

A key lesson

that we are required to heal within as well as without

and that is the most important place of focus.

The same is true of Stephen Fry who is such a passionate man about so many things

and a genius

Who wouldn’t want this man as your friend and in your circle ?

He is a Scorpio North Node and South Node in Taurus.

He has had a challenging life that he has shared and in the process raised awareness of many taboos

around sexuality and mental health.

I love him and his beautiful vulnerability

I only hope sincerely that he feels loved by so many.

Shines his starlight for us.

This year is a catalyst and if we want to ride the storm

and transform with it

place our focus on ourself is the starter for ten remember…..

My Sun is in Leo, my Moon is in Taurus and my Ascendant is Aquarius

so no wonder that I am feeling a huge urge to purge right now with

Saturn in Scorpio

Initiate your awareness now and connect to a huge resource of people who have knowledge to help you

create a pow wow team 🙂

a reframe of a power team.

Connect to people who are open and willing to thrive

willing to receive

willing to let  in

people who are still in the land of limitation through ego

cannot do this and so seek to narc  with their narc patterns

rather than face  fears

and we all have them

until we energetically release them

and reveal our vulnerability

ready to move where the wind blows us

where the energy matches us

where we can share our sacred places

and feel real

purely magical.

Leaving you with Madonna

and if you haven’t seen it yet


is the perfect get real movie for Valentine’s Day

and believe it or not it is written by a wonderful  South Yorkshire lass 🙂

Joanne Harris

Wow what amazing synchronicities have woven together in this blog .

I make it up as I go along…..

so I think….

ha ha avatar.

Divine child shining




How is your star wavespell  unfolding?

What are you seeing today in your energetic circle?

Today we are in day four of this energetic pathway with each step taking us on a journey of evolution 🙂

With every passing month of doing this Mayan wavespell calendar experientially I am seeing the world through different eyes

and feeling very differently too.

I intended to create this post earlier in the wavespell however the more I go with the flow

and the more I find energetically I cannot “make it fit” my ego timescale or the artificial ego box we have created generally in society

in our western world

which is so out of alignment with the true nature of our cyclical universe.

This way of being is coming in for everyone more and more and the sooner we adjust to it and accept it

the easier the transition becomes


the more magical too.

The three previous days are on my facebook page

The number four represents the square and a platform to build the rest of the wave.

Four is a square or a rectangle and in astrological terms this is a powerful shape that can box us in, ground us and/ or be a space to liberate us

our choice 🙂

as the next step is five

and five can bring mastery

and struggle…….

depending on where we are on our path and our cycle.

In our 1’s we come into the world in form and essentially we move from dependent to individual

and form our ego

this continues into our 2’s and at some point some of us learn through relationships

into 3’s decade and the Saturn return time of our karma patterns seeing

how when we do this….

we create that

and our mind puts meaning onto it and each mind has it’s own ideas and perceptions.

Although our body matures

parts of our mind remain behind ready to develop at future points

of crossroads not yet seen

and yet in part written in our destiny

a pre-planned route determined by our sacred thread

This is as it is meant to be …..our soul journey unfolding

in alignment with all that is.

Today the Mayan sign is Blue Self-Existing Monkey

are we playful, open and vulnerable

the clown and a cheeky monkey?

Bringing genuine heartfelt intimacy

maybe a cruel trickster?

maybe we play the role of a clown as a defence mechanism?

Whatever our energetic intention this is always communicated and received

no matter what words are coming out of our mouths.

As this star wavespell is in the waning moon

it is a time of letting go of what is shielding our heart star quality

in contrast to the ego star of the stage

searching for external validation and affirmation.

As we see through the lives of the brave souls who seek the dizzy heights of stardom and open themselves to scrutiny

of the media

they show us all through heart rending performance

they bare their souls seeking love and approval

and there is always a childhood story that sparks this trail of  ego journey.

Heath Ledger .….

the Joker before his tragic death

an amazing gifted man who seemingly felt unloved.

So much talent and torment

The key to this is the understanding that no matter how many outside adornments, trappings, awards and achievements we create

if we haven’t let go of the past wounds of childhood inside

we still feel the same

and no amount of external stuff can fill the void.

In this Blue Storm year we are reminded that whatever we choose as our methodology to fill the gap

when we do not have this filler

the void is revealed

and the feelings that go with it emerge

the ego personality always seeks new ever increasing levels of  satisfaction

and as we age

everything starts to feel the pull

the more baggage we have

the more work it takes to support it

the more props and stage show

the more roadies to haul it

the more groupies to bring the thrills

What if we could be free to be simply us?

Stripped bare and loved for our true selves?

We are of course…… only our ego doesn’t know that…..

This is the journey.

My biggest learning came through doing my own journey with NLP about my patterns.

Once I created the intention to see them they all started to pop out everywhere with ahas

If you are ready to see yours simply send out that communication

and watch your energy matrix be revealed at the perfect time

just like Neo in The Matrix

My next big reveal was through astrology and seeing my starcode

at the same time the Mayan calendar showed up and took my awareness to a whole new level.

All this wonderful stuff is there for all of us

without discrimination

we are all equal under the sun 🙂

This week I travelled back to my roots and went up North to Marsden where I lived for ten years until October 2011.

I met up with friends and family and revisited past places and events physically and energetically.

The synchronicities were great and I got to meet and hear messages that were perfect for me.

One of the most major shifts doing my NLP training was my project given to me by my teacher.

It ran alongside my training and was to be performed at the last weekend.

It was clowning and filled me with fear as I didn’t like clowns 🙂

I didn’t know anything of what was involved

pure ignorance

and it turned out to be one of the greatest gifts I have ever received

for heart opening

In a nutshell it is about celebrating our shadow

expanding it

and allowing it

we all have a clown that we usually try to hide

because other people don’t find it acceptable

and so we learn to find that unacceptable in ourselves

when we are bored

make a mistake

angry or depressed

when we are clowning it’s allowed and honoured

being in a group of people who are opening and revealing this aspect is truly wonderful

and feels like falling in love

Most of the people I met shared this with me and I hadn’t consciously connected to that.

Here is the Thoth card I got:

Queen of Swords

Amazing what comes from the void 🙂

To revisit this I went to Mars……den

Mars energy is the North

strong masculine energy

It feels literally like travelling to another world

because it is vibrationally.

It’s in a valley and protected by hills

and they also limit the light

Where I live now in Glastonbury is very feminine energy and flat and open

the contrast was striking

Each place has it’s own sacred geometry to be with

This is on one level what jet lag is…..

moving from different energetic zones with their own love language

As in the matrix we have a shared playground to play in

we have our own code and sometimes we find ourselves unable to bond with others

and that is ok because it is the path

the more we become accustomed to seeing, hearing, feeling that

and the easier we flow without resistance to our next playing place.

The mastery is releasing our tags so we fly free in all space

as we are one with the Tao

limitless and unbounded

and that may take many journeys 🙂

Seeing the signs repeated

taking the time to notice

as we reveal the sacred in us and honour it

we see it everywhere.

I went back to some big crossroads in my past and one of them was a house.

I felt at peace with it.

I took a photo of a metal support that runs through the house and has a star on each side

this star has sixteen points

Ishtar’s gate and was called Fallbottom Cottage

This house experience was my journey into my underworld

and the unravelling of my ego

I met all my demons and saw all my ego beliefs revealed

and as I journeyed through them

although it felt very painful

it was the gateway to somewhere else

an opportunity to shed some skins and be reborn

revealing what lies beneath.

At these times we see what is important to us and how our choices have led us to this place.

If we take responsibilities for our actions instead of blaming others

we can integrate those child parts of ourselves that have stayed frozen in time.

To see ourselves clearly it is often easier simply to see the pattern

as our ego is designed to protect itself

If we choose avoidance patterns

what are we avoiding?

If we choose distraction patterns

what are we distracting ourselves from?

If we are seeking oblivion

then if we choose we can look at the hurt place instead

because we always come full circle.

Do we choose to learn and spiritually grow into maturity

or stay a sulky scared child?

With every cycle the energy expands

The ego race is doomed to failure by it’s very nature….

Lilith in 2007 was a star player in mine

there is always someone richer, more beautiful, faster, stronger

has a bigger gun 🙂

The ego path has a shelf life and an expiry date

the soul path every lasting

every choice is perfect

each gesture we make shapes the world

Do we choose to open and be vulnerable and celebrate our shadow

so our child can be free

or remain a prisoner of the mask

we the Mona Lisa smile?

Love to you today and our wonderful innocence.

Doing what we love is the key to heaven on earth.

It’s time to feel our way and allow our pure heart path to be revealed

anything that isn’t that beauty way is now showing up to be released.

If you would like to feedback about your path please do.

If you want to know more please email me with your time/date/place of birth.