Day 6 ~ what is masking the seed

Day 6 ~ Friday June 27  Venus Day  That friday feeling Yellow Rhythmic Seed Balance Day Running a day behind. Big life events happening for me potentially now that I cannot go into further because of confidentiality otherwise I would to explain because it is a huge veil lift and awareness. I aim to be […]

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Day 5 ~ heart of the matter

Day 5 The heart of the matter Here I am setting off on my journey in Glastonbury Peek a boo The fool skipping along open to…. everything that their inner code is actually and not what the intellect thinks they are This photo was taken as part of my first Open Your Heart Retreat  before […]

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Day 4 ~ the catalytic structure

Day 4 White Self~Existing Wind Day 4’s of every wavespell are the structure of that 13 day, 13 step process Each one is unique in the 20 wavespell process Each one holds many different energetic templates This is a very complex process and once the individual starts to work with it experientially It becomes easy […]

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Alchemy ~ dragon’s den

Day 3 ~ Alchemy   What crossed your path today? What appeared in your circle? What did you notice? Any triggers, any button pushes? How did you feel? All pertinent information for the Alchemist  Today we have the blend of Sunday’s initiation ~ the Solstice combined with yesterday’s new learning . Today was the day […]

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Catalytic Converter Solstice

Catalytic Converter Solstice I am back and blogging Wishing you love and joy on Solstice Day Is it a coincidence that this day is my personal Wavespell this year? Of course not 😉  It is a synchronicity and so key for my understanding particularly as the Moon is in Leo and it is waxing. My […]

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