New Story

Today is the last day of 2012ย  I have spent the last few days connecting to the past and feeling my energetic story. Part of this has involved integrating my work and photos which have been on different devices using different formats. When we are experiencing transition and change this is often the way to […]

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It’s chilly here in Somerset as we approach the magical dates ofย  the end of a Mayan Calendar. The energy is still very intense as the spiral speeds faster and faster synchronising our integration. Today in the wavespell we are in Day 11 Red Spectral Skywalker of the Blue Night and letting go of what […]

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Into the blue

How are you bearing up after your journey into Mercury Mind Games over the past three weeks? It’s been a powerful journey and the last thirteen days of the Mayan Unconditional love wavespell of White Dog has brought many gifts for you I hope ๐Ÿ™‚ We have been going through a wave of unconditional love […]

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Day 7 Magical seed day

How are you doing with your White mirror wavespell? Today is a magical day of number 7ย  Yellow Resonant Seed and it links in to the Yellow Seed wavespell starting on October 19 which is a major energetic gateway to Samhain/ Halloween This is a very powerful time approaching where the veil between worlds is […]

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White Mirror Day 2 Relationships

Day two of the wavespell and Blue Lunar Storm. Day two is all about the challenge. This energy is really about addictive behaviour which is often highlighted in the relationship fix. Getting our energy vampire style through another. Today’s energy ~ how are we seeing ourselves reflected back through others Instead of being two halves […]

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White Mirror wavespell

New White Mirror wavespell begins to take us deeper into the inner realms. What is running on our inner slideshow Our soul software Who is running it? Are we broadcasting a nightmare or a dream onto the outside…. Change of strategy for me in the next thirteen days as I have manifested an abundant treasure […]

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