New Story

leaf lanternToday is the last day of 2012 

I have spent the last few days connecting to the past and feeling my energetic story.

Part of this has involved integrating my work and photos which have been on different devices using different formats.

When we are experiencing transition and change this is often the way to notice it…..

by looking how what we are doing on the outside is reflecting our inner world.

We can see our inner mechanisms at work and this is a key part of our awakening process.

I have made a shift to using a Mac over the past couple of years due to my Son’s influence and how it offers such a different format to windows

I love the beauty of it.

In this simple journey I see how our collective ego pattern has created so many different systems that vie for attention and support

and how many systems are incompatible

and so a choice is often required……

we cannot choose all and oneness in our ego world

and it may take a while to integrate and for the bigger picture to become simpler

as we are in the Aquarian age where part of this transition is to become independent and celebrate our uniqueness

and to co create in this phase is tricky……

We are all involved in the bigger wheel and all on a different cog and so one size does not fit all.

There are many paradoxes on this path

the clear way for each of us is to go within

and for many initiates this step is the hardest of all because it flies in the face of all our society conditioning.

Many people have never learned how to listen to their own voice or allow their own innate wisdom

gut instinct


it is always there to be accessed……

when we are ready to own our power and act on it.

Today in the Mayan wavespell we are Red Solar Earth on the ninth day of the Red Moon 13 day spiral.

Today we see in the number nine energy , how the past eight days complete.

What insights have we learned over the last nine days about who we really are ?

Just to remind you if you are following the blogs …..

We are in the seventh year of the Red Moon cycle on our planet

this Red Moon archetype is all about the return of the sacred feminine

through each one of us on our world

This is the most important aspect 🙂

The change comes as we change

The world that is created through us as a reflection of our beliefs ….

a holograph

a playground constructed for our soul evolution

created by us for us

to go through ever evolving cycles

so that we can know ourselves

by experiencing lots of different perceptions

through the being of them

We are now at a very exciting time of the turning point in our tipping point

where we are now allowing the true nature of our amazingness to be experienced

by all

who dare to dream

and let go of living from the limitation of our ego selves

by transforming our darkness into light.

On this journey many of us have been plunged into the void in order to make the transition

we have to let go of the circle that we were born into

and all the wounding involved in that place

where we learned to believe we weren’t loved by teachers who believed the same

this is the karma wheel of beliefs creating our reality

This is the initiate path of the ego

and naturally the ego does not choose what it sees as it’s own demise……

Most people are dragging their heels on the slippery slopes of the descent into what we call Hades

and because our ego doesn’t take responsibility for anything at this stage

because that would mean feeling strong emotions….

it loves to pass the parcel and use the blame game


and deflections.

Thing is if we don’t go and experience our own personal version of hell willingly

and then let go of it

seeing it for what it truly is

a place of misunderstandings and acting out from a place of hurting…..

We are creating it over and over every day until we do…..

In our past generations of humanity this has been very literal and visceral

and sadly for many on our planet this is still true.

Only we can change that reality by changing our inner slides.

What we see on our world stage is the very old performance of avoidance.

It’s easy to recognise in the form of people creating patterns of getting their emotional needs met through

mood altering stuff

external definition through stuff

focusing on the unconscious rather than the conscious



being around people we dislike……..

what would happen if we didn’t ?

doing jobs we find disheartening………

Is it possible that we could let go of believing that we have to earn x to support this false edifice of y?

using lots of props to support this woeful artifice

wanting something on the outside that doesn’t match on the inside

manifesting through manipulation and energy structures that are not love structures

and so like most illusions

it is simply a matter of time before the created artifice disappears in a puff of green smoke….

beings full of fear

because of the shadow energy body we are carrying around that is dragging us down

There have been lots of films on TV over Christmas to illustrate this

and unless we are cut off from the universe in a remote backspace like the moon……

we are very aware of all the myths and archetypal stories that are interwoven everywhere for our guidance in case we are so unconscious

that we have become a zombie 🙂

I watched a film last night called Moon which illustrates the metaphor of this calling…..

The essence of this film is that mankind has chosen to farm the moon for it’s power supply.

The moon in esoteric terms is our feminine energy and our shadow selves.

The more we work to know our shadow selves and transform this energy

the more grounded and powerful we become

as we know ourselves and accept ourselves

the more magical gifts are revealed

and no one has the ability to have any power over us

as is shown in our myths such as Snow White who is essentially our pure sacred feminine

compared to our narcissistic ego personality wounds of the Snow Queen

this is currently playing out on Channel 5 in the UK in a drama series

Once Upon a time

Great heart stories every day through modern fairytale

In 2013 I am focusing on creating and sharing workshops that empower people to work with this energy in a practical way.

If you feel moon awareness may be of interest to you please message me.

Wherever we are and whatever we are doing

we are always called at the perfect time

and if we choose to ignore the calling then the message simply gets louder

Before we came in we committed to doing this journey

and we have been part of the bigger story many times

when we remember who we truly are and what magic we possess

we become the thriver rather than the survivor

Why would we want to accept this illusion that our ego driven society purveys?

That we live a life of limitation and are unable to create our dream ?

That the dream is as empty as material goods?

They have no ability to generate love so why is the majority of our planet still intent in going down the pursuit of happiness externally?

Our major industries show where our energetic focus and beliefs lie

Pharmaceuticals and War

Drugs to mask the symptoms of how we are living out of alignment with who we truly are

Weapons to destroy a perceived threat of the other

a mad world that exist because our ego believes it needs to on a deep level

Time to create a different story instead?

The essence of the transition is to keep what is coming from love and let go of what is sponsored by fear

and take the small steps

in tandem with our universal energy wheel

The key focus of the initiate energy is to work from a powerful space of intention

being mindful and focused

on what we choose to create

and essentially by accepting what is our true story now

when we get squeezed by the darkness patterns

what pops out?

Is it love and light?

Most people wear a mask to cover up their true nature

and we only show the parts of us we have learned are loveable

based on what we were educated and conditioned to do as a child

it is essential that we unlearn this to create our future of being authentic and having honest relationships

Imagine a future where we can truly be us and how good that feels?

Having let go of all our inner child ego hurt from the past

we are no longer needing to attract in old matching patterns from the past so we can heal them

Instead we can feel good about who we are

feel confident and have good self-esteem

we bounce back at any of life’s challenges

and we don’t take things personally because there is no inner shadow energy feeling hurt to be triggered

We don’t create more of the same old same

We don’t need to blame anyone and we don’t need an ego drama fix

We have a love of life because we are engaged in what we chose to come and create

We don’t feel angry because we understand that people are in a different space…

and that doesn’t mean we become a doormat or passive

We are empowered

We are strong

because we are integrated and light within

The outside show is seen truly as it is

an artifice of our choosing

We can create our dream way of living in a sustainable way that doesn’t compromise anyone else

and in this process our planet isn’t compromised either

When we all meet our emotional needs from the inside we let go of competition and needing stuff in an unsupported way

Making the transition is tricky as we change our patterns

part of that process is resistance from others that reflect the parts of us seeking transition

and so this route requires persistence, trust and dedication.

This journey is open to all who are willing to do what it takes

and sometimes this can be daunting and demanding

so not for the faint hearted

only those with courage and determination will meet the challenge and it is so worth it.

In the traditional calendar we are facing the end of 2012

in the universal cycle we are at midpoint in winter in the northern hemisphere.

The Mayan wavespell year begins July 26th so again we are at midpoint

and over the past months since October Scorpio gateway

we have been working with the darkness and shadow

This Blue Storm Year is midway.

It is a number seven year and so we have reached the top of the pyramid in the thirteen year cycle

We are experiencing everything that needs to die so we can be reborn

We may have had a tough year

of dissolution

and if we embrace this we move onto a new cycle

if we resist …..

it continues

the way is through

this is the alchemical transformation

the liquifying process that changes the caterpillar to butterfly

Many people have left the planet this year and in their passing we have learned much

Everything happens for a reason

It may not be revealed at the time and maybe never to us in this lifetime

I have noticed more and more how I am aware of how I can only relate to people because of their expectations and beliefs

and this can also trigger emotion

especially frustration 🙂

Our ego can be so limiting at times

as on one level it determines how we interact with this interface of life

however the more we become aware

the more we heal and let go

and the more freedom we have to go to new places and experience new things

when we are starting out in life without prior experience of what we call failure

then we take on great challenges from the naiveté of youth

and it is possible to revisit that energy without the lack of wisdom and without fear

if we are willing to face our shadow

this is the gift of now.

The universe always matches us if only we are willing to look at that match incarnate eye to eye.

On July 26 2013 we enter Yellow Galactic Seed year on our planet

The magical year of integrity through integration.

A number eight year and the image says it all

If we are willing to let go of our past and all that hasn’t served us

the time we spend now preparing that inner space

will reap rich rewards

we will match the universal bigger picture

Most generally hype about this Mayan calendar has come from the ego pattern focus

of misdirection and fear……

the true gift is the divinity code

that is open to all

who dare to unlock their own personal Pandora’s Box

and take a good look at what is inside.

It is the gift of synchronising with all that is.

This is the inspiration for workshops I am creating now.

At the start of 2012 I did not have this awareness and this has been an amazing year for me connecting to this.

I had to trust in the process and face my fear in doing so.

During Christmas my family and I reconnected to Tomb Raider with Lara Croft  and have had fun exploring the virtual world of ancient civilisations.

This has been such a fun teaching tool for me

There is still the most emphasis on the ego world of violence and arousal of this part of us as a key part of the gaming process

over time as we change

this will change

part of our life challenge is facing adversarial archetypes to overcome our fear

and as we do this on the inside and balance ourselves then extreme violence will no longer be necessary

and it may take a while…..

Are we ready to have fun?

Are we ready to do what we love no matter what it takes?

Are we ready to make friends with our ego and open our heart to what wants to live in us?

My intention is to have a magical year and trust in my divine self more and more.

I am intending to be in some wonderful sacred spaces

co creating with others who are choosing to live sacred lives

in reality

by being the change

Our lives here are fleeting and short in this form

when we honour who we really are and treat ourselves accordingly

with reverence and respect

our lives have meaning and true worth

we allow our magnificent creativity to be unleashed

I had a dream to be in Kephalonia in 2012 running a retreat.

That didn’t work out as I saw it originally.

Instead I was there with my family having a retreat for myself.

This was one of the major highlights of my year

and allowed me to be clear of the powerful Glastonbury bubble that can often cloud our vision

as our ego looms large when we are in it 🙂

I remembered and reconnected to the wonderful feminine healing energy of Greece

which has always been such a high energy heart space for me

and where I intend to create retreats for others with me doing what we love.

Simply being there is so uplifting in this natural beauty space.

Check out my photos.

If you feel you are drawn to a heart opening retreat in Kephalonia please message me.

This is another aspect I have integrated this year.

I had an intellectual knowing of this and now I really feel it.

Our journey is a process and we follow a certain path that is predetermined in many respects by our energetic alignment at birth.

Astrology is the language of consciousness.

This Starcode and Mayan sign is our sacred geometry and is what guides us to experience a certain flavour of the universal tapestry

there are many paths we can take within this framework


we have a star coded mission that will always assert itself

with or without our ego consent and co-operation.

If you want to know more about this please message me with your time,date and place of birth and I will send you the information.

If you already have this and would like to know more….

what year you are on in your thirteen year cycle and how to work with this with awareness…..

please message me

As I co create with everyone I learn and evolve and I am so grateful for living this life in this way.

Love to everyone who has been with me so far and I look forward to our meetings and connecting in the coming months.

I am planning an event in my home village at Lammas in August 2013 which will be focusing on sending out our Yellow Seed Intentions to the universe.

I would love to co create this with other people offering heart opening workshops so please get in touch if you feel this calls to you.

It is in the Gemini and Taurus of the Glastonbury Zodiac

So we have all the tools we need and all the raw material within us to weave the magic……

Are we sitting comfortably?

Then let’s begin….

What is possible for us now?

Love to you all and our wonderful potentiality.

I was given a gift by a friend in Glastonbury and I have recently started reading it….

It is wonderful and I would love to share it with you if you haven’t yet seen it.

Ramtha The White Book

I am simply recommending the wisdom in the words in the book alone

and not the wider scope of anything connected beyond that of which I have no personal experience

What we believe we conceive.

Here is a fab video in a great series of sharing the mystery teachings.




It’s chilly here in Somerset as we approach the magical dates of  the end of a Mayan Calendar.

The energy is still very intense as the spiral speeds faster and faster synchronising our integration.

Today in the wavespell we are in Day 11 Red Spectral Skywalker of the Blue Night and letting go of what is out of alignment with our dreams

Over the last eleven days we have been experiencing our intuitive dream self and the patterns of that energetic space.

Our heart’s desire revealed through our sacred feminine selves.

It has been a very emotional time for me and a tough time of keeping my nose to the grindstone ……

seeing where my inner child is seeking a release because of emotion I am feeling

this is my inner guidance revealing how my past is still presenting today.

When you live in an intense energetic space like Glastonbury

and a feminine energy place like Hawaii , Fiji, the Greek islands for example

it can be very tricky to balance out achieving the masculine balance of doing and linear action.

This is the wonder and the challenge of living here.

We are now in an amazing expansive time of Sagittarius energy and two of my family members are Saggi’s so this is a key time for us.

Here is a wonderful blog on this:

Blue Moon Astrology

Living in a family of four fire signs ~ Leo, Aries and two Saggi energy bubbles is very potent

We have a very dynamic interaction especially here

and now

at a time that my children are rapidly individuating and becoming adults too.

This has given me so many insights and much learning just now.

My insights today were around the sharing of this synchronisation in a way that everyone can understand and use

with a down to earth practical approach

Lots of workshops coming up in the next few months on integration as part of this transition process.

This really helps me focus on what I can do in my process and share that with others.

I have an in person workshop coming in Glastonbury

and if you aren’t in Glastonbury you can also access it through pdf and on skype/phone/email with me too.

Integration * Clarity workshop

This has proved a little tricky to physically get out on my blog today as it’s a Virgo moon and with every energy we have the sun and the shadow aspects.

I have three lots of Virgo in my chart and one of those aspects is in Venus which gives rise to me being a stickler for perfection

and doing “the right thing”

so lots of other tasks to do before I got around to it in the real sense……

I get frustrated with myself around this as it can block spontaneity as you can imagine….

and I am learning to be accepting of myself in my maturity

( honestly……..:-) ok some of you will shake your heads on that one….working at it )

This morning I was so excited as I had so many ideas that were bursting to be shared and now it is tea time….

For a long time I have been guided as to circles and cycles and working with the planets and the moon

When someone asked me for an appointment for a tapping session with EFT on a new moon a couple of years ago I was a little puzzled…..

Now I get it 🙂

If you haven’t got in synch with that way of working just yet….

no worries

When the time is “right” for you it will become a nudge from the universe.

This is what I have integrated over the past twelve months of living in the Glastonbury Zodiac

The Heart Chakra of the world.

I have gone in a slightly different direction to the one I was following in Huddersfield and it wasn’t what I thought I would be doing…..

however I trusted the process and now my integration on this is happening.


Here you cannot do anything more than be your ego.

It is simply how it is.

If you are working to transform your ego and let go of it running the show then there is so much amazing stuff to learn and share

Many people are called here to do this and arrive for an event

and keep coming back…….

Some, like me, come to stay until it’s time to leave

until they have completed their cycle and dance with the energy here

Many people lose their way in a mind sense and become part of the sleeping beautyness

believing they have found the light

when in truth they have simply swapped their circle of influence for a different brand with the same content.

Glastonbury is an intoxicating opium den where many come for a fix.

It elevates the mood on some days and dives down deep on others…

If you allow yourself to feel it

and many don’t

and are unaware of it’s powerful amplifying qualities.

I had an open day recently at The Heart Centre

which is a beautiful room where I work in Glastonbury

and a seed of my creativity to a dream I have had for a very long time

a place of heart centred community and transformation…….

 and someone wise shared an insight about the Glastonbury experience

that it draws people to embrace their ego in whatever way is seeking expression

so the inside is drawn outside and we can see it manifest

It is on first sight an unusal place of the individual and artistic expression

and a place of amazing workshops and all things cosmic

beyond anywhere else I know of in the UK on display as it were

However like most glittery things in the ego world

much of it is shallow and scratch the surface and the veneer disappears

leaving a raw wound visible underneath.

Like every ego pattern there is no true heart space evident for many resident’s and visitors

and all is energetically based on ever shifting sands

and houses of cards

built without firm foundation

there is no substance and the actions reveal the true nature of the inner workings

the puppet masters pulling the strings.

Masks and glitterati.

This is the nature of the shadow world

and so this is where we are in the UK on the wheel of the year

and the wheel of the planet.

We are in the dark of the moon phase where it often gets darkest before dawn.

It is a wonderous place to be this underworld

just like Gollum in The Hobbit

The ring became his nemesis and his undoing and yet he was there to give gifts to Bilbo Baggins on his journey.

I remember this story as a young girl at junior school.

We had some lovely teachers who inspired us with magical stories and encouraged our imagination

thank you Mrs Wadsworth wherever you are now

You touched my heart with your wonderous stories and gentle wisdom.

So….. circles

Do you look around you at your circle?

Have a look what is in your house, on your curtains , your fabrics and ornaments…

What do you see revealed of your secret journey in your pictures…….?

Have you looked at what your higher self has been guiding you to buy and collect so you become aware of your path?

The inside coming outside?

I laugh when I see something that has been under my nose all along and yet not been ready to be revealed….

In my house and garden

on many of my cushion covers and clothes

circles have been sneaking in for a few years.

When I first came to Glastonbury I visited a crop circle.

That was profound and anyone who says one of these can be created by a group of people with a torch , some string and a some wood

I cannot envisage that happening

I certainly couldn’t do it

and I don’t know about you but my tipping point on this knowingnesshas been reached and flowed over….

that there is so much exciting stuff out there

beyond the linear mind and our so called “real world”

that is the place of education and mankind

that I am not interested in debating it

I trust and know it is what it is

and I have let go of trying to debate or convert anyone

as I have been down that road so many times

and I finally get it that people who are in one energy circle of beliefs and understanding

are not in alignment with another

and that’s ok

each to their own

it is all part of the game of our evolution.

We have been connecting with our tribes

as we come to the end of a cycle

we are letting go and transiting.

Just in the process of reading a couple of fabulous books

depending where you are on your path they may call to you:

Barbara Hand Clow – The Mayan Code

and Claudie Planche – Starmaya

So if we are ready and positioned to move from survivor to thriver

then it’s time to visit with our shadow and shake off  our fear

allow our inspiration to flow

dare to dream and meet our challenge once more

Our dream journey and path lets us experience what is there that seeks release

as we become the fool many times on the road less travelled

we can see our circle revealed

and in doing so integrate all the parts of us that have strayed and got lost in the woods

I had let go of Christmas because I really cannot stand the manipulation used by the consumer world

and one that I had become so caught up in

and as I went through my black hole of letting go of my way of being a consumer

starting in the financial crash of 2008

that has lost sight of the true nature of this wonderous time of year

now I am returning to it in a new way

free from being pulled into the magnetic void

of  what can be a very imbalanced

pure shopping overload

The shortest day of the solstice is the signal that light is soon to return

This week I have watched several films and again experienced synchronicity

that working with the wavespell brings awareness of

two were based in Somerset although one was medieval and set in the 16th century and the other set now in the US

When you start to experience this way of living every day you see the matrix revealed…

and everything has a different meaning

and is sooooooo magical.

It is the life we are truly born to live.

The one that affected me the most was :

Seeking a friend for the end of the world

It shows the total madness of how we are living ego led lives that actually make no sense at all…

and of course to evolve this is what we are here to learn.

I cried alot and as I cried I tapped and let go of all that hurt my wounded inner child feels.

All those times I have felt wounded by my life experience and how things and people didn’t match my expectations.

So now is the season for being that divine child that is clear and resonant.

The adult that has integrity and is independent

freeing ourselves of co dependency

creating new ways of relating

that feel good

and allow us to be truly present

feeling full of goodwill

without a need for presents

Joy to the world and to all of us

we are each a valuable unique snowflake crystal

in a blizzard of bliss

Whether shadow or light

we are all perfect in the language of love.

If you choose to know more about your patterns and want to co create with me please get in touch.

Into the blue

How are you bearing up after your journey into Mercury Mind Games over the past three weeks?

It’s been a powerful journey and the last thirteen days of the Mayan Unconditional love wavespell of White Dog has brought many gifts for you I hope 🙂

We have been going through a wave of unconditional love showing us our companions of destiny who bring great gifts during their time with us

As the saying goes

Some come for a reason

some for a season

and some come for a lifetime

and as a reflection of everything that is our life experience

a mirror of that in some way

we see our beliefs reflected and where we can enhance and let go

It can be very simple ……when we use our feelings to guide us

If our inner dog has been barking in alarm that is always an emotional response and is linked to our past

The framework I use :

it’s a pattern match for something that has happened in the past that our fight/flight/freeze defence mechanism of our emotional mind has been triggered by

and we can notice that and how this trigger creates a feeling

If you want to give it a go here is a document you can use for when your buttons are being pushed:

 Daily Button Pushing Questionnaire

then we can be with that feeling and feel it because clearly it is showing up to alert us to something that has hurt us before

and I use emotional freedom technique to tap on this and let it go

Here’s a video that can help

and allow myself to have insights about what that was about in the past

and let that go

and then see what I want to do about the situation now free from being pushed into a response that is fear led

When I am free from this response I can come from inspiration instead and be living in the now

Otherwise I repeat that pattern all over again because energetically I am still reacting to that match with the same awareness and emotion

Make sense?

The Emotional Mind is a different animal to the Logical Mind and they don’t speak the same language which is why we can rationalise something forever and a day and we still get triggered

Here is a document explaining that:

Emotional Mind

Feel it and let it go and be free 🙂

Watched an amazing heart film which has apects of this yesterday

It shows how we are repeating patterns over and over in our history because we haven’t let our inner dog go and it has escalated time and time again

to epic proportions

war after war that doesn’t make any rational sense

fear running amok and literally destroying everything in pursuit of contolling that which cannot be controlled or known…..


beautiful free spirit 🙂

Miracle of  St Anna

shows the farce of our created society and the beauty of truth and love

that transcends it

Today we are in the White Cosmic Wind energy of speaking our truth with that cosmic experiential awareness

We always take ourselves with us wherever we go and we always reveal our pattern

with our inside world showing up on the outside world

Our beliefs create how we experience life on planet earth

As we are leaving this wave behind we have lots of insights to take into Blue Night Wavespell which starts tomorrow

We are going into the abyss of our inner galaxy to explore our dreamworld and how we are dreaming ourselves into being as the conscious dreamer

I am working with The Mayan Wavespell calendar for myself and with clients

because it works extremely well with my way of being in the world

and have been doing so experientially over the past twelve months now…… rather than learning it in an purely educational way using my mind alone

and what I mean by this is that I was educated to believe I could read things and learn a course and I would “know it”

and now I know that to “be it” on an energetic process I have to actually become it by integrating it and doing it

Be Do Have

This is the mastery process and our life process

When we read something we have an awareness of it on an intellectual basis and the next step is to put the learning into prectice to see how it works for us

or not

in reality

This is a holistic approach

We get to grips with the theory out in the field in practicality

using what we have learned 🙂

as we integrate our learning we can become wise

and we can also access universal wisdom

as we allow our higher selves/spirit/intuition/collective unconscious

to guide us

and let go of imposing our will and making things happen out of alignment with the path and cycle of the bigger wheel

This is the true test of will

when to act and when to be still as in The Chariot card

In my reading for November I got an interesting mix of cards :

The Tower being one of them

This is what our ego often fears

change and dissolution

however only by letting go of that which doesn’t feel a match for us so that we can flow to where is

can we truly create freedom

freedom from our ego pushing us, driving us and saying now , now , now

like an impetuous child that demands it’s needs be met

the heart does not “need” anything knows that all is well and trusts the process

our intention determines everything in how we set off in our creation process

and when we clear our emotional baggage we can give and receive in a more balanced way

As we journey we evolve our ago through our process and we allow our true authentic self to emerge nore and more

If we do not allow our true heart’s desire than we keep receiving distortions in our field showing us where we aren’t being truly honest with ourselves in who and what we attract

until we decide to do whatever it takes to be the true us

no matter what the cost 🙂

For years I have had several books on the go at once and often didn’t complete reading them because I lost heart and interest

and my inner critic who had been educated to read to the end had something to say about that

however I chose to listen to my heart wisdom and my feelings instead and strengthen that voice

Part of me knew that was the perfect action for me and so I chose to ignore my ego and go with my knowingness

This has become stronger since moving to Glastonbury and I have let go of needing to know why and surrender to trusting my knowingness

As I have connected to the Mayan Wavespell calender all has been revealed at the right time in synch with the universal cycle

this is such an amazing gift that The Mayan’s have given us knowing that it would serve us at this time

Deep gratitude for all that ever is and will be

This goes against the grain of our western way of living and if you have been feeling the pressure of all of this incoming information recently

the changes in so many things

speeding up of integration

and here in Somerset the Isle of Avalon has had so much water, it appears as an island again from certain directions

roadways blocked with emotional outpouring

literally manifest so we can literally experience our inner world on the outside

take heart this is blue resonant storm year

It is always the perfect unfolding of events

no one has got it “wrong”

there is nothing to fear

the universe is right on time and so are we walking our path

all is happening now because it matches our beliefs

As we change our beliefs the world will change as it always has

unlearning to remember who we really are

creators of our own dream on our quest for rememberance

On this bigger picture of thirteen years we are in year seven

and this thirteen year cycle started with Red Magnetic Moon Year seven years ago

What where you doing in July 26 2006 – July 26 2007?

What had you started?

I started my self-discovery with NLP training and Emotional Freedom Technique training.

So the next wavespell arriving tomorrow will really help us to go within and dare to dream

Blue Night Wavespell.

I am a Blue Solar Hand and my higher self and guide using the Mayan framework is blue night

Using the astrological framework I am a Leo with Aquarius rising

The Mayan information gives an amazing bigger picture view of astrology in a different way if you choose to take that route 🙂

If you want to do this

please check out my website

on the bigger picture page – there are links on there

Here is a direct link to my document

Mayan Sign

or simply google to find your own 🙂

and if you wish you can contact me with your time,date and place of birth

and I will start you off with sending you that info and giving you a bigger picture view of yourself

which is the key to journeying with awareness

For me it has clarified so much of my journey so far with great ahas and illuminated my path even more

All of my sharing involves other people and I thank them for their amazing resources

Tracey Gendron in particular has a wonderful website with lots of inspiring info

I have also recently connected to a hidden gem in my hometown

Claudie Planche and Stargaia

and today am again sharing a wonderful video that is connected to her work at the end of my blog

I am just in the process of reading Claudie’s book Starmaya

this is incorporating lots of other frameworks too and she gave a fascinating talk at our wonderful

Glastonbury Positive Living Group a couple of weeks ago

about sacred geometry and crop circles and so much more

I love this stuff

sets my heart on fire and awakens the  spiritual seeker in me.

My intention in creating these blogs is to raise awareness of amazing resources for us all to connect to at this time of transition

we signed up for this journey and we are very capable of meeting the challenge

I aim to offer practical solutions to help people work with awareness of the bigger picture with our Starcode Map

Our Starcode that we beamed in with

When we work in alignment with the universal pattern

which is cyclical instead of linear

than it all happens and is revealed at the perfect time

the more we go with the flow and relax into it

the more we see how we are going around for another go and if we want to do things differently

we can look at what changes we can create

through letting go of past ways of relating

and taking action

in a new way

The Mayan wavespell transcends language when we allow it 🙂

On a practical level we can see how our ego way of living is totally unrealistic.

As the festive season approaches we have lots of stuff out for delivery and we are informed that our precious prezzie will arrive

in 2001 I had a courier business with my partner

Part of it was a franchise called Fastway and it may or may not still be going 🙂

Love the name?

We had six vans that we bought brand new from a well known worldwide company

and they all broke down just after their warranty expired a year later

we found out that this fault was known about and unrectified when we bought them

because an honest individual who worked at the dealership thought we should know 🙂

We learned about it at the perfect time as had we known we wouldn’t have bought them and had the valuable experience

This is the hero/heroine’s challenge that is our learning and unlearning process

Many mail order companies promise their customer’s the earth and cannot ever practically deliver the goods

when they say they will

and this is a great metaphor for ego letting go and walking the path

There are so many unknown variables to get that parcel from a to z

so many potential time stops



animals on the road in rural areas

gridlock in cities

unexpected happenings


losing the parcel

and last week I grinned when I saw the latest way of controlling that by the company on their track and trace

it gave a specific time slot of arrival of an hour – an hour before

so if I didn’t look at the track and trace email at that time I would have missed that info

and even though I was aware and in the house

I nearly missed him because he rang the wrong doorbell and

as luck would have it I ran outside when my gut instinct said to

and he was just getting in his car

The more flexible we are about meeting others where they are

without sacrificing ourselves to do so

because our relationship is mutually matched and respected

and honouring our uniqueness

and speaking our truth with openess because we value ourselves

and the more we heart co create

To move from a to z takes time

and that is what we are here for

our minds may think they know

and our day to day living shows us the truth of where we are

We are here for an experiential journey and there are no shortcuts

there are ways to work with the process as well

and the key is

change the inside emotionally

and enjoy the ride

feal the fear get less as you go through the eye of the storm

and survive

Love to you today with speaking your cosmic truth

Enjoy this amazing video

Red Earth Wavespell ~ Are we on our heart path or being led astray by our ego ?



Day one of a new wavespell: Red Earth

and feeling the pull of the earth and in Somerset

where I live

I see

(and smell……. and that is a different aroma related to recycled grass 🙂 yikes it’s pungent )

is a rich and loamy red.

Red Magnetic Earth is all about feeling our earth connection and belonging through our base chakra.

This Red Wavespell brings us an opportunity to go within and see how we are grounded and in alignment – we are in the yellow cycle of flowering what has come before in the past few weeks. If we have done our inner work we are in a space of solar plexus sharing from our heart – this is the veil. If we have not we are still power tripping and feeling angry and getting our power from outside of ourselves. Notice the metaphors in the storms we have experienced and remembering it is Blue Resonant Storm Year.

Most places lose their electrical power when a storm hits because the power lines are outside and unprotected instead of deep in the earth – here they can also be hit by earthquakes and this is an interesting metaphor. If we all have our own power centres for our homes that have several power generators such as Fire ( recycling and solar) Water (rain, steams, wells powering generators) Earth – (pipes heated by the earth’s natural temperature where possible, insulation) Wind ( wind turbines) .

We also relinquish reliance on power companies and this is the letting go of co-dependency.

We also let go of nuclear power that at the moment we pay a very high price for on our planet.

It could be that a breakthrough will come for this too as eventually usually happens.

This wavespell follows on from the Yellow Seed Wavespell which has been about letting go of our old egoic ways of protecting our heart so we can open our heart instead.

Had a wonderful couple of days really seeing this vibe in action with the synchronicities in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is the heart chakra of the world and as such the fourth dimension.

It is an amazing supernova of energy and wow does it mess with the mind with different outcomes

this depends where you are in the Glastonbury Zodiac

there are different energies on the landscape and I work as a therapist mainly in the Aquarius

I live in Taurus

this is also affected by the solar energy – currently Scorpio

and the moon which as I am writing this is in Gemini.

We have just been through Taurus full moon and in that energy for a couple of days which is my moon so lots for me to notice

this is a great way to raise our awareness and notice how we are puppets in many senses energetically

The cosmos pulls on our energetic strings and we dance to the rhythmn

The more ego shadow energy we are still carrying and the more we are pushed and pulled at the Universal God and Goddess whim

The more we let go of old stuff and the more we become the shaman who has recapitulated and become a clear channel

When we do this we free ourself from limitations and we can move outside the box of our own egoic minds making.

We become free from the Devil card in tarot.

Back to the synchronicities…..

I don’t normally do gore fest and so I found myself being surprised that I chose to watch the new film Cabin in the woods….

It was our Halloween viewing last night

My partner and son wanted James Bond at the pics and the universe said no…..going later when universe said yes

Getting used to that position and learning to go with it and trusting that there is a message in there

and it may not be what my mind and ego thinks it is…..

usually it is way outside of my mind’s experience

because I am being guided by my higher self/God and Goddess and whatever that heart wisdom other me really is 🙂

Prior to the film we were channel flicking and saw Star Trek the original which is what I grew up with as a child

It was a bizarre episode where the crew had been captured by aliens and forced to act out as puppets

If you want to watch the film Cabin in the Woods I won’t go into any more detail except to say that most of it I watched behind a cushion

the horror is horrific and the blood is plentiful

it is a very visceral film

the theme is the same as many current films on offer…. which is no surprise as this is synchronicity at work and why we often have virtual identical films being released

Wrath of the Titans is another which has a slightly different angle

It is all about our shadow self being seen

and allowed to let rip

and released

our inner demons transformed

as we become spiritual adults and let go of fearing the gods

because we are them…..

Neo in The Matrix reveals the basic metaphor for where we all are on the planet right now.

We are all players in a game.

The question is:

Do you want to be a player or do you want to be played?

I suggest we are all in the process of both as we move beyond duality.

We are all teachers and students….

there is no right and wrong

It simply is what it is

Are we ready to look at who we are and what our destiny is ?

Do we stand for creating our destiny and are prepared to do what that demands from us

and that is going to mean going into the void……

Or are we going to simply push our childish will all the time and keep repeating old old patterns

and in doing so keep our world in old old patterns.

The universe can only bring us what we have ordered by way of our beliefs remember

When we are grounded, in our body and balanced in our masculine and feminine we give and receive

We learn to be the Chariot in Tarot

we see the terrain and the landscape and we are discerning with our choices

we let go of charging around like a bull in a china shop and we realise that

it’s all about us

all we are actually here to do is our own Sacred Journey

and in the doing of it we transform ourselves

and in the doing of it our ripple goes out in the cosmic pool

our Sacred Journey isn’t an ego trip that needs measuring or highlighting in neon lights

often it will take us to places of great fear and humilty

desperation and humbleness

loneliness and sadness

and to transform these shadows we feel the feelings and we let go of them

this isn’t a head trip……although the mind is involved….

it isn’t leading the way

the soul navigates and to do this we have to be able to receive and be open to that process

It can be very tricky to know when to act and when to let go

We have our spirit as a satnav

and it uses our body as a philosopher’s stone

on track we are feeling good and our chi is flowing

off track we don’t feel good and something is out of alignment

the more we ignore the body and the more our chi stops flowing

Sometimes we go into the cabin in the woods for a few weeks



sometimes we don’t come out

The key to being a player is working with awareness of ourselves and what our patterns are

this is where the mastery path lies…..

See who we are and where we have been

where we are now……

where are we headed given the evidence of our patterns?

If we do the same  banana cake recipe we get the same banana sponge

we do not get a sticky toffee pudding 🙂

With the Mayan wavespell we get a wonderful opportunity to check out our law of attraction and see what shows up

We each have a Mayan Sign and we have four building blocks of energy that come in  yearly cycles.

Just connected to this at my last workshop of the Scorpio Transformation.

My building blocks are Red Earth, White Wind, Blue Hand and Yellow Human.

When we look back at when they were together with the numbers they were we see a pattern and that can help explain all that has happened in our lifetime.

When we look at our family pattern we can see how that has all been interconnected.

This was a huge wow moment for me.

If you want to know yours message me.

I have a wait list at the moment so please be patient….

it will arrive for you at exactly the right cosmic time…..

I need your date, time, place of birth and I will send you this info.

It’s all free and thank you in advance because simply by connecting to me you are helping me so very much on my path

and that is priceless for me

and for our universal emotional evolution.

There is so much to share…


being in balance.

Today in my Tai Chi class – or taiji or wuji

Yuri explained how the term of Tai Chi is often lost in translation into English.

A summary of this is that essentially this is all about many energies coming together and the combination of masculine and feminine energy as shown in the yin and yang symbols.

We all have different places on our path and we are all here to create a different outcome so each of us sees the energy and experiences it differently.

We are all teachers and students and the more we are open to sharing ourselves and our experiences and the more we can all learn

this is the nature of circles.

Rob led the warm up today and it was perfectly in alignment with the Red Magnetic Earth Mayan energy of today.

In synch without conscious awareness.

We are always held.

Moving the energy felt great.

I noticed that when I used to do Tai Chi I was warming up in a circle holding hands and I could stand on one leg easier

Today I did it on my own and struggled to stay balanced

and so that was my information for today

I noticed where my energy flowed and where it didn’t….

and now I have the mind awareness of that.

I have the body well-being of being in my body and gently moving it

and I have the magical wonder of my spirit guiding me in this wonderful planet we live in.

I know when I am in the flow as I experience so much joy and wonder.

I am sharing this video today as I got a huge aha from it so thank you to it’s maker

Ahmed Hassan

He has been sharing some wonderful insights on facebook.

I do reflexology and energy work with my hands and when I watched this is took me to a new level of awareness around the solar plexus point in the hand.

It is very simple and I love that.


We are now in a Mayan expansion cycle whilst in a waning moon and waning time of the year

so my offering on this is

expand on our letting go of our will to be in alignment with divine will

as we let go of our needs we open our heart to new learning

and we create deep earthly connection so that our new seed intentions will get an energetic boost from a place of authenticity in Spring

Genuine energetic new beginnings

If you want to let go of your ego I use Emotional Freedom Technique.

It’s an amazing way to let go of old emotional goo and beliefs that restricts our navigation and allowing ourselves to receive.

Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ Scorpio black hole gateway

Just got back to the UK and realigning myself with the Glastonbury energy bubble and the contrasting grey dynamic to the superheat of Greece where I have been for the past two weeks.

This wavespell is so powerful ~ how is it affecting you?

I am writing this in Aquarius moon time at waxing moon so bear with me this is a biggie blog

Lots of links to click on here if you choose and gratitude to all the people who have created these wonderful resources I am sharing with you.

There are ten galactic portal days helping us in our transformational busting out of our cocoon time.

Are you going with the flow of it or resisting all that it is bringing?

It is an energy gateway taking us into another seemingly upside down reality if we allow it

rather like Alice through the looking glass we can experience a whole new world if we allow it to happen

Our ego may be putting up a fight right now to keep things as they are and continue with the status quo it knows

Be assured that what we resist persists so …

when we succumb

is the only real choice we have.

A few days ago I got the name Cassiopeia and as always it was out of the blue

this is how I connect with my higher self guidance

I do not know what it is about and have learned to wait and see as all will be revealed……

My conscious mind told me to do this yesterday and practicals came first so I found myself doing it today

which of course is the perfect timing……. and how Cassiopeia fits in

my conscious mind and ego often resists this process and as I let go of my conditioning I learn to allow it more and more

I recognise my own patterns of when I am in my ego space of risk assessing and acting from fear energies and beliefs

and when I am allowing myself to trust and let go of my mind being the leading role of my life production.

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable and allowing our process of not knowing is the key

Being balanced in our masculine and feminine energy within which is when we become true masters of our will and our ego transforms to become our friend rather than our inner critic

Today is day five of the Yellow Seed Wavespell and Yellow Overtone Star

Just been on a magic cookie trail of discovery for my blog and am loving the co creation of sharing this with you all

My partner David has an application on his phone which shows the constellation Cassiopeia directly above where I am sitting writing this blog 🙂

There is too much to mention on the synchronicity of the threads of the cookie trail which connects our trip to Kefalonia so here is a short version:

  • Ithaca is the island facing and is believed to be connected to Odysseus and Homer‘s writings of the epic cycle ~

The bigger picture cycle all about the sacred journey and a very early version of the hero/heroines journey

and the fool’s journey in tarot.

  • There are five stars in the constellation
  • One of the main topics of conversation with our children was about the tortoises on the island (we kept looking and didn’t see any) and this is also mentioned in the Chinese astrology link to this constellation
  • I have always had a connection to Greece and Homer – I remember playing the game of charades in the 80’s and using The Iliad as one of my charades even though I have never read any of his work and it was so out of keeping with what I was doing at the time – great for being difficult to guess 🙂 When we look back with awareness we can see where we have always been connected and following our path even though we may not have been consciously aware of it.
  • The metaphor is there in the story if we choose to see it about moving into this space of letting go of our ego

My gift is seeing patterns and helping others see theirs so we can make different choices instead of simply creating more of the same pattern

I am therefore a seer and more and more as I have cleared off my past ego emotional patterns I can connect to inspiration rather than ego led repeating history

My belief around this is that we each come into the world for a soul journey adventure and we have a starcode which is our astrological sign.

So we are in an amazing Mayan wavespell which is all about removing the barriers we have learned to create in childhood so we can be the true starseed that we are.

The Mayan wavespell is a wonderful tool for seeing the bigger picture and brings so much information together.

The key to seeing and being a clear seer is availing ourselves of the information about our pattern and the pattern of the universe so we can go with the flow


create consciously

We become very aware of our map of the world ~ which is what we have learned in our life so far based on our experience

We can also be aware that the map is not the territory

and so we have created our map

and so we can uncreate it and redraw it

we are the god and goddess energy this isn’t outside of us

however most of us are being reactive rather than proactive and still living our day to day life using maps we created in early childhood

most of us believe other people have the power

most of us believe we are seperate from our source energy

and we are fragmented both in our thoughts and our energy

when we work holistically we see everything is connected

and we start bringing the fractures back to centre

we heal our core

we focus on ourselves

we let go of feeling seperate

we can only do this from the inside out

all of the health dynamic of the body creates change

most people focus on trying to heal through this method as seperate from mind and spirit and this is

a seperation pattern

The starting point is to remember

that the universe is experiential

it brings us our map beliefs

it can only bring us that

so here is where the central point is

we have a starting point on our journey

this is today

this is now

where are we?

If we do not look where we are

If we do not love and accept where we are

then we cannot go anywhere else……

Many people are simply repeating their pattern they learned to keep themselves safe and creating a drama out of it

so drama it is

It really is that simple

are we being the star that we are?

Are we aware that we are acting out

using avoidance strategies for what is?


blocking receiving?


If we want to live a sacred life that is full of joy and harmony

we have to be it and tame our wild child

the rebel that strikes out to be free blaming others when in reality it is only ourselves that create emotional binding

the rebel without true cause

that is the child seeking to balance the people pleasing mask

If we do not evolve then neither will our circle of influence.

Most people are still repeating the ways of relating that they were taught as a child

that caused alot of emotional pain

and yet aren’t ready to create change by taking the steps required to end that scenario

it is the only way……

To take responsibility ourselves.

Today is the number five and the fifth element which is a truly magical number

it can mean a struggle

depending where we are on our path.

When we become very aware of our area of hurt we become able to transcend and transform.

This is what Scorpio energy is all about.

As we come into November we are at a time of fire transformation with bonfire night and an approaching solar eclipse on November 13 there is so much happening especially for Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio

This is significantly marked in the Mayan wavespell on November 14 of the start of the White Dog Wavespell which is all about how we live from a space of unconditional love rather than drama

Often we are looking for meaning outside of ourselves instead of being the star of our show

A Mercury Retrograde thrown in for good measure starting November 07 until 26

in my past this has always been a challenging time where I have faced adversaries who have pushed my buttons

as a reforming people pleaser I have struggled to be in the space of meeting the challenge

sometimes we need to rant too simply to let go of avoiding being unpleasing

however we create an energetic output with that

and this adds to the collective rant

so being mindful that this is always resistance to what is

the higher self has no need to rant

it is always ego based

and resistance to what is

 I found a new way of working for me that I love to share ~ using emotional freedom technique.

Feeling the trigger and then going back to times in the past when the resistance was created

letting it go

speaking from a clearer emotional and energetic space

Using this strategy allows us to integrate our past and heal our inner child

We are now in Self-Existing Moon in the Mayan 13 moons and now is the time of building that structure of the heart

firm foundations

being disciplined from love instead of fear

We are still in the new moon energy founded in Libra and waxing energy growing until Monday’s full moon in Taurus which is my moon sign.

Scorpio is the holy trinity

It is beneficial to know where we have Scorpio presenting in our chart to work with this awareness

The Snake of being in the skin we are in ~ we just visited that space with the Red Serpent Wavespell which was all about our addictions and how we use them to wear a mask and get our fix instead of walking our talk

The Phoenix is the bird that is created in the transformational fire of death of the old self so the free bird can fly

The Eagle is the visionary that flies high above the world and seeing the bigger picture of our life path rather than our ego fear

These are the last few days of the time of death and transformation in the blue energy of the Mayan wavespell and then we go into yellow which is power and expansion of  everything that has gone before

power from being true unto ourselves and the rich rewards that come

or power from being our ego selves which will bring big awakening on what we attract back

because the universal balancing energy will be our karma as we reap what we sow

we can run but we cannot hide from our shadow

This weekend I am creating a trilogy of workshops in Glastonbury at The Heart Centre

they are also available online so you can take part wherever you are in the world.

Places are limited due to space of the room and the online server so please reserve if it feels timely for you

If you choose to keep in touch with me please subscribe to this blog and contact me to receive my newsletter.

If you would like to know more about your starcode and Mayan sign and want to chat with me about how you can empower yourself using the holistic approach please email me your time,date and place of birth and when you are free during the daytime and preferable midweek for a free consultation.

Here are some great resources I have loved exploring and thank you to those who shared them.

Creating sacred structures with sound healing:


Tom’s fab astrology bigger picture weekly report which is so apt as always 🙂

Love to you all amazing souls

Wishing you joy and abundant living wherever you are

unleash your dream and be the brightest supernova that deep down you know you are

Day nine and completion of the mirror wave

How are you feeling today as you sit back and survey the landscape and your creativity?

What amazing things have happened to your inner slides ?

Has your movie channel changed?

Many people have been emotionally white water rafting during this wave

and I have been a busy bee inspired by the meeting of minds

and the sharing of souls

I love my life and am so honoured to be living it

I am feeling tired and depleted today

it’s been quite a journey this year and the waves keep coming

I love the exhilaration change brings

some quiet time would be nice….

no chance of that when you live on ley lines…..

mission goes on

and on…..

I have met lots of people over the last week

some from my old hunting grounds in the North

Liz Green and I sat down in the Abbey together on magical Saturday

and shared some vibes

It was a revelation for us both and we laughed at the similarities of our shared journey

often people don’t “get” us as we have Aquarian energy

and see the bigger picture

and people think we are aliens….

that has been tough at times

and as we say in the North…..

the making of us.

Liz has been talking her talk and walking her walk on many a media

and wondering how she is being received

in Wakefield it can be tricky to have the courage to talk about vibrations and the like

and I admire her tenacity to speak her truth no matter how it is received

when you feel it in your heart

you know you would rather die than go back to the old ways of hiding your light

to fit in with the crowd

Often we can feel disheartened and doubt ourselves

and then we remember

when new paradigms are being created

wayshowers have to blaze a trail

someone has to go first

without a map

set sail and chart a course

so that others will follow

spiritual entrepeneurs

if no one ever says the new language

how do we ever have a conversation

we get stuck telling the same old story

someone has to start the song

in the brain new neural pathways are created

new behaviour

new models for living

and now is the time to start singing a different tune

so everyone out there who is aching to come out

about all the exciting magical stuff that is heart knowingness

speak up 🙂

It is White Solar Worldbridger and time to let go and go with the flow

bringing together the nine pointed star and mind, body and spirit

Nine in tarot asks us how we have completed

have we become masters of our art yet?

Nine is the shape of the labyrinth

we have gone in and around and now can we see what has come as a result of taking this journey?

Tomorrow will be the manifestation of what has come in the nine days

We are in for some more big picture self-examination as our planetary giants take us on a tour back to the year 2000.

This is Jupiter who is going retro through Gemini on the 4th of October – Red Crystal Moon in this wavespell.

Add on to this Saturn into Scorpio on the 6th and we are going to revisit an old cycle.

This is a new wavespell ~ Blue Monkey which is all about our divine child.

Jupiter governs the throat chakra and Saturn the base chakra….

so we have an exciting little trip down memory lane

Jupiter is all about expansion and Gemini in this instance relationships, with our higher selves and how we are living our sacred truth

or speaking in tongues….

any structures in our connection to our tribes ~ maybe birth families (and for me the thirties time of Saturn Return)

that were formed or had issues in the later part of 2000

are coming back so we can have another look

and so people from our past or archetypes who match them…

as we have unfinished energetic business to complete…

will be arriving soon.

My biggest meltdown in relationships happened in this period

and back then it was a tough road

and I survived and learned alot

and we are still together

having had alot to look at on the way

and to repattern and let go of our past

It was when I was given my first copy of Louise Hay “You can heal your life”

and wow how far have I come since that day in changing how I see the world

I have just done Louise Hay’s Mayan sign and she is a Blue Galactic Night born on a GAP day 🙂

Born in October….


Thank you Louise Hay your paradigm shift work changed my life

My ego struggled with it

my heart knew it to be true

Big skins started shedding when I opened that first page……

not long after I passed a gallstone

and I have repeated that in Glastonbury in 2010

crawling around in agony

my bitterness and bile being blasted out….

not a pleasant experience

I would rather use EFT and tap to let go instead

before I reach a critical point.

So brace yourselves for another layer as the cosmic soup is ready for another stir

and our opportunity is ripe for a de-clutter of the murky depths of

what lies beneath

at the waning time of the moon

If you want to let go of that old way of being for good contact me and we can skype

the more we can be proactive now and the easier the rest of the year will be


seize our chance while the going’s good

and the emotional evolution hasn’t got us locked in a vice

of our own making

we need to learn to have regular letting go

instead of leaving things until critical mass forces us to look

it can be tricky to negotiate with the fight or flight

and sometimes we have to sneak under the radar

with gentle hands

and lots of lavender lip balm

Lots of resources for you on my website just added.

Remember the only way to journey is to….


if you are still sitting in the same circle of influence as this time last year

with the same familiar faces

trotting out the same stories

face the fact

you are stuck

and it’s time to do some inner energy rewiring

before the cicuits blow

there is a storm on it’s way

and it’s bringing our future

by letting go of our past

cracking open the shells

to let in the light

If you are experiencing synchronicities

you are on the path to the stars

Day 7 Magical seed day

How are you doing with your White mirror wavespell?

Today is a magical day of number 7  Yellow Resonant Seed and it links in to the Yellow Seed wavespell starting on October 19 which is a major energetic gateway to

Samhain/ Halloween

This is a very powerful time approaching where the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest and we can connect to our ancestors

with this connection we can learn from the steps they have taken…..

and keep the wisdom that supports us on our next individual and planetary steps….

and let go of their wounding and their teaching that wasn’t from the light or from love.

This is a profound time as we are at the crossroads

the familiar story of Demeter searching for Persephone who had been snatched by Hades and taken to hell

All these stories and myths are the metaphor for our personal soul journey.

The person we are today (Demeter) is looking for her maiden self ( Persephone)

The person we were as a youthful energy full of lust for life

that has grown old and tired and feels often in a permanent winter state

because we have lost the essence of who we are in the life experiences

and the conditioning

and our  heart seeds have grown a husk that is hard

and hides our tender juicy fruit underneath

we may have grown bitter as we have felt lost in the wilderness

our business may have failed

our relationships become battles

and all around has become a desert as our blooms have withered on the vine

We have the secret

and we always have it


when we are ready to go within and be prepared to do what it takes

let go of living the ego story

stand still and feel it all

so we can let it go.

Living the heart path

If we refuse to stand still to avoid the inevitable chickens that are coming home to roost

we go in ever decreasing circles

as death is ever at our ankles with the scythe….

that we fear the most….

and this is what sets us free 🙂

Don’t fear the reaper

Everything we need to set us free we already have

so if your back is against the wall

your face pressed against the glass

your depression heavy

you are in a really good place

to burst out of your cocoon

and live magically

in the real world of our heart space

the world of beauty

Here in Glastonbury it is an absolutely radiant day and I am so grateful to be alive

This afternoon I am off to do some tapping in the abbey

and weave some magic in that sacred place

I was afraid to face my own shadow and I know how you feel if you are afraid too of taking that next step

It feels intense and powerful as you start to strip away the layers

It is the only way to reveal the real you.

When I went into labour with my first child I remember the midwife saying that I couldn’t give birth without there being pain

and I was terrified because my body was simply doing it’s thing

and I had no control over it 🙂

It was unlike any experience I had ever had

and there was no way I could prepare myself for something that has to be experienced to be know

This is true of all initiatory gateways

we have to shed our layers to go on to the next phase

it’s the circle of life

There is nothing to fear in the death and the transformation

although it feels like a dark night of the soul

the way to the goddess is through the valley of death

It is so worth it

I have trod this path so many times and each time it gets easier as you lose more fear and trust the process.

All that comes is raw feeling as your ego is transformed

the floodgates open and everything we dam up inside comes out

then we are truly free of another cage that holds our beautiful phoenix

I use emotional freedom technique to facilitate that process.

It really works


in letting go

and when it has gone

it has truly gone for good.


Alison Sutton and I are getting together with some amazingly gifted heart opening walkers of the path

who are going to share their path and the gifts that have come from it

with you

and you, your gifts with us

It is the week before Samhain

We are aligning with these amazing galactic activation portal  days

It will be a festival of light and dark

we are not going to be focused on storytelling

We are focusing on celebrating the death of the old skins by seeing the true enlightenment process for what it truly is

Joyful soul transformation

Our own personal photo synthesis to open our solar plexus and our heaven’s gate

These workshops are practical and experiential

cooking up a storm of fun

past life regression, using magical process,

therapist expansion techniques for creating abundant connections

enlarging our energetic web to reach further out into the globe

designed to assist in our birthing process

at a very important time on our planet

this is to create empowered ways of working with our unique gifts and soul purpose

to unleash our magical creativity

We will be out on the magical landscape too

Itinerary is forming this week so please get in touch to reserve your space

and we look forward to co creating with you.

It is the time of preparing our wintering process so our seeds are being honed

being magically empowered

with the connection to our higher selves

and to raise our consciosness

our vibration

our light

in an energetic process rather than simply an intellectal one

to create change

If you cannot come in person then we can work through the magic of the web and skype,

online streaming in some way

If you know your Mayan sign and you are one of these:

Yellow Magnetic Seed
Red Lunar Serpent
White Electric World-Bridger
Blue Self-Existing Hand
Yellow Overtone Star
Red Rhythmic Moon
White Resonant Dog
Blue Galactic Monkey
Yellow Solar Human
Red Planetary Skywalker
White Spectral Wizard
Blue Crystal Eagle
Yellow Cosmic Warrior

This is your personal wavespell and wowee you can really create some powerful shifts if you get on this energetic spiral wave

If you don’t know what yours is please get in touch

It’s free 🙂

If it isn’t you will still create change in whatever way you are looking for …….

provided you are prepared to walk your talk

and do what it takes to match the universal energetic code that is always there for you

in the vortex


the universe can only bring you what you believe to be true


if you believe that someone else “makes” you happy

instead of simply being happy because that is your responsibility

then so be it

and so it is

If you believe you have to help other people by giving the fish

then you will have co-dependent relationships and a world full of victims and needy people looking for handouts rather than looking for their own answers and learning

If you believe that to create harmonious relationships you have to hide your true feelings so you don’t “hurt” the other person

and live a lie

guess who is going to be hurt and get sick?

If you hide your anger and be passive

guess who is going to be surrounded by angry people?

If you believe it is your role to fix people

guess who is goimg to have lots of walking wounded showing up on their doorstep…….

What if…..

We didn’t need anything to prove who we are?

We can arrive at any venue in a sackcloth

without a title

a job to define us

we don’t need a uniform so people know which box we belong in

we don’t care what car we drive as long as we travel lightly

we don’t care what anyone else thinks

because we are ok with us…..

and this is when the magic really happens….

So today maybe have a go at being Jack and ready to plant the seed intention of our beanstalk…..

he had the courage to face his mother’s wrath by cashing in the cow

and bet everything he had on some magical beans

that created a stairway to heaven and took him on some magical adventures in a foreign land

he faced his fear

and created magical transformation

It is the only way to pure bliss 🙂

Libra is the blessing of balance.

Feel the pull the universe is showing us

calling us in

Do we hear the call ?

The full moon today is a time to let go of the old ways, the old hurts

so we can have new beginnings

making space for those new exotic seedlings to thrive.

Love to you today starseeds

may your intentions create fabulous new models for living from love.

Day 4 Red Self existing Dragon ~ Mother day

Many people are feeling the pressure this week as emotional energy is building for a fiery Aries full moon on Sunday early hours.

Notice how you are feeling and let it come up.

All our chickens are coming home to roost as the balancing begins

and the universe will balance us in whatever energetic place we are

Ideally spend as much time as you can on yourself now and use emotional freedom technique to let go of what is seeking release so we can create new beginnings

and inner balance.

The pressure of Libra bringing us into balance is intense and around the world people are out seeking to be heard on issues of imbalance.

Whatever choice you make take it with awareness that it will be met with equal measure so if we are coming from a place of anger then the resistance will be echoed

the law of cause and effect

this is I believe the true meaning of karma

What goes around comes around

you do x you get x

and if people choose to see clearly they let go of judgement and are discerning instead

This blog isn’t about blame it’s intention is to share information so people can be aware if they choose

If you are wanting to shoot me as a messenger….

even though you don’t know me…..

tune in to what is pushing your buttons in you instead

then reveal some inner truth you can transform yourself with

Today is Red self -existing Dragon day in the White Mirror wavespell.

I have had lots of people contacting me asking me how to deal with the life events that are happening to them at the moment so here are my offerings for the process

First of all we are turning everything on it’s head right now and things are happening fast because we have very instant communication available to us now

which in our documented history we did not have before

although things may have always happened simultaneously ~

the 100 monkeys effect

we weren’t consciously communicating this and were not aware of how everyone was going through the same wave of change and now we are

so limit your exposure

and I don’t mean stick your head in the sand 🙂

Limit your intake of “news” so you can be aware

and you are not glued to the TV in panic mode feeling doomed

This is all meant to happen….it is happening

it is the process

stop focusing on the outside and focus on creating sanctuary for yourself instead

mother and nuture yourself

and if you don’t know how to do that….


there is everything available on the web

ask and it is given

I hear people saying they need to do xyz

and they have been saying it for years

If you don’t know how to access the internet

find someone who does and is willing to teach you for money or an energetic swap

this is co creating

this is co-operation

adults aren’t meant to mother healthy adults

this is co-dependent behaviour and stops the learning process

usually it is a manipulation that may be conscious or unconscious

it isn’t anyone’s “job” to do it

or to emotionally support or ” heal” someone

when we do that we are stopping someone from learning to do that by doing it for them

and when will that person ever move on?

Parents who never cut the apron strings delay their children’s maturation process

and our planet is seeking responsible co creators now

honest relating

All these man -made ego mechanisms that have formed over the decades of supremacy over nature’s innate giving mechanism

are revealed as a farce

our planet doesn’t need our chemical solutions

our bodies have their own knowing

it is really simple

stopping trying to fit the step- sister’s foot into Cinderella’s slipper…..

it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t belong

there is too much to try and do…

it is impossible to live this mad hamster wheel life

it is killing everything…..

so simple –


Practical Strategies that have been around for a few thousand years of sacred living:

create a physical sanctuary in your home

a comfortable safe space where you can be quiet and ground yourself

play some soothing music, maybe the sound of the sea, zen, whatever creates calm and brings you within

whatever is your thing

let go of the right thing

have a bath in salt and essential oils to ground you and bring you into your body and out of your mind –

benzoin, spikenard, sandlewood, vetivert oils are deeply grounding and if you haven’t used them before handle carefully with awareness

they are very potent

add some lovely flower tones like lavender and rose

essential oils have a vibration that connects with our energy and tunes it


with healing modalities that are without mind so simply be

what they are

as nature intended

have a body treatment on a regular basis

as human beings we need touch it is well documented

organise small parties where you can be with people who are positive, grounded and loving and hug 🙂

Hug and connect to animals with their consent 🙂

Our body responds to being stroked and loved and we instantly go into a process of creating endorphins to create even more of that

for some people touch is not welcome because they have experienced it in an abusive way ~

that can absolutely change if you are ready to let go of the past

Create a point of focus in your sanctuary where you can have some things that are sacred to you

light a candle

burn some oils

if you haven’t created a dream for yourself, now is the optimum time to do so

this will keep your horizon focused so you know where you are headed in stormy seas

So we are going into balance as we have been out of line

for a very long time

and now we are swinging back in

as always it has to get to a really bad place for us to take action because we have been conditioned to believe in a way of life

that is reactive rather than proactive

busy busy busy

with our eye on the ego prize

and the key thing to change now is to prioritise yourself


yes you

no one else

If you do not make time now to do your inner work

then nothing will change

no one else can do this for us

this is the soul journey

this is what the Aquarian Age is all about.

I can help you with seeing the bigger picture

Mayan Signs

Starcode – the natal chart which shows the planets as they were when we landed here on our birthday

I can show you how to tap

I can help you see your patterns and what is pushing your buttons

ultimately we all have to then take the next step and commit to doing it ourselves

and this is often about creating a massive paradigm shift for ourselves

and learning something completely new

Alot of my friends and facebook friends are therapists/spiritual people/interested in new ways of health

Many people I personally know agree with the teaching of Louise Hay, Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden, Gary Craig, Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Christian Fleche

and many more wonderful pioneers who have become loud and proud about their beliefs and how we create our own dis-ease because we are living out of alignment with our authentic selves

these people are there often at risk of ridicule


many people who are sharing healing modalities

 aren’t walking the talk themselves

they are still focusing on others rather than themselves first

doing their inner work every day

and by that I mean creating energetic change by looking at what is pushing their buttons today and then letting go of that emotion by feeling it

Where is the integrity in that?

Where is the model of being the change?

Where is the evidence of raising awareness of cancer as being created as a healing stage

because the individual is not living in accordance with their truth?

I live in the UK and it is 2012

yet I still see women who are posting a game about breast cancer on facebook which involves hiding it from men?

Breast Cancer isn’t a game….

I really am at a loss to understand the meaning behind this strategy

How does that help or support a change?

Ironically it fits the pattern of having a dishonest relationship with someone

Of being an elite group that hides it’s true expression

speaking in codes

All this time spent in a game

that has no honest expression around something that is created

in the same way

where are the empowered women who are standing in their truth by being it?

maybe instead we could have some honesty about what therapies people practise and what they believe in

and bringing it out of the closet

how is this change ever going to happen if women cannot tell their partners the truth about what they want and what they believe?

If in their own house they cannot say who they are and be loved and respected for it?

How has our generation moved on from past generations?

Becoming men in the feminist changes and now what?

How on earth is breast cancer going to change if no one is talking about how it is created except behind closed doors?

What are we as women really afraid of?

Speaking our truth to our partners and the relationship coming to an end?

This is the challenge for each of us and if we do not go there on the outside with our actions

and hide our truth in our heart

then the process is completed within.

There is no “cure” for cancer except self love and being authentic.

Our body being ph balanced

instead of  acidic

because we are full of hidden vitriol 😦

People pleasing is a killer

A wolf hidden in sheep’s clothing

Silence of the lambs

It can be irradiated by matching the anger with an equal force – radiation

If the lifestyle, choices and beliefs aren’t changed then it is going to return

that is pure common sense

and yet most people are not prepared to do what it takes

and would literally rather die

because they are afraid of their own shadow.

I have worked with lots of people with cancer and every single one has known what the emotional cause was

what was eating away at them

often for years

I had one client who had both breasts removed and had breast cancer three times

and when she came to see me still wasn’t prepared to make a change in how she lived her life

she was surrounded by people she really didn’t want to be with and was doing it out of “duty”

yet somehow believed a magical cure could be found

and her lifestyle to continue

which in ego language translates as fear

It is never ever ever about the other person when ego fear is the motivator

it is always about us

The breasts are in the heart chakra

This is all about love

The lungs underneath are all about breathing in life and letting go of anything no longer needed

The heart takes in and gives out

most people are giving out of contol and cannot receive out of contol

and are blocking the circle of life

out of balance

The solar plexus is the veil and heaven’s gate and here the personal power centre that radiates from love or anger

The throat is the higher chakra of speaking the truth and the Goddess gateway of transformation, letting go of resistance to change and is twinned with the solar plexus.

When the throat and solar plexus have emotional issues that are unresolved then the heart cannot open from love and the energy blocks

When we have issues around speaking the truth it is from childhood events and how we feel about that experience

When we let go of that we feel safe again around speaking our truth

we cannot be our authentic selves if we are holding back

we cannot live a life of love and flow if we are living a lie

and the sooner we go there

the sooner we create a change

everyone in our circle is fully aware of the dishonesty always

and it’s a game we play

If we have issues around personal power it’s the same story….

back to childhood.

Clear that

clear the present

Change the inside and the outside changes

Many adults today are power tripping

especially therapists

and I feel passionately about that

they are feeling powerful by putting themselves forward as teachers

yet what inner work are they doing?

What emotional evolution work are they doing every day to let go of their shadow?

Maybe they don’t have this awareness?

Most people don’t

It’s all out there and it isn’t rocket science

Most people avoid it by intellectualising, going on courses and being talking books

you cannot create emotional energetic change in your head

it doesn’t live there

It is all about feelings

If you are avoiding a feeling process then you are avoiding the ego

Drama, acting out, knowing the path

isn’t experientially doing it

When we give truly from the heart

when we nourish ourselves

when we are in balance with our masculine and feminine within

when we let go of living vicariously through other people/drugs/food/shopping/therapies/workshops

whatever is our junkie fix

then we are truly in balance

we know when we feel out of  joy

we know when we are doing something that isn’t good for us

so why do we carry on doing it?

It is time to be disciplined and have integrity through integration

If you really believe in something are you ready to shout it from the rooftops?

Or are you whispering behind curtains…….

What is your body telling you about your dishonesty?

The structure of number four is all about the foundation stone.

This is the base of the pyramid.

If we have feet of clay….

If we have a house of cards

This is a very important place on our path.

Fly straight

Walk tall

and very very simply

do our inner work

the enlightenment process is

bringing the shadow to light

The picture today is Lakshmi and as you can see she has more than one pair of hands….

we don’t

so see people-pleasing for what it truly is

an ego defence mechanism

let go of creating avoidance activities

and look in the mirror instead

all we seek lies within us

we have everything we need to be all we can be

the only thing that’s stopping us

is us.

How many more people have to get sick out of simple ignorance?

Out of fear?

Out of living a lie and denying their shadow self.

To be loving takes many forms and sometimes it is tough love

truth telling

saying what others won’t say

the uncomfortable stuff…

Energy pattern matches grow and so this isn’t going away

and the only way to stop it the expansion is to let go of them

so if you aren’t dealing with all that stuff in Pandora’s box

remember it is dealing with you…

that isn’t a fear statement

it is simply a fact.

It is how our body shows us our true state of play.

It is our philosopher’s stone 🙂

It gives us the opportunity to make a course correction.

Mind, body and spirit.

Let’s lose the lip service and love ourselves.

Does anyone seriously want to step into the shoes of anyone on Dragon’s Den?

Seriously ?

Stuff doesn’t give you anything

The best things in life are free

let go of needing to acquire safety and kudos

and live it instead

Love to you today Primeordial  Dragon’s

Here is the how to do EFT video as requested

White Mirror Day 2 Relationships

Day two of the wavespell and Blue Lunar Storm.

Day two is all about the challenge.

This energy is really about addictive behaviour which is often highlighted in the relationship fix.

Getting our energy vampire style through another.

Today’s energy ~ how are we seeing ourselves reflected back through others

Instead of being two halves making a whole

we can bring our shadow to light and be integrated

I have created a document today you can use in a practical way every day:

Daily Button Pushing Questionnaire

If you want to know more about how you can work with this wavespell in a powerful way to create transformation please get in touch.

Love to you and your catalytic storm breaking

White Mirror wavespell

New White Mirror wavespell begins to take us deeper into the inner realms.

What is running on our inner slideshow

Our soul software

Who is running it?

Are we broadcasting a nightmare or a dream onto the outside….

Change of strategy for me in the next thirteen days as I have manifested an abundant treasure chest of creativity

thank you for all of you with your assistance on this

you are co-creating with me with your feedback

So as we have moved into Libra today the focus is on balance

getting a reality check with white magnetic mirror

can we go with the flow

or are we living in chaos and having too much to do

Balance in the masculine and feminine creates harmony and flow

Practicals come into this in a big way

Everything is equally important…..

no use having money coming in if you have no food in the cupboard or clean underwear…

all work and no play makes for a sad soul


My new strategy over the next thirteen days is to do a few bigger blogs intermingled with some micro dots

and the essential aspect of this


practical application of working with the flow of the wave

theory is simply that 🙂

Let’s get experiential

In it’s simplest form the key to getting the most from our universal lifecoaching tool is to be present each morning with what the day is about in it’s essence

then in the evening reflect back on what has ocurred for you

If you know how to tap

tap 🙂

on whatever has come along to ruffle our feathers

because this is how we do the tango with our inner slides

we see who shows up curtesy of our law of attraction

anyone in our circle of radius is energetically matched in some way

they are another us.

It doesn’t mean that we have to figure out what exactly they are here for or tie ourselves in knots trying to figure out how we have some inherent darkness we are projecting

all of that is ego posturing and avoidance….

crafty little devil the ego

What we can do to really create a shift is to notice how we feel about that interaction

notice how we are communicating

anything that is uncomfortable…

maybe we are telling fibs to avoid any unpleasant exchange…

maybe we are hiding our true feelings….

going along with something when we would really like to say no

and fooling ourselves that it is to save someone else from getting upset

when it is always our ego that seeks to protect itself.

The next thirteen days we can truly see who we are

what we are not

what mask we are wearing

and what happens when we feel the fear and risk everything by saying what we really want to

then see what happens

will we be struck down by lightening

will we be turned into a pillar of salt

or will we peel off another layer of false protection pretending to be our saving grace

When we let go of our past emotional entanglement around fear

we can grow

when our body is intent on self-preservation from fear

we cannot nourish ourselves

fight/flight/freeze channels our energy away from our central core

when we become a clear diamond once more

back to our factory setting

everything flows easier

Take the time each day to listen to ourselves and let go:

diect energy flow instead of around and around avoidance circles

things can happen now rather than very much later

because we are cutting to the chase

Sagittarius style

no messing about

hiding and worrying

feeling bogged down with energy in our heart space

we have got it off our chest

when we reflect the world back in pure light

the beauty is bare

the intimacy is there

we are vulnerable and open

and we know that any issue anyone has about us

is  really about their inner slides

as Virginia Satir illustrated

ask to see the other person’s tummy button and see we all come from the same source

the primordial mother

we are all absolutely equal

we are invariably not the person that caused the original wound

to the other

simply the mirror image

so let’s relate from the heart instead

and create honesty and love.

Love to you today and the reflections that we are all seeing

are we seeing our true selves

or mere ego illusions?

Where will we be on day thirteen at the space of unconditional cosmic love – White Cosmic Dog?

Only we can create that possibility through taking responsibility