New Year Cycles ~ Gregorian

Pic by Amanda Clark White Magnetic Mirror  01 January 2017 We are starting a brand new 13 Year Cycle  This is a refining cycle in  the Blue Castle of Transformation refining the last 13 day process of the evolutionary Red Serpent Wavespell It allows us to look at what is reflecting back at us The […]

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White Lunar Worldbridger

  White Lunar Worldbridger This is the new learning coming in to end old worlds The planet is Mars  Where Mars is in your chart is significant for you    Mars in terms of the planetary transits is currently in Pisces  The Spiritual Warrior  Here is a great article by Aeternalight It went in on […]

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Blue Solar Hand

  Blue Solar Hand is the Gateway of  Blue Storm Wavespell which is the transformer process It is the 7th Wavespell The access process to the mystic using the 7th Mayan Sign ~ the Blue Hand  in it’s 9th vibration The Buddha process Gateway to healing and completion  It is also a planetary process code […]

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