Spiral 3 ~ 08/02/18

This is the 3rd spiral I have cross referenced dates for

Red Dragon Wavespell ~ 08 Feb ~ 20 Feb

What we will be working with for the 260 day cycle

White Wizard Wavespell ~ 21 Feb ~ 05 March

Where are we at in terms of self empowerment based on that initiation

Blue Hand Wavespell ~

06 March ~ 18 March

How do we transform our shadow


make conscious choices to shape our destiny

Yellow Sun Wavespell 

19 March ~ 31 March

How much light are we holding

Key for the spine which is the transformer

To try and hold more light ~ consciousness ~

than we are capable of ~

blows the system

The initiation is complete




Next Scroll

Red Skywalker Wavespell

01 April ~ 13 April

The Fool’s journey begins in earnest ~

how much conditioning and wounding can be released

in this most powerful 13 day Buddha process

White Worldbridger 14 April ~ 26 April

Time to release old worlds through healing

Blue Storm Wavespell 27 April to 09 May

Heal the emotional wounding and reset the sat nav ~

be loving and compassionate and kind more and more ~

for real

not being passive aggressive

Yellow HumanWavespell 10 May ~ 22 May

How are you experiencing life as a human being ?

Have your wings started to grow ?


Seeing where we are on planet earth


how we are handling the channelling of new cosmic codes



Scroll 3 process ~

enter the Co Creation Zone

Red Serpent Wavespell ~

relationship reveals where our kundalini is flowing

23 May ~ 04 June

White Mirror Wavespell

05 June ~ 17 June

Who is in your circle asking you to walk through the delusional imagery ?

So we can be free to play literally ?

Going into the centre of the spinal column

Blue Monkey Wavespell

18 June ~ 30 June

The Summer Solstice

The Divine Child displayed

Yellow Seed Wavespell

01 July ~ 13 July

How much of your star seed is out on display ?

Beyond our mask

10 portal days of human evolution

to see where we are after our journey to the centre of our inner space

We are now coming out the other side ready for eclipse season


Scroll 4 ~ The structure of Mastery

in the

Yellow Castle of Manifestation

We now have all of the essence of our human evolution and now we can consciously  rewire it with what has come to light and is expanding 

Red Earth Wavespell 14 July to 26 July 


The Mayan New Year


The Day out of Time

so this is the focus



Mayan New Year


Red Cosmic Moon ~

which is the shift energy

not only of this year

but of the last

13 Year Cycle 


White Dog Wavespell  27 July to 08 August 

Refining our ancestral wounding to release drama


create our heart’s desire ~ to heal and be free



Blue Night Wavespell  

09 August to 21 August 

The Conscious Dreamer process of being The Seer

to consciously work

with our

conditioned template of the emotional mind and belief system

remembering that we are beaming our inside outside

to be seen and revealed


designed by our divine aspect of Cosmic Consciousness

to align and embody


New Dream 

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

22 August to 03 September 

Seeing our heart path manifest

Surrendering to becoming a Warrior of the heart

Healing our life experience to accept and let go of resistance to what is to align with Cosmic Consciousness

When we are in the love space

we know we are on track

when we are not

we are in the process of

coming into being on track with the divine plan 



Scroll 5 The Overtone Scroll

See how clear I am

have clarity in my life 

How awake am I ~ free of co dependency and distortion ?

How aware am I ~ willing to look and be curious to bust out of my cocoon ?

Am I walking my talk and  living from truth ?

Imagine if there was only honesty in our world?

Absolute truth 

Tell me the truth

is a powerful question 

First and foremost of ourselves 

The Green Castle of the heart


the beauty place of

Heaven on Earth

We are here to enjoy this beautiful garden of Eden


if we cannot 

 if we are not

Why not ?

Time to explore our experience as a human being on planet earth remembering what we came here for

at this amazing transition time

to create

Red Moon Wavespell

04 September to 16 September 

What was initiated in Magnetic Moon time ~ 25 July to 21 August is key 

This is what we will be working with as to the Sacred Feminine aspects this year around being authentic and the beacon of light 

embodying our Mercurial self 

White Wind Wavespell

17 September to 29 September

The new learning that we initiated at the start of the Tzol Kin spiral

This spiral began in February ~ what was happening on the 9th of February is key 

What has come to light for you ? 

Blue Eagle Wavespell

30 September to 12 October

Seeing our bigger picture as planetary servers

Mastering our ego to surrender to the will of the divine


become clear and free of old ego limiting patterns

often revealed with power struggles

Yellow Star Wavespell

13 October to 25 October

The spiral completes 

13 days of revealing your star seed 

Venus in you ~ more love accessible  ~ healing heart

letting go of old out of balance ways within