08 Feb 2018 ~ Wavespell dates

Red Dragon Wavespell ~ 08 Feb ~ 20 Feb

What we will be working with for the 260 day cycle

White Wizard Wavespell ~ 21 Feb ~ 05 March

Where are we at in terms of self empowerment based on that initiation

Blue Hand Wavespell ~

06 March ~ 18 March

How do we transform our shadow


make conscious choices to shape our destiny

Yellow Sun Wavespell 

19 March ~ 31 March

How much light are we holding

Key for the spine which is the transformer

To try and hold more light ~ consciousness ~

than we are capable of ~

blows the system

The initiation is complete




Next Scroll

Red Skywalker Wavespell

01 April ~ 13 April

The Fool’s journey begins in earnest ~

how much conditioning and wounding can be released

in this most powerful 13 day Buddha process

White Worldbridger 14 April ~ 26 April

Time to release old worlds through healing

Blue Storm Wavespell 27 April to 09 May

Heal the emotional wounding and reset the sat nav ~

be loving and compassionate and kind more and more ~

for real

not being passive aggressive

Yellow HumanWavespell 10 May ~ 22 May

How are you experiencing life as a human being ?

Have your wings started to grow ?


Seeing where we are on planet earth


how we are handling the channelling of new cosmic codes

Scroll 3 process ~

enter the Co Creation Zone


Red Serpent Wavespell ~

relationship reveals where our kundalini is flowing

23 May ~ 04 June

White Mirror Wavespell

05 June ~ 17 June

Who is in your circle asking you to walk through the delusional imagery ?

So we can be free to play literally ?

Going into the centre of the spinal column

Blue Monkey Wavespell

18 June ~ 30 June

The Summer Solstice

The Divine Child displayed

Yellow Seed Wavespell

01 July ~ 13 July

How much of your star seed is out on display ?

Beyond our mask

10 portal days of human evolution

to see where we are after our journey to the centre of our inner space

We are now coming out the other side ready for eclipse season