Red Lunar Dragon


Artist unknown

Red Lunar Dragon 

Today is the day of new learning 


The Great Mother is bringing us 

Imix is the Initiator Code 

In this particular 260 day Gestation period

this began on 26 October 2018

This is the third 20 day cycle 

As such it is the

Alchemy Cycle 

The Co Creation

It will take us through to

Yellow Galactic Sun 

The Integration of our Shadow

Red Skywalker coming up next

with 3 Clear Signs  

What you experienced in the first 13 Days beginning 26 October

is what you will be working with for the 9 months

Today you revisited this energy

in some way

to gain more perspective about… 

how you can evolve as a human being 


Pic by Chie Yoshie


There is a new conscious awareness coming in

When human beings align with it :

Life is joyful

It is the teaching of truth free of shadow distortions 

When human beings resist these ways :

Life is difficult 

Simply because the distortions of an unhealed and immature ego

of our past life and lives ~

create pain and suffering

from ignorance

The picture leading the article

reveals a woman breastfeeding 

This is a key component of Imix Energy I had not really connected to before

Revealed as

we are now experiencing 

North Node in Cancer transit 

article by Astro Butterfly 

Most of our human being wounding comes

from not being mothered and nurtured as a child

by our parents/caretakers/community 

because …

they could not/would not/did not know

how to /were in survival mode/were suffering from trauma

created by society events

that go back thousands and thousands of years

recorded in our dna


programmed into our fight/flight/freeze patterns

If you learn about world history

you will understand

that every race has experienced extreme genocide 

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

George Santayana

This is why it is so important to educate yourself as to the human journey and most importantly your human journey

When a human being becomes aware of their Cosmic Codes and familial patterns 

It is a lightbulb moment 

An initiation into conscious awareness where the Mystery starts to become known 


All limiting beliefs come from dna


early patterning

From inherited experiences





brought to conscious awareness

they can be changed 

Imix energy is where we may feel separate and scared


That we do not matter

That we have no value 

That no one can love us 

That we cannot thrive 

That life is a struggle 

That we are not worthy

When a person has experienced a lack of richness of life

it can lead to a formation of beliefs

that are not even seen as beliefs

but as truth

This is powerful magic

that locks an individual

in a holograph that projects that “truth”

into a daily story

reflected outside

The Key is to realise this


change the inner slides


become a Conscious Dreamer

What if you were reborn tomorrow free of any limitations ?

If you awoke and instantly had a powerful inspiring dream to create ?

If your heart was filled with passion and energy like never before?

The key focus

is to release the Fight/Flight/Freeze

by rewiring those past events

to become clear :

A Clear Sign 

A literal fresh start is possible

The event learning and wisdom is retained

The heart is freed from the pain

The new code can be embodied 

Access Source Code



free of

co dependency 



Yellow Magnetic Sun 2018

Yellow Magnetic Sun 

A Clear Sign 

This Wavespell is very significant

It begins with a Clear Sign 

Here is a link to an article here ~ a summary

There are more in depth ones ~ 13 Clear Signs 

This is the Yellow Castle

of the first

Scroll of 4



We have had the Red Wavespell ~

Red Dragon 

This began on October 26 in 2018

Scorpio Sun

Taurus Moon 

Self Existing Moon 4

Day 9 

This is the flavour of the whole 260 day cycle 


Red Self Existing Moon

is the

4th Moon of

13 Moons

It is the 4th step of the process of

White Worldbridger Wavespell 

It is the Moon that reveals how free we are from co dependency 

How integrated we are

This Moon begins on October 18 every year until November 14 


Libra and Scorpio energy 

Here is a pdf with more info

Here is a pdf for the Yellow Sun spiral

for those ready to co create in a more in depth way 


Today ~ 04 December 2018 ~ we end a cycle 
20 days of integration 
This began with Red Galactic Dragon

Today we see how well we are integrating ~ 
What The Great Mother is bringing us ~

Neptune God and Goddess energy

The Mayan Wavespell



reveals this process

It is crafted for this time of ego transformation on planet earth ~

A Grand Cosmic Design

This 260 day cycle began on the 26th of October

We are now 40 days in already

Today is the Language of light code

How are we embodying light language ~

the Conscious Code that is streaming through the Universe ?

The planet of Yellow Sun is Pluto

The Shadow transformed

Maturation of the human being 

Yesterday ~ 03 December 2018 ~ was day 13 ~ the shift day

Blue Hand Wavespell

Shaping Our Destiny 

13 day process ended


I was hoping to do some videos but I am very under the weather ~ boo hoo 

Back to very low light and temperature in the UK

Big shift from California

Environment is so crucial 


A huge archetypal energy day today 

This way of being shows me how resourced I am 
Where I am not

I offer you we are here as human testing stations to evolve 
Often this is through our “dark” times 
This is the enlightenment process

The Buddha process recorded


Pacal Votan’s tomb at Palenque


He is a Clear Sign himself ~ Yellow Galactic Sun ~

in the next 20 day cycle starting tomorrow

The whole 260 day process is a map for the discerning traveller ~

ready to navigate their own transcendence

It is what we came here for ~

many times ~

this time is a huge leap of becoming

becoming the embodiment of our Spirit

It is time

For more about the place of the Picture ~ Pyramid of the Sun :…/teotihuacan-pyramid-of-the-…/


For more info about the 

Temple of The Feathered Serpent click here 

For more info about the underground tunnel click here 


For more info about Jade’s properties click here




For a fun guide to the not fun history:




If you would like to know more

about this process

your process ~ the codes

Please get in touch

I have a Retreat planned in Mexico



22nd of May 2019


pave the way

for the

Moon Goddess Cycle




beginning in July

Love to you all

Remember the key for you

is you


Knowing your codes and cycles now 

Then working with that conscious awareness

to be


clear  of shadow 

clear of projection


The Journey to be on 😉

Otherwise you are

stuck in the simulation 

stuck in the labyrinth 

focusing on the intellectual …lost outside in the mind matrix of the slave masters

instead of focusing on the stuff that truly matters

the heart stuff


The Heaven on Earth Creation 

Your Creation


We are here to embody the new dream

We do that by healing what has created the nightmare in our lineage 

This is a personal rewrite of the emotional mind 


to do this

takes courage to look at oneself and face one’s own demons 



It is all there to be seen 

through the emotional triggers


once you realise

how this works

it will blow your mind

When you do the process

it will change your mindset forever


your world will change


then the world will change 

How empowering is that ?

Are you ready to Create New Worlds ? Have you got the discipline ?

Join my new groups and Workshops coming after the

New Moon in Sagittarius on

07 December 2018

From the Fifth Sun

White Electric Wind ~ alchemy



White Electric Wind

Day 3

The Code today is Co Creation


The Mayan name is Ik

The creation code for this Mayan Sign is 2

This is one of the most powerful days of this Wavespell of 260 days

It is day 34

Added together creates 7

The Mystic Code in

Yellow Sun Wavespell

Which is the language of light

Here is the blog I wrote about this 

Please click on the links to take you to other websites

White Lunar Wind is the challenge of the whole cycle 

In this Wavespell this day was 19 July 2014 so if you choose to connect to this information 

remember what was happening in your world on this day

In the UK it was a Saturday

The challenge is:


To come into balance with our relationship with our Spirit

and to allow that requires a process

all of our life is about this process of creating a relationship with our spirit to guide us or not :-)…

To be ego led and in our head instead

To be free takes work and discipline

determination to be paradoxical

clear our conditioning that is so deeply ingrained and embedded by the time we reach mid life 

and is so painful to be in relationship with

To be in balance at this stage means a reversal route

So we can:

 allow ourself 

To Be present 

Allowing ourself freedom from our conditioned self

by transforming the conditions we place on life and relationship


We can connect to our source

Flow in the now

Today in this Wavespell

August 28 2014

We are in Virgo Sun

Libra Moon in the UK 


6 degrees

Organic Balance within

Creates balance without 

Freedom from drama

Having let go of drama within


Be Do Have

All our drama in life is of our own making 

Often to create an ego support that we learned as a child

We have formed beliefs around how we know we are loved

Just like….

a Gothic Romance

A Hollywood Movie

A bodice ripper from Victorian times 

If you look at your media choices

you will see what floats your boat 🙂 

and stormy seas 


Today we can engage in a little honest dialogue

with our personality self :

Am I an attention seeker ?

What is my role in relationships that I have created?

Am I happy with what my relationships bring for me ?

Do I feel joy in them ?

Do I crave something I am not getting ?

What do my past relationships reveal about me and what I have attracted?

What would I like instead ?

We are the architects of our life 

Our Archangel self is free of earthly bound rules and has limitless ways to bring us our dreams 

shows us our conditions in nightmares 

Speaks symbolically 

Our heart attracts what we are ready to integrate

to bring within

to evolve in us

and if we choose we can see these challenging events and people as….

Messengers of the Gods 

to reveal what we can transform within us that is limiting our vision and potentiality

Mercury is also in Virgo right now 

Time for some grounded sacred feminine communication and application ?

Once we get a direct line to our God and Goddess energy we get synchronicities

These show us our personal cookie trail to follow 

The clearer we become 

The more courage we have 

The more we can Shine

and remember the film The Shining ?

The core of that story is about psychic ability

I am just reading the follow up to it ~ Doctor Sleep which showed up in my library

and I am aligning with whatever I need to see for my new learning

as I allow myself to trust the process….

that is totally different to what I was educated in my society conforming framework 🙂 

A millipede messenger showed up for me 

If you look at what each Mayan Sign reveals there is a formula 

This formula reveals a process 

It is all there for us to follow with our own personal star stuff 

White Wind is my challenge this year 

I am in Year 6 of my 13 year cycle of Blue Hand

Yellow Rhythmic Human 

We are under a spell of enchantment that is a self perpetuating trance

Time to be free Sleeping Beauty ?

Time for new myths where we let go of being the rescuer or the rescued and stand on our own to feet

To be complete 



Yellow Sun Wave ~ Master Builder Code



Yellow Sun Wavespell

The Mayan Name is Ahau

Dove is symbolic of this sign

Here is a description of the totem of the dove


Today as I write this

is the second day of this Wavespell

Red Lunar Dragon

This code is all about new learning and going into the unknown

Our next  personal step of evolution that in turn evolves our universe

This is the initiation code of the whole 260 day cycle ~  

now in it’s feminine lunar form

So to be free to a life that is open to universal living

free of mind conditioning

this is an essential step of mastery on our journey.

This 260 day cycle started on the 18th of July 2014

So as I wrote in my blog then:

Red Dragon Wavespell ~ Initiate the spiral of home


The whole of this Red Dragon Cycle is

based on the Astrology in the UK

( using 11am for heart time)

of :

 Sun ~ Cancer in Decan 3 Pisces ~ letting go of our heart wounding, mother and nurture issues so we can create new models that are co creative and balanced

Moon ~ Aries at 11 degrees ~ salvaging the dream and the vision

The blog goes into more depth


This is the last of 4 Wavespell’s

in the Mayan Red Castle of Awakening


so if you think back to what started for you on that day

around these themes

or generally in this middle of July period

 this will be significant


This synchronising tool of the 260 day cycle ~ same as a human fetus gestational period 

has 5 Castles of synchronising De~conditioning code structure

Each starts with a 13 day spiral of Red ~ awakening ~ If your Mayan Sign is Red this is you ~ East ~ Dawn 

then whatever has awakened goes into a 13 day spiral of refinement ~ White  ~ often the polar opposite/challenge/ new learning arrives ~ If you are a White Mayan Sign you will bring this clarity and energy

then we go into the potentiality of working

with those two experiences using alchemy ~ Blue

We have just been through this with Blue Hand 

Here is the blog I wrote about this

Blue is the Butterfly process.


This had great learning for me as I am a Blue Hand.

Blues are about change process and generally speaking this is shadow work ~ the parts of us we see as “bad”, unacceptable ~

generally because other people who have been conditioned by society rules ~ which is very conditional ~ found that part of us unacceptable 

this gives rise to the hidden and banished beingness ~ repressed emotion and all that goes with that

Now we are in Yellow Spiral 

This is where the cake is baked 

Very pertinent to this time of Virgo harvest in the Northern Hemisphere

the seeds we have sown have ….

what ?

We are now seeing the fruit of our labours 

What has materialised?

What has manifested?


Each Castle has different Codes in itself which are also created by the spirals it contains

The Yellow Sun Code is the Master Builder process 

It is the seventh step of the Mayan Calendars code 

Number 20 

Which is number 2 in pure form

All potentiality to be in our heart and free

Comes from healing the polarity beliefs and resistance

The ego resists this process 

So becoming a master communicator with our inner child is key

All of our initial polarity patterns were formed in childhood 

and then they expand and attract like for like

This is a key part of our process 

This is the road less travelled 🙂

Heart tree


 Remember ~ Please click on the links to take you to other sites

if you wish to expand learning on what is here



If you are ready to follow your own cookie trail then you can also Google what is written and see what is exactly aligned for you

This blog is intended as a sharing of where I am on my path and where each reader is on theirs and I have no way of knowing that position

so I write from where I am

Some of this may be new to you

Some of this may be familiar

It is new learning for me since 2010 really

and it is blowing my mind

Which is exactly it’s intention 😉

To bring the human being who starts to connect to this matrix

of universal time


into balance with the ways of the universe

Into balance with the ways of the feminine

Into balance with the wisdom of the heart

at the perfect time for the connector

It is about leaving behind the old ways

the old dominant relationships

of masculine


co dependent led


which leads directly to living out of alignment

out of synch

out of balance

with nature

with truth

letting go of our distorted



that we have embedded so we understand literally what it means to live it 🙂


In the same way as computers embed code

Human Beings put the conditioned code in

and distort the language of light 

the language of consciousness

that comes from the Sun 



and therefore the code each one of those human beings contain

goes in along with it

Nothing that is human led is free of distorted code right now 🙂



this is perfect for our soul playground of learning

We come from the one source

and are individual expressions of it

We chose our roles to play in this lifetime

On purpose and with intent

Pure Code

During our human experience we have

created an experience that has been shaped by that journey so far

and now if we choose

We can use that learning

transform it

understand it through that process

and in doing so unlearn….

anything that has created a painful state of being for us



This code of Yellow Sun is the ultimate state of Grace of Sovereignty

that we can achieve

through transforming our pawn position

The beginner’s space

and becoming the Queen of the game

being free on all levels to go where we will

having healed our heart

I was just revisiting this the other day

watching the old version of the Time Machine Film

We are bound by time on earth

It is part of the game plan

It is how our mind knows who we are

What to do

When to do it

Makes sense of things

for the mind

The Emotional Mind has no such limitations or rules

It is a mechanism that keeps us stuck in Groundhog Day

repeating the past

bound by our emotional mind’s rules which are based on all of humanity’s life so far

and our own personal experience

It doesn’t move on

It doesn’t age

and it is what determines our daily experience

Our own personal time machine


We cannot be free of it

creating without

consciousness awareness…

until we learn how to create a dialogue with it

simple really in principle as everything is ~

on one level

the ego loves to make

things complex to prove how clever it is

hide things that it doesn’t want to see

and isn’t ready to see

or cope with that potentially

can cause it to feel stressed and that makes sense too

Ever asked a child to move something that is in the way /unsafe?

The child doesn’t do it because it is not a match for the child

and that is the new learning coming in next step 🙂


Learning how to heal the past is another next step

when we have had enough of the drama

and the ego playing the leading role



Our untrained ego isn’t the language of light per se

but it is the code that allows us to create it

Once we translate it 🙂

and this is also what this 13 step process allows us to do

as it takes us through 13 steps to Yellow Cosmic Human

Which is our personal philosopher’s Stone

Our body does not lie…

unlike our mind 

It reveals our energy process with it’s well being ness or ill ness

It is self ~ evident 

In the world beyond the mind there is no opposite to love

(whence we came from )

All is love

Even though the mind will label the “dark” as the shadow “bad” “wrong” etc

It is simply something that hasn’t been transformed by the ego



made peace with

generally because something has happened that generated fear


assumptions were created

beliefs made because of that

and when this is allowed to go unchecked

without any conscious awareness

It expands and creates imbalance in our lives

and therefore in the world



In the fully transformed / free of ego

 Heart Chakra

The 4th dimension

There is no opposite

There is simply acceptance that all is

there is no resistance to anything

because all is known



without any hurt

This is the place of Freedom

This is the code of Yellow Sun

This is the potentiality we have on our soul journey

to be free of being led by our head

There is still such an emphasis on


Which does not create balance exactly because of this

We have an abundance of mindfulness in humanity

Now it is the time of the emotional evolution


Suggestion for you if you are ready to learn something new :


Do something different to what you normally do and feel your resistance 😉

Be open to new learning

Decide to be a Doer

Be the change

Go within

Do the opposite of what the masses are doing

Trust your gut

Go for Gold ~ Know thyself ~ become intimate with yourself

Get off Grid ~ by personally stripping yourself bare and getting in there…

Up close and personal

Let go of conditioned ways of being taking small steps…


Simply start with connecting to the Mayan Calendar every day

and seeing what it’s about




If for whatever reason resistance comes up

This is your way forward 🙂

The master and mistress of their own destiny

know this is where their future freedom lies

This is the heart path of freedom

That comes from within

So whatever is happening on Day 2 of any 13 day Wavespell

reveals the way forward


The Gateway

The freedom doorway

The thing we do not yet know

That our ego may feel nervous about

simply because it doesn’t know….

If you get comfortable with the position of not knowing

and become excited at this place of the edge

this is a very powerful place to be

Funnily enough this comes from accepting that our ego is not in control of everything

and is often delusional to begin with

A scaredy cat full of it’s own theatre

pretending to be a Lion

Using Sorcery tricks

Posing as a Magician….

The Wizard of Oz mode




when instead it could be connecting directly to source…..

( All positions are equally valuable in our world and it is key for each to discover what being that persona and code creates)

but that is what it knows is all

We are all doing what we know

Most of our world stage is being created from raw ego

with very little conscious awareness

and that often feels very tough


all of that is changing now as we change

and human beings enter the Aquarius Age

realising that we are human

and we are

Conscious Creators

13 Mayan Moon info



We have now left Moon number 1

Our initiation has begun with the feminine

so that everything that has been happening to us in the first 28 days of this 260 day cycle is present

We are now in Mayan Moon 2

Lunar Moon

Today is day 5  of 28 and holds the potentiality of creating a strong integrated centre

So we are now in the Moon of our awakening

in this Mayan Year of Red Solar Moon

This Moon cycle of 28 days brings us awareness of the next steps on our journey

What is being revealed?


Are we finding a challenge?

This is the area that can bring us into balance

If we are willing to do what it takes










We are also in Virgo New Moon in the UK

and Virgo Sun

Wow the difference here in Glastonbury is so evident

on a slow time now

Here are some great blogs from DarkStar Astrology

that really speak to me about the energy now:

New Moon in Virgo ~

I moved to Glastonbury in 2011 🙂

My North Node is in Gemini ,which to me, is all about the common woman and letting our Goddess energy come into balance from our heart having healed our wounding and very much what I am involved in with many women at this time

I am a Leo Decan 3

and one of my most painful relationships was with A Virgo Decan 1 which gave me exactly what was required to work with in this lifetime for my healing and transformation ~

don’t feel at all good at the time but was exactly what was required for my alchemical journey 

This has really been my learning coming through me ~ everyone is a channel I believe and in Glastonbury ~ 52 ley lines coming in ~ it is profoundly self evident on the super highway of the Heart Chakra of planet Earth.

Where I live in the Taurus constellation ~ across the road I can see Gemini and Cancer parts of the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Here, in my village, we have the Great Circle of Fatima Ley line and the Camino Santiago Leyline too

See them here 

The Virgo Astrological Code is

split into three energies known as Decans

Virgo Decan 1

Virgo Decan 2

Virgo Decan 3

I have 3 planets in Virgo and I have been looking at their degrees so as to have further understanding of what my Starcode is 

I have Virgo in Venus at 29 degrees and my initial wounding person had Venus in Leo at 29 degrees ~ heart learning ~ Virgo decan 3

My head said no ~ my heart said yes ~ it was necessary from my journey point of view

and this is key to understanding and accepting our life path is different to what we have been conditioned to believe

Virgo in Uranus in 13 degrees ~ my soul journey and enlightenment process Venus decan 2

Virgo in Pluto at 15 degrees ~ my shadow underworld  Virgo decan 2

What I have noticed is that the more I align myself

and the more I can tune into what is repeating for me

this time around Vigo can be such an amazing energy to work with

when we allow it to bring in the code

of the Sacred Feminine


and Healing

that comes from source

free from mankind

distortion codes


Another exercise I did today was seeing the future potentiality by looking at my children’s Starcodes

and seeing how they do not have any Virgo

and how their bigger generational planetary influences hold key clues

as to the world stage evolution

and ideas as to why they chose me and my partners codes to be born into

This is so magical 

You can do this too if you choose

We all can

Now is the perfect time for this new way of seeing

Eyes the window of the soul

So if you are ready to go deeper 

Through the key hole of yourself

Be The Seer 

Start to work consciously

Please get in touch

 Upcoming Events

I have an event soon in the North of the UK with a couple of spaces left 

13 September at 11 until 3

at Down2Earth Psychic Centre Hebden Bridge 


Creating Heaven on Earth Workshop

As always this is in alignment with the Code of Creation Matrix and is in the Red Skywalker Spiral

which is all about us as individuals realising that it is our self and our view of the world that

allows us to create heaven through us 

It is an introduction Workshop 

Everyone will be there for a reason 🙂

It will be part of a heaven sent plan that the universe has for us and who knows where that cookie trail will lead ?

It is practical and experiential and ….

You will get information as to where you are on your journey and why you came here at this time

Whatever we are working with in this spiral will appear too of course as we are then in the Second Castle of Refinement

We are in White Rhythmic Mirror Day 

It is a portal day

and as if that weren’t Cosmically strong enough 

It is also Lunar Moon Day 22 ~

A supernova Master Builder number of Christ Consciousness


Can you feel the force ?


Astrologically we are still in Virgo Sun  ~ moved into Decan 2 which is my Virgo in Uranus and Pluto

We are in my Moon ~ Taurus. It is Waning in 18 degrees 

Isis energy potential and the ability to step through our Mirror to bring ourself into balance

Once we change our focus into seeing ourselves reflected back everywhere 

We start to see a whole new universe 

through our eyes of perception

We understand that we have the power of the heart

Love to you and your language of light journey

We are the love we seek

We are the Cosmic Seed 






Love Lights the way



Yellow Sun Wavespell

This is the fourth wavespell in this 260 day spin cycle on the shadow transformation programme.

Are you fully loaded and ready to create and expand with the previous three wavespells ?

Please hover your mouse and click on the links to take you to other websites

Moon in Pisces today ~ great for christ consciousness and psychic ability 🙂

We began our awakening with Red Dragon Wavespell on Halloween ~ what is our cosmic Goddess bringing us for rebirth and renewal?


We refined with White Wizard Wavespell  on November 13th ~ getting our “but” out of the way ~ our ego power trip posing as empowerment and transforming these belief systems so the magic can flow through us instead of believing we have to create it ~ it’s all there all that is required is that we let go……

and flow


We came to the Goddess doorway on November 26 , which completed yesterday ~ Blue Hand Wavespell.

This is the death portal of rebirth and renewal of what has come before that is no longer serving us.

Ego framework of planet earth society is a construct of out of balance patriarchal…..

and is the perfect vehicle for us to learn experientially 

how to live in an out of balance way

there is nothing “wrong” with it 

and it is all here at the perfect time so we can understand

what it feels like to live in this extreme masculine energy

this co dependent relationship

that creates a misalignment with the balanced way of being


in balance with our masculine and feminine within

and therefore…..

creating this without 🙂

In the Precession of the equinoxes 

we are in the dark ages

and it is here where we begin our journey back to the light

The Golden Age

This is what many ancient teachings talk about

and we can experience them using the Mayan Wavespell


The Pagan Wheel

Holistic approach to life

Whole self in Hokey Cokey 🙂

If you haven’t already :

Watching this fabulous series will explain a lot about this 

The Pyramid Code

I watched it on Netflix UK

Here is The Band of Peace on Youtube

It expanded my awareness of what is in Egypt and brought together lots of threads for me

what I really loved about it was the holistic approach of many different viewpoints coming together

different pieces of the circle creating a synergy

and a multi faceted hologram being created

that is such a different view to a linear single lens approach.

There are lots of pieces of wisdom from The Dogon Tribe , Mayan, and a wise Egyptian Elder……

and so much more…..


If you want to know more about the Great Cycle then click on this vast storehouse of knowledge

You will see we are in the Balsamic Moon time on planet earth

Many of you reading this will be shadow midwives

choosing to come at this time to assist in the rebirth 🙂

It is a challenging time no doubt

and it is…..


These great cycles are what shape the cosmos

and evolve it

only the ego worries 🙂

In Glastonbury it is a very tough experience at times

known as….

The Glastonbury Experience

This time of year in the capitalist cult is a mis direction in many ways

to cash in

It is what is propping up the Wizard of Oz smoke and mirrors

The Sagittarius Way showing energy is all about 

Way showing ourselves

Looking within at our shadow

transforming it

letting go of any distortions we believe about ourselves

so we can live true to our heart

In the Egyptian process of transformation from one world to the next ~ leaving our human body

the heart is weighed.


Those with a heavy heart may not pass into the next life 

heavy heartedness signifies going against the “truth” of living in the light

In the matriarchal times of Nefertiti 


people on earth were very conscious and aware of how to live in a balanced way free from ego

as the Golden Age moved into the next phase ~ the Silver Age and round the cycle into the ….

fall from grace

the masculine stepped in as a go between 

between a person and their divinity

and demanded a price for it

Buying the stairway to heaven with Shabti dolls

which has been replicated world wide

people live in poverty and the Church ~ the religious framework 

is very wealthy

This is the duality and the current imbalance 🙂

as the teachings of truth are manipulated to create fear beliefs

The People have the power

only when the people know this

and are on the heart path


knowing 🙂

Which is very far removed from intellectual education.

The time for enlightenment is now

we are the bringers of the new dawn….

each through our own transformation


The picture I started with today is the magical cookie trail which began last night with my daughter and I out in the freezing cold darkness of the back garden.

It is a photo taken by Paul Burwell and his story is a true heart tale ~

he takes a vow of poverty to pursue his passion 

Back to last night 

I was watching Game of Thrones 

Series 1 Episode eight ~ the pointy end

Which I find very dark and yet compelling at the moment and very in synch with these balsamic times.

I had seen a star as I went outside to switch off the heating ~ something I find very irritating when it is cold or raining and yet often see things on this trip 🙂

unlike any other star I had seen and I shouted my daughter to view it….

truth is I was scared and wanted moral support 🙂

It seemed to be moving and yet … wasn’t a plane or a helicopter ~ we get those here after dark in the military zone

The colours were changing on the star

there was no noise

she took a photo of it and it appeared on her digital camera , as a rainbow snake pattern

I looked it up on google and found it was Saiph

A shiny star on Orion’s belt.

See the synchronicity ?

It means ~ sword of the giant

In the past two years I have been here in the heart chakra

my personal learning has taken a huge change in direction towards

circles and cycles

stars and calendars

The language of consciousness

I am currently reading 

The Keys of Enoch

I borrowed it from an amazing resource on my doorstep ~

The Library of Avalon

and my awareness of code 

and pattern

is expanding

I am creating inner space through letting go of

who my ego thinks I am

so that 

who I truly am can connect more

and guide me

Yes I am a human being and I honour that part of me

and I am a spiritual being who has come here for a reason

and I am allowing that to happen

The heavy heart of my humanity

is transforming into acceptance of how things are….. and being able to see clearly as a result of that process

as I clear my suffering

Lots of that came up in the last thirteen days 🙂

Times of challenge reveal our inner workings and beliefs 

so we can create new code and sacred geometry

all that has come before us has brought us to this place

Choosing to hold our space from love takes courage

it happens whilst feeling the fear 🙂

Seeing what the fear speaks of

Honouring it

and if possible at that time 

doing the loving thing

which may be a challenge

and is often misunderstood 🙂

Being kind sometimes means tough love

instead of people pleasing 🙂

If we are in difficult co dependent relationships

it doesn’t always mean that we do not love that person

when we love ourselves equally it may mean we have to move away from that person

if they are not willing to evolve in a way that feels fair for all parties

The Warrior of the heart builds self confidence 

self esteem 

inner strength

faith in oneself

and one’s ability to 

forge ahead on the path

knowing that we are always held and loved

and that everything happens for a reason

The more we develop this side of ourselves

and let go of clinging to old ways

and crisis living

the more room for our language of love and light energy body

that is so much more than lip service

It is time to honour the dark aspects of our collective so we can create new ways of being

where all emotions are in balance and honoured

as the way showers 

of being honest and authentic in relationship

to all



Are you ready to really connect to your true self and learn more

ways to do that ?

If you are please get in touch for a chat so you can explore what

is seeking heart expansion.

I do not offer a sale

I do not offer a Christmas incentive 

as these ways of being are old ways 🙂

I offer a pay what you can afford framework and flexible ways to co create.

You may feel you wish to let go of new year resolutions and the linear calendar

and start to connect more with the universal ways of being

so you can experience magical ways of allowing

Let’s be the change we want to see.

I start each wave spell with a Thoth Tarot thirteen card spread.

We set an intention and each day you have a card to work with 

along with

The Mayan Wavespell spiral of thirteen days ~

The universal energy

Simply for seeing the synchronicity it is amazing

It allows us to see our energetic code at that time.

If you wish to book one please message me

£13 per 13 card reading

My intention:

To create a sacred love and light structure through transforming my shadow

My card today is 

Prince of Disks

This is what is seeking masculine energy through me in the next thirteen days ~ the Yang 

The expansion


We have just gone into Mars in Libra ~ bringing balance to our masculine 

New learning for me today on this.

Mars is seen by some astrologers as in detriment in this sign

My Mars is in Libra and at 28 degrees

My Venus in Virgo at 29 degrees

Just learned something about this ~ having planets in late degrees is significant as to having past lives perfecting this area.

I am a nine in the Mayan and this certainly resonates for me

Gemini north node and south node Sagittarius ~

last life I was a Sagi and in this life I am surrounded by them 🙂

More about this here:

My second card is The Fool

this is 

the challenge and growth area

to be the un carved block ~ open to new learning.

Wow 🙂 

Remember when we are doing the inner work now ~ in the Northern hemisphere we are in the underworld of Persephone

we are preparing for Aries time of next Spring and seeds to sow

Prince of Disks is a part of that

Inside creates the outside.

On April 21st we have our fifth Uranus Pluto square

this is on day four of the White Dog Wavespell of finding our tribe and unconditional love that starts on April 18.

This is also a galactic portal day and very powerful

Red Self Existing Skywalker Day.

Bringing heaven to earth through each one of us ~ we are the cosmic channels 🙂

When we do what we truly love

when we truly love who we are

we are the Sirius Star 

Love to your language of love and light spiral.


Red Moon Day

eca6e07c4d31d87de2ee77b7ede72274We are on day 10 of the Yellow Sun Wavespell and the planetary energy is very strong on Red Planetary Moon Day

Connecting to various people by subscribing to blogs and newsletters really assists in my awareness and makes sense of the bigger picture for me.

I cannot be an expert in everything no matter how much my ego would like to be 🙂

In this journey of being independent and responsible in order to co create rather than co depend , there are many paradoxes at work.

Creating a power team of support really assists at this time 

We can do this with people, food, information and well being grounded frameworks.

Boji Stones , Benzoin and salt baths help keep us grounded as we go through these energy gateways

Putting our bare feet on the ground

We allow ourselves to be held and trust that all is well with each step that we take.

If we struggle with that ~ we can tap on that 🙂

Trusting the process and getting out of our own way……..

Today has been a rollercoaster ride for me and I have experienced great highs and lows over the past few days of holidays and celebrations.

Part of me really wants to do that in a manner that is familiar ~ like a pair of old slippers 🙂

When I take part in that way I forget that much of me has moved on and cannot do that because it is not an energetic match 🙂

I cannot visit places I used to

I cannot eat food I once enjoyed

I cannot be around certain behaviours or people right now

that may change at some point…..

as I go through the spiral repeatedly and out the other side

We are all in a different light space now and our planet earth is on the moon journey of remembrance.

At this Aries time we are able to create new beginnings if we allow that to happen

and set sail into unchartered waters ~

unchartered by our ego selves that is 🙂

It has been a harsh sky today with the moon and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn……

hardball being played by these  masculine , controlling energies.

If you have these planets in your chart or someone in your circle does……

you may have had a tough time

The good news is ~ if we go within and let go of any resistance we get to reshape our patterns

and let go of groundhog days.

I have been on the receiving end of these energies today and it has tagged so many past patterns for me

it has brought up a huge amount of emotion and so I have been tapping on that .

Lots of times in my life I have been blown away by the depth of people’s anger

and how that has been turned on me and I have been held as the sum total and focus of it all.

I couldn’t comprehend how someone who supposedly loved me could behave in that way.

I have also had that behaviour with others as my rage reached black hole proportions…..

I can honestly say that in most regards I haven’t physically bullied people since I was a young child

although I know I have used aggressive behaviour and I am owning that today

As we change positions we get to see the impact of that energy ~ to give and to receive

In the past this has devastated my world

Today I have a new approach

First of all to let those feelings out and grieve for how that part of me feels

I tap as I let the feelings out in my own space

preferably without  ping ponging my pain back to the person who is involved

so I go away to a space and be with that emotion and let it out

Cleansing the wound as deep as I can

as is possible in that moment of my cog on my karma wheel

Letting go of needing to do anything but that

that is what is being sought…..

When I have cleared that I can speak of the behaviour and how I choose to relate with that person from this moment.

There is no rush to do that.

I have learned over these past few days that when I learn to communicate more openly, honestly and clear any blocks to do that…..

It does take time…..

more time that often the ego wants…..

it wants instant results

and often doesn’t want to wait until the cog wheel turns to align

It wants to push the envelope

When we didn’t feel nurtured and loved we adapted….

our ego evolved and created behaviours and beliefs that temporarily allowed it to deflect pain

we created a behaviour that allowed us to feel empowered, to feel good, to feel we didn’t need anyone

an avoidance mechanism

an addiction


We are ready to manifest something else…..

The Heart Patterns are created differently from the ego

It is always challenging to be real

in the face of an overwhelming societal pattern that isn’t :-)……

We live in a time where speaking authentically gets an uncomfortable response…..


We simply get comfortable with the uncomfortable 🙂

Great reads I am experiencing

Cellular Awakening by Barbara Wren

Moontime by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe

Two books with ancient wisdom that is our ancestry and it’s time is here and now

It is initiation time ~ time to burn off our fear by facing it

We have come through the dark ages and are heading for more light

We create new light circles

We head into new worlds

we pioneer new frontiers

Often this is painful

It gets easier

We recover quicker

We are re-calibrating our vehicle

Be brave

and go for the jugular ……

Your own vein

our blood

Feel the pain

Feel it all

Go as deep as you can

Do the opposite of ego directions



go to the oily deep stuff

that putrefies

and purge

from within

from this space

our wings are born

ready for us to fly high

We are in the last two days of the Mayan Solar Moon

We go into Red Planetary Moon on the 4th of April for a month where we see what our energy has shaped for us

Keep those Capricorn hooves firmly on the ground, nose to the grindstone, one step at a time

and intend to open your heart by going forward now

Love to you today Moon seeds

Dare to Dream