Red Magnetic Dragon Scroll 30/3/2020

Red Dragon ~ 30 March 2020

Initiated in Aries Fire 

new beginnings potentiality

in our human being story

1 week after lockdown

on the 23rd of March

in the UK due to virus

White Resonant Wizard 

What is resonating with empowerment for expansion ?

What is resonating with disempowerment for healing


new learning ?

Red Solar Moon period

The Gateway into authenticity


being the Beacon of light

To work out the dates use this link on my blog ~

Spiral 6

I am writing this on day 11


Yellow Sun Wavespell

which is a galactic portal day

of human evolution:

White Spectral Dog

Letting go of our ancestral wounding story is key now 

We are in the last couple of days of our initiation period of 52 days

The next 52 days is an amazing potentiality

as we embark on our personal

Skywalker story of Creating Heaven on Earth

using this experiential induction of

Red Dragon process

Yesterday I spent quality time going over my

Red Dragon Coding

My personal 13 day process codes that do not change ~

key to know to work with consciously

for the

Buddha process of getting clear

I have mapped my co creation codes with the planet ~

key for understanding the conscious process

I have also mapped key events

and codes

with the family players in my game plan 

This first process of Red Dragon for me

is my 19 year old old story my 24 year old story my 29 year old 

10 years of Persephone to Demeter

Young woman to motherhood

The refining process of White Wizard for me :

was age 34 and 39


becoming a mother for the second time


facing lots of intense ancestral patterns


awakening to medical models

It was preparing me for

my Uranus Opposition of aligning with my soul path

Blue Hand for me

is the current 13 year cycle I am in

and began in 2009

The financial crash and awakening to a paradigm shift

at age 44 and 49

and now

I am somewhere entirely different at 54

This is a key code I am revisiting as to when I was 2


amazingly being with my mum

Yellow Sun

Age 7 and 12

Big patterns being created

in moving home


moving schools


Being able to speak with my mum at this time

has been crucial for me

mapping our cosmic codes

Thank you Universe for these divine blessings

If you would like to learn how to map your codes


have me map them for you please contact me



Want to understand

Spirit within matter in your body framework

for energy healing ?

How chi flows in your fascia?

How human beings are created on a cellular level?

This book is a wonderful read

The Spark in the Machine by Dr Daniel Keown

Here are some of his videos:

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