Winter Solstice Patterns

  Winter Solstice Patterns  The transition pattern was on December 21 2012 Blue Crystal Hand  The start of a new cycle for humanity to be Conscious Dreamers This is Red Rhythmic Moon Day 9  which is a human evolution portal day  coming into balance with the returning sacred feminine in a very powerful 13 day […]

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13 ~ movement ~ catalyse

Day 13 Blue Cosmic Monkey Cosmic Moon day 7 The mystic day of this 28 day period Planet Venus Friday is Venus day too This picture contains the process of becoming Venus in it It is in plain sight All the symbology in this reveals the personal process of the birth of Venus for the […]

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Blue Overtone Monkey

Blue Overtone Monkey in the Blue Hand Wavespell Today is the mastery day achieved often through a struggle. Where the square shrugs off the “shoulds” and decides to morph into a circle 🙂 This is the day of the divine child Please hover your mouse and click on the links to access other websites and […]

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Blue Hand Wavespell

Blue Hand Wavespell The initiatory wave spell for the way shower. Are you ready to go through the doors of perception to see through a glass darkly? Click on the links to go deeper and access other websites 🙂 The West is the best …….sings James Morrison of The Doors who took their name from […]

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