Shaping our Destiny ~Blue Hand Wavespell


Shaping our Destiny 

Blue Hand Wavespell

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On the 20th of December 2015

We began a new 260 day cycle 

This was initiated in the fire sign




This 260 day process is a

human evolution cycle 

The consciousness coming to light is the potentiality open to all human beings now

To consciously achieve enlightenment

Being the Sagi healer 

Stepping through the Gateway 

To learn about oneself 

and to access divinity as a result of exploring 

The Inner World 

Understanding that everything the initiate needs 

to commence this spiritual path 

Is within

The first part of this 260 day process

is in

what is known as

The Red Castle



There are five Castles in the 260 day process

Imix is Red Dragon 

It is the first 13 day process to initiate 

It is what the Great Goddess is bringing human beings

for their new learning and evolution

The essence of this whole process

What happened at this time is key for each individual’s unique personal journey



Next came a refining process of

White Wizard 

This started on January 02

Here is a blog I wrote about this:

Letting the light in 

From the Fifth Sun

Seeing how the human can flow with the magical process


where there is ego resistance to what is

This is where the healing can be allowed

13 days that may have felt challenging at times

around issues of self empowerment 

revealing where the human can be liberated 

if they choose

Then the Alchemy process happens 


Blue Hand

is the blend

of the first two processes

it began on

January 15 2016


The ability for the human being to consciously work alchemically within

Release old wounding

Allow emotional past events to heal if the individual is ready

As a direct result there is clarity 

freedom through forgiveness



of oneself 


one’s history 



Miracles can and do happen 

As each person experiences this

They are changed

and so is the world

The ripples go out



Each Mayan Sign has a glyph

So for example I am a

Blue Hand

Here is a great document about the Mayan Signs


Therefore this 13 day Wavespell is my

Tribal Code

My essence


the whole process of it is in these 13 codes

Each Mayan Sign also has a tone

A vibration

A number 

The sacred geometry structure

of the variance in unique expression of the divine

in a human being


therefore creativity codes


subsequent creativity potentiality

of that code 

I am a number 9 

My Full Galactic Signature Wavespell

is revealed through my birth date

The day I incarnated

This is

Blue Solar Hand



If you want to know yours

please use this decoder:

This means I was born on Day 9


Blue Storm Wavespell

The last time there was a Blue Storm Wavespell was back in June 2015


Summer Solstice


here is an interesting synchronicity 

Here is a blog I wrote back then at 14 degrees Capricorn

It’s a love thing 

Beads carved from human bone.
The body carries memories of every world we have ever been through. These memory strings or beads bind us to the Earth. We feel pinned to the spot, responsible for everything that happens around us–somehow the one in charge. For we are carrying the continuous memory and legacy of the ancient mystery-streams and of forgotten modes of knowledge. We bear the treasures intact. It makes everything count. It means that we cannot get away from ourselves or our fate for a moment; we are compelled to fulfill our vows and to bring into this world the towering awareness and strange resonance of the giants, of the ancestors, of the great ones, of the inner ways. Never lost; impossible to forget.

which just happens to be the same degree as

Mercury coming out of it’s retrograde 

Funny how that happens isn’t it ? 

Mercury is Thoth

is Hermes

is the Messenger

of the

Gods and Goddess Self 


is now direct 

so we are now in a place of seeing what came out of that January labyrinth revisit that was key to what we will be working with during this 9 month cycle to birth in August 

Here is a great article about this here

Austin Coppock 

We will be starting a Blue Storm Year

on July 26

This will be big

It is a Year 11 

Blue Spectral Storm 

A letting go year 

A catalyst energy 

This 13 year cycle started in 2006


Red Magnetic Moon

so themes that began then around honesty and authenticity are coming to the surface to catalyse human evolution 


The last day of the Blue Hand Wave

is a special day

Blue Cosmic Storm 


I intuitively feel this is very key

It is a portal day 

A building block of human evolution

It is Resonant Moon Day 18

Resonant Moon is the mystic Moon

28 days of feeling what is our vibe

what feels good

what feels dense and dark

1 + 8 = 9

A Gateway

We shape our destiny at this time

by understanding the power

of our emotions



heeding them

balancing them

owning them

taking responsibility for them


the individiuals behaviour that responds in relationship because of them

Learning how to do

respectful loving relationship

takes discipline



to change 

face all the old wounding 


create a new space of being a human being

from the inside out 

Blue Storm’s planet is Pluto

The underworld 

The shadow 

Blue Storm is code 19


is one of the

Seven Seals of Mastery 


Blue Hand’s planet is Earth

It is code 7

The mystic 

What is resonating ?

Are we resonating with health and joy vibes and living these frameworks?

When we are not

we get sick 

We are here on planet Earth to evolve

in a partnership with our human being vessel that feels

together with our spiritual self 

our soul self 

who is assisting this process through the human being 

The human being vessel has to surrender to spirit to allow this


trust that there is a greater consciousness at work than the personality is privy to 

sometimes of course this is difficult because it involves human being suffering

being a guinea pig for the greater creation process


which has been happening since the beginning 

the more times the soul has been reincarnated


the more patterns will be recognised sooner

and understood 


surrender or no 

the process is happening 😉  

so the sooner the individual embraces this


feels it all

the sooner the mastery process gets underway 

Going with the flow is key 


We are now at the time of great prophecies coming into being

Old structures breaking down so new ones can rise from the ashes 

It is the time of the Thunderbeings on earth


my belief is

this is empowered human beings forming now

ready to evolve and speak truths

that many do not want to hear

for fear of losing their pleasure palaces

of corruption and vice 


slavery and co dependence 


More about this pic

For those amongst you who have experienced sacred clowning ..

which has been part of my journey 

reading this gave me goosebumps


More general info 

This is the time of living our personal truth to be true to ourselves

and letting go of this 

hell on earth 

that is of human being’s own making 

As we have the ability to create and shape our world

We have the ability to examine that personal process

and keep and expand what is serving us

and release and remodel that which is not  🙂 

Persephone Path 6 ~ Rebirth


This is the last workshop for the dark half of the year 


Are you ready to resource and rebirth yourself at Imbolc ?


It is my intention this year to start publishing my ebooks on


If you wish you can have access to the information therein 

which is time sensitive

This is key to aligning with the spiral


is what the

Mayan Wavespell



allow the individual 

to see


The bigger picture Cosmic Code of Creation unfolding

The big wheel that repeats in some way each year

There are also differences


in the unique experience of the individual

lies the roots of self empowerment

conscious awareness

All that we seek is within us

Having your own personal Mayan Chart and Astrology Chart

Reveals your Star Code


Soul Journey

In this particular workshop the focus is on

Asteroid’s in the chart

This is the new conscious code coming in for human evolution


the return to balance of the Sacred Feminine

In particular Juno 

In this picture she is with her Husband Jupiter 


More about the workshop here

The final Workshop for the dark half of the year.
Imbolc arrives on the 2nd of February
A time of fire in the belly
A time where the earth is starting to warm and the seeds start to stir
New life beckons

This workshop focuses on what has been shown to us

that is seeking renewal and new beginnings potentiality
As each human being changes so the world changes

This workshop will explore where Juno the Asteroid is in your chart

Where you can expand your dedication

to the soul journey

often experienced through a romantic partner 

or people in the birth tribe 

This explores who you really are….
The gifts that you bring
The authentic self seeking to emerge from cultural conditioning

The essence of

Blue Hand Code Process


In this 13 day spiral is the format and structure of shaping our destiny

It is in the 4th Day 

Every 4th Day in a Mayan Wavespell is about the structure

White Self Existing Dog



is the structure

and here is the process revealed in the cross

It is a 13 Clear Sign

Part of the Magical enlightenment process 

ready to access now 

Are you ready to access it ?

We come into the world

Experience tribal wounding 

Tribal Conditioning

It is in our DNA as a human being


It is paradoxically 

the source of freedom from our labyrinth

from our suffering

Through each human being transforming

The world is transformed

Throughout the Zodiac Wheel this year

I will be offering practical workshops

for personal transformation

The first one is at Valentine Weekend 


Loving Goddess ~ The Conscious Process

of the Heart Warrior

Love to you and your journey

If you would like more information please get in touch

This is powerful work using ancient alchemical methodology

with a modern twist


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