Retreat Day 4

pic Chie Yoshi  Day 4 Red Dragon     We begin the 7th mystic column into the centre of the Tzol Kin 20 days of exploring what the Great Cosmic Mother is bringing us at this time for our human evolution Today we will be focusing on : Survival issues primordial wounding fear of death […]

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Retreat Day 3 ~ Light Alchemy

Day 3 ~ Light Alchemy  Day 3 of the retreat is how to create light alchemy by healing the shadow    Yellow Sun  20th Mayan Sign  How to embody the connection to the Galactic Sun by healing our personal story Planet is Pluto  We prepare today to go into the centre of the Tzol Kin  […]

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Stormbreaker: Retreat Day 1

  Stormbreaker Heyoka Retreat Saturday 25 July 2020 1 to 3 Initiation      Day out of time A day of reflection ~ literally  What is reflecting back to you ? Today we will be focusing on : How to work out your ancestral patterns ~ using a decoder  How to map your wounding using […]

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