Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Day 13 Cosmic


Red Serpent Wavespell 

Day 13


Red Cosmic Earth


Today is the shift day and the tail of

the serpent

In every Wavespell this is the moving

and shaking energy day to create something

new because of our process

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In this Wavespell we have ridden

the kundalini energy

and now ….

We are returned to the earth

Maybe more centred as a result

More grounded

aware of our essence and that we too are baked earth

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust

Just like Anthony Gormley’s Terracotta figures

I visited this exhibition at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

many moons ago

and it blew me away

how many people had created this vision

I love this place and have spent so many inspired happy hours there with my family

Today is a hard day for me as one of my family is very poorly

He has featured in this blog before 

Love for Arnold beaming out 

for a return to health

if it is meant to be


Took him to the vets today and he may not be coming home

If you have been reading the 13 day blog you will see that there have been lots of 

pictures and references to my childhood

and today when I was feeling sad and desperate really

sat with no answers for my beloved friend

and he was upset being there

there I saw my childhood friend Spidey in the window


on an umbrella

How bizarre for a vet’s to have such a thing on display

and again I saw the Spiders web and the connection to all things I wrote about 

on another day


It comforted me as I tapped on myself

in my mind in the waiting room

feeling the usual discomfort I feel in the Medical World

knowing that whatever I say will be challenged

if it is not their medical model

and clearing my cache as much as I can

so I do not come from a very emotional space

I have had so many clients who have been having a medical intervention….

have felt more traumatised from the lack of compassion from their caregivers

with no caring response

Birth experiences

Death experiences


and I know that the people who face illness and the majority of births in hospitals

in a working capacity

often have to turn their sensitivity down low to be there

otherwise they could not deal with their day to day

and all of this has to change if we are to create

more loving supportive relationships

and the more we become empowered to seek

our own answers this will happen naturally

When people speak of a calm spiritual approach and that no one 

“should ” upset others on their path when evolving 

ones who are walking their talk realise how this cannot happen

A key part of our path has to involve this process 

to let go of people pleasing and being co dependent

We are not realised saints in our human bodies which is why we are here 🙂


As we waited Arnold settled in his box

He could feel me calm down

and I trusted that this time spent waiting was for that to happen

I allowed my anxiety to come up and be released as much as I could

and I contemplated different choices I could have ~ 

to be knowledgeable ~ often met with distrust/competitiveness

say nothing ~ feel disempowered and often annoyed at oneself later….

thing is whatever you say or do

the response is perfect for us at that moment according to our vibe and our next steps

regardless 🙂

The more we become confident in that and ourselves we let go


trust in the process

our process

So I chose to be in the moment and be a bit of both ~ proactive and reactive

and noticed I was far more accepting of myself and others

This is a pattern for so many of these past events of taking myself and my loved ones to hospitals

at times of big interventions

and the choices I have made

each time

Each time now my intention is to be open

to new ways of relating

and also being in my centre

being grounded and firm

and able to bend with the breeze


Noticing how the medical model relationship thrives on having  

patients as people who please

rather than ask questions

and want to make an informed choice about their and their loved one’s health

I trust in my life process

there are lots of times when I do not like it and when I am afraid

I noticed today again that if I cannot create any solution ~

if my mind feels all is lost

I feel despairing

One of my main ego masks as a reforming people pleaser

is to create solutions

for others 

Which has many benefits of course


sometimes there are no solutions that we like

and are essential for our evolution


I have been afraid in many lives

My last life had Sagittarius energy

as this is my South Node

I am guessing this was my Sun Sign

My life is full of Sagi friends and relatives

To be a Sagi truth teller requires developing a way of being

That takes courage

I am still learning this art


whilst breaking apart

my heart is broken over and over

and reforms

Today Sagi moon went to Capricorn 

both of which can be a hard energy to work with without compassion

in search of truth


I know that in the end we all return to the

Great Mother

I know that life is often cruel as we are often cruel

I know that to be sensitive and loving walks hand in hand

with deep sorrow and grief

because that is the life package 

I fully understood that even more when I became a mother myself

Many moons ago I wouldn’t have thought to include my sad space

a blog such as this

I wouldn’t have been able to write it even

and now I know it is the core of my learning

and my teaching

Life is short

and immortality is long

as was said in Gladiator

What we do in this life….

echoes in eternity

So what do you want your relationships to be?

For they determine your life ?

I am a very emotional person

I do not want to change that

I want to honour it


be in balance with it 

so I can live in the world

instead of retreating from it

When someone close to me is unwell or leaves my life

I feel it deeply


I will grieve deeply

Here and Now

Free Flowing

It is what my eyes are for

the windows of my soul




as I believe this is the natural process

of loss

The more we love and accept all of our relationship dualities

the truth of life’s learning in all it’s forms

the more we truly live

from the heart


Today see what miracle unfolded for you ?

What wonder happened so your spirit was allowed the joy of deep emotion ?

It is what we are here for

to Love




To feel everything

It is what having a body is for 

Jo in Glastonbury

Love to your cosmic wild card today


Red Serpent Wavespell 12 ~ crystal clear co creativity



Red Serpent Wavespell


Day 12



Yellow Crystal Warrior


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websites and resources

Everything is energy in our universe

We are all connected by an intricate amazing

conscious web

hence the string theory 🙂

It is currently beyond our collective ego to understand this….

and this is changing

as we change

everything becomes crystal clear

as we do

There is a crystal clear code free from any distortion of the ego

that creates from the pure heart of love



This is what we are here to discover and learn

in our individual process

silk spinners of the sacred thread


we are each a warrior of the web

following a path

that is coded before we are born

our Mayan Sign

our Natal Star Chart


some choose to weave purely with their mind

some choose to fight the fight

some choose to follow the heart path

in search of the love found in light

When we awaken as a caterpillar


We start our journey

We let go of being bound to the earthly realm and so

we go into a period of transformation

and activate our angelic abilities


This is available to everyone

and is a proactive process

a choice

To be a warrior of the heart  involves many


strength to be vulnerable instead of strong

the ability to face personal demons

and the emotions that come as part of the pandora’s box package


to take total responsibility for any strong emotion  that comes

and where it hails from

to be able to travel back in time 

to face ridicule from sleeping somnambulists

to deal with dragons breathing fire when withdrawing from their

mind games

to be outside of certain circles

an outcast

a lone wolf

for a while…..

blue wolf

To wear the black sheep’s clothes

in many tribes

as the coat of many colours is being woven

from rainbows


born from lots of rain

being in the shadows

until lit by lightening bolts


dying many times to be

reborn to a different lighter life


So let’s rewind a bit…..

to the weaving bit……

See the scarf coming from the loom picture?

If we wish to knit a sweater this loom will not do the trick 

Very simply to knit a sweater one requires a sweater tool kit

No matter how hard and persistent one is

No matter how hard one visualises a sweater emerging from a scarf loom

No matter how much one meditates 

says positive affirmations

has a massage 

waves incense over it


a sock loom cannot a sweater make 🙂

None of the other processes do any harm and can have lots of learning and enjoyment


if we really want to create that sweater then

time to to learn how would seem wise ?


This is where our higher self

Guardian Angel

comes in…..

and the person sharing that roomy cardigan all along makes themselves known 🙂

When we start to match an energetic way of


that allows our sacred self to come

and commune with us

when we have realised that resistance is futile 

and that ego edifice we have created is collapsing

the spinning plates are falling….

and suddenly we do not have the energy to keep it all going….


that is when we are ready

to listen….

and let go of our ego running the show

Once we start to commit to raising our consciousness….

and that takes a lot of courage

We are ready to go on our hero/heroine’s adventure

and our rainbow coat

becomes the golden fleece

that can heal


This journey will take us into fire

we will be shaped by the anvil

battered by the storms

and with every process our resolve grows stronger

as what we are now able to see

is revealed in it’s true magic and glory

as we have gone through our veil and revealed our magic and glory

and in the process of forgiving all the beliefs we have forged about ourselves

all letting go of all those wounds and fears from the past

We have called our spirit home

Created our own soul retrieval process

that we can use on a daily basis

and as a natural part of that process

we live a different life that is borne from 

personal responsibility and power

This is

Heart Wisdom

This is the Alchemical Process

and this code is in plain sight woven into the fabric of all our fairytales

children’s stories



All of this is in the stars themselves

The constellations

The ancient tales of the Gods 

in every culture around the globe

with a slightly different flavour


The fall from Grace

The Eden story is the metaphor for awakening

unplugging ourselves from unconsciousness

and eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge


Whatever we learned in the first three days of

this wavespell

is our unique personal alchemical process

for relationship

with everything in our universe :- )

We sent out an intention for this spiral on Day 1 Feb 12 ~

Red Magnetic Serpent

If you came to the Love Magnet Workshop you have that information

and you had a Thoth Card

with energetic astrological information

We received our challenge back on Day 2 

White Lunar Worldbridger

What is seeking to die from our past ?

On Day 3 Valentine’s Day

We received the alchemical blend energy to work with ~ Day 1 and 2 coming together

Blue Electric Hand

What can we transform, go through gateways and be reborn with ?

What new learning can we create around co creation rather than co dependent

so we can live honestly, wholly and free ?

Today the structure is revealed 

If you have been clearing every day

using EFT

for example

then you will be seeing things differently

and feeling differently too


and this is the essential thing to note

and if you think about it , it makes sense

No matter how good your plan for your future….

If you are still carrying, sadness, guilt, anger, shame

over your past


until that is released nothing will change that will last

because that would deft the cosmic web

We can still start to move forward

and as we work consciously




with new tools of light

we free ourselves from sticky old webs

so we can spin new support  ones

that allow the universe to bring us

something different ….

this does take time and isn’t a quick fix


spiderman with the mask off 🙂

another one of my favourite childhood programmes

Until we love and accept who we are 

Where we are

and can be totally present with ourselves

we cannot go anywhere else 🙂

Home is where the heart is

on all levels 


Pic by Amanda Cass

This is our challenge in this lifetime and a life process

This is why I chose to learn energy therapies 

I learned first about psychology and new understanding our past does not release us from how we feel about it

or creating new ways of living

I chose to learn about how my mind processes

and extremely complex techniques to work with retraining it

using NLP

and then I found EFT

The first clients I had with NLP for coaching couldn’t replicate the techniques for themselves 

and something was missing

and were dependent on me in so many ways

and after several sessions they had lots of ideas

they felt enthusiastic about their future….

and something was holding them back

When I learned EFT it immediately created a

shift for myself and for the people I worked



Their unconscious awareness for what was holding them back from taking action 

immediately became conscious

and was often a surprise…..

because paradoxically ~

just like the soul enlightenment relationship pattern ~

it isn’t what we think it is all about 🙂

When our session ended they consolidated their learning 

with doing their own tapping every day

The next time they came they had moved mountains of “stuckness”

and become confident in the process

and they were independently learning about themselves and their inner world

Total Co Creativity in a healthy way

Tapping is so simple and paradoxically complex and powerful

and many people who have learned it still focus on the mind

rather than the emotion

It is now

The Emotional Evolution


When we leave this vital part of our process out

because it feels uncomfortable

then we stay in the pattern of discomfort about life’s challenges

and we can never feel whole 

We may access bliss for a while

and then we get triggered by external events

and we are knocked off our happy horse

When we use EFT we get back on faster and we fall of less 🙂

and as it is….

The Year of The Horse

It is a great alignment 


So if you are ready to ride the snake in a whole different way in the next cycle

Why not join me using EFT

to create emotional alchemy

and get crystal clear

diamond light


We have all the answers 🙂

Love to you and your carbon footprint of love

Heart tree

Blue Spectral Eagle ~ 11 Letting go day


Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 11



Blue Spectral Eagle




Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand on the information

eagle woman


Today we let go


We let go of all that isn’t joy or love ways of relating that we

have experienced in the last 11 days


It is the last portal day 

Today we can see the bigger picture if we are able to fly high

and look down on ourselves


This is the Meta position


The energy of

Archangel Metatron

Again as well as connecting to the story of this we can see it is also simply a code


A meta code


The bigger picture code of creation


That we are here as Indiana Jones ~




Lara Croft Feminine


combined as the Avatar team



to decipher 

We are the code breakers 🙂

bringing in the new myth of the Aquarius Age

Today is day 11  and always about letting the wave of creation we have birthed….

crash onto the beach

and all about letting go of anything that has been showing up

over the last 11 days that feels tight 

our Serpent skin wanting to be shed so we are free to fly high

and be in a space of love 

Blue Eagle energy flies high above the path and sees how everything has been perfectly aligned to bring us to where we are.

If we feel stuck in a tight spot that is squeezing us ~ something’s gotta give 

We may be afraid to let it go because it is what we know

If we keep holding on the universe brings stronger energy to bust us out of our cocoon 

It is moving closer to butterfly time in the Norther Hemisphere


Transformation and birthing is a messy process 🙂

It is painful

notice the wording in this video which beautifully reveals the process

and it is the same in the soul transformation


losing the head and feet 🙂

so that new focus points are birthed

Today is also 

waning Sagittarius Moon


The Wayshower energy

The Archer and the bow

What can be released

The Chiron energy of the wounded healer

so we can start to trot again on our path 

those little hooves finding firm footing


 I have lots of ways to support people on their butterfly process 

and learn new ways of using EFT to live the life we want 

I have ways to work with every budget and different approaches such as Thoth Tarot and energy coaching with an outcome you wish to create.

Energy circles and alchemy workshops  

This is key to

Being the change we want to see


Most people are just starting to know themselves and realise that this is how we raise consciousness on our planet

It is impossible for our planet to birth a new paradigm and new beginnings

when the majority of people are still holding old mindsets
old energy
old emotion

from the past….

and so the past keeps repeating

It really is that simple 

Our planet is our playground and it holds the energy of the Age of Aquarius coming in


To play easily with this energy requires

alignment with it

Learning new ways for each and every one of


We are the new dawn and

the midwives of this change  


Heads up on the next Wavespell arriving on Tuesday

so you can  team up with me if you choose to work powerfully with this energy 🙂

I also have a workshop next weekend

Art of Alchemy with EFT


If you cannot make it and would like one in your home town I am happy to travel

if you can get a small group together 🙂

 So New Wavespell starting on February 25th
A 13 day spiral that is all about our reflections being shown

If you have been experiencing a tough time over the last eleven days as old issues have been coming up around relationships ~ loving the skin you are in
your health
your wealth
How you want to live being very different to how you are living

then this next transformational Wavespell is a great way to work

consciously with this raw material

The White Mirror Wavespell


is all about seeing the world

that we live in as a holograph and a reflection of our beliefs

We create our world based on our electric holograph

that we have shaped through our life experience so far

The empowering aspect of that

is letting go of any belief that someone else is responsible for our life situation

As we have created it 
(and most of our creation is without any conscious awareness)

We can now start to work consciously with it if we are ready to

In whatever way we are ready to

knowing that we are always supported by the universe

It is what we are here for 

This is why the knowing and accepting of oneself is so important

This is the first place to go to start to connect to our source powerfully

and be able to shape our world 

When we are in denial of taking responsibility and blaming others

we are putting our power outside of ourselves

and so…..

the power is held by others

When we are ready to look at ourselves…. no matter how painful

We begin the mastery process of alchemical lead into gold

There are tools to support us

We each have the answers within that are unique

We have frameworks available at this time to work with that are crafted for this process 

If it is your personal wavespell this is your life journey and soul purpose.

It comes around every 260 days to work with. If you choose to work consciously with it then it is very powerful. A time of connecting to co create with the universe and raise your vibe, centre your core and integrate.

If this is your Mayan Sign this is your Wavespell:

White Magnetic Mirror
Blue Lunar Storm 
Yellow Electric Sun
Red Self-Existing Dragon
White Overtone Wind
Blue Rhythmic Night
Yellow Resonant Seed
Red Galactic Serpent
White Solar World-Bridger
Blue Planetary Hand
Yellow Spectral Star
Red Crystal Moon
White Cosmic Dog 

If you don’t know your Mayan Sign here is a decoder ~ simply put in your date of birth:

If you would like me to send you more info for a bigger picture please message me and I will do this for free ~ giving you a more in depth about where you are on your 13 year cycle.

This often makes more sense of what is happening right now in your world.

Currently I have a two week wait on this as I am busy at the moment doing lots of charts and signs for people 

The energetic code for this Wavespell is :

Living honestly from the heart and seeing each resistance that arrives as simply a gateway to new learning

Letting go of any emotion arising that isn’t love and joy

Connecting to what belief systems have been created that aren’t loving that brought this event to reveal that

Letting go of any past events that are looking to be integrated now that we are still holding on to 

If we do not commit to this process for ourselves and become proactive then we are reactive and these same patterns will repeat until we change our inner:

energetic blueprint ~ our thoughts and beliefs
emotional body ~ our heart hurts
way of relating to ourselves and the universe ~ creating self supporting and loving frameworks that are free of co dependency
Being honest with ourselves

We are the projector of our inner world

If our heart’s desire isn’t happening in a feeling good way then it is simply

Time to change our inner slides 

That is the only way to change the outer 








Don’t be scared to love….

Turn a different corner 🙂


Love to you and your letting go

Red Serpent Wavespell 10 ~ Hey presto



Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 10

White Planetary Wizard

Ix Jaguar

White Wizard Tribe


Today our heart’s desire is manifest and at this




of the waning moon in Scorpio



We may have revealed what the heart desire’s

to heal and let go of

rather than

a heaven sent day




and that is ok if we are ready to do

The Great Work

put on our shaman coat of stars


and if you are taking the time to explore this then I guess you are 🙂

An initiate ?

An Adept ?



a potential

Sourcer ~ er or Sourcer~ess 🙂 ?



Which has often been distorted 

From it’s true meaning which is

a person directly connected to their source energy


this has often been so distorted as to destroy people

who speak truth’s that are not 

wanting to be heard by some

because of their own place of

dis ~ honesty

and hence

the Wickedy Witch of the West label comes in

Remember that the Witch of the West brings Scorpio transformation 🙂 

Rebirth through death

Someone who is mature in years

has had plenty of life experience

and is grounded

centred and connected to source

isn’t a pushover

doesn’t take any none sense

and knows a spin story when she sees one

with one sniff of her pointy nose


The Crone energy is so feared by many


The Triple Goddess

Trinity energy of She who is


because this elder has few things left to be manipulated with

having trod the heart path 

she is familiar with 

the heroine’s challenge

and moves her

butt out of the way

of true universal teachings

flowing through her 🙂

The manipulation school of learning

and dis~entanglement is a tough training ground

much of which is not a pretty sight

and takes a few circuits around the block…..

many a cursing and gnashing of teeth occurs 

when the spell she has chosen falls foul,,,,

back to the drawing board

and this is a place that the disciplined disciple 

spends many an hour

gazing into the crystal ball and seeing the energy start to clear

with each new 

ritual and recipe

revisiting the work of

many a heretic

many a hermeticist

many an alchemist

over Aeons of time and space

and in truth share the same sacred threads of how to create magic

it is the same process throughout the universe

we are created using the same process as the stars


Remember that the bigger picture of this

260 day cycle 

started on 


In your astrological chart the MC for you aligns with this day

Here is information about that

This is your heart’s desire

So today you have in your hands your secrets

What has brought you joy over the last ten days and ….

lit up your imagination

inspired you

sparked a twinkle in your eye

green eye

set your pulse racing

got your energy flowing

banged your gong


how did you and your universe orchestrate that soul symphony ?

Write down your bliss codes

and be as specific as you can

remember that you are the weaver of your grand design and that takes

attention to detail

to perfect the same outcome

Maybe you did something new?

The last time this Wavespell was here was May 28 last year

I wrote this blog and just revisiting that I notice how different it is and

how different I am

at this time of year 🙂

This waning moon

the temperature

that I am mainly inside too

Conversely you can focus on what didn’t bring you pleasure

ruffled your feathers

gave a grrrrrr to your growl

now this is where the big girl knickers come in 🙂

Once we start to get comfortable with the uncomfortable

we become

The Tomb Raider


we know the dirt is where the treasure lies

where our heartache’s

is our salvation

herein lies the gold waiting to be unearthed

the chalice within 



My MC is:

Neptune in Scorpio

Just a little personal note for the people in Burley 

who may be unaware as I was 🙂

 My Witchy friend informed me yesterday

that it was one of the first modern day Coven’s

More about it here

Last night I was watching an old 1960’s film on BBC4 and it just happened to have Ringwood on it 🙂

So today you have your prima materia to work with

and if you would like to know more about how to work with it

Please get in touch for your free consultation

and this Workshop may be just the golden ticket for you :

The Art of Alchemy with EFT

9 months until this Wavespell comes again ~ where will you be ?


Red Serpent Wavespell ~Cloud 9 ?


Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 9

Red Solar Skywalker


Are we on Cloud 9 ?

A very short blog today

I have been a busy bee and now I have low energy so…..

Today is the completion of this cycle of loving the skin we are in.

Notice what has happened around you today and how that feels

As it is waning moon in Scorpio you may be seeing one of it’s

three energy codes:

The Scorpion ~ the emotional mind, reactive and survival

The Eagle ~ the bigger picture view seeing how far we have come on our journey and how our code can expand into even more heavenly

The Phoenix ~ combining the other two to rebirth ~ fire storm and a new creature rises from the ashes

Here are some very knowledgeable souls sharing the astrological aspects that have 

shed some Solar light and awareness for me today

Tom’s report

Movement into North Node Libra and South Node Aries

~ Venus takes centre stage


I am a nine and this energetic resonates strongly for me

Wishing you some deep inspiration today for this new energy coming in 

and how we wish to weave with it 🙂

Here’s to more love coming into our planet


Red Serpent Wavespell ~ 8 Integrity



Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 8 ~ Integrate and create Integrity


Yellow Galactic Human


Yellow Human Tribe




Today’s energetic code is simple

Our body reveals how much in alignment with living in the code

of right relationship we are

When we are 

we flow

we shine

energy comes in

goes out

without any interruption

like a fast flowing 

river of light

crystal clear 


The code of love is many things




Here are some of the key codes :



Being Real

Being true

Being open

Willingness to learn


Can look at oneself 

Can laugh at oneself


When we are out of alignment with any of the codes…..

and as we are here on planet earth

and definitely a human being……

that is not a Saint 🙂

Part of our journey involves going out on a limb

to discover how it feels

being in the dark…..


The part of us

That is here to learn….

How to relate

can benefit 

by being

as open as we can be




and ready to see


green eye

what requires a little adjustment

in how we are living

without beating ourselves

up about our mistakes 🙂

and reaching this place alone takes a great deal of inner alchemy work for most peeps

without giving ourselves an ear bashing


without pretending to be something we aren’t because we “should’ be it

This is all what is known in the scripture’s  as false propheting

which has it’s roots in

psycho spiritual babble bull poo 🙂

has an agenda of the ego

to control

appear in a place of authority that does not ring true

and is devoid of honesty 🙂

This can soon be revealed by going deeper than the surface living place of the ego

to find what lies beneath…..

You know the person who is speaking a guru’s words in a workshop ?

only has his wisdom on a surface level…

and does not live it in any way outside the workshop

and there is nothing wrong with that per se if that place of being is shared in honesty

as we are all a work in progress 🙂

what feels like bullpoo

and lacks any integrity

is when that person is pretending that they do

and coming up with a spin doctor story

like many a


The magic happens when we go beyond this way of being

and trust that all will be revealed in time

when we go within

Yesterday was just such a day for me

magical happening

I had a fab connection with my friend and we used EFT

to help us let go of past stuff together

so we could let go of our ego’s fear

of our future


I wrote yesterday’s blog after it.

Later that night I watched a film on Film 4

completely randomly

If you are familiar with the film or wish to do this as an exercise…..

Love Happens

which is about this very same subject

of a guru who isn’t walking his talk


it blew me away because some of the images and words I used in my blog

and on my Facebook Wall before it

were in it 🙂

This has started to happen more and more

in my life

and I feel able to share it

Glastonbury is a very magical place of course

and very mind blowing things happen here


there is a big community of people who can share this and speak openly about it

even though it is not the norm….

they happen everywhere when we are ready to see them



clear signs of us seeing the flow

and aligning in with our universal self

As above

So below

Within and Without

The more we believe and perceive our magical world

by letting go of all mind constructs

that keep us living a nightmare

the more we connect to our dream

Now Aquarius has moved into Pisces



Moon in waning Libra 🙂

Bringing ourselves into balance

Being the human being we are 

wherever we are

and opening up to our God and Goddess potentiality

All is a metaphor

Any pain we are feeling…..

is our next step to revealing love

When we are truly in a place of living that


We see everything in a different way

through the eyes of love


For real 🙂

rose tinted spectacles

are surplus to requirements


and it doesn’t pay to….

fake it to make it

wolves in sheep's clothing

as this simply creates a round the houses energy that is

a diversion of source

and we all have a huge price to pay for this pathway

Just wanted to share a fab source for anyone

looking to 

change their feline friend’s food with this great

website I found today



Basil chez longue 🙂

as this has been such a tough journey with my kitties

and I am learning so much

In the past I trusted that people who said they were experts

 and found to my chagrin that they labelled food for marketing purposes only

in plain English

they lied for profit

and my fur babies have had to pay for that health wise

and I am learning that I have to take responsibility for everything now

To make an informed choice 

about everything I relate to

there is a Lancashire saying….

“it always comes out in the wash”


and this is happening big time in my locality of Somerset

So the sooner we 

bare our heart

be vulnerable

and accept who we are….

the sooner everyone else does

the thaw is happening 🙂


Let’s shake off those snake skins and reveal our true selves

Red Serpent Wavespell 7 ~ child day




Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 7

Top of the pyramid nearest to heaven

Blue Resonant Monkey

Divine child day

Blue Monkey Tribe


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What is resonating ?

What is coming up to be released around relationship ?

To go forward in life and create new playgrounds

New schools of thought



Heart Space 

Adventures of the Aquarian Age

To move forward in this time of transition requires a time travel code 🙂



A framework that allows us to transform and transcend the past

Leave it behind on every level

Emotionally , Energetically and as a result of the first two ~

truly intellectually

a resonating reframe


If we have unresolved emotional trauma from our past ~ this stops us moving forward

That is simply how our energy and emotional body works

It won’t allow us to go anywhere that is not a match for us

To give an analogy

as a space traveller




If the atmosphere in the next world we are looking to create

does not support life as our emotional life knows it……

instead it matches the elements of the quagmire of swamp life past……


our ultra sensitive touchy feely radar says

no go zone

we need a well supported adventure plan that feels healthy

and all our “A” team signs up to

“A” for Aquarian 🙂




akin to going on an archeological expedition

to be well supported and ecological we create a structure or a plan

that has a well balanced  energetic basis


that is from the heart

and allows all parts of our inner A team to be 

A in another way…..




a ok


some team members may have knocking knees

some may be bored of the same ground

some may be shyly peeping around the corner

and one may be in a place of pure knowingness without any information 🙂

with her go getting  goddess get up on


To energise this time we work with the shadows of the past

that create fear and doubt now

purely from old ways of being


old outmoded code 

that was then…..

this is now

Of course there is the cosmic code 

from the sun

that is beckoning us 

to unfurl and unfold our petals

seek out strange new worlds with new civilisations

to don our Indiana Jone’s hat

light the torch

hear the clarion call

and boldly go…..

where many have gone before and left cosmic cookie crumb trails….


It may be new to us and it is a well trodden path

of the soul journeyer

It is time for human beings to grow up

be responsible adults

and reveal the divine child within

the child that is transparent 

free from any jagged edges

that attract ego arrows


Watched a heart opening film last night and noticed what

caused my floodgates to open

what was personal to me

that was seeking a release

About Time

Here is a great video that I stumbled across today

that explains really well how imbalanced relationship

shows up for sensitive people…..

see what resonates for you 🙂

and now is the time to come out of hiding by creating new relationship ways for each and everyone

It’s Mars in Libra time

Bringing the masculine into balance and right relationship

instead of staying stuck and sapped by energy vampires

being an enabler

being metaphorically stoned for being a seer

 feeling a need to get stoned to cope

having to be removed from the general population in retreat

create new code for ourselves 

Time to come out of the dark ages into the light

by transforming our shadow

so we can



yellow human

pic by Alex Gray



Can’t you tell which media I connected to as a child……

Secret Seven was one of my faves…….

Paving the way 🙂








Red Serpent Wavespell 6 ~ Dog Day

Sirius 2

Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 6

Balancing day 🙂

White Rhythmic Dog

Oc ~ is the Mayan name

White Dog Tribe

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The last time we were in this energetic wave and day was June 02 2013

here is my blog about it

This is what the Mayan Wavespell brings for me

being able to see my bigger picture pattern

which brings more awareness about myself

and in turn

raises my consciousness about my relationship with 

the universe

which I am a part of 🙂

Working to raise our conscious awareness of ourselves is an essential 

part of the road trip to

Knowing Thyself

Waning Virgo Moon again in the UK

So letting go energy of our feminine

all our wounding and ways of being too masculine

too feminine

passive and aggressive


Today is all about how we have conditions

that we have learned

over the years

in our relationship environment

When those self learned and imposed conditions are not met then our emotional mind 

has a hissy fit

and the Virgo perfection

inner critic

starts to sing


Virgo energy is in the small intestine area and can literally bust a gut if 

the solar plexus feels undermined and living out of alignment with

“healthy ways”

The universe always brings us our alter ego 

to bring balance

to show us 

through emotional triggers

where we feel disempowered

where we feel empowered too

and if any of these emotional places aren’t joy and love

are engineered with addictions and power tripping

then these ways of relating are akin to an 

artificial app

that we add on

and is not truly who we are 🙂

When the music’s over

turn out the lights

are we still beaming out radiance

or is our spirit snuffed along with the candles?

leaf lantern

The key to mastery and living in harmony is

to be

self possessed

self aware


self reliant


 a high level of self esteem

be self confident

be centred

and to do this requires that we go on a journey

to know ourselves

that is the most important place for self love to

be possible

As I said yesterday’s blog there is a

code for creating everything in our cosmos

and we are here as star seeds

with the guidance of Sirius

our North Star

The Dog Star

to realise this awareness now

Today we are in the energy of

the six pointed star

The Star of David

The Heart Chakra


This Star symbol is used in religion of course

when we remove the religion filter…….

we see a star going up to great our higher self

Masculine sun energy

the language of light


and a star going down

to our planetary hero and heroine adventurer



earth energy

emotional energy

our humanity

This is the symbol of harmony

The harmony code 🙂

The triangle ~ the three sided power of the holy trinity

Holy Trinity = Masculine and Feminine within us

free of ego through transformation creates true co creation

a third point of light

the divine child within us

which is very different to masculine and feminine co dependency pattern

finding our “better half” 

looking for love in another and that way of relating which most of us are very well versed in 🙂

The code for human maturation can be observed and experienced by having children

studying child development

then we see ourselves from an observing position

We watch the process and may take a part in shaping it too 

Awakening to our soul journey

is the same process in many respects


On planet earth we have been in the early years stages for thousands of years

so we can learn about the first step

developing an ego 🙂

Think we have mastered that gig on the world stage, don’t you ?

We learn to know ~ as does a very young child ~ that we are an individual

We are not our mother

We develop a will

and we go on using that will in whatever way we are encouraged in our birth tribe

our cultural family

until we reach a point of deciding

what feels like truth for us

and what feels like someone else’s

~ noticing who the voices of our inner critic remind us of is a big clue as to where our beliefs about who we are and how we “should” live hail from

Some people stay in this place believing they do not have a choice to go further

because they would risk the loss of love from their tribe

This is the planetary consciousness of Cancer right now

The child energy in the Zodiac

This is what we will be working with in the next 260 day Tzolk’in that begins on July 26 2014 in the UK

This is the energy in the morning and switches to Leo in the afternoon

The Morning signifies the awakening to a new dawn ~ it is the East and Juliet is the sun as Romeo says

Here is an esoteric meaning for The Moon

and specifically The Moon in Cancer

which is a different understanding to a basic astrological meaning

So if you are a Cancer, have Moon in Cancer, North Node or Ascendent specifically


indeed have planets in Cancer then

Red Solar Moon is going to be a significant year for you as an individual

It is a year of completing old cycles

to create new ones 🙂

In our journey on planet earth as an ego child

we learn to live and love conditionally

this creates an energetic, emotional and behavioural code of being in us

we share many things with dogs


as we are mammals and we have an inner dog emotional mind

that is very conditional about what is “good” and “bad”

based on past experience

as this emotional mind does not have any logic

it cannot move beyond that original learning of it’s own volition

this is where EFT ~ tapping ~ is of great use in the transformational process

When we are ready to move

beyond our first tribe truth

and learn to find an objective truth

on the soul journey

We move from the arena of 

the domesticated dog

to the wild wolf 🙂

blue wolf


There is a field beyond right and wrong

as Rumi says 🙂

This is where we are willing to go out into the world with 

eyes wide open

The Fool in tarot


This is where we are willing to move our focus to within

Be loyal to ourselves first

to our heart first

and do whatever it takes

to  bring ourselves into balance in our masculine and feminine within

We break free from the Collective Conscious Mindset

We examine all our conditions around living a life of love

Keep what is objective truth free from any distortion of the ego path

and create a new way of living

our inner dog barking

reveals our next steps for our personal emotional evolution

our fear

being vocalised

instead of suppressed and ignored

until the message becomes so 

big and loud

we are forced to react

If we do our own cleansing every day proactively

it is a totally different space


We are always held and loved by our universe

It is abundant

It is pure love

When we truly believe this with every cell of our being

we have transcended duality on the inside and so

it is also truly manifest on the outside

This is cosmic law


Love to you today and your unconditional





Red Serpent Wavespell ~ 5 Moon Cycle



Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 5

Red Overtone Moon


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Today is the centre day and we see how centred we are

how things on day 1 to 4 have knocked us off our centre

revealed core issues and raised our awareness of

transformation potentiality

Today we are in Waning Virgo moon in the UK

Today we are connecting to the energy of the Sacred Feminine Earth cycle

We are in the yin receiving phase of the moon cycle

We are getting the incoming energy based on what we have sent out in the waxing 14 days of the moon

as well as everything else in this lifetime 


depending on how integrated


in touch we are to our higher selves

and in turn the cosmos

we will be able to see lots of threads to this energy 

and how it brings us amazing potentiality in this portal framework

to see the bigger picture as we are in Aquarius Sun

The Full Moon in Virgo is the next emotional energy coming in

March 16

So we connect today to that energy 

to Virgo in our charts

to Virgo Sun last year and coming this year

It is all connected 🙂


As mother earth is starting to germinate and become fecund

the warmth of the sun is starting to see the shoots unfurl in Somerset

the lambs are born

the ground is coming to life

and so are we

we are all one

and the majority of people are unaware of this completely

some have some intellectual awareness

and have as yet to internalise it by becoming it

In the bigger picture in the Mayan

we are in the thirteen year cycle

of Red Moon awakening

It began on July 26 2006 ~ what were you doing back then?

On July 26 we have Red Solar Moon

which sees this energy in it’s own number ~

very powerful completion

In the year 2010 on July 26 we were in Red Overtone Moon

This was when I came for my second visit to Glastonbury

I came to the Goddess Conference

and that year the theme was


It was a catalyst for me

the year after I moved to Glastonbury with my family in Virgo Sun time

and to enable that journey

lots of shifts for me in relationships

and how I learned about how I was doing that

and how  my heart yearned for honesty

which was scary off map territory

Today I realised the thread

I noticed how different I felt today and how 

I found myself cleaning

the sun shining in my mud stained windows

clearing my space and cleaning my energy goes hand in hand

in extremis and head led ego based it can be about control

It can be out of balance

It can show where we have too much to handle if we cannot create a space where our healthy energy can flow



and the energy code that goes with that in whatever way

If we are attempting to move mountains once a month…..instead of doing a little each day

then there is energy information there

we always create ourselves in everything we do 🙂


How can we not create ourselves ?

Unless we are playing a role and wearing a

mask ?

this way of being always comes out in the end


It is what is is

We are what we are

Once we start to live that truth

it can be uncomfortable for ourselves and those around us

as we start to face our shadow and work with it

others will feel fear as we start to change

because even without their proactive participation

everything changes 🙂

People will feel judged when we say that

and will do as long as they have judgement issues to clear is all 🙂

there is a clear difference between what a person speaks of

what a person actually lives

Mind the Gap

We have to be the change we want to see

which is a very different thing to speaking about change

it is living our learning

letting go of old ways that are unloving

The universal creation and relation code is there in plain sight for us to 

align with

flow with

garden with

grow with

be with

heal with


love with

The Moon

brings the sacred feminine in

It is the key to our emotional evolution 

It is the way to connect to our centre and let go of struggle

to be transformed and 


Heart Wisdom

Here is a video I created to allow ourselves to listen to what is seeking letting go

 Creating Me Time


Caroline Myss Volume two

This was all about my Glastonbury Experience 🙂

Love to you and your Cosmic Awakening

Red Serpent Wavespell 4 ~ Being the star we really are


Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 4

Yellow Self ~ Existing star


Yellow Star Tribe

Please click on the links to take you to other websites that can expand on this information

All of these Wavespells hold the secret within

them ~ a star seeded formula to allow the true

nature of who we are to shine

This awareness really expanded in me today

and so I am sharing this 

The teaching this spiral brings is 

“right relationship”

which is my North Node in Gemini

How to let our liquid light flow through us


How to release any distortions of this right relationship in our day to day reality

This is where it is revealed 🙂

Red Wavespells bring awakening

when they are in blue castles

The wheel within a wheel

A bigger picture about this in my Tzolkin blog

The star energy in it’s bigger picture essence is

all about

integration to create integrity

healing disharmony emotions from


being the beauty path


this is where we have the opportunity to 

create transformation by stepping through gateways

The Venus transit energy that we are currently working with 

getting to the heart of the matter

initiated in 2004

This was Blue electric Monkey day

and also a portal

Expanding our divine child

Day three of the

Red Moon Wavespell

this heart energy was weaving the web for the planetary thirteen year cycle of

Red Moon that arrived on July 26 2006

and that we will be completing on July 26 2014

With a new Mayan Year Nine

Red Solar Moon 


and this one ~ although it appears at different times of the year

always has the same effect and

powerful potency

as it has

ten galactic portals

 and today is one of them

what we are learning now around relationship

is going to be big in our circle this year


This Mayan Star today represents the pure love structure

It is connected to the planet of Venus


The code for love is symbolically painted into this picture ~ The Birth of Venus

as in all our great works of Art ~

they reveal the metaphor of…..

The Great Work 🙂

and if we look at the symbols shown below we see some sacred geometry clues

This is The Mayan symbol for the star


This is the symbol for Venus


and also The Ankh


a magical cosmic cookie trail 

To open up energetically even more to being the star that we really are….

as well as who the ego thinks we are 🙂

I created this video using tapping to let go of any beliefs that may 

be limiting this in some way

so todays energy leads us to the code essential for creating harmony

these magic symbols are always recognised by our heart wisdom remembering

Day four’s are always about the

foundation stone

the sacred structure that allows this

building a true heart structure

rather than a…

House of Cards

Season two is now here and if it is like season 1 beautifully illustrates the ego society at work creating imbalance 🙂

remember that as human beings in this time we are often

conditioned to manipulate the code

and as a result create manipulative relationships

what we learned to do as children to cope with our family patterns that were disharmony

serves us to survive

to thrive as independent self ~ existing adults

we become aware of this

what gave rise to it



how we transcend it

transforming our roots on our tree of life

the three foundational chakras


I work energetically with myself

and share this awareness of

being the star that we really are

with others

Today I am working on Starcodes and Mayan Signs for my last lovely workshop group

as well as other shiny stars who connect to me via Facebook

If you would like to know your info please send me your time, date and place of birth.

Due to my learning process and numbers at the moment,

it will take three weeks to get back to you.

If you would like to find your own here is:

A Mayan Decoder

A free natal chart

For all those awaiting ~ I will get that info to you as soon as I can and on the Mayan will give you info as to where you are on your thirteen year cycle

I am not an astrologer 🙂

If you want a laser light reading that will leave you in clear truth that everything happens for a reason and that astrology reveals our star seeded mission ~ it reveals the matrix of our universe and our starring role in it

may I recommend this amazing woman:

Pam Gregory

Love to you and your shiny star light


Remember to fly high by going deep

go first within for the treasure you seek 🙂