Red Serpent Wavespell 4 ~ Being the star we really are


Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 4

Yellow Self ~ Existing star


Yellow Star Tribe

Please click on the links to take you to other websites that can expand on this information

All of these Wavespells hold the secret within

them ~ a star seeded formula to allow the true

nature of who we are to shine

This awareness really expanded in me today

and so I am sharing this 

The teaching this spiral brings is 

“right relationship”

which is my North Node in Gemini

How to let our liquid light flow through us


How to release any distortions of this right relationship in our day to day reality

This is where it is revealed 🙂

Red Wavespells bring awakening

when they are in blue castles

The wheel within a wheel

A bigger picture about this in my Tzolkin blog

The star energy in it’s bigger picture essence is

all about

integration to create integrity

healing disharmony emotions from


being the beauty path


this is where we have the opportunity to 

create transformation by stepping through gateways

The Venus transit energy that we are currently working with 

getting to the heart of the matter

initiated in 2004

This was Blue electric Monkey day

and also a portal

Expanding our divine child

Day three of the

Red Moon Wavespell

this heart energy was weaving the web for the planetary thirteen year cycle of

Red Moon that arrived on July 26 2006

and that we will be completing on July 26 2014

With a new Mayan Year Nine

Red Solar Moon 


and this one ~ although it appears at different times of the year

always has the same effect and

powerful potency

as it has

ten galactic portals

 and today is one of them

what we are learning now around relationship

is going to be big in our circle this year


This Mayan Star today represents the pure love structure

It is connected to the planet of Venus


The code for love is symbolically painted into this picture ~ The Birth of Venus

as in all our great works of Art ~

they reveal the metaphor of…..

The Great Work 🙂

and if we look at the symbols shown below we see some sacred geometry clues

This is The Mayan symbol for the star


This is the symbol for Venus


and also The Ankh


a magical cosmic cookie trail 

To open up energetically even more to being the star that we really are….

as well as who the ego thinks we are 🙂

I created this video using tapping to let go of any beliefs that may 

be limiting this in some way

so todays energy leads us to the code essential for creating harmony

these magic symbols are always recognised by our heart wisdom remembering

Day four’s are always about the

foundation stone

the sacred structure that allows this

building a true heart structure

rather than a…

House of Cards

Season two is now here and if it is like season 1 beautifully illustrates the ego society at work creating imbalance 🙂

remember that as human beings in this time we are often

conditioned to manipulate the code

and as a result create manipulative relationships

what we learned to do as children to cope with our family patterns that were disharmony

serves us to survive

to thrive as independent self ~ existing adults

we become aware of this

what gave rise to it



how we transcend it

transforming our roots on our tree of life

the three foundational chakras


I work energetically with myself

and share this awareness of

being the star that we really are

with others

Today I am working on Starcodes and Mayan Signs for my last lovely workshop group

as well as other shiny stars who connect to me via Facebook

If you would like to know your info please send me your time, date and place of birth.

Due to my learning process and numbers at the moment,

it will take three weeks to get back to you.

If you would like to find your own here is:

A Mayan Decoder

A free natal chart

For all those awaiting ~ I will get that info to you as soon as I can and on the Mayan will give you info as to where you are on your thirteen year cycle

I am not an astrologer 🙂

If you want a laser light reading that will leave you in clear truth that everything happens for a reason and that astrology reveals our star seeded mission ~ it reveals the matrix of our universe and our starring role in it

may I recommend this amazing woman:

Pam Gregory

Love to you and your shiny star light


Remember to fly high by going deep

go first within for the treasure you seek 🙂

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