Red Serpent Wavespell 3 ~ Go Goddess



Red Serpent Wavespell

Day 3

Blue Electric Hand





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Today is the co creation day in any wavespell

The day of alchemy

to combine the elements of day 1 Red Magnetic

Serpent in this spiral~

the initiator and the energy we sent out to the


our heartfelt intention 

On day 1 of this wavespell I did a workshop at the Shine Community in Hampshire

we did a Love Magnet tapping circle

and we sent out our heart’s desire for the year

and I am doing one tonight at  Shine Community Glastonbury

If you want to use this yourself for yourself and share it with others

here is my leaflet 🙂

Love Magnet Tapping Circle

You can use every Wavespell in the Mayan Calendar in this way if you choose

They run in a continual spiral and each one has their own energetic code 

This is ancient magic

This is an artful design

Co creating with the spiral in this way

allows us as individuals and each with our unique energy code

to bring ourselves into alignment

of the one heart

with our God and Goddess selves

as expressions of the whole

Woo Hoo cosmic 🙂


So if you wish you can use this like I do to

bring awareness

know thyself

know the universe

and let go of living from untrained ego

unlock the real magic that is here for all

once we go through that transformational gateway

This is my Mayan energy

I am a Blue Hand


Wishing you joy and love on Valentine’s Day

Leo Full Moon


So back to the framework 

On day 1 we sent out an intention

Yesterday on Day 2 ~ we got a message back

from our Goddess Mamma showing us our


White Lunar Worldbridger ~ what is seeking

to die so we can live now ?


What showed up that drains our energy ?

Seeking emotional evolution ~ learning new ways to relate and love the skin we are in ?


Howard Shatz Pic

Yes we have to discharge the past ways of living or we stay stuck on the same cycle 

spin mode on the cosmic washing machine 🙂

This spiral will show up again in the next 260 day cycle and when it does we will have a different awareness of it 🙂

Today we blend the two to birth our electric point of light

What do we choose to create now from our masculine and feminine energies?


The only way to create love in life is to reveal the true code of love

let go of any distortions on our life journey so far

transform our shadow

Lead into gold


from within

anything we try and add on that is not a match for us energetically

will slide off

won’t stick around for long

is a temporary diversion 

all of which is fantastic learning and what we are here for

It is all valuable information

about us 🙂

This journey is full of choice points

lots of ways to travel

lots of levels of the game of life

snakes and ladders

The more we are prepared to travel into the unknown


through the rabbit hole many times

go through the looking glass

and out the other side

the more heart doors open through ego doors closing


It can be tricky at first to see this 

It becomes very clear

as we get clear

It does involve deconstruction


of what we learn in the first part of our life

and this is often known as a

dark night of the soul 🙂


This is in truth a dark night of the ego 🙂

Remember we are already a zen master come

to earth to learn how creation happens


by being a part of the process

and to be a part of the process requires an avatar 

a human body spaceship


It’s the only way to truly know  ourselves

We come with a Starcode

We come with a mission

Everything that has happened so far is part of that

and now we get to choose what we do with it 


All is valuable whatever we choose

we all form the tapestry

we all form the dance

The main frame game of life here is created through polarity ~ the tension of opposites

We see the difference

This is the first second and third gateways or dimensions


Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras

When we transform our experience of these that feels dark and heavy

our roots on our tree of life

We go through the veil

into the fourth dimension

The Heart Chakra


The lower chakras are twinned with the upper and working with these

automatically opens the upper

Great videos about this here

Caroline Myss ~ Anatomy of the spirit

So are you ready to get jiggy with your shadow ?

Groove is in the heart

The wonderful Stevie 

and today the worldwide event of 

1 billion rising

Here is one in Bournemouth happening today at noon 🙂

Love to you and your Goddess Gateway today

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