Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Day 2 ~ death



Red Serpent Wavespell


Day two ~ White Lunar Worldbridger

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White World Bridger Tribe



This energetic signature holds the keys to the code of creating intimacy and letting our kundalini flame go higher so we can shine

Don’t fear the reaper 🙂

The death of the ego way is the key to living from the heart

Letting the ego be in balance and do it’s true purpose

which is revealing our fears and using them to create integrity and living from love

at this time on the planet this is where we are doing an about turn 🙂


Goddess energy and the feminine

coming into balance

Living in the now as we let go of the past

if we haven’t let go of the past ~ old world


it keeps showing up

because that is how our universe works

we live in our own little microcosms 🙂

as well as the macro cosm of gaia

A world within a world


These energy spirals that are gifted to us from our Mayan ancestors 

that are here in the Wavespells

are formed from experiential grounded knowingness

over thousands of years of watching the heavens and seeing the patterns

they have been lived

they are free from ego in their pure form

This is revealed in 

The Keys of Enoch

this is revealed in many old scriptures

and has been hidden from the masses until now

because now is the time

for us to create something new and remember

that we are god and goddess energy

and whatever we are being

we are doing

we are having show up

Really simple

and if use start to use the Mayan Wavespell energetically

each day

it will teach you intuitively

about what is your next step that you need to evolve 🙂

Cool ?

New heart ways of being turned on, tuned in and transformed

direct from our source

pure consciousness

Thing is at the time of our birth most of us learned how to relate

from a place of distortion because that is the nature of where our planetary evolution is 🙂

Ancestors lineage ~ the sacred code ~ has been distorted from the true light code

of christ consciousness

on purpose for learning 🙂

so we could learn what that created

and now we can transform it

we can be

the change that we want to see

Do you see ?

As we are experiential beings 

we can only create a different experience

when we have a code and change it

that is cosmic law and the nature of energetic creation


when we do that on all levels


Mind Body and Spirit

the holy trinity

On planet earth we are really good at using our mind

what we often avoid is feeling our feelings

and this is where our growth area is

Loving the skin we are in

and letting our true emotions come out and be healed


So today look at what is coming our way that is

always the growth area in this spiral

Every time this spiral comes round you can use

it as a universal life coaching tool for yourself

Exercise you can use if you choose :

See what is coming that we love 

the lunar feminine

the new world beckoning

new knowledge of our feminine self

the universe replying to the intention we sent out yesterday

(If you haven’t done this you can revisit it here : Red Serpent Wavespell)

Draw a tarot card with this intention

What can I expand on ?

What is my inner critic telling me that is my resistance

and instead of labelling it as a “negative” 

see it as our amazing potentiality

our brave new world

we are creating truly from our courage

from our heart

What is seeking to die around our distorted code that creates inauthenticity?

What is seeking to live that is true?

Remembering that our untrained ego will do the most bizarre things to 

avoid emotional discomfort

The emotional mind isn’t logical and creates addictions and behaviours that do not make sense

A fun way to create a power team here ~ ask Spock what his views are on a situation if you are unsure 🙂


or another suggestion



or whoever feels good for you 🙂

Is something you are contemplating a spin doctor story or truly from Spirit ?

Time for the lambs to become lions

and bust through the death stars

illuminate the dark spaces

from within 

the shadow is where the jewels lie 

treasure waiting to be found

for the soul seeker

Rule of thumb:

In our society if something in a structure, a business, a government plan

doesn’t make any sense

It’s a good sign that it is an untrained ego energy 🙂

And we can simply have awareness of that information

and we create an informed choice point of how we choose to dance with that energy

if at all 🙂 

Base Chakra 2-1

Whatever comes up today that feels resistance

allow it

hear it 

honour it

and if you know how to tap ~ EFT ~ then tap and reveal the gift it brings that you can let go of from your past

and if you don’t know 

may I suggest you learn?

Loads of free resources out there lovelies

Here is my triggers video

Love to you and your transformation of your

inner world today

Go Goddess

red overtone moon

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