White Lunar Worldbridger



White Lunar Worldbridger

This is the new learning coming in

to end old worlds

The planet is Mars 

Where Mars is in your chart

is significant for you 


Mars in terms of the planetary transits is currently in Pisces 

The Spiritual Warrior 

Here is a great article by Aeternalight

It went in on December 19 ~ also when Mercury went retro in Capricorn 

Here is an article about that by Moonlinks

Mercury Retro in Capricorn 

This influences the

Chiron in Pisces

longer term transit that is also generational lasting until the end of this

Red Moon 13 Year Cycle 

great article here by Evolving Door about this  

If you have this in your first house

as I do

then this is shaping your destiny as a key focus 


Also shedding light

on the 12th house of hidden power

All linking in to times

personally and collectively 

where we have experienced

power struggles and imbalance 


narcissistic and empath tugs of wars 

making their re appearance 

Here is a fab article by elephant journal.com  about this 

this allows us to revisit them with an enlightened perspective 

take our power back by doing some inner work


emerge to do these relationships differently

often these experiences are brutal

and allow

clarifying of any doubt

about certain aspects of relationships


how people will create a repeat if they do not learn  


because of any punishment or judgement by “the universe”

simply because abuse is abuse


it is that simple

even if people are saying something different

actions reveal truth 

behaviour reveals the inner world of the person 

people are not their behaviour …

however if they are not willing to learn and change their behaviour 

nothing will change 

Universal Law 

The outcome or consequence of that behaviour is coded and truth 

All arenas are now making use of deeper conscious levels now using what can be labelled

NLP techniques

in different circles they are known as magical influences

often to manipulate and abuse by “dark wizards”

coming from ego wounding 

Using mind control techniques to distort and play on fears 

so it is essential to identify what our personal fear is in order to liberate ourselves from this

Timeless Tango


go into it

 clear it 

so it can no longer 

own us

because we own it


all the behaviour that we have created to mask it 



to survive 

We can now thrive if we go there


take responsibility for our responses

Day 2 of any Wavespell 13 day process takes us back to the events and experiences

emotional triggers 

of the previous 13 day Wavespell

White Lunar Worldbridger

is the 13 Clear Sign 



Red Serpent Wavespell process


The Blue Castle of Transformation

It is a human evolution portal

The Red Serpent Wavespell



Red Serpent is the Asteroid Belt 

the fragments of other planet’s 

Stardust that is creating evolution

The Phoenix Process 

The rising of new structures out of the ashes of the old empires 

The Asteroid Belt is between Mars and Jupiter 


is the 13 day process that is taking us

into the heart of the

Tzol Kin

Into the Galactic Portals of new learning

literally changing the dna

of the human being

who is consciously working

alchemically within

All human ancestry codes being reworked on a human being level

All past lives of that lineage 

All past human being experiences

Full knowledge accessed of all ancestral patterns and how they create

what they have created


This is where we are on the circle now 

This is the potentiality now 

that comes from personal enlightenment 

I am writing this article on the 26th of December 2016 

on day 8 

Yellow Galactic Human 

I experienced this in 1990 as it is my Yellow Castle 

I was 25 

It was my first full year in relationship with the Father of my children 

This is how the Mayan Matrix can bring personal enlightenment

as to what experiences

have shaped us as individuals 


how they keep coming around to shed light as to where we are

on our human being wheel of evolution

One of the people we went to see performing then

has just died:

George Michael  

A man who had an amazing talent and a very troubled life experience too

In the spotlight

Bringing heartfelt creative expressions of his life journey

We went to see him several times and he had an amazing voice 

At one concert in Manchester I cried the whole time

after he had dedicated his song to his lover

who died of Aids 

Found love and lost the man he loved

His gifts

His talents

His wealth

and …

he died of heart failure ~ a true Greek Tragedy

This is the key to our

human being understanding 

to give and receive love is essential to human health and happiness

this is revealed so often on the human stage of “superstars” 


many people still do not understand this teaching

believing that fame and riches create happiness 

He died on Blue Resonant Monkey 

The child and their ability to be transparent 

He was a Yellow Rhythmic Seed 

Step 6 of the Blue Storm Process

A Cancerian Man leaving planet earth at the time of the polar opposite of Capricorn 

To heal our perception of being loved

is the key



is lifelong

It creates our reality and is coded in

White Dog ~ Capricorn ~ Code 10 in Astrology ~ the natural 10th house and the 10th Mayan Sign ~ Conditional Love 



Today we have another major planetary event 

Jupiter ~ Uranus Opposition 

What is expanding to come to light for our Mastery now ?

Jupiter is the mastery planet 

Where is Jupiter in your chart?

Jupiter in Libra on the planet

Uranus in Aries on the planet

Where is Uranus in your chart ?

In the Mayan we have 

Red Earth and White Wind with planets in Uranus 

My Red and White Castle 

Uranus in my age group is a collective

Uranus in Virgo and Pluto in Virgo


Here is a fab article with great synchros as to this theme of heart knowingness by Monarch Astrology 


The Sacred Feminine 

The unconditioned mind in connection to Source

The last earthly element of the human being in the natural zodiac 

Code 6 

Jupiter in the Mayan 

is the planet of Yellow Seed


Blue Eagle

Code 15 ~ a mastery code of how we are a planetary server by becoming aware of our code and wound and healing it 

Yellow Seed ~ the 4th Code and the structure of evolution

This is the 4th House and in the natural zodiac this is Cancer ~ the home and the nurturing we did or did not receive as children

that forms the structure of everything in our life experience and this is coming up with another master builder

Full Moon in Cancer at 22 degrees  on the 12th of January 

Bunches of watercress growing by a cool spring.
Spacious. Making room for worlds to be born, new life to arise, the fount of existence to be tapped, the center of things to become vital again. A global sensibility, a universal dream, a brotherhood/sisterhood vision to repopulate the world with vital, fresh beings, to find the place inside that is sustaining and renewing and to give it forth abundantly. A certain spirit of destiny breakthroughs–something different previously unsuspected. Diving for the eternal waters, and here they are if they are called in at full power. The one given the task to refocus the shared aspiration to bring us all together. You have an utterly engaging quality that cannot be denied once it fully arises, with the most memorable of touches and looks. The presence of the Great Goddess force at every level, accessible if dreamed up and invited in. The cracking through at the peak time and place. All is revitalized. Everything forgotten comes on the spiral to the next octave and is released into the celebration of being.

The mask of the coping mechanism ego that “protects” the true soul seed 

Here is an enlightening article by 

Blue Moon Astrology

Tomorrow we have the Gateway day 

Red Solar Skywalker 

So this is taking us back to

Red Skywalker Wavespell

see my blogs here 



In each Castle we have the Gateway of the previous Castle 

so in each

Red Wavespell

we have the Gateway

of the previous

Red Wavespell

revealing our level of completion of the previous 52 day process


Artist: Amanda Clark link 

How have you fared since then?

How are you feeling?

Are you healing?

What are you struggling with?

This is the key to transformation

Everything that is coming up to push our buttons is our master teacher

Our Soul self creating a shift for us


reminding us of past events

in our childhood

that naturally limit our life experience

until we reform them



Hence buttons to push …

Work with the buttons 

Reveal the old world 

Let go of the old world on all levels 

Firstly the emotion 


Need for others to determine how we feel and threads of that ilk 

If we do not do that process 

We manifest the same/similar outcome 

The pics on this thread are on Pinterest under Snow Queen ~

I do not have the names of the Artists ~ please follow the cookie trail 


As I have been writing this

I have been travelling through the early degrees of

Moon in Sagittarius Fire 

Dark Moon 

with the

New Moon in Capricorn

arriving on the 29th of December 

Blue Spectral Eagle 

What we are letting go of to master our ego


allow that Full Moon in Cancer to nourish our Soul 

able to receive it 

Sagittarius at 4 degrees is my Midheaven

I have been doing this dance for many a moon

A young prince undresses to bathe in a pool.
Seeking your own reflection. Willing to go to any lengths to divest yourself of that which stands between yourself and your world. Seeking a path, a practice, a journey from an insulated way of life to a vitally engaged way of life, but hung up at the point of giving yourself completely over. Stalling for time, reaching for excuses, pulling in escapes and perpetuations of the status quo, you linger on the brink between one world and another. Propelled forward, but equally jerked backward. Destiny shall assert itself in a forward direction at the right time. And before that happens the drama of “will he, won’t he?” dominates consciousness and energy, keeping everything tense, fascinating, and hopeful.

Will he Won’t he?

I know what that means on a whole new level of personal pantomime 

Let the next Act begin 

Our personal Mystery is in our Starcodes and


Mayan Sign and Matrix

If you are ready to rewrite

your personal drama

please get in touch 

Wishing you a joyous journey

under the stars 


Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Day 2 ~ death



Red Serpent Wavespell


Day two ~ White Lunar Worldbridger

Please click on the links on the words to go to other people’s websites that have more information to expand your understanding 🙂

White World Bridger Tribe



This energetic signature holds the keys to the code of creating intimacy and letting our kundalini flame go higher so we can shine

Don’t fear the reaper 🙂

The death of the ego way is the key to living from the heart

Letting the ego be in balance and do it’s true purpose

which is revealing our fears and using them to create integrity and living from love

at this time on the planet this is where we are doing an about turn 🙂


Goddess energy and the feminine

coming into balance

Living in the now as we let go of the past

if we haven’t let go of the past ~ old world


it keeps showing up

because that is how our universe works

we live in our own little microcosms 🙂

as well as the macro cosm of gaia

A world within a world


These energy spirals that are gifted to us from our Mayan ancestors 

that are here in the Wavespells

are formed from experiential grounded knowingness

over thousands of years of watching the heavens and seeing the patterns

they have been lived

they are free from ego in their pure form

This is revealed in 

The Keys of Enoch

this is revealed in many old scriptures

and has been hidden from the masses until now

because now is the time

for us to create something new and remember

that we are god and goddess energy

and whatever we are being

we are doing

we are having show up

Really simple

and if use start to use the Mayan Wavespell energetically

each day

it will teach you intuitively

about what is your next step that you need to evolve 🙂

Cool ?

New heart ways of being turned on, tuned in and transformed

direct from our source

pure consciousness

Thing is at the time of our birth most of us learned how to relate

from a place of distortion because that is the nature of where our planetary evolution is 🙂

Ancestors lineage ~ the sacred code ~ has been distorted from the true light code

of christ consciousness

on purpose for learning 🙂

so we could learn what that created

and now we can transform it

we can be

the change that we want to see

Do you see ?

As we are experiential beings 

we can only create a different experience

when we have a code and change it

that is cosmic law and the nature of energetic creation


when we do that on all levels


Mind Body and Spirit

the holy trinity

On planet earth we are really good at using our mind

what we often avoid is feeling our feelings

and this is where our growth area is

Loving the skin we are in

and letting our true emotions come out and be healed


So today look at what is coming our way that is

always the growth area in this spiral

Every time this spiral comes round you can use

it as a universal life coaching tool for yourself

Exercise you can use if you choose :

See what is coming that we love 

the lunar feminine

the new world beckoning

new knowledge of our feminine self

the universe replying to the intention we sent out yesterday

(If you haven’t done this you can revisit it here : Red Serpent Wavespell)

Draw a tarot card with this intention

What can I expand on ?

What is my inner critic telling me that is my resistance

and instead of labelling it as a “negative” 

see it as our amazing potentiality

our brave new world

we are creating truly from our courage

from our heart

What is seeking to die around our distorted code that creates inauthenticity?

What is seeking to live that is true?

Remembering that our untrained ego will do the most bizarre things to 

avoid emotional discomfort

The emotional mind isn’t logical and creates addictions and behaviours that do not make sense

A fun way to create a power team here ~ ask Spock what his views are on a situation if you are unsure 🙂


or another suggestion



or whoever feels good for you 🙂

Is something you are contemplating a spin doctor story or truly from Spirit ?

Time for the lambs to become lions

and bust through the death stars

illuminate the dark spaces

from within 

the shadow is where the jewels lie 

treasure waiting to be found

for the soul seeker

Rule of thumb:

In our society if something in a structure, a business, a government plan

doesn’t make any sense

It’s a good sign that it is an untrained ego energy 🙂

And we can simply have awareness of that information

and we create an informed choice point of how we choose to dance with that energy

if at all 🙂 

Base Chakra 2-1

Whatever comes up today that feels resistance

allow it

hear it 

honour it

and if you know how to tap ~ EFT ~ then tap and reveal the gift it brings that you can let go of from your past

and if you don’t know 

may I suggest you learn?

Loads of free resources out there lovelies

Here is my triggers video

Love to you and your transformation of your

inner world today

Go Goddess

red overtone moon

Red Serpent 2 ~ challenge


Portal Day ~ The Challenge Day of Red Serpent

White Lunar WorldBridger Day
Are you ready to go through the gateway and see the bigger picture?

What is challenging you about your relationships and raising resistance to loving the skin you are in ?
Notice how you are feeling today ~ let the feelings be your guide.

This is day 1 of 10 galactic portal days ~ in plain language what this allows us to do is to see beyond our personality ~ we can rise above our “story” and see the bigger picture of our path ~ if we choose. Aquarius moon is assisting us today on this lunar day ~ as always the Mayan calendar is revealing the perfection of our universal wheel of the soul journey.

Waning moon time is the perfect time to let go of what is no longer serving us and any shadow emotions show us this ~ they are the starting point of a journey to new spaces.
If you have any doubts about your divinity this framework will assist in this awakening process and the ego’s fear of death ❤

Practical tip :

Start to journal what comes up each day ~ you can join me with my posts and my blog if you choose and feel it is something that is calling to you ~ you are ready to connect to the synchronising framework that brings soul integration and is the sacred feminine returning to our planet for our Aquarius evolution.
Simply start to do this journey consciously ~ maybe you just want to dip your toe in or dive into the depths ~ whatever works for you 🙂

I am getting people contacting me now and this is their wavespell ~ they are intuitively knowing this although their mind does not consciously know it ❤

If you want to know more about this simply send me your time, date, place of birth and I will send you info ~ it is free ~ there is no obligation ~ I love this way of relating and I learn from it ~ I evolve ❤ I am not selling you anything

I am sharing information with you and my agenda you may ask ?

To empower each person with the ability to take their own emotional evolution 🙂 This has an impact on me as I am another you 🙂
I am Aquarius Rising with Uranus in Virgo and this is my way of relating 🙂
This is the key now if you feel called ~ trust your gut 🙂 Follow your heart and even though it may not make any rational “sense” go with it ~ let your soul shine ❤

Exciting times ❤

When you start to turn everything on it’s head you know there is magic afoot ~ this is the paradox.

Our sacred feminine selves have different ways of being and we are remembering them all.

When you become comfortable with the uncomfortable this is when fear is being recognised as the place new journeys begin ❤

In NLP terms ~ when we get to the edge of our map of awareness we stare off into the void ~ the unknown, the unmapped, the deep unchartered waters of new learning.

Our mind may panic ~ depending on how flexible it is about newness
Our mind may look at it’s history ~ it’s map ~ to risk assess

Remember the map is not the territory ~ it is simply our map

If we choose to expand our map then……

we do it experientially through relating to our world

Expanding our map intellectually is like sitting in a library and getting a book out about trekking in Nepal …….we will learn information

we don’t immerse ourselves in the totality of it and so we don’t get an in depth holistic experience.

Humanity is ready to go large now 🙂 The mystical journey is open to all who dare to dream ~ it is time ❤

Deeper exploration:

If you feel ready to go deeper then open up and intend to explore your map.

Are you ready to face your shadow ?

Are you ready to bring light to it?

All the emotions that feel uncomfortable have a thread to a space in our past……

an event that generally is replicated many times and the older we are the more it will be replicated as this is what we attract ~ our pattern ❤
If you are ready to go for it……and it is the perfect time……you are ready to bridge your worlds so you can go to all times and transcend them emotionally.

Only when we transcend them emotionally and forgive can we create new worlds within.

If you know about Emotional Freedom Technique you can use this amazing tool to work deeper and create change ~ if you don’t know about it ~ explore it ~ it can change your whole life ~ it has changed mine and lots of people I know.

The key to self empowerment is being able to tap for yourself ~ build your skill 🙂 I  share the awareness of it because…..

I believe….

Anyone and everyone can do it and therefore it is a totally co creative tool

Whatever tools you have in your tool box already ~ it will enhance.

Sharing my challenges with you with the intention of  creating intimacy and raising awareness of how this can be such a gift :

Today when I was 15 my grandad died. He was also a Leo and someone I love very much. He died the day after my mum’s birthday and it was unexpected . He had been very ill for quite a long time and was making , seemingly, a very good recovery.

It seemed very unfair when he died ~ the worst seemed past and then out of the blue ~ he was gone.

He was my first close family member to die when I was at an age to really be aware and feel it and know what it meant ~ that in this lifetime I was never going to see him again, hear his voice, have him in my world as part of my day to day living …..

and that wrench was massive for me.

The pain was intense .

We can all have a sense of death ~ the reality of it happening is a whole different ball game though.

The emotional fall out for my family was huge and they were so enveloped in their pain that I felt unsupported. I dealt with it mainly through avoidance ~ going out with my friends and avoiding being at home. I am not blaming my family now ~ they did the best they could, that time has gone and I cannot change it ~ I did have a lot of anger about how they related with me at that time ~ and this was key to my emotional journey and letting go of my Grandad many years later.

I didn’t go to the funeral and for years afterwards I had dark dreams and no closure .

I hid my emotion in alcohol and created a pattern for myself that lasted me a good few decades. A significant death creates scar tissue on our map of life . It is a dark edge , often jagged and sets energy in motion ~ it impacts on everything ~ our beliefs about belonging , life, feeling safe, secure, money ~ our foundations.

It’s web is far reaching.

I have done a lot of EFT on this and finally faced many things I didn’t want to look at and more importantly feel at this time.

When I was ready to look I did and have revisited this many times.

Generally my feelings that came up were around guilt ~ I didn’t spend a lot of time with him when he was ill ~ I found it difficult to see him like that . I was angry at being made to go in a neighbours whilst the adult’s dealt with the situation ~ I felt excluded and in the worst possible place with strangers I didn’t feel comfortable with. I felt unprepared ~ even more so when I was eventually told he had a heart condition ~ I felt that if I had known I wouldn’t have been so shocked ~ I was told this was withheld to “protect me” . I accept all these aspects as to other people’s actions came from a place of positive intention ~ especially now I am a parent and have been placed in these situations myself ~ I also accept how I felt about it then ~ this is key and again another misunderstanding that many people make.

Our ego doesn’t want us to feel “bad” so it puts an intellectual spin on things ~ an adult perspective ~ that the inner child doesn’t feel and this creates dissonance and stops healing. Avoidance pattern.

My Saturn is in Pisces and this is very significant around father figures and our relationship with our masculine, unrealistic expectations around role models and therefore “should” beliefs  ~ having an energetic emotional scar attracts lots of experiences for us to raise our awareness ~ and often it isn’t what we “think” it is ~ when we tap, what it actually is comes to the surface and there are lots of aspects.

These emotional anchors keep pulling us back until we release them ~ this may take several visits ~ remember we are co creating with many other patterns and people in our rich time travel tapestry of life journey. Our soul journey’s don’t have to make “sense” they aren’t a mind trip ~ they are experiential learning to feel certain emotions and understand through that emotional journey. Clients often ask why on earth any soul would choose such suffering and my understanding is that it is often at the time of most suffering that we have the greatest of learning about our soul and others…..On the planet we are in dark moon time in this evolution ~ the dark night of the soul.

I believe this is why the shadow events happen at the perfect time ~ to guide us through our soul journey along with everything and everyone  else.

Many therapists focus on needing to clear everything in one session and finding all the aspects ~ and sometimes that is possible  ~ to get clear on a perspective of it that is relevant in that moment.

When it is time it is time.

Deeper enquiry can be to see what is motivating that need to clear ~ to prove that the therapist has validity and can get a result ? Often people are purging to rid themselves so they can be clear because ….

they are afraid to go down into the pit …..

and that is futile 🙂

The pit is a wonderful place of creativity and to avoid it means we play with the pattern of purgatory ~ because sure enough we will keep on doing the same behaviour that led us to it in the first place ~ the ego is the groundhog  incarnate.

It may pretend it is doing a different show and be a gifted chameleon ~ unless we have cleared the emotion and taken responsibility for our choices for our journey so far …..

we end up in the same neck of the woods in a different outfit …..

As we face our emotion we remove layers and we are rewarded with …..clarity ……unless we go through the emotion ~ we hold it and so we remain stuck in the mud.

When I share the importance of emotional process every day in my blog and with my clients many people simply don’t understand and do not go there ~ especially in the UK ~ we are in a system that doesn’t celebrate the emotional and tends to hide emotion ~ hence being the Capricorn country

What I mean by going there ~ feeling the feelings, being with them, allowing them ………and then letting them go.

Most people start to feel them and then start to do what they have always done ~ avoid them because it feels uncomfortable ~ indeed many people would rather die        ( and do) than feel their own shadow and are deeply afraid of going through a process with it.

Thing is….if you don’t go there it keeps coming up until you do

and so many therapists, coaches, facilitators, spiritual teachers …..

are speaking from a pattern of avoidance, living in la la land of doing the same old pattern,  maybe spinning out something they learned in two weeks and have no experiential integration of …….

Which I believe is……

a pattern of deception, manipulation and  not learning from past behaviour ~ a shadow pattern 🙂

We all have stuff ~ and we all bring it to the table with everything in our life ~ that is the nature of being a human being 🙂

Yes we can avoid things that make us uncomfortable ~ they do not go away though…..

energetically they get bigger and bigger and attract events to match and illness in our body until we pay attention

so why do people believe in these deception patterns ?

fake it until you make it ~

spin doctor it ~

spam it ~

make a big list so you can inbox a kazillion people

and do the least effort for the maximum return…..

denial….. of seeing reality of a clear picture……because the creativity is initiated from a place of …..distortion ~ shadow

What we are doing, we are being

and our world cannot support the ego machine any more  ~ it is time for a change ~

so if we are involved in  a plan that may be of ego shadow…..

maybe place the emphasis on doing lots of ego shadow  enquiry and work and face the truth about ourselves instead of and before…..

teaching or assisting others in their process ~ the focus is externally referenced otherwise  ~ time to take responsibility for our part in the world 

being honest with people about the true nature of where we actually are and how we came to be in this situation  is a powerful first step  ~ instead of selective screening because we are worried about what others will “think” . 

If you find yourself bridling at the moment  with people in your circle  who really cannot see their shadow at work and insist it is your issue ~ 

the key is in the behaviour

Behaviour always reveals the shadow and this is the nature of the biblical quote ~ By their fruits ye shall know them

Aside from the controlling religious angle the historical texts have some shiny wisdom 🙂

For clarity ~ I have no religion 🙂

If you are around my age ~ 47 ~ you may be revisiting the time of your relationships with teachers and part of this bridling feeling ~ anger and non acceptance of  people who are stating that they are teachers, guides, whatever because of their behaviour ~ which you are challenging because it is dishonest and manipulative.

If we don’t speak out…..how do we raise awareness ? How do we create change ?

To let go of the intensity ~ 

tune in to what their behaviour is pattern matching from

maybe your teenage years 🙂

Adults being insincere with you as a child

First days at school

Dishonest communication ~ avoiding the truth you are offering and denying it

saying one thing and doing the opposite ~ incongruent behaviour

This is the key to creating transformation and why I love EFT and I share it ~ it totally works in amazing ways and if it is not working in that moment ~ persevere until it does ~ don’t give up 🙂

If your intensity hasn’t gone down you simply haven’t found the thread yet so keep open and…….

simply tap on accepting your feelings

As you love and accept where you are ~ and this is often one of the biggest gateways ~ self talk of ” I shouldn’t be angry, sad , jealous,…..”

because you had an emotional experience with another person ( maybe many over your lifetime) around you expressing these emotions…. who didn’t want to deal with your feelings and told you to stop behaving authentically ~ because they didn’t know any better/weren’t able to deal with your emotion because what it was bringing up for them/trying to manage you/ control you/manipulate you and deferring and deflecting that back onto you ~ making you take responsibility for their behaviour by blaming you

Turning the truth around ~ this is also known as gaslighting

It is used with great skill in our western society for selling things people don’t want or need and when being found out for a hidden agenda ~ creating scenarios that expand fear to justify having a war machine for example.

When we look deeper at an individual’s history we often see a deep wound event which has created a need to protect and support a damaged ego …….

We all have ego shadow events and these create a choice point ~

For most people who are living in western society the choice is externally referenced ~ being shown that one is a” good ” person that is socially recognised and becomes a celebrity in some way. They could be on the stage, a speaker, an actor, performing arts who need to be recognised in that way . They are seeking bigger and bigger adulation to prove they are good enough and we can see this behaviour in particular with ageing celebs ~ you are only as good as your last box office hit ~ when they are unable to create this fix ,they find it in other ways with attention seeking behaviour ( not always conscious) and if you look closely you can see a pattern emerging ~ George Michael has had some near death scrapes in the last couple of years. This amazing, talented man ~I have cried through one of his concerts at the outpouring of love for his love who died of Aids and Jesus to a child was written for ~ seemingly from what has happened in many of his life events, does not feel loved and know on an emotional level in his heart, the gifts he has brought to so many. He is such an amazing teacher as are so many celebs living such a public life.

I feel very sad when I see this ~ not that I label it “right” or “wrong” ~ simply seeing people suffering because they don’t feel their own amazingness and believe in themselves ~ because I know what that feels like ~ having experienced it myself .

I have worked with people who have spent many years in psychotherapy and it hasn’t changed how they feel ~ because it cannot ~ talking and intellect is purely on a mind level.

You may understand how, who, why …….and you still feel terrible. You are feeling post traumatic stress ~ heart hurt . We feel with our heart not with our head 🙂

EFT works with the emotional mind 

If instead of going outwards now and creating multi billion companies ~ Bill Gates ~ people go within to their shadow ~with the same level of energy and attention what a different place our world would be.

People who have high levels of self esteem and confidence ~ genuinely ~ do not need to create a big show ~ they are happy with very simple living because …..

everything naturally occurring in our world is a pure wonder ~ especially human beings who relate with open hearts free from ego 🙂

The Mayan Wavespell can assist your mind in becoming clearer about your journey so far and how all things fit together ~ prepare to be amazed as you see your bigger picture ~ as and when it becomes available in a time frame uniquely tailored to you.

Today I took another step and looked at 13 year cycles for a client

When you do this you can see how every 13 years we have a cycle that is guiding our evolution and the older we get the more this thread weaves to all times and places in a very meaningful way.

We have four energetic signs that takes us through four directions raising our consciousness.

My Grandad died on Red Galactic Dragon  ~ this was in the year White Wizard in the wavespell of White Wizard and his Mayan Sign was ……White Wizard .

He has the same Mayan sign and number as my daughter.

In terms of my 13 year cycle ~ I was in Year 10 of a a 13 year cycle Red Planetary Earth which started in 1970 with Yellow Human. The start of the 13 year determines the energetic flavour of it.

We completed the Yellow Human Wavespell last week ~ our humanity and how our body reveals where our energy is flowing . It may not make any sense to you at the moment ~ at first it can seen an overwhelming amount of information ~ this is why it is easiest to learn experientially and intuitively ~ in bite size pieces that are easily digested because they arrive at the perfect time.

As and when we are ready for the next cosmic bite ~ we take it. It is a whole new exciting way to send our divine code.


My Grandad had a heart defect from when he was born ~ a Leo’s key symbolic organ. Leo’s journey is primarily to live a life of courage through the heart. Amazingly he still did many things and was in the Navy in the second world war ~ amazing how this “shouldn’t ” have happened…..and yet he passed as fully fit for service at that time.

My family have been my greatest teachers especially around the work that I do now. I am guessing yours are too? I am choosing to bring this learning into being with my children ~ they are teaching me to be clearer and more honest every day .


If we want to birth new ways of being in our world …..we have to be prepared to have integrity and do what it takes to create them. 

It is very important to have ways for our mind to create structures and activities 

and ways for our spirit to flow through us

and to allow our emotions to show us where heart changes are being sought.


Love to you and your challenge today ❤ ❤ ❤

It is the gift of the doorway opening ~ Lilith energy
Will you take the gift she is offering you to evolve ?
We are learning about loving relationships ~ intimacy.