Yellow Seed Planetary Energy


Yellow Seed 
Yellow Seed is Code 4

It is a planetary code

In Astrology it relates to the 4th house 

In the natural zodiac this is the 4th sign of the Zodiac which is Cancer

This is key for the North Node planetary transit happening now ~ 

in Cancer December 2018

The 4th house
is where the childhood patterning

takes place specifically

with the 5th house being the house of the child ~ Leo 

Stairway to Heaven begins in the 4th
What is in your 4th house ?

Where is Cancer in your chart ?

This will reveal the key structure of your childhood patterning

that you are here to become an expert on





It is the key process for the human being
to release their starseed mission
in this life 
to evolve beyond their human being

conditioned mindset

It is time for this to happen
Yellow Seed’s planet is Jupiter 
Jupiter’s transit on the planet right now is in Sagittarius ~ in it’s own sign  ~ December 2018

Creation of new stars in the Galactic Centre ~
time to create new scripts and stories here ~

to do that requires inner work ~

it is not an intellectual process

Where Jupiter is in your chart ~ house and sign

is key 

This reveals what you are personally here to master


Yellow Solar Human



Hecate by William Blake 

Yellow Solar Human 


22 October 2017

The Gateway


Yellow Seed Wavespell

and a

human evolution portal day 


Gateway as it is a number 9


Again lots of revelations on a personal level for me over the past couple of days 

around patterns 

especially my personal patterns

which is the key to understanding The Mysteries

First it is essential to 

Know Thyself 

Then all the other doorways unlock from there


My Burner Day 

What does that mean ?

Not sure exactly as I am learning as I go experientially 

Here is what I have found :

Each Wavespell is 13 days 

52 days in 4 Wavespells = A Castle 

Which is also the age that the Mayan Sign of your birth repeats

Our Galactic Signature and the Creativity Code

we are here to embody and create with

as a Human Being carrying a Spiritual Being 

I have mapped my birthdays and each one is aligned to a year

of my human experience Today I noticed some new information:

that for every Burner Year of mine~ It is A Crystal Year on the planet 

A Burner Day occurs every 65 days

from our birthday

So there is an additional 13 day process 

Which is also the same in the Mayan 260 Day Wave 

Red Castle

White Castle 

Blue Castle

Yellow Castle 

Green Castle

Sharing my journey of Burners:

Red Solar Earth ~ 1991 
when I went to London in Nov Wetherspoons age 26

White Crystal Wizard on the planet 

White Solar Wind ~ 2004 ~ age 39 
One of the Venus Transits on the planet
Article here:
Blue Crystal Storm on the planet
I stopped smoking and I had a big estrangement within my family
Blue Solar Hand ~

when I was born in 1965 


in 2017 when I was 52 ~ a 13 Clear Sign

Yellow Crystal Seed on the planet ~ Red Skywalker Wavespell
the current Mayan Year we are in

Yellow Solar Human ~ when I was 13 ~ 1978 ~ a portal year 

A teenager 
Red Crystal Moon on the planet

All Crystal Years on the planet

So today I am in my Flowering Burner and seeing where I am as a Human Being 

How my conditioning and coping mechanisms are coming off now 

slowly over time 

to reveal the true being I am 

freer of co dependency code 

freer of conditional love 

freer of culture conditioning 

Moving into balance of the masculine and feminine within me 

As I alchemically heal and shape my destiny 



I watched the film


again last night

It gave me more insights

Each time we go around our Solar Return we change 

The starry skies connect to our inner cosmic codes 



new learning and awareness


for those intending it be so 


Knowing thyself is key 

Know your Astrology 

Know the planetary happenings 

Know your Mayan Code

Then travel this life with awareness of what is happening to you

Why you are here at this time 


What your Mission Impossible is 

So you can accept it through accepting yourself 


move into a position of empowerment as a result 


I am honoured and privileged

to do other people’s charts 


code readings 

It is so wow and creates an access into the bigger picture 


everything is interlinked  

I did a reading for two dear friends yesterday 

and their path together 

Their Astrology

Their combined Mayan Signs


when they met 

Truly Magical and Synchronistic

Led me on an intuitive Cookie Trail

The next 260 Day Spiral is:

February 08 2018

Galactic Moon Day 2

Waning Moon in Scorpio

at the Aquarius Meridian time of 1am 

23 degrees of Scorpio:

Inside Degrees Website

A collection of dolls. 
The inside of things takes charge when the ego-self is out of the picture and we are free to go with our fancy. The outer side of things becomes purely symbolic, just one way to do it. When the formative soul has its way, the world is recreated in a different image. Eliminating the usual mental considerations, the formative soul sticks to how things feel inside, and pushes for a world that matches the inner pictures. Becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out of what is obvious and straightforward. Deeply driven to move out beyond the known into other realities. A resourcefulness that knows no bounds. Able to turn anything back into what it was meant to be. In the process, you crack through every kind of consensus agreement, becoming an outlaw, fused with core existence and drawing the energy out of empty forms into what is here. When you can feel the magic and know it is real, it is the touchstone to make it all real again.

What is coming through for our experience 

during the current Scorpio Gateway 

is key now

as we will be integrating it then 


Last degrees of Scorpio and beginning of Sagittarius Moon as I write this:

An umbilical cord. 
Definitely completely attached, but what you are attached to changes drastically. Each time it is to the source of sustenance. If at first a mother, womb, an elemental past, it can easily become later on a great teacher, a path, a journey. You are still thoroughly, personally hooked into the sweetness, the juice, the power. Yet as the levels shift, as the attunement deepens, you go from destructive enmeshment toward incredible openings. And as you learn to cut loose from each last thing and to move toward the next greater thing, you become adept in the rough process of inner soul work. You have an extraordinary aptitude for taking the most binding and heavy-duty circuits and moving into and through them, grasping hold of the guiding influence of ever-greater circles of allegiance. Leading eventually toward mutation and evolutionary breakthrough of the first magnitude.


A very dark sky, but no rain. 
Holding over yourself karmic matters. The probation of the soul. Intent is all. A karmic dilemma of long standing. An advanced stage of the warrior battling the self. A gloomy foreboding. Self-mistrust. Holding back at the edge with a heavy heart, with a desperation to break through. Yet you have an eerie capacity for denying yourself what is sought. Inwardly frightened, even terrorized. The imaginative dimension takes charge and death saturates it. There is an anticlimactic feeling when it should have happened, it could have happened and yet, it cannot and will not. Karmic crystallizations of will. Nothing truly moving onward until you experience complete surrender, radical self-overcoming.


A woman, manacled in solid gold chains.
Vividly attached to your own personal limitations, idiosyncrasies, and karmic backlog, you are identified within the strict circle of familiar difficulties, dilemmas, issues, and problems. Habituated to a thick atmosphere of being surrounded and enveloped by all the places you have hung out forever. Immobilized in your will and truly feeling incapable of overthrowing the past. You feel chaotically fascinated by and deeply saturated in patterns, syndromes, and subconscious escapes. Yet in the fiery midst of this very enchantment, you can go free if you inwardly come to a place where all the old spells no longer work and your resurgent spirit simply refuses to confound itself any further.

The Resonance of Blue Hand

is on

Valentine’s Day 

Blue Hand in it’s pure form 


To reveal how we can see our bigger picture


shape our destiny with

the first Wavespell in the 260 day cycle

awakening us to

what the Great Mother is bringing us 

Before I came to live in Glastonbury I created an 

Open Your Heart Retreat

at that time of year

I will be creating another one for this amazing time 

Watch this Space 


Going over my experiences around Valentine’s Day more recently 

I had two events around wounding


2016 and 2017 

One in Red Skywalker Wavespell

One in Red Earth Wavespell

Both Red Wavespell’s awakening me to

What creates Heaven on Earth

What creates Feeling safe on Earth 

I revisited times in my past with conscious awareness of what creates the opposite to that for me 

A wake up call 

Key experiential learning for my 

Book of Shadows 



Have you started yours yet?

Mars has gone into Libra today 

My placement 

Here is an article by CIA 

Lots of workshops coming up

in my locality for you to get involved in

Connect with me on Facebook too ~ lots of videos on there

Here is the latest one and sorry but I still have not figured out how to do this with a pic yet 😉 


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Yellow Seed Wavespell ~ unfurl the gift


Yellow Seed Wavespell

Please click on the links to take you to other websites that expand on the information

The human evolution process

Today is the day of the challenge that we face as human beings

to take the next steps

and take responsibility

for understanding how the universe works

by understanding how we work


therefore starting to live in a whole different way

by learning how we relate is key 

Red Lunar Serpent




Day 2 of every wavespell is the new learning

that can feel very uncomfortable

because it is very simply



the human being part of us that navigates our life:

the ego

does not like certain new paths

simply because it has no way of risk assessing it

as it is unknown

Once we really start to understand

this part of us

we are in a whole new relationship with life

the universe

and everything

because on one level

it really is all about us


This process of life as a human being

who wants to raise their conscious awareness

starts by understanding themselves

and how human beings are a holograph

an energy template

in an energetic matrix

Most people are still doing this intellectually


focusing on the sacred geometry of the universe

outside stuff

building blocks of stars and galaxies

and some still believing that a meditation

a guided journey 

will clear old code automatically 

without any effort on the part of the individual 

when the way of existence of the human being evolution

did not appear in that way

which defies any common sense really 

unless you still believe

the creation of the world is a seven day process

which is a fairytale for children

willing to be led

by predatory manipulators basically

but there are some

who are forging

light years ahead

understanding that

the focus point is everything



that when you shift your focus

to yourself


your own creation process

get really specific about

your own specific creation application software


lift off

miracles occur



it is so exciting

so amazing

and all the secrets of life

and the meaning

and the reasons

are unveiled

as you unveil yourself


That does not mean it is all roses


feeling ecstatic



in fact

the reverse is true to begin with

The pain is where the bliss is

Transforming the pain

creates the acceptance of the past

through feeling it

This is the eye of the needle moment

What we resist persists

because ?????

That is the whole point of us being here


To understand

what creates painful relationship

and everything that has created it for us


We have that knowledge

and with that knowledge

we keep going until we find solutions

and new learning  to heal


We are Chiron

We have chosen to come here and learn



what creates the human being feeling of


being unloved

or the perception of it

the belief of it

the ego spin story

of ….

feeling crap in a nutshell


when we become an expert of

what creates

feeling crap experience

for us

then we are at a place of potential mastery

only most people never go beyond

that point


and simply accept that is how it is

life is an expletive… and then you die approach

most people are so accepting of anything

it is totally mad 

complete lack of understanding that the world we live in today 

is created by human beings ~

it didn’t happen by accident 


like some random event

and so it can be created in a different way …

if people are willing to take their power back

and do what it takes

to be the change

just look on Facebook

of people’s comments


“this is how the world is”

so we should just accept it

what a total abdication of responsibility 

Is that what a human being

amounts to

these days ? 

Lie down and let everyone wipe their feet on me

because they can ?


because they are bullies ?

because they have more in their bank account

powerful connections

doesn’t it remind you of school unfairness?

Who got to choose the way of power at school ~

was it the people who were kind?



intelligent ?


See how that framework is still in place ?


well that is an option in life of course to lie down and take it

and wash our hands of any responsibility or any part in it

and that is another key

to the mystery



life is like booking a holiday

it is a process

if we choose not to look deeply into the terms and conditions…

ignore the instruction manual…

not even know that there is one

believe what ego structured truth systems say life is 

without taking the time to check out for ourself what is deeper

believe what anyone says who does not know us

and yet knows apparently

what is best for us

believe we have no power

still keep accepting ridiculous abusive relationships after there is no doubt

that they are abusive because…

well everyone knows that is true

it is self-evident

we are on the holiday from hell

now we can go beyond this crossroads

if we choose


to do something about this situation personally

take responsibility

for what we did exactly

to arrive at this destination


look deeply

what behaviour did I do ?

what thoughts and beliefs created this behaviour ?

did I really want to do that ?

what could I have done instead?


Start with the end in mind

where do I want to be instead ?

what would I need to do in my behaviour ?

what thoughts and beliefs would I have to do to support this new destination?


that is the coaching format

that appeals to the mind

and the ego

but remember the ego

is going to have to…

do something new


that takes courage

courage comes from the heart



If you have ever had a time when you spoke your truth

dared to dream

opened your heart

let out your true self that did not fit the mold of the general populace

your work colleagues

your friend circle

and your birth tribe

this is the other half of the whole

that most people are not yet aware of

This is what is holding you back from having the courage

If you are young

chances are it won’t be too big to overcome

and you can forge ahead with little fear

if like me you are at what we call


~ I am 49

although on average of a lifespan of 70 midlife is 35

50 is the Chiron return

magical book recommendation ~ Chiron Rainbow Bridge by Barbara Hand Clow


50 is the decade of getting to the heart of the matter and healing

then chances are your heart stopping moments may be pretty high

you may be feeling lost

wondering what happened to your dreams and goals

Life is changing so fast that you may feel it is passing you by

you are not feeling connected


that you are still trying to do what you did at 30

in a body that cannot do that anymore

and a spirit

that does not want to do that anymore


it is not meant to 

it is time to do something in a different way


You may also be 30


your Saturn return

and not wanting to continue  with your life in the same vein

as you did before

but wondering what you can do because of society rules

and ways of life



at 42 having a midlife crisis

as your Uranus opposition is shooting liquid light up your spine

Magical book recommendation ~ Liquid Light of Sex ~ Barbara Hand Clow


revealing all these old code blockages about you and your belief about life on earth

All of these life stages are significant

and there are lots more

All have a reason

in fact

everything that ever happens has a reason


if you are ready to get

deep down and personal

with the Goddess

in you

you are ready for the time of your life

It is a roller~ coaster ride

It is exhilarating

It is breath taking

It is Cosmic

It means you will have to be ready to be Alice

Shake off your shackles

Conditioned beliefs about who you are

and learn totally new paradigm structures


Neo in the Matrix


To be Quetzecoatl embodied

by doing the Great Work


The key though is not

the visualisation

the lists

the affirmations

the feel good factor 

This is the surface stuff that sells out literally

If you want to change your code

If you want to change the world for real

If you want to be empowered

be responsible

be the shaman

the magician

the priestess

the lover not the fighter 

the one who creates galaxies

All rolled into one 

Then the first step you have to take …


Is the willingness to look at yourself

all the bits of your life that


do not like

That is the first step that is mandatory 


get ready for the red sea to part 


The Alchemy is within

If you do not change yourself

nothing can change


Today we can look back at what brought us into the centre of the Matrix 


The Red Serpent Wavespell

on 30 October 


This was Halloween time

This was Scorpio Gateway time

This was the 8th Gate of Integration

The Red Code that awakens us in the Blue Castle of Transformation

Whatever came up for you then is key to what is new learning 

about you 

and how you relate 

You cannot hide from the vibrational world

You cannot change your law of attraction by visualisation

You cannot change your code by affirmation

Your code is your code

and thankfully it is a good deal stronger than that 

otherwise our universe would be extremely unstable

To believe that this is true…

that code changing is so surface 

is revealed as lacking depth and integrity 

and easily known therefore as an ego framework 



Ego denial 



an ego power trip designed to divert the mind

and avoid going deeper into the dark matter

The ego believing it has the power to overwrite universal law

and avoid death and all such inconvenient truths

that create potential anxiety 

about things it cannot control

The universe


which we are a part of remember

brings us what we need

which is usually not what we want

the untrained ego brings us what we want 

which is usually a quick fix 

to change our mood for a while

Anyone who has not done inner work

to create change

through conscious awareness of their own patterns

and shadow

Is coming from a one sided perspective 

Is coming from ego framework

That is the truth

It isn’t a judgement call

It is what it is 

discernment is key to see what is in plain sight

Eyes the window of the soul

So ….

What do you choose now ?

It is happening anyway 

you are sending out a vibe to the universe

The universe is sending out a vibe to everyone 

The code of evolution

the return to balance of the sacred feminine

You can be taken with it

You can ride the snake consciously


The choice as always is yours 

Your gift to the world is the seed within and this is what initiated yesterday:

red overtone moon

The unfurling begins
The pressure is on with the universal energies
These 13 days of cosmic code are the building blocks of human evolution
The 10 portal process begins on Wednesday
This is the flowering time where we get to see what is opening for us now
What is possible now ~
If …
We are ready to burst out of our self imposed cocoon
and allow ourselves to fly
high on the cosmic winds
to all the far flung corners of the globe
Free ourself from ego conditioned limitation
Remember who we were many moons ago
Before life happened and we got hit in the crossfire
Maybe lost our way
Castaway on distant shores
Today’s Planet connected to this sign is Jupiter


If you know your natal chart ~ your Starcode
the holographic blueprint of your soul journey
It will reveal where you are seeking expansion and learning in this lifetime
This energy is expansive as it is Sagi’s ruling planet
It is exuberant and bigger even than the Sun
The biggest planet in our solar system
It can allow us to inflate our ego too and if that is a raw ego that can bring more mask~ erading
Playing games and avoidance of intimacy
The route to the outer planets is through our heart and the healing of our wounded
Chiron space
If your Chiron is in Pisces then this is key now
Time to feel all those sensitive sore spots
and hear them tell you of their fears and grief
All from the past
All being played out now
The challenge tomorrow is to revisit the Red Serpent that brought us in to the heart of the Tzolk’in
All about our relationships and how we learned to give and receive
It is Moon in waning Cancer at 12 degrees as I write this in the UK :
Carefully a surgeon begins the dissection of a corpse.
The analytical intellect takes as its special province the after image, the recapitulative view. Second-guessing yourself, criticizing, cutting things up. You are expertly skillful at showing things the way they are on the surface–an extraordinary genius in this domain can evolve. Cooling off partisan sentiment and getting at what is there. Devoid of idealistic projections. Sticking to the facts. Designing life as an experiment in which you must pay very close attention and miss nothing. heart is cut out, the human element is eliminated. Is it an advance or a regressive loop? Do some things just have to be this way? Is the world a stark and barren place to be? And is there a path directly under this icy intellect to recover the soul in things to the mind’s satisfaction and the spirit’s release?…/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html…
If we wish to work on our own personal evolution in this lifetime
There are many ingredients to this alchemical cake to bake
First of all to be very aware of our sacred seed awaiting unveiling
This is revealed in our Astrology and Mayan Sign
There we see the bare bones
Next ~
See what has accumulated so far on this journey as to aches and pains
energy blocks
Through our body ~ the philosopher’s stone that does not lie like the mind

Base Chakra 2-1
See what is showing up for us every day that feels
Remember our youthful dreams if we are mature in age
Notice the differences
Where do we feel we have maybe lost our way ?

Places we haven’t yet explored?
What is our true heart’s desire ?
What is bliss that maybe we miss ?
That doesn’t come through consuming .
These are the golden threads
that brought together
Reveal the truth
The Golden Seed

free of the protective husks that have arisen as part of our co dependent code
in society
Today we can set the intention to begin to know ourself
and open to becoming a clear channel to our source energy
The part of us that is all seeing
all knowing
free of any corporation
free of ego distortion
ready and waiting to guide us
when we do what it takes to receive …
Clear the Co dependent Code
Allow Co Creation Code
Free the spirit within
Be the love we seek


Spinning the web



Day 13 ~ bask in the warmth of the Yellow Cosmic Warrior energy

We have completed the  Yellow seed Wavespell in full today and it is time to weave a quantum leap time traveller suit 🙂

Time to future vision as to what seeds can be taken from these thirteen days to weave some powerful stuff in this coming new year of Yellow Galactic Seed.

Are we living what we truly believe?

There was a time where wisdom was woven into the carpets to keep it alive ~ now we can bring that into ourselves as it is the perfect time.

Today is Moon in Scorpio and the energy is building strongly towards the peak of the full moon in Aquarius on Monday 22 July.

It is time to notice all those words of wisdom that your ego mind is speaking to you about your state of the affairs of your heart ~ the feelings ~ the bigger picture ~ the energy of the new age coming in ~ how we weave with our community planet earth.

Many ego masks have mutated to deliver a different sermon ~ however they are still singing that same old song of ~ manipulation and saving the planet/others/the poor soul when this is simply a “fix it ” strategy that is authenticity absent.

To achieve master of the middle path ~ being in balance ~ we reconcile all our inner worlds and pay attention to all of them.

All the signs and clues are there when we allow ourselves to come to centre.

If you are ready to do this now and get your chariot ready to follow the yellow seed brick road that commences on the 26th of July ~ then here’s how I can help you on your journey if you choose to honour me as your guide.

Lots to ponder today when I was setting up my photo shoot for my Open Your Heart Retreat that starts on July 25th.

If I had “trotted this out” as a re run of last year then I would not be in the moment of knowingness that I am delivering it now ~ that is the difference.

Walking my talk of going with the flow and being in the moment as much as we possible can rather than being too future based which usually comes from time constraints and sometimes fear based too.

What I am learning to do …..I am sharing with you

It is “a path” not “the path” as each path is personal…..and there are some shared areas of general signposts and common ground.

Whatever I share is intended to help support you to make your own choices from a place of self empowerment and shape your spider web through your own shadow filter.

Chances are if you are connecting to me you are a shadow worker, a seer and a person who has a specific life mission to work with this end of times energy and by doing your own transformational process you can help others do the same.

We are here to be our star show from the heart ~ anyone who believes they have to rescue anyone else or be a saviour for others has lots of inner work to do ~ we are here primarily to be our unique self and change ourselves….

that is the only person we can change and when we start to really understand that and do it ~ everything else changes. This is mastery ~  to know, to let go of putting the cart before the horse 🙂

Lots of spiders in my tent today and a ghost moth in it’s folds.

Part of the learning of the shadow worker is attracting creatures of the night ~ both literally ,metaphysically and in many different forms.

As our inner light increases and our power grows internally we attract darkness in all forms and learning to create good boundaries is key.

Instead of creating protection using magic ritual we can transform our own energy and as a result we create healthy relationships with everything in our circle.

Once you familiarise yourself with your true nature ~ just like a flower we do not consciously choose our colour ~ we come at a perfectly aligned time on our planet to perform an evolutionary mission to create learning for ourselves and everything we touch energetically.

The more you understand this and work from knowing yourself and the more you can walk your path with the tools of  heart wisdom.

Our ancestors have left us lots of resources embedded within us and we only need to ask ~ be a clear channel and hey presto ~ we get the answers.

Learning how to be a clear channel is the key

We have a mind and it’s great to use it ~ learning how to use universal codex is handy 🙂

We are all in this pattern in some ways …..

and if you choose to really be able to divine you can get a distinct advantage on the future and wait it brings…. as the more you synchronise with clear consciousness, the more you learn to read the world you live in and the people who come along time after time.

Timing is essential and knowing when is potent is key

My work is designed to self empower and share co creative frameworks that liberate us from being reactive as long as you are ready to do what it takes and take responsibility for your learning. 

To walk the heart path takes courage ~ this is why the new year starts in Leo time . 

It is also around Lammas ~ time to see the harvest we have reaped, see which seeds have come to fruition and those chickens that have come home to roost now that we may be looking to move on 🙂 Whatever is ripe and abundant in our garden is a sure sign of our seed catalogue within 🙂


Are you ready to be your soul not a role?

  • Are you ready to love openly, madly , deeply and face all your inner demons ? ~ if you are not prepared to love yourself in this way then you cannot do it with anyone or anything else ?
  • Are you ready to turn everything on it’s head and see the world as it really is…. rather than how your mind thinks and has been taught to believe so far?
  • Are you ready to go wild in the country….

where snakes in the grass are absolutely ~ free ?

If so then ……

What I do may be just the ticket…..

Here is the bare bones outline of my Open Your Heart Retreat

Break the pattern by being in a new space 🙂

You can come in person ~ 12 places

£20 per person per day ~ 2 hours per day at Compton Dundon Somerset

concessions of £10 per person per day

and if you book them all £ 90 ~ £10 reduction

£40 concession.


Same price online and you will get the same information ~ an ebook and a one to one session with me on the phone, by email or on skype for 60 minutes .

The workshop has some exercises to do on your own  ~ to get to the heart of your answers ~ and then a follow up session with me using EFT 

You don’t need any knowledge of any content or EFT ~ I will assist you with that. If you do have knowledge then we will be working on a different level.

You will receive info on your Mayan Sign,Starcode and where you are on your 13 year cycle.


All of this takes place in the waning moon time which is the time to receive ~ yin energy, letting go, Goddess and weaves with this full moon Aquarius energy ~ full of potent wisdom from this waxing moon at this moment.

When the retreat starts we are in Pisces energy then Aries and ending in Taurus ~ we are working in Taurus in the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Christ Consciousness and Dreaming, New Beginnings with Youthful Knight Energy and Goddess Gateways ~ wow what a holy trinity 🙂

July 25 Thursday

Day out of time Blue Resonant Night ~ Blue for death and transformation

Time to let go of all mind constraints and float free ~ connect to the heart. What is seeking to be born ? What is resonating for us that is truly heart free from addictions?

Pisces Moon

July 26 Friday Yellow Galactic Seed ~ yellow for solar plexus power

Do I live what I believe ?

Starting in Pisces in the morning and going into Aries in the afternoon

New beginnings and we will be using all the wonderful compost potential that has arrived in this Yellow Seed Wavespell . How are we bullsh*tt*ng ouselves and others 🙂 Fun space of being able to bring some humour to our creativity

July 27th  Saturday Red Solar Serpent ~ east, awakening, grounding

Our intimacy issues and all about loving the skin we are in. This is a supercharged day as it is a galactic activation portal day.

Do you have awareness of intimacy ?

Do you know yourself ?

Loving ourselves creates the ability to listen to our intuition and follow our heart

Aries Moon and new beginnings still.

July 28th Sunday White Planetary Worldbridger

What is seeking surrender so we can let the new world in ?

Aries Moon

July 29th Monday Blue Spectral Hand

Rounding up to shape and step through the goddess gateway ~ shaping our world by clearing our past to be free

Aries into Taurus Isis energy. Grounded , earthy, practical ways of bringing heaven to earth.

This day is a monumental gateway and here is a blog that shares all that information.

If you wish to join me please send your intention as soon as you can as I am away tomorrow for a couple of days and I have some preparation work for you if you wish to connect to this that I need to get underway as soon as I return.

Lots of love to you today Warriors of the heart 

Time to create clear choices to frame our intentions for our eden space










Crystal Clear



Blue Crystal Eagle ~ 

Day 12. This is the day to create crystal clear forms of structure by rising high into the shamanic realms of the gods and seeing our bigger picture overview. Where are we on our path ?

It is the penultimate day of this powerful wavespell and the last galactic activation portal day of the ten.

If this is your first day on this blog you can look back as I have posted each day with each individual number in this Yellow Seed Wavespell.

The Mayan Wavespell is time sensitive ~ it has an energetic pattern we can connect with each day to synchronise with the universal energy in a conscious aware way.

If you click on the links more information is revealed that is specific ~ it is expanded and

often lead to other people’s websites.

Gratitude to all the people who are sharing this cosmic information 🙂

Day 12 combines 9 plus 3 in every Wavespell.

Wavespells run continually in 13 day spirals that are unique .

The bigger spiral is 260 days and this in itself is an integration time machine that creates transformation ~ experientially 🙂

It is a magical tool left for us by the Maya at the perfect time for our own personal and planetary heart integration.

On a simple level today we can work with this wave spell and look at Day 9 first

this is in the Yin part of the spiral and at the higher consciousness scale of receiving from our higher self and universal energies.

In this spiral it was Yellow Solar Human. This was last Sunday 14 July so whatever was happening on Sunday 🙂


and we can go bigger with the actual Wavespell’s of these days if we are ready.

On day nine in whatever way we were feeling sublime ~ Is the codex.

  • We each have our own as we are unique.
  • There are also some generally shared energetic principles for wellbeing world living.
  • This is the tantra pattern 🙂 

Yellow Human Wavespell took place last on May 15 to 27 this year ~ whatever was in your life then is pertinent.

Here is my blog for this current wavespell this time around : Sublime nine.

  • In our own personal chalice of our humanity we have all the secrets of our heart success.
  • In our mind we have thoughts ~ which of those beliefs serve us now ?
  • In our body we have health or energy blockages ~ what changes can we make as to what we fuel our sacred temple with , where we dwell and how we interact with fellow earth dwellers ~ the basic energy intake of food, how we allow our breath to be fully inhaled without any hindrance and how we flow with what is…..

where this isn’t happening what steps can we start to make now ? They may be small….huge tapestries are created from many small threads as is our personal journey and our universal journey.

In our spirit ~ are we setting our heart on fire ~ filled with enthusiasm and living our dream ?

Do we live what we believe ?

This is the key for this coming planetary year of Yellow Galactic Seed and what this current wave spell is preparing our seed beds for 🙂

This again is the bigger picture pattern of the universal 13 year journey that began on July 26  2006 with Red Magnetic Moon.

What was happening for you in 2006 ???????


Our planetary bigger picture is that we are awakening to who we truly are in a bigger picture way ~ en masse ~ gradually people are realising the truth about being a spiritual being on a journey in a human body .

Next year is highlighting integration ~ are we truly living from our heart belief’s or are we acting out in some way and the mask is getting tighter or slipping at revealing times.

All the threads are there for us to weave.

We also have our own personal 13 year cycle which is different to the planetary one ~ unless we are born on July 26th. Then it is the same 🙂

If you wish to know yours please message me your time, date and place of birth and I will send this info to you.

If you are ready to really get your show on the road this year and blaze a trail I can assist you with this information and a coaching framework that is user friendly ~ you do not need to know all of this information to use it ~ you already are in many ways 🙂 

Working with more awareness and intention gives a whole different flavour 🙂

Day 3 of this Spiral was White Electric Worldbridger.

This is the yang electric energy that was a combination of day one and two ~ our seed intention  ~ Yellow Magnetic Seed sent out to the universe for revealing our fresh stardust energetic potential that met with our challenge on day two ~ the challenge to openness and Red Lunar Serpent .

This also showed up on Red Serpent Wavespell on May 28 this year ~ the other ten portal wavespell that takes us into the heart of the Tzolkin.

So Day 3 White Worldbridger ~ what was this energy blend that created surrender for us ?

The White Worldbridger wavespell was on April 19th so for a bigger picture view of what was happening to you for surrender ~ look to that time of 13 days.

This is how we can weave the magic and create transformation for ourselves at the most powerful time of the year. The old year is coming to a close now and we begin anew with the yellow southern energy that arrives in two days.

When we are in alignment on our path :

  • We feel good, healthy and wealthy ~ from within and so it is outside of us.
  • We are rock solid, integrated and self assured.
  • We trust in our universal plan.

When we are off track :

  • we don’t feel good,
  • our health suffers
  • we experience lack patterns
  • because there is something ready to evolve and integrate
  • and if we ignore this ~ the cosmic nudge steps up and becomes more expanded until….

we pay attention 🙂 and make a course correction.

Remembering that our ego is what it is and does what it does for a reason ~ it has a code to work by just like a computer programme. We can upgrade it and clear off the viruses if we do so experientially. We cannot “buy” a plug in. There are no short cuts ~ this is what we came here to do ~ experientially evolve.

Time to get crystal clear about ourselves and be liberated ?

Time to live our true authentic selves.

Time to see our bigger picture and our sacred thread in this bigger emotional evolution?

Time will tell.

Very simply whatever has been feeling inspired, great and heart is our heart and if we expand on that no matter what our inner critic says ~ love will prevail. If we carry on with what our ego is well versed in then we go further away from our soul journey because our ego simply lives from the past until it is trained to live in the present ~ by transforming it’s past and clearing it from any heart hurts 🙂

It’s all good ~ let’s celebrate the last days of the blue energy of death and transformation. It is Moon in Scorpio today and the trinity of Scorpio energy is here with us to illuminate our sacred feminine ushering in alongside the sun in Cancer. This sign ~ the eighth astrological sign ~ has a big part to play in this upcoming year eight so be prepared to dive in deep. Emotional intensity is building and through it comes the potential of deep connection for ourselves and in turn with others. Don’t you yearn for intimacy and loving relationship rather than surface ~ kept at a distance and arms length circling ?

Big things happening on July 29th and my retreat starts on July 25th . More to come on the next blogs…..

If you wish to receive effortlessly ~ please subscribe to my blog.

Love to your Eagle vision sight today.








Day Eleven ~ Liberation with White Spectral Wizard

The warm weather takes it’s toll energetically and we are reminded that everything in our universe has an energetic entourage that comes with it.

The less baggage we carry and the easier to move and explore.

Today we are in the day of death that each wavespell eleventh day brings.

We can be free from what is haunting us ~ 

if we are willing to pay the toll and do what it takes to set ourselves free ~ holistically in Mind, Body and Spirit.

It’s a total show affair and only by covering all angles is it possible to complete a change of circle and in the process a change of circumstance.

Yesterday I mentioned my perspective as loving my home comforts and as much as I have worked on liberating myself from hang ups about sharing my cleansing space ~ the truth is I like to have privacy and cleanliness in my sacred space and so when I go to places that do not provide this I have to bear this in mind.

Is it a sacrifice I am prepared to make ?

How will this affect me physically and energetically ?

When we change we have to take what goes with that ~ and it can mean we do not play in the same playgrounds that we used to visit or behave in the same way .

I feel this is what maturity brings us ~ discernment through knowing ourselves and what makes us tick. It is our responsibility to create well~being world’s for ourselves.

We can change some things about ourselves ~ surface events and learning that can be released with the ability as an adult to shape our existence in a way that was impossible as a dependent from a child space.

Some things are deeply enmeshed in our essence ~ here is where knowing our astrological natal chart and Mayan Sign gives awareness.

These energetic structural aspects are what shape our journey and learning and are to be honoured ~ learning how to do this from a love space can be achieved by using the sacred skills practised by death and shadow workers for millennia.

Shadow work is where it is at just now ~ tough love time ~ Saturn in Scorpio .Time to ponder our pit and pendulum and our void and free ourselves from our own dishonesty ~ who are we trying to kid ? We cannot hide from ourselves.

Time to be free from all ego masks that we learned as a child to keep ourselves safe as this has expanded to keeping us stuck in a role instead of living from our soul.

If we learned to be a bridge, read and fix and people please to keep the peace and provide a safe haven for our caretakers…..

Maybe some of these are familiar:

The ever adaptable shape shifting chameleon that can be all things to all people and so be liked, avoid being a threat and harmonise every situation by doing for others that which they really need to learn to do for themselves instead of getting someone else to do it for them….

and as we are doing that role we are often avoiding the person we are “fixing” it for’s placement ~ the shadow

As the eternal sunny side up optimist ……we do not show our shadow self without inducement 

As we have been such “good children” we allow the opposing temperament to slip out like the wolfy tail under grandmamas negligé after a few G and T’s…the polar opposite of the devilish diva 🙂

Hopefully not at the golf club gala though…. or our whole suburban dream may flip into instant nightmare as we are outed as an imposter in this living the dream artifice 🙂

This will happen more and more if we ignore our “dark side” as it will have it’s say. The drama will develop and notch up the energy the more we aim to suppress it.

If you “think” you have addressed this by committing a huge faux pas at some theatre of your life and behaving in a servile way bowing and scraping , muttering apologies and promising never to be such a “bad person” ever again ~

this is an illusion as this “bad” person is as much the real you as the good fairy role. Neither is “good” or “bad” just the thinking makes it so ~ according to a chap who knew a thing or two about drama ~ Will Shakespeare.

There is always a reason for this mask slipping event 🙂

Unless we change how we feel by doing some emotional clearing and get to…

our real deal

the pantomime will continue

what we call “real life” in our western society is so far from our true state of play and it is time to create something more fitting for our earthly existence.

Today’s pic is the Day of the Dead celebration skull . Showing what is underneath ~ the bare bones. From earth we are created and to earth we will return in this form ~ many times. The more I have learned about energy therapy and astrology ~ and especially the Mayan Wavespell and the more I know this with certainty. Hey can’t prove it tho 🙂 For me to know for myself is enough as anyone seeking definitive “proof” is living in the realm of ego existence and any motion I make to enlighten that circle will meet resistance 🙂

Only our ego is afraid of death ~ because it believes we are limited and finite and so in part this is true. However if we start by facing our end and the acceptance of it ~ we can free ourselves from the fear of it.

A great pattern ~ start with the end in mind. What do you want to be energetically on the day you leave this earth ~ this is what you take with you on your next trip 🙂

How do you want to have influenced planet earth by who you are ~ not what you have created on the outside ~ who you have touched with genuine , honest , open heart sharing by baring your soul for no reward ‘cept that.

Who are you now and with that space who will you become ?

What is expanding ?

If your caretakers had a huge fear of the shadow emotions and death and chose to liberate themselves temporarily through immersion or escapism ~ such as alcohol , weed or work then this will be a pattern within you too.

Everything we have experienced is within us.

The more we face these ego perceived inner demons head on and go through the feelings and the more we allow ourselves to transcend the past by burying what is seeking death and transformation now.

If we do not do this by choice ~ it will expand ~ it is the process of our evolution.

There is nothing to fear except our fear by doing this. 

We have all the tools we need to transform on our planet today as this is the transition time.

If you had a caretaker who often let you down by being dishonest, inconsistent and avoided feelings ~ maybe a top ranking narcissist who behaved like a bullying child , then you will naturally have issues around trust  and feeling worthy.

You may feel that you do not matter and why bother ? You may feel that no one cares about you ~ your own parent’s didn’t care about who you were or what mattered to you and this will still be showing up in all areas of your life no matter how much you put a brave face on…..

Your parent’s may have been super critical and pushed you to extremes……

All of this comes because of what each generation learned from others and often there is a positive intention rooted behind it ~ with no knowledge of how our mind and emotions really work.

I guess we have all done things from a space of well meaning only to cringe years later at our ignorance ?

What I did last year sometimes has that flavour as I believe change is happening so fast now with all the energetic connections we have. The more I learn and the more my ignorance shows.

I have worked with a range of people .

Some have experienced severe abuse both on  physical and emotional level and some would seem to have come from what would generally be known as “good” household’s ~ behind closed doors there is a different world to that of our general consensus of society beliefs.

I suppose in many respects we would say that aristocracy was a model for excellence and yet , as Diana Princess of Wales revealed in her tragic death, the truth of the lack of loving behaviour in these families ~ to “mould” them into their roles and expectations, was of an equal measure and felt equally ~

If you haven’t watched The King’s speech it really reveals this.

In my experience the results of the person and how they are feeling life now and seeking liberation now ~ are the same not matter the difference on scales of receiving.

All roads of living out of love lead to the same place…..

feeling less than and confused, lost, and out in the cold ~ low in confidence and self~esteem are many shared results of having received in this way.

To be the self empowered liberated shaman that today’s energy represents is an amazing mastery potentiality.

We can shape shift ~ by changing our inner beliefs, our inner thoughts, expectations and inner chat that follows us around ~ not by gagging it or drowning it out but by hearing it and recapitulating anything that doesn’t serve us.

We don’t actually need any education and are often so much more flowing on our path without it 🙂 Just re~reading Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzhak Bentov . It is an amazing consciousness book written by a man who had no formal education.

Everything comes to us at the perfect time ~ if we allow ourselves to see it and free up our inner space.

This week I had a frog visit my potato bed ~ yin veggies. I was watering the foliage and out she popped. Only because I have opened up a space to create a poly tunnel was this possible ~ I opened my circle. Otherwise she couldn’t have come in with the fence .

This is the perfect timing and I am reminded of the times when she has come into my life before ~ such as at the end of being a property renovator for a money making way of life. There was a large pond in the garden there with lots of frogs. My ego went through hell in that space and as a result I learned so much.

I also received a visit from a cricket and a dragonfly .

In case you didn’t realise there are lots of links with this blog and if you hover your mouse over the words there are lots of cookie trails you can follow if you want to go further and know more.


So if you want to share yourself in deeper more honest ways of relating now that feel heartfelt, loving and intimate:

Be honest with yourself 🙂

How are you going about it?

Have you had good teachers of that way of being or do you need to learn how?

Are you connecting to people who can relate in the way you want or are you barking up the wrong tree ?

Are you wanting to create something in a space that cannot support the being you are wanting to birth ?

To use gardening terms:

A plant that loves free~ draining soil, lots of sun and very few nutrients will not fare well in heavy, wet soil in a shady , rainy area no matter how much effort you give or love language you speak.

It may survive but it  ain’t going to thrive ~ doomed to result in plant that is unable to be it’s true nature. If you are looking for spiritual seekers they may be in short supply on the football terraces because they are different tribal patterns.

This is the journey of life ~ have the dream and go on the quest ~ and be open to new learning

and recognise when to stop that path because it isn’t ever going to create the outcome you intended

but through the experience of taking that path you now have had the opportunity to see your own pattern and learn about others

and through this death and rebirth process…..

a new beginning is born with wisdom .

We are all death and birth in each moment and this is the co creation process. Nothing is ever lost or wasted on our journey, We all add fuel to the fire of transformation.

Here is my froggie in my garden yin space :


and here is Basil basking on the hammock in his new playground:

IMAG0261Love to you and your liberation from the mask seekers of the heart wisdom





Manifestation Miracle




Red Planetary Skywalker

Day ten brings us the potentiality of our manifestation in form ~ so whatever you have been weaving in the past ten days comes to fruition ~ it may be in your intended awareness or lower down in levels of consciousness that you may be unaware of ~ part of you knows though and to raise that sunken cargo up simply intend it and watch it rise to the light 🙂

If you look deeper you will see your inner world showing up on the outside today and if it isn’t pleasing to the eye…..

it may not be our ego’s reason why…..

our universal self has brought us a gift ……

this may take a while to reveal itself , if at all……

and that is what goes with our soul trail.

It leadeth where we do not know and it will out….

I have had a heart felt day of magic in Avalon that has reconnected me to the flavour I found when I first came.

There are some lovely people in this sacred land and I love making that connection and remembering the golden rules of the cookie trail …..

the crumbs lead in a spiral at the perfect time , weaving in circles to new spaces and this often means leaving the old behind and emptying out so we can be refilled.

This involves having faith and believing that everything belongs to a divine plan that may be currently beyond our reasoning and understanding.

Our Red angelic messenger energy is present today. We bring heaven to earth through us ………

Maybe some of today feels good and we can focus on that and make a note of some tweaking about the rest and paying attention to the way things are too that may be outside of our control .

What is the hidden message ? Has this happened before ? Is there a brand new pattern being created if I let it ?

Just like a garden designer, many things look great on paper and when the plants have spread their foliage in the real garden….

the reality doesn’t come together like we imagined.

Today I have been to the first of a Moon Gardening club and loved every moment. Fellow gardening women, moon and astrological related subjects and sharing of wisdom, tips and a beautiful garden to see in the sunshine with home made elderflower cordial and a cup of tea. Bliss. I am so excited about what this brings into my life and the people who will become new friends I hope.

Life’s great mystery can be so exciting ……unknown treasures just around the corner waiting to be unwrapped. A new chapter has begun.

Amazing what can happen when we stop pushing that massive boulder up the mountain and get ourselves out of the way ???????

I used to get disappointed if the plan in my head didn’t come off and now I am really starting to get used to my plans being thwarted by a universal idea happening instead ~ my ego is getting used to it that is 🙂

Something beyond my wildest dreams…….

well maybe not my wildest ~ heaven forbid ~ anything it seems is becoming possible now in this transition time.

Be careful what you wish for 🙂

Today I have learned so much in such a short space of time ~ a miracle ~ my life has felt abundant and….

it is the least physical of many days.

I am taking things easy in preparation for my camping foray at Buddhafield this weekend.

I survived a pre run in my garden on Saturday ~ although I didn’t get a lot of z’s and was reminded of my being a parent of very young children again and sleep deprivation. I don’t do well without switch off  and become a zombie. I did totally appreciate my real bed the evening after though. I so appreciate undisturbed sleep now and value the, what I thought were , the small things in life that we so often take for granted ~ that actually are the most important. When I was younger I slept easily, everywhere and tolerated some hideous bathroom arrangements ~  especially in Greece. Now I struggle with shared amenities that are on the iffy side so….I may be struggling this weekend, I won’t be blogging either as I am taking minimum stuff in my micro tent but will post pics afterwards as long as I survive the compost loos and torrid tentness 🙂


Hope your manifests today are feeling good for you as you create your own personal heavenliness here on earth. 

Lots of love and may the force be with you lovely people.

Feel the force

Sublime nine ?



Day nine ~ the completion of the loop. Yellow Solar Human

We are now in the Yin part of the spiral and this pattern is evident in many areas ~

First seven steps we are climbing the stairway to heaven and……yang going out.

This is revealed in the beginning of  our life journey on earth until around 30. Then we have our Saturn return.

We are on the masculine cycle and outer world focus, sending our energy out and shaping and moulding our structural holograph on the earth ~ finding our way and letting our ego lead us.

At the age of 40 ~ ish we have our mid life experience ~ a Uranus opposition ~ and this is where our life can ~ Can not will it is a conscious decision and active process ~ if we choose ~ become our spiritual journey in a powerful way ,as we allow ourselves to receive from our higher self and transform our ego ~ to create our own personal freedom, step off the hamster wheel and become strong in our core by going within.

So ~ back to the smaller pattern of the wave spell ~ on the 7th step of each spiral we have reached the pinnacle of our personal pyramid and are in the land of the Gods ~ able to listen to our godself ~  if we clear enough space and turn down the volume of 3d living ~ the material and all it’s associated patterns.

The heart path is the 4th dimension and so to reach this place within ~ the first step remember ~ cannot be achieved from outside no matter how many workshops and intellectual cramming we do ~ this part of the journey is not entered into by a written exam ~ it is heartfelt and experiential.

To go beyond duality and opposites, polarity and debate ~ we decide for ourselves what the “right” thing for us is. One size does not fit all. We are on our own individual quest for ……

Loving ourselves, bringing ourselves to centre, calling our spirit and energy back in from wherever far lands it has gone to to escape the here and now

and our body reveals whether we are in alignment with our true nature by whether we are flowing and full of vibrant health.

If this is not the case then there is an inner script that is motivating an exterior way of being that requires a re~write and that is always a past ancient history waiting to be brought up to date 🙂

Today we complete the past eight days and eight years and so on……

  • What is seeking completion now?
  • Have you got any ideas as to solutions?
  • What can you do differently now to go with the flow of this transition time?

If you are a number 9 then you are here to complete for yourself and if it is the perfect time for you…..

to assist in helping other’s complete their cycle at this time of end of days.

End of the old ways of being .

This is my number and now I understand that I can see my life’s journey and events through different eyes of perception.

Here is my solution using my coaching framework:

The ego will out ~ especially in Glastonbury.

This is the land of Glasto Goggle Vision and the place of the Rose Tinted Spectacle Spectacle 🙂

This is the space that shows the ego in full technicolour and people flock here for a fix ~ me included 🙂 I was enchanted by the place as it showed my my illusions and fantasies…..

and eventually came down to earth with a bump.

Glastonbury is a beautiful place and simply creates a hall of mirrors that reveals our shadow side as equally as our higher self….

the mastery is seeing that. 

Are we being The Fool in truth ~ the open hearted, curious seeker and space and time traveller…..

or The Devil card stuck in ego land of addictions and illusion.

Depending on what outcome we choose to create for ourself is the key ~

  • do we choose to get lost and live out our fantasy that we cannot do in other places when we are not visiting the Glasto theatre ?
  • do we choose to look at what that fantasy story is and our heart’s desire and allow ourselves to integrate this aspect of ourselves in every day life no matter where we are and with on this planet ?

Two different ways of being 🙂

If you find your ego is still playing the blame game and wanting to rant I offer you this ~

It is what it has learned to do over a period of time is all ~

after all, watch any film, soap opera or drama and you don’t see many people sitting down calmly discussing ways to co create do you?


our media is mainly focused on the drama ~ acting out and full throttle emotional exchange at top notch.


I find this exhausting now having partaken in this for several decades ~ it isn’t doing it for me and wears me out ~ just don’t want to put my energy there.

I want to move on and do something different 

Experientially I know it doesn’t create anything other than ego posturing because that is what it is ~ and so why expect it to create something it is not 🙂

Same pattern as making wars creates peace ~ total none sense.

It creates death and money for the tank makers.

Here is what my new methodology is and I have used it on a few occasions. It can be difficult to do in some areas as most people won’t have a clue what I am talking about  and …..

this is the challenge.

If you are ready to try it please do and feedback on the blog 🙂

  • To move forward on our relationships we have to let go of being stuck by and bound by anyone else’s ego patterns ~ first and foremost our own.
  • First of all we can focus on the outcome we want to create ~ how do we choose to relate to this person, system  etc
  • I choose to honour and respect others and allow them to be them without sacrificing or diminishing myself ~
  • I am me and open to new learning and ways of relating
  • They are them and hopefully the same ~ if not it’s a non starter in that respect
  • I am not seeking to change the person or get them to agree ~ I am intending to be openly heard and communicated with
  • If the other says or does something I have an emotional response to for any reason and this triggers me I am going to say that

Ideally at this point of being triggered or seeing that they have been triggered ~  I would stop the inter change and go away and tap on it ~ otherwise the past will simply repeat in some way because I am/ they are in that energy of the past and that includes:

  • the feeling of it
  • the beliefs of it

When I have tapped and released this event I will be in a clearer space and this is the gift of the meeting and the trigger ~ an opportunity to clear a past ego trip 🙂

If they can do this we are both clearer  ~ may not be the case with many people yet


If the person is open and knows how to we can tap together and this allows sharing and intimacy.

We can see each other’s inner worlds if we are ready to allow that

This can be a way down the path and take a while to get to.

You can actually have fun with it if appropriate as often triggers are so child like and come from two year old learnt behaviour of wanting our way simply for that reason ~ like a clown you can emphasise it with humour and emphasise that which is normally hidden because of conditioning. If you are experiencing shadow emotions you can actually play them out shouting :

I have been triggered and pull funny faces ~ tag the other person ~ and point a finger gun at them saying they’ve been triggered.

This can of course have the opposite affect so be aware because the other person ~ being triggered even more can turn into a dark star and obliterate you from the world stage. Caution is therfore advised and maybe only try this out with people you know well and have agreed to this state of play.

If you use this playful strategy with the intention of avoiding those shadow emotions , then that is of course a smoke and mirrors deflection that will simply keep you were you are. Comedy is often used as a passive aggressive strategy for anger and notice how some stand~up’s have a powerful volcano simmering under those rapid fire one ~ liners. This scenario is the inner brat performing for an ego stroke and that will expand because the void can never be filled by someone else or something else ~ nothing outside can get close. Most of our society is being puppeted by passive aggressive strategies.

My intention is to create free flowing dialogue from the heart and let go of duelling ego living.

The whole world has the same agenda ~ to be loved and respected for who we are.

When we are ready to own that instead of projecting our shadow experiences onto the other “bad guys” ~ maybe we can all sit together and play happy families for real.

What do you think ?

Love to you today divine beings .

Let’s create some seed liberation strategies for the new year coming that let our true seed selves hang out free from fear fetters.

In this way we can generate deeper intimate relationships that feel good and empower all.



Day Eight ~ integrate



Day Eight of the Yellow Seed Wavespell

Blue Galactic Monkey

Quicky today as I am feeling tired and low energy day ~ still very hot and I want to do little. I am menstruating and in lots of pain so been tapping on this and my sacral ~ the space of co creation itself and all our wounding in relationships. This is the cradle of life.

The womb holds such potential for new life on lots of levels …..and the ability to rebirth ourselves is one of the creates gifts.

It is the day of integrating what has come in the past seven days and so…..

What has come up in the past week for you to see around your masks ?

Where do you avoid intimacy and what methodology do you use to keep it and yourself at arm’s length?

It is a strong planetary weekend as Mars joins other planets in Cancer so……there may be some strong words, clashes of the titans and ……

map clashes…..

this is what comes from different belief systems colliding and values being trodden on 🙂

No one is a mind reader ~ although many people are very intuitive . The key to great relationships is being able to speak openly about what you want to create instead of having hissy fit arguments ….

so to tap on the hissy fit is great and allows speaking from the heart and clear solutions come from this space that comes as a result. A new patch of ground to plant roses together in ~ or a combination of plants that are accepted mutually. You may not both love them and you may tolerate them ~ if you have a big issue with a particular shrub ~ go deeper because harbouring big issues does not a harmonious Eden make 🙂

If you could see through the eyes of a child who hasn’t experienced wounding…….imagine how this child would see the world free from any adult sense of burden….. and all the joy and wonder available without any need for anything except simply to engage with it 🙂

This is what we can all be intending to create today if we choose instead of having a rant and a tant  🙂

Love to you and your playfulness. Being a cheerful, joyful ,cheeky, monkey creates magic.




Unconditional Love



Day seven of the cycle ~ White Resonant Dog in the Yellow Seed Wavespell

When we get to step seven we have reached the top of the pyramid and are at the peak of the earth yang connection . Today we are day five of the new moon in Cancer energy and what we create today with intent tends to work out on the longer term ~ often the earlier days of the new moon can be intentions flung out that are fleeting and based on flights of ego fancy. Remember we are in Mercury retrograde and the first couple of days of new moon there is no moon visible. It is the dark side of the moon when we can really connect to our psyche and the collective underworld “truths” of transition. When we work consciously at this time from a place of heart wisdom we see beyond the surface detail as to our way ahead which is still largely determined by the way we have come.

Our beliefs create our reality and so as we have created anything ~ so we can uncreate it 🙂 This is the powerful gift of moving out of the victim circle of conditional love and life experience. No one else can do that for us ~ except us. Remembering that if we do not love ourselves unconditionally ~ what will the universe bring for us to show us? Gifts where we can learn about our beliefs through events and experiences revealing this.

As much as we may think we are a free spirit ~ of course our spirit is free  🙂 ~ we also have a vehicle our spirit travels in. In this lifetime it has an agenda and it is a conditioned one. 

If you take a psychedelic trip curtesy of the many plants on our planet , you will see all mind constraints removed and full exposure to the world without any barriers ~ oneness in a sense ~ and this is still influenced by the individuals belief and moods. Good trip or bad trip ~ it is our personality that determines the experience through our perception.

We cannot remove ourself from life in this way because we are here to experience it subjectively and be the seed of unique creativity that we chose to express and experience before we landed here in our human vehicle. What we can do is liberate ourselves from our conditioning and become a flexible, open traveller  ~ childlike in our curiosity and a conduit for new learning. Lead from our freer loving heart space.

When we are truly ready to own that and take responsibility this is where we move into a whole new stratosphere and life becomes a lot more magical ~ which is the truth of our ability .

Our environment cannot do that for us ~ not it’s job description. Other people can only influence us ~ in as much as we allow it.

We are extraordinary beings ~ time to remember it 🙂

The ego , bless it’s little cotton”s, has a tough role to play, because it is always bad cop. It is the sulky, n’er do well that has all of life’s burdens piled up on it’s shoulders ~ not just this life but every life since the beginning of time and so it has a heavy vibe and loves to offload about it ~ unsurprisingly 🙂 Let’s hear it for our ego.

We don’t often listen to it though do we because it triggers all the emotions that feel really hard to bear and fool us into believing that all this history is actually in the here and now.

As we live in a universe ,that as individual experience, is created by our individual beliefs

and join together with the worldwide web to create a shared perspective in many areas our history  ~

is what is showing up today energetically and archetypally with the same show repeating like TV reruns ~ which is also why we have TV reruns.

So if you are fed up with TV reruns even more reason to get groups going to do their inner work and change the TV network 🙂

I know I am sounding flippant here but simply trying to share a salient point. This is actually what it takes to change the world.

Inside changes the outside.

Not the other way around 🙂

So today if you choose simply connect to your higher self and ask to be shown how your

life is stuck in a cosmic groove.

Tune into your feelings and where you feel good about yourself.

Remember it is you that has the secret to your love life.

It is you that is the Philosopher stone.

Whenever and wherever you are battling, waging a campaign, a war and feeling persecuted, unloved, unheard, isolated, cut off and peed off ~

is an opportunity to tune in to your old channel of woundology and let go of it.

I use EFT and follow my cookie trail back to what created my feeling of not being loved and forgetting I am a valuable member of the cosmic clan and truly a gifted wonderful unique individual …..

and so my friend are you

In Glastonbury there are very intense waves of energy as it is The Heart Chakra of the world. All ley lines come in here to this heart centre just like arteries in a heart. Coming in on one side is all the heart hurts and stuff that hasn’t been processed ready to go through a purification process and be pumped into various stages and organs for cleansing and then flowing on ~ blood is joy. As above and so below it is all the same pattern. If we get too much fear pattern coming in it overloads the inner world and it’s organs. It becomes out of balance and the paradox is ~ it can only flow in because we are focusing on it on various levels of consciousness . We are the giving and receiving being in our universe and the source of our influence on it.

When you feel things deeply you pick up on this and some days the fear vibes are so strong here that you can forget that most of this isn’t belonging to you ~ and that there are some threads active in some way ~ some cords and emotions resonating with this ~ otherwise we don’t pick up on it.

Here’s when we can make a difference 🙂

Instead of avoiding it we can go into it and greet it with open arms because this is our ego wanting to offload a whole set of baggage. We can also create healthy boundaries in relationships too and intend to let other people be where they are and feel what they feel without getting sucked into their experience as it is ~ theirs. This takes some doing and disciplined work.

My tip for you today:

If you think talking about this will solve it ~ think again my friend. How many friends do you have that offload the same old week on week, day on day and year on year and……never do anything about it …..except talk 🙂

Maybe that is you? I know I do it with some issues and get sick of hearing the sound of my own voice 🙂

Talking is communication and speaking something out loud and it brings the inside outside. It is the surface stage on the same groove as intellectual learning.

It’s good to talk . When we get stuck in this stage we are in victim space because often this talking, bitching, gossiping, blaming doesn’t have the intention of learning in it’s seed. It is the ego wanting to fix through co dependency and hoping that the other person will do something about it for us ~ hold this anxiety of ours or give us solutions.

We cannot find true solutions in the space that created them.

Here is where energetic change is required and it goes beyond talking.

I will give a story for an example :


Jasmine grew up with an anxious people pleasing mother who wanted to create harmony with everything and everyone and a mis matching father who would not create harmony because he had no way of knowing how to based on his childhood experience of extreme disharmony.

If you look at this family pattern you can see how most households would tick these same experiential boxes, based on a UK family of Jasmine being born in the 60’s, her parents in the 40’s and grandparents in the 20’s. Society patterns created in each generation through the beliefs and experiences of that time.

Her mother was a child in many ways and was very anxious about upsetting people because she couldn’t cope with anger. She had a very angry mother who chose to deal with her anger ( coming from anxiety and fear) by being in her masculine and trying to control everything and everyone in her life with strict belief systems and rigid ways of being. She had experienced huge trauma in her life and had to become responsible for other children when she was still a child. She felt comfortable with her own children staying as children and micro managing them as in truth she herself had never moved beyond this stage of being in many ways.

Jasmine’s mother learned to deal with her mother by being passive and so intending not to trigger her mother’s anxiety. This meant she repressed her own anger and behaved in~ authentically.

Jasmine’s mother learned to wear masks that soothed her mother and in effect in many ways became the mother that her mother had never had, although paradoxically was still being the role of the child. She lost her sense of self in this process  ~ playing the role of the “perfect one “and forgot how to listen to her true authentic nature. As an adult she could change this and let go of needing to be “the perfect child” for her mother and so sacrificing herself. She wasn’t willing to do that because it was too painful and so she focused on blaming the world for being cruel ~ outside and reactive pattern. This pattern creates beliefs of lack and masks of being unable to receive and as a result intimacy is impossible until this is resolved. Even though the mind can create the illusion that all is well on the surface ~ the shadow self is there on a deeper layer and this energy expands into every aspect of life ~ mind, body and spirit.

Jasmine had two matriarchal archetypes of opposing polarity patterns on a simplistic basis. Myriads of threads in there too.

This was reflected in her Starcode ~ lots of polar opposites. When you look at your natal chart you can see all this information there and it shows why we chose our birth family because this is what we chose to learn. For Jasmine lots of learning about two different world of being as a woman and which aspects to model? Whichever chosen would suit one maternal member and not another so would create conflict and wounding in relationships as a result.

When wounding occurs an ego mask strategy develops for survival.

Jasmine learned to be a people pleaser in some respects and a rebel in others ~ a mis matcher. She became very aware of how her family members would basically lie about their true state of being  ~ their emotional state.

This creates conflict for everyone at a young age because it means going against one’s true knowing and this is where our psyche often fragments to cope.

In Jasmine’s life she had a variety of women and men showing up that matched these patterns and this wasn’t conscious in early life. Whatever strategy she used to attempt intimacy did not work, after she reached an age of letting her mind lead rather than her heart.

At certain planetary milestones such as 30 and 40 she had life events that created emotional trauma and she started to change her beliefs and as a result go within more. She found her intuition kicking in and as well as looking for information and techniques that assisted in her learning about herself ~ she decided to stop doing the same stuff and hanging around with the same people that she felt no affinity with.

She learnt about her ego and how to transform it through listening to it and working with it ~ recognising that it was the wounded part of her that had never had it’s needs heard, felt or allowed to be expressed first by her teachers in early life and then by herself.

She learned to let go of her inner critic which had come about through conditioned learning. She loved and accepted parts of herself that she had sent away to please others. She let go of pleasing others knowing that this was an endless void that would never be filled and each person had different needs to fulfil. She let go of fulfilling them recognising that wasn’t  her responsibility ~ apart from her own children until they were mature enough to do that for themselves.

As she took this journey energetically , emotionally, experientially and intellectually , she created new beliefs and ways of learning and learned that to create something new means to do exactly that . 

We often have to leave our tribe to go out into the world. It doesn’t mean we cannot return some day. When we return we can be a changed person and have evolved through our journey. As we have learned how to love and accept ourselves then we can truly love and accept others on a deeper level. We can give to others what we choose for ourselves ~ to live and let live.

To strap on a spiritual face and offer platitudes is not unconditional love. It’s an ego mask machine. We are human and we walk the ego path in truth. 

We can talk the talk ~ the difference that makes the difference ~ do we walk the walk ?

This is an integrity pattern. 

You shall know them by their fruits of their labours remember 🙂

Simply look for the evidence of living the truth in others and you will see it in plain sight 🙂

It is was it is.

Truth be told all the veils are coming down and as we remember to see and feel each other intuitively it will be impossible to hide anything

so may as well get those skeletons out now and bare our souls as the truth sets us free and let’s our ego donkey carrying all those burdens ….

become our guiding star Sirius ~ the dog star ~ our faithful loyal companion who only seeks unconditional love

Love to you today and our gateways to intimacy opening.

Be ourself day ❤

Do we really dare to?