Yellow Seed Planetary Energy


Yellow Seed 
Yellow Seed is Code 4

It is a planetary code

In Astrology it relates to the 4th house 

In the natural zodiac this is the 4th sign of the Zodiac which is Cancer

This is key for the North Node planetary transit happening now ~ 

in Cancer December 2018

The 4th house
is where the childhood patterning

takes place specifically

with the 5th house being the house of the child ~ Leo 

Stairway to Heaven begins in the 4th
What is in your 4th house ?

Where is Cancer in your chart ?

This will reveal the key structure of your childhood patterning

that you are here to become an expert on





It is the key process for the human being
to release their starseed mission
in this life 
to evolve beyond their human being

conditioned mindset

It is time for this to happen
Yellow Seed’s planet is Jupiter 
Jupiter’s transit on the planet right now is in Sagittarius ~ in it’s own sign  ~ December 2018

Creation of new stars in the Galactic Centre ~
time to create new scripts and stories here ~

to do that requires inner work ~

it is not an intellectual process

Where Jupiter is in your chart ~ house and sign

is key 

This reveals what you are personally here to master

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