Christmas Spirals

The 25th of December is a 13 year spiral of Red Dragon which initiates a 260 day process once every 52 years.

In 2022 we completed the 13 year spiral of Red Dragon that began in 2010.

The spirals continue to blow me away. Of course every day is part of a spiral.

Every 20 days we revisit the next tone of that spiral and it takes us through a process.

These patterns are very complex and I have found over the last 12 years that when it is time for me to notice the significance of a pattern then I begin to intuitively focus on it.

The Dark half of the year

The beginning of this spiral is very significant astrologically with Jupiter in zero degrees of Aries

Great article from Cafe Astrology here

For me it was a very significant time of new beginnings when I began visiting Glastonbury in the UK. and very soon moved there. This is the heart and third eye chakra place of our planet ~ I had no awareness of that before I moved there ~ it simply felt an irresistible pull and I trusted that. intuitively as very unusual things had been happening to me.

The Universe was creating new connections in learning about alternative therapies and I needed. to be around open minded individuals to feel a different circle of influence.

At this time I first connected to the Tzol Kin calendar and did not realise its significance and the role it would play in my life and how it would shape my destiny.

In 2010 a new cycle for Christmas began which will take 52 years to complete. Four cycles of 13 years.

We have just completed the first 13 years of awakening to survival codes and the story around Christmas.

The previous cycle ~ which we are building on ~was from 1958 to 1970.

The tribe of Red Dragon:

Red Dragon’s planet is Neptune ~ Neptune is in Pisces

White Worldbridger’s planet is Mars ~ Mars is in Gemini Retrograde ~ an unusual 7 month transit

Blue Monkey’s planet is Venus ~ Venus is in Capricorn

Yellow Warrior’s planet is Saturn ~ Saturn is in Aquarius

More on the video here

Hope you are having a wonderful connection to your source and remembering your journey times. These Cosmic Codes help us navigate our path and the highlighting chapters of our story ~ how we change our narrative and have the courage to keep climbing those mountains to see the beauty of distant lands and our wonder filled planet full of amazing starlit souls.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Spirals

    1. Thank you for your comment and great link Frey. Festive greetings to you too ❤ Glastonbury is a wonderful place as to the land and Cosmic vibes ~ equally challenging as to burning off the shadow story. It has been a profound part of my journey.


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