Red Scrolls ~ Mastery


Red Scrolls initiate an awakening process

There are five of them

Each scroll contains

4 Wavespells of 13 days

Total 52 days

Each Red Process of 13 days initiates that awakening

Red is awakening

followed by :

White the refining process

Blue the transformation process


Yellow the manifestation

Each 260 day cycle begins with

Red Dragon

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gregorian dates

so you can use these

for your personal alignment


transformation process

The Astrology that initiates this cycle is key


how this co creates with

the individuals

cosmic codes


Red Dragon

Code 1


52 day process

To align us with our Great Mother

What is activated during this period is key

for our own personal healing of our heart

To heal our ancestral patterning of wounding

All our issues around this will come up in our personal holograph

for our conscious awareness to heal


rewrite our story line :

Where we haven’t been loved and nurtured in the way human beings need

Where we have survival issues

Where we have experienced loss of connection


literal loss of our mothers

Sacred feminine wounding

which is huge on planet earth


creates disconnection

to our

earth mother


The planet is Neptune and all our delusions and illusions keep coming

until we heal them

Our coping mechanisms of denial of emotional pain

White Wizard

Code 14

The refining process begins around

what is blocking our alignment

because of these

ancestral patterns



self empowerment issues

Healing our co dependency patterns


changing our behaviour is key

The planet is the asteroid belt


new consciousness coming in

Blue Hand

Code 7

Avatar potentiality 

We choose what level

of this earthly game of human evolution

that we play at

Learning about our personal story


transforming it through

healing our heart


rewiring our amygdala

is the

key to

Shaping our destiny

Planet is Earth


Yellow Sun

Code 20

The shadow process

Heal the shadow story 

Embody the light

Let the kundalini flow through the body

Let the wisdom be embodied

Become a Clear Sign

Emotionally mature and free

Planet is Pluto

This is our connection to the Galactic Centre



In this first 52 day process

we reveal what we are working with :

in our holograph reflected back to us




how we feel about it

The emotional triggers reveal the key

to our original wounding stories

that are repeating today

The Heart is the Emperor

in terms of Chi


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Summary of Initiation process :

Red Dragon : awakening to our mother issues and aligning with new codes through healing. Letting go of illusions and delusions and unhealthy coping mechanisms

White Wizard: Becoming empowered through refining and healing Red Dragon experiences

Blue Hand : Shaping our Destiny through transformation of our shadow story and awareness of our Avatar potentiality

Yellow Sun : Transforming our shadow story to embody the light and become a Clear Sign