White Wizard Planetary Energy



White Wizard Planetary Energy 


White Wizard is a planetary evolution energy

It is a mastery sign and one of the seven solar seals 

It is code 14

The Moon Goddess Ix Chel 

This is the essence of human evolution at the moment 


the return of the sacred feminine 

White Wizard is the second wavespell

in the initiating

Red Castle of Red Dragon

Each time the spiral begins we have 13 days on initiation

This is followed by the refinement energy of White Wizard

Here we see how we are allowing the magic of the Universe to flow through us 

How we have let go of our conditioning

to allow our spirit

to influence our daily lives through intuition

This is a proactive process paradoxically

White Wizard is influence by the asteroid belt

bringing new consciousness

for our learning now

We are moving away from old scripts of co dependency