Blue Crystal Storm


Blue Crystal Storm

Are you ready to work powerfully with this year’s transformational energy ?

Today reveals the codes and the structures for you 

for the whole year 

How clear are you today ?

Are there some crystallisation codes seeking to shatter and free you up ?

I am starting monthly workshops to share the journey and create supportive frameworks for people at this time of amazing transformation 

If you are ready to start to work experientially



with the Tzol Kin 

More info here on my dedicated page 

Living the Tzol Kin 

If you are ready to book straight away

Here is the link

Today we are in a very powerful energy 

In the Mayan this is a mastery process sign 

It is code 19 

It is the code of transformation revealed through our emotions

The planet is Pluto 

The underworld 

Each year at the Autumn Equinox ~ this year in the UK , on September 22

The dark half of the year begins 

The Persephone Path into the underworld begins 

In the sign of Libra 

In the natural zodiac this is the 7th sign 

The 7th House 

The house of the mystic


The sacred marriage process within 

We also have Jupiter going into Libra

This is the expansion and mastery process of balance 

We are also experiences powerful eclipses to assist this spiritual journey 

as we go into the feminine cycle 


What we have been creating in the Sun part of the year ~ the Yang 

We will now be receiving 

This may be painful

It may feel challenging 

This is also the gift and reveals where we are personally

living out of alignment with health and balance 

and so 

the potentiality is revealed 

to transform our ways of relating

The problem is also the solution

everything that hurts

also holds the key to healing


is revealing our personal soul journey through transformation of the ego 

Time to do the inner work ~ tis the season 

The next Spiral is initiated in

Scorpio Waxing Moon

at the time of the webinar

this is the Cancer Meridian


then going into the 

Leo meridian at 11am

this is 

10 degrees:

On a human nose a wart that turns into a diamond.
Destructive patterns come around to regenerative places when they are persisted in tenaciously, yet with an eye toward the destructive patterns destroying themselves. Immense wells of misery have accompanied you through the miasmas of being viciously against yourself. And when the misery and the hatred have spent their wastage and their fury, the inner-core self arises unscathed, and incorporates the darkness and the anguish into the ability to raise the dead, to generate miracles, to face everybody with the unfaceable. The veteran of severe internal battles turns around and acknowledges that there is something burning at the center of your being, an essence spark which is immortal and can survive and flourish in the thick of the worst, your own veiled yet potent inner light guiding the journey and never flickering.


Remember that the only person who can transform

your patterns and beliefs is you

Others may help you and will do in many ways that do not seem helpful 

Once you understand this experientially

you will have achieved a significant understanding of personal alchemy 


Yellow Cosmic Sun ~ Ultimate Open Heartedness


Yellow Cosmic Sun


We are in the last day of the current 260 day cycle

that began on 18 July 2014

How do you feel ?


In the UK it is Good Friday and as I write this we are in the count down

to the lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Libra

The next spin cycle starts tomorrow

If you go to

The Resources Page

I have created a document that you download from there 

that gives my interpretation of it 

Red Dragon Wavespell in Aries 


We are in the last day of Red Solar Moon today 

the 9th Moon 

Tomorrow the new cycle begins

with Red Planetary Moon

literally the codes of manifestation of

The Sacred Feminine 

at a very symbolic time of


New Beginnings

New life



We are at the human being evolutionary destination again

as this is a galactic portal day 

How the human being starts at

Red Magnetic Dragon 


and goes through 260 days of living cosmic code 




and a

cosmic mix perfectly spun

being a channelled

avatar of consciousness

in flesh and bone

The Fool 




Setting out on the journey again

to create the world stage anew through each Fool’s personal life story 

The Universe does not require our life force to be sacrificed

simply that 

each person does the pattern

so that 

the web is woven 

over and over

with slightly different forms 

small steps over millennia 

evolving consciousness in it’s wake 



and so many paradoxes in this learning

everything matters

and no thing matters above another thing

The key now is to understand this process


and to do it 


let go of being defined by our raw ego

who is simply a child 

and by the nature of this a very unconscious child 

full of shadow 

All of this is coming to light

now on planet earth 

green heart

Which means we are in for some shake ups

to crack the death culture

wide open 

so that the ego led empire will crumble

and the balance will start to return

from the chaos and destruction

Time to let go of all that ego bulls*t 

The lies

The structure of false ego identities 

This feels huge at the beginning 

Walls are crumbling down and structures feel wobbly 

and that is why it is key to be pro active 

and work on the inner structure to create complex stability

It is time for new code

new myths

new ways

out of the ashes of the ruins and those at the top of the ego structures

will try to hold on for dear life

so time to be aware as all will be revealed 

To open the heart the individual works

with child issues

The shadow 

The biggest ego mask is denial of this and coping mechanisms

that will do anything to not feel emotional pain

All those who are believing that intellectual work will prevail

take heed 

It is an ego lie 

The ultimate mask

of the spiritual warrior of the mind 




more mind

more information

anything to not go to the dark recesses of the human beings life so far 

which is where enlightenment is

De construction 

un learning 

removal of indoctrination


masses education


lies about society and power structures


facing all that uncomfortable stuff of denial

that the individual does not want to face about the empire

and so keeps the empire going

Total madness

Now is the time for radical responsibility

Anything that is being held at arm’s length



bring in for a death embrace

smell the breath of death 

and allow all the fear to be felt 


remember that the human being dies

and all that means

because when the human race is in denial of this 

genocide is manifest in the world

and the human race

justifies this genocide

Conscious human beings

understand the balance

and the structure of ego

because of living the process and that without the awareness of death in every moment

there can be no true life 

Each Mayan Sign’s process

is revealed in the cross


Yellow Cosmic Sun

Code 20

Higher Self is Yellow Seed

The mask of the coping mechanism

each child creates to be able to live in this unnatural society world of today

that is so far out of alignment with source

When the child becomes an adult the coping mechanism can begin to be transformed

if the individual is independent and safe enough to do so 

The true seed can then be revealed by transforming the existing patterns free from emotional and energetic distortion


Red Dragon is the subconscious helper

Code 1



Everything that is in our world is here to assist us move out of the mask 

live an authentic life 

Step one

Being able to actually be open to that way of seeing the world and trusting the process even though the ego may fear it and not understand it 

White Dog is the Challenge

Code 10

The codes of our birth tribe and wounding

create conditioned way of seeing and living in the universe

the building blocks of the world

that are essential to be transformed

otherwise nothing can change and history repeats 


Blue Storm

The compliment 

Code 19 

The catalyst of emotional evolution 

Emptying our cup 

Emotional Freedom 

Free and easy flowing with all our emotions

letting go of trying to keep all our shadow emotions in check

in order to avoid upsetting others and rocking the boat 

The more we clear our past emotional events and make peace with our life

the more we can relate to others honestly free of rage 

free of passive aggressive childish games 

Doing our inner work is what this means

not being a “spiritual” person

who is pretending to be something they are not 

like all the politicians

like all the religious figures 

in history 

A human being is the same

as any other human being

We are all born through our mother and we will all die

yellow human

pic by Alex Grey 



all equal 

all with human mess ups 

so let’s be honest about who we are as a race 


when all of us can be honest 

all will change 

Let’s be the change


live in balance from the heart 


Yellow Star Wavespell ~ Bee it




Yellow Star Wavespell

Being the star that we really are 

Please click on the links or hover your mouse to reveal website links to expand on the info

Lamat is the Mayan name 

There are 20 Star Glyphs in the Mayan Wavespell

Lamat is number 8 

Which is all about integration

As above so below 

What is below is giving rise to what is above  🙂

The Tree of Life’s most important focus point for health and well being is the root area

This is the same in our spiritual path

Through our root work

Through our birth tribe 

comes our transformation and our flowering 

Be Do Have 

Whatever we are being 

Creates our doing

Creates our having



This is universal law 

Whatever was our initiating family process 

continues until we transform it

Doesn’t matter what we “think”

the head is not our centre 

Our centre is our heart 

Our heart is what is creating our reality through our feelings 

You cannot un think fear

You cannot rewire fear 

It will simply mutate and get bigger until you feel the fear

and transform it 


We are now in the last 13 days of the Mayan 260 day Wavespell

that started on Halloween in 2013

The day of death


Holy day

Where the veil is very thin between worlds 

In the planetary year which begins each year on July 26

we are in

Yellow Galactic Seed 

Taking our ego coping mechanism mask off 

Otherwise we get stuck in our role playing mode 

which is an ego construct that we created in childhood 

and which allows our ego to stay in denial 

of all it’s experiences of heart hurts since we were born

So in this last Wave we can feel to heal

and unearth the star that we really are 

If we choose

and that is the key Secret 

Lamat is the key code 8 

and so reveal the process we can use to integrate 

Be the change we want to see 

If we are being dishonest in any way then we are distorting our light code 

We are disconnecting from source 

We are using a cloaking device that may believe it is light

when in truth it is hiding our star shine 

Whenever we have emotions that are unresolved 

the essence of them creates distortion

there is nothing “wrong” with this 

this is what it means to be human

It is what it is 

If we are pretending to be pure positivity then we are being a false prophet 

If we are acting out we are by that very definition 

a thespian 

and that way of being creates drama

which is what the ego craves as an ego rub

Our society is addicted to drama 

We cannot change this until we be honest about it 

When we are in denial we are at a distance 

through disassociation 

and therefore are removed from the very thing that has the potentiality to transform us 

This is often called Victim mode 

Has the qualities of blame and shame 

Which allows the feelings to be passed along to the other 

instead of being felt 

When they are felt with an intention of healing and transformation 

 being conscious with them 

which is all that is required 


they go 

and we are free of them 

and free of our past 

When we do not  do this process 

Our past is still with us

energetically and emotionally 

We take ourselves with us wherever we go 

Most of our planetary process is being made by child minds of distortion

Full of ego

In denial

and this way of being has no long term view

or common sense 

wants a quick fix

money no matter what the cost 

This has been happening for a long time and it is 

Time for a change 


This is a great film to illustrate this point 

Human Beings have created a crisis with Bees 

and we are all involved in some way 

It is a society thing 

We are all in society and we are all being something in this manifestation

whether we are buying almonds from this mono farm

whether we are buying honey that is processed

A farmer in mono culture 

A consumer who is unaware of what they are buying

Instead of blaming each other 

It is time to overcome our differences and focus on a solution

What gave rise to this situation?

We may have been ignorant about it

We may have not realised or had any awareness about it 

We may have a lot of emotion about it 

We have all done things that aren’t “right relationship”

that is part of our learning process 

We do what we know 

and it is time to be honest about this

instead of denying it 

We all do the best we can and sometimes that is a really crap best 

When we decide to be honest and let all our feelings come up about whatever is feeling intense

we reveal a honeycomb 

our own catacomb 

deep in the recess 

the void 

and we start our cookie trail of healing 

This is the honey 

This is the raw food 

This is the seed of our discontent 

the reason for our sterile seed culture of control 

Our ego believes that when it controls everything it is safe 

This of course gets stronger


OCD comes from big life events that had huge emotional impact for us

that we couldn’t control

so for example people in our close circle who died from Cancer 

Heart attacks 

and in some way we blame ourselves for what we didn’t do 

or they didn’t do

when in truth our ego’s biggest fear is death

death of itself as the little self 

When someone close to us dies our ego sees it’s own mortality up close and personal

If you are in close relationship now with someone with OCD 

it has a huge impact on that relationship

this has been my experience 

and I would not enable it and so the relationship ended at that point 

because no matter how I communicated my position with my knowledge and information

as a therapist 

and my own personal life experience 

the person’s inappropriate behaviour with me and my family did not change

because how can it

when they do not want to face their fears 

I know about OCD personally as this has been a coping mechanism for me 

It does

as all behaviour does 

have a positive intention to allow our emotional mind to feel good 

that categorically does not mean that it is healthy either 

We are all constantly swinging on the wild pendulum of the healthy spectrum here 

on our soul journey 🙂

At times of stress in my environment 

I created a coping mechanism of cleaning and creating harmony

This is also a learned experience from my Grandma who was a Libra 

She created sanctuary through her house 

It was immaculate 


I love places that are clean and tidy and how it feels

when there is a place for everything and everything in it’s place

and my mind knows where to access things on a practical level

and I like wild messy chaotic spaces too 

but they tend to be somewhere I visit or create in my garden

When we clean in a physically

energetic way it is like a gym fix

endorphins pump

we get exercise

we get a high 

we feel good 

we have a lovely space to be in

the energy flows 

I discovered this as a child at home when my parents worked full time 

I created a harmonious space inside and out if I could 

this later led to property developing and gardening 

When I worked in the pub trade I did this in a bigger scale 

and in larger pubs this was exhausting 

When I had children I couldn’t live in chaos and  would make my timetable expand to fit my harmony rules

Sometimes this meant doing decorating and accounts at night 


Way out of balance to fit my ego box 

I am still working with this energy because it is part of my pattern

as a Blue Hand 

I recognise it now 

I work with it 

I honour it 

I accept it 

and when the time is aligned I transform it 

This takes dedication and discipline and that is what is required to be the star that we really are 

This is not an easy path 

It takes courage to be the rose 

It takes strength of character to follow the golden threads of the labyrinth 


and transform the minotaur of Taurus ego living 


Pic by William Blake 

Now if we go deep into the coded message found in this ancient tale 

we see what this gives us to process 

If we choose to give in to ego living we die a cruel death 

It isn’t a judgement 

It is what it is

Our choices have consequences 

Our conditioning and ego masks are coping mechanisms created by an immature child mind set 

they allow us to survive by getting our emotional needs met in some way

but they do not allow us to thrive or ascend into our heart free of pain

The fabulous thing about being the star that we really are is….

We can access this at any time 

all it takes is our will to do it 

We don’t need anyone else to do it for us

We simply ask and it is given

It is our soul birthright 

open to all 

who are willing to walk their talk 

and learn in living practice every day 

to be the codes of truth 

the codes of well being 

and let go of

distorted truths




co dependency

and pretending to be something we are not 

i.e spiritual 

We are all human beings with sh*t going on

so lets cut the bullish*t 

It’s the only way we are going to create new ways of being is by owning our shadow 

If we don’t own it we cannot access it can we ?

and so we are doing ourselves a disservice 

because this is the enlightenment process

and the way to our shiny star potential

Here’s a great  video about the current Star show that is pulling our strings for our 

evolution process at the height of Sun energy:

So here’s some info about the Moon ~

our Luna assistant that helps us lift our veil as and when we are in perfect timing with our solar script :


Pic by Tristan Elwell

As I started writing this we were in Moon in waxing Libra at 12 degrees

The burning of a bough of sage.
Wishful thinking. Hoping for the best. Looking toward a new start. Naive and gullible, you are suspended, quiet, receptive, and lacking in discernment. Desiring with authentic feeling to bring a resonant impulse to bear, yet hobbled by blind fervor and tunnel vision. Prone to easy ways out and ideological positions. You are oddly poised between sheer reflective inwardness and exaggerated attempts to come out with ways to get on with the shared reality. A bit confused and at a loss. But charming, endearing, appealing, well-intentioned, and idealistic in ways half delusional and half genuinely restorative.

Here is the website link :

Inside Degrees



When we align with the Cosmos we can get a glimpse of Cosmic Code free from any distortion

and we see it though our decoder ~ our human personal process 

so that is why the more we clear our personal process

with a personal daily process

the clearer we can access it

All of these natural process ways of relating

The cycles of the cosmos

are representing natural time 

and that is the essence of The Mayan Wavespell

and this includes the 13 Moon calendar

This is why synchronicities become common place 

we are in synch with what is 

and we are decoding 


de culting

from the ego artificially created matrix

and into the true source

So we are in recovery 🙂


The more we are enveloped in the ego matrix that is out of synch

the more resistance we feel

because it isn’t natural

and natural is where it is at 

because natural is the result of universal consciousness free of any man intervention

It is an illusion that the ego knows anything that is greater than universal consciousness

and pure arrogance 

We live in an arrogant world fuelled by masculine linear wounded child code just now 

and it’s time is the big turnaround 

Here is a great blog by a fellow Glastonian that reveals the alchemical codes of sacred geometry

When we start to co create and transform our chalice by healing our shadow 

the serpent comes back down through our crown and forms a circle of constant alchemical transition


I am a Blue Hand and so my code is number 7 in the 20 Mayan Codex of Mayan Signs

which is why I have  Mercury connections and Thoth as one of my guides

Code 7 is the mystical gateway to the crown chakra 

to let the kundalini come in ~ the kundalini starts to rise at around 42 with Uranus opposition 

Great blog about that here 

Liquid Light of Sex by Barbara Hand Clow is a great read on this 

we allow the kundalini ascension process by working consciously with our seven solar seals ~ our chakras 

This is what is often known as

The Mid Life Crisis

The Glastonbury Experience 

We get another go at resolving our life conflicts and most times we repeat unconscious ego masks 

only at an older age 

generally with more life experience 

if we are ready to

we can see a different perspective 

and create different choices 

and at the same time get in touch with what is important to us

what drives us

and the truth of our shadow egotistical self 

seeking to be expressed 

let out of the closet

wolves in sheep's clothing


So if we always got emotional needs met with a lover 

a physical fulfilment of our root chakra 

we are going to keep doing that in some way until we learn otherwise 

and go into what that is really about 

and find a way to do that co creatively instead of co dependently 


Pic by Klimt ~ The Kiss

As we bring what has previously been beneath our conscious awareness

and created behaviour that is devoid of consciousness …

and we know we are doing this whenever we are participating in behaviour that has a distinct absence of health and creates uncomfortable side effects ;- ) 

and we still do it because it is…


deeply coded in our amygdala 

then we are at the gateway of

Blue Hand 

We are at a choice point 

Do we want to carry on or transform ?

Woa that feels so familiar and lights up our brain feel good factor points

through our root chakra gateway 

and yet 

it doesn’t last 

When our enabler device has worn off ~

intoxication code of drugs “in loveness” we are confused as to what on earth was our reasoning

and this is an essential part of the awakening process 

We are experiential beings

and we are here to experience and understand

what comes from our choices 

on whatever level of consciousness we are ready to create with 

So back to today’s code of Yellow Star 

Here’s a fun exercise you can use if you choose and you know your Mayan Sign and another person’s that you are in relationship with in some way

Thank you Deb Lassiter for sharing this with me 🙂 

Take both your Mayan Seals 

so Mine is Blue Hand 7 and my partner is White Dog which is 10 

Added together is 17 = 1 and 7 = 8 

Yellow Star and synchro here ~ the number 8 has the * symbol as it’s upper case 

So together our Signs are co creating Yellow Star 

This is the gateway above and beyond the seven seals that has the potentiality to create harmony when we integrate our shadow 

We are then literally starting a process beyond the world of duality and polarity

as we resolve them within us and bring ourselves into balance 

Today’s Libra Moon 

Next we do the numbers ~ the galactic tones 

I am a 9 and he is a 18 total 22

2 and 2 = 4

Self Existing 

Yellow Self Existing Star 

Which is the code for creating co creative foundation structures 

free from co dependency 

which is so true of our life journey together 

This is the key code of the structure in the Red Serpent Wavespell 

which is one of two super powerful Waves that has 10 portals 

Here is a blog I wrote about this last year and wow what a synchrony

even though I didn’t have conscious awareness of that when writing it 🙂

Love this 

We can do this with our family circle 

friends circle 

something seeking transformation and feeling uncomfortable circle 

It reveals the code

Knowing our birth families code is a great bigger picture tool too 

and we all need to focus first on ourselves 

because that is the key to alchemy

Know Thyself



So The next thirteen days gives us the potentiality

to be the star that we are 


gloves off 

mask off risking it all for true love 

of ourselves


Day two ~ tomorrow July 6 is the day of new learning

and often our challenge


Red Lunar Moon

this will reveal what we are working with

in the new year Red Solar Moon starting July 26

being the beacon of light essentially

which in itself is number 9 of completion so a big year ahead 




Day 3 on Monday ~ also Scorpio Waxing Moon

is our day of alchemy potentiality

White Electric Dog 

Bring the Day 1 and Day 2 together and create a cosmic mix ~ How are we being our Solar Star energy ? What is your Sun Sign 

How are we seeking transformation with our luna self  ~ What is your Moon Sign ?

What can be possible to shine the light of our tribe and unconditional love free from our conditioning

and as a side effect ~ let go of drama 


there is no emotional need for it 

as we are following our Sirius Star and living our soul mission

instead of trying to live from the heart on the ego route 

which is not possible as it isn’t connected to source coded sustainability 

More about the Dog Days of Cancer here with this great blog by Darkstar Astrology:

and talking of Heart Days 

Leo energy is in for an amazing time of expansion with Jupiter in Leo for a year starting on July 17 

numerology ~ 8 🙂

More info on this great link here

So Leo always brings the new Mayan Year in starting July 23rd for Leo Sun Sign

which happens to be my sign 

Still time for you to join me in the Heart Chakra for my yearly retreat on July 25th 

If you wish to have a deeper look at what year on your 13 year cycle you are on

and what is coming in for completion with you in the forthcoming year 

Circle of Completion 

Wishing you an amazing 13 day spiral of getting to the heart of your star energy 




Yellow Cosmic Sun ~ love


Yellow Cosmic Sun

Please click on the links, hover with your mouse and explore other websites and expand on my information.

Everything I offer is simply my take on what I learn on my travels.

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It is the last day of the 260 day Tzolk’in Cycle. The Yellow Star Wavespell.

It is also a Galactic Portal Day so we can be wide open with all that is to what is seeking a shift in our vibe today

a cosmic upgrade for even more open hearted va va voom

Tomorrow on Samhain or All Hallows Eve , we go into a new cycle…. and this energy of the thinnest of veils between the world’s of the earth plane and other planes, is the energetic flavour of the whole cycle.

Tomorrow the circle begins anew and if we choose we can speak to our personal ancestors and sincerely ask for their view about what could die now ~

  • what is really timely for release and renewal ?

  • what can they see now they are free of the earthly realm roadshow from a different perspective?

  • what can we learn about their past life experience…..

that is within us…..

our double helix divinity code?

Where has a belief and behaviour outlived it’s usefulness ?

Hereditary means so much more than blood and bone ~ what have we inherited from the past generations that is no longer true now and maybe was never ours?

What are we holding energetically that is causing us to live painfully in the dark shadows ?

Waning moon in Virgo today so a perfect time to see the Saturnian rings of earth bound grooves we may be stuck in.

This is the dark moon energy coming in so we can be in that psychic place.

No need to worry about release ~ we have a New Moon in Scorpio coming on Sunday 03 November

Language of love and heart or ego ?


A common question I hear ~

How do I know if I am coming from my heart and soul space or my ego ?

The ego has a framework like everything else ~ it has a pattern. It is often very misunderstood and maligned our ego assistant.

An immature ego creates distortion of the language of light. It creates refractions like a prism. There is nothing “wrong” with this framework. It allows the duality game of life to take place on earth at this time. It is a very simple, child like framework of opposites and this is what we all transit through as children in our own unique way.

As we journey we ~ hopefully ~ learn through our engagement with the planet and everything on it.

If we don’t learn we repeat until we do.

We are part of our universe and we share some things with other aspects and somethings are unique to humans and there is a common belief that ego is one of our unique programmes.

Our human journey has often involved us borrowing ways of being from our animal world to create an ego belief system such as “survival of the fittest” ~ to justify ethnic cleansing, bullying and genocide.  

To introduce a superior system of religion to “lesser knowing mortals”  ~ a bullpoo manipulation framework in full scale and still expanding all over the globe.

There is no such ego framework amongst animals. Animals are depicted as lesser beings by ego dwellers as they fail to understand how limited their own perspective is.

It is, some of , mankind’s arrogance to place itself as an elite being above all others with a consciousness. Everything in our universe has consciousness.

This is going to become more and more evident now to all. Just reading Anastasia , watching Earthing film and loving the Barefoot connections that I have been experiencing more of this year on my beautiful land . I am so excited by this. I feel like a child again when my connection with the world of imagination was so vivid ~ anything was possible 🙂 

Here are two amazing films that really touched my heart . Hope they will for you too ~ please share them far and wide.

This healing is available for all ~ get those bare feet  on the earth and ground yourself lovelies ~ simples.





When we see our immature ego aspects and patterns , we raise them to our conscious awareness so we can transform them to maturity over our lifetime.

The ego is self serving and a survival mechanism  and as such , places it’s human being body and mind first and that is true for every living thing in one sense so ……

we could say everything that is living and breathing has this ego aspect.

It keeps the living being alive so …..

it can live.

Without life there is no life here 🙂 Simple.

This ego aspect for the animal world involves hazards that are general patterns and over millennia create a programme of harmful patterns to avoid and to enable that protection programme of millenia of experiential learning ….

the physical being of the animal is overridden by consciousness that is at the same level of awareness as breathing. It isn’t something constantly accessed unless needed because if it was… creates too much overload and distraction.

We can see living examples of this in human beings when they develop OCD, phobias and are on the very sensitive spectrum of autism for example.

Life becomes very challenging just to complete simple details. If you feel like you are barely keeping moving forward then this is a good time to shed a load 🙂

There are lots of reasons why this happens too and all of this way of being…..

that the immature ego sees as “wrong”

are simply to create learning so that we can evolve and explore through understanding.

That is why we are here.

The more we take heed of our immature ego and the more we can transform that space .

Our ego is our best friend and here for that very purpose. Without it we would die and our evolution on all levels wouldn’t be possible.

When we let go of events in our past that have caused us physical and emotional wounding , our ego matures. It has had the experiential experience and has survived it ~ grown stronger as a result.

It moves us to a space of thrive ability and moving towards rather than moving away from pattern.

As we move towards what we love and open our hearts part of that process involves clearing our inner space of fear patterns and…..

this opens up our inner world and allows more room for courage and flexibility ~ patterns that our spirit self loves to enhage with.

We let go of trying to run away from our pain and we are ready to stand still and

bring it on 🙂

We are ready to speak our truth.

In this universe of ours we have cycles for this.

We have sun signs, moon signs and lots of other planetary times. We have seasons and we have a time specially prepared to be in a space of new learning.

Only the immature ego that has forgotten it is part of the universe and struts it’s stuff and tries to force it’s will over the universe ~ like Icarus flying too close to the sun ~ insists on a different framework with it’s own timeline that is out of synch with the language of light.

The more we ignore this pushy little diva and trust that our universal mamma knows the way for us

because we are she 🙂

and the more we learn to re educate our relationship with our god and goddess self and trust our instinctual intuition.

When we are ready to receive then our sacred feminine will usher in

If there is too much ego noise getting in the way and no time and space for this to happen

Then it does not happen.

It is our free will and our choice to play the soul game.

Most people on our planet are not aware of this and totally immersed in ego living. A few are intellectually aware of awakening and still living an ego framework ~ part time intellectual players at weekends. Some are going deeper and energetically and emotionally transforming.

There is a long way to go …..

and if you are feeling jaded about this….

accept that. It is tough love time on our planet.

Until we love and accept our feelings and our ego as individuals, the language of light cannot be fully received ~ it can be intellectually known of course.

To fully receive it ~ we have to be it 🙂

Are you longing  for intimacy and to be the true love you seek ? There is only you that is in the way of that happening 🙂 Beliefs around being intimate that you have learned about yourself ~ that are totally ~ illusional 🙂

I am seeking a couple more people on my current coaching circle to synchronise with. This is an exciting time of  digging deep to pave our way for Spring. If you think that may be you and you are ready to remove some layers and are open to working with your shadow please get in touch. It’s an amazing time to be alive and I know we are going to be in for a rebirthing year in ways we hadn’t imagined.

Love to you all and your love light shining 

First picture ~ artist link


Our 13 Year Cycles


Our thirteen year Cycles

Please click on the links by hovering your mouse over them and following the cookie trail to more information that expands on this theme.

It is the fifth day of the Yellow Star Wavespell ~ Yellow Overtone Human

On the fifth day we have a chance to be in a place of mastery and centre.

Being the star we really are which means accepting our humanity.

It is by working with our human personality and our human body that we are shown the path to the stars

that is within us.

We each have four castles of time in our personal Mayan Wavespell life journey, that take us through a spiral journey of the four directions .

Each castle lasts for thirteen years.

In the Tzolk’in itself that we use for our planetary journey, we have five castles.

We are in the green castle of transcendence now 

After working with “another me” yesterday I had lots of insights around my cycles 🙂

This is one of the joys of being a human being ~ seeing ourselves reflected in others and recognising our common ground.

We are all unique and we have a lot of the same shared patterns.

As a magnetic universe we draw like energetic beings to us so we can dance together and evolve.

Intuitively I have been remembering lots of events around this time in years gone by and as I am very familiar with this way of being ~ tuning in to raise my consciousness from the deep pool of my existence and energetic pattern , I follow my cosmic cookie trail and engage my mind and brain to refine my search and connection.

Working holistically with Mind, Body and Spirit we allow all parts of ourselves to create a circle of synergy.


The universe is a cyclical being and so it makes sense to go with the flow of our great universal mother.

I am in the fifth year of my thirteenth year and so if I look back at other fifth years in the past ,

I can see a pattern emerging and I can see how I am weaving my current energetic pattern with the same golden skeins of thread today.

What tapestry am I weaving with these threads. Do I choose another design?

If you wish to do this , first of all you need to know your Mayan Sign.

Here is a decoder:

Foundation for the law of time


When you put in this year’s birthday it will give you a different reading so if today is your birthday you will be experiencing your fifth year and this year for you is Yellow Overtone Human.

If you would like any assistance in understanding this please contact me for a free consultation

So my time of 5 years.

We go through 13 year cycles and our planet goes through 13 Year Cycles.

When we look deeper at our patterns we see how the universe keeps bringing us our beliefs and …..

wherever we have sticky, turbulent times that feel intense ….

is a doorway and an opportunity to shed a skin .


The more specific we are with our intention and the more detail will be revealed ~ like Google Maps moving in for a street view.

We can time travel down memory lane and see where we were then

where we are now

and how we can work with our needlework 

to weave a web of



To give you a peek into my world here are some snapshots of my journey in this blog.

If I want to be super specific then I would intend to tune in to this day 

It may seem impossible but if you keep memorabilia or your emails you can often find a way to see what is looking to be revealed

and shed some light on some dark corners

and in the process 

get to the root of whatever is haunting you at this Scorpionic time

Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful time to go into heart space 

let our feelings lead us to where our Eden lies within.


On my birthday this year I entered Blue Overtone Hand Year 

Year 5 of a 13 Year Cycle that began on my birthday in 2009

This 13 year cycle is Blue Magnetic Hand

this is my Mayan Glyph ~ Blue Hand ~ Manik

I am in a powerful cycle of gateway transformation through death of the old ways and training my ego.

When it began in 2009 I experienced lots of loss around being a property developer and loss of my credit rating.

This was my soul journey stepping up a gear and aligning me with my heart calling

Developing my self

So to go back further I travel to the previous cycle and revisit my birthday in the year 2000

This was White Overtone Wind

and this was the fifth year of a 13 year cycle that began in 1996 

White Magnetic Wind

This energetic is all about allowing my spiritual, higher truth self to come in.

At the start of this cycle, I had become a Mother for the first time, then had my second child and was facing a split in my relationship and a question mark over many things that I was living with at that time.

I had just had my Saturn return in 1995 .

This often involves a crossroads of choosing a different path which can be challenging especially when children are involved.

Often they are the catalysts.

 In 1997 there was a major event that deeply affected me as a mother ~ the death of Diana. She was a Blue Solar Storm ~ a number 9 like me ~ although I didn’t know that then. Diana in myth is the huntress ~ Artemis. The deer energy. 

On the world stage we were moving towards the major  9/11  event that would radically change many world views.

Here is a link to other world events that happened today in history.

Here is a Daily Mail link for the UK~ one headline predicting a crash which I don’t remember happening ~ we sold our house in 2002 and began our property developing and made more money doing that than we ever had before.

We had also just bought 6 vans with finance for our courier business, so it’s strange to look back on this “news” because we had no problem raising cash to expand our business ~ bit of a paradox.

What was the real financial situation then ?

During this cycle I had my ego transformation through all sorts of relationship issues and this showed me what my beliefs actually were and my core strength of self ~ belief.

At this time I was given a book ~ Louise Hay, You can Heal your Life and introduced to energy therapies by an energy therapist. I also ~ through this friend ~ looked deeper at the world of astrology and looked at what next steps I felt drawn to taking on my journey.

I read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and wanted to be in a space of living that this novel offered.

A heart space.

It seemed a massive gap between where I was and where I wanted to be.

Living in alignment with the earth and other people and beings.

The life I was living was comfortable in terms of material “stuff”

I didn’t feel loved though. I wasn’t happy in my relationships and I had reached many “goals” only to feel empty , sad and a “failure”.

I blamed myself . I was studying to be a psychologist and felt adrift because all of that “knowledge” I had about how my mind worked still didn’t create well-being for me and my family.

Letting go of certain manipulative business relationships was my next step and although this worked to some degree ,through refining and limiting my co dependent relationships, we were still hooked in to a financial co dependency .

We had tweaked some things and gained more freedom and autonomy around time frames , so we could have a quality time with our children in a new location……

but all the emotional patterns were still there , ready to erupt like mount vesuvius when the planetary signatures came in to alignment to open up our book of shadows for further inspection.


The previous fifth year was in 1987.

Red Overtone Earth

This was the fifth year in a 13 year cycle that started in 1983 with  Red Magnetic Earth .

This is all about being centred, earthed and stable in our core.

I had come back from living away in Greece and back to my roots in a very abusive relationship with a man.

He was a Blue Cosmic Night and as this is my higher self signature this was a big awakening for me .

This journey was a big wounding of learning about allowing the loss of my self to please another……

to fulfil one of my ego masks 

I got really sick and I learned experientially about what happens when you try and be something for someone else’s ego satisfaction

which was simply an expansion of my people pleasing persona

my ego mask and coping mechanism which allowed me to be the person with the one sided identity and all the shadow hidden away

until it emerged.

I became his alter ego and he mine.

He had chosen to express his anger from childhood, aggressively when drunk and passive ~ aggressively when sober.

This is  also a metaphor for the pattern of our co ~ dependent relationship with the “authorities” in our society.

When we are compliant we get ego strokes and when we aren’t we get the bailiffs on our doorstep 🙂

It’s a hard landscape still in our society with very little feminine nurturing happening

It is a very one sided power relationship and very conditional  and it is expanding into bigger and bigger exclusion and control zones the more it goes unchallenged and the more our collective ignores it’s shadow.

I am revisiting aspects of this cycle now in my body and with different relationships in different ways.

I am very aware of this now

and I still have lots of stuff to clear 🙂

It is getting easier to see and goes quicker and so the eek goes to ahh in the space of a day rather than days.

That is all the challenge is on one level.

Acceptance of our humanity and other people’s humanity that 

although speaking a different language

are generally speaking of the same thing

being loved and respected for who we are

live and let live


My first fifth year cycle was in1974 

This matches today’s energy ~ Yellow Overtone human

hence me being drawn intuitively to post today.

The Yellow Star Wavespell that year started on August 14 in 1974.

I was 9 and I lived in a gift shop called Haigh’s. I found it exciting and magical and challenging.

It is when I first recall seeing spirit and there was a lot of activity in that house. 

It was an old property and my parent’s renovated it with the help of their extended family. 

There were lots of treasure troves in that place ~ amazing beautiful things from a time in the past, covered in dust, long forgotten.

An age gone by.

It was my parent’s Saturn Return.

It was also a time of struggle for the UK

When I look at the news stories back then, there was so much strife compared to today in the UK ,so things have really moved on in terms of far fewer dramatic terror events or riots.

This 13 year cycle started in 1970 when I was 5 and was Yellow Magnetic Human.

I was crafting my beliefs about the world and my chalice pattern.

So I could create my star seeded mission.

Leo is my sun sign and is the fifth sign in the zodiac. We have had lots of Lion chat today .

One of the key things that I loved was that often we ( human’s) believe ourselves “above” other animals and forget that we share so much.

Our ego does not allow unconditional love like other ego free animals.

As my friend said today ~ in the wild few animals get sick and die of old age 

they are often eaten

that is their demise

and the thought of that exit stage left route isn’t very comforting 🙂

What happens with any great trauma or pain is that our body and mind can only take so much of it and at that point 

we shift into another state of consciousness as do animals when they are becoming part of another animal.

Often we fail to see the Lion in our midst as we shut down rather than see it….

we ignore the predator at our door praying it will go away.

Most of our citizens employ this coping mechanism  just now.

If we are choosing to live from courage and heart we welcome the cat

and we heed the call of the wild

the sacred feminine coming in…….

we look at what is within us to bring this liberator to our life

we see the friend who agreed to perform this wake up call, long before we arrived on the earthly plane.

If you would like to reveal your cogs in your cycles and see what is illuminating at this Scorpio time of death and rebirth

please get in touch.

I find it very helpful to understand the bigger picture of where I have been and how I am revisiting a particular pattern.

It helps make sense of this often

mad world

that we inhabit today.

Love to you and your humanity today.



Yellow Star Wavespell



Yellow Star Wavespell


Please hover your mouse over the text and see the links to other websites to expand on this information 🙂

A powerful day today with the last wavespell of this current Tzolk’in 260 day cycle . It’s a full moon and a lunar eclipse and the ephemeris pictured shows you where the planet’s are today and how this energetic signature will affect certain parts of the planet more than others.

With this Astrologers’ perspective Peter Stockinger ~ how it will affect the UK in particular for four months and women especially in that region. I chose this at “random” today ~ what I intuitively felt to do and share.

Everyone’s perspective is purely unique of course and the majority of the planet still do not understand this very basic premise:

We all have our unique perspective based on our life experience

We are not taught self~development in most Western schools

We are not encouraged to be a free spirit or create independency patterns in our dependent patriarchal led society

We are not advised to be heart led and be

the star that we truly are

because that doesn’t serve our consumer led, ego driven way of life in the majority of our planet earth at this time 🙂


times they are a changing and if you choose now


you can do this for yourself by learning

about your energetic signature


and your star seeded mission at this transit time.

Why would you want to do that you may ask ?


What will happen if I change my focus from giving , being in my masculine and the outward pattern of being ego led?


Outward pattern focus on ………the stuff outside of us the individual

and this is what most people are still doing because this is familiar, ingrained and what they know

most people are doing this with their “spiritual journey” and believe they are “following their path”

For most this is still the ego outward pattern.


Anything outside of you…..

is well

ya know sort of

outside 🙂


will only influence your way of being for a short while until the ego realises it is a temporary fix and wants something new.

We learn these ego fixes as a child and they are

coping mechanisms .

The flavour of this heart dwelling wavespell  ~ it is in the fifth green segment of the Mayan Wavespell calendar, is to show us what our ego coping mechanisms are so we can outgrow them and instead of “coping”

we can thrive 

by creating an inward focusing pattern that is totally self sufficient in terms of each individual getting their emotional needs met from within.

This is truly “sustainable” …

as it means in the bigger picture

We no longer “need” to consume planet earth to feel good and define

ourselves through “stuff”


This is the beauty of learning about patterns and sacred geometry.


Again, at this time, many people are still on the intellect track of cramming in information about sacred geometry and the fibonacci sequence, the golden seed and so on.

Nothing “wrong” with that.

It won’t create heaven on earth for you in isolation.

Anything that happens as a singular focus, in isolation and linear is a masculine pattern and is more often than not ego led and definitely mind led 🙂

This is what patterns reveal and enable us to let go of debate, duality and ego arguing about “the best” way . “the right” way and all the ego stuff that gets in the way of

creating heaven on earth and harmonious co creating.

If we haven’t healed our inner conflict around this within us and therefore creating self~ confidence and high self~ esteem from core integrity then this will continually keep showing up outside of us to show us that 🙂

This is the true meaning of law of attraction 🙂

It is impossible to live in peace and harmony outside if it doesn’t dwell within us ~ 

harmony code 🙂

If you have spent a life time creating rose beds with the intention of having an Eden space ~ only to have a farmer continually bulldoze it, neighbours spray it, or a new development show up just as your prize flower is ready to open like in the film Dennis the Menace 🙂

(If you haven’t seen this I thoroughly recommend it for bellylaughs)

Here is the clip of the moment:

Maybe it is time for you to realise that this is you creating this reality inside out ?

your inner slides require a change of view  instead 

because the inside creates the outside 🙂

Instead of blaming “the villain”

and  “the menace” which is our inner child “dennis”

the part of us that has never grown up and is stuck in that space in the past

and bringing us that information today so we can free ourselves and integrate

blame ~ is an ego mask of avoiding the feelings

then we can do something else

heed the message

and let go of shooting the messenger


everyone benefits as we become responsible on all levels


What does create heaven on earth for us as individuals is to use a holistic, integration pattern ~ an inclusive one that involves the whole person.

To initiate your inward focusing pattern can be as simple ~ simple is the heart path pattern ~ as

Learning about your pattern 🙂

The more in depth you go and the more you can see exactly what is happening for you at a particular time and how you can create a change in circumstance for yourself.

When we are creating a pattern and this pattern creates a behaviour  there are outcomes that match that.


If you want to change the outcome you have to change the pattern

Here is a document I created  that you can use if you choose with a video

This is how the universe changes and as we are a part of the universe

yea ok ho hum ~ it ain’t rocket science is it really 🙂

and each one of us doesn’t need to be super human in a mind capacity, to understand how our universe works either

because we are superhuman 🙂

Lovely paradox.

We all have the same access to everything even though our way of living at this time may not seem to hold that vision

underneath the illusion version

it is true

but only

if we believe it and half the power of that self belief

by activating our spleen energy in a healthy way instead of

venting it from an ungrounded , shame perspective around stuff we cannot stomach

The spleen energy is emerging now with the sacred feminine earth energy 

that we create within us and in turn without.

Being a hero within meeting our own dragons is a very different perspective from being on a crusade fighting the good fight for “others” like the Salvation Army modus operandi for example.

When we look at our Starcode ~ our natal chart of where the planets where when we arrived on planet earth ~ a shooting star of consciousness, then we can be consciously aware of our star seeded mission this time around.

When we are ready to do this and walk our talk ~ use this conscious information to create an outcome of living in harmony ourselves ~ everything starts to become crystal clear.

Knowing your Mayan Sign is another way of doing this.


The Mayan Wavespell is the Matrix code and the more we learn about it and our individual code and be it every day 

It becomes second nature and we are being the change we want to see in the world.


When we start with the Starcode we get lots of information and we start to use a bigger picture perspective of our energy signature. We are so much more than our Sun sign.

When we focus simply on our Sun Sign ~ we are connecting to the masculine linear ego led pattern because that is what this energy is.

If we have chosen to evolve our consciousness in this lifetime and awaken to our true nature then this is where we start by learning about our initial focus of what this energetic signature brings for us.

There will be expansion of this energy and key times of this expansion.

Do we choose to live as an ego being who lives in the outer pattern and expands the ego consuming way of being to try and fill the void within us that the ego creates as we experience

many events that feel hurtful to us .

Do we at some point decide to look at what has created that “disharmony” relationship and how we can transform our experience through knowing about how “we work” on all levels?

When we have this inner focus and lead from within then all is revealed as we transform.

That is the secret.

As we change our energetics within we expand our feminine and we allow ourselves to receive instead of giving all the time.

We develop our circle in balance .


We give and receive in equality.

We become balanced in our masculine and feminine as we transform our ego events.

We heal our shadow.

This is the alchemical lead into gold process that creates heaven on earth for us.

The more time we spend on ourselves ~ knowing our true energetic signature and unveiling it through clearing off any emotional event “distortions” and the easier our life flows and the more magical life becomes.

We cannot see and experience the matrix fully without unveiling our own matrix because……

to see it, to live it fully ~ we have to own it

and to own it….

requires owning all of ourselves, our behaviour and our life so far ~ all our behaviour.

We cannot “go” anywhere else until we “go” here 🙂

We can of course create the illusion of going and having by using money and stuff but as soon as that disappears ~ and ageing brings that on which is why we currently age to reveal how we really feel . It is part of the ego transformation process.

When we don’t need that process it will end.

Life can seem cruel to the ego personality ~ because the ego personality has expectations and ideas is all ~ it has rules and regulations about how life “should” be  in resistance to “what is”

If someone dies young often the resistance is ~ they went before their time

How can that be?

The truth is ~they died and there will be many reasons as to why that happened for their and other people’s learning experience I believe.

Our ego may not like that.

It uses a coping mechanism to deal with it instead of feeling the feelings. It disowns the feelings of fear, sadness, anger and labels the experience as “wrong”.

Byron Katie’s framework “the Work” is a great way to see this.

Whenever we have an experience we often use this pattern of focusing on the outward and avoiding the true direct nature of the feeling which is

fear of our own ego personalities death and what that could mean for us.

A thriving mechanism can be to own that for ourselves, face it , feel it and let it go.

Indigenous people do not have this mind construct and in many tribes they do not have language for future experiences. They live in the now. 

They don’t do “fear” in the way our western society does ~ that doesn’t mean any lack of awareness of danger.

When we live in the now we do not fear the future  and this creates a different reality.

Our western way of life ~ our city system ~ does not allow this and we have to plan our future.

Another reason we cannot be in the now is because we haven’t cleared our past emotionally and therefore energetically

and this energy is constantly triggered in our day to day through current events that cause us to “time travel” and re experience these past events.

We have no room in our day to day because our “hard drive” is full up and we are running slow with all our human hardware over burdened with these big data files taking up all our energetic space.

This is happening in the collective as each individual hasn’t “cleared their cache” 

At this time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere , we are in the Persephone Underworld.

This is the time to go into our lower chakras and vent our spleen , visit our emotional wounds and clear our cache.

It’s time to connect to our Aries , youthful energy and revisit Aries time earlier this year and see what came up as our challenge.

As we leave the gateway of Pisces energy in February and March each year ~ Pisces reveals our dreams, we immediately encounter our growth area of where we expand to create them. The challenge that is our next step on our evolutionary journey and what is required to be the Hero and Heroine in our own Mystical Movie of life.

Our own Mystery school 🙂

So today we can travel back and remember.

To use the garden as a metaphor ~ we may be planting bulbs now for Spring. What do we choose to bloom in the garden of our heart?


We can also be aware of our challenges over the past few days, weeks and maybe there is a pattern emerging.

The universe ~ which we are part of ~ is bringing us an opportunity now to create new patterns and free ourselves from old karma.

When we started our journey here this time we had a code and a mission that we chose to experience.

To know this experience we start with the wounding process:

We choose a family to be born into that creates a pattern of being that we are choosing to evolve as a collective consciousness.

There is nothing “wrong” with this pattern. It is what it is. Our experience of it may feel “wrong”, it may feel hurtful and maybe ~ as with the majority of relationship patterns on planet earth at this time 

It may have felt disrespectful and unloving. It may have felt we were dishonoured, told we couldn’t be who we were.

It could be that we experienced being:

bullied, manipulated, controlled, abused, unsupported emotionally and physically.

In order to create new patterns in this duality framework that we currently live in 

We have to know the pattern to transform experientially.

Then we have a choice.

We can carry on being that pattern and live it with our behaviour ~ chip off the old block 🙂

We can carry on being that pattern and start to become aware of it and decide to change it at key times in life ~

become a life ~ long learner and transformer 🙂

We can carry on being that pattern and start to become aware of it and pretend we are changing it by doing the same thing in a different way ~ wearing an ego mask 🙂

All of these choices are important on planet earth because they allow the game of life to be played.

Each perspective is equally valid and valued ~ one cannot exist without the other.

As each perspective evolves through the interaction with each other

everything changes

that is why all we need focus on is ourself because when we change ~

everything changes 🙂

The more inner emotional work we do and the more we understand this and let go of trying to control the others because our times in the past around being controlled are healed.

It is the only way ~ you cannot do this with intellect because it isn’t how the emotional mind works.


What you choose is your destiny 🙂

I am in the process of creating some new videos to help people who want to help themselves by enhancing their inner emotional therapist ability 🙂

They are on their way and I will put them up as and when they become available so please bear in mind that you may wish to choose to use them for a particular emotional event ~ when they are all there 🙂

We all know what our issues are and now is an amazing time to clear them and thrive .

Ways I co create with people choosing to thrive now:

I use Emotional Freedom Technique and have had a fabulous journey with it.

I create workshops for people who are brave enough to face their demons by facing their shadow.

These are time sensitive and contain the astrological and Mayan information.

They have coaching frameworks for self development and to focus with intent on what you choose to create and let go of

I work one to one in person and on Skype

Today’s workshop is Persephone Path

I work with people who are ready to do what it takes to know themselves , empower themselves and let go of needing other people to do that for them.

Over several years of working as a holistic therapist and being a mother and a woman in relationships I have learned a lot about co dependent ways of relating.

I have worked my way through lots of addictions and ego stuff so my school of life is experiential and I offer this as “a” way.

If you are feeling inclined to ride this powerful Saturn in Scorpio Snake time please get in touch.

It is my honour to work with you and the wonderful thing about this way of working is we both get a shift in one to one work.

In circle work we all get to create a synergy that is greater than our individual parts ~ true Gestalt.

I am another you and I love co creating .

If you wish to receive this blog and keep in the cycle of the posts please subscribe.

This is my video channel on You Tube ~ theflowjo1

The sooner we all go into ourselves and the sooner we feel real 

in that space of grace

we are self supported 

and nothing can burst our bubble

of beauty 

when we love ourselves

everything is beautiful 

and we trust our universal process

love to you and your transformation

shiny star people

Red Moon Circle




Red Rhythmic Moon Day ~ lovers day 

Today is the sixth day of the Yellow Seed Wavespell.

In the bigger planetary picture we are in Year 7 of Red Magnetic Moon.

The artwork today is the first synchronicity and I was inspired to follow it’s cookie trail when I found it on my friend Maria’s wall. Love Facebook friends for inspiring me ~ gratitude to everyone for sharing my world. This is Edward Foster’s work and you can find his page on Facebook and on his website.

If you click on the links on my blogs you will find they lead to websites that I find on my cookie trail when I sit down, tune in and connect to what is synchronistically aligned for me to share with you today for my learning and if it feels good and an energetic match for you ~ for yours. This is my co creation way of being.

All that I share on my blogs is my journey and the same goes for my workshops and one to one work in energy therapy. I share from the heart “a” way is all and so please hear this if you can 🙂

Edward is a fellow Lancastrian and we have some friends in common, I find as I look at the information . I have lived in his neck of the woods. This was a very important magical time for me and is connected to today’s theme which is opening up and awakening to our true path and calling and how the real universe is rather than how our western society has presented it to us ~ which is all perfectly placed to weave our soul journey. The moon is our feminine self and our shadow , it is our shield from seeing the full sun scripted story all at one ~ if we were totally awakened and aware from day one then we couldn’t do the dance and relationships in the spiral and work with the web ~ the shared script that we all plug into.

This is how the Mayan Wavespell calendar can help you wake up and raise consciousness by using the thirteen day spirals as and when you are ready.       The feminine siren calls you in at the perfect time for you to go deeper and paradoxically as you do ~ your energy holograph changes and your vibe becomes higher. So to go up we have to go down. To complete our circle we create firm roots into the earth and so receive the feminine and balance the feminine within us.

This is the key of today ~ balancing the masculine and feminine within as when we are out of balance within us, the universe balances us outside of us so we can see where we can create change.

The more we ignore this and the stronger and louder the message becomes. Most of us on the planet are out of balance in this regard and there is nothing “wrong” with that.

If you are connecting to this blog for the first time please note that it is a series ~ this is the sixth day of a 13 day spiral and I am doing a mini post each day based on what I feel intuitively .

If you don’t want to miss it please subscribe to email as I don’t always post on the same sites every day on Facebook.

Many people are are following the spiritual path are focusing on going up and become top heavy like a weedy plant that has a sudden growth spirt and starts toppling over and in hot weather cannot sustain itself ~ it’s root system isn’t mature enough to match the top growth and give sustenance ~ and again paradoxically in humans this leads to being light headed and ungrounded.

When we avoid doing the foundation inner work and looking at our lower chakra areas as a place to start ( because they were formed experientially on entry into the planet as children )~ belonging and relationship which is the key transformational areas in our tree of life sacred geometry ~ we get stuck in the intellect and the head. Often this is an ego avoidance of looking at what is hurting ~ physically and emotionally. The heart path involves transforming the 3 lower chakras and in this process we let go of living from ego, the heart opens as a result and the upper chakras are activated ~ and you don’t actually need to know this all at once ~ only the ego does that head trip remember. Trust yourself and know that you have all the answers there because your heart communicates what seeks transformation through emotions. This is what is gifted to us in all the myths and sacred code and now is the time to recognise that this is about our inner journey as well.

All emotions are our guides to when we are on our heart path ~ feeling joy and love and when we are out of synch ~ feeling what we call our shadow emotions which is basically anything other than joy and love. If we simply focus on the positive then the shadow is being excluded. This is one of the hardest gateways to walk through and to walk through it experientially is a pre~requisite to enter the garden of the Goddess.

Otherwise we are lopsided and go round in circles on the outside ~ until we go within.

Today we see the pattern of the circle.

I believe all people have broken circle patterns ~ nothing right or wrong, good or bad about this. There is no judgement in karma pattern. It is what it is and is what is required for our mid life transformation process which is also aligned to the Mayan Wavespell and the magic of numbers and repeating circles of life. It is what I specialise in and can be said to be the “seer” archetype. When we choose to see we empower ourselves and our circle ignites. This is the Ouraboros 

The message has often been distorted by manipulative pattern creators as a power trip in this patriarchal society that we live in on most of our human population worldwide. There are few feminine energy systems in place in the world today and that is how it is meant to be at this time on the planet as we are experiencing all we need to experience for this time of our evolutionary learning. We are moving into the sacred feminine transit now as we go into the Age of Aquarius ~ the cup holder of the Gods. We are connecting to our God and Goddess potentiality if we are prepared to transform our ego.

It takes more than dressing up in Goddess outfits to usher the feminine in and many men may not be too fond of getting a frock on 🙂 Some may and that’s ok for them ~ whatever floats your boat. There are lots of people doing the drama of being the Goddess and many that I have observed are very heavily into their masculine energy and seemingly having no conscious awareness of that ~ because that is where they are at the moment and that is the web.

I remember the first time I went to a Goddess workshop in Marsden ( fab name :-)) and found myself feeling uncomfortable about calling myself and being with others calling themselves Goddess and noticing that ~ who am I ? Same feeling as the first time I went to a belly dancing class at a Brass Band Club ~ not a million miles from The Full Monty scenario .

Gratitude to the strong amazing women of Marsden and West Yorkshire generally ~ and there are many brave and courageous souls ~ who are blazing a trail of the feminine in the very masculine energy of the North.

It takes courage to step out and speak out of what is considered the “norm” and unless we do this ~ how will things ever change ? As we stand up for what we love truly from the heart , we face our challenge and through this personal change we shine light and weave new paths ~ others follow that lead feeling energised and inspired by that light and new “norms” are created. In this Northern old~ fashioned space of many other revolutions, was where I made my first forays into another world beyond the veil ~ and with the veil ~ and brought out the Goddess in me.

Without these first steps I wouldn’t be here today in Glastonbury. Love to you all and hope to see you soon either here in the South or when I come visit in September.

Today’s intuitive image I awoke with was a big electrical power cable that had torn loose from it’s moorings and was hissing and swirling with unfettered power like an angry snake.

By the time we get to mid life we have had our share of being on the receiving end of some unloving behaviour ~ much of which we were  ” made ” to receive by adults when we were children. Synchronistically last night on TV there was a programme talking about being an optimistic person or a pessimist and how the scientific community is now changing it’s beliefs on nature versus nature. It is titled The Truth about Personality ~ maybe “a’ truth 🙂 ? I mentioned Bruce Lipton in my blog yesterday and his work on epigenetics . Our beliefs ~ created from our life experience and our ancestral experience ~ create our dna. Change our belief and we change our genes. Just had an insight on meditation and how when we are being present with our thoughts and allowing their presence ~ we are allowing and accepting them in that space ~ very much the basis of EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique, which is the core of my transformational journey.

If I say the circle within us is broken that may trigger an emotional response in you ~ and if it does maybe notice that ?

It is broken in a sense of ~ it doesn’t connect and form a circular circuit.

If we have an emotional response to a statement then there is an emotional event that is unresolved from our past. We all have these and this is the soul journey. If we choose we can transform this emotional event and we can reconnect our circle. This is the circle of the lower chakras and it repeats this cycle over and over ~ when you learn experientially about the Mayan wavespell you will see how this works.

I can speak to you about it and I can share my experience ~ you can only access it on all levels when you start doing the spiral journey on all levels. Mind, Body and  Spirit. When it is your time you will feel it.

If you want to know your Mayan info please send me your time,date and place of birth and I will also send your Starcode.

Today I also got this little ditty :

Mary Mary quite contrary

How does your garden grow

With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row

Lots of beliefs about the origin of this. 

There is the Queen Mary version


There is a connection to the Camino Santiago ~ a leyline near where I live connects Glastonbury as a pilgrim centre with 5o something ley lines to this major pilgrim walk. This is the connection to the shell ~ reference to The Mary Line ~ the sacred feminine energy line and if you google pictures of the Pico Santo it is very similar to the distant view of The Tor in Glastonbury. Here is a lovely blog about this area

Silver ~ the moon, the feminine and pretty maids all in a row ~ the Pleiades constellation ?

Whatever it means for the individual at where they are on their cycle.


If you  are aware of your own circle, wanting to move to a new circle and leave one behind there are ways I can assist you.

This wavespell is leading us into a new Mayan Year of Yellow Galactic Seed on July 26th 

If you would like to prepare for it and go in from day one with a cosmically aligned

intention please contact me as soon as possible as I can only work with a few people  and

we are getting close.

How can I help you  that works for you ?

If you share with me your heart intention for this coming year I can:

  • Give you some information about your pattern from your Mayan Sign and Starcode
  • Let you know where you are on your thirteen year cycle so you can have a bigger picture view. If for example you are starting a brand new thirteen year cycle it is very different from being on your thirteenth year.
  • I can give you tools so you can find your own information and start process for change independently from me and speak to me when you require some assistance ~ my expertise is using a coaching outcome  ~ something you wish to create and move towards

We look at what beliefs and past events may be holding you back

  • Let them go
  • Create beliefs and strategies that align you with your desire.
  • I am flexible and I love my work . 

We can work in different ways:

  • Email
  • Skype
  • In Person one to one
  • Small workshops in person and online to work with your schedule ~ I can come and work with a group too
  • Retreats ~ one coming up in Glastonbury July 25

I love assisting people in their awakening process .

I understand it is difficult for many people financially at the moment and offer a pay what you can afford policy.

Please donate if you feel this was of value to you. It doesn’t matter if it is only a £1 ~ gratefully received. When people give to me  I can give to others . 

If you wish to come to my retreat or work with me and don’t have any cash I am open to exchange too and if what you offer is something I am open to it’s a match


Investing in our own personal development is not a part of our pattern for many

individuals and involves valuing the self so often is something we have to create a new pattern for 🙂

Wishing my two beautiful boys happy solar return today.

Basil and Arnold are ten today. They are Blue Solar Storm Siamese. Just did their Mayan Sign this week. Number 9’s like me which represent completion of cycles.I have looked at their pedigrees today with a smile as I look at their family ancestry.

Arnold is the dominant male ~ named by my children after Arnold Schwarzenegger and so true to that vibe 🙂

Their parents are Magical Hugga Wugga and Rewdith Ostara and one line is of Shadowsquad’s with masculine role models and rock bands ~ Iron Maiden, Remmington Steele , Pierce Brosnan, and one of my favourite films Joe Black. On the other line they have Mordor Aragorn Elfstone and Magical Moonstone, Borealis Sergeant Pepper and Magical Twilight Eyes.

Basil was named after Basil Brush and he is often as daft as he. Basil is a sensitive soul who was the runt of the litter and so had to become part of our cat family.

Cats symbolise the sacred feminine and have the opposite spiral of energy to humans which is why they can trigger huge allergies and be soothing when they unwind you when sitting on your lap. They are the embodiment of the pattern of this wild, untamed energy that is the polar opposite of the patriarchal masculine.


If it is your birthday today this year is all about today’s energy for you the year long

starting today on your birthday balancing your masculine and feminine from within.

You are in year 6 of your thirteen year cycle.

This started on your birthday in 2008 and you are in a Yellow Magnetic Seed Cycle so unmasking yourself and removing all those ego corset ties that hold back on the true beauty of you that is aching to be flung high and wide .

This will become highlighted even more as the new year arrives on July 26 and the planetary vibe will move your individual cog within it’s bigger worldly cog.

Wishing you joy and love today with your awakening to balancing the masculine and




Illuminating the shadow


Yellow Cosmic Sun day and the last day in this star wavespell. How are you feeling today? That is the most important question of all if we are truly living from the heart instead of being led by the head.

The energy of this mayan sign is all about questioning the intelligence so we can be in our heart wisdom.

Letting go of being ruled by the limited linear mind and training and transforming our inner dog so it leads us to maturity and love.

We are always going to be bounding off into the shady woods to learn and digress and go round and round for a while as the path is a spiral……

Do we choose to reign in our temper tanting child or live forever in the world of it’s making…..?

Today I have learned of two people dying and I feel this can be such a cosmic nudge to remember ,that although we are infinite beings we have a finite life as this person and what is really important often gets lost in the mundane trivia that our mind likes to wallow in as a way of avoiding total emotional immersion.

I see it every day in Glastonbury where people weave a fantasy land to live in to avoid facing their sadness at a life that has created realities they didn’t want.

What most people don’t realise is that in any moment this can be transformed into the life of their dreams….but only if they get real.

In writing these blogs it is my intention to raise awareness of the emotional evolution we are in, as through my own personal life journey I know this is a truth.

Whether you believe it or share it  as your truth….is of course your personal road trip.

For me I will do whatever it takes to open my heart and live from love and that has involved a close encounter with my shadow side every day for years. There are no short cuts and no skipping over and sidestepping the painful parts of our lives because that is what we are here for to live the darkness in order to reveal the light.

Let’s hear it for the shadow 🙂 Chatting with several people in the past few weeks it seems we have a circle of consensus…..time to let go of biting our tongue when we smell a bullpoo reframe and manipulation…. and we all recognise it  🙂 This year let’s create workshops, opportunities and frameworks to raise reality awareness and in the process we are creating the potentiality of intimate open hearted relationships. Rip off the corsets of repressing our true selves and hold the love space of taking whatever goes with that. It can feel uncomfortable simply because it is new ground.

Everyone knows what their stuff is. We all know what has hurt and what we don’t like about ourselves and our shadow always took shape in our childhood. It isn’t rocket science. It is the same for everyone although we each have our own unique experience. There is no need to come up with elaborate structures or methodologies to release this as all our shadow seeks is to be heard , loved and accepted. To come in from the cold and feel the warmth of inclusion. This is the integration process.

Very simply it’s about love and when we see it we know it. We know when someone is in an open heart space.

The myth of any need to manipulate someone is starting to fray at the edges because people have been around long enough to be on the receiving end of that abusive behaviour. Manipulate ~ lie basically.

Over millenia we have created amazing methodology to explore this shadow side and each generation has evolved and shared insights into our psyche. There isn’t really anything new under the sun only a slight twist to technique.

The key answer I have found is to simply let the emotion out and feel ok with expressing it and I still have work to do in this for myself . I am still uncomfortable with being the one who is unpopular because they speak about things that other people don’t want to deal with. The more we let go of past emotional events and the less emotion is in there to vent and ideally we can keep clearing it so we don’t have volcanic eruptions.

Today I am sharing a story with you about my journey as a therapist with the intention of illustrating the difference between what we call intelligence and heart wisdom which is what today is about and it’s also a portal day so a super gateway to allow time to be transcended. and create a huge shift. From what I understand of the nature of our universe this is how we evolve….through each of our own personal evolutionary journeys weaving together.

In our society we have such a high regard for intelligence as a sign of elitism. We measure a person’s ability with how many exams they can pass and what grades and so many people are excluded because they do not fit this box. Today in our society children who are classed as having behavioural or learning difficulties are seen as deficient and often a problem in some way as they don’t fit the norm and are labelled accordingly. In over 40 years the way the majority of our educational systems work with these out of the box children hasn’t changed …..not the ones I have seen.

Don’t you find that amazing? That in 40 years we haven’t evolved in this area? This is a passion of mine.

How much of your childhood education has been of any real practical use to you as an adult?

When we look closer at our educational system in the UK we can see how it was a duality system for the working classes and elite and birthed. For the former shaped to create a holding space for children so their parents could work on many levels. The subjects were ( and still are in many ways) chosen for the industry in the locality and how their workforce would need certain skills. A sausage factory of Pink Floyd The Wall ilk. I have watched this film many many times with a good friend who certainly had ( and still has ) a wild child very well developed side.

Many people today are still very ignorant as to how this system has no individual free spirit ethos. It isn’t there to create self-empowerment, learning about relationships, how to handle life and how to focus on self esteem in our young people….indeed the opposite is true. We aren’t often privvy to what is driving  the powers that be and their curriculum and sometimes we are so used to being led that we don’t think to ask or challenge …..

When we raise our heads above the parapet we are often humiliated and criticised….what do we know? Poke at the illusion bubble and risk the Wrath of the mask wearer.

Every child knows the simple truth of love or fear because it is an innate knowingness that is often worn over time on the way to adulthood and then can be reclaimed.

Imagine an alternative where young people learned how to do what they loved and about their star seeded mission. How to follow their internal emotional sat nav to live authentically and create new foundations. Instead of one size fits all and you have to be a square peg in a round hole.

In ancient times we had mystery schools teaching of sacred geometry and the building blocks of our universe. We had initiate training for the soul journey to assist our planetary evolution and all of these structures were evident because it was the perfect time for that to happen…..just as now it’s the perfect time for it to return. It is all there magically in waiting for us to energetically match it and so awaken . We have the keys to turn the mechanism and breathe life into the form.

Now is the time for us to reconnect to who we really are so we can live from our heart place and let go of feeding a system that simply perpetuates slavery to the ego.

We are all equal under the sun no matter how unequal people’s distribution of wealth may seem.

Many coaches focus on finance as the way to go because that is a model of excellence and supposed emancipation….I have yet to meet a financially wealthy person who is happy more than not and living an authentic life and although I have never reached the dizzy heights of fame or what is known as financial security ….in my short life I really understood very early on that money cannot buy you anything truly worthwhile because it is an ego created mechanism and as such a manipulation.

We have so many written words, songs, scriptures and gurus from the past teaching us of this and yet how many of us are actually walking the talk of it?

So back to the story of my learning as a therapist. In previous blogs I have shared how I started out wanting to focus on psychotherapy and very quickly realising that although this can give understanding it is only a piece of the puzzle. I added NLP to my tool box that gave further understanding and more techniques….and there came lots of ecology questions for me with using those powerful strategies. If I have ecology questions I find myself going round in circles without a way forward until I can resolve them. Here I learned EFT ( tapping) and this started to show a way forward.

As a fire sign and a blue solar hand in the Mayan calendar my energy is about transformation. Talking therapies for me have to have an outcome to work towards that creates change. This is my energy blueprint and my gift. Simply talking in an unfocused way isn’t my domain.

The teachers I chose were heaven sent to show me their personal techniques of using EFT and again this is where heart wisdom reveals itself . We can all learn the same technique and we will all use it differently because of our starcode and our life mission so if you have ever ruled out a system because of an individual’s methodology  I urge you to seek and be persistent with finding a person who has a different delivery of it because they are out there. To take responsibility for our own learning is the Aquarius way.

In the past I have had many teacher’s who did not meet my expectations in their delivery of course content and as a child I quit some courses and dropped out of sixth form. Revisiting that space as a mature student  I did not limit my learning because of my teachers approach. I love what I learn and so it is easy to learn it and this is the difference that makes the difference. I decide my outcome in life through my actions and attitudes and one of my strengths is persistence. Sometimes life doesn’t match my desires and it often delivers something I wasn’t expecting…my outcome  in life is to open my heart and share that process so I always move in that direction even though it is often going back to go forwards.


When we have our training as a therapist most schools insist on doing personal introspection and discovery first because it is key that we know how this process works so we can share it. Many courses today skip that and state that isn’t necessary. This is especially evident with Alpha male pattern NLP schools. They like to sell a course  to completion in a couple of weeks with no or little work on the person first and if we look at the bigger picture of that we can see what a nonsense it is. If a person has no life experience then they simply haven’t lived long enough to transform intelligence into the next stage of integration through experiencing it on a daily basis in a practical way. If they haven’t ever had relationships of a therapeutic nature with people and learned about person centred approach and empathy then how will they pass that knowledge on? Most people I know who have done this are simply looking for a short cut and to manipulate others and have zero awareness of their own patterns. They actually don’t care about other people and don’t want to hear any content because it is boring to them. They simply want to “fix” the other person that is pushing their buttons and feel powerful and they are great teachers in this process….only not about what they think they are teaching….

Most people I have met who have been on these types of courses have lots of parlour tricks to play with people and very little interest in how that can deeply affect the person they are practising their newly learned trickery on. I know in the bigger picture we can say that is the law of karma in action….and if we are to create changes in this then this way of being is not of love and respect or any form of wisdom and maturity system I choose.

When we have done a good delve into our inner work ~ and this I believe is a lifelong peeling of the onion skin process ~ then we can start to work with other people. All the perfect people show up so we can both evolve as we are always an energetic match in some way. This is a true win win when this happens and a beautiful process.

I had one client for over a year on a very regular basis and each time they challenged me. I learned so much from this relationship and as I offered person centred therapy and believed strongly in it , I always let them lead as to the outcome they wanted. Over time I noticed that whatever we supposedly solved in an intellectual sense using a coaching solution based framework, always popped up somewhere else in a different form. This person had tried lots of therapies and lots of coaches and money wasn’t an issue. They made it part of their life. Whenever I made a suggestion that came close to childhood issues they wouldn’t go there. I always give homework to my clients to integrate their experience and minimise any dependency and transference and yet this wasn’t done by them. Whatever frameworks and boundaries I raised around sessions was always breached or pushed and my intuitive offerings overridden.

This person had been on so many courses and had so many certificates and could trot off so many trite positivity intellectualisms at workshops and yet nothing was changing because although we tapped they weren’t allowing their feelings to come up and part of their ego defence mechanism was to create a diversion whenever we came close to the wound.

Despite so many sessions and so many solutions their behaviour wasn’t changing because it wasn’t the right time for them to go there…..and it may never be because there is so much fear blocking the heart opening process. That is their choice and none of my business. What is my business is how I choose to work as a therapist. Eventually I ended the relationship because I wasn’t allowed to be me and so was delivering my energetic intervention in a straight jacket that I allowed. No matter what my relationship is with someone I have to be me. I cannot be someone else’s fix in an out of balanced way. That is co-dependency .There are so many misunderstandings in these areas and no matter how I tried to explain it they couldn’t understand it because to them I was a business service and I was paid for them to use in what way they chose. As we got nearer to the core of their wound their behaviour around any boundaries I was setting became more resistant and in the end I would not allow them to attend a weekend retreat because I knew the impact their behaviour would have on other people in the group….and that wasn’t an outcome I wanted for my retreat. It was sad for me because so much of our relationship was inspirational and it had to end because I was ready to create new circles for me and they weren’t willing to face their fears and let go of control to go into them.

As I have raised my self esteem and confidence I have raised my boundaries too and for me this is about being discerning and seeing people’s patterns through their behaviour….trusting my instincts and wherever possible being open without judging. This comes with experience and the more we release our ego stuff the more we can see clearly.

In Glastonbury this is essential as it is the Heart Chakra of the planet and so the ego stage.

Many people behave as if it is the Crown chakra and become a godly saint archetype. It’s the perfect place to see that being acted out . Many people become something here to enable their ego to perform and forget or try to hide their humanity in the process… is so clear to see though through a discerning eye. No one is perfect/happy/saintly all the time and somehow if you act any other way …..authentically revealing a shadow emotion…..then you have fallen from grace.

One of the key learnings for me with EFT was my first teacher Gwyneth Moss and her sharing of our inner dog in our training weekend. Our emotional Mind. This was a major aha moment and really shaped the way I used EFT. Gratitude to you Gwyneth. It has been the foundation of my understanding and pivotal in how I work with myself and everyone else. The emotional mind is a pattern matcher and I have an in-depth pdf about it here.

Our emotional mind does not do intellectual logic. It isn’t rational. It simply wants to avoid pain and bring pleasure ~ hence our addictions. Like a child it doesn’t understand how eating lots of processed sugar every day leads to no teeth and diabetes if unchecked. It doesn’t care if our alcohol intake leads to liver failure or inappropriate behaviour. It is purely concerned with getting it’s fix in whatever way it can so we don’t feel unhappy and it learns this very early on in life. Whatever was used as a sugary pacifier, in a mind, body spirit way, in our childhood is plugged in to our way of living and unless we rewire that pattern it simply expands.

The more we rely on intellectual solutions instead of getting our emotional needs met and the more our emotional need grows and the more we need our fix.

Tapping works by combining mind, body and spirit. It can be used in many ways with content, without content, with or without emotion, with pictures, with art, drawing a line on a piece of paper, watching a film, in your car, in a meeting, in labour….it’s limitless you choose.

Any age,  literally anything even appliances, animals, surrogates, with reiki, with massage…’s universal because it is simply energy and  ancient wisdom. It allows us to let go instantly if we are ready…..

Our heart knows our path. Our heart knows if we are on it. Our heart doesn’t need all the intellect to know love because it feels love. Our society loves mind and it has become the primary focus often as an avoidance of pain…… living a life so far removed from who we are.

We are always attracted to rebels, wild child people, the bad boys, rude girls who entrance us with their audacity and derring do. Our desires rarely run to fantasising about the domesticated nice person who is safe and always accommodating and if we have created a life without challenges and colour we are undernourished in our beige haze.

This is where the addictions surface.

So instead of being Stepford wives we can be the imperfect human beings we really are and love ourselves and then we let go of any need to do alter ego behaviours that cause our bodies pain or hurt ourselves and other people physically or emotionally.

Here is a video you can use if you choose to start to tap and create your own scripts. If you don’t find this appeals there are lots more people out there who do it so simply google or go on youtube and explore the world of tapping. It is amazing how quickly we can create wellbeing and peace with this every day for ourselves….who cares if it looks unusual? If it works and there are no side effects what is there to lose except our fear

and……it is free for each of us to do it ourselves.

The EFT community offers so many free resources.

Love to you and your beautiful wild child self.

In the words of The Doors ~ Wild Child full of grace saviour of the human race.

Please try EFT for yourself if you haven’ already…..and share it. If everyone uses EFT each day instead of addictions our world will change. If you are using a pure mind system for letting go of an addiction please consider bringing in your emotions because they are a key part of the process. It’s time to let go of scapegoating and blaming alcohol or drugs for causing destruction in our society ….it’s people who do that with their behaviour and it simply stems from lack of love and understanding.

Divine child shining




How is your star wavespell  unfolding?

What are you seeing today in your energetic circle?

Today we are in day four of this energetic pathway with each step taking us on a journey of evolution 🙂

With every passing month of doing this Mayan wavespell calendar experientially I am seeing the world through different eyes

and feeling very differently too.

I intended to create this post earlier in the wavespell however the more I go with the flow

and the more I find energetically I cannot “make it fit” my ego timescale or the artificial ego box we have created generally in society

in our western world

which is so out of alignment with the true nature of our cyclical universe.

This way of being is coming in for everyone more and more and the sooner we adjust to it and accept it

the easier the transition becomes


the more magical too.

The three previous days are on my facebook page

The number four represents the square and a platform to build the rest of the wave.

Four is a square or a rectangle and in astrological terms this is a powerful shape that can box us in, ground us and/ or be a space to liberate us

our choice 🙂

as the next step is five

and five can bring mastery

and struggle…….

depending on where we are on our path and our cycle.

In our 1’s we come into the world in form and essentially we move from dependent to individual

and form our ego

this continues into our 2’s and at some point some of us learn through relationships

into 3’s decade and the Saturn return time of our karma patterns seeing

how when we do this….

we create that

and our mind puts meaning onto it and each mind has it’s own ideas and perceptions.

Although our body matures

parts of our mind remain behind ready to develop at future points

of crossroads not yet seen

and yet in part written in our destiny

a pre-planned route determined by our sacred thread

This is as it is meant to be …..our soul journey unfolding

in alignment with all that is.

Today the Mayan sign is Blue Self-Existing Monkey

are we playful, open and vulnerable

the clown and a cheeky monkey?

Bringing genuine heartfelt intimacy

maybe a cruel trickster?

maybe we play the role of a clown as a defence mechanism?

Whatever our energetic intention this is always communicated and received

no matter what words are coming out of our mouths.

As this star wavespell is in the waning moon

it is a time of letting go of what is shielding our heart star quality

in contrast to the ego star of the stage

searching for external validation and affirmation.

As we see through the lives of the brave souls who seek the dizzy heights of stardom and open themselves to scrutiny

of the media

they show us all through heart rending performance

they bare their souls seeking love and approval

and there is always a childhood story that sparks this trail of  ego journey.

Heath Ledger .….

the Joker before his tragic death

an amazing gifted man who seemingly felt unloved.

So much talent and torment

The key to this is the understanding that no matter how many outside adornments, trappings, awards and achievements we create

if we haven’t let go of the past wounds of childhood inside

we still feel the same

and no amount of external stuff can fill the void.

In this Blue Storm year we are reminded that whatever we choose as our methodology to fill the gap

when we do not have this filler

the void is revealed

and the feelings that go with it emerge

the ego personality always seeks new ever increasing levels of  satisfaction

and as we age

everything starts to feel the pull

the more baggage we have

the more work it takes to support it

the more props and stage show

the more roadies to haul it

the more groupies to bring the thrills

What if we could be free to be simply us?

Stripped bare and loved for our true selves?

We are of course…… only our ego doesn’t know that…..

This is the journey.

My biggest learning came through doing my own journey with NLP about my patterns.

Once I created the intention to see them they all started to pop out everywhere with ahas

If you are ready to see yours simply send out that communication

and watch your energy matrix be revealed at the perfect time

just like Neo in The Matrix

My next big reveal was through astrology and seeing my starcode

at the same time the Mayan calendar showed up and took my awareness to a whole new level.

All this wonderful stuff is there for all of us

without discrimination

we are all equal under the sun 🙂

This week I travelled back to my roots and went up North to Marsden where I lived for ten years until October 2011.

I met up with friends and family and revisited past places and events physically and energetically.

The synchronicities were great and I got to meet and hear messages that were perfect for me.

One of the most major shifts doing my NLP training was my project given to me by my teacher.

It ran alongside my training and was to be performed at the last weekend.

It was clowning and filled me with fear as I didn’t like clowns 🙂

I didn’t know anything of what was involved

pure ignorance

and it turned out to be one of the greatest gifts I have ever received

for heart opening

In a nutshell it is about celebrating our shadow

expanding it

and allowing it

we all have a clown that we usually try to hide

because other people don’t find it acceptable

and so we learn to find that unacceptable in ourselves

when we are bored

make a mistake

angry or depressed

when we are clowning it’s allowed and honoured

being in a group of people who are opening and revealing this aspect is truly wonderful

and feels like falling in love

Most of the people I met shared this with me and I hadn’t consciously connected to that.

Here is the Thoth card I got:

Queen of Swords

Amazing what comes from the void 🙂

To revisit this I went to Mars……den

Mars energy is the North

strong masculine energy

It feels literally like travelling to another world

because it is vibrationally.

It’s in a valley and protected by hills

and they also limit the light

Where I live now in Glastonbury is very feminine energy and flat and open

the contrast was striking

Each place has it’s own sacred geometry to be with

This is on one level what jet lag is…..

moving from different energetic zones with their own love language

As in the matrix we have a shared playground to play in

we have our own code and sometimes we find ourselves unable to bond with others

and that is ok because it is the path

the more we become accustomed to seeing, hearing, feeling that

and the easier we flow without resistance to our next playing place.

The mastery is releasing our tags so we fly free in all space

as we are one with the Tao

limitless and unbounded

and that may take many journeys 🙂

Seeing the signs repeated

taking the time to notice

as we reveal the sacred in us and honour it

we see it everywhere.

I went back to some big crossroads in my past and one of them was a house.

I felt at peace with it.

I took a photo of a metal support that runs through the house and has a star on each side

this star has sixteen points

Ishtar’s gate and was called Fallbottom Cottage

This house experience was my journey into my underworld

and the unravelling of my ego

I met all my demons and saw all my ego beliefs revealed

and as I journeyed through them

although it felt very painful

it was the gateway to somewhere else

an opportunity to shed some skins and be reborn

revealing what lies beneath.

At these times we see what is important to us and how our choices have led us to this place.

If we take responsibilities for our actions instead of blaming others

we can integrate those child parts of ourselves that have stayed frozen in time.

To see ourselves clearly it is often easier simply to see the pattern

as our ego is designed to protect itself

If we choose avoidance patterns

what are we avoiding?

If we choose distraction patterns

what are we distracting ourselves from?

If we are seeking oblivion

then if we choose we can look at the hurt place instead

because we always come full circle.

Do we choose to learn and spiritually grow into maturity

or stay a sulky scared child?

With every cycle the energy expands

The ego race is doomed to failure by it’s very nature….

Lilith in 2007 was a star player in mine

there is always someone richer, more beautiful, faster, stronger

has a bigger gun 🙂

The ego path has a shelf life and an expiry date

the soul path every lasting

every choice is perfect

each gesture we make shapes the world

Do we choose to open and be vulnerable and celebrate our shadow

so our child can be free

or remain a prisoner of the mask

we the Mona Lisa smile?

Love to you today and our wonderful innocence.

Doing what we love is the key to heaven on earth.

It’s time to feel our way and allow our pure heart path to be revealed

anything that isn’t that beauty way is now showing up to be released.

If you would like to feedback about your path please do.

If you want to know more please email me with your time/date/place of birth.