Spring Retreat 2020

  Are you ready to be the Conscious Dreamer ? Create New beginnings for yourself ? Be the hero and heroine of your own story and re write it ? Fulfil your heart’s desire? To be free of co dependency and narcissist wounding  coming into balance within with good boundaries and healthy frameworks in alignment […]

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Blue Crystal Storm

Blue Crystal Storm Are you ready to work powerfully with this year’s transformational energy ? Today reveals the codes and the structures for you  for the whole year  How clear are you today ? Are there some crystallisation codes seeking to shatter and free you up ? I am starting monthly workshops to share the […]

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Yellow Star Wavespell ~ Bee it

    Yellow Star Wavespell Being the star that we really are  Please click on the links or hover your mouse to reveal website links to expand on the info Lamat is the Mayan name  There are 20 Star Glyphs in the Mayan Wavespell Lamat is number 8  Which is all about integration As above […]

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Yellow Cosmic Sun ~ love

Yellow Cosmic Sun Please click on the links, hover with your mouse and explore other websites and expand on my information. Everything I offer is simply my take on what I learn on my travels. If you choose to receive my blog effortlessly, please subscribe and it will be so. It is the last day […]

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Our 13 Year Cycles

Our thirteen year Cycles Please click on the links by hovering your mouse over them and following the cookie trail to more information that expands on this theme. It is the fifth day of the Yellow Star Wavespell ~ Yellow Overtone Human On the fifth day we have a chance to be in a place […]

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Yellow Star Wavespell

  Yellow Star Wavespell   Please hover your mouse over the text and see the links to other websites to expand on this information 🙂 A powerful day today with the last wavespell of this current Tzolk’in 260 day cycle . It’s a full moon and a lunar eclipse and the ephemeris pictured shows you […]

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Red Moon Circle

    Red Rhythmic Moon Day ~ lovers day  Today is the sixth day of the Yellow Seed Wavespell. In the bigger planetary picture we are in Year 7 of Red Magnetic Moon. The artwork today is the first synchronicity and I was inspired to follow it’s cookie trail when I found it on my […]

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Illuminating the shadow

Yellow Cosmic Sun day and the last day in this star wavespell. How are you feeling today? That is the most important question of all if we are truly living from the heart instead of being led by the head. The energy of this mayan sign is all about questioning the intelligence so we can […]

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Divine child shining

    How is your star wavespell  unfolding? What are you seeing today in your energetic circle? Today we are in day four of this energetic pathway with each step taking us on a journey of evolution 🙂 With every passing month of doing this Mayan wavespell calendar experientially I am seeing the world through […]

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