Spring Retreat 2020



Are you ready to be the Conscious Dreamer ?

Create New beginnings for yourself ?

Be the hero and heroine of your own story and re write it ?

Fulfil your heart’s desire?

To be free of co dependency


narcissist wounding 

coming into balance within


good boundaries and healthy frameworks

in alignment with natural cycles


3 days in the heart and 3rd eye chakra of the world

Please contact me if you are interested

More info coming soon 

Friday 20 March

day time workshop £33 ~ 3 hours

evening  workshop £33 ~ 3 hours


Blue Self Existing Monkey 

How to become very aware of our patterns and codes


work consciously with them 

Saturday 21 March 

Yellow Overtone Human 

How to master our human being chalice for health and wealth

Day time workshop £33


Sunday 22 March 

Red Rhythmic Skywalker

Day time workshop £33 How to Create Heaven on Earth from within

Change the inside  ~ the outside changes

What tools to use to do this


Each participant will receive in depth personal cosmic codes

to create self empowerment  and awareness

One to one personal energy coaching sessions available

residential options too please contact me for more info

Payment plans available



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