Thirteen Clear Signs

Pakal color

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13 clear signs 

 Here are the 13 Clear Signs in order:

Articles on each Clear Sign :

I am writing articles as I experience them and am ready to relate about them 🙂 

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I have written these

in the order they appear

in the 260 day spiral

as the process of personal enlightenment :





Red Castle 






No clear sign in Red Dragon ~ Wavespell 1 

White Wizard Wavespell ~ Wavespell 2 

the awakening to new learning through our challenges


power imbalances 




Self empowerment 

Ixchel Moon Goddess 

also a planetary creation code 

The asteroids ~ new consciousness coming in 

Day 7

Yellow Resonant Sun

Planet: Pluto 

From the Fifth Sun

Day 13  

White Cosmic Worldbridger

Planet: Mars 


Blue Hand Wavespell ~ Wavespell 3 


Shaping our destiny with our hands and our co creation with the universe and spirit 

The 7th Mayan Sign ~ the Mystic revealed

Planet : Earth 

Day 4 of this process 

White Self ~ Existing Dog 

This is a Burner Day ~ check out Burner Days Page for more info ~ coming soon

The structure of the conditioned mind formed in the birth tribe 

Planet : Mercury 

Yellow Sun Wavespell ~ Wavespell  4




Revealing the Structure of our ability to hold the light as a human being 

To be conscious and behave consciously in accordance with that structure on all levels 

Planet : Pluto 

Mastery Code 

Yellow Sun being the 20th Mayan Sign 

The purpose of the process of personal enlightenment 

Manifest in the final day of the 260 day framework 


Yellow Cosmic Sun 


White Castle  





The refinement Castle has the key Wavespell to the whole 260 day process

as it has 3 Clear Signs :

Red Skywalker Wavespell







Blog Part 1

Blog Part 2

There is no Clear Sign in

White Worldbridger Wavespell

Using the Red Skywalker Wavespell process will create a powerful shift for the native

At this time the Universal Codes will be creating powerful shifts also 

Blue Storm Wavespell


This is the only 9 Gateway process in the 13 Clear Signs :

Blue Solar Hand 


Here is an article about this:

Blue Solar Hand 





Blue Castle  








Red Serpent Wavespell ~ Day 2 

White Lunar Worldbridger 

Bringing the new learning from White Worldbridger Wavespell 

Here is the blog about this:

White Lunar Worldbridger 

Blue Monkey Wavespell ~ Day 2

Yellow Lunar Human


Pic by Mariana Palova

Here is the blog about this:

Yellow Lunar Human ~ a 13 Clear Sign 




Yellow Castle 



The flowering time of the other three Castles





Yellow Resonant Warrior 


Green Castle 





The Heart Castle of healing 

The 5th dimension 

The heart of the matter 

Blue Electric Monkey

Here is my blog about this

Red Spectral Serpent