Red Skywalker Wavespell


Red Skywalker Wavespell

Part 1

This is the most powerful

Clear Sign Process

as it has

3 Clear Signs

in it

Red Overtone Earth on Day 5

White Rhythmic Mirror on Day 6

Yellow Galactic Sun on day 8

In essence this is what the whole 260 day Tzol Kin process is about :

The human being who is ready to consciously evolve 

To become the embodiment of the

Buddha Process

Inside out 


My offering:

Transforming creation codes of personal hell in this lifetime is the key

Creation Codes are Karma Codes 

All lifetimes can be healed in this lifetime 

There are no “curses” or “bad karma”

these are ego mind frameworks…

simply behaviour that the ego likes to put in tick boxes of “good or “bad”

“right” and “wrong”

otherwise known as duality labels

which can be helpful on a base level

of living a life in this manner

of black and white

that is intended to be healthy and happy 


outlined in all religious teachings 

which began their life as wise guidance …


some of which have become distorted over time 

by human beings with ego issues


ego agendas 

Judgements added in to ensure that human beings 

feel guilty and unworthy


have looked to priests to provide their stairway to heaven


understanding and translating

their divinity 

instead of accessing the source 



The human being who is ready to evolve

is ready to go beyond this duality childlike framework into more depth and complexity


embody this wisdom

becoming very aware of how the human being creates their reality 

through their personal perspective literally


as a natural part of living on planet earth

creates a mind interface

that blocks this clear information channel

reflecting back the wounding hologram


that is realised and awakened to 


Some people do this through

personal development

some through faith

some through shamanic practises

some through gaming

some through loving relationships…

It doesn’t matter what route we take

it all leads to the same stages and places 

Again as I always say in my blogs

This is my perspective and my experience I am sharing :

This process happens in direct co creation with the universal codes beaming through the universe

The planets and the Suns

All Cosmology 

to activate our dna 

This daily enlightenment process is revealed through the 260 day process

of the Tzol Kin 

that is endless 


changes as a spiral 

each time it comes around it has different astrological code

at the same time the human being part of the process

is on their individual path and activated uniquely in their spiral


This process has been in human deep level awareness throughout all time 

Now the time on planet earth is aligned 

for people to come into inner balance 

All the previous human history and development is also revealed in the Tzol Kin 

Each column also reveals a period of human history and evolution

More about that in another blog.

Red Skywalker 13 day process

is the 5th Wavespell which is an Overtone

which is all about the struggle that was encountered in the first four steps now coming into the process of refinement …

Squaring the Circle


These first four steps are in the Red Castle of Awakening

We now enter 

The White Castle of Refinement 


Everything that came to light in the Red Castle time period is now

ripe for …

taking to another level 

to align with truth free of ego mind distortions

This is perfectly alined with

the time of year

At the time of writing this article :

It is Scorpio Sun

Libra Moon 

Dark Moon time 

with a New Moon in Scorpio 



All Hallows Eve



When the individual starts to connect to their Ancestral Code 

All is revealed as to what is happening in our personal circle of influence

The family we are born into reveals life missions eternal

All part of the Matrix of human evolution

Our personal path becomes clearer as we see the revealing of our individual wounding

playing out on the world stage 

so that each person can understand

old ways

learn new ways 

become the Blue Hand avatar

The Blue Hand Gateway is coming in this White Castle

it is particularly significant this year

as this year on planet earth

this is a

Blue Storm Year


The 260 day current cycle of Autumn 2016 started on 06 September


Virgo Sun time

so what was initiated for you then is ready for refinement now

Red Skywalker’s planet is Mars 

The Mayan Sign is Code 13 

All codes that are 13 are known as Cosmic in this framework

This number is connected to the shift energy



Evolution energy

If your Mayan Tone is Cosmic then this is your energy

Pakal color

This picture is the process

At the time of writing this article here are the key dates for the process:



Friday 28 October 2018 

how the individual Creates Heaven on Earth for themselves by healing masculine wounding to be in an empowered masculine space 

260 days ago what were you experiencing then ~ 9 months ago ~ that you are now becoming wise to and releasing emotional buttons and learning new ways to relate ? 


The challenge and new learning:

Saturday 29 October 2016

White Lunar Wizard ~ go back to the White Wizard Wavespell which began on September 19 for 13 days ~ what was happening then was key for self empowerment

Ixchel peq

Check out the asteroids in your chart bringing new consciousness

Ixchel is the Moon Goddess within us

The asteroid belt is located between Mars and Jupiter …

Red Skywalker is Mars ~ Blue Eagle is Jupiter 😉 

How good are you at going with the magic of the universe and allowing it to flow through you rather than believing you have to make it happen or that you have to pursue it ?

Sunday 30 October 2016

Blue Electric Eagle ~ the day of alchemy 

Look at your bigger picture and see the patterns

What so called problems are constantly popping up calling your name ?

Within the problem lies the solution ~ how to become a master of expanding our individual potential as a planetary server


Monday 31 October 2016 

Yellow Self Existing Warrior

on the day of Halloween

this day is all about becoming free of our heart wounding and the labyrinth

of our egoic mind

Planet is Saturn 



Then on Tuesday 01 November 2016

Red Overtone Earth

Planet Uranus

A Clear Sign

What are you struggling with now

where your base chakra is being activated

and you are feeling grounded and connected and ready to go deeper ?

Also where are you not feeling this in life and experiencing un groundedness


Wednesday 02 November 2016

White Rhythmic Mirror 

another Clear Sign to bring balance to delusions and illusions reflecting back

ego distortions

ready for a reality shake up 

Neptunian potentiality of deep spiritual connection


In Part 2 I will continue with the rest of the days 

I have some Workshops coming up that will assist you in this learning process :

Webinars :

Living the Tzol Kin ~ the darkness holds the light


More info here:

Persephone Path on the 9th of November ~ Gateway to the Dark Goddess


More info here:

In person Workshops in Taunton

if you can come to Taunton there is a fabulous new space opening up soon:

The Sangha House

14068363_1197974813558126_6776578852388019081_o (1).jpg

It has it’s official launch on November 11

More info here:

I will be offering a taster session of Emotional Freedom Technique on the day

and a monthly Workshop

on how to create peace and harmony within

please contact me for more info




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