Blue Overtone Monkey

2085676693_0d58d0a987Blue Overtone Monkey in the Blue Hand Wavespell

Today is the mastery day achieved often through a struggle.

Where the square shrugs off the “shoulds” and decides to morph into a circle 🙂

This is the day of the divine child

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Today we are revisiting our childhood and seeing how we can be free to be unfettered from our mind and return to the true zen master child of the universe that we really are.

If today is your birthday then this is what the year brings for you. This is your Mayan mission.

Today we have been in the waning Libra moon in the early hours and as I write this we have slipped into dark moon Scorpio.

Today’s Thoth card reading for me is the Adjustment card which is Venus in Libra ~ love in balance by being balanced within in our masculine and feminine.


We are always balanced by the universe and if we are experiencing an uncomfortable imbalance by people or events that are aggressive 

We require an internal course adjustment with our masculine so we can have healthy boundaries 

If we are experiencing an uncomfortable imbalance around passivity and maybe passive ~ aggressive behaviour ,

where someone is pretending to aquiese to our wishes but stabbing us in the back in some way or using subversive, manipulation and taking without asking ~ huge energy power drainers that are very common childish strategies for

“getting our own back ” and in my experience in the hospitality and service industries I have seen a great deal of this

Thing is people always get what they feel is their due.

If a company treats it’s employees is a disrespectful manner and creates a slavery system ….

which is often heavily disguised to lure people in with all sorts of perks………

yet it becomes very self evident very quickly that this is unfair relationship the buyer beware 

payback time.

The employee may feel unable to quit but will extract their revenge.

They will take back what they feel they are owed ~ free drinks, food, gifts to friends over the bar, free telephone calls, free printing and sabotage the food.

In one case when we left a pub and restaurant as managers , our previously sweet natured chef left soon after ~

with the contents of the safe 🙂


Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we all stopped this imbalanced charade and created a new way of living instead ?

How many people do you know who love doing what they do ?

How many people are a slave to the system ~ believing it a necessary “evil” .

When I work with people as a life coach I use the system I used for myself.

Where I am now and where I wish to be .

This is the nature of the life journey.

Evolution……through new learning.

Often we focus on the now place with too much emphasis simply from lack of awareness.

This creates a focused intention and can be overwhelming as we tell our story of woe to everyone and of course ourselves.

A key shift can be:

I am focusing on this place of how it is for me now ~

with the intention of letting it go.

It is important to give equal attention to where we would like to be and where we are charting our map, creating our charts and setting our compass to.


This is the new world of our making and paradoxically get into a time machine to step into our past and the world past in order to head for a different future potentiality 🙂


The Adjustment card is our planetary struggle just now and as we often visit this pre ~ menstrual dark moon tug of war within and without ~ going out of balance to come back in and…..

Scorpio death and rebirth.

We are now heading in the opposite direction on the planet and so we are re~ calibrating our paths en masse.

This can feel very disorientating for us all as old ways are crumbling and it’s death of the empire time 🙂

We are going towards the feminine.

The sun’s magnetic field is currently reversing and the poles are shifting on earth……

and there are lots of consumer spin stories that are attempting to sell our guilt trip ego parts a blame story that we can only redress by buying a green lifestyle and people are falling for it

because the collective ego has been conditioned to feel bad and responsible in order to be a perfect obedient consumer

I am not saying I do not believe we need to make changes about how we use resources on planet earth

I am saying everything is happening for a reason and…..we cannot consume our way out of it no matter what green label is on the product.

Once we actually take those distorted lenses off our eyes we can see that most of these green products are still being made from oil based products and hail from the same profit companies who are seeking to make a huge profit to carry on with their out of balance lifestyles.

The only way we can create a true balance is for each of us as individuals to learn about co creative relationships and let go of dependency and this is what the Age of Aquarius is about.

Emptying our collective cup is the first step and recapitulation of capitalism.

A truly free state comes from our inner free state.

As we de~ cult ourselves from this way of living we may find ourselves reeling at times and so it is wise to create a sanctuary space for ourselves and if at all possible go easy and gently and take small steps.

Limit our exposure to things that tip us over the edge and find support with like minded souls who are on the same adventure quest.

Finding our tribe is essential now so be disciplined about cutting the ties with people and ways of being that push your buttons. To move into new space means letting go of the old…..

which is very different to doing more of the same with a different T shirt

In psychological terms you may be feeling under stress about this adjustment ~ check out this information on symptoms of anxiety disorder and adjustment disorder ~ with the intention of raising awareness and finding ways to let go of them 

often the ego will start “headless chickening” at these and labelling you ~ if this happens stop exposing yourself to the information and if you know how to tap ( emotional freedom technique) on whatever it brings up and who helped create this labelling inner critic in your early life ~ this is learned behaviour

One of the key issues I see in Glastonbury and people who are opening up to spiritual awakening is overload of anxiety and is often par for the course for re patterning.

Often people overload themselves with fear information and become ill because of it.

Small steps and being balanced in what we give and receive is key at this reboot time.

If you don’t know how to tap ~ learn. It is free and easy and children can and do do it. If you want help look for people in your area who are trained in EFT and if you are trained in EFT and you haven’t got community support groups 

Why not create one ? A tapping circle is potentially superb healthy support framework.

It is also sacred geometry and truly magical.

Squaring the circle

It also works 🙂

Take control of your destiny in an empowered way ~ choose the heart path and ask for support and your universal self will bring it.

To go into new learning takes skill as an adult. 

Creating beliefs to support that journey is essential.

The Mayan Wavespell

can assist in providing a divinity code and framework to help us do that. 

The planet has thirteen year cycles which reveal the shape of the evolutionary pattern we are on and this information is available to everyone. If you decide to align yourself with it you will be amazed at what you can do.

At the moment we are on year eight of a 13 year cycle of Red Moon.

Yellow Galactic Seed is this year and it started last July 26. It is all about this Adjustment card.

Letting go of ego strategies we learned as children that were useful for that time and are ready for release now if we want to live authentically in relationships of honesty and intimacy.

This year is bringing integration and the calling in of our separated parts that went adrift at emotional crisis times.

On July 26 2014 we enter the energy of Red Solar Moon and with that the completion of this Red Moon Cycle that started in 2006 .

If you think back to what was happening for you in that year I am guessing it will be significant to your awakening.

So we are working towards this energy now and the more we can integrate past events the stronger our core becomes.

Each person requires their own integration and that means working with transforming their shadow.

That doesn’t mean having a degree in shadow work or working purely as a “healer”  or therapist with other people .

There are many people who do not walk their talk and focus on other people.

This way of being is not integration and is an ego mask. 

If you are looking for someone to assist you on your journey, look for someone who lives what they believe not someone who tells others how to live and does the opposite ~ like most politicians 🙂 

By their fruit ye shall know them says the Bible….. and this collective book of wisdom comes from many learned experiential souls who have learned through living it …..

Due to the times and requirements of evolution their stories were spin doctored and used for manipulating and controlling the masses…..

so we could experience what it means to be out of balance in patriarchy and the extreme right of masculine

Now we can see their teaching differently if we are ready for it

minus the religion 🙂

In the Mayan Moon calendar

there are 13 moons and these stay the same every year unlike the wave spell which spirals .

We are in Overtone Moon as well today ~ number 5.

This moon is where we are starting to rise and let go of the struggle. A great blog about this here.

On July 18th 2014 we start a new 260 day Wavespell

and it is in a waning Aries Moon.

It is the Sun sign of Cancer

What do we need to let go of around being led by our youthful masculine head that will create new beginnings where we can nurture our feminine selves and our mother earth ?

It follows the full moon on the 12th of July in Capricorn. It is another dark moon energy.

At this dark moon time it is possible to see what your future holds by connecting to your patterns. 

Generally as a populace we have become like domesticated pets and lost most of our connection with our wild side.

We have turned down the volume of our sacred selves in order to become subservient to this sick societal out of balance way of living and in doing so…..

overridden our emotional compass.

One of the attractions of using EFT is it is an amazing, often instant stabilising tool of inner peace and yet there is a temptation to also use it as an avoidance of painful emotions and to steer clear of sticky situations which becomes…..

ego avoidance 🙂

The motivation that is sponsoring our action is the difference that makes the difference

We are in an emotional evolution and that doesn’t mean freedom from our emotions ~

quite the opposite

acceptance of them and releasing any that haven’t been accepted in our past so we can live from today.

We are ready to come back to being in balance with them as people who are living a life that allows health expression and harmonious ways of living, both with our planet and everything on it.

Pain exists as a message to tell us when we are not in alignment with our true state of being.

It is there for us as children so we can learn how to navigate our terrain and where we end and another begins.

This other may be different to us and this difference may result in our demise ~

a harder surface, a softer one, 






the emotions that result from these interactions may have to be stored until later in life

when we are ready to deal with them and when planet earth is ready to deal with them

All of this beauty path has been fully created to allow this

this is the fifth element 


When we have learned the reason for pain and learned the frameworks that allow us to live 

and live them

with healthy behaviours that support the absence of pain as an outcome….

then so it is.

If we behave immaturely then we receive a mature behaviour from outside to show us this.

When we are creating a life of healing and new learning it is important to understand how to achieve holistic change and move away from co dependency.

Each person heals themselves and only if they allow it so that is a very important mastery understanding.

If it isn’t the time for that individual, it will not happen and if they have beliefs about needing others to do that then it will not work for any length of time.

Remember that when we are experiencing a lack of flow of health,happiness and wealth ~ and they are all the same thing 🙂

a pattern has created that 

Just like a knitting pattern for  making Joseph in the nativity play will not create the three Kings

 a pattern that has lack in it has to create lack

Most people do not want to look at their lack patterns and like to be given a soothing treatment instead or go off on a fantasy quest  ~ an ego response to avoid anything labelled as painful

Unless we look and accept our lack patterns we are unaware about ourselves and are ignoring the true treasure trove.

If we are suffering from anxiety, there are thoughts and beliefs that create that within us based on how we place meaning on what is happening outside of us.

At this point some people may use something to drown out those feelings such as a relaxant ~ a chemical and vibrational match for that feeling and something that is very familiar such as a depressant like diazepam or alcohol.

They may get that fix for something physical that has manifested.

Once that fix is stopped the symptoms return.

The illusion of reliance on the medical model is fading fast…..

If a person is in a toxic environment that is causing them physical and emotional trauma the symptoms will get worse and if they are being cloaked by chemicals then the volcano builds inside.

Another solution is to work holistically:

  • look at the environment and day to day life and see what is causing the stress and look for ways to modify it or move to a more supportive one.
  • look at what the stress is triggered by/who/what behaviours/language and see what could change so that wouldn’t happen
  • look at what this matches from childhood

Create a plan to create a new space of living that brings balance

Create a plan to let go of the stressors from within using EFT and NLP and other cognitive behaviour techniques ~ change the thoughts, beliefs and the behaviour that are unsupportive of peaceful, harmonious living

  • Start the process on a daily basis by getting in touch with the authentic person within by learning about our energetic signature ~ astrology and Mayan Sign and what our challenges have been ~ our mind can start to make sense of what has happened so far 🙂
  • Start to align with the universal pattern ~ go with the flow
  • and rest in waning moon, receive from the universe, create space to go within
  • work with and embrace our inner shadow at the dark time of the year
  • learn about our masculine and feminine within
  • listen to our bodies
  • Go outward in the light time of the year and the waxing moon
  • Follow the Cosmic Cookie Trail

Shine our light from the heart

Know thyself and the universe that we the divine child of 

There is only love

We are always held and always loved and it is only our beliefs that tell us otherwise

and that is meant to be so because that is how we journey and create the alchemy.

In this rebirth, this time of new beginnings 

we first have to go through death

It is really simple ~ we cannot birth a new mindset with the old one 

an upgrade is required that comes from the cosmic collective cauldron

inspired collaboration free from the ego.

Are you ready to bring the wild child back ?

The one who was free from wounding having gone through the underworld and baptism of fire ? 



and purely for love

It takes action and training 🙂

It isn’t a passive process.

The Adjustment Bureau is a love ~ ly film for illustrating the Power of Love

Have faith in yourself now and …….

Build self esteem and self confidence through transforming all the stuff that is within you that speaks the opposite.

That’s The Secret at this time of dissonance

Workshops to assist your process

My next Persephone Path Workshop is all about this. Click on the link to find out more. If you need assistance with learning about Skype and how to access my online workshops, please let me know, I will be delighted to explain.

If you wish to join in person or online please contact me.

When we love ourselves we are free from any need


Blue Hand Wavespell


Blue Hand Wavespell

The initiatory wave spell for the way shower. Are you ready to go through the doors of perception to see through a glass darkly?

Click on the links to go deeper and access other websites 🙂

The West is the best …….sings James Morrison of The Doors who took their name from The Doors of Perception , a phrase in WilliamBlake’s book of poems The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, written shortly after The french Revolution.

This is also a famous book title by Aldous Huxley who pursued different perceptions by using powerful hallucinogenic’s such as Mescaline, to bypass the ego and transcend limitations.

In some ways this frees the person from their personality and allows a soul view 🙂

There can be trace elements of that person’s persona included 

such as rose tinted glasses or paranoia as anyone knows who has had a “bad trip”

Many are having a “bad trip” at the moment as their ego can only see what it sees about a current perceived situation

and often takes the fear pill rather than the excited pill

Have you ever experienced a total free fall

bring it on 


That is my intention every time…..

To feel less fear and be up for the next step

that I do not know


Feeling more comfortable with not knowing


for the next lily pad to float close enough to board

and travel downstream to my next destination

and just like the playstation game

save my progress so far, get a life pack, new tools 

new information

a new map




Some of that time may be spent in a cave recapitulating what my ego is offering up

for renewal

sadness, anger, stark terror

running at full rhetoric of 


and tapping using EFT so I can let go of my emotion and be free in my choices

It is my Mayan Sign

Blue Hand

It is gateway time



The seventh sign 


Perfect name that often reflects how my life seems to involve my attempt to spin lots of plates  🙂


We are now at the peak of the pyramid in the Mayan energies

of the seven

so this seventh sign brings us the energy of :

the mystic

the high priestess

the third eye

our own hallucinagenic that we create in our third eye

the pituitary/pineal and/or both:-)

This gland is the intuitive power plant and gateway that is the deck of our personal Starship Enterprise

the navigator

the throne

the high altar

and the death goddess

It’s the place that beams in when we are ready to do the deed

that needs to be done

in order to face our demons and go forward through the valley of death

where our ego says

no no no

like in the horror movies where they split up and we are squirming on the settee

knowing that in real life our ego would never allow that

We would be clinging together with big wide eyes and shaking thighs

This is the end is a film that has lots of parts that do nothing for me

but the part that resonates is that when the shinola hits the fan as Stephen King would say 🙂

we don’t suddenly become superheroes……

we simply amplify our egos and that often isn’t a pretty sight

I have met few people in my life who are willing to model the ethos our western world seems to hold dear

fairness and honesty with impeccability in action

but I live in hope.

We watched The Rainmaker yesterday and it fired me up again

This is a wonderful film about humanity and compassion and doing what is “right” because it is 🙂 It is also an expose of the pathology of the ego 

Here is another awareness expanding film by Michael Moore Capitalism.

There were some big gut wrenches for me in there that defy belief ~ these “business” ideas would not emerge in the mind of a healthy balanced person which is why they are often really shocking when revealed.

They are purely pathological and a product of the psychopathic persona.

Remembering though, that all that is required in this lifetime is that we see that we are the gateway and the portal 

that we are brought different polarity perspectives that match our beliefs…..

so that we can integrate and create transformation in ourselves

and purely in that personal transition we create a new energetic perspective on our planet…..

and everything changes as a result.

Self acceptance is the key that unlocks the magic.

Yesterday was the end of the empowerment wave spell and movement day.

I connected to lots of new learning that opened up my doors of perception 

Removing a spell as in Siouxsie and the Banshees Spellbound which was one of my favourite bands in the 80’s and I modelled her around how I looked and danced. When I listen to the music now I feel a tension in my chest ~ the music feels very “tight”. I like an eclectic selection of music 🙂

See what you think:

We are in waning Virgo moon ~ edging towards the dark moon with a new moon beckoning in Sagittarius


it is time to decide what to clear and transform ready for the new beginnings coming on December 02nd.

Here is a snapshot of lots of planetary happenings in a great blog


In the next thirteen days we are in the third wave spell of the bigger cycle of 260 days

The Co Creative wave spell of electricity

remember this started with Halloween

What can we peel off as another layer now to co create with our universal mother?

Where are we so blind that we cannot see and it is causing us grief?

What is our gateway point

our crossroads and our Hecate.

There are so many entangled webs we have woven over time on our planet

these thorns have grown thick and strong in our sleeping beauty kingdom and hide the treasure within our walls.

If we are ready to bust free and start to look for the truth using lady liberties’ torch

the beacon

Blend the gift of our great mother from the Red Dragon Wavespell ~ the cosmic nudge of doors closing so new ones can open

and what is seeking unravelling and allowing for the magic to flow and our self empowerment to expand from our heart with the White Wizard Wavespell revelations 

both in Scorpio 🙂

What is ready to end and transcend for you and me and everybody ?

If you need any assistance with insights and tools to see your bigger picture

and ways to beam your light

even more

Open my door

If you want a thirteen card Thoth reading ~ let me know  🙂

I love seeing our divinity code clearly revealed 

the potentiality based on our current energetic pattern

the tarot template

that can change when we do

and of course when others do too

My initiating card today is

seven of wands ~ valour

and I dreamt about snails enveloping other snails 

snail totems


Hello I love you won’t you tell me your name?

Let’s go for Love Street…..

Loving our beloved brother and Sagi light shower Jim

thank you for shaping my life

with your songs of the serpent 

Blessings to you for bringing your gifts and so much soul searching 🙂

Solar Sagi Shine the way



White Solar Wind

White Wizard Wavespell cycle completes on day 9

still four days to built on this completion though and what will this bring  for our self empowerment and white water rafting ? 

Please click on the links to go to more info

It is the last day of Scorpio and Sagittarius ushers in tomorrow and wow I am seeking some breathing space to rest and recuperate as

the magic is flowing through me in torrents

yet I am guessing this may not be the case 😉

So many endings I don’t know where to begin 🙂

Scorpio as the eight month has brought integration 

which often comes through dissonance

which was my Mayan Oracle card for today


Begin …….


is clearly my cue

My past life South Node was in Sagittarius as my present soul trip is in Gemini

where did I leave off to begin this pattern with my Sagi starter for 10 ?

One of my key areas of learning is relationships

“right” relationships

How to create equal, healthy, balanced relationships with primarily myself


my higher self.

I am asking for assistance with my next steps 

right now 🙂

I am again learning more about the Narcissist pattern

through experience of course

this is always a favourite Scorpio gateway topic of mine


how it has been the foundation stone of our harsh world reality

in our past generations

because it was designed by the ego on the inside, to allow people to survive huge emotional events

that they couldn’t deal with

there is a price to pay for that of course

and everyone pays it whether they want to….

or not…..

this is what we are seeing manifest on the outside

all the fragmented child behaviours, thoughts and beliefs

that create disharmony


ways of relating that are malign 

as in

mal align 

not a happy life affirming match pattern

Thank you to a lovely Leo for sharing this with me 🙂

Our consumer pattern on the world stage

expanded this creative ploy after seeing how much money can be made at a time of deep scarcity and struggle….

such as depressions and times of huge resistance ~ war

It is a great way to sate the ego


so it doesn’t feel any pain.

This is the useful purpose of addictions

to numb our hurting

but using them only serves to make the wound go deeper

so next time a bigger fix is required.

Time to wean ourselves off this now so we can feel good without any crutches

and intention is 


Murder or manslaughter ?

The intention decides whether the outcome of death is contrived or by accident

yet there is still a culpability 

in both cases.

Honesty can be helpful here so that each party can learn new ways to relate

and yet

presently is rarely seen

being as rare as rocking horse 

remnants 🙂

My personal story is minuscule compared to headline stories at the moment

however it is still revealing my inner strength

and weakness.

As I go around for the umpteenth lap on this pattern and my son asks me often why don’t I learn?

Why do I have to do it again ? 

It affects him too  and part of me takes issue with myself about this.

All I can answer is…..

there is more learning to do for me personally

and new people involved

and always a new angle


one of the key things is

I learn about how the cycles work through my own experience 

and now that is so clear using astrology and the Mayan Wavespell.

To be a Seer one has to see through cycling the cosmic cookie trail 🙂

Taking the path less travelled involves this uncomfortable rocky road

only uncomfortable sometimes at the

dark moments where the next step isn’t clear….

most of the other discomfort is my ego in fear mode

and the more I go through these gateways and 

enjoy the magic that comes as a result

and the easier it gets to 

be pushed through the wormhole into a new chapter.

I don’t expect anyone to nanny me or be financially responsible for me

I do want to be independent and live authentically ……

the question is in today’s western world…..

How is that possible?

To create shelter and a good standard of harmonious , healthy living

without prostituting oneself in some way?

Answers on a postcard please 🙂

I am so open to your inspiring ideas at this time.

I have resources and sometimes they are capped by my 

knowing what I know

and you know

something else 🙂

Because you have lived a life different to mine.

I am once more at Hecate’s Crossroads ready to take 

another road less travelled


keep the faith 

in my soul journey.

I am in conflict with my selves this past couple of days in waning Gemini moon

and as we slipped into Cancer today

I am feeling my mothering adrift.

My ego conditioning is still looking to be that good girl who has created a blissful life of brownie points

a legacy for my offspring that will stand testament to their future

and my soul self says

what utter tripe and nonsense 🙂

My Sacred feminine archetype of Taurus energy stands firm and grounded

and reminds me that there is still more brainwashing 

to be sluiced out

this consumer cultishness still has some strong tendrils that run deep is all.

The Narcissist thread was heavily robed in The Great Gatsby.


This is the Sagittarius challenge 

discipline and balance with the expansion

the upward ever growing, expanding line on the stock exchange of ego

that forever ascends

no roller coaster circles here my dear

only good 



white and bright


Narcissists cannot deal with flexibility and have rigid rules

and when their rules are not obeyed

their rage is unleashed

All that unprocessed emotion comes out like molten lava

Anyone who is waiting for a miracle to occur with a narcissist 

in the way of empathy or any true feelings to be shown of love or compassion

Stop Waiting

It will never happen

because it isn’t a possibility for this person who has never learned to love

and has created an inpenetrable wall around their heart

manned by nihilistic robots 

Heal from the pain the relationship has brought and

move on

to relate with beings who are capable of living from a love space

My long term partner has faced his worse nightmare over the past week and has been totally physically incapacitated and in great pain

He normally works as a builder and yet even though he has kept people in the loop about his condition

they wouldn’t accept that reality 😦

and had no compassion for him at all

Which has led to another end of a cycle

We have worked for many people who loved us when we did everything they wanted

and the minute we said


the tables turned.

We have tried all sorts of strategies to avoid interacting with people in this way

and have come to a conclusion

If one can possibly avoid this type of co dependent relationship

do so

and seek

mature individuals

who have healthy honest relationships

these people are rare

I cannot live out of integrity as I get sick

so it isn’t an option any more.

In a coaching session this week I received the name Javier/Xavier

and one of the meanings is “new home”

of course anyone I am working with is another me 🙂

We have the same path in many ways

A for sale sign appeared outside my home today and this echoes times past.

I felt dread because I have just settled in and last time finding a home was quite traumatic

I feel tired at the thought of packing everything up even though we may be able to stay if the new owner chooses to keep us as tenants

and so many other times of being made to go ~ as a child I didn’t want to leave my first home and friends

I left a beautiful place in the country because of a bullying boss

I left a company that sounded wonderful and was just a slave driver

I left a dream home because of a financial crash

all of these circles felt like something my ego didn’t choose and 

they all led me here 🙂

How will I create with the circumstances this time?

I have been playing a single parent role in many ways this week, doing many things my partner does as well as my own and assisting him in some ways.

This has reflected times past too.

I have had very little time to relax and tune in because I have been “doing”

This is how the co dependent designed society keeps us going as busy little worker bees with no time or energy to think outside the box.

On a finding new tires adventure I went on a half hour journey to a new place using sat nav

my sat nav wouldn’t charge and so I had to keep stopping to see where to go by plugging it in

and I saw the metaphor of taking the small steps

go a little 


check in with the signs

go ahead

My ego doesn’t bode well with this approach as it means it cannot risk assess and draw up a flawless master plan to avoid any 

scraped knees and bruised feelings


My beloved ego only wants what is “good” for me

and this isn’t what soul journeys are about.

Soul Journeys are often given the biggest boost at times of adversity.

This is the lovely Scorpio embrace that drags us into the deep spaces where 

evolution comes

My partner is in the last couple of days of his eleventh year and so big letting go time and everything for him is now at a standstill so he can create something new.

At my last major journeying point into Glastonbury I wasn’t blogging ~

this time you can share my journey with me and see what that brings

inside and out

Next wave spell begins on November 26th with Blue Hand

this is my Mayan Sign.

It brings the doorway through to another world and is the transformational 13 days of shaping to connect with the Goddess.

The blend of what is seeking birth through our great mother energy and each of us, through letting the magic flow through us

from our heart space

from love

if we can transform our ego

with humility and grace

Remember that it is the lightening and solar flares that charge mother earth

and our co creative relationships that allow us

to thrive

rather than simply survive.

Love to you all at this time of creating new cosmic waves

through leaving our caves.

White Wizard Wavespell


White Wizard Wavespell

How’s the magic flowing for you ?

It is an Aries waxing moon today and as we are in the second quarter of the moon, it is a great time for sending out those intentions to manifest.

Please hover your mouse and click on the links to travel to other websites with great resources

I am having a magical time in the main…..however the pain is also still here 🙂

Such is life.

My personality is still trying to figure out the ultimate question of how to get away from darth vadar dictator energy and looking for a solution …….

where to go in the galaxy to start a new life and lose the power trippers 🙂

thing is though wherever I go I take my energetic self with me….. and that means….

I have a ray that attracts the dark magic dude vibe in because

that is the universal game plan just now.

I went to a fabulous talk by Ian Rees about Dion Fortune , that was very timely. 

I highly recommend Ian’s way of working especially if you are interested in magic and the Hermetic Qabalah .

Dion Fortune has been part of my Glastonbury journey and appeared for the first time in my life, in a house, I stayed in, called Dreamtime in the Pisces part of the Glastonbury Zodiac. As a family we had some very vivid dreams here. It’s a beautiful place to stay and saved our bacon as a sanctuary, when we first moved to Glastonbury in September 2011 and nearly became homeless.

This was in the planetary White Rhythmic Wizard Year .

More of this later.

The Dion Fortune appearance was in the form of her novel Moon Magic. I am currently reading The Goat Footed God which is timely for Venus in Capricorn and Neptune going direct today ~ my Neptune is in Scorpio.

Any planet we have in Scorpio will be getting it’s collar felt at the moment and a great way to empower ourselves, is to learn what energetic Star code we are being universally swiped with like a credit card through a bar code reading machine 🙂 

Ian has some great resources on his site and I loved the synchronicity of his talk, which highlighted for me. the key to becoming a master magician :

If you want to be able to talk and philosophise then read about The Tree of Life.

If you choose to work with the wisdom written through Dion Fortune’s filter then she has factual books to enlighten such as The Cosmic Doctrine and The Mystical Qabalah ~ free download here 

When you have done this you will become a mystic by knowing about the concepts.

If you wish to actually become the learning then there is a different path to follow.

You can start to transform through virtually living the path and reading the experiential novels of hers, which reveal the actual magical behaviour and take you through energetic templates and practices

and this starts with your tree roots ~ at the bottom 🙂 

As you do this in the novel and through the novel, you also start to do things differently in real life and

this is the deeper transformational journey of

being the change.

These are two very different paths 🙂


To create true change we have to become the change ~ reading about the concept is simply skimming the surface and does not create the knowing only the knowledge of the knowing.

This picture above is an amazing resource please click on this link to explore it

To hold both dualities within us and truly balance, the darkness and the light, the masculine and the feminine

is what we can ultimately choose in this lifetime.

To see that energy outside of us and repeat the pattern of warring personalities

is the carnage of millennia that we are now ready to overcome

because it is time

I have learned a lot about this recently and some of it has been heart opening sublime and reassurance for that part of me that seeks soothing

the tigger tao , the eternal optimist that is indefatigable in me ….

that is decidedly down trodden and on low beam at this time of year

because at these tough love end of times,

it needs to rest, recuperate and withdraw from “the resistance” to catch breath, and evolve and rejuvenate by going within .

It is time for healing and firming up those bulbous little parts that can get soggy and rotten at this time due to lack of sun and irrigation.

My wand is drooping 🙂

First frost in our garden this morning and a beautiful sight to behold.

A breath of ice obscured the middle band of greenery and wove a veil so only the top of the Gemini Beacon could be seen……

the glory of Avalon.

Luckily I had gathered in my geraniums in the last few days and so my precious heart plants were safe. I even have some tomato plants still growing and this is the contrast of this season here in Somerset , that is so different to the hard, deep permafrost I have been used to in Yorkshire. 

There are still bees buzzing, ladybirds basking and dragonflies skimming the pools of water once the sun thaws the ground it is really warm

This afternoon I have been digging up my beds and finding buried treasure ~ indeed the largest potato I have ever grown and what a surprise as it was in a part of the garden that had not been planted with potatoes this year. It was a renegade gone awol from the year before. This put such a smile on my face ~ the delightful surprise of the unexpected ~ mother earth’s constant gifts that come without any agenda.


This cheered me up after a sad start ~ doesn’t take much now 

and that is what I notice

not again……. ;-(  Yes again….. oh well more to learn

and I am not going to go into the whole sorry story because…..

As one becomes aware of working energetically, one realises that what one harps on about grows in power and grows with the vibe one harps 🙂

Digging helps

I am simply experiencing another pattern that is now so familiar and yet there is another aspect coming in to play now

This is “the secret” that many law of attractor afficianados do not understand.

Our beacon, our blueprint is always radiating like a mobile phone tracker.

We don’t switch it off and we don’t cancel out our true signal by thinking positive thoughts or using affirmations.

This is our learning path that cannot be negated

Be nice if it were so simple wouldn’t it ?

How we amplify it with our focus and intention creates a different outcome ~ turn the music up and see 🙂

If we dwell on a drama in our life then we add fuel to the fire and so it doesn’t do to dwell or keep repeating it over and over to all and sundry and then they repeat it ……

Like the neural networks in our brain this gets stronger and before we know it …..

It’s a veritable galactic superhighway transporting Jack Nicholson into our village  ~

the devil incarnate in The Witches of Eastwick.

Being careful what we wish for is sensible and the middle ground as we learn about the nature of our creative powers.

As in all the myths and magical tales , there is great learning to be gleaned for our own journey and the more we pay attention and heed what we know to be true ~ yes there really are people who believe it is ok to lie pathologically in our locality.

It isn’t just in Star Wars, past history or over the pond,

In our own family we will have encountered villainous behaviour that may have shell shocked us and……

we may still be reeling from this revelation decades later.

Thing is…….do you now believe in yourself when you face such a wicked witch encounter of dishonesty and double dealing….

or do you still come up as a doubting Thomas about your own good self?

How fast can you recover from a Narc attack?

Remember that a destructive energy can only flip you if there is something to hook into

So let the hook connect and reel that Captain in ~ see what is within that can be unearthed and transformed and each time this happens we become integrated and stronger and  let go of “protection” 

Protection methods put off the inevitable  and stop us from healing because this methodology keeps the veil on.

We can still be safe without protection 🙂

Especially when we start at the bottom and work our way up to the supernova.

Working intuitively from heart knowing allows this ~ ego doesn’t and mismatches often going out of alignment for bravado and thrill seeking.

This first picture in the blog today, is Joseph and his technicolour dream coat. Here is a link to his full story here.

It’s a favourite for school productions and is connected to the essence of today’s Mayan Sign and Wavespell.

Another name for White Wizard is the Mayan Ix.

Joseph got a pretty raw deal from his brothers’, who were jealous of him . He was the eleventh brother and had a different mother and was his father’s favourite ~ the love child. This didn’t bode well for him, especially as he was a Seer and his brother’s didn’t like his vision of Joseph being their “superior” in one of his dreams.

This led to them selling him into slavery and ultimately allowing this vision of him becoming their superior, to become manifest, because of that action.

I am reminded constantly of this at the moment in my own life and working with other people as a life coach.

This is the metaphor for all those who choose to follow their soul journey and heart path .

There is always a reason for what is happening 🙂

There are often times when our ego is disheartened and believes we are going downhill, off track and repeating old patterns that surely must be a sign that we have gone “wrong” 🙂

Sound familiar?

Our ego wrestles with “it” and seeks a solution, tries to figure it out and…..

what I have learned is this:

It is happening because….

it needs to happen.

As something happens that creates resistance within us…..

It allows us to see that.

If we have an emotional reaction that isn’t joy and love then we are resisting what is.

This is always something from our past seeking a resolution ~

a soul retrieval potentiality.

Until we have allowed that emotion that is lost in the shadows, to be heard and healed….

the universe will keep setting up that same scenario for us to play out that past pattern role.

We cannot, not do, our pattern because that is our energetic signature.

The universe cannot, not do, it’s pattern because that is the framework

When it is Scorpio time ~ in the UK , it is Autumn, it is dark, it is Halloween and the veil is thin

However there are lots of band waves on this broadband sound 🙂

We resonate with what matches for our pattern and if we have the same old song playing

and it doesn’t invoke dancing in us…..

then all we need do

is raise our vibration

by hearing the message of the song of our siren.

If we try and ignore “it” or play a different tune without accepting this signature…..

our ego is simply trying to override the system through manipulation and lack of integrity insisting it’s will be done

and that can happen of course  ~ for a while ~ till the veneer rubs off, the money runs out, the coach becomes a pumpkin again.

People who do not integrate their shadow cannot have integrity it is really simple. 


This is another aspect of White Wizard.

It is the Jaguar.

When I searched for an image of a Jaguar I got more images of cars than this beautiful creature and this is a sad reality on our planet, I believe, that many people prefer a mechanical ego status symbol and follow the path to achieve that goal.

In taking the steps that create that , they do not see where that leads and that one path cannot live with the other.

They are mutually exclusive in their current form and yet this can evolve.

I watched Avatar again the other night and cried at the savagery and destruction.

I am not blameless.

I do not have the answers and I have been ignorant and still am about many things…..

but I feel so sad and so helpless sometimes and I do not know how people can be so heartless.

Here is an illuminating video to remind us that all of this is happening for our conscious evolution:

I am open to learning and it is my intention to do so.

What I do know is it is all scripted and when I look deeper at my patterns I see so much now.

In fact it is becoming ridiculously laughable.

I looked for a location on google maps to see where it was and if I could go there easily and saw to my surprise…..

a place I had lived in 1993

in a different part of the country 🙂

Virtually the same set up. It wasn’t the same place but it looked identical.

It created a connection for me to reveal what was being revisited that is the same in some way now.

It is becoming very easy to see the Matrix for me and as I create inner space

let go



and allow

I see what I need to in each moment.

I have lived in this place for two years now and am on my third year.

I looked at when I came here and what stage of the 260 day cycle The Tzolk’in

that was in.


Yesterday it was Moon in Pisces and remember just before I moved here I lived in Pisces . 

At that time, just before the move when we had to have faith, it was a full moon in Pisces 

Christ consciousness 🙂

The 260 day cycle began on 9/11 and so that was the energy

More about that here

By the time 11/11/11 arrived and the Supermoon in Taurus

We were in the Taurus part of the zodiac 🙂

My moon is Taurus and my partner’s moon is Scorpio 

and we are so opposite in so many ways

which brings great learning when we unlock our horns and stinger 🙂

Scorpio in Moon and Venus is the deepest of feeling people and yet they have often learned to reign that in and hide behind masks as a defense

More about the Scorpio role

You can look too if you choose and very simply can start with this perspective :

To see the most recent match for this wavespell for example 

remember what you were doing earlier this year 

February 26 to March 10

I also looked at what stage of my 13 year cycle that was in and what pattern I was revisiting .

Yesterday on the 13th day of the Red Dragon wavespell ~ the day of cosmic movement Red Cosmic Skywalker , I did a Thoth Tarot reading asking very specifically ~

What is seeking movement now so I can bring Heaven to Earth for me?

My initiatory card was 9 of Wands


This is completion of a cycle

Nine of Wands – Strength

Yesod in the Tree of LifeTree of Life: Yesod through Fire
Astrology: Moon in the 2. decan of Sagittarius

Now the fiery Wands have reached the happy Nine, the number that reflects on itself, entering the fields of Yesod – imagination and reflection back in the middle of the Tree of Life.

Thus the Nine of Wands remembers the own qualities, showing the full powers of the fiery element rising again. So the card shows strength, determination and discipline, preparing itself for the final step to completion.

The shadow site of the card implies a warning – that we should use our spiritual consciousness to concentrate on our inner strength and master our will, and make it effective in the world we live in.

Drive: Spiritual truth, realization

Light: Combination of the consciousness with the unconsciousness, great success but with strife and energy, victory preceded by apprehension and fear

Shadow: Conflicts, Contradictions

Please click on the link for the website of corax for all things Thoth Tarot. This is an amazing tarot and a great website with a huge reservoir of information.


My challenge and growth area is:

Queen of Cups


Queen of Cups

(Queen of the thrones of water)

Binah in the Tree of LifeAstrology: 21° Gemini to 20° Cancer
Element and world: Water in the waters of Briah
Tree of Life: Binah

The Queen of Cups represents water in water, she is the purest manifestation of the soul of the waters. Thus she represents pure emotion, passion, feeling, never influenced by judgement or purpose. She is loving and affectionated, a warm-hearted mother and a tender friend, looking into the depths of the heart.

On the darker side, the Queen of Cups lacks the stability of the Earth, the will of Air and Fire. Water in water is all passivity and has no powers of its own, but makes a perfect transformer of any other power coming along. So she is susceptible to all kinds of influences, her unstability might let her appear unreliable and inconstant.

At its worst, the precious qualities of imagination and flowing fantasy might turn out to weakness and thoughtlessness, turning in any direction that any wind may blow, getting lost in a dreamworld of irreal fantasies.

Drive: Floating across the borders, drifting between reality and dream

Light: Imagination, poetry, kindness, sensitivity, emotional depth

Shadow: Diffusion, spinning around in irrational folly



I will post the information over the next 13 days , as and when it comes up.

I have created some new documents for new client’s to allow clear seeing of patterns, wounding and issues that are seeking resolution

It is so amazing to have clarity in this way.

We can then be self empowered through having choice through awareness.

Working with mind, body and spirit.

We see the pattern

We feel the emotion seeking release

We release the emotion

we move into another space

we learn new ways to relate

emotional evolution

feel to heal lovers

 it ain’t your brain power 

it’s your heart feel

that’s the deal

Pure Magic

So if you feel ready to look deeper into that sacred geometry of yours……..

if you would love to ask a question and set an intention for the next wave spell with a Thoth tarot reading using the Mayan Wavespell  

or find a solution to a shadow issue that is bugging you right now

and are ready to release the emotion that is holding your heart in another time and space

please get in touch.

I love connecting and co creating

and in everything I do with you

we go for a cosmic ride and see ourselves in each others eyes.

It’s a dynamic dance of destiny

Love to your magical passes Shamans

Let the wonder begin