Red Serpent ~ Day 3 Electric

          Day 3 Blue Electric Hand  of Red Serpent Wavespell Trying to keep it simple and struggling with Moon in Aquarius 🙂 I want to include everything……so exciting. Bear with me I am doing my best lovelies ❤ Big shifts happening ❤ This is my Mayan sign ~ Blue Hand ~ […]

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Red Serpent 2 ~ challenge

Portal Day ~ The Challenge Day of Red Serpent ❤ White Lunar WorldBridger Day Are you ready to go through the gateway and see the bigger picture? What is challenging you about your relationships and raising resistance to loving the skin you are in ? Notice how you are feeling today ~ let the feelings […]

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Red Serpent Wavespell

Red Serpent Wavespell ~ It is here ❤ One of the most powerful energetic spirals in the Mayan calendar.   The picture I have chosen today, is one I used for my very first retreat in Glastonbury which began on February 11 2011 ~ it was on Valentine’s Day Weekend and an Open Your Heart […]

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Cosmic Seed

Cosmic Seed Day ❤ Wow what an amazing journey time 🙂 How are you feeling after experiencing this powerful energy wavespell ~ Yellow Human ?  Our humanity , our personality, our personal mini planet spaceship body ~ that is taking us on a journey of discovering our capacity to love by listening to our ego, […]

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If you are feeling a little flat ~ it is the quiet before the storm ~ get ready to rumble. There is a huge wave coming. Are you ready to ride the snake with your eyes wide open? Today is the last day of my  Blue Storm Wavespell and I am exiting it’s energy with […]

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Blue Storm Gateway

Big post today as I am going through my own personal Mayan 13 day Blue Storm energy spiral and have been having an intense time of death and transformation. I like to explain things from my personal experiential eye point as it truly comes from my journey. I include other websites and intellectual info which are […]

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Cosmic Gateways

White Cosmic Mirror Day ~ May Day ~ Love to you on Beltane ❤ Day 13 in the White Worldbridger Wavespell . Day 13’s and Mayan sign 13’s are all about movement ~ shifting into new ways of understanding and new ways of being if we choose. Have you had a shift in the last […]

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