Red Serpent ~ Day 3 Electric







Day 3 Blue Electric Hand  of Red Serpent Wavespell

Trying to keep it simple and struggling with Moon in Aquarius 🙂 I want to include everything……so exciting.
Bear with me I am doing my best lovelies ❤
Big shifts happening ❤

This is my Mayan sign ~ Blue Hand ~ not my number though so a different vibe ❤

Ok so ~

Day 3 on a wavespell is Day 1 and 2 coming together to activate a shift through their merging.

To remember that energy in more detail for this wave spell please check out my past two blogs on Red Serpent 🙂 This makes repetition here unnecessary ❤

Essentially in every wavespell we have the opportunity to work consciously with the energetic wave of the universe.

When we do this we get to see the divine matrix at work in a practical way ~ more synchronisities, more intuition and more in the flow.

This is time sensitive and essential to synchronisation ~ this is why it really gets us in the flow when we connect to it ~ reading this the day after does not have the same resonance 🙂

When we start to synchronise with the flow and go with it……

We experientially get it ~ no other way I can say it ~ the only way you can know it ~ is to do it.
I can wax lyrical about it chapter and verse ~ maybe my electricity will get your attention ❤ The ride to deeper understanding is only a trip you can make 🙂

What I can share in my blogs is an essence of this sublime heart show that we are all here to share…….

So this hugely powerful time is manifested today with yet another portal day ~ to take our mind blinkers off and allow a bigger picture view of the spiritual show of us

More things are coming to light as we realise our fear is manifesting outside and this is simply a projection of beliefs we created in childhood …..


It is a universal production.

We all do it 🙂
We are not alone ❤

If your body is showing signs of energy sluggishness and you aren’t able to get yourself to full health ~ look at your bigger picture

What relationships are you having?
What is showing up for you to make some changes?

Food is very important ~ so is what you are allowing in your space
What is going on inside is equally important as it determines our choices and how we dance with the world.
You may be allergic to things ~ that is your allergy ~ you can change that if you choose and are open to seeing it in a new way

I am prepared to do what it takes to create well being no matter how many roads I have to go down. It is worth it ~ I am worth it ❤

If too much negativity and fear vibe is showing up for you

It is your magnetic attraction because it is a match for your beliefs

Change those ~ everything changes.

To put it very simply

When we love and accept everything that has happened to us in this lifetime ~

everything that happens now changes ❤

That doesn’t mean lying down and accepting everything and having no say and no personality and no sense of self

It means accepting that everything has happened for a reason and…..

has created lots of learning for us ~ often about what we do not want 🙂

So we can now create something that we do want


It takes longer than 5 minutes to do this as it took a while to create it ~ you may be surprised at how quick that can be
When you decide to get your whole self in on the act 🙂
If we didn’t have any challenges in life and everything was easy ~ where would be the adventure ? Where would be the force of opposition that we push against to expand our consciousness?
Moving beyond our boundaries to explore ~ and the key

inner space as much as outer space 🙂

If we had stayed the same and never ever had an uncomfortable relationship, a need to say boo to a goose, a really unpleasant encounter ~ how on earth would we change ?

Our universe is dynamic and this dynamism comes from creating a desire and then going on a journey to create it.

Day 1 in the spiral is setting out

~ initiating ~ daring to dream ~ daring to open pandora’s box and look at the content therein ❤

We send out our wish to our universe consciously ~ we set an intention…..

Another way to look at this is this is the yang energy going out ~ the sun, masculine

The more conscious we become the more power to our flower 🙂

On Day 2 our glorious universal self sends us the challenge we can overcome if we choose to create this intention<3

The intention we sent out comes back bringing it’s match ~ this is the yin coming in ~ the moon feminine

So as we are in intimacy and loving the skin we are in time  in this wavespell ….

Let’s say you sent out an intention to have loving relationships 🙂

Day 2 ~ yesterday ~

What arrived in your world to show you the next step as to creating that ?

Today Day 3 is electric fusion day ~ blending the two to create a divine child born of that creative pairing

Bring the two lots of information together and see the contrast
It could be that you asked for loving relationships

Enquiry Exercise to raise an exploration and illumination party

How have you learned to have loving relationships so far in your life ?
Further enquiry could be starting in your childhood….

How did you experience your parent’s loving relationship as a couple?
How did each parent relate to you?

Expand the circle…..

How did your wider family relate to you as a child ?


When you started having relationships romantically ~
who showed up ?
Look deeper……

How is that way of relating showing up now?


How is that different to what your heart wants now?
Remember the universe brings us ~ us

All of us ~ we have had lots and lots of relationships with our world.

Whatever isn’t feeling good simply requires a little change ~ in us

We are the interface
the universe doesn’t decide who, what, where, why ~ in a “right” or “wrong” mode ~ our ego mind does that job

It simply brings what we choose ~ unconsciously from our beliefs

the conscious choice is the one we make on day 1
has to be….
this is what is known to us ~ hence conscious

this is what our heart desires that isn’t in our world now in the way we would like it to be

so in the unconscious realms that the universe knows ~ it brings us the real deal

and another relationship opportunity arrives
so all parties in the universal dance can evolve

This is the creation process.

We don’t create purely with our head ~

the more our head aligns with our heart

by letting our emotion be our guide

What feels loving, joyful, blissful ?

It can be simple ~ when we get our ego out of the way…..

by listening to what it has to say about our relationship story.

Inner child being loved and heard and letting go ❤
Which is a different way of relating to it than trying to drown it out with alcohol, people pleasing or talking over it with affirmations that are a million miles away from any reality currently inhabited by the real person
that is living a life today 🙂

It is simply a different way of relating to our whole self that is our butterfly and our caterpillar 🙂


Today is a very significant day in the planets too and in the Mayan 13 Moon calendar .


Today we go into the Crystal Moon which is the penultimate moon of crystal vision and clarity. It is a time of co~operation ~ Gemini Sun energy supporting this.

We have been travelling this years’ Mayan Moon path since July 26 2012 and again it has 13 different energies that have the same spiral pattern as the wavespell.

If you time travel back to the start of this year ~ recognise how much things have changed for you. Now is a very potent time to become even clearer about how we are relating.


Here is a great video from Tom Lescher to keep you in the loop of the heavenly influences.

Tom is also a Leo ~ same sun sign as me. He came to Glastonbury last year and I went to his astrology workshop. I love his heart centred space of sharing. I find watching his videos helps me to keep abreast of the planetary influences and as we feel them so strongly in Glastonbury ~ 50 plus ley lines ~ it helps me understand and make sense of strong feelings and emotions that come up ~ again this is the co creation pattern. As the planets do their thing the vibe in us that is particularly attuned to them lights up and cogs start to turn 🙂

Where I live I am close to the lines that connect to Camino Santiago ley line and the Fatima ley line.

The more we synchronise and go with the universe consciously the more we see the future and know what is coming ~ and when it comes we understand it too ~ we start to trust that impulse to go to our phone , check our email ~ go to a certain point in the high street ~ our internal crystal radio set picks up whatever is meant specifically for us and the more we trust that and do it ~ the stronger it becomes. We know who is around the corner that we are meant to share some meaningful inspiration with…….:-)

Everything we have ever dreamt of ~ magical ways of being ~ is becoming more of a reality every day as we let go of old ways of being ~ that is essential because many sacred feminine vibes simply aren’t compatible with ego masculine ones and….it is a choice to let go of one to allow more of the other…..taking the small steps.

Lilith Dark Moon time too ~ can you feel it? Remember Lilith is the wild sacred feminine within us all ~ she who will not be domesticated and closes doors that hold us in that man made reality ~ that fictional world that suffocates our beautiful spirit.

As we are in Gemini I have selected a link for Lilith in Gemini that can illuminate the shadow energy unfolding now in our collective experience.


Love to you today and your healing hand energy shaping your world with love


If you have sent me info and I haven’t got back to you yet I will soon ❤

Just for clarity about what comes from me and what I share from other people on my links as maybe it isn’t clear 🙂

I have links to amazing resources from other people so when you connect you will see their information on their websites. Gratitude for having these wonderful people sharing their gifts and wisdom.

My website is : 

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If you feel you wish to please comment on my blog and share your journey with me ~ love to hear what is happening to you out there in the cosmic web.

More tomorrow 🙂 Sweet dreams from Somerset.



Red Serpent 2 ~ challenge


Portal Day ~ The Challenge Day of Red Serpent

White Lunar WorldBridger Day
Are you ready to go through the gateway and see the bigger picture?

What is challenging you about your relationships and raising resistance to loving the skin you are in ?
Notice how you are feeling today ~ let the feelings be your guide.

This is day 1 of 10 galactic portal days ~ in plain language what this allows us to do is to see beyond our personality ~ we can rise above our “story” and see the bigger picture of our path ~ if we choose. Aquarius moon is assisting us today on this lunar day ~ as always the Mayan calendar is revealing the perfection of our universal wheel of the soul journey.

Waning moon time is the perfect time to let go of what is no longer serving us and any shadow emotions show us this ~ they are the starting point of a journey to new spaces.
If you have any doubts about your divinity this framework will assist in this awakening process and the ego’s fear of death ❤

Practical tip :

Start to journal what comes up each day ~ you can join me with my posts and my blog if you choose and feel it is something that is calling to you ~ you are ready to connect to the synchronising framework that brings soul integration and is the sacred feminine returning to our planet for our Aquarius evolution.
Simply start to do this journey consciously ~ maybe you just want to dip your toe in or dive into the depths ~ whatever works for you 🙂

I am getting people contacting me now and this is their wavespell ~ they are intuitively knowing this although their mind does not consciously know it ❤

If you want to know more about this simply send me your time, date, place of birth and I will send you info ~ it is free ~ there is no obligation ~ I love this way of relating and I learn from it ~ I evolve ❤ I am not selling you anything

I am sharing information with you and my agenda you may ask ?

To empower each person with the ability to take their own emotional evolution 🙂 This has an impact on me as I am another you 🙂
I am Aquarius Rising with Uranus in Virgo and this is my way of relating 🙂
This is the key now if you feel called ~ trust your gut 🙂 Follow your heart and even though it may not make any rational “sense” go with it ~ let your soul shine ❤

Exciting times ❤

When you start to turn everything on it’s head you know there is magic afoot ~ this is the paradox.

Our sacred feminine selves have different ways of being and we are remembering them all.

When you become comfortable with the uncomfortable this is when fear is being recognised as the place new journeys begin ❤

In NLP terms ~ when we get to the edge of our map of awareness we stare off into the void ~ the unknown, the unmapped, the deep unchartered waters of new learning.

Our mind may panic ~ depending on how flexible it is about newness
Our mind may look at it’s history ~ it’s map ~ to risk assess

Remember the map is not the territory ~ it is simply our map

If we choose to expand our map then……

we do it experientially through relating to our world

Expanding our map intellectually is like sitting in a library and getting a book out about trekking in Nepal …….we will learn information

we don’t immerse ourselves in the totality of it and so we don’t get an in depth holistic experience.

Humanity is ready to go large now 🙂 The mystical journey is open to all who dare to dream ~ it is time ❤

Deeper exploration:

If you feel ready to go deeper then open up and intend to explore your map.

Are you ready to face your shadow ?

Are you ready to bring light to it?

All the emotions that feel uncomfortable have a thread to a space in our past……

an event that generally is replicated many times and the older we are the more it will be replicated as this is what we attract ~ our pattern ❤
If you are ready to go for it……and it is the perfect time……you are ready to bridge your worlds so you can go to all times and transcend them emotionally.

Only when we transcend them emotionally and forgive can we create new worlds within.

If you know about Emotional Freedom Technique you can use this amazing tool to work deeper and create change ~ if you don’t know about it ~ explore it ~ it can change your whole life ~ it has changed mine and lots of people I know.

The key to self empowerment is being able to tap for yourself ~ build your skill 🙂 I  share the awareness of it because…..

I believe….

Anyone and everyone can do it and therefore it is a totally co creative tool

Whatever tools you have in your tool box already ~ it will enhance.

Sharing my challenges with you with the intention of  creating intimacy and raising awareness of how this can be such a gift :

Today when I was 15 my grandad died. He was also a Leo and someone I love very much. He died the day after my mum’s birthday and it was unexpected . He had been very ill for quite a long time and was making , seemingly, a very good recovery.

It seemed very unfair when he died ~ the worst seemed past and then out of the blue ~ he was gone.

He was my first close family member to die when I was at an age to really be aware and feel it and know what it meant ~ that in this lifetime I was never going to see him again, hear his voice, have him in my world as part of my day to day living …..

and that wrench was massive for me.

The pain was intense .

We can all have a sense of death ~ the reality of it happening is a whole different ball game though.

The emotional fall out for my family was huge and they were so enveloped in their pain that I felt unsupported. I dealt with it mainly through avoidance ~ going out with my friends and avoiding being at home. I am not blaming my family now ~ they did the best they could, that time has gone and I cannot change it ~ I did have a lot of anger about how they related with me at that time ~ and this was key to my emotional journey and letting go of my Grandad many years later.

I didn’t go to the funeral and for years afterwards I had dark dreams and no closure .

I hid my emotion in alcohol and created a pattern for myself that lasted me a good few decades. A significant death creates scar tissue on our map of life . It is a dark edge , often jagged and sets energy in motion ~ it impacts on everything ~ our beliefs about belonging , life, feeling safe, secure, money ~ our foundations.

It’s web is far reaching.

I have done a lot of EFT on this and finally faced many things I didn’t want to look at and more importantly feel at this time.

When I was ready to look I did and have revisited this many times.

Generally my feelings that came up were around guilt ~ I didn’t spend a lot of time with him when he was ill ~ I found it difficult to see him like that . I was angry at being made to go in a neighbours whilst the adult’s dealt with the situation ~ I felt excluded and in the worst possible place with strangers I didn’t feel comfortable with. I felt unprepared ~ even more so when I was eventually told he had a heart condition ~ I felt that if I had known I wouldn’t have been so shocked ~ I was told this was withheld to “protect me” . I accept all these aspects as to other people’s actions came from a place of positive intention ~ especially now I am a parent and have been placed in these situations myself ~ I also accept how I felt about it then ~ this is key and again another misunderstanding that many people make.

Our ego doesn’t want us to feel “bad” so it puts an intellectual spin on things ~ an adult perspective ~ that the inner child doesn’t feel and this creates dissonance and stops healing. Avoidance pattern.

My Saturn is in Pisces and this is very significant around father figures and our relationship with our masculine, unrealistic expectations around role models and therefore “should” beliefs  ~ having an energetic emotional scar attracts lots of experiences for us to raise our awareness ~ and often it isn’t what we “think” it is ~ when we tap, what it actually is comes to the surface and there are lots of aspects.

These emotional anchors keep pulling us back until we release them ~ this may take several visits ~ remember we are co creating with many other patterns and people in our rich time travel tapestry of life journey. Our soul journey’s don’t have to make “sense” they aren’t a mind trip ~ they are experiential learning to feel certain emotions and understand through that emotional journey. Clients often ask why on earth any soul would choose such suffering and my understanding is that it is often at the time of most suffering that we have the greatest of learning about our soul and others…..On the planet we are in dark moon time in this evolution ~ the dark night of the soul.

I believe this is why the shadow events happen at the perfect time ~ to guide us through our soul journey along with everything and everyone  else.

Many therapists focus on needing to clear everything in one session and finding all the aspects ~ and sometimes that is possible  ~ to get clear on a perspective of it that is relevant in that moment.

When it is time it is time.

Deeper enquiry can be to see what is motivating that need to clear ~ to prove that the therapist has validity and can get a result ? Often people are purging to rid themselves so they can be clear because ….

they are afraid to go down into the pit …..

and that is futile 🙂

The pit is a wonderful place of creativity and to avoid it means we play with the pattern of purgatory ~ because sure enough we will keep on doing the same behaviour that led us to it in the first place ~ the ego is the groundhog  incarnate.

It may pretend it is doing a different show and be a gifted chameleon ~ unless we have cleared the emotion and taken responsibility for our choices for our journey so far …..

we end up in the same neck of the woods in a different outfit …..

As we face our emotion we remove layers and we are rewarded with …..clarity ……unless we go through the emotion ~ we hold it and so we remain stuck in the mud.

When I share the importance of emotional process every day in my blog and with my clients many people simply don’t understand and do not go there ~ especially in the UK ~ we are in a system that doesn’t celebrate the emotional and tends to hide emotion ~ hence being the Capricorn country

What I mean by going there ~ feeling the feelings, being with them, allowing them ………and then letting them go.

Most people start to feel them and then start to do what they have always done ~ avoid them because it feels uncomfortable ~ indeed many people would rather die        ( and do) than feel their own shadow and are deeply afraid of going through a process with it.

Thing is….if you don’t go there it keeps coming up until you do

and so many therapists, coaches, facilitators, spiritual teachers …..

are speaking from a pattern of avoidance, living in la la land of doing the same old pattern,  maybe spinning out something they learned in two weeks and have no experiential integration of …….

Which I believe is……

a pattern of deception, manipulation and  not learning from past behaviour ~ a shadow pattern 🙂

We all have stuff ~ and we all bring it to the table with everything in our life ~ that is the nature of being a human being 🙂

Yes we can avoid things that make us uncomfortable ~ they do not go away though…..

energetically they get bigger and bigger and attract events to match and illness in our body until we pay attention

so why do people believe in these deception patterns ?

fake it until you make it ~

spin doctor it ~

spam it ~

make a big list so you can inbox a kazillion people

and do the least effort for the maximum return…..

denial….. of seeing reality of a clear picture……because the creativity is initiated from a place of …..distortion ~ shadow

What we are doing, we are being

and our world cannot support the ego machine any more  ~ it is time for a change ~

so if we are involved in  a plan that may be of ego shadow…..

maybe place the emphasis on doing lots of ego shadow  enquiry and work and face the truth about ourselves instead of and before…..

teaching or assisting others in their process ~ the focus is externally referenced otherwise  ~ time to take responsibility for our part in the world 

being honest with people about the true nature of where we actually are and how we came to be in this situation  is a powerful first step  ~ instead of selective screening because we are worried about what others will “think” . 

If you find yourself bridling at the moment  with people in your circle  who really cannot see their shadow at work and insist it is your issue ~ 

the key is in the behaviour

Behaviour always reveals the shadow and this is the nature of the biblical quote ~ By their fruits ye shall know them

Aside from the controlling religious angle the historical texts have some shiny wisdom 🙂

For clarity ~ I have no religion 🙂

If you are around my age ~ 47 ~ you may be revisiting the time of your relationships with teachers and part of this bridling feeling ~ anger and non acceptance of  people who are stating that they are teachers, guides, whatever because of their behaviour ~ which you are challenging because it is dishonest and manipulative.

If we don’t speak out… do we raise awareness ? How do we create change ?

To let go of the intensity ~ 

tune in to what their behaviour is pattern matching from

maybe your teenage years 🙂

Adults being insincere with you as a child

First days at school

Dishonest communication ~ avoiding the truth you are offering and denying it

saying one thing and doing the opposite ~ incongruent behaviour

This is the key to creating transformation and why I love EFT and I share it ~ it totally works in amazing ways and if it is not working in that moment ~ persevere until it does ~ don’t give up 🙂

If your intensity hasn’t gone down you simply haven’t found the thread yet so keep open and…….

simply tap on accepting your feelings

As you love and accept where you are ~ and this is often one of the biggest gateways ~ self talk of ” I shouldn’t be angry, sad , jealous,…..”

because you had an emotional experience with another person ( maybe many over your lifetime) around you expressing these emotions…. who didn’t want to deal with your feelings and told you to stop behaving authentically ~ because they didn’t know any better/weren’t able to deal with your emotion because what it was bringing up for them/trying to manage you/ control you/manipulate you and deferring and deflecting that back onto you ~ making you take responsibility for their behaviour by blaming you

Turning the truth around ~ this is also known as gaslighting

It is used with great skill in our western society for selling things people don’t want or need and when being found out for a hidden agenda ~ creating scenarios that expand fear to justify having a war machine for example.

When we look deeper at an individual’s history we often see a deep wound event which has created a need to protect and support a damaged ego …….

We all have ego shadow events and these create a choice point ~

For most people who are living in western society the choice is externally referenced ~ being shown that one is a” good ” person that is socially recognised and becomes a celebrity in some way. They could be on the stage, a speaker, an actor, performing arts who need to be recognised in that way . They are seeking bigger and bigger adulation to prove they are good enough and we can see this behaviour in particular with ageing celebs ~ you are only as good as your last box office hit ~ when they are unable to create this fix ,they find it in other ways with attention seeking behaviour ( not always conscious) and if you look closely you can see a pattern emerging ~ George Michael has had some near death scrapes in the last couple of years. This amazing, talented man ~I have cried through one of his concerts at the outpouring of love for his love who died of Aids and Jesus to a child was written for ~ seemingly from what has happened in many of his life events, does not feel loved and know on an emotional level in his heart, the gifts he has brought to so many. He is such an amazing teacher as are so many celebs living such a public life.

I feel very sad when I see this ~ not that I label it “right” or “wrong” ~ simply seeing people suffering because they don’t feel their own amazingness and believe in themselves ~ because I know what that feels like ~ having experienced it myself .

I have worked with people who have spent many years in psychotherapy and it hasn’t changed how they feel ~ because it cannot ~ talking and intellect is purely on a mind level.

You may understand how, who, why …….and you still feel terrible. You are feeling post traumatic stress ~ heart hurt . We feel with our heart not with our head 🙂

EFT works with the emotional mind 

If instead of going outwards now and creating multi billion companies ~ Bill Gates ~ people go within to their shadow ~with the same level of energy and attention what a different place our world would be.

People who have high levels of self esteem and confidence ~ genuinely ~ do not need to create a big show ~ they are happy with very simple living because …..

everything naturally occurring in our world is a pure wonder ~ especially human beings who relate with open hearts free from ego 🙂

The Mayan Wavespell can assist your mind in becoming clearer about your journey so far and how all things fit together ~ prepare to be amazed as you see your bigger picture ~ as and when it becomes available in a time frame uniquely tailored to you.

Today I took another step and looked at 13 year cycles for a client

When you do this you can see how every 13 years we have a cycle that is guiding our evolution and the older we get the more this thread weaves to all times and places in a very meaningful way.

We have four energetic signs that takes us through four directions raising our consciousness.

My Grandad died on Red Galactic Dragon  ~ this was in the year White Wizard in the wavespell of White Wizard and his Mayan Sign was ……White Wizard .

He has the same Mayan sign and number as my daughter.

In terms of my 13 year cycle ~ I was in Year 10 of a a 13 year cycle Red Planetary Earth which started in 1970 with Yellow Human. The start of the 13 year determines the energetic flavour of it.

We completed the Yellow Human Wavespell last week ~ our humanity and how our body reveals where our energy is flowing . It may not make any sense to you at the moment ~ at first it can seen an overwhelming amount of information ~ this is why it is easiest to learn experientially and intuitively ~ in bite size pieces that are easily digested because they arrive at the perfect time.

As and when we are ready for the next cosmic bite ~ we take it. It is a whole new exciting way to send our divine code.


My Grandad had a heart defect from when he was born ~ a Leo’s key symbolic organ. Leo’s journey is primarily to live a life of courage through the heart. Amazingly he still did many things and was in the Navy in the second world war ~ amazing how this “shouldn’t ” have happened…..and yet he passed as fully fit for service at that time.

My family have been my greatest teachers especially around the work that I do now. I am guessing yours are too? I am choosing to bring this learning into being with my children ~ they are teaching me to be clearer and more honest every day .


If we want to birth new ways of being in our world …..we have to be prepared to have integrity and do what it takes to create them. 

It is very important to have ways for our mind to create structures and activities 

and ways for our spirit to flow through us

and to allow our emotions to show us where heart changes are being sought.


Love to you and your challenge today ❤ ❤ ❤

It is the gift of the doorway opening ~ Lilith energy
Will you take the gift she is offering you to evolve ?
We are learning about loving relationships ~ intimacy.

Red Serpent Wavespell

The-Sacred-FeminineRed Serpent Wavespell ~

It is here ❤

One of the most powerful energetic spirals in the Mayan calendar.


The picture I have chosen today, is one I used for my very first retreat in Glastonbury which began on February 11 2011 ~ it was on Valentine’s Day Weekend and an Open Your Heart Retreat. I started to use the Mayan Signs and Wavespell in a very simple way ~ simply sharing the information. I did not know very much about it at all then ~ I trusted that it would become clearer as and when 🙂

This wavespell was Yellow Sun ~ the language of light 

I am amazed at how ~ in such a short period of time ~ I have integrated so much awareness of this sacred spiral ~ through experiential connection with it ~ tuning in as and when I felt called to do so and now this is becoming second nature.


When it is the perfect time we reveal another piece of our joy jigsaw 🙂

My sacred feminine trust muscle is building in a profound way.

If you hear the call ~ go for it “-) It reveals the miracle of our sacred journey ~ that has always been there. We open up even more to feeling, intuiting and knowingness.

What this wavespell means for me ~

Intimacy and loving the skin we are in ❤

Starting today there are thirteen days that take us on a journey of co creation potential with the universe to reveal our pattern, our path and the potentiality to open our heart even more.

Everything I offer here is from my personal experiential journey ~ if it resonates for you you may wish to connect to me in some way. I am finding more and more people are contacting me on their wavespell and some even on their day.

If you are feeling stressed by all the changes in your life and are ready to allow a different way of being this can really assist you.


Do something new because it is self evident that if you aren’t feeling great ~ something in your process has created that ~ so to continue doing it means……..

more of the same 🙂

The heart path isn’t an intellectually led process and this is what many people do not understand because they are so conditioned and educated to process life in a mindful way ❤

We are in the emotional evolution of letting our feelings guide us now ❤

This for many is a new way of being and involves new paradigms.

Our mind is a very important part of our process and is included…..

The Sacred Feminine returning is led….. by the sacred feminine returning in us…… returning to balance within us.

If you are constantly using your mind, intellect, thought, creating mental process to live, to understand , to create change……..

Maybe take some time to go within and learn about what is leading that and creating that?

If you are wanting to create more feeling good opportunities in life then this is led by understanding how our emotions show us what feels good…..

It is actually about removing obstacles within you 🙂


Today it is Capricorn Moon  ~ we are also experiencing Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 ~ transformation at our core

I really tuned into this today and this is synchronistically attached to the thread of this Valentine Day Retreat which created a huge shift for me in how I related to others ~ and creating some new boundaries for myself.

I had observed behaviour over a long period of time with a client who wanted to come on the retreat ~ and wasn’t prepared to commit to participating with the group according to the guidelines in the way I asked ~ to respect others and their views and that each person had an equal space in our circle. I tried to engage an honest dialogue with that person and they chose to avoid that ~ using a passive aggressive behaviour and indirect approach instead. I was very clear about our relationship and what I offered as a therapist and yet that person chose to interpret that to suit themselves and use me as a tool if you like ~ instead of doing the deeper emotional work for themselves because it was too painful for them so their shadow expanded ~ as it does ~ into a huge rage storm that decimated everyone and everything in it’s path ~ a raining blame machine of tornado proportion.

I learned so much from this relationship ~ I learned most of all to end it because that person wasn’t ready to look at themselves instead of looking at everyone else as to the source of their anxiety ~ which was an old old pattern for me in my relationships from childhood. They brought me to this threshold because to do my dream in the way I wanted ~ they had to be faced and let go of. I moved into a different space.

Glastonbury amplifies egoic behaviour so it is very clear to see ~ if in doubt come to Glastonbury for a visit and see for yourself how different you feel and how you behave ~ it gets to the heart of things ~ hence the term Glastonbury experience .

For my first retreat I chose to create in the way I felt called and I knew it would be challenging with a group working on emotional issues in close quarters, so boundaries were set. I knew it would bring so much learning and it was an amazing weekend with lots of drama and heart opening 🙂

When you experience behaviour over a long period of time you see what a person actually does…… rather than simply what they say ~ and actions speak louder than words. The true nature of a person’s ego is revealed when they are squeezed ~ when they are challenged and facing resistance ~ how that person behaves when under a perceived psychological pressure speaks volumes.

This isn’t judgement ~ people are what they are ~ only most people aren’t ready to take responsibility for that place of being ~ this is discernment ~ being discerning about how we want to relate to everything in our world.

and if you are not allowing feelings to guide you ~

If you are not allowing intimacy in life…….

If your relationships are being controlled, kept at arms length, mind battles,

maybe creating a barrier between you and the world…..

because you have been hurt ……..

Is it now time to take off the armour ?
Unpeel more layers ?

Time to go into our heart
and hear it’s rhythm

Listen to what your body is showing you as to the sacred threads of bondage
the thorns that hide the sleeping beauty, that seeks a sweet kiss of surrender

to allow yourself to be naked to loving goddess balms.

Today on a personal note it is my anniversary to my Sagi partner and the father of my two fire children ❤

We have been on such a journey together of 24 years. When I go back to this time and use the Mayan calendar to see my cycle at work and his cycle, other people in our circle and momentous dates of our learning together…..this creates a healing and an understanding in itself.

This has really helped me  on my integrate my ego process and let go even more of my inner critic who only seeks to blame and shame me and my choices 🙂

This is the untrained ego ‘s language and I understand that is how it is ~ and I choose to work with it from it’s own place of understanding 🙂

This is the holy trinity process of integrating mind, body and spirit to create a shift on many levels.

Depending on where you are on your path this may call to you.

If you do not have a process for working with your emotion every day ~ and maybe repressing certain emotions? This may be key to moving forward now.

Through my life experience I look for practical ways to evolve.

I am not an abstract 🙂

Many people seem to have an abstract belief system that is inconsistent with day to day reality and that doesn’t work for me. They have different rules for different situations ~ to me that is role playing and making things fit…..

and on a deeper level this is a pattern that is incompatible with authenticity and being open hearted.
Role playing is what it is ~ it ain’t soul being and it has an agenda that is often hidden
parts of us that aren’t integrated yet 🙂

That is the soul journey

I live in a world that requires me to be practical and I have a family who also requires that ~ we have needs to be met to live.

At times in the past when I have been experiencing challenges and emotion has been huge and impacted on my ability to function…..

I have ridden the wave and that was perfect for me then ❤

It motivated me to search for practical systems I could learn to empower me

This also led to me choosing to share these with other people.

I know that these tools work for me and I believe they will, by their nature, work for you ❤

However that is your choice and journey 🙂

I love people. I love to connect. I love to see the soul and beyond any behaviour that may not be loving and often this has taken me on some rocky roads 🙂

I choose to keep doing this journey and to liberate myself from fear by facing it because it is the darkness that has brought so much light for me ….

It isn’t an easy path.

My offering today ~

the more we focus on ourselves and healing our own shadow and the more we empower ourselves

It is an inside job ❤

Most people are still focusing on what they do with others and if you grasp this secret today prepare for miracles to happen 🙂

If your wellbeing and safety feeling is reliant on others doing that for you then that feeling is going to be up and down and you will be all over the place.

Peace and love accessibility comes from our own reservoir of heart wisdom.

Red Serpent Intimacy :
When I was a young adult I fell in love over and over and allowed it.

I didn’t do a resume , do internet dating, have a profile of my ideal lover 🙂 I allowed the universe to bring me a match

Notice how very different that is today  as to what new ways of relating we have now to pre~screen and connect 🙂

I dived in experientially and some experiences were amazing heart connection.

When we are young we can find intimacy through sex and the wonder of surrender through orgasm.

Being flexible, free, open, knowing nothing about the stranger the universe has brought for you and allowing each other to fuse together ~


allowing all energy to blend

showing your body to each other

giving yourself totally in those moments of union

learning how to give and receive pleasure

letting another see you undone,

in body
without language

absent from mind control

allowing that other to co create with you in that way

oneness in love

without any boundaries…….
Have you had that experience?

Are you having it now?

This is a great video  about this:


Much of our day to day world experiences are being created by lack of intimacy and orgasm 🙂

Frustration ?

When someone isn’t in a place of receiving this their energy pattern is in a place of blocked receiving.

As a woman to allow openness in this way is in general terms to feel loved, honoured, respected and soft, receiving, gentle

I do not know truly how it is for a man ~ to be trusted to be allowed to give of himself

David Deida does some interesting writing on this subject ~ some of which resonates for me and some doesn’t ~ I do like a man to be very masculine in terms of sex in certain regards and feminine in others ~ flowing sexual finesse can also be achieved instantly ~ chemistry ~ a manual and verbal instructions doesn’t quite achieve the same feeling or result 🙂 When the time is right ~ it simply happens with some people……

and many variations on that theme ~ when I use that word ~ intimacy ~ I am not speaking of a sexual release due to certain physical stimulus or role playing

making love is a very different experience from sex and pornography which has a whole different element and perspective.

Over the years I have learned about my body and understanding of how I love sexual intimacy

seeing and communing with another soul that mirrors my soul

Through learning massage, aromatherapy and reflexology I got in touch with my body

Through belly dance I learned how to open my sacral more and to move my body to allow this energy to flow

I learned about my pleasure palace and how to create that for myself


pleasuring oneself is a very different experience to being with another human being isn’t it?

If we aren’t being held in a loving way, being stroked, being adored…….

our body feels it ❤

If we aren’t receiving our love language ~ a way of being loved that is uniquely ours ~ then we do not feel loved.

How would anyone else know our love language when often we do not know it ourself?
The universe brings us many relationships so we can become very aware of this ~ if only we will see the gift that every person brings for us ❤

To know ourself.
To know what creates bliss in our world.

When we become very self aware we are in a different space.
We can see each part of our body is our philosopher’s stone and shows us where our energy is flowing freely
when our energy is flowing freely we allow and accept ourselves and we allow and accept others

in a well~being way

with good boundaries…….this can take time to hone 🙂

We create heart choices that place ourselves first for self respect, self confidence and self love
and we arrive at this place through experiencing the opposite in many cases.
So if you are experiencing fibromyalgia there is old hurt stuff in your body and where it is is significant.

Google is a great resource to check out any threads and I call it following the cosmic cookie trail 🙂

If you put “metaphysical first before any illness ~ you open up a whole different world.

We each find the perfect answer for where we are now ~ if we allow it ~ that can often be a bit of a stumbling block when we haven’t healed our receiving issues …….

We tend to keep going down the same corridors and……. repeating patterns that feel lacking can show us this 🙂

There are also some fab books such as :

Louise Hay ~ You can heal your life
Lise Bourbeau ~ Your body’s telling you : Love Yourself
Christian Fleche ~ The Biogenealogy Sourcebook

There are also planetary changes too and this affects us.
If you are experiencing ME ~ there is something about you that isn’t getting your needs met and new ways of relating are key

If your body is experiencing inflammation and indigestion ~ acidic patterns are anger which are the height of being unheard and lots of grooves coming together to create that 🙂

When we are really angry it isn’t easy to be intimate and open is it?

Sort of a mis~match ?
Noticing our sacred geometry and love language is the key.

There are some universal patterns too that can help us see what we are weaving with our own web and any contrast there.
To move from duality thinking and polar opposites we move into co creativity.

Co creativity is very different to co dependent patterns.

If you are experiencing one sided relationships with people who have no interest in you and simply do whatever they like as and when…..
and cannot see they are doing that…….
then here is a thread to be explored…….
If you look at your birth family and childhood you will see when you first experienced that way of relating and how you learned to cope with it…..

what are the chances you are still doing that now ?

Even though you are an adult now and in a different space entirely ?


How you can co create with this wave spell


How about sending out an intention to create more intimacy and see what shows up each day for you to look at?

If you want to work in a very powerful way use emotional freedom technique to work with any feelings coming up around you relationships with the universe ~

simply using your intellect alone will give a surface understanding ~ your emotional mind however does not work in that way 🙂

Remember the emotional mind is a pattern matcher and….our pattern is attracted by our heart……

we keep attracting the same hurt pattern until we change it ~ by getting the message and feeling the emotion we have held onto about how we aren’t good enough in some way…..


Let’s say you want a person to have an intimate relationship with ?

Write a list in as much detail as possible about that person and ideally a photo of a likeness ~ in one sense you are tuning in to potential people out there on your radiant radar

Send that intention out over and over ~ and be open to who shows up

All people have learning for us and we go on a journey together so we can see ~ experientially ~ what this way of relating is like and….

if we want to refine that we can articulate that….

and if the other person doesn’t want that to happen then the relationship ends….

and all parties evolve potentially ~ sometimes they devolve too

Our universal partner always matches our beliefs in some way ~ they are a match ~ whether it is a match we desire is a choice point

Bear in mind we are now at the waning part of the moon in the UK so it is an ideal time to get clear about what is seeking release ready for…..

New Moon in Gemini on the 8/9th of June

If you send me your time, date and place of birth I can send you info about your Mayan sign and where you are on your thirteen year cycle which can give a lot of clarity ~

lets say you are on year 11 ~ time to let go of anything that isn’t serving you

Year 2 ~ the challenge ~ which is what tomorrows energy brings and I will mini blog about tomorrow. This is where our biggest gateway potential is 🙂 If you are in a year two it may feel like your world is full of speeding asteroids obliterating the landscape ~ it is clearing the way energy to birth the new you .


Remember to be a way shower and follow the path ~ the core strength comes from meeting adversity not avoiding it. When we are prepared to be ourselves no matter what other people say we allow the soul to shine through. Even Keats received a lot of flack for his beautiful poem Endymion ~ here is the first stanza:

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the earth,
Spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth
Of noble natures, of the gloomy days,
Of all the unhealthy and o’er-darkened ways
Made for our searching: yes, in spite of all,
Some shape of beauty moves away the pall
From our dark spirits. Such the sun, the moon,
Trees old and young, sprouting a shady boon
For simple sheep; and such are daffodils
With the green world they live in; and clear rills
That for themselves a cooling covert make
‘Gainst the hot season; the mid forest brake,
Rich with a sprinkling of fair musk-rose blooms:
And such too is the grandeur of the dooms
We have imagined for the mighty dead;
All lovely tales that we have heard or read:
An endless fountain of immortal drink,
Pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink.


Do you remember a time when you were very young and you had your first crush ?

When your heart quickened at a perceived glance, an accidental encounter, in a playground there was eye contact, you received a handwritten note, a sticky sweet given by a grimy hand that meant the world ? Kissing the back of your hand before your first real kiss and imagining what it would be like? Anxiety at getting it “right” , school discos, music on the radio that brought that special someone into very close proximity and your face blushed with the heat of desire? Feeling sick with them, without them, disappointment when they fail to arrive at the youth club……

Friends that became something else……noticing how that changed…….magic moments of awakening to another soul……

You can also experience that in sacred workshops without any sexuality involved ~ mind-blowing. I am intending to create that space too with sacred clowning ~ love those workshops.
Love to you and your intimacy ❤ ❤ ❤
If we all went within in this time and worked with raising our awareness
how much more love in the world would there be ?

How much more understanding, compassion, peace, joy would exist because……
It existed in us?



Cosmic Seed


Cosmic Seed Day ❤

Wow what an amazing journey time 🙂

How are you feeling after experiencing this powerful energy wavespell ~ Yellow Human ? 

Our humanity , our personality, our personal mini planet spaceship body ~ that is taking us on a journey of discovering our capacity to love by listening to our ego, our shadow, that reveals itself through inner self talk, inner critic and this is felt in emotions of the fear spectrum and made manifest in our body ~ in form ~ when we do not heed it ❤

It has been a revelatory 13 days for me with so much emotion coming to the surface and as I feel it and release it ~ I go into more compassion and understanding and forgiveness. As I enter this space of real truth ~ that is no longer distorted by my emotional minds belief of wounding ~ I can see a different picture and feel my heart open ~ and allow more wisdom ~ more light ~ to be received.


The miracle of working with the Mayan wavespell is recognising the calling of it 🙂

One of my close friends has just received this calling and we laughed at the way it is bringing so much awareness for her and suddenly all the writing and information suddenly takes on a deeper meaning like finding out the formula for invisible ink ~

what was hidden from sight is breathtakingly revealed with so much clarity 🙂

It is the calling of our soul ❤

It is the calling of the sacred feminine ❤

It is the revealing of the heart path secrets ❤

When we are ready to walk the heart path we align with this great mystery…… and as we allow ourselves to have the courage to face our shadow and work with it ~
instead of avoiding it and avoiding our greatest fears about ourselves and our lives so far……….

We step off the ego path of seeking to be loved, heard and validated outside of ourselves ……

When we set this intention and make this commitment to know ourselves…..

Instead of hiding and continuing with what we have been taught since children ~ that we have to work with a false sense of self and living that is out of alignment with who we really are ~

this is when the magic happens ❤ ❤ ❤
We have been sold a lie ~ an illusion ~ that we have allowed ~ it is all part of our journey of awakening ❤
Last night I had a dream ~ that I was in a darkened place and it was very old. It was built of stone and very cold. People were in that place and I could feel them coming towards me .

I could feel who they were more than see who they were ~ I did not need to identify their faces ~ my heart knew. Who they were ~ their personality ~ did not matter any more ~ I recognised their pulse, their energy wave, their pattern.

I grew colder and colder ~ and awoke with a shiver ~ I was physically cold and felt fear.

My aha moment of that process……

There is no linear time ~

We are connecting to everything that has ever happened, will happen to us ~

Now 🙂

As we change our story from the past ~ everything changes.

We connect to all that is in this level of consciousness of sleep ~ this is dreamtime ~ where we access our energetic record and we can focus on it because all other stimuli is dimmed.
It is a clarity possibility.

As is our journey through life ~ we experience different levels of consciousness and when we are ready to raise that consciousness

We move into a whole new world of communication with our totality ~ all of ourself ❤

This is the Aquarius time we are transiting into.
Aquarius’s planet is Uranus 🙂 We are experiencing powerful transits in Uranus and Pluto’s square dance

When we are physically asleep in our bed and at deep levels of conscious dreaming we still have bodily requirements ~ everything is happening beneath our mind awareness because otherwise our mind would be overwhelmed by the billion activities required to keep our body starship cruising ❤
What we call automatic roles such as breathing, heart rate, hormones and so on ~ they are governed by a consciousness that many of us do not have awareness of consciously ~ consciousness trained yogis do and can consciously change heart rates.

We all do that with our thoughts and beliefs ~ most of us aren’t aware of that ~ this is growing on our planet now ❤

It is time ❤

Many people are still believing that their ego has the power to influence how their path unfolds….. as though it is a separate entity ~ that they are a separate entity and somehow in control of their path ~

This perspective is limited and still in a world of duality thinking because there is still energetic cargo on board their spaceship that hasn’t been unpacked and explored ❤

We are all interconnected ~ we are all mini planet spaceships and each of us has a shared bigger picture playground ~ this is universally accessed and our common ground 🙂

The sacred thread that binds us all.

Each mini planet spaceship that we are is a combination of stardust literally

We all have stardust , star seed, energetic circuitry and this is encoded in our dna.

Each mini planet spaceship of humanity has a different belief about the world and it’s role within it and so it attracts and creates it’s day to day reality by projecting it outside of itself ~ inner slides being shown.
This is the billion universes operating now ❤
As with the levels of consciousness governing our personal spaceship routine operations ~ we have to have focus and filters so we can see where we are going and what we are doing……

this is the personal plan and our personality ❤

our conscious universal playground also has a plan and this course is plotted in a bigger picture way ❤

This is the tantra pattern 🙂

This is the paradox ~ we are the most important focus for ourselves if we wish to be here in this universal playground and firing on all cylinders

Sometimes we don’t fire on all cylinders because we don’t believe and trust in ourselves and we lose sight of our mission in this life ~ to be our gift and be creative in our true star seed nature ❤

At the same time we are always being guided, being held , loved and supported.

The bigger picture of our evolving groovy universe is the most important focus for the universe that we are part of 🙂

Allowing this co creative process is the key ❤ Unleashing our heart wisdom involves balancing the two forces within us ~ this is the sacred geometry pattern.

The triangle coming down ~ the harmonious trinity of sun masculine energy, language of light, the heavens , the planets, the feminine energy of the moon, the cycle patterns, the spiral and so much more……
The triangle going up ~ the harmonious trinity of all earthly form masculine and feminine creating the divine child within us ~ earth, our humanity, our body, our core and so much more ❤

Every experience allows us to learn 🙂
If we allow it 🙂
The more we allow ourselves to be honest about ourselves and let go of people pleasing and the more honest we become…..

the more honest we become the more we let go of dishonest patterns that are distorted and fragmented and go round and round the houses and reduce direct clear channels to source and as a part of that process the Brucie bonus is…..
our core energy powers up ❤ Woo Hoo ❤

Last night….

When my body became cold , my consciousness was raised to awakening so that I could adjust my environment and create a space that supported it feeling good. Often in dreams that comes from a dream being fearful ~ a nightmare at extremis …..

This is our guide that alerts us to new ways of being ❤

We awaken to make some adjustment is all

Our fear and anger spectrum emotions raise our awareness…..
to course corrections ……..

and when we go through these black holes we raise our vibe.

There are many things that come together in this process.

Our emotions lead the way and this is the emotional evolution ❤

When we feel something that isn’t love or joy we are simply experiencing information about something outside of ourselves that has happened before or that hasn’t happened before and we have no inner sat nav for ❤

This feeling is a sacred thread that leads us to new ways of being ……
If we allow it ❤
When we let go of this feeling by following it back to some event in our past ……..

We change how we feel about this event in the past and….

as a result our mind perceives whatever was in that event, differently

This allows new behaviour, new beliefs and creating new habits ~ a new cosmic groove

and when we change our cosmic groove ~ our energy bubble ~ everything that is connected to that ~ which is everything 🙂 ~ changes ❤

There is only love ~ if our mind is still full of duality events and beliefs that perceive love as fractured ~ love and fear as opposites ~ that is true in that experience…….has to be because that is universal experiential energetic law 🙂
Our shadow is simply aspects of ourselves that are seeking integration and in that process of bringing them in we create new learning.

Any parts that feel separate come back to the core and are no longer an energy drain 🙂
As a result our mind becomes more aligned and focused ❤

This is all perfectly aligned at the perfect time and there is no wrong choice ❤
When you use the Mayan Wavespell as a tool to help you see this pattern in your own life it is literally mindblowing and you see your innate sacredness as part of all that is ~ this is experiential knowing of the oneness that people perceive as an intellectual abstract ~ which is a world apart from the actuality of knowing through experiencing ❤

When we take responsibility for all of our life experience as a choice ~ most of it may not have been conscious 🙂 ~ we liberate ourselves and start this amazing experience in a different gear ❤

This Mayan energy today is a sacred thread to the new year coming on July 26 Yellow Galactic Seed.

Only when we are ready to look into our darkness do we allow more light and in that process connect with the true secrets of our magical universal process.
We empty our cup emotionally and energetically so it is ready to receive ❤
Heart path ❤

It’s a love thing ❤
Self love thing on a practical, experiential, life mastery through walking the path and facing the challenges.

Knowing a person by what their feet do as well as their mouth.

Big serpent energy wave starts tomorrow ~ loving the skin we are in ❤
Ten portals for super energised potentiality to birth our sacred feminine and raise our awareness of our intuitive, feeling, surrendering, trusting, nurturing potentiality and letting go of being led by our ego head.

We can create new patterns now that are ego free ……

When you start to look with great awareness at your pattern you will see amazing miracles and the veil is lifted ~ anything and everything is on purpose and related. It is important now that we trust in our heart’s desire and do what we love to do knowing we are creating a new pattern for ourselves.

This pattern will become more refined each year that passes and we will add to it energetically.

When I first started doing workshops I would go and do them even for one person ~ the most important part of this is simply the creative process ~ our own personal evolution trip and understanding of how we create ~ recognising our own level of integrity, commitment and what really resonates with our heart is the most valuable of understanding ~ it is priceless.

When we do what is really true for us it doesn’t matter who shows up to our show ~ because we are doing it for ourselves first and foremost and anything else is additional ~

as we grow and learn through each waxing and waning cycle we slough off any surplus mind methodology that are slowing us down and we enter into the new way of being ~ it is like a test if you will ~ a test to see if we let our dream light go out or if we have the faith to keep going and turn up the volume of our innate wisdom

all patterns reveal sacred geometry

it is simple to observe

a debt pattern of more going out than coming in simply shows that ~ without any judgement  🙂

money lets us hide and make things happen that are ego led ~ when our money is limited it hones our blade ~ we cut back to the bare bones and see our structure, we can become more decisive, disciplined and build our stamina , heighten our ability to see deeply and in that area of restriction we can become very aware of what is heart pattern and what is addiction, avoidance, excess padding and protection from our wild child  that seeks to be freed from tight seed husks and scatter freely in the wind to be carried to the fertile places that support new growth……

marches for gmt free is a wonderful way forward and important ~
that will holistically happen when ….

we do inner work on our inner slides ~

remembering that everything is in our world now because it matches the collective unconscious beliefs and is a necessary part of our evolution 🙂
It is an inner shift for all of us ❤
When we look within at what gave rise to these models in our world within each of us and share that…..
new models are birthed 🙂
What we are being, doing, having is affecting everything ❤

When we heal old wounds, we heal old patterns energetically and we do not stay stuck on the karma wheel of everything that has happened so far.

It is a many splendoured thing much like the Mayan Calendar ~ same pattern 🙂

If you feel called to co create in this process with me ~ maybe a one to one, you wish to know your Mayan sign, what year you are on in your 13 year spiral, letting go of some past patterns so you can birth the new…..
Please get in touch ~ I offer a free consultation and I love this work

You are another me and we connect because we are meant to 🙂
Everything we do together creates a change in everything ❤

I will be creating a workshop in this period ~ will let you know tomorrow when we are in the spiral and I can tune in.

Love to you and your seed of creativity ❤ ❤ ❤
Be yourself
Know yourself
Honour yourself

It is time 🙂

On my cookie trail today I looked for an image to go with my blog. This is always amazing for me.

This beautiful picture is one of many created by this artist who ~ synchronistically of course ~ just happens to be sharing lots of stuff around the Mayan

He is Leigh J McCloskey and here is one of his videos

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I learn so much from the films I watch with my family each week which are always so inspiring.

Argo ~ a film about rescue and with some amazing links to a favourite of mine ~ Jason and the Argonauts ~ with a different twist. One of the most poignant moments for me in the film, is by Alan Arkin ,who I love ~ amazing actor. He speaks of being a coal miner who leaves his work to rejoin his family ~ and yet can never wash off the residue of the coal and be free of it ~ something I am becoming very aware of in my own life and how I wish to relate. If I do not wish to experience a way of behaving then it is essential that I ensure it isn’t within me ~ either from past experiences that created trauma, or how I behave ~ and no excuses 🙂

If I don’t like it ~ don’t do it ~ very much a work in progress.

I was struck by the history again ~ how the West has used the East as a commodity and is surprised when that doesn’t sit well with people ~ astonishing to me that people ever think it is ok to behave in that way and how in many respects ~ nothing has changed in our world today ~ it seems really simple to me that this isn’t a way to relate  ~ yet it is the way of our world way of being~ pure madness.

Like so many American rescue stories in the movies ~ the irony of a few people being rescued and yet every day thousands dying for greed. Beyond understanding or rationality.

Looper ~ a violent film with impact and for me gut wrenching in it’s theme of time travel. It really illustrates what I am talking about in this blog ~ through time travel with a characters involved in a story that have a different perspective because they come from a different time ~ and so can see the ripples that go out and create reality. I would love to see more films that don’t need to have such a high level of violence to get the point across . Without revealing too much of the plot this really highlights how narcissists are created as children and something that is very close to my heart ~ creating loving patterns for our children by learning from our childhood experiences.

If we all do our own loop by going back in time using EFT ~ emotional freedom technique ~ we change who we are today.

I also eventually bought the film She ~ and wow saw so many fear patterns created with this film ~ it had a very big impact on me as a child and to watch it now revealed so many aha moments. If you feel emotional intensity when watching any film then this is a wonderful way of looking for pattern matches that you can let go of.

It reminded me very much of The Mummy series ~ and highlights past lives and reincarnation .


One of the things I always remind my clients of is that we often put an adult understanding on a childhood experience ~ that isn’t how a child experienced that event. I used to hide behind the settee for Dr Who and when I went to Disney World I had to leave part way through many of the child suitable 3 d experiences 🙂 I struggle with anything 3D as I am very sensitive in that respect and do not need to have such a full on experience. I guess many people are so desensitized to cope with their lives, that they need this pumped up entertainment to actually feel anything.

I will be writing another blog about the Red Serpent tomorrow and so for now wish you farewell ……

I will leave you with the dream meditation we did on the EFT Circle on Saturday with the full moon workshop.

Maybe it will reveal some magic for you 🙂


The insight I got from this was an experience in Paleochora in Crete of a deep inner connection and bliss moment ~ which probably occurred around this time in 1986 🙂

The feel good factors

I was alone on a beach and the sun was warm. Soft sand supporting my body. I could see the sea and the mountains. I didn’t feel a need for anyone. I was so glad I had faced my fear and overcome it to leave my job in the UK and go. I had felt the calling and allowed it. I was listening to Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits and I loved the guitar.

The key insight ~ I loved being in Greece because there were few English people there and so it wasn’t the language commonly spoken and so I had a choice for many months ~ before I got any understanding ~ of whether to tune in or not. I didn’t utomatically get pulled in to other people’s worlds through overhearing their conversation. I was separate, oblivious and often without any understanding of others.It enhanced my experience.

Most of the people who were there in my circle were fellow adventurers . We didn’t have to spend most of our time talking. We shared our heart space. We had fun and we partied under the stars to soulful music ~ the Doors, Rolling Stones,Scorpions ,Santana and the Doobie brothers……classic albums. We danced, we were in our bodies, we were to use Jim Morrison’s words …….

immaculate 🙂

Yesterday I danced to this song at The Blues Jam in Glastonbury ~ love it

I was feeling the same as I did then

blissed out in the vibe of the heart music

Let’s follow our bliss 🙂





Blue Storm ~ tears are flowing


Blue Galactic Storm Day


A day of integration in the Mayan energy of the year.

We are at a crossroads of our evolution ~ will we choose to stay the same and do the same ~ be of the same beliefs and therefore create that same reality?

My offering

this time is about connecting to our heart and listening to our desires ❤
This journey we are on is for the love of ourselves 🙂

The only person that ever holds us back is ourself and our belief in who we are ~ that has been created over this lifetime and many before ❤

This wave of light that is coming from our sun ~ solar flares ~ is the liquid light of love from our universal masculine energy of information.

To be able to benefit at our optimum ~ we open like a flower to receive it’s message and remember how amazing we are. We are a part of all of the universe and one of it’s many creators 🙂

There is no grand plan we “must” do “should” do or any need to “prove ourself ~ we are enough.

The life we live here often takes us through experiences where we have taken on a belief that we are not loveable, not good enough, less than……

This is the essence of the blue storm energy.

Underneath the rage, anger, beliefs of conspiracy, injustice , fear of being out of control ~

Is our own personal experience, our own personal story.

This is our salvation and the salvation of our planet ❤

Underneath all this intellectual armoury there is a hurt child.

The wonder of the Mayan wave spell for me has been connecting to and raising consciousness of the universal pattern and my pattern within it. A cog within a cog.

Yesterday I awoke with memories of events that have happened in my life and I started to check the dates with the Mayan calendar.

I put together a thirteen year cycle of my life that encompassed my travel adventures at 17 and culminated in me becoming a mother at 29. As I started to connect the dots and look at each year my awareness grew and I understood more about my journey and how each step had been integral to the formation of my being today.

As I reconnected to this time , I touched powerful memories and emotions.
I was surprised by the intensity ~ often it is the case with my learning about the emotional mind. We “think” we have got over a time of life that caused us emotional pain only to feel a very different reality ❤

I am experiencing huge waves of grief now and as I cry I tap to truly let go energetically of the part of me that has felt unloved.

This < I believe > is the nature and intention of this time.

If you are feeling very heavy, unwell, low in energy…….

There is something seeking release now ❤

That is all it is 🙂

If you allow yourself to give space to these unreleased feelings being heard and accepted and released…….

There is more light to shine and glow with 🙂

New possibilities to come in as we grieve and allow our shadow to be integrated through feeling our repressed feelings.

Our strength comes from being vulnerable.

Maybe you haven’t cried in a very long time ?

Do you remember how it feels after a deep cleansing cry when your body has felt that pain in it’s gut, your sobs have exhausted you… tears run freely down your face

After this storm of emotion it is possible to feel a huge sense of peace ❤

As children this often comes easily when very young and experiencing a physical pain ~ often adults start to repress their child’s natural healing reaction out of embarrassment if in a public place, out of guilt, inability to fix it for the child, their inability to go through their own emotional storm…..

Everything that has ever happened to us and our planet has been perfect for it’s time and our evolution.

Now there are new things to be born…….
New ways of relating……
Remembrance and awakening on a much larger scale for many thousands of years in this cycle ❤

Things that came up for me yesterday that may resonate for you ~ I was focusing on a period of 1983 ~ 1985

How I was at 17 ~ my hopes and dreams, how I related to my family, at work, how I felt there was more to life than a 9 to 5

My feminine self ~ how I was with men , how my belief about myself was so different to their beliefs about me ~ how I wanted to be loved and never felt loved for me ~ how I felt so confused/wrong/trying to please

My female friends ~ often feeling I couldn’t connect, issues of loyalty, competitiveness, how to have intimacy with my friends ~ a feeling that we were all looking to have deeper meaningful connections with each other and struggling to be adults. Losing friends because of relationships with men. Confusing friendship with sexual relationships.

Allowing myself to lose my way and my power and paying a huge price ~ one that was key to my understanding now ~ and none the less painful because of it.

That little girl inside of me desperate to win others hearts…..and unable to….

Searching for happiness, searching for the one…….

Believing I found the one over and over……

finding it was a myth 🙂 I am the one…….
Strengthening my love for myself and who I am ………

This human child in each one of us I speak of ,is very different to our spiritual self. This is our shadow self seeking to be reunited and integrated.
The child that never ages and matures unless it is allowed to be heard ❤

Wherever we have felt less than ~ we have felt other than joy and love ~ is creating our path every day……

Bringing us exactly what seeks integration.

Time to ride the wave of our emotions as they are the true bringers of the new dawn.

Love to you today and your tears ❤ ❤ ❤

Our eyes are the windows of our soul.
Forgiving all our woes allows us to have clear vision to connect to our dreams and see new paths ❤ ❤ ❤



If you are feeling a little flat ~ it is the quiet before the storm ~

get ready to rumble.

There is a huge wave coming. Are you ready to ride the snake with your eyes wide open?

Today is the last day of my  Blue Storm Wavespell and I am exiting it’s energy with such a different feel and awareness. Today is the 13th day ~ the day of cosmic movement with Divine Child energy Blue Cosmic Monkey.

When we go through the eye of the storm and listen to what our inner child whispers ~ we allow ourselves an opportunity to become that divine child energy in our heart through feeling forgiveness ~ true forgiveness through feelings being released and the past energetically left behind.

Tomorrow is a new wave spell ~ Yellow Human Wavespell

This takes us through some energetic supernova events ~ woo hoo ~ shaken and not stirred magical martini time.

It’s time to get real. See what is resonating for us ~ what is showing up and how we are feeling about it ?

I have been checking out various astrological input ~ I am a whole of the range type of a gal ~ like to see the full spectrum of the rainbow in my bigger picture so….

I have several resources.

Today for the first time I have made a video about this:

May 20th ~ we have a supercharged supernova which is the third Uranus Pluto Square event and this is encouraging big awakening on our planet. Taurus is also going into Mars so if you have Taurus energy in your chart this will have a strong impact on you. I have Taurus Moon which represents my feminine and my shadow ~ my emotional intuitive side so this could be quite an different flavour for me. It does affect other signs of course ~ more info here with a great blog

This is happening just as Taurus leaves and Gemini is the sun energy. Gemini brings a new gateway of consciousness opportunity and displays our human and higher self. This is an ideal time to let the ego personality be transformed to work alongside the higher self even more and connect to our journey.

In the Mayan this event happens in the eighth wavespell this year. This wavespell is a yellow ~ flowering and expanding potentiality  through integration.

May 20th is Red Rhythmic Earth . A day of aligning with our path through balancing our masculine and feminine within and creating a core energy of groundedness and centred state of being.

The more people who start to change their inside energy , beliefs and emotions to bring balance and peace within and the more we will see and experience the change without.

Our hearts are opening and experiencing heart wisdom that is so different from ego desire.

On the 25th in the UK we have the Sagittarius Supermoon and another lunar eclipse ~ the way shower, traveller, truth teller , expansive , say it as it is wounded healer at full gallop. As Neptune is involved I believe this is where the mysteries are going to really blossom for many people.

In the Mayan this is White Spectral Wind ~ what is seeking release

What is holding you back from living your heart’s desire?

What myth are you telling yourself that stops you going for the golden fleece journey? 

We can achieve anything ~ if we believe it and tend the flame within and with our circle of influence.

If you find yourself swamped by naysayers and low energy activities of imbalanced intellect or running ragged rage campaigns that are so energy zapping ~ maybe building a skyscraper project that has no soul…..and is all about others rather than you doing your thing ~ no matter how small or how it doesn’t tick anyone else’s agenda ~ this is the treasure that will illuminate and lead to more love and magic.

Too much bull locking horns activity, doesn’t aid the way forward either so if you are finding yourself constantly feeling red flagged by certain people maybe it is time to limit that thorn in the side activity ~ it can be revealing and shadow showing ~ too much exposure to it can simply raise clarity of  needing to find another tribe as we are often energised by polarity opposites and bumping off that energy to go to pastures new.

Sometimes it is time to recognise a need to let go of people who aren’t singing your song and don’t speak your language. Join a new choir or……make your own.

If you are a Sag you will really be feeling that pull now to go to the depths of your soul and heed the siren call.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a clue about what any of this means……. 🙂

If you feel ready to get going and embrace this Red Serpent time   then contact me. I have some workshops coming up that may be just the ticket ~ small steps. If you want more of a supercharge rocket launch I have some 1 to 1 energy coaching.

The Red Serpent Wavespell starts on the 28th of May.

There are ten energy portals to allow access to limitless universal wisdom so we can liberate ourselves from any beliefs that are of the notion that ~ somehow to stay sane we have to remain the same ~ 🙂

that somehow there is something wrong with us

that our uniqueness is anything other than wow

that we have to fit someone else’s tick box

that we have to turn ourselves down

hide our gifts

become a chameleon to fit other people’s paradigms

If we have any of those notions….

then attracting a  match….. with loving ourself ways of relating …….are therefore 

temporarily off limits in some way and postponed until we believe in ourselves and have the

courage to go for it……..

expand without by expanding within

rain stops play ~ a familiar ditty in the UK

When we follow our star there is no rain in the heavens to postpone play ~ it’s a magical path

so if you are feeling low

are experiencing a perceived lack / real lack

feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, just about registering a flicker of life …….

The opposite is within your fingertips ~ literally

Time to tap and use EFT to liberate yourself ~ emotional freedom technique does what it says on the tin

It is a very exciting time.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in life ~ literally ?

and let go of spectator living from the sidelines

It’s safe but it ain’t sexy 🙂

The Year of the snake involves curvaceous lilith living.

Time to embrace anything we have banished and put the kettle on for a homecoming tea.

Create our own way of living and let go of being out of balance with linear limits

Please get in touch if this calls for you and we can co create. Lots of options available for every budget ~ you can pay what you can afford.

Lots of love for your journey

Blue Storm Gateway


Big post today as I am going through my own personal

Mayan 13 day Blue Storm energy spiral and have been having an intense time of

death and


I like to explain things from my personal experiential eye point as it truly comes from my journey. I include other websites and intellectual info which are highlighted and give gratitude for all the amazing people that allow me to live my soul journey and co create in this way 🙂 Anything I offer on my blogs is purely my filter and where I am on my path and offered from the heart. 

My intention is to raise conscious awareness through sharing my conscious expansion ~ I am not a saint, I didn’t have a mystical experience of any great significance ~ I am an ordinary woman living an extra ordinary life and if you are not feeling that this is true for you , maybe this will inspire you to finally take the plunge, shake of your shackles and commit to the heart path. Living the journey with your heart wide open ~ it isn’t the easiest path on the surface ~ it is the most wonderful roller ~coaster ride that allows us to be the real deal , no frills , does what it says on the tin ~ human being with the stardust silver lining. When we celebrate the sacred essence of ourselves we unveil the sacredness in all of our experience. We go through Ishtar’s gate. Yesterday was Blue Solar Hand Day. Number 9 Completion of a cycle. This is my Mayan Sign.

Much of the mystical and spiritual can seem daunting and out of reach to us ~ mere mortals ~ when we start this journey of life we go through lots of earth shattering experiences that can leave us feeling battered and bruised. Our heart is wrenched out and roughly handled, our wild spirit often loses it’s lustre and the spark can sputter and  seem to go out.

Right now in this balsamic moon time of Taurus solar eclipse we can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place seeking oblivion ~ getting out of our mind/head/into our shed,closing the curtains on the grey skies, shattered promise of summer ( in the UK ~ brief sunny days and now rain and wind) and the towering shiny project that seened so enticing and has fallen….in a heap of rubble. Bitter sweet.

Our energy reserves blink low and all doors that were open seem shut ~ Lilith showing us a new way forward now. We may be going through vinegary vile landscapes where everything that sated us now seems to have lost it’s flavour ~ ashes in the mouth. All ego illusions fade whilst the true beauty of our earthly paradise awaits us if only we will go outside of this Eden enclosure into the wild forest.

This time of year happens annually and if you look back you will see a repeating time of challenge. Certain planets change in their heavenly path bringing new potent potential for transformation with a slightly different flavour. 

I am revisiting the wavespell of my birth which matches this year and next year  in it’s Mayan sign although differs in number ~ Yellow galactic seed which starts on July 26. Galactic is number eight ~ which is all about integration of our magical mystical selves that we connected to this year at the top of the mystical pyramid ~ highest point to heaven Blue Resonant Storm Year. It is a catalytic year and this 13 day spiral is a catalytical portal to transcend our addictions and ego masking behaviour.

When we look at was has happened to us at this time in the past, a pattern emerges and if we choose we can see how we can have understanding and healing . We can let go of anything holding us back now. I record my events as and when I get insights and I designed this document for this purpose: My Karma Wheel

The Mayan calendar on the surface seems daunting in it’s complicated wordly genius  on a mind level……and many websites have no guided tour of where to start.

It put me off when I first came across it ~ although I knew that the message it brought for me was timely ~ I only took what I needed and I invite you to do the same.

As it is a synchronising heart matrix it allows us to connect to real universal time as and when we are ready to go there at the perfect time for us. I have created one myself ~ so I could learn through the creating 🙂 It is here if you wish to use it.

At that first meeting of my Mayan sign in 2010, it was a validation of the changes I had made for myself after I got a course correction in 2009 and was no longer able to continue with property renovating, due to my financial status of persona non grata as my property world fell apart . My Tower of Babel had collapsed and I was ready to pay attention and get on track to follow my guiding star ~ this event of a sat nav re route ,was all written in my Starcode ~ my natal chart. I didn’t know that then ~ and my inner critic did a fair job at criticising me ~  and only became aware of that last year at an astrology camp in Glastonbury 🙂

We don’t get anything “wrong” , there is no panic to learn it all and know ~ our universal self always has us on track ~ it may not make any sense to our mind and ego ~ hence fear of what it doesn’t know ~ the more we start to trust and learn heart language and experience and the more we hone our ability to work with awareness.If we knew everything at the start ~ what would be the point? We can’t play the game if we know all the game plan.

I am a Blue Solar Hand and I was born in the Blue Storm Wavespell in the year of Yellow Crystal Seed.

This thirteen year cycle started in July 1954 with Red Moon which is all about awakening to the cosmic beings that we truly are . It was also the start of the escalation that leads to the Vietnam War ~ which on the face of it may seem terrible ~ yet brought a huge awakening about war and anti war ~ the Hippy Movement .

Synchronistically it is also the thirteen year initiating cycle we are now in and if we look to

the wider world we can see how we are being challenged with extreme right wing attitudes

such as control of our seeds and our natural world. This is our alter ego showing the

polarity of the passive opposite . When we embrace our anger and own it and dissolve it

these radical opposites can come together in peace ~ by doing our inner work and being

peaceful within.

Our childhood bullying feelings released ,we no longer have a need to fight oppressors ~

and so they have no need to create an energetic match in the outer world.

Our fears from the past are creating this reality.

This is very evident on Facebook and where I live ,where often the key focus is on fear based campaigns and paranoia ~ it is balanced to be aware of the world and to take part in shaping it ~ overly focusing on protests and things that you can actually do nothing about fuels this aggressive yang incoming pattern ~ which starts our body balancing it with yin ~ colds, overwhelm and upset stomachs.

If we become more self aware and work on our own issues we can become more energised and heart based and as a result the whole world changes…..because we change.

Home is where the heart is 🙂 Peace begins with me ~ I cannot control the world ~ I can control how I relate to it. Many people put the focus on their project as that is what we are educated to do ~ be of service. When we focus on ourselves our service truly is coming from the heart there is a different focus and authenticity and we are truly following our path of shining from love ~ instead of solar plexus ego base.

If you want to know what Mayan sign you are you can message me or simply use this decoder.

When I first learned about my sign, through a client I synchronistically met on a coaching from spirit group online , I was at the start of a thirteen year cycle ~

blue hand. I already really felt this in my heart and it was great to have validation ~ when you are heading into the unknown and feeling a tad wavery about it ~ the ego is feeling very nervous 🙂 ~ this is how this information can assist. Our mind likes to know and so if we can include our mind in our team it boosts our power team’s ability by speaking to each team member in a language it can relate to. Knowing more information about your bigger picture through your Mayan Sign and your Starcode really can illuminate and give clarity.

Astrology is the language of consciousness ~ it is all about our heavenly influences.

I am not an astrologer ~ I have many friends who are and I can create a power team of consciousness by regularly checking in with them to keep myself in the loop and understand how the planets are influencing my behaviour ……we are always in the loop on an unconscious level and always going with the flow of the universe ~ maybe reluctantly like a toddler dragging it’s heels ~ when we move into working consciously with intent it has a whole different outcome.

It empowers us to remember who we really are. We are amazing creators who are here to shine and explore.

When we are still living very much in ego world ~ artificial times and systems ~ playing roles that are really ego masks that we formed in childhood to fit in with the majority ~ the unconscious ~ we are often placed in situations of resistance and disempowerment.

We are moving towards remembering the true nature of all that we

truly are ~ a spiritual being in a human body on a holographic

playground designed for our soul evolution

Each person has a shared vision  ~ we see the playing arena of the background and the terrain. Our mind puts different meaning onto it based on our beliefs. If you look to the media world there are lots of illuminating spins on this such as Avatar and Total Recall

When we enter our body we have a loosely based script and a set of parameters to work with. Around midlife ( generally speaking) we really take this up a notch and start to experience Uranus Opposition ~ this in when the planet Uranus is in the opposite place to when we were born and it’s energetic pull initiates our kundalini to start to rise and surge through our chakras. We often see this as a midlife crisis and if we are still heavily invested in the ego world of beliefs we are living in 3d of materialism. We start to age noticeable and this enables us to create choices ~ do we seek to hold onto our youth and match our ego driven world?

Do we seek to transform our shadow issues and roles and masks and accept our circle transformation ……to become more heart centred, wise and mature inside with our beliefs and therefore manifest outside in our reality.

The paradox is when we do this, our body, as a natural part of that process….. does not age .It regenerates. We make choices and change our behaviour to align with our true state of being.

If you look at ways on offer to keep ageing at bay ~ botox is paralysis ~ a pattern of freeze frame ~ staying the same ~ stuck. Putting a potentially lethal substance in our body like Mercury in our teeth. Our ego reasoning has no sense as it is the child that seeks instant gratification and doesn’t look at the bigger picture.

What does our ego seek to seem to remain at the same age for? 

Denial of……..

Fear of…….

If we look to drown our sorrows or seek oblivion……..

convince our ego we have done well because we have ticked the boxes of success……..until the next new model comes out, until the next new partner doesn’t “do” it for us any more, the wine quota is getting bigger, each new shiny thing we seek has less of an impact for a shorter time. Our crusades get bigger, we seek to please even more and yet…….

When the chips are down…….when the mask is off and we are at home faced in the full length mirror in the harsh light of day……

and what we see doesn’t feel good

What then?

The ego has lots of masks to wear ~  a huge theatre of  embroidered robes to hide behind ~ all of which had the intention of keeping us safe as a child ~ only we are not a child now and maybe we are ready to let go of living in a cocoon that is so safe it is strangling our true spirit?

I learned a new ego mask this week that I hadn’t thought of before in that way ~ Stockholm Syndrome.

The child who is a true dependent has to rely on it’s caretakers and so finds a way to do that ~ which often means not seeing that person as they really are because that would be emotionally unsafe and cause psychological conflict. If a child cannot escape their situation then somehow their psyche has to manage it . To be with a person who has extreme anxiety 24/7 feels very intense and so the psyche reframes and finds a way to empathise and avoid the issue ~ they can also become a scapegoat and lose their identity becoming whatever the carer wants them to be which has repercussions in adulthood. This is the belief system that keeps attracting the same experience ~ until it is healed and transformed.

Conditioning in our society often means we cannot allow ourselves to be honest within our family for fear of being outcast and labelled disloyal and so these patterns of dishonest relationship and repressing shadow emotion continues generation after generation. It is a huge energy drain and carries a heavy vibe. It is very valid as a child and historically many moons ago , if you were outcast from your tribe it could mean death and this can be something we are still carrying encoded in our DNA.

I have been working a lot this week on Mother issues ~ Taurus Isis energy. How we come into this world through the gateway of our mother and take on all her dna ~ as well as our father’s and their ancestry which is now entwined within us. We also bring our past life experience and begin a new circle where we left off . In our Mother’s womb everything she experienced during our time there we took on and the emotions she felt. At midlife this can really be highlighted as we seek to follow our spiritual journey in a different way and achieve a different independence from this experience by letting go of it. We are not our mother or her generation and all her beliefs served her and that time ~ now we can re~evaluate what we accepted as a foetus and a child and see how that process can be our catalyst for our butterfly emerging.

The birthing process for each segment of our life often means revisiting that birthing tunnel . I have had huge learning from revisiting my births of my babies. If you haven’t done this using EFT and letting go of any emotional and physical trauma , I highly recommend it ~ often our birth experiences do not match our expectations and so we feel a certain way because of this.

When we go into new areas of life we are re~ calibrating and going into the unknown. EFT helps assist us through this birthing process like gas and air. It eases the way and lets our inner child be heard ~ which is all it wants ~ then we are free to move forward into new ways of being.

If we don’t do this process we are stuck in the past on many levels and in a world of post traumatic stress triggers.

On the third day of my wavespell  ( 04 May) ( co creation day ~ what is seeking to be electrified and amplified ) Red Electric Dragon Day ~ I visited a lovely sound ceremony in Glastonbury at the open day of St Anne’s B and B in Glastonbury. It was a beautiful day ~ Moon in Pisces at the border of Pisces in the Glastonbury Zodiac and some lovely people there including John and Colette who own the house and run lots of workshops there . We went in the Yurt and used tuning forks to experience different planetary vibrational sound on our body. It was amazing especially using a star pattern ( merkhaba) on different body points and finishing on the heart. I used the Moon, Venus and Mars ~ hit my knee too hard and got bruised 🙂 I loved the chimes that we played with ~ I would love some in my garden ~ they come in four elements and I was so surprised that the one for Air was a heavy tone ~ heavy vibes from thought 🙂 My assumption was it would be higher and lighter ~ the earth ~ terra ~ I perceived as the most melodic ~ like a child’s laughter. You can explore them :Koshi

On day 4 of my wave spell ~White Self ~Existing Wind ~ the go ahead for a new project more info here.

Seed of Sacred Living Centre

If you are a blue sign in the Mayan then you are a transformer . Blue Hands in particular have an energetic signature that is a gateway ~ soul midwife patterns, shadow workers and moon priestess energy. As a generalisation you are a catalyst and an empath. You are a truth teller and you see ~ Seer ~ because you are heavily balanced in the realms of intuition, third eye and spirit realm. When you were a child you could feel the emotions of those around you ~ and knew that what they were saying didn’t match what they were feeling. You are highly sensitive and know things ~ the more you allow this to develop and the more you will shine.

The drawbacks to being empathic is that you will often have been shot as the messenger. People didn’t want to hear your truth because it revealed their dishonesty. You can see their fear and are therefore a threat to their shadow. You may have experienced a great deal of abusive behaviour and will not become the abuser. If you have Aquarius energy in your chart ~ take heart ~ most people think you are an alien because you speak of something they cannot see ~ until they remove their veil ~ through healing their shadow , which is based over the solar plexus ~ they cannot open their heart because they are too afraid to feel any wounding they have experienced and so often live in their head and use their intellect as a shield. They may choose this throughout this life to assist other people with their position of contrast.

Glastonbury, as the heart chakra of the world is the galactic portal for living in the intellect. I don’t know if a survey has ever been done on the most esoteric, spiritual experts per square metre but Glastonbury has to be in the world’s top ten hotspots for walking talking books.

There used to be a very common saying when I was growing up in the North of England ~ Sunday Socialist ~ meaning that someone who pertained to be of the Socialist belief only actually lived it on Sundays ~ in other words a hypocrite who was selective about their principles when it suited them 🙂 I feel this has now become evident as the Sunday Spiritualist . People who can recite chapter and verse on psychology,karma,the universe and the meaning of life , astrology, their issues and……

that is as far as it goes……

There is no integration and they aren’t living it in any way ~ it is outside of their energetic being. It’s an app on their iPad. 

This is another ego defence mechanism and is so often a sledgehammer used for bullying and manipulation. When someone is speaking out about the other person’s behaviour being in some way unacceptable they are often told it is the speaker’s projection …….they are really the one with the issue and so honest discussion is avoided and a scared ego protected…….and the opportunity for intimacy is lost at that time.

The knowledge is used as a way of controlling another and dis-empowering them and so the circle is broken. The sacred form of the knowledge is used by adepts who haven’t gained it experientially and so have no heart wisdom of it’s worth ~ like a masters degree bought on the internet. No mastery involved through living the learning and integrating it.

Many people I have experienced are in this place of ego dancing and it is such a passive aggressive dance ~ which often sucks life force out of you and so feels like a stagnant circle ~ no possible resolution because that other person immediate cuts your feet from under you and states it is you that is the bully and reminds them of…..a time in the past, it’s your issue, and often knocks the wind out of your sails for days….

as you question everything about yourself and part of you believes this to be true …..

maybe because your self esteem is low  ( great universal timing and an energetic match to reveal this so you can learn 🙂 )and your biggest fear is becoming the behaviour you abhor …..

and if it were true ~ this picture they are painting of you ~ to avoid the issue you are bringing up about them ~ a deflection of smoke and mirrors ~

then you wouldn’t be doing the self-enquiry would you?

Ways to avoid the mind battles with yourself and other people:

Instead of using you ego defence mechanism of analysis ~ which I bet you are well versed in ?

Forget mindfulness as the leading player if you want to follow the heart path.

Turn up the volume on


Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Don’t spin it, don’t place meaning on it. Simple go in your heart and feel what your body is sharing with you.

It as a super ~ sensitive spaceship that is totally in tune with your source energy and is showing you when you are loving and accepting yourself in your behaviour which is guided by your thoughts and beliefs.

In terms of the law of attraction it is often portrayed as a tool you can use to beam up some quality living ~ my take ~ it is your heart magnet and is showing you your emotional needs ~ the universe brings you what you need 🙂

If you need something then there is a pre~ supposition that ~ you need something 🙂 ~ nothing right or wrong about that 🙂

What is driving that?

The universe is always bringing us our beliefs and often that is what we need rather than what we want 🙂 Most people judge themselves and find themselves wanting because other people have told them so….so they believe it.

Until they decide not to…… and then when they focus on being enough as they are with all their foibles ~ there is a dramatic shift. Next step really feeling it and integrating it so it is written on the inside like a stick of rock.

I love myself unconditionally as I am now

The Universe starts reflecting that back to you and the simple things give you total pleasure because you don’t need anything to do that.

If you try and short cut that process ~ using a diversion, manipulation technique such as making yourself hate something using an NLP technique for  example ~ recoding your love of it so you no longer do ~ that will totally work.

However…….. if it isn’t sustainable and using a bigger picture view ~ your “need” for that mood shifting substance hasn’t been addressed and let go of……guess what ?

It will mutate and show up in another form.

The ego believes it can “control” the universe and from it’s very limited perspective ~ direct the show.

Mmmmmmmm ok 🙂

Duality and 3d ego framework of co ~ dependency.

Another way ~ state the ego will and go out on the adventure and work with the universe instead of trying to change, control and master it. Learn from exploring content. After all why wouldn’t you want to explore your inner universe ?

Overriding our personal starship is possible ~ just because you can……..doesn’t mean that is something that is a positive and actually is often a quick fix to make something fit that is an inconvenient truth 🙂

When we avoid our challenges in life and the emotions we don’t feel we “should” have because they don’t match our values ~ the black hole simply gets bigger and our behaviour expands. 

In extreme cases this is where the ego distorts and takes on narcissistic sociopathic and psychopathic pathological behaviour ~ as the saying goes ~ the quiet ones are sometimes the ones who have the biggest anger issues.

We develop ego masks and methodology to avoid feeling pain and when we do this the emotional energy has to go somewhere because it is not flowing.

If we are a sensitive soul in this passive way ( everyone is sensitive, they simply choose different behaviours to armour that sensitivity to survive and for some that means being the bully that bullied them ) by the late twenties and early thirties this ego mask will often barely contain the volcanic lava ready to erupt….

because instead of speaking out…….

~often because in the past when speaking out about the anger that we felt in other people  ~that they were trying to hide and insisting they weren’t feeling (because of their ego mask ) ~ was offloaded back onto us ~ to stop us speaking truths that the angry person didn’t want to hear ~ so over many events this changed to a new way of relating ~zipping it and swallowing it down

Time to unzip it and let it out .

People who don’t let it out often hold it in the form of ME  ( all about me not getting my needs met)or Fibromyalgia,  ( I will become a chalice for pain and hold it) amongst other dis~eases and lose their fire and Spirit because rage is blistering away. The Rage fire requires lots of fuel .

The Mojo has fallen into a deep sleep of despair. Sleeping Beauty waiting for the Prince’s kiss to awaken ~ youthful masculine energy ~ Aries. Spring has sprung which is why it is such a powerful time for rebirth. When that youthful male energy comes free from ego it is a powerful heart path. When it comes from unclear ego land ~ it has a hidden agenda ~ the dark side 🙂

This anger vibe then goes on to fan the flames of inflammatory illness and we see arthritis and cancer .

The emotion that isn’t being released remains in the spaceship of the body and is so dense and heavy lift off is out of the question and the sat nav is a spinning top as all destinations seem futile. Going round in circles.

People appear passive and all that time their rage energetic black hole is increasing in density with each event that pushes their bullpoo button ~ sensitives have amazing perception and this is why people who aren’t ready to look at their shadow issues avoid them like the plague.

Sensitives don’t do small talk and are often labelled intense and asked to chill out, change the channel, on the receiving end of passive aggressive behaviour ~ “oh can’t you let it go”…..

Red flag to a bull ~  often this is a manipulation technique. Why would anyone who is coming from a place of integrity want to let something go that matters to them and is connected to their deep value system ? Another person who doesn’t relate in this way may not understand that…..and that is ok…..that is their understanding. Co creating relationships are a place of no person in the relationship having to be less or more ~ that is co-dependency and two halves make a whole. The co creative pattern is a triangle ~ 1 and 1 make 3 🙂 This is the holy trinity ~ and we can see a metaphor of two people creating a beautiful relationship garden together ~ each contributing their own plants and design and so an authentic Eden is born that comes truly from the heart and love.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I will meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about
language, ideas, even the phrase each other
doesn’t make any sense.


Of course we can make any choice at any time ~ if we choose to be something we are not then without a shadow of a doubt there is a high price to pay and we get sick.

If you are trying to relate to something that does not match your deep values then it is not going to work in the long term ~ you will learn along the way and get great clarity . I had a very imbalanced relationship in my early twenties and I got very sick ~ if I hadn’t experienced this ~ and my logical mind had a huge question mark at the onset ~ I wouldn’t have an understanding as to where I am today . My partner insisted on me changing myself and becoming his ideal image  ( something reflected back to me as I had tried to do with others before in a lesser way and now I got to sample extremis )and I complied like the people pleaser I was ~ good girl.

I got psoriasis on my face to stop me wearing the make~ up that he loved ~ the mask and my flawless face. I started having panic attacks, my eyes lost their ability to focus, I became jittery and nervous. Eventually I developed tunnel vision and cancer of the cervix and still stayed in the relationship because he threatened my family and home if I left him. I believed that it would have to be on his terms and so I made plans to try and extricate myself. That was speeded up when he physically attacked me and I was walking around feeling ashamed and humiliated with a black eye for all to see. Even though I made up a story everyone knew the truth. He found a shinier protege and so I was released. Someone who was more perfect than me 🙂

I have been at the sharp end of this co ~ dependency and I have worked with many women and men who are on different stages of the spectrum. My relationship took me on a journey of learning about mental health and how little knowledge my doctors had as to my fight, flight and freeze emotional mind keeping me safe . Their solution ~ valium . That made me feel even worse as all the issues were still there and I was in a bubble of no feelings. Purgatory. I believe this is where many people are in the UK now. A living hell of inauthentic living kept at bay with alcohol, recreational drugs and anti~depressants with a good dose of soap operas thrown in. As with the Devil card in tarot ~ we can take off these chains at any time because they are of our own making.

I have always shared my experience about this ~ I am not ashamed of my mental ill health ~ this taboo subject ~ when I shared my story with others they felt safe to share theirs ……the veil was lifted and isolation and fear broken down.

We often choose relationships in all different ways to experience this learning ……until we have had enough of it……and move on to pastures new often to find our flock and be around people who are actually willing to relate from the heart and have the integrity to do what it takers to get there. That is a great energy match.

My way of working with this is :

  • Focus on an outcome you want to create that sets your heart on fire and be open to your universal self showing you new ways to do that
  • Allow yourself to start a process of authenticity ~ it could be that you do that purely with yourself to begin with
  • Allow yourself to know who you really are ~ can be tricky at first 
  • Allow yourself to know what feels good for you in terms of relating
  • Allow yourself to feel ~ no meaning required ~ gets you back to original birth setting of letting emotion be your guide
  • Allow yourself to discover a bigger picture  of who you are ~ get some empowering info that illuminates your soul purpose
  • Allow yourself to ask for help and be vulnerable ~ when you are ready 
  • Allow yourself to be discerning about your patterns and people in your circle ~ are they supporting you now?
  • Allow yourself to get real and do what needs to be done to take the next step with a tough love approach

Use EFT to create change ~ I don’t know of anything else that can do this process

It is a combination of mind, body and spirit . Ancient wisdom using meridians that are mapped in the acupuncture framework.

Make time each day to hear yourself and tap on what arises 🙂

If we all do this every day our world will change .

This is the emotional evolution ~ to love and accept and allow our emotional selves.

One of my favourite TV programmes as a child was Star Trek. I found a lovely blog today that shares great leadership points.

Everything we were attracted to in childhood was no coincidence and created our outlook, ideas and values today ~ we beamed in at the perfect time in history to evolve ourselves and thus the whole of humanity and all we need do to create that change is ……

heal our shadow and love ourselves

let go of our limiting beliefs

and in the process expand our consciousness

and boldly go where we haven’t been before…………..

When we live our heart’s desire there is no stopping us as each

obstacle that we learn from and go through creates more power and

energy for us to go warp speed. It is what we are here to do.

Today is a galactic portal to be the star that we truly are ~ Yellow Planetary Star Day.

I am going to see the new Star Trek.  ~ Into Darkness  🙂 I have always been a fan of anything that seems mad or spooky and I celebrate this.

It is the Aquarius rising in me.

My North Node is Gemini ~ today we are in Gemini Moon and New Moon energy bigger picture of Taurus.  Time to shape our relationships and share our space with our higher selves. Do you know yours?

Time to take the bull by the horns ~ let go of the bull poo and liberation into new beginnings from the heart.

As we go through blue hand gateways we allow harmony to manifest into yellow star energy ~ if we do what it takes to harmonise ourselves. This blue storm year is potent for planting new seeds free from fear ~

Are you ready to bust out of limiting spaces and go through your back holes to seek new universes beyond ?

If you wish to work with your wavespell to illuminate your journey please get in touch. 

It is truly mind blowing and woo hoo ~ liquid light. Anything that the ego mind perceives to be a fault is shown in a whole different light ~ and it isn’t what we think it is ~ this is the miracle of tapping and EFT ~ it reveals the true heart wisdom.

Love to you and your journey ❤

We have some major gateways coming up later this month. More in my next blog.

Here is my website:

Barefoot Holistics

Cosmic Gateways

White Cosmic Mirror Day ~ May Day ~ Love to you on Beltane ❤

Day 13 in the White Worldbridger Wavespell . Day 13’s and Mayan sign 13’s are all about movement ~ shifting into new ways of understanding and new ways of being if we choose.

Have you had a shift in the last thirteen days ?

Have you encountered resistance and had an emotional response to it?

The gateway of Scorpio full moon and the lunar eclipse that accompanied it brought that potential ~ our choice to avail ourselves and co create with it to jettison a heavy load of past out moded and out dated code, beliefs, emotion from our childhood and earlier adult life…….or not 🙂

Letting go of the notion of “right” and “wrong” , applying the same perspectives to a new way of being and surrendering to what is dying first and foremost within us……and therefore creating a shift without 🙂

To co create is to surrender to the universal mamma within all of us ❤
If we have issues around mamma energy then …..we will struggle with this so if we choose to allow it ~ this has to be released 🙂

Our sacred feminine seeking to expand within.

This becomes possible as we transform our masculine ego and linear self and create light space. Change our inner slides and our exterior world is manifest ……..through the heart and emotion. An all embracing, inclusive, compassion for ourselves ~ true forgiveness at the perfect time for our next step.

Everything happens at the most fecund time ❤

The flowers flower at their perfect moment ~ without mind intervention ~ the conditions for flowering are met 🙂
When we feel everything we allow vulnerability ~ although we may be afraid we allow this.
feel the fear ~ and …….

Feel the fear 🙂

and look at what is giving rise to the fear ?

If we can ~ let the fear go 🙂

Then take action ❤

When we are coming from a place of fear ~ fear is the motivator ~ this influences the outcome.

Fear is a positive part of our humanity ……and provides great information if we choose to let this information be heard and acted upon and …..

If this fear is primarily a child issue we haven’t let go of ~ there is no “time” framework in our mind ~ (most people’s memory doesn’t have a time encoded in digital format like a photo on a digital camera ~ some people do 🙂 Learning how you store your information in your unique way can give lots of awareness and understanding ~ and how other people do it differently and understanding theirs can give easier communication and understanding ~ a form of empathy. Some people naturally “know: this too without intellectual learning :-)) and we are not in that framework today ~ we are an adult ~ and if our circumstances have changed ~ we aren’t dependent on someone for something ~ it may be the perfect time to let that fear go as it is no longer needed and we can work with our emotional mind to allow that belief and event …….and the emotion…… be released and liberate ourselves now.
Each person knows that ~ in some cases it may be unconscious ~ if we are ready to let it go ~ we can ❤

This is the two worlds of higher self aiding our ego and our soul journey 🙂

When we allow this and love and accept ourselves in this process,
when we love and accept everything that has happened to us as a gift for our understanding and evolution ~

we can walk into a new world free of the old ❤

This takes time and isn’t linear 🙂 Nothing in our universe is linear except that which is created by mankind’s masculine energy .

At each moment we encounter a repetition of the past ~ May the first.
If we choose we can be open to enquiry from our past ~ What has happened on May the first in your life?

Beltane ~ the time of fecundity, of fertility, of celebrating the time of

the sap rising and our beautiful co creativity.

Balancing masculine and feminine within and creating harmony ~

birthing ~

something new to our planet 🙂

We are influenced by all that is as a human flower on our planet ~ the sun, the moon, the planets.

Our body responds with physiological changes and our thoughts are involved in the creation process.

We have free will. Our will comes through the filter of our ego 🙂

The Mayan calendar has been around a while 🙂 Had a few laps on the global circuit 🙂

Today it speaks of a potential to see our selves reflected at this time of Beltane ❤

When we love and accept ourselves that is enough 🙂

We do not “need” another person to validate us, or to use as an indicator that we are worthy,

We do not “need” to put anything in our body to change our mood and enhance the beautiful being that we are

We do not “need” to have someone to be responsible for our wellbeing

We do not “need” to avoid anything or anyone

We do not “need” to be part of a group, have a label, wear a set of clothes to identify who we are ……..because we know who we are

We do not “need” to fill a void in us

We do not “need” to control, reject, enforce, make, should, role play, manipulate, please, ………..

In our recent historical past in the UK, the majority of people didn’t do emotion.

It wasn’t the time for emotion to be expressed as if you did the outcome wasn’t often favourable and there weren’t systems there to support it and those systems have come about because of that 🙂
Shell shock, post traumatic stress, counselling, being able to say that we aren’t happy

Terrible things our humanity has passed through to birth this understanding and create these systems and discoveries. This is the nature of our evolution ~ the pattern of overcoming through adversity…..:/

and so we have a different perspective we can come from now 🙂

To live in the world and be sensitive and authentic meant you couldn’t survive in the earlier half of the 20th century , in a big way ~ and many people who allowed that true state of being left the planet after making their mark

Making a choice of authenticity meant a polar opposite to the mass place of being.

As people who are led by the emotional mind we often make choices that are highly illogical ~ yet keep us safe on an emotional level

Our parents and grandparents growing up in the 19 10’s, 20’s, 30’s and 40’s ~ developed coping mechanisms and gave love in the way they knew how. Often that meant putting a brave face on things, soldiering on, living in scarcity and limited means ~ the famous stiff upper lip and carry on with a cup of tea.

It worked on a survival level and …….we are all here now as part of that way of being.
It is still working for many people 🙂

These earlier formative generational patterns that are within us ~ the middle life people who are transiting 40’s and 50’s and 60’s ~ have created ways of being and belief systems that can be upgraded now ~ to use a computer term 🙂

Time to integrate and assimilate and create anew keeping heart wisdom that serves.

Time for our emotional evolution process. ❤ ❤ ❤

The ego mind ~ emotional mind ~ can only offer what it knows and what it’s survival has depended upon , so earlier generations wounding sources became their way of showing love ~ food was often one way to show you valued your family and as it had been scarce when it became more abundant this was a way of showing love.

Utility furniture and possessions were extremely limited ~ consumerism in the 50’s . My Nan loved food, clothes and furniture and that was her feel good factor ~ something she could now control when as a child she could not. She had to accept what the circumstances were as did most of the population ~ some did not and some thrived at this time for many reasons.

Whatever we learned as children as ways of showing love , feeling loved, feeling love being conditional, dependent on……..

all of this is within us unless we transform it and let go of the feelings of wounding through acceptance……
that we cannot change the circumstance because it is past
we can change how we feel about it……..
and create new ways of feeling love

See how these past patterns have manifested in our world ?

This awareness ~ particularly when seen from a personal perspective can give rise to huge awakening .

There is nothing wrong with us ~ we simply are what we are and we are learning

What do we choose ~ now 🙂 ?
Whatever and whoever is showing up at this time …..
that reflects old ways of relating
reminds us of times and people in the past…..

Is a gateway to change if we choose it.

Aquarius time allows us to step into our co creative power now if we choose

To birth new ways of co creating and raising our consciousness

Through us and our change.

This White Mirror energy is also what our January Gregorian calendar shows this year is about.

The Mayan year started on July 26th 2012 and in this framework it is about Blue Storm energy ~ letting go of using addictions, letting go of hiding our authentic selves

Tomorrow is the start of the Blue Storm wavespell and we are in the waning moon of Aquarius ~ this is a powerful 13 days of potentiality for letting go initiated with Aquarius energy.


If you are ready to let in more light and let go of old ways it is a very

good time to do it and co create with your higher self.

If I can assist you in the process please let me know 🙂 It is my


We have all the answers for ourselves and know what we want to change 🙂

We may not know how to do that and seek some inspiration ❤

I can assist with raising awareness and consciousness with your Mayan Sign and Starcode ~ this is a totally free service and I offer this with gratitude as part of my learning process.

Each time I do a chart for someone I learn something new ❤

This will help you see a bigger picture understanding for yourself ~ also where you are on your 13 year cycle so you can work with more awareness and empower yourself ~ often makes sense of events that may seem baffling 🙂 Calms down the inner critic 🙂

If you want to know this information please message me your time, date and place of birth.

I offer a free consultation and can do this anywhere in the world ~ phone/skype and in person in Glastonbury.

I specialise in EFT ( tapping ) which I use in an energy coaching format ~ like conventional coaching in terms of creating an outcome you wish to create. Using EFT to let go of past issues, events, anything that is holding you back in an ecological holistic framework. Looking at all areas of life rather than a quick fix to get out of a sticky spot. If you are looking for a quick fix I am not your woman 🙂

If you are at a crossroads you may need to clear past issues so you can find a way forward that works with all the circumstances you are in ~ in a gentle, respectful way that is also practical.

If , like me, you are working on a sugar addiction and have some resistance to new ways of eating because part of you really loves xyz and so how can you let that go 🙂 ? Push me pull me energy that often goes round in circles ~ reveals old worlds holding us in their planetary orbit 🙂

Finding small steps to do that voyage to the new world ~ that are sustainable and move to a new place gradually integrating new learning a long the way, I believe is the key and is what I offer.

I choose to learn experientially 🙂 As I work with my clients I am working with myself and we all get a shift ~

I shift as I am tapping and I always attract the people into my life that reflect where I am

My client shifts ~ working with their answers and unique place of being and my input and experience with my life and holistic therapies and coaching

The universe ~ as we change the universe changes through us ~ our outcome is heart based intention and emotional evolution of letting go of the past ❤

We are always a work in process and we are pure love now ❤
Our choices are all part of the web of life ❤
What we choose echoes in eternity :0

Love to you today Cosmic Gateways

❤ ❤ ❤