Cosmic Seed


Cosmic Seed Day ❀

Wow what an amazing journey time πŸ™‚

How are you feeling after experiencing this powerful energy wavespell ~ Yellow Human ?Β 

Our humanity , our personality, our personal mini planet spaceship body ~ that is taking us on a journey of discovering our capacity to love by listening to our ego, our shadow, that reveals itself through inner self talk, inner critic and this is felt in emotions of the fear spectrum and made manifest in our body ~ in form ~ when we do not heed it ❀

It has been a revelatory 13 days for me with so much emotion coming to the surface and as I feel it and release it ~ I go into more compassion and understanding and forgiveness. As I enter this space of real truth ~ that is no longer distorted by my emotional minds belief of wounding ~ I can see a different picture and feel my heart open ~ and allow more wisdom ~ more light ~ to be received.


The miracle of working with the Mayan wavespell is recognising the calling of it πŸ™‚

One of my close friends has just received this calling and we laughed at the way it is bringing so much awareness for her and suddenly all the writing and information suddenly takes on a deeper meaning like finding out the formula for invisible ink ~

what was hidden from sight is breathtakingly revealed with so much clarity πŸ™‚

It is the calling of our soul ❀

It is the calling of the sacred feminine ❀

It is the revealing of the heart path secrets ❀

When we are ready to walk the heart path we align with this great mystery…… and as we allow ourselves to have the courage to face our shadow and work with it ~
instead of avoiding it and avoiding our greatest fears about ourselves and our lives so far……….

We step off the ego path of seeking to be loved, heard and validated outside of ourselves ……

When we set this intention and make this commitment to know ourselves…..

Instead of hiding and continuing with what we have been taught since children ~ that we have to work with a false sense of self and living that is out of alignment with who we really are ~

this is when the magic happens ❀ ❀ ❀
We have been sold a lie ~ an illusion ~ that we have allowed ~ it is all part of our journey of awakening ❀
Last night I had a dream ~ that I was in a darkened place and it was very old. It was built of stone and very cold. People were in that place and I could feel them coming towards me .

I could feel who they were more than see who they were ~ I did not need to identify their faces ~ my heart knew. Who they were ~ their personality ~ did not matter any more ~ I recognised their pulse, their energy wave, their pattern.

I grew colder and colder ~ and awoke with a shiver ~ I was physically cold and felt fear.

My aha moment of that process……

There is no linear time ~

We are connecting to everything that has ever happened, will happen to us ~

Now πŸ™‚

As we change our story from the past ~ everything changes.

We connect to all that is in this level of consciousness of sleep ~ this is dreamtime ~ where we access our energetic record and we can focus on it because all other stimuli is dimmed.
It is a clarity possibility.

As is our journey through life ~ we experience different levels of consciousness and when we are ready to raise that consciousness

We move into a whole new world of communication with our totality ~ all of ourself ❀

This is the Aquarius time we are transiting into.
Aquarius’s planet is Uranus πŸ™‚ We are experiencing powerful transits in Uranus and Pluto’s square dance

When we are physically asleep in our bed and at deep levels of conscious dreaming we still have bodily requirements ~ everything is happening beneath our mind awareness because otherwise our mind would be overwhelmed by the billion activities required to keep our body starship cruising ❀
What we call automatic roles such as breathing, heart rate, hormones and so on ~ they are governed by a consciousness that many of us do not have awareness of consciously ~ consciousness trained yogis do and can consciously change heart rates.

We all do that with our thoughts and beliefs ~ most of us aren’t aware of that ~ this is growing on our planet now ❀

It is time ❀

Many people are still believing that their ego has the power to influence how their path unfolds….. as though it is a separate entity ~ that they are a separate entity and somehow in control of their path ~

This perspective is limited and still in a world of duality thinking because there is still energetic cargo on board their spaceship that hasn’t been unpacked and explored ❀

We are all interconnected ~ we are all mini planet spaceships and each of us has a shared bigger picture playground ~ this is universally accessed and our common ground πŸ™‚

The sacred thread that binds us all.

Each mini planet spaceship that we are is a combination of stardust literally

We all have stardust , star seed, energetic circuitry and this is encoded in our dna.

Each mini planet spaceship of humanity has a different belief about the world and it’s role within it and so it attracts and creates it’s day to day reality by projecting it outside of itself ~ inner slides being shown.
This is the billion universes operating now ❀
As with the levels of consciousness governing our personal spaceship routine operations ~ we have to have focus and filters so we can see where we are going and what we are doing……

this is the personal plan and our personality ❀

our conscious universal playground also has a plan and this course is plotted in a bigger picture way ❀

This is the tantra pattern πŸ™‚

This is the paradox ~ we are the most important focus for ourselves if we wish to be here in this universal playground and firing on all cylinders

Sometimes we don’t fire on all cylinders because we don’t believe and trust in ourselves and we lose sight of our mission in this life ~ to be our gift and be creative in our true star seed nature ❀

At the same time we are always being guided, being held , loved and supported.

The bigger picture of our evolving groovy universe is the most important focus for the universe that we are part of πŸ™‚

Allowing this co creative process is the key ❀ Unleashing our heart wisdom involves balancing the two forces within us ~ this is the sacred geometry pattern.

The triangle coming down ~ the harmonious trinity of sun masculine energy, language of light, the heavens , the planets, the feminine energy of the moon, the cycle patterns, the spiral and so much more……
The triangle going up ~ the harmonious trinity of all earthly form masculine and feminine creating the divine child within us ~ earth, our humanity, our body, our core and so much more ❀

Every experience allows us to learn πŸ™‚
If we allow it πŸ™‚
The more we allow ourselves to be honest about ourselves and let go of people pleasing and the more honest we become…..

the more honest we become the more we let go of dishonest patterns that are distorted and fragmented and go round and round the houses and reduce direct clear channels to source and as a part of that process the Brucie bonus is…..
our core energy powers up ❀ Woo Hoo ❀

Last night….

When my body became cold , my consciousness was raised to awakening so that I could adjust my environment and create a space that supported it feeling good. Often in dreams that comes from a dream being fearful ~ a nightmare at extremis …..

This is our guide that alerts us to new ways of being ❀

We awaken to make some adjustment is all

Our fear and anger spectrum emotions raise our awareness…..
to course corrections ……..

and when we go through these black holes we raise our vibe.

There are many things that come together in this process.

Our emotions lead the way and this is the emotional evolution ❀

When we feel something that isn’t love or joy we are simply experiencing information about something outside of ourselves that has happened before or that hasn’t happened before and we have no inner sat nav for ❀

This feeling is a sacred thread that leads us to new ways of being ……
If we allow it ❀
When we let go of this feeling by following it back to some event in our past ……..

We change how we feel about this event in the past and….

as a result our mind perceives whatever was in that event, differently

This allows new behaviour, new beliefs and creating new habits ~ a new cosmic groove

and when we change our cosmic groove ~ our energy bubble ~ everything that is connected to that ~ which is everything πŸ™‚ ~ changes ❀

There is only love ~ if our mind is still full of duality events and beliefs that perceive love as fractured ~ love and fear as opposites ~ that is true in that experience…….has to be because that is universal experiential energetic law πŸ™‚
Our shadow is simply aspects of ourselves that are seeking integration and in that process of bringing them in we create new learning.

Any parts that feel separate come back to the core and are no longer an energy drain πŸ™‚
As a result our mind becomes more aligned and focused ❀

This is all perfectly aligned at the perfect time and there is no wrong choice ❀
When you use the Mayan Wavespell as a tool to help you see this pattern in your own life it is literally mindblowing and you see your innate sacredness as part of all that is ~ this is experiential knowing of the oneness that people perceive as an intellectual abstract ~ which is a world apart from the actuality of knowing through experiencing ❀

When we take responsibility for all of our life experience as a choice ~ most of it may not have been conscious πŸ™‚ ~ we liberate ourselves and start this amazing experience in a different gear ❀

This Mayan energy today is a sacred thread to the new year coming on July 26 Yellow Galactic Seed.

Only when we are ready to look into our darkness do we allow more light and in that process connect with the true secrets of our magical universal process.
We empty our cup emotionally and energetically so it is ready to receive ❀
Heart path ❀

It’s a love thing ❀
Self love thing on a practical, experiential, life mastery through walking the path and facing the challenges.

Knowing a person by what their feet do as well as their mouth.

Big serpent energy wave starts tomorrow ~ loving the skin we are in ❀
Ten portals for super energised potentiality to birth our sacred feminine and raise our awareness of our intuitive, feeling, surrendering, trusting, nurturing potentiality and letting go of being led by our ego head.

We can create new patterns now that are ego free ……

When you start to look with great awareness at your pattern you will see amazing miracles and the veil is lifted ~ anything and everything is on purpose and related. It is important now that we trust in our heart’s desire and do what we love to do knowing we are creating a new pattern for ourselves.

This pattern will become more refined each year that passes and we will add to it energetically.

When I first started doing workshops I would go and do them even for one person ~ the most important part of this is simply the creative process ~ our own personal evolution trip and understanding of how we create ~ recognising our own level of integrity, commitment and what really resonates with our heart is the most valuable of understanding ~ it is priceless.

When we do what is really true for us it doesn’t matter who shows up to our show ~ because we are doing it for ourselves first and foremost and anything else is additional ~

as we grow and learn through each waxing and waning cycle we slough off any surplus mind methodology that are slowing us down and we enter into the new way of being ~ it is like a test if you will ~ a test to see if we let our dream light go out or if we have the faith to keep going and turn up the volume of our innate wisdom

all patterns reveal sacred geometry

it is simple to observe

a debt pattern of more going out than coming in simply shows that ~ without any judgement Β πŸ™‚

money lets us hide and make things happen that are ego led ~ when our money is limited it hones our blade ~ we cut back to the bare bones and see our structure, we can become more decisive, disciplined and build our stamina , heighten our ability to see deeply and in that area of restriction we can become very aware of what is heart pattern and what is addiction, avoidance, excess padding and protection from our wild child Β that seeks to be freed from tight seed husks and scatter freely in the wind to be carried to the fertile places that support new growth……

marches for gmt free is a wonderful way forward and important ~
that will holistically happen when ….

we do inner work on our inner slides ~

remembering that everything is in our world now because it matches the collective unconscious beliefs and is a necessary part of our evolution πŸ™‚
It is an inner shift for all of us ❀
When we look within at what gave rise to these models in our world within each of us and share that…..
new models are birthed πŸ™‚
What we are being, doing, having is affecting everything ❀

When we heal old wounds, we heal old patterns energetically and we do not stay stuck on the karma wheel of everything that has happened so far.

It is a many splendoured thing much like the Mayan Calendar ~ same pattern πŸ™‚

If you feel called to co create in this process with me ~ maybe a one to one, you wish to know your Mayan sign, what year you are on in your 13 year spiral, letting go of some past patterns so you can birth the new…..
Please get in touch ~ I offer a free consultation and I love this work

You are another me and we connect because we are meant to πŸ™‚
Everything we do together creates a change in everything ❀

I will be creating a workshop in this period ~ will let you know tomorrow when we are in the spiral and I can tune in.

Love to you and your seed of creativity ❀ ❀ ❀
Be yourself
Know yourself
Honour yourself

It is time πŸ™‚

On my cookie trail today I looked for an image to go with my blog. This is always amazing for me.

This beautiful picture is one of many created by this artist who ~ synchronistically of course ~ just happens to be sharing lots of stuff around the Mayan

He is Leigh J McCloskey and here is one of his videos

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I learn so much from the films I watch with my family each week which are always so inspiring.

Argo ~ a film about rescue and with some amazing links to a favourite of mine ~ Jason and the Argonauts ~ with a different twist. One of the most poignant moments for me in the film, is by Alan Arkin ,who I love ~ amazing actor. He speaks of being a coal miner who leaves his work to rejoin his family ~ and yet can never wash off the residue of the coal and be free of it ~ something I am becoming very aware of in my own life and how I wish to relate. If I do not wish to experience a way of behaving then it is essential that I ensure it isn’t within me ~ either from past experiences that created trauma, or how I behave ~ and no excuses πŸ™‚

If I don’t like it ~ don’t do it ~ very much a work in progress.

I was struck by the history again ~ how the West has used the East as a commodity and is surprised when that doesn’t sit well with people ~ astonishing to me that people ever think it is ok to behave in that way and how in many respects ~ nothing has changed in our world today ~ it seems really simple to me that this isn’t a way to relate Β ~ yet it is the way of our world way of being~ pure madness.

Like so many American rescue stories in the movies ~ the irony of a few people being rescued and yet every day thousands dying for greed. Beyond understanding or rationality.

Looper ~ a violent film with impact and for me gut wrenching in it’s theme of time travel. It really illustrates what I am talking about in this blog ~ through time travel with a characters involved in a story that have a different perspective because they come from a different time ~ and so can see the ripples that go out and create reality. I would love to see more films that don’t need to have such a high level of violence to get the point across . Without revealing too much of the plot this really highlights how narcissists are created as children and something that is very close to my heart ~ creating loving patterns for our children by learning from our childhood experiences.

If we all do our own loop by going back in time using EFT ~ emotional freedom technique ~ we change who we are today.

I also eventually bought the film She ~ and wow saw so many fear patterns created with this film ~ it had a very big impact on me as a child and to watch it now revealed so many aha moments. If you feel emotional intensity when watching any film then this is a wonderful way of looking for pattern matches that you can let go of.

It reminded me very much of The Mummy series ~ and highlights past lives and reincarnation .


One of the things I always remind my clients of is that we often put an adult understanding on a childhood experience ~ that isn’t how a child experienced that event. I used to hide behind the settee for Dr Who and when I went to Disney World I had to leave part way through many of the child suitable 3 d experiences πŸ™‚ I struggle with anything 3D as I am very sensitive in that respect and do not need to have such a full on experience. I guess many people are so desensitized to cope with their lives, that they need this pumped up entertainment to actually feel anything.

I will be writing another blog about the Red Serpent tomorrow and so for now wish you farewell ……

I will leave you with the dream meditation we did on the EFT Circle on Saturday with the full moon workshop.

Maybe it will reveal some magic for you πŸ™‚


The insight I got from this was an experience in Paleochora in Crete of a deep inner connection and bliss moment ~ which probably occurred around this time in 1986 πŸ™‚

The feel good factors

I was alone on a beach and the sun was warm. Soft sand supporting my body. I could see the sea and the mountains. I didn’t feel a need for anyone. I was so glad I had faced my fear and overcome it to leave my job in the UK and go. I had felt the calling and allowed it. I was listening to Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits and I loved the guitar.

The key insight ~ I loved being in Greece because there were few English people there and so it wasn’t the language commonly spoken and so I had a choice for many months ~ before I got any understanding ~ of whether to tune in or not. I didn’t utomatically get pulled in to other people’s worlds through overhearing their conversation. I was separate, oblivious and often without any understanding of others.It enhanced my experience.

Most of the people who were there in my circle were fellow adventurers . We didn’t have to spend most of our time talking. We shared our heart space. We had fun and we partied under the stars to soulful music ~ the Doors, Rolling Stones,Scorpions ,Santana and the Doobie brothers……classic albums. We danced, we were in our bodies, we were to use Jim Morrison’s words …….

immaculate πŸ™‚

Yesterday I danced to this song at The Blues Jam in Glastonbury ~ love it

I was feeling the same as I did then

blissed out in the vibe of the heart music

Let’s follow our bliss πŸ™‚





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