Shaping from Spirit



Blue Rhythmic Hand

White Wind Wavespell


Had a busy day in many ways 🙂

How is your spirit wavespell shaping up ?

Today shows us the energy of being in balance and in rhythm with our spirit ~ are we in balance with

Masculine and Feminine

Giving and Receiving

Practical earth tasks and Etherical Spiritual ones


Have we got the blend merged well like a magical Martini ?

Shaken and not stirred in the words of Mr Bond 🙂


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I started the day at my dentist and spent an hour in the chair revisiting lots of other times there in different spaces and places

As I was lying there I was consciously revisiting all my “trauma” around having someone in my face

in my space

hurting me ~ although not intending that many times …….and at others very much so

all about relating 🙂

and how I communicate my experience of my receiving of their care in honesty

Which can be very difficult as ideally a person who is giving us medical intervention will not be feeling emotionally charged

either by our behaviour and commentary and/or their day and centre space in general

all of which we cannot control 🙂


Each time I go I have a new insight, often several.

Today I focused on letting go of what my care worker “should” have done to me  in the past and instead on accepting it, learning from it and letting it go so I could heal that past event……

and then……

in a clear space…..

What do I want to create now ?

I have certainly learned a lot from my time in the chair in various receiving positions and what I would like to communicate is this

Some people don’t require any information about what a “medical professional” does to them….

and some people do 🙂

I would love to see more co creative frameworks coming in so people are aware of what is happening ~ so they can make an informed choice.

We don’t know what we don’t know 🙂

Of course back when my treatment started 30 years ago that was unheard of in most aspects of health care services but I remember my Grandfather stating plainly to his heart surgeon back then, that as it was his body, he wanted to be fully knowing about what was being done to it and in consent of that.

I noticed today, how in that chair , my feet didn’t touch the ground. I felt like a child and I couldn’t ground myself because of that so although I could do visualisation , I went to the loo half way through so I could bring myself back in to earth and body as I felt part of me pulling away from the here and now .

In the past I have focused on feeling peaceful and relaxed. Today I focused on feeling whatever I was feeling, it was ok to feel anxious and at any time I could stop the process if I chose. I was still very relaxed most of the time 🙂 A different perspective today.

Something that my dentist really does well is putting me in the picture of what they are doing and what is coming up next and that I can stop the process too if it becomes too much ~ which is great co creative relating.

I have had lots of incoming information this week and some of it has been a big trigger for fear  ~

Great for seeing what my ego can let go of  if ready …..

and for being very aware of what may or may not be happening in the world agenda.

In Glastonbury there is a great awareness of  what is often labelled “conspiracy” and I love that about the place. It can tip people over into a big fear space though if too much focus is placed on allowing this info into our inner space.

It is helpful to be very aware of this and create balance if possible ~ sometimes that isn’t happening for good reasons ~ to show us where we can shape our lives more and be true to our heart wisdom and hear our spirit.

Being out of balance is the creation space 🙂

Remembering that everything on our soul journey is guiding us into new learning and evolving us and therefore evolving planet earth ~ in this order 🙂

So first of all I am going to share some awareness links with you and if you aren’t aware of this information it may assist you in several ways should you choose to view it 🙂

There are lots of levels to do this on:

You can be aware that the simple message is some people on our planet are only interested in profit and don’t care about how they get it ~ and this is expanding…..


and I see this as a necessary step in our learning of :

Taking personal responsibility for knowing where all our “services” come from and how they are created….

where they come from

and how we let go of co dependency patterns to empower ourselves so we can mature and open our eyes to what is happening in our world and make informed choices

and most importantly how these very new technologies affect our human body  🙂

When our personal spaceship gets damaged we always get learning because of that and to key in our optimum well being destination can be a great factory setting to intend 🙂




In terms of the Mayan Wavespell we have four  energies that surround the Mayan signature ~ the shape of the cross 🙂 

Today we are in Blue Rhythmic Hand so this is the leading centre energetic 

Manik is the name for Blue Hand

This is then seen in different ways through the number of the day and each Sign goes through the spectrum of thirteen days.

Today is the number six

Todays higher self energy is Blue Rhythmic Hand ~ it at the top of the cross ~ the North and the place of refinement and truth

Today’s challenge is Red Rhythmic Earth ~ are we in our centre space or are we all over the place feeling pushed, pulled, triggered and ……………….

letting ourself see this is key instead of pretending it isn’t happening and using avoidance/suppressing techniques 🙂

This is in the West position of death and transformation.

The more we become aware of our own patterns and cycles and how this “thing” happens to us at the same time of the month/year and the more we feel ok with the cycle and start to go deeper with it and our consciousness raises at the same time. What we “know” experientially as well as intellectually, helps our mind, body and spirit to align and synchronise with the universe and energetic framework we live in.

Today’s compliment is Yellow Rhythmic Human

The more we know ourselves, have awareness of what is life enhancing for us and live in a world of our own organic loving design of authenticity

the more acute our bullpoo radar signals. This is in the East position on the cross ~ the awakening to our own nature

The South is White Rhythmic Wizard which is what is expanding for us ~ self empowerment comes from within and letting the magic flow through us. This sign is all about integrity and when we integrate our heart by healing our personal past, then the river runs freely through our clear channel.


This is the true cross energetic of our soul journey




Today is Friday and the day of Venus.

I have been connecting to this energy today and revisiting the last couple of days cosmic cookie trail.

We cannot be an expert on everything….

and we can share the resources of some amazing people as we learn . 

The new way of learning comes in spirals I believe ~ as and when we are ready to beam up another essential step it appears and sometimes that means being very selective and specific about this rather than getting a Master’s in it 🙂

If you can let your higher self guide you to people who share pertinent information for you and astrology is essential 🙂

It gives a bigger picture view of what is happening in our heavenly places that is vibrating our stardust for our evolution

So here are some resources about the constellations and alignments that are revealing our

love patterns at the moment:

We are heading into the dark moon time when we are really psychic ~ that moon face energy is not getting in the way of our seer abilities so if we choose we can connect to the life long patterns seeking healing and transition:

We have Venus in Scorpio heading our way

and this brings an ability to let go of old ways of love

It goes above and beyond male and female “romantic” love ~ these old stereotypes can help us see beliefs we have energetically taken on ~ even if our intellect believes we have “risen above them”

We can simply use the love pattern for ourself as a first point of call and how it reflects out to affect everything ~ this is “the secret” to all our manifesting in life 🙂

One of my favourite Leo Astrologers is Tom Lescher Here is his video about this:






Here is a talk about adjusting to the new reality with Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow

Here is more information about the esoteric world of Venus in Scorpio

This is what is coming up with New Moon in Libra so if you choose you can get ahead by looking at where you are out of balance:


More info about Venus happenings here

More info about Venus in Scorpio personal relationships ~ my partner has his Venus and moon in Scorpio 🙂

In my journey I have gone out of my ego stratosphere several times and I am used to going beyond my mind’s reasoning .

Sometimes our new levels of awareness that are coming in really shake our foundations because they are frowned upon in general society…..

and let us see how that conditioning is within us 🙂

I have got used to being the “mad woman” and I no longer fear ridicule when I talk about some topics that often trigger nervous twitches and “time to go” tales 🙂

I had to go there inside first though and experientially for years I have revealed my “mad” moments in public such as speaking about my panic attacks and  seemingly breakdown gateways that allowed me to breakthrough. I thank my parents for this as my mum always talked about her life saving treatment of hypnosis when she was a child. When I talked about my experiences other people opened up about theirs ~ this is the Brucie bonus of being brave about our  seemingly “bad” moments. This creates intimate relationship.

As a therapist I have heard thousands of family “mad” stories and noticed how it is an urban myth that there is such a family that is “sane” 🙂

The more I shared my mad journey and the more it has reassured my clients and friends that we all have these experiences…..

only so far it is hidden like The Emperors New Clothes which is simply a reflection of our earthly stage of development.

There’s nowt so queer as folk ~ a Northern saying and so true

we are all wonderfully weird and our day to day is about to get even weirder as our world changes 🙂

So I will be sharing my further learning about The Pleidians as that is my latest message from my You ~ inverse coming in.

Truth is no one knows the truth 🙂 I am open to whatever new stuff is coming my way as I trust my higher self and the more inner work I do the more I trust because…..

I may not know what the future holds …..

I know I have no control over it 🙂

Just like everything happened to me in my past was for a reason ~ a Grand Design.

All truth is subjective in how it is perceived as we live in a perceiving universe 🙂 

The only choice I have is how to live with my challenge of expansion and how the inner me shapes my reality

As a blue solar hand it is my destiny to go through these gateways, complete cycles and share that with others.

Did I come on purpose for that planetary mission? Am I a StarSeed? Are you? 

Does it really matter?

What I have learned is that each bubble of awareness I have travelled through has a format ~ 

We create a wound and in so we create a belief about it.

This creates our magnetic attraction ~ our karma wheel. 

Until we have felt this again and released it we cannot go into the next bubble because the next bubble has a different code.

When we have accessed this old “file” and downloaded it again and cleared it emotionally and repatterned our belief to address this new space ~ we get access to a different part of the holograph 🙂

It is actually really simple in principle and amazingly complex in reality 

and so are we

that is the paradox 🙂



What matters to me is that I live from love, be authentic and have impeccability and no matter where the resource comes from ~ the wisdom is encoded there using whatever framework  ~ seeing the message within it is the key….

and here is a great poem about that:

The Impeccable Lover; Amorah Quan Yin from her book:

Pleidian Perspectives on Human Evolution

Oh, Gentle man, what do you see
when you look out at me with eyes
of desire and longing?
Eyes that reach out and surround me
with your heat and passion:
passion of wanting.
Eyes that say, “I must have you.”
Eyes that plead, or eyes that lust.
Eyes that say, “I’ve been lonely so long.”

Oh Gentle Man, do not look to me
with these eyes.
Go to the looking glass with these eyes.
Relief awaits you there.
And when you see the conqueror,
the knight, the hungry man,
tell that one to lay down his sword,
surrender his armor and shield:
Tell him the war is done.
Then put your arm around his shoulder
and look him in the eyes.
And when his sword, his armor, his shield
are locked and put away,
and he has cried and called you, “Brother,”
then, Gentle Man, may you come to me
with your soul’s light shining through
from behind your eyes,
able to see the Light and Essence that I am.
Then I will look back when I see
the love and respect in your eyes.
But when I see desperation and lust,
or the need to conquer and own,
I promise you this:
I shall look away.

Oh, Gentle Man, how would you give your gifts to me?
Excitedly, like a child
who picks a flower for his Mother
then runs inside to receive the praise?
Would you give to me to show
how thoughtful and kind you are?
How generous you can be?
To impress me with your charm?
To win my love and reward?
Would you give what you think I want
with the hope for pardon and mercy,
that you be deemed worthy
of all my attention and love?

Oh, Gentle Man, please take your gifts
to your magical child,
who awaits, so lonely and afraid,
in your garden.
For he is in need
of your caring and presence.
Take this child to your breast.
Cradle him.
Stroke him.
Shower him.
And be sincere.
Alas, when he sleeps in your arms,
lay him down softly
and climb the stairs to my room.
and if you see the Light of my soul
and the Beauty that I Am
and wish to honor me with a flower,
a poem, a sweet word, or a kiss,
then give to me with sincerity,
without the need for flourish,
without expectation
or the hope of reward,
but with the quiet dignity
with which you sniff the aroma
of a sweet-scented flower,
or watch in peaceful awe
the setting of the Sun.

Oh, Gentle Man. please burden me not
with the weight of your esteem,
or with the power to give or destroy
your joy, your heart, your image, and worth.
For this responsibility
is far too great for me.
Go find your peace and happiness,
your self-esteem and love.
Find them with God and Goddess;
Find them in flowers, and trees,
in the wind and the setting sun.
Then bring them with you for sharing.
Do not make me your reason
for living or dying-
my approval, the source of your power;
my touch, your salvation;
my eyes, your self-knowing-
for I would grow to despise you,
and you recent and loathe me.
This power that you would give me
I truly do not want.
At best, it could only serve
to soothe the doubts I hold,
and make me feel important to you,
and needed and worthy-
filled with a false sense of purpose-
but fleetingly.
And you would imprison me
away from my own sense of Essence,
and from the truth of my soul,
and from the Goddess that I Am,
and from my true power and Light.
You would cripple me, surely-
admiring me with your eyes that hide
your loneliness and need;
your gifts that beg for approval;
your words of praise that hide
your desperation.

Oh, Gentle Man, until the child sleeps
and is peaceful in your garden,
and the knight has lain down
his sword, his armor, his shield,
then, only then, approach my stairs.
and only then will I meet you
When your soul is present and shining
brightly through eyes of love,
then you will see my eyes shining
and looking back at you.
When you give from your heart
and your words are not boasting,
when you know who you are without me,
then I will be free to receive you,
and to give to you fully my love.
For then, we will know that neither
of us can be destroyed.
The surrender that only can come
to two who have first
surrendered to self-
to their own inner Beauty,
and wisdom, and Essence Divine-
will be ours.
Then side by side, in blended Light,
our twin stars will shine
once again.

Lots of love to you today and your Blue Hand Shaping ~ it’s a time of letting go and letting ourselves really love and accept ourselves and when we do that we move into a whole new space of possibilities 🙂

Going through the birth canal ~ breathe and Tap 


White Wind Wavespell


The second of the wavespells in the green castle of enchantment and

seeing our year in harvest , manifest on our earthly table.

Please click on the links to take you to more info.

This White Wind Wavespell is the challenge of the whole wavespell and our next step on our planetary and personal evolution and this happens through the personal  evolution 🙂

Many people are still putting the cart before the horse and trying to change the world by fixing or focusing on the other.

Adding things to ourselves to improve our lot…….

This is the classic ego pattern that this year brings.

To let go of the old ways and the ego strategies that are so familiar and simply bring more of the same.

Whatever we learned in childhood to deal with challenges ~ 

this is our next step.

Often I connect to things in my household that I move around and they block my next step on a practical level ~ do you find yourself doing that ?

My ego wants to tidy it away or tick a list and my spirit has other ideas that I am not aware of yet 🙂

I am learning to see this in a different way now.

When others do this , I know that this is my next step on opening the channels to new intimacy and honest communication about how I choose to relate and whether they are willing to do this with me.

This has been my big learning this year 🙂 I now choose to know this more about myself and to find people willing to be open to this.

The paradox is the double edged sword ~ whatever really pushed our buttons as a child is what we are here to personally deal with…..

and then share with others…..

Our strengths are our achilles heel because herein also lies what is seeking evolution….

Whenever we are on a mission to save the planet it is always an ego campaign.

Everything is perfect as it is 🙂 


we can choose to create more harmonious ways of living…..

and that is already on the cosmic cards 🙂

The only responsibility we have in that arena is to heal our shadow and to the ego that ain’t a

particularly sexy task at first glimpse…..

thing is though that is the biggest gateway to the goddess….

and only reveals it’s true nature in steps and doorways to go through….

for the brave souls who are ready to go there.

If you are getting tired/ ill /old ways aren’t working…..

the shadow is working it’s magic to let you know….

that the time is ripe for your secret garden to be visited and see the dark fruits it offers up for alchemy to occur.

If we do not have the code for acceptance…..

as we haven’t accepted our worthiness yet

then any healing sent our way cannot be fully received

It is all about the code

and the season

and everything has a reason 🙂

My family have got the new Grand Theft Auto game ~ and there is a lot about that game that my ego doesn’t like for lots of past reasons…..

and it brings great information about how our material world is revealing more about the nature and structure of our spiritual journey and the energetic universe we live in 🙂

It is all a coded game

It is what it is

and we all have a different version of what “it” means

so we can play it 🙂

When we let go of pre ~ conceived ideas and allow ourselves to be The Fool in every situation, then we see the magic of everything without any bias distorting our view of this amazing playground we are in and are actively co creating

Can you hear the siren call ?

Are you allowing your intuitive goddess self to speak to you…..

or are you drowning out her messages believing them to be some sort of wrong doing on your part ?

This is the key time for transiting worlds now and moving more into balance in alignment with our planetary wisdom 🙂

To create more flow in our lives we simply…….. go with the flow.

Instead of blocking it with our ego mind’s ideas about how we “should” be

Whenever we are experiencing what we are told is an “illness” in our western society, we can let a little air into our system and circuitry by allowing ourselves to loosen our corsetry and…..


let go of the mind constraints that have arisen to be seen in Virgo energy that are drifting into Libra tomorrow

The perfection, the routine, the jumping through a hoop to meet the ego world demands…

it’s time to remove the broomstick out of that orifice where the sun don’t shine and learn to dance

to our own natural rhythms …….

Instead of focusing on peace for the other we can create peace within us and let go of the other as the other is just fine 🙂 They are doing their thing that allows this whole cosmic production to unfold effortlessly ~ it is taken care of 

Of course that isn’t an energetic match for our ego society so if you want to conform then your resistance to the free spirit pattern will feel like an encounter with a hair shirt ~

like a prickly encounter with the burdock bush  ~ the natural origin and inspiration of velcro 

Thing is……

it is what we are here on this planet to do….


there is so much magic in our native back yard if only we will dis entangle ourselves from the dull and “safe ” hutch and become a free range rabbit 🙂

Watership Down says it all 🙂

One of my core wounds as a child was being bullied so I bristle at this pattern…..

We are all bullied as children and we learn that to be asked questions is often a form of manipulation

Often we are grilled simply so we can be outwitted by “smart” adults and teachers who believe they know better

twist our words

use our words against us in some way……

If you haven’t healed this then this will really get in the way of co creation ways of relating .

Children are new to the earthly game of life in ego terms and very close to spirit so a gap starts to be created within.

Children “know” things innately and are fresh as daisies as to feelings and the vibration world of truth.

When they are in that space they read people, they read the energetic landscape and they know that what they see is something that most adults do not want to see or hear on a conscious level.

People who are very psychic and empathic retain this ability although often hide it from the mainstream, as people who deny this in themselves often ridicule it in others as a way of protecting themselves.

The people who ridicule it and become very rational and “scientific” often have a personal agenda ~ otherwise why be so defensive by being offensive ?

There is usually a specific event or series of events where they had something happen that they cannot explain rationally and so it is buried deep in their Pandora’s box .

As there is a part within them that will not allow access from fear they will also not allow it in others. This is their veil.

The planetary veil is being lifted through each personal veil being made transparent now.

Most of the adults are indoctrinated into the ego game play that is dishonest and manipulative because they have learned how to survive by playing it.

So for every child the duality begins ~ what they “know” and feel and what the adults in their world tell them is “the truth” and so the confusion begins.

As a child is a true dependent at this time, in most western countries, they will develop a coping mechanism at this point so they can also thrive or simply survive in this gladiator arena 🙂

When we reach certain stages of our life the universe brings us to initiation gateways to evolve us such as 18, 21, 33, 42 and so on……

This is our personal path.

The planet Earth itself also has a path and this current 26000 year cycle we have just embarked on is steering us into more of the feminine…..

To allow this we each have transformation of our “confusion gateways” to merge them. To reconcile heart and head and let ourselves feel to heal.

Our emotions are our feminine steering mechanism that is our heart path alignment.

If your ego is determined to know what’s best then it will be having a tug of war with your feminine wild side because they are polar opposites 🙂

Your ego will tell you that “better the devil you know” and your wild woodiness will be saying leave that grey place and dance under the stars

Your ego will be planning a Christmas list and buying something each week to put under the fake tree for an ego boost at the dark time of the year….

Your wild witchyself will be sending you big messages to disturb your routine and burst your bubble ~ dark dreams, Medusa relationships, crocodiles in your garden to initiate you into facing your fear and celebrate the dark ……..

to face your fears of what would happen if you didn’t act out Demeter at the dinner party and allow the illusion to continue ?

What if you let yourself speak the truth of the not “nice” thoughts in you……


If you choose you can fly back over your life ……. as the crow wisdom

  • Do you jump into new learning or do you wait to be pushed?
  • Do you soften yourself into new ways of being, proactively learning ways to work inwardly with your emotions….
  • or do you require a crushing pattern to open you up reactively ?
  • Do you choose willingly to face your fear and hear it’s wisdom ~ the diamond enclosed in the velvet glove ?
  • Or do you let fear dominate you and justify all the steel bars on your cage ?

It is time to notice how you have been living this year ~

more of the same ?

New learning ?

We aren’t here for this short time on earth to stagnate in our own juices. That is a choice we make.

If you are experiencing this pattern then all it takes is the intention to

breathe in some fresh air…….

Transforming our ego helps us to clear a space within

to be free of our past

and if we are night schooling this autumn

to illuminate ourselves  questions may be :

maybe learn about ourselves instead of continuing that old school pattern?

  • What will a “master’s degree ” give us if we don’t know who we are ? Will it evolve me  knowing myself ?
  • What will a phd in knitting give us if we still feel bitter about grannie and her controlling , unloving relationship learning that we were on the receiving end of ?
  • What will a qualification in woodwork give us if our garden is full of other people’s wood…..that we may need one day…….and we aren’t looking at what that is symbolic of ~ wood, fall, too much ~ is an imbalance and when we burn wood we get the wonder of heat and ash for the land ~ and we can alchemically change it into so many things……

What is the driving force here? What is the intention underneath this learning ? Is it simply a short lived ego boost?

The most important person to know is ourselves.

To bring balance into our own life and honour our feminine .

When each of us do this more…..

our world changes.

As we listen to our higher self we change our world view.

We intuitively align with our next step and to begin with our ego will feel afraid of this ~ not knowing, no timetable and when is the next class , it may ask 🙂

We have to go through this gateway and it does all become clear in the way of the spiral.

Only the ego worries 🙂

The Spirit has nothing to fear because it is outside the world of ego.

The more we allow our feminine the stronger it becomes.

Today I knew the moon had gone into Taurus ~ my moon.

I felt it and I found myself experiencing it with my actions

I awoke with thoughts of what I would do today and found myself peeling vegetables and thoughts of my potatoes dying off and the lovely treasure under the earth.

I though about how I ask questions of my children and often they don’t know how to answer and hold back on what they say ~ and my partner too ~ often for fear of what I will do with that information ~ will I try to manipulate them? Will I “belittle them in their belief” Will I try to get them to do something they really do not want to do and not want to upset me by saying that?

The only way I can truly know that is to ask from a clear space of truly intending to know and understand them without any attachment to that information 🙂 

The feminine brings the complexity of a myriad of answers, a plethora of ways to communicate ~ all of which is the antithesis of the ego.

The ego way of communicating is linear, direct and wants instant so it can get on and do it 🙂

Often that means we don’t ask for fear of the other saying no….

and this clearly is where to go…..

To have the courage to ask and be strong enough to explore ourselves and each other

and that way we truly relate, communicate and move out of co dependency

into co creativity

with our inner world 

with other systems and with our universal self.

Love to you today and your balance coming in 🙂

Go for the dark ~ it holds everything we seek to know

Pisces Full Circle



Pisces brings us into Spring time gateway with the new moon and takes us out through the

Autumn gateway into the Persephone Path of going within with the ripe full  harvest moon.

Pisces Moon is often believed to be the most sensitive and psychic and if it is your moon this can be a very intense energy 🙂

It is the tenth day of the Red Moon Wavespell ~ our sacred feminine awakening spiral.

Please click on the links for many websites and their wonderful sharing info. If you are new to this blog and wish to receive it regularly please subscribe. It is written in alignment with the universal cycles and is shared as “a” way based on my life learning so far 🙂

In the Mayan Wavespell today we have White Planetary Mirror and a Galactic Activation Portal Day…

a day when it is possible to integrate as all the gateways are open to allow access to the Akashic Record ~ to be free from our ego perspective , clear of our karma patterns so we can transcend all limitations….

and see clearly as a result , the true nature of our life long learning journey . 

We are here to transcend our suffering by seeing the way forward from where we have been 🙂 Back to the future 🙂

Pisces oneness patterns allow us to remember our Christ Consciousness within ~ it is each one of us that is on the serpent path balancing our masculine and feminine within us.

We move from the myth  being outside of ourselves for generations to activating it within us ~ it is the perfect time.

When we repeatedly reach this place of integration and clarity we see that everything happens for a reason, at the timely season…..

and that we feel to allow ourselves to heal.

We let our heart remind us of our dream path ~ being real and living the true nature of us ~ our unique snowflake pattern .

As we create the courage to risk all in the name of love ~ of ourselves ~ we break through all barriers that we have self~imposed and the illusion becomes tangible .

We are at last free to be the saviour……

of ourselves….. and to experientially know this through our own lifetime with the support of our ancestral lineage

and the blessing of this lifetime……

it can all come together now because now is the time.

The end of times and the beginning of new ways.

At this Virgo Sun time we can see how our heart seeks to shape, fix and create beauty, create harmony ~ our ego has been trained to do that through others, through the outer as this is the nature of our planetary pattern at the moment ~ the Pisces bigger picture School of Rock a la Gladiator mode.

Life , for many decades has been about pure survival. Hard brutal expression in our immature, masculine expression ~ hot on the heels of the Aries Age.

Our Planetary cycles run widdershins ~ anti clockwise.

Going backwards 🙂

We are transiting into the Age of Aquarius ~ my beliefs on this ~ we are astride both energies of Pisces and Aquarius , as we release and form new ways of being and the Aquarius Age brings individuation.

To know another and feel compassion for another is experiential. To have walked the path of the other is to truly know the footsteps energetically.

It is deeper than surface knowledge and this is what the Buddha Wisdom and heart path is. 

The Virgo in us all is shifting from the vicarious vestal virgin who doesn’t want to get her party frock dirty ~ keeping it white and bright and away from soiling our cleanliness , avoiding the mud.

Have you noticed how this has felt and been experienced for you at this Cardinal Grand Cross that completes today?

Whatever mask we formed as a child to create harmony for ourselves and keep our ego feeling supported and in control , has been dancing it’s tune in a big way .

red overtone moon

This is the last few days of the Lunar Moon and we move into Electric Moon on Friday the 20th ~ the perfect timing for my Persephone Path Workshops.

Whatever started appearing in Magnetic Moon ~ July 26 ~ was our initiating energy.

This is our masculine Yang energy

( although in the sacred feminine pattern so Yang within Yin ) going out to the Yoni verse 🙂

Our Lunar Moon commencement  was ~ August 23rd ~ Yellow Planetary Human 

The universe hears our siren call ~ it hears our dream quest ~ this is what we believe our heart is seeking and whenever we have something we wish to appear it is usually something that isn’t available in our lives in the way we want it to be at that time. 

The universe then brings us our heart’s next step ~ to go out of the circle we are in and seek new learning.

Remembering that everything that is required to do this is actually within us 🙂

Our ego doesn’t know that though 🙂 It seeks fame and fortune on the glittery path ~ that is how transcendence is recognised in the ego world is all and our ego loves all that appears to be gold.

Stairway to Heaven

lovely lyrics from one of the master storytelling bands of the heart 🙂


The Virgo ego energy is living from the outer reference place of perfection 🙂

Lilith breaks this mould by creating the proverbial fan that blows the fragrant loam high and wide ~ just when we believe that we have this life trip all managed and protected with plastic wrap, mosquito spray and a breezy spray that keeps that inner dog aroma at bay. 

As the dark half of the year beckons us in and our Persephone parts start to ignite and blossom ~ we come into the shadow ~ our dark goddess embrace.

On returning to my roots I have reconnected to loved ones in new ways of regeneration. I have travelled energetically as well as literally to the North .

This was accompanied in the starry skies with Mars in Leo and this strong energy has assisted me to focus and integrate and be true to myself.

Meeting my founder initiates on my workshop path was a truly heartfelt reconnection.

This time of our tribes coming together strengthens our return to our true natures and allows us to “man up” ~ honing our magical skills . 

The dark ages are coming to light and light workers burn brighter with other flames 🙂

If you haven’t yet found yourself a group of supportive soul buddies, now is a good time to gather at the coming of the dark skies.

My Pisces Moon child has set off on his path as a man and I am grieving that separation . It is a deeply felt wound that allows me to treasure the greatest gift of my life ~ to be a mother.

What a journey it has allowed me to take and to know myself through the wonder of a being that is flesh of my flesh and manifest as a result of the loving union with the love of my life .

Both men creating an opportunity for me to learn about relating and many of these happenings, I wouldn’t have chosen consciously because I have experienced enormous physical and emotional pain 🙂

Whenever I am experiencing my inner Virgo critic ~ it is my biggest bandwave of energetic signature ~ I remind myself that childbirth is an enormous challenge and gateway ~ and I survived it.

To honour myself as a childbirth survivor and thriver allows me to remember that most other life challenges pale in comparison.

To be a parent takes stamina and facing our fear every day and in our society that sacred position is mostly not revered or given acknowledgement.

When I became a parent I understood my parents experientially every day through my own children and the choices I made with them, based on my own position as a child.

My Saturn is in Pisces and  I am learning every day about how my constellation chart ~ where the planet’s were at the time of my birth, has created this amazing pattern that weaves my path and how everyone who comes into my orbit is also connected in this way.

It is so wonderous this light tapestry that we are a part of and creating with our energetic code.

When we came into Pisces on February 19th we were on the 7th day of the Red Dragon Wavespell and the start of the 260 day cycle of the Mayan Wavespell ~ the mystic day of Blue Resonant Hand.

This was the galactic moon ~ the integrating moon 🙂

Starting to expand on how this wavespell reveals the threads of connection very clearly ,is blowing my mind on a daily basis as the synchronicities and meaning in the seemingly mundaneness of life

sparkle with magic 🙂

I can actually see where they are inter weaving now and each day I learn more 🙂

This is what comes from my healing circle within.

The more I release and the more I am able to see as my moon shadow unveils.

When I first started journeying to Glastonbury I started listening to old CD’s.

One of these was Madonna ~ Confessions on a dance floor.

Listening to these tracks energised me , reconnected me to my 13 year cycle that was initiated at this time and as I listened from a new inner space……

I heard a different version……

and it is amazing…….

the difference

the lyrics are truly……

the heart path sung by a very aware woman 🙂

Who has broken a few taboos in her time .

Love to hear what you think 🙂

Are you ready to jump?

To create new patterns takes determination and discipline ……..

and we are perfectly capable of doing that shift .

As we age it becomes very apparent what our patterns are and how our body holds our earthly experience.

At any moment all it takes is a choice to change ~

an intention to be intimate …..


with ourselves.


Love to you today and your reflections.

If you feel ready to look deeply within at this caterpillar cocoon time it could be a perfect moment to dance with me 🙂

Red Moon Wavespell

red moon1

Red Moon Wavespell

It is the initiating day of the thirteen day spiral and for me a whole new

level of awakening

All Red Wavespells are connected to the Red Castle of awakening, the East and the new dawn ~ where the sun rises and gives us an opportunity of new beginnings.

Please click on the links to take you to other sites 

We are still in the wake of the new moon in Virgo which is the last sun archetype above ground in the northern hemisphere.

She marks the last of the six energetic patterns that shape us before we go down into the underworld with Libra

Moon in Scorpio today ~ powerful initiating death and rebirth time for the start of this transmitting time.

The Scorpio ~ Taurus challenge is here for all of us to move into our heart groove 🙂

Two great links here with different angles ~ if you simply start to notice the archetype and how it appears for you that is the key.

Spiritual Warrior Path 

North Node in Taurus ~ thank you Rhys for this love~ly link 🙂

Here is a wonderful video that shows this wave:

The Mayan Wavespell Calendar shows us this wave pattern. It shows us how the universal energetic wave works at this time.

This Wavespell is very significant for helping us align our heart and our mind because it speaks the language of both.

It helps our mind and ego self understand what is going on in the bigger picture ~ 

that we are a part of.

We are part of the cosmic wheel that is rolling along and evolving into the sacred feminine more and more with each passing day.

The more and more we go along with that Mexican wave and surrender and join it ……

and the more fun we have and the more our feminine talents open up…..

The key is:

To know thyself……..

This is the secret of all secrets 🙂

The way of the heart path is to know who we are and what we are here for in order to work consciously now

We are on this wave on many levels.

If you choose to work powerfully with yourself and behold the secrets of the universe

then the key is to remove any filters that are shading your view that have accumulated over your lifetime here 🙂

Change your view internally.

Let go of letting others be your focus and simply……

go within

to see what in your inner cog ~ nition

is seeking disintegration

so you can


with the one heart of the universe 🙂

That is it in a nutshell 🙂


Each of us are here on a star coded mission ~ this is your Mayan Sign and your Starcode.

No one landed on earth by “accident”

we all came to this planet by design and with an intention

and now we are remembering and waking up to knowing ourselves.

The conditioning so far for many is to focus on the other and learning information

commenting on the experience

watching through a lens

being the observer

and often yearning for the wisdom that some guru has

when in truth….

we are all capable of being wise if only

we stop looking without and instead we go within.

What sort of seed are you ? 

  • How have you awakened yourself so far?
  • What has been your initiation ceremony ?
  • Do you require warmth ~ setting on fire?
  • Maybe cold as ice frostiness?
  • How about being crushed by stone?
  • Ground down by the feeding of crows pecking at your bones?
  • There will be a very evident pattern and the clues are all there written in our past karma wheel .
  • It is very simple and yet our ego loves to search for the complex to feel clever.

Who needs the pursuit of pleasure and pearls when we are the



and have the power to shape worlds?

Do you know that of yourself?

Do you know that you are the one who brings evolution to our planet?

It is the common people who are the birthers of this new age.

Yes you 🙂

and me

and great Auntie Edith 🙂 Everyone in fact 🙂 We all have our place in evolving the human race 🙂

All we have ever known is about to be overthrown by the people who are here now…..

as and when we face the biggest fear of all

looking at the parts of us that we are afraid of, don’t like, dread, make us feel very uncomfortable.

It is time to take the gloves off, step out of the costume, tear down the stage set and find that lost child who is unheard, feels unloved and is burning with indignation and rage.



This is Lilith in Virgo archetype at the moment

The part of us that is the perfectionist, the critic, the deeply grooved record retelling our sob story of victimhood

and if we don’t feel we have the ability to articulate this it often comes forth in violence 😦

This is the little girl and boy that felt alone, misunderstood and is lost in a wilderness.

Instead of focusing on how to gain more knowledge ~ an ego misdemeanour illusion trip and diversion

part of accumulation process…..

Are you ready to connect to what you need now to nurture and parent yourself rather than the universe bringing another to do that for you ?

This is what is important and what is missing in our ego world where the emphasis is on “stuff” rather than people 🙂

This crazy world we are living in when we throw food away rather than give it to the starving

once we really understand this energetic world we live in though it becomes clear why this is happening:

The universe brings us……..


our beliefs

so we can see very clearly what our inner world believes to be true based on where we are on our shadow path

remember the outside is an illusion ~

we may have aged on the outside

on the inside we are still at our point of development of  self love

we are wherever our inner child is and as our inner child is uniquely created from our unique life journey

we are all unique and in a myriad of different spaces

and part of us knows all of this 🙂

the wise soul who is always present if we are still enough and quiet enough to hear and feel and allow

To nurture ourselves and be independent is the Aquarius quest we are all on



To let go of co dependency

Nurturing ourselves through nature and our intake ~ what our body requires to be vibrant and regeneration:

  • from food that is high vibe and grown with love
  • from relationships that are gentle, respectful, honest and loving,
  • from living sustainably and having what we truly need rather than what our ego wants
  • from being a grown up 🙂 rather than a stroppy, emotional , ranting brat who gets it’s way aggressively or passively or a mixture of the two methods and no longer needs an ego stroke

Do you know how to do that for yourself? This is where the emphasis on what is important for our heart way of living has to be 🙂 

Lifelong learning of how to relate 🙂

Here are some further enquiry questions around this if you choose to explore:

Are you able to cook ? Aware of what your body needs nutritionally? Are you getting physical exercise every day in natural surroundings so you can connect to the earth? Are you nurturing your body with natural light? Is your relationship environment toxic ? Do you have contact with lots of people who you love to be around? Are you able to keep your body cool/warm with natural resources that do not hurt you ? Do you rely on someone else to do nurturing things for you instead of doing it for yourself ?

Is your week in balance with work and play? Do you use mood altering strategies a lot such as food, alcohol, drugs, to create a feeling of wellbeing? Do you use intellectual mood altering strategies to avoid feeling your feelings ~ learn a new bla bla ? Are you able to be honest with yourself ? Are you in a relationship or do you prefer your own company? Have you ever learned how to “do” relationships or would you rather play the blame game ?

How often do you let your soul soar? Indulge yourself in receiving bodywork? Buy essential oils for yourself? Allow yourself to do what you really love without guilt? Plan an adventure into the wilderness without a map? Downsize your life and not give a hoot about what others think of you ? Buy something that isn’t in a sale and feel ok about paying full price for something purely for you?

These are the places we all need to travel to for ourselves and own up to the reality of our lives 🙂

When we bring this beacon of light within then a magical process happens

and this starts a new trend 🙂

It becomes a la mode ~ the new way 🙂 That is very ancient ……..

It is more than lip service when we actually start to feel this and walk our talk

When we choose to honour ourselves by becoming


doing whatever it takes

to be free

of our ego

by hearing it, healing it and transforming it

and the more people who join this movement and the more our world will become lighter

because we are lighter.

It is all written in our individual patterns for that individual. Each individual interacts with others and as each of us becomes lighter our light touches each other and so on…..

It is an inner process and this is the key




Go within…… yes that is er……inner work 🙂

Get it?

The Mayan Wavespell is a 260 day calendar that is here to assist us spiral.

To try and explain this massive structure is pointless because just like this new age we are entering in to…..

it is experiential and is not led by the head…….

Many people who have introduced it to the world at the time before December 2012 where doing so intellectually……

because that is where the planet was largely at that time

Learning through the mind

Now , since that time we have begun a new cycle of 26000 years and this energetic structure and dynamic is going to increase.

As the Sacred Feminine returns we are all going to expand in this way ~

intuition ~ third eye

emotional ~ the heart wisdom guiding us to our path through how we feel

new understanding of our universe ~ science will learn new ways of seeing at the perfect time

time ~ understanding there is only now and being free of our karma wheel as we heal it and learn new ways of relating

All that each of us need to is focus on our selves

until we know ourselves we cannot know anyone else 🙂

until we know what we need to feel good how can we tell another?

When we learn to empower ourselves by feeling truly safe and confident ~ stable within by working with our core.

Then we feel calm and relaxed and trust more and as we develop these skills too for nurturing ourselves…..

our fears and insecurities naturally and easily lessen 🙂

That has certainly been true for me.

To align yourself with this way of being you need to match this evolution pattern of heart

opening and that basically means on an emotional level :

  • Being ready to face your fears and feel them and ride the wave each time it comes around ~ I use EFT to do this and it works 🙂
  • Being ready to get out of your comfort zone and ride the wave of change ~ become comfortable with the new and the uncomfortable ~ each time you do this you create new energetic pathways inside and outside as you play your game of life
  • Be able to align with people sharing info about how you can learn about yourself and energetically help yourself ~ open the channels of communication so you can connect with the cosmos ~ the cosmos will reach you wherever you are but it does open pathways faster if you have computer access and skype and are able to travel to places ~ staying in your cave means this isn’t as easy 🙂 There is no “right” way ~ the more ways you have to connect the easier it is 🙂
  • Be open to everything initially no matter how strange it may feel ~ and keep yourself safe ~ remember we don’t know what we don’t know ~ the ego likes to do the same old and the universal self is constantly passing things in front of us that are new ~ we make the choice and the more we learn to ask and intend without any attachment the more we go into new learning ~ developing curiosity is key


Today as we enter the Green Castle of enchantment we connect with all the events of this year since February 13th.

Are we in our heart and loving life?

Are we feeling dis ~ enchanted with our lot and wishing for something new ?

It is the place of heart wisdom and working with our shadow allows us to access this space .

If you are ready to weave magic on a deeper energetic level you may wish to take part in some crafted frameworks that are purposefully designed for you if you feel it is your next step 🙂


Please join me in Glastonbury or online for the first of six workshops to connect with our universal mamma and clear our channels so we tune in and go with the flow 

Persephone Path

woo hoo ~the magic is expanding 

Love to your Red Moon Moments now ~ all we have ever looked for is right here in our hearts.



Persephone Path

red overtone moon

Persephone Path

White Resonant Wind in the Yellow Warrior Wavespell

We have begun the spiral again and are on the second energetic of what our sacred feminine selves ~ our goddess natures, our gaia spirits…..

are ushering in at this new age time.

Today we can tune in to what is seeking release ~ our egoic Leo waning, dark moon  selves ~ any egoic forms….

so we can be true to our heart’s and allow ourselves to weave new ways of being.

Synchronistic September ~ the wheels of karma turning

We can see what is resonating for us now ~ what is our vibe ~ what are we attracting ?

I had an amazing experience last night and it could be ~ my imagination 🙂

It could be the effect of watching the Chronicles of Riddick ~ late at night and eating a cheese sandwich 🙂

It could be lots of things that my ego mind loves to keep it’s rational perspective and control over….

and it could be actually a true experience ~ that I cannot rationalise/measure and explain using a mind frame.

That is what I am connecting to more and more on my Glastonbury journey and this is expanding more and more as I allow it.

This is what I know as The Persephone Path.

I awoke early hours and had a connection to light and shapes in the Star of David being shared in my body  ~

can’t put it into words but it was amazing 🙂 

It is lost in translation and this is important to bear in mind.
Take for example learning a language.

There is so much more involved than learning words

as these words came from a way of being

a culture

body language

a way of living energetically according to the flavour of that region

and so certain words have a literal meaning that do not convey their truth

Gestalt ~  mentioned in a drama last night ~ more than the sum of their parts ~ which is what it means to live life on full throttle  from the heart

having integrated the ego 🙂

Often we get lost in translating ourselves to another because we speak a different tongue and have a different tribe ….

and we can be living next door to one another …..

we can be members of the same family even 

blood relatives

we can live poles apart as to our way of relating 

This will get stronger as we move deeper into Aquarius as we individuate

and part of us expands into knowing itself and letting go of co dependent relating……

part of us is seeking to be wholeheartedly heard

and we go back to go forward

our circles ~ our personal vesica pisces space integrates until there is only now

and we have brought the past totally into acceptance and the future is simply a whisper away and an exciting space

we live simply

free from entourage

ego trappings

in the flesh living our fantasy for real.

Living what we believe

It is the time of year ~ Virgo when we are connecting to the circles and cycles of seeing our harvest in carnate 

Everything that is on our table fresh from the field or somewhere else 🙂  ~ is a reflection of  our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

I am off back to my roots to the North on the 10th which is always significant ~ a change of the four directions, moving from South to North.

As above , so below.

It is the second day of the Red Moon Wavespell and I am sharing a

Glastonbury Tales Workshop


Friday the 13th of September ( sacred day of Venus 🙂  at the Friends Meeting House High Flatts Huddersfield at 7pm

If you aren’t in that locality you can also take part online or in person with a monthly workshop in Glastonbury starting on

Friday 20 September at my home at 7pm ~ The Persephone Path and you can of course do both 🙂 

this is on Red Overtone Skywalker Day ~ bringing heaven to earth through us ~ by awakening and connecting to our heart path and healing our shadow.

I am going to start something new ~ my eldest child leaving the nest and starting university ~ a new gateway of learning and being at his completion of a cycle time.

This brings a change within me and a time of deep emotion.

Seeing how our life cycles change and remembering how it was for me ~ seeing it through different eyes as a mother.

This autumn brings an opportunity for all of us to prepare for the dark time in the northern hemisphere with consciousness ~ if we choose  🙂

I am creating an energetic space to launch this intention just before the autumn equinox on September 22nd

Working within ~ as above so below ~ is our dark time ~ the Persephone Path.

It is a natural time to work with our lower chakra issues so we can nurture our roots and as a result in Springtime we will emerge in a different space .

If we do not change within ~ nothing can change without and so our world will not change.

The message I hear from our collective spirit ancestor’s and gaia that I am energetically connected to is to change the focus now.

All patterns are the same ~ in micro so is the macro.

To change our world we redress the balance ~ firstly within.

We look at how we are being the change

how are we creating new learning for ourselves and letting go of the ego show.

Our world cannot change without this as we are the birthers of reality

we are the soul midwives

If we do not know how to be in balance within ~ our world cannot reflect a balance. 

The world is not separate from us ~ it is us.

This year is all about integration ~

calling our souls back in from  events that have wounded us

changing any child based beliefs that seek to mature now

the child within matures when this healing happens and only when 

We are bound by our beliefs

When we really understand this deep concept we can align with patterns of belief that align with move us towards living our dream

Strengthening our core

creating powerful , balanced masculine and feminine frameworks to navigate the chaos at this transition time

The magic al process that happens as a result of this is:

As we let go of our “dark times of the soul”

we open up our light receptivity

we match different realities that are far removed from the realms of ego living

We develop strong intuition, faith and

as we strengthen our integrity

the world around us starts to shift

as we open up new neural pathways

we go beyond the linear

into gateways of goddess experience

we become……………

even more………

immaculate in a clear space

It is the beginning of the end of the ego game……

and the awakening of new ways 🙂

Time to honour and exult these ways and relax into them

our forbears have left the clues in many ways 🙂

My intention at this Persephone time is to share and connect with people who are working with the shadow themselves

energetically and emotionally

and are creating change constellations at this synchronistic time

If we are still churning out the same “stuff” on a creativity level

being the same

going to the same spaces

being around the same people

in the same way

then there is a pattern of…….

the same

and so…

we aim to stay the same

thing is…..

the universe is moving on 🙂

If we are afraid of change then rest assured our universe will bring us life experiences to match this fear

I offer you this is simply the karma wheel 

If on the other hand we choose to embrace our fear and look at it,

when it was formed,

go deep to it’s roots and hear it’s story

then let go of our issues of trust

how we have learned to try and control our world

and learn to do something new


learn to trust that the universe is always bringing us what we need ~

to evolve

it’s a different perspective to staying in the same four walls 

and being a consumer 🙂

The more trusting we become the more the universe matches that trust

it brings us more magical ways of living on our planet 

with other people

in loving, respectful ways

and we soften our experience

The end is the beginning

The only constant is change

This isn’t about anyone else

This is the wild paradox

When you are willing to go to the scariest place in the universe ~

to the heart of you

When you don’t want anything

When you don’t need anything

When you have no fear of anyone or anything and accept your destiny willingly

seeing the beauty

owning your sovereignty

travelling lightly on this path

the beauty way



this is the magical , spontaneous , child space 

of Leo 

that is within every living soul.

Time to take our power back

with courage and love 

and reclaim 

our birthright.

Love to you

Persephone People

bringers of the new dawn.

I absolutely know this to be true because this is my

Glastonbury experience

and I am living my beliefs

and it is so worth it

all those child birth pains are so worth what comes 

as part of this process 🙂