Pisces Full Circle



Pisces brings us into Spring time gateway with the new moon and takes us out through the

Autumn gateway into the Persephone Path of going within with the ripe full  harvest moon.

Pisces Moon is often believed to be the most sensitive and psychic and if it is your moon this can be a very intense energy 🙂

It is the tenth day of the Red Moon Wavespell ~ our sacred feminine awakening spiral.

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In the Mayan Wavespell today we have White Planetary Mirror and a Galactic Activation Portal Day…

a day when it is possible to integrate as all the gateways are open to allow access to the Akashic Record ~ to be free from our ego perspective , clear of our karma patterns so we can transcend all limitations….

and see clearly as a result , the true nature of our life long learning journey . 

We are here to transcend our suffering by seeing the way forward from where we have been 🙂 Back to the future 🙂

Pisces oneness patterns allow us to remember our Christ Consciousness within ~ it is each one of us that is on the serpent path balancing our masculine and feminine within us.

We move from the myth  being outside of ourselves for generations to activating it within us ~ it is the perfect time.

When we repeatedly reach this place of integration and clarity we see that everything happens for a reason, at the timely season…..

and that we feel to allow ourselves to heal.

We let our heart remind us of our dream path ~ being real and living the true nature of us ~ our unique snowflake pattern .

As we create the courage to risk all in the name of love ~ of ourselves ~ we break through all barriers that we have self~imposed and the illusion becomes tangible .

We are at last free to be the saviour……

of ourselves….. and to experientially know this through our own lifetime with the support of our ancestral lineage

and the blessing of this lifetime……

it can all come together now because now is the time.

The end of times and the beginning of new ways.

At this Virgo Sun time we can see how our heart seeks to shape, fix and create beauty, create harmony ~ our ego has been trained to do that through others, through the outer as this is the nature of our planetary pattern at the moment ~ the Pisces bigger picture School of Rock a la Gladiator mode.

Life , for many decades has been about pure survival. Hard brutal expression in our immature, masculine expression ~ hot on the heels of the Aries Age.

Our Planetary cycles run widdershins ~ anti clockwise.

Going backwards 🙂

We are transiting into the Age of Aquarius ~ my beliefs on this ~ we are astride both energies of Pisces and Aquarius , as we release and form new ways of being and the Aquarius Age brings individuation.

To know another and feel compassion for another is experiential. To have walked the path of the other is to truly know the footsteps energetically.

It is deeper than surface knowledge and this is what the Buddha Wisdom and heart path is. 

The Virgo in us all is shifting from the vicarious vestal virgin who doesn’t want to get her party frock dirty ~ keeping it white and bright and away from soiling our cleanliness , avoiding the mud.

Have you noticed how this has felt and been experienced for you at this Cardinal Grand Cross that completes today?

Whatever mask we formed as a child to create harmony for ourselves and keep our ego feeling supported and in control , has been dancing it’s tune in a big way .

red overtone moon

This is the last few days of the Lunar Moon and we move into Electric Moon on Friday the 20th ~ the perfect timing for my Persephone Path Workshops.

Whatever started appearing in Magnetic Moon ~ July 26 ~ was our initiating energy.

This is our masculine Yang energy

( although in the sacred feminine pattern so Yang within Yin ) going out to the Yoni verse 🙂

Our Lunar Moon commencement  was ~ August 23rd ~ Yellow Planetary Human 

The universe hears our siren call ~ it hears our dream quest ~ this is what we believe our heart is seeking and whenever we have something we wish to appear it is usually something that isn’t available in our lives in the way we want it to be at that time. 

The universe then brings us our heart’s next step ~ to go out of the circle we are in and seek new learning.

Remembering that everything that is required to do this is actually within us 🙂

Our ego doesn’t know that though 🙂 It seeks fame and fortune on the glittery path ~ that is how transcendence is recognised in the ego world is all and our ego loves all that appears to be gold.

Stairway to Heaven

lovely lyrics from one of the master storytelling bands of the heart 🙂


The Virgo ego energy is living from the outer reference place of perfection 🙂

Lilith breaks this mould by creating the proverbial fan that blows the fragrant loam high and wide ~ just when we believe that we have this life trip all managed and protected with plastic wrap, mosquito spray and a breezy spray that keeps that inner dog aroma at bay. 

As the dark half of the year beckons us in and our Persephone parts start to ignite and blossom ~ we come into the shadow ~ our dark goddess embrace.

On returning to my roots I have reconnected to loved ones in new ways of regeneration. I have travelled energetically as well as literally to the North .

This was accompanied in the starry skies with Mars in Leo and this strong energy has assisted me to focus and integrate and be true to myself.

Meeting my founder initiates on my workshop path was a truly heartfelt reconnection.

This time of our tribes coming together strengthens our return to our true natures and allows us to “man up” ~ honing our magical skills . 

The dark ages are coming to light and light workers burn brighter with other flames 🙂

If you haven’t yet found yourself a group of supportive soul buddies, now is a good time to gather at the coming of the dark skies.

My Pisces Moon child has set off on his path as a man and I am grieving that separation . It is a deeply felt wound that allows me to treasure the greatest gift of my life ~ to be a mother.

What a journey it has allowed me to take and to know myself through the wonder of a being that is flesh of my flesh and manifest as a result of the loving union with the love of my life .

Both men creating an opportunity for me to learn about relating and many of these happenings, I wouldn’t have chosen consciously because I have experienced enormous physical and emotional pain 🙂

Whenever I am experiencing my inner Virgo critic ~ it is my biggest bandwave of energetic signature ~ I remind myself that childbirth is an enormous challenge and gateway ~ and I survived it.

To honour myself as a childbirth survivor and thriver allows me to remember that most other life challenges pale in comparison.

To be a parent takes stamina and facing our fear every day and in our society that sacred position is mostly not revered or given acknowledgement.

When I became a parent I understood my parents experientially every day through my own children and the choices I made with them, based on my own position as a child.

My Saturn is in Pisces and  I am learning every day about how my constellation chart ~ where the planet’s were at the time of my birth, has created this amazing pattern that weaves my path and how everyone who comes into my orbit is also connected in this way.

It is so wonderous this light tapestry that we are a part of and creating with our energetic code.

When we came into Pisces on February 19th we were on the 7th day of the Red Dragon Wavespell and the start of the 260 day cycle of the Mayan Wavespell ~ the mystic day of Blue Resonant Hand.

This was the galactic moon ~ the integrating moon 🙂

Starting to expand on how this wavespell reveals the threads of connection very clearly ,is blowing my mind on a daily basis as the synchronicities and meaning in the seemingly mundaneness of life

sparkle with magic 🙂

I can actually see where they are inter weaving now and each day I learn more 🙂

This is what comes from my healing circle within.

The more I release and the more I am able to see as my moon shadow unveils.

When I first started journeying to Glastonbury I started listening to old CD’s.

One of these was Madonna ~ Confessions on a dance floor.

Listening to these tracks energised me , reconnected me to my 13 year cycle that was initiated at this time and as I listened from a new inner space……

I heard a different version……

and it is amazing…….

the difference

the lyrics are truly……

the heart path sung by a very aware woman 🙂

Who has broken a few taboos in her time .

Love to hear what you think 🙂

Are you ready to jump?

To create new patterns takes determination and discipline ……..

and we are perfectly capable of doing that shift .

As we age it becomes very apparent what our patterns are and how our body holds our earthly experience.

At any moment all it takes is a choice to change ~

an intention to be intimate …..


with ourselves.


Love to you today and your reflections.

If you feel ready to look deeply within at this caterpillar cocoon time it could be a perfect moment to dance with me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pisces Full Circle

  1. Very pogniant message for all on our healing path, thanku Jo. ❤
    'When I became a parent I understood my parents experientially every day through my own children and the choices I made with them, based on my own position as a child.'


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