Resources ~ A Learning Library



Here are some great reads for the Journey 🙂

Remember to let your source guide you as to what is pertinent for your next step


this is also reflected in the energies of The Wavespell ~ timely

Where you are on your 13 Year Cycle

Where the heavenly energies are pulling strings for the masses and your unique Starcode

Sometimes you require simply a page….

a chapter….

and go back for reference as and when

Train an ego that requires you to be a talking book 🙂

Times are changing as we become more adept at letting go of outmoded information

now we are learning to be a clear and free channel

ready to download what is key for our code like Neo without the heavy vibe of being a travelling library 🙂

Click on the links to take you to a website with more info


Wisdom Frameworks :

Autobiography of a Yogi ~ Paramahansa Yoganandya 


On Becoming an Alchemist ~ A Guide for the Modern Magician by Catherine MacCoun 



Magical Plant Books:

52 Flowers that shook my world ~ A radical return to Earth by Charlotte Du Cann

 Anastasia ~ The first of The Ringing Cedars series ~ pdf version


Being aware of the structure of the path of transformation :



Heart tree


All Paolo Coehlo Books are amazing and have been really magical

for me ~ 

especially for Witchyness:


 The Witch of Portobello 

Mental Health and Ego:

Veronika decides to die

Clear Code Awareness:

Manual for the Warrior of Light


Sacred Love :

Eleven minutes

Hidden in plain sight ~ codes in Art and sacred places

from fellow


Enlightened path walkers in time




Dan Brown ~


The Lost Symbol

Angels and Demons

The Da Vinci Code

The Sistine Secrets by Benjamin Blech and Roy Doliner ~

what is in plain sight in the paintings and the truth of the code 

Titania Hardie ~

The Rose Labyrinth

The House of the Wind

The Unfoldment by Neil Kramer


Books for working with our personal philosopher’s stone ~ our human body 


Understanding our body is key ~ it does not lie ~

it reveals the truth about our human being chalice


where our energy is flowing ~ creating well ~ being

and most importantly

where it is not 

creating ill health

We do not create ill health consciously

and many people find this whole concept of taking responsibility for our creating ill health

very challenging 

as understandably this can create huge fear in our ego mind

not knowing how to heal 

not knowing how we created it without consciousness


The truth is our human body is an amazing vehicle for this journey of life

and will heal itself when we learn how to allow it

which often means doing things very differently to how we have been educated

If we intend to listen to our body 

It will show us the way

Ask for help from our higher self 

and be willing to unlearn old ways that do not serve us 

and open our mind to new ways that do

These so called new ways are actually very ancient and natural and this is the way of being that we are remembering now 

Here are some books I have found helpful in understanding how my physical body works and responds to my thoughts and feelings :

Louise Hay ~

You can heal your life 

Heal your Body

Great for seeing what energies are present and new thought processes that are the opposite of that 

That said I do not believe that affirmations create the transformation required ~ I use EFT 

I believe much deeper work is required to go into the trauma that created the belief and transform it on all levels

The Biogenealogy Sourcebook by Christian Flèche 

A bigger picture perspective of systems of the body and how trauma affects them

Your body’s telling you:

Love yourself  

by Lise Bourbeau

A very comprehensive A to Z of metaphysical causes of illness

Hands of Light

Light Emerging

by Barbara Ann Brennan 

Exploring the light body and energetic relationships

The Body Electric by Robert O Becker MD and Gary Selden

Scientific based research about the electrical nature of beings 

Cellular Awakening 

by Barbara Wren

Grounded and practical ways of healing and awareness

Mayan Books I have used:


Beyond 2012 Geoff Stray ~ a friend living in Glastonbury who I have had so much learning from over Sea Bass Dinner with friends 😉

How to practice Mayan Astrology by Bruce Scofield and Barry C Orr 

The Mayan Oracle ~ Return Path to The Stars by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner 

The Mayan Factor by Jose Arguelles 

The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas ~

local Somerset based authors ~ just finished reading this in January 2019 ~ absolutely Wow 

The Toltec Secret by Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl ~ a revelation in recapitulation ~ similar ancient systems to using Emotional Freedom Technique to heal our story ~ nothing new under the sun ❤

Barbara Hand Clow ~ The Mayan Code and The Pleidian Agenda ~ anything Ms Clow writes is wow 


” Fiction ” 

Jodi Piccoult ~ stunning in the information and insight about so many topics ~ love her work ~ it is amazing 


plus lots of online resources 

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