Tzol Kin Castles


There are five Castles

in the 260 day Tzol Kin:






Each Castle has it’s own bigger picture view and

energetic pattern

Each Castle has 4 x 13 day Wavespells known as a Trecena

Here is a resource showing all the 5 Castles in order :

Here is a resource revealing all the wavespells in order with links to give lots of information:

This takes the human being through

4 energetic processes 

Red White Blue Yellow 

A total of 52 days 

of evolution process

The 260 day cycle begins with 

The Red Castle


The East 

Red Dragon Wavespell ~ code 1 ~ planet Neptune 


Reveals what the great mother is bringing us to embrace this 260 day cycle 

Are we seeing things clearly?

By doing our inner work we transform our co dependent coping mechanisms of the ego 

working with our shadow and our Moon self ~ the veil 

as and when we are in synch with the perfect planetary energies 

and our past timelines of key life events of ego wounding 

The more work we have done 

The clearer we become 
our ego has matured and is learning new ways to relate independently 

in a healthy safe way 

When we have initiated and started our inner journey

we can access the depths of

Neptune wisdom 

Mermaid ~ esoteric Neptune 

This Castle is the awakener to the new dawn


what is coming into planet earth from the Cosmos 

The first 13 days takes us through a process of awakening and hopefully clarity 

If you check out the Astrological information at the time this cycle initiates

It reveals what the starry skies are doing

If you check out your Astrology you will see how the planetary energies are affecting your


If you choose you can notice what is happening in your world 

It may be a repeating pattern

What feels good can be expanded

What does not is where the potentiality is 


The Alchemist  If you have completed 52 years on this earth

you have completed all your Cosmic Codes I offer a service to map these codes

so you can become aware of what you are working with in each cycle

in depth


White Wizard Wavespell

follows on from this initial 13 days 

It is White and therefore represents the North


refinement to unveil truth

This is Ix chel 

The Moon Goddess 

This energy is all about transforming resistance, ego blocks, emotional distortions

to let the magic flow through us and allow us to synch with the universe

to expand and to unfurl letting go of limitations

This is a mastery code 

It is Code 14 

The Asteroid belt is her starry sky energy

and is revealing new codes of consciousness coming in to be integrated

by the human psyche  

She reveals where we are lacking integrity through wounding and conditioning 



Ixchel peq

Blue Hand Wavespell

is the third Wavespell

The Wavespell of transformation

Blue is the West 

Blue Hand is the 7th Mayan Sign 

The Sign of the mystic 

The planet is Earth 

Allowing our higher self to lend a hand

The Avatar that we are evolving into 

shaping our destiny through healing and learning 

completing our circle energy that may have been broken by trauma in the past 

Working with what came to light in the previous two Wavespells

allows this process of transformation


Yellow Sun Wavespell

This is the flowering Wavespell

where we see how our mastery alchemy process in action

Yellow Sun is the 20th Mayan Sign 


the ultimate objective of the light being 

the enlightenment personal process of the human being 

The 260 day cycle ends with Yellow Cosmic Sun 

I am writing this article in this energy 😉 

It’s direction is South 

The planet is Pluto 

To enlighten we transform our darkness into light

Our shadow

Our ego wound

mermaid esoteric pluto 


The Red Castle initiates the cycle 

This reveals the themes of our human evolution

that we will be working with over the 9 months 

White Castle

The Castle of refinement 

Of aligning with truth


The Midheaven in the chart

We have the prima materia in the first 52 days of the Red Castle


now we work to refine it The more consciously aware we are of our patterns and codes


the easier it is to see the repeating reflections


where they hold a resonance Any emotional charge

reveals the key to a healing portal


learning about the emotional mind is essential

to understand why these triggers

are the essence to freedom

as they keep the human being

locked in a timeline of the past


by their nature

do not allow full presence


Red Skywalker Wavespell ~ code 13 ~ the shift code

13 days of seeing

where we are Creating Heaven on Earth