White Wizard Planetary Energy



White Wizard Planetary Energy 


White Wizard is a planetary evolution energy

It is a mastery sign and one of the seven solar seals 

It is code 14

The Moon Goddess Ix Chel 

This is the essence of human evolution at the moment 


the return of the sacred feminine 

White Wizard is the second wavespell

in the initiating

Red Castle of Red Dragon

Each time the spiral begins we have 13 days on initiation

This is followed by the refinement energy of White Wizard

Here we see how we are allowing the magic of the Universe to flow through us 

How we have let go of our conditioning

to allow our spirit

to influence our daily lives through intuition

This is a proactive process paradoxically

White Wizard is influence by the asteroid belt

bringing new consciousness

for our learning now

We are moving away from old scripts of co dependency 


White Solar Wind


link to the artist’s website

White Solar Wind

Today is a Gateway 

Today is a Galactic Portal Day 

A day of human evolution

It is the Gateway day of the Goddess Returning Wavespell

White Wizard

Ixchel peq 

The planet connected to this sign is Uranus

Esoterically Uranus is the ruler of Libra

Uranus is currently in Aries initiating the soul adventurer

to recognise their soul purpose


the importance of the individual personality chosen in this incarnation


Mermaid article here

We are in Libra Sun with a New Moon in Libra

Coming in this Wavespell  😉


This is on Saturday 01 October in the UK at 1.11.18 am

Here is an article by Darkstar Astrology 

Here is a video by Pam Gregory 

It is at 8 degrees Libra 

Libra Decan 1

Inside Degrees : LIBRA 8
A vast junkyard.
So many things have come to nothing. Such youthful promise gone awry. All because essentials were not heeded, the basics were denied. This gross neglect opens two doors, both of which beckon. The near door is a chute downward into ever more of the same. It somehow has an alluring feeling at the entrance. The far door is almost lost among the rubble and hardly looks like much. But those who walk through there begin slowly to turn everything around, to learn the most invaluable lessons from losing center, and even to regenerate into much better than new. From the vantage point of the Gods, those with the courage to go far wrong are the likeliest candidates for the greatest turnarounds. For when you have been to the discard pile, you can feel throughout your whole being the miracle of tapping the lost chord and awakening in the midst of the madness.

This is the structure day of this Wavespell

Red Crystal Serpent 

Relationship code day 

how aligned and clear are we personally

in how we have learned to relate

from our birth family and initiatory circle of incarnation ?

Then …

how we have transformed that on a personal level

that is revealed in our behaviour on a day to day basis to ourselves

and to others 


how we are committed to becoming an

awakened aware individual 

who is transforming

living our learning


going beyond intellect 


live the way of “right relationship”

being the change we want to see 

with integrity

with honesty

being respectful to all

The Middle Path of the

Buddha Teaching 


link to the artist

Dharma or Dhamma practise

experientially with everyone and everything on a daily basis 

Here are some links about that:


An article about the meaning of Buddhism : 


Uranus is the light~bringer 

The potentiality awaiting for those ready to do the inner work 

That is revealed in the outer world



emotional mind 


Emotionally intense events 

Usually perceived by the :

emotionally challenged



ego aspect of our human being self 

as something 



“to be avoided at all costs “

This is actually where the edge of darkness reveals the next level of learning

The perceived problem actually being the solution

Where the individual has to venture into the void

not know 


be still

stop thinking the thoughts that the ego is perpetuating in this:

headless chicken


fear state 

as a way of trying to find a quick fix solution

and most importantly avoid feeling the feelings that are being triggered at all costs


here is the nugget of gold :


If you do not go into it this time around

then it will come again and again in bigger expressions 

until you do 

because that is what this life

this time

this Gateway 

is all about 

Where is Libra in your Karma Wheel ~

your Astrology ~ your Natal chart ?

Mine is my 8th House 

My Part of Fortuna is also here 


Article by Marianne O Hagan 

Alan Oken article about Houses and Esoteric meaning 

So as revealed by the symbology 

This is my “cross”

This is what I incarnated to learn

To truly know these codes and experience how they feel 

We are born into the perfect crucible for this learning 

To learn what it feels like

To learn what creates this way of being 

To have empathy truly 

Then to transform any wounding 

Keep what is wise and healthy

Transform the learning that is not 

from knowing the creation codes on a personal level 

Day 9’s in the Mayan process


in numerology 

Article here:


Gateways to what is often called 

Buddha process

Christ Consciousness 

This can often have a “negative” trigger for those adverse to any religious perspective 


Buddhism is actually a process not a religion at all

This Mayan Tzol Kin is an enlightenment process too 

Designed to enable the individual to become aware of the daily codes 

Tune in 

Awaken to what the Great Mother is downloading for our personal next steps

and collective next steps 

so tuning in is key 


To begin with the human being is so full of conditioning from it’s earth tribe



especially the West


suppressing the feminine nature and ways 

from it’s cellular dna of generations of “corruption” by ego frameworks

That is can be difficult to hear the spirit guidance from our spirit self

Chinese Whispers distorted by the ego often prevail

because this is who the human part

is at that time 


The more the individual starts to do inner work

become aware of their personal codes and patterns 

Feel their feelings instead of suppressing them…

Something we have been conditioned to hide is all


essential to allow this now  

because this reveals vulnerability and hurt 

Anger being a protection of deeper feelings of being unloved 

grief over loss


A brave face often actually being a mask of deception

hiding what lies beneath

and “soldier” on

which belies the truth


that truth has to be faced at some point 

in order to go beyond it

The vibration of the individual cannot lie

and this is the new learning

coming into mass consciousness


Learning how the ego works reveals key teachings

Most importantly personal ego reveals enlightenment 

Learning tools to transform

Allows starting to accept the self more 

This process brings balance

As we are so far out of balance in the masculine extreme right now 

It can feel:





because it is new in part 

a new way of being for the human being of today

our next step of evolution 

When this process really amps up

it highlights how strong our internal belief system really is 


This is key to mastery 

This is being revealed in this

Blue Spectral Storm Year 

which began on July 26 2016


My Mayan Sign is

Blue Solar Hand 

The Gateway ~ 9th day ~ of

Blue Storm Wavespell

It is my personal evolution ~ emotional transformation process

to allow the embodiment of the new enlightened human being 

Here is a blog I wrote about this :

The Sacred Feminine returning is the key 


In this Wavespell of White Wizard

brings the learning of the asteroid belt ~ with new archetypes to unfold in our consciousness


Revealing also in all frameworks new feminine symbols 

Feminine Buddhas:


This picture is Chökyi Drönma

She is the first incarnation of

Samding Dorje Phagmo

Please click on the name to learn more

This is new learning for me into the realm of Buddism

which I am experiencing at a deeper level next weekend with my partner 

through his connections to Buddhism 

and our joint experience of a

Medicine Buddha Initiation

amongst other teachings 

Key to this time 

Vajrayogini learning 

More about this process and archetype here


Here is a mandala ~ again a symbol seen in many cultures and religions 

Free from all tags though it’s pure essence symbolises the Masculine and Feminine harmonising 


This is the structure of the wounded healer process

All wisdom based teachings reveal this 

for those who are ready to see 

because they are ready to see their personality and how it has been created


how it can be transformed now 

It is complex 

It is not rocket science 


each person does actually holds all the answers to their own freedom 

If they are ready to do the work 😉 

That is the first step of the initiate and what the Mayan Wavespell reveals hence the Mayan Year beginning in Leo time 

The taming of ego impulses that create unhealthy ways of relating on planet earth 

I have created workshops for this dark time of the year with this in mind



especially heart and soul 

Another Dark Goddess archetype is of course 



pic by Blake 

She goes down into the underworld at this time of year 

Revealing a path we can all take 

That allows us to rebirth next Spring 


artist unknown 

This workshop will help the explorer on their inner quest 

with tools of divination



maps to explore their dark psyche 

and transform it to reveal power given away in the past



also I am sharing an

Emotional Awareness Course 

Online for those who cannot come in person


at in person venues 

which I will advertise as and when 

I am now sharing my learning of the Mayan Wavespell with online ebooks and webinars you can engage with in person or simply watch 



Persephone Path ~ 6 stand alone ebooks and webinar  all £9 each

First one : Persephone Path Initiation 05 October  ~ a 13 Clear Sign and Burner Day 


Living the Tzol Kin Workshops ~ webinar and ebook each stand alone all £9 each

Next one: How to ground and earth using the 260 day cycle  12 October

Learn about planetary Burner Days

Learn about your Burner Days and how they are key to transformation


Emotional Awareness Course

Do this when you are ready to ~ it is flexible to work at your pace and comes with online support coaching also as and when you require extra level transformation and integration.


Today as I am writing this we are in

Leo Waning Moon 

Here are the degrees from Inside Degrees :

LEO 22
An alligator swims slowly through a swamp.
Imperious self-command. The self, entirely conscious of its own territorial rights and privileges, exerts a presence, a force. Saturating the atmosphere with one’s love, light, and intensity. Big and bright, deep and formidable. So very purposive that your every breath is conceived to be part of the master plan. Grandiose and inflated, yet into something so essential that it is very difficult to go against. It is the ingrained aura of spiritual authority and cosmic intent, linked with the heights, seeping into the depths. You become so enduring and insistent that others back out of the picture. Graphic demonstration of being here now in your element, doing what you need to do. Sinuous, suggestive, sensuous, and somewhat prone to pushing it a bit. The inner light upheld at the cost of any and all extraneous factors.

~ Contents ~

LEO 23
An old man cutting mistletoe off an oak tree with a golden knife.
Spectacular attainment. Peak capacity. Everything prepared and ready. The consummation of lifetimes in the destiny-drama of self-mastery. Your tireless pursuit of perfection and gift of knowing what is asked are charged with collective power. Marking out a pathway which shall remain always. The Gods inspire, the hour is ripe. Demonstration is constant–the rhythm is the one the inner worlds are synchronized with. And the whole idea is to become selflessly yourself, offered to the Goddess and emergent through time as the God-Man boldly, uninhibitedly, all there.

~ Contents ~

LEO 24
Sunrise over Stonehenge.
Immortal stature. Undiminished interior presence. A throwback to heroic times and places, character elevated, the universal code upheld, you are stalwart, uncompromising, and even rabid. Vertical understanding and allegiance. Exquisite sensibility. Nobility and the core of human nature embodied. You have a subtle undertone of magic and miracle, yet you’re often overtly quiet, simple, and straight. All goes into the spirit, poignant and evocative and moving.

Ready to have the courage to take your mask off ?


Be the vulnerable divine child again ?

Go for it 

You have everything you need to bring balance within

Love again


Everything that may seem like a thorn in your paw 

Reveals the Rose 


Letting the light in ~ clearing process of the ancients

From the Fifth Sun

Letting the Light in ~

 the clearing process of the ancients


revealing and resonating

it’s magic

White Wizard Wavespell

The Ignition of the

13 Clear Signs

Here is an earlier blog I wrote about this:

in the 260 day

enlightenment process

Yellow Resonant Sun 

on Friday 08 January 2016


pic credit

Wow Wow Wow 

Isn’t it amazing when a eureka moment ignites a spark ?


suddenly illumination occurs

Aha moment 

Switch on to a whole new level of understanding and see the next piece of the puzzle


in this leading picture of the Aztec Sun Stone

it highlights the piece that looks like a jigsaw puzzle

and here is a link giving a description about an interpretation of it’s meaning 


This is a cookie trail that initiated a while ago


is now becoming clearer 

as it does

each lap around the 260 day cycle

and …

even more so when done with conscious intent to connect and learn

because that is it’s very purpose

to integrate the conscious human being

with the universal consciousness code

that is creating through each human being

on planet earth every moment of every day 

On the day I begin this blog

Friday 08 January 2016

We are on Day 20 of the new cycle

We have completed a full circuit of the 20 Mayan Signs

This day is not only a 13 Clear Sign

It is a mastery seal

and the goal

as it were

of the 260 day continual spiral process:

To transform the human conditioned mind

to create balance with the heart

the masculine and feminine 

the returning sacred feminine embodied

to be able to hold the liquid light of love

light being - universe




within the human being 

as an enlightened person living with wisdom


through transformation of personal shadow behaviours

repressed parts of the self 

through personal love and acceptance

of oneself 


as a direct part of that process

creating healing of one’s own heart

behaviours being modified in relationship then possible

Holistic Health being lived 

This day was also a galactic portal

A human evolution building block day where this transformation process is totally aligned

In the UK it was dark moon in Capricorn

building to a New Moon in Capricorn


As I began this part it was 2 degrees in Capricorn:


A wisdom tooth that has been removed from someone’s mouth. It is plated with gold.
It is useless to know certain things out of context. If you have always known something crucially important, that kind of knowing does not serve you any longer. So you must place yourself in the antithesis of what you have always known, and then when all seems lost, chaotic and super-strange, you must find deep inside you that spark of what you have always known, which holds true under impossible conditions. It always turns out that the massive superstructure, the beliefs and the concepts, fall away, crumble to dust. But what was deeply and truly learned and made your own emerges far stronger than ever and provides a basis for the future. Meanwhile, in the thick of the action, it can look pretty desperate until the need is so acute that you reawaken that special place and make it work for you, when truth is a matter of life or death.

Very simply this Mayan Calendar process reveals all the human being needs to know about unveiling their own personal mystery

It is that simple

It is that profound

and yes…

there is a catch 😉 

Of course 

For the individual

to be a consciously active part of this

enlightenment process 

the individual has to look at themselves 

Have discipline

Learn about how they tick

and decide to do whatever it takes to be :

The disciple 

The Capricorn goat

climbing the mountain


This is not new

It is ancient of course 

There are new ways to use the tools using todays technology



An initiate does not need to dive into a pool of crocodiles

or be buried alive

but of course if the initiate wants that type of adventure then so be it

The traditional image of this sign is the head and upper body of a goat and the lower body of a fish

so climbing the heights of the earth to commune with the heavens


going to the depths of the Oceans and emotions to explore Neptunian realms


Capricorn link

Surprisingly many seem to be prepared to do this extreme challenge


yet falter at the thought of facing their own ego:

life so far



the so called seven deadly sins acting out

which all human being’s do in some way

because it is simply part of the learning process 😉 

It is the core code each person is here to evolve personally

for the collective human tribe evolution



This is where the gold is 

This is where the disciple has to go …


The darkest days were just before


Winter Solstice

in the Northern Hemisphere




Lots of classic ego behaviours of distraction being experienced

in the run up to Christmas


with the first full moon in Cancer on Christmas Day

since 1977

when Chiron was also first discovered in the starry skies by the modern man

all the shadow prima material is there for the alchemical reworking

for those ready to role up their sleeves and dive in to the dirt 

In the Mayan  13 Moon Calendar we were in the penultimate day of the 6th Moon 

Rhythmic Moon 

Getting into the rhythm of the feminine

The balance 

Seeing where we are out of synch

and feeling sick as a result of imbalance

Whether that is physically


or both 


The New Moon in Capricorn

took place in the UK on the 10th of January

It was at 19 degrees of Capricorn

A half-eaten piece of bread.
Utilitarian considerations. Observing the self through objectified eyes. Conditioning and programming. Talking self and others into following the program. Astute wheeler-dealer. You’re not there in it, picturing it as though it were something brutally obvious and commonplace. Decadence, barbarian tendencies. Sympathies with the consciousness of problems and issues, difficulties and struggles all-pervasive. Never content, always aware of what is not happening. The bitter perspective and relentless repetition of the litany of gloom and doom.

here is a in depth article about this from  

Darkstar Astrology

this was another powerful day in this magical wavespell

White Solar Wind 

Another portal day 

Another building block of human evolution


Here is an article that goes with this pic 

It was also day 1 of the next Mayan Moon

Resonant Moon

This is Moon 7

The Mystic Moon


The time of seeing what is resonating for us as individuals

Literally what is feeling good naturally…

free from artificial stimulants giving a high or a low

be it food, media, people

The ability to connect to source

and power up from within

at the darkest time of the year

when the tinsel has gone

Flowing with the force

Spirit shiny bright glowing in the human being

and also where this is not happening too

key information to evolve now

This is a key day for me

one of my Castles

13 year cycles

Using the Mayan calendar I can see exactly when this year was happening for me 


Year of the Venus transit

This year I was watching

Star Wars

again linked to 1977

and taking a trip down memory lane as to where I was then and where I am now

noticing the synchronicities and 

the jigsaw puzzle pieces

intending to be free of any spoilers in my blog

so this star map pic of a hologram is from Prometheus

if you have watched the film you will know how this refers to a missing link


My belief about anything on planet earth that is “created” by human beings

is that it is channeled from source

using each person’s unique gifts and perspective to be birthed and expressed 

through them


perfectly aligned for the creative story unfolding en masse


interpreted in different ways by the individual in relationship with this information

depending on their conscious awareness

Paradoxically as of old

the ones who have an awareness 


whatever label we wish to choose


viewed by the majority still running a majority of conditioned mind code


mad 🙂 

The people who are here experiencing this difference to the masses

are …

in my belief system…

well versed at this

have had many lifetimes of it 


are here with all that past life experience

to be a key part of that transition

which is why it is so important for the individual to be true to themselves

no matter how much resistance is happening from others as to what they are feeling and expressing 

because the others are not ready to hear their truth yet

as it does not match their truth

Star Wars is viewed as purely science fiction by most of the population

it is on another level

a myth revealing many truths 

The individual sees what they are

depending where they are

on their magical journey


pic by Audrey Van Hawley

Monday 11 January was the 10th day

Blue Planetary Night

I spent an intense day in hospital with the moon now waxing in Aquarius 

big love for my man whom I was with

As he went down to theatre and I hugged him goodbye

on the wall was a work of art

a piece of jigsaw puzzle 

touch of grace 

This particular 10th day

is the conscious dreamer code

realising that the human being works as a hologram 

beaming our reality onto a game board 

a matrix

aka reality daily life engagement

from the inside out

This is key wizard mastery 🙂

It’s planet is Saturn

Once the individual maps and learns their Saturnian patterns

everything becomes so much clearer

This is essential to self awareness and enlightenment 

Seeing the pattern returning

and if the time aligns

healing and transforming 

This is second nature to me as a

Blue Solar Hand

I am here to do this work

first and foremost for myself


share my experience with like minded souls

My essence Wavespell is coming up on Friday 15 January 

Blue Hand Wavespell

Time to shape our destiny 😉 


I can see how in the past

I have been in hospital and others have been waiting for me

when I had my babies

and it was a very stressful time for them

where all they could do was wait

I revisited times when I had been the patient


when I had to be patient and felt powerless

having to be on the receiving end

and at other people’s mercy in a different way

I intended to fully connect with anything ready to release 

and I was overwhelmed by all the emotion that came

I embraced it 

I released it 

I just cried 

a lot 

and as I waited for the man I love to emerge 

I realised how it would feel if he did not 


focused on what really matters to me 



being intimate



all the times when I have not been able to do that 

and forgiving and accepting what I can 

about me and my life so far 

who on earth am I now ?


I have been low on energy for a while since my move in November

The emotional shifts and experiences of the last twelve months in particular

caught up with me over Christmas

and I have been having tests to cover all bases 

on one level it is simply being out of balance to move and create a new home base

very important for my Taurus Moon 

I do too much and now I have to rest and recuperate more

old pattern 😉

I have also made dietary shifts and these may impact too so I will be blogging about this and sharing what I learned for me and my unique perspective

some of which may be of value for you as we have common ground

It is also very reassuring for me to be aware

that I am experiencing the same cycles in a slightly different way

with new understanding and some maturity

and some old immaturity too 😉 

I still feel like a young teenager about so many things

Ripe threads for renewal and re~patterning 

Day 11 ~ Yellow Spectral Seed

on Tuesday 12 January 


was the day of letting go and recuperating 

Seeing how we have developed coping mechanisms ~ often distractions, denials and dissing of others 🙂

rather than feeling and seeing the truth under our nose 


this also allows us to play the game of the matrix step by step by things being hidden then revealed in synch with the matrix and with other people in our circle


This is the fecund time now of the light returning in the Northern Hemisphere

and the ground starting to stir

sometimes it is a cold snap too 

some seeds need to be frozen to start the creation process

some need to be warmed

and some need to be eaten and shat out so ….

it is a cosmic time of artistry


if you are



this is a very key time for 

The Great Work 




3 of disks Thoth


Art Thoth

White Wizard, like Art in Thoth tarot

is the

14th Sign

Here is an article about the 14 pointed star 


It is the first of the Seven Seals of Mastery

self empowerment from knowing the self 

loving and accepting the self

healing the self

being free of the self

knowing it is a construct

then able to reconstruct from this true place of freedom

Here is a link to a pdf that explains more about Mayan Signs:


A fantastic series of films about the Pyramid Code

and the Mayan Calendar

in particular is this one

Pyramid Code 5

Wednesday January 13 

Red Crystal Serpent


Hygeia by Klimt.jpg

Hygeia by Klimt.jpg

This is the key to crystal clear relationships

First and foremost creating that structure from within

by letting go of anything getting on our nerves

on whatever level or levels we need to

This sign is the process we are fully engaged in this Mayan Year


White Planetary Wizard is the 10th day of this process

Red Serpent Wavespell

White Planetary Wizard Year

began on July 26 2015

Here is a blog I wrote about that then

This Wavespell is one of two powerful human evolution 13 day processes

that takes us into the heart of the Tzolk’in 

10 portal days to access the Akashic Record 

our Ancestral patterns and wounding ripe for evolution

This Mayan Sign is the 5th Sign and the heart of the matter of flow

It is connected, like White Wizard , to

The Asteroid belt 

and the one emerging today is Hygeia

How to find her in your chart

General info

Learning more about the Mayan Temples has been a revelation

Chichen Itza for example 

holds the Chi Chen ~ Red Serpent 

Chi being the key 

How the temples reveal the serpent shadow on the steps at Solstice time

One of the new strategies I am exploring in a different way has been prompted by my partner

Psyllium Husks 

aid the process of elimination

I have had big changes of diet and do not eat meat

I am low on iron 

There was a lot of wild plantain growing near my poly tunnel and I have blogged about it before

Now I am ingesting it albeit from a different source


Remembering to see what is in my circle of influence is always there for a reason

Nothing is random in our amazing conscious universe 

I have just bought some from my local store ~ fortunate to have a wonderful resource on my doorstep 

and in this amazing time of the web it is possible to get most things from most places of course 

Google it 😉 

When I followed a deeper cookie trail I found this magical piece

Yesterday of course was Wednesday

Woden Day



Mercury Day 

Messenger of the God Self 

Plantain is in this 

Nine Herbs Charm

The collective is now at a stage of completion

A 26000 year cycle 

Lots of exploration and learning through going around the cycles

and now the return to balance of the Sacred Feminine

maybe this has happened many times before

Maybe each time it is slightly different ?

Truth be told no one knows for sure

My understanding through my personal experience is that

the understanding of the process of completion of patterns

is now possible 

Happening on a bigger picture scale 

Everything lined up to allow it

What was hidden and restricted to a few in times past

Is now accessible to those initiates ready to walk the talk

Be the change 


create new ways 

new patterns

end of times


My understanding of personally living my story 

all of it

is my experience now 

It has gone beyond intellectual theory 

It is really difficult to put into words though

but trying to do that in my blogs

Today is the second 13 clear Sign

in the Mayan Quetzalcoatl Process

Day 13’s in each process are the day of the shift

White Cosmic World Bridger


Today’s planet is Mars

Mars has just gone into Scorpio

It’s own planet

This is a powerful time of ending old world’s


Going in deep

Do you want to live a surface life ?

Do you want to distance yourself from people out of fear ?

Are you afraid to speak your truth because of what will happen ?

Are you uncomfortable about the real you that you hide that slips out when intoxicated or triggered ?

Are you feeling up tight , pissed off, passive aggressive , aggressive, sick of the world, the job

pretending to be something you are not ?

Fed up with the ridiculous rules and being controlled by unfair out of balance authority systems?

Are you ready to admit it even to yourself ?

Are you ready to come clean about how you actually feel about yourself and your life

Your dependencies?

If so you are in a powerful place of evolution

You are ready for the next step 

All human being’s have dependencies 

We are all inter dependent on each other

On everything on planet earth

but our ego conditioned self likes to deny that

and creates lots of distractions to avoid this fact 

Our ego has a positive intention to keep us safe of course 

because the truth is each human being has very little control over their day to day


on the surface

When these dependent relationships become out of balance

They become addictions

An Alcoholic will often trade their addiction to alcohol for Alcoholics Anonymous 

It is still a dependency

Often not addressing the real root causes of the alcohol abuse and although it may seem preferable behaviour

the way of being in a dependent relationship is not healthy

If the individual does not go deeper and heal the root

The same pattern continues and often alcoholism is labelled a disease as a way of deflecting responsibility for the behaviour by the individual because the individual chose to have that relationship with alcohol and all the ensuing outcomes

If denial of that continues then transformation

and healing stays at that level

until the individual is ready to go deeper

This is key to owning our personal behaviour and creating change in our relationship with the outer world



These patterns are systemic and have become very strong during the repression of the sacred feminine globally for thousands of years

The extreme egoic masculine does not understand or feel comfortable with the feminine

that it cannot control

first and foremost in itself ~ it’s human being self

Feelings that feel disturbing are denied and repressed

In the outside world systems put in place to control chaos

Focus on the mind


Mechanisation of the human 

Manipulation of truth to enslave

Harnessing the power of these inner demons and desires

to create addicts who need the system that they feed

Of course this has been constantly highlighted in media for the past two hundred years in terms of consumerism

and thousands of years in Spirituality doctrine and Mythology 

Western Society ~ now being modelled by the East in many ways

is insane

and most people are aware of this

and often feel there is no way off the hamster wheel

Working long hours in unnatural environments

eating unnatural food has a price to pay

Those being paid the least often giving the most and yet being reviled

Being bullied

Being pressured 

Simply a repeating pattern in History 

What I have seen in my journey 

is all my past playing out

As a mother I understand my mother through experiencing my children behaving in a way I behaved

I am in a different position

A woman who has never been a mother may not get this experience directly in the same way

but may do this is a different way

I am often present physically but not there ~ running past or future scenarios

So I may make a choice to be at home with my children but unable to be fully present because of practical demands that seek intellectual or physical response

in the same way that a child will not get full attention in a group at school or child care 

the child will receive an experience of the other care giver not being present with them

and how they feel about that and create patterns accordingly 

The core vibe is not being present

When I moved house I got two speeding tickets

I haven’t experienced this before 

I do not mean to imply I have kept to speed restrictions ~ I haven’t been caught is all

I am not meaning to imply anything about that 

just being honest

I am generally respectful about village speed

My first offence I was excused of  and I thought I had a reprieve


noticed the other time was different 

Hopes raised




I was not present on those times

I was distracted by whatever

The truth is 

I was not present and I am driving a car

At first part of me wanted to do anything to get out of it 

Points on the licence 

Part of me felt it was so unfair into victim mode

bla bla denial

Part of me was afraid of the consequences ~ hike in insurance 

I am going on a speed awareness course and  clearly I have new learning

I have not kept up to date with all the changes in the Highway Code 


how can one person do all of this ?

be an expert in all fields?

be a mother/lover/father/worker/health pro/diy pro/driver/gardener/cook/domestic goddess and so on

It is a madness that our modern life expects


exhausting 🙂 

So how to evolve at this testing time?

Learn new ways of being 

Less is more

Downsize debt and stop borrowing on the future or past to live now

When outgoings are low then large incomes are not required

Feeding the greed system can start to decrease

Being content with simple pleasures becomes the focus

The addiction aspects of life all have a high premium both financially

and on the body

and on other bodies

Taking responsibility for all our choices as an individual is key 

consciously this really assists our journey


it is always happening anyway in my view and understanding

When we consciously align with the universal codes everyday 

we can access all there is

in terms of timely


aligned awareness

the exact info that the individual needs to evolve


It is the same metaphor for driving on the road

There are rules and guidelines in place which the initiate learns intellectually

The Highway Code 

The individual can minimise “chaos” with systems and solutions 

car insurance

breakdown cover

The system tries to keep the environment “safe” with speed restrictions




manipulate the environment and life experience to a degree

in other arenas:

buy a lifestyle for a while

get plastic surgery to change the impact of life experience 

create a cosy nest 

plan a career


then it snows

Seen the effect in the UK when that happens?

then the banks crash

then the company fails

then a life crisis happens 

then a war breaks out 

This is life

Life is not fair or predictable 

and often there is no one to blame 

and no one to turn to

but oneself 

in order to find an inner change point 


The Fool

Once that happens and the individual takes full responsibility for a personal solution


feels to heal

it becomes very apparent that the universe is supporting this

and the individual all along

and people show up in a healthy way to support this 

We attract what we are

all our lifetimes 

The more the individual resists personal change

the more resistance appears 


it is resistance to change that creates pain on one level


the universe matches the individual’s belief systems

because that is how life is experienced

inside out 

This is only presented as a simple construct in this blog 

I do not intend any disrespect or irreverence for other people’s beliefs

and I do not claim to have all the answers about anything 😉 

that is each person’s individual responsibility and journey

So today as we navigate life’s path way 

What is seeking illumination

Where are we present ?

Where is the past leaking in?

Are we able to go into the future in a practical balanced way

or looking to live in it rather than the here and now?

Where can we become more empowered


be the White Wizard  

going with the flow?

Getting our ego in alignment

with our higher self ?

Surrendering our will to the



Goddess self 


At this time of year we have Aquarius

just around the corner

It is a time of seeing our bigger picture and taking matters into our own hands

if we are ready to shape our destiny

Whatever is coming into focus is key to living our destiny


living magically

from the heart 

If you would like to explore your patterns 

Transform how you feel about yourself 

Engage deeper intimacy potentiality

Maybe start a business

Find a loving soul mate

Release the real you

Unlock your secret mysteries

Let go of emotional eating 

Releasing addictive relationships from the core

You have the answers


all of these aspects

come from the same space within

I can assist you in finding them in a practical way 

Being The Seer is key 

Combining magic and intuition traits 


both the masculine

and feminine 

coming into balance


I love sharing your journey with you 


mine in my blogs 

This is an amazing time of enlightenment 

Wishing you joy on your journey 


Todays Waxing Moon in Pisces at 3pm in the UK :

Pisces at 20 degrees

Someone lurking in a dark wood. They are waiting for a passerby.
Imagining and conceiving nefarious plans and designs within the unconscious mind and blanket denial by the conscious mind. The shadows, the dark, the unknown are saturated with menace, trickery, deception, and long-built-up heavy emotions. All of this is too much for the conscious self to even begin to claim or own. You are essentially engulfed by deep shadows with outward shows of light. But truly you cannot play it any other way. And even if this syndrome perpetuates and gives great sanctuary to dark and mischievous spirits, it is deeply experienced as a fate imposed by past mistakes that this lifetime’s self did not originate. And so the protestations of innocence are accurate and sincere even while you are harboring everything you crave to break from forever.

I have a current workshop on these themes aligning to this Wavespell

Enlightenment Codes ~ Persephone 5 Workshop 



You can access it in ebook form only 

and if you are ready to go deeper

with energy coaching on Skype with me 

I am currently focusing on esoteric awareness balanced with day to day living 

for people ready to start moving into different ways of being

taking the small sustainable steps 

to creating new society structures

These changes will take time 


bring huge change


it is the people of today who are leading this 

brave and courageous pioneers all of us alive on planet earth now 



White Wizard Wavespell ~ the gateway of freedom


White Wizard Wavespell 

the gateway of truth

Today is one of the

13 clear signs of Pacal Votan

The code on the sarcophagus pictured above

White Cosmic Worldbridger

It is also the Mayan Day of a dear friend of mine

Sending love to you beautiful ❤

We have journeyed through many Gateways together

Shared very similar paths

and truths that we never dared to share with others


really started to go with the Goddess code even though it was way out of our comfort zone 

We have been through some very challenging times too

and still are

and some things

deep things

very emotionally tough things

are still coming up from that Plutonian underworld right now

Dante’s seven circles of hell

reveal the layers

and codes of alchemy

the essential transformation process that each individual has to go through to allow

Personal Plutonian transformation


anti matter ~ creating death code

anti christ ~ the opposite of consciousness and enlightenment


being the process

of letting go of old ways no longer serving human evolution 

being the change

by personally doing one’s

Pluto Process

which is a totally different thing to

thinking about what it means

and still living old ways 

saying affirmations

wanting change

still believing that transformation

can happen by simply bridging the gap and doing more of the same

being the same inside 


that is impossible of course

old mindset

old emotions and beliefs about the personality

all coping mechanisms created from birth still in operation 

mask, goggles and rubber gloves

still on ;- )


fear of intimacy

fear of engagement

setting the human beings stage

from the inside out

This is a living hell



the being

until the being decides to do what it takes


change with the times 


takes full responsibility for everything on their personal event horizon

lets go of the old wounds in relationship

works with what is getting on one’s nerves

that was the code for yesterday

Red Crystal Serpent 



learns how to relate in a conscious


emotionally balanced way


which is what Emotional Freedom Technique assists the individual to do

let go of the past dictating the present and birth the new

it does not mean

that the individual becomes an

emotionless zombie

quite the opposite

this is what happens when human beings take anti depressants

flat line

everything in containment and stagnancy 

I know

I tried them

and just like 

gas and air in child birth

they create a distraction for a while

rain stops play 

have strawberries and cream

and pretend that all is tickety boo

instead of allowing boo hoo

so creating limbo living

and that is true zombie living

in suspended animation


a choice 

often a stepping stone

a coping strategy 

until the being is ready to be again


I have only just leaned that Pluto goes retrograde for a long period every year as Persephone comes out of the underworld

and this is the perfect time to know that.

Learning more about Pluto being in Capricorn also is making sense in my everyday life 

It came in in 2008 and is here until 2023

which synchs in with the Mayan 13 year White Wizard Cycle

beginning on July 26 2019

In 2023 on July 26 the planet goes into

White Overtone Wizard Year 

The heart of the matter


Self Empowerment 

The financial crash was really starting to gain momentum in

White Lunar Wizard Year

which began on July 26 2007


once the individual

really starts to synchronise with this process

it all becomes clear as to the divine plan of

human evolution


why these seemingly difficult things have to happen

to create new structures

to allow that evolution

doesn’t stop the fear of course ~ that is part of the process 😉

Everything that has ever happened was meant to happen 

otherwise it wouldn’t have would it ?

Once the individual can fully embrace that concept 

Freedom process has commenced

and if you dear reader are feeling resistant to that concept

I offer you this idea…

This is simply because in your own life 

things have happened that your ego feels bruised about

This is key to everything for you

and of course your personal bruise ripples out into the wider web


that is all well and good too in terms of the cosmic cauldron


There is a consciousness

that has everything covered


once the individual really starts to have faith in that concept

and recognises that 

they are an expression of that consciousness


the individual can focus on their priority 

which is doing their personal process 

and letting go of others

and everything doing their process

This is surrender to the bigger picture

Being the Capricorn Disciple

ready to walk the talk



a mature master

of their own destiny within the cosmic scipt

which is what this Age

New World



is all about

To become individuals in order to truly know oneself 

and as a natural effect of that undertaking…

an expert on how to relate to the universe in a co creative way

having transformed their personal current co dependent code


I do not have any Capricorn in my star code

but I have lots of encounters with this energy


the UK is a Capricorn country


I can now start to see this in a whole new light

The more my awareness grows

and the more I align with the code and the more I can see

In the natural zodiac Capricorn

is the 1oth sign 


The number of manifestation and it’s opposite axis is Cancer

which is the 4th house 

What is shaped in the human being

in their house and home

creates the structure of the soul journey 

all the seed intentions and potentiality are born herein

the 4th Mayan Sign is Kan

Yellow Seed 


due to the survival of the species

this is also the place where

all human mask coping mechanisms are forged

to protect the heart and human from further harm 

all very well intentioned

and also as the saying goes

the road to personal hell and ruin…


the individual is ready

to let go of building walls 

to keep the world out 

and realises that all of this is part of the grand design

and what is feared

holds the keys to freedom and salvation 

the way out of the labyrinth is there all the time 

in what the ego perceives as

“the problem”


constantly is aiming to not feel pain

so misdirects the individual all the time

to not go there

to build great towers on the outside 

to build the ego up

and yet the wise heart

brings all the matching pain blueprints

over and over 

in circles

in patterns

hoping that the individual will at last get the hint and…

 get to the heart of the matter

and feel the pain and heal it 



then from that ruined ego 

accepting it’s shadow feelings at last

all new forms can come

It is very simple really

All that has hurt us heals us

and this is key to personal alchemy 

However the ego overlooks simple 😉


It has been a profoundly challenging week for me 

I haven’t been able to do a lot except deal with my everyday life 


recover from it

If this has also been the case for you big hugs

We have to go through the black holes to come out the other side 😉

I intended to do lots of things and blog on certain very powerful days 

but the universe had other ideas

and this is so key

to this 13 day code

that is a planetary code 

What I mean by this in simple terms

is that the planet earth has 4 codes in the Mayan Matrix Calendar

each have 13 year cycles

each year has a different code within that 13 year cycle 

they are:

Red Moon ~ the current 13 year cycle ~ Awakening to authenticity ~ started in 2006

White Wizard ~ next 13 year cycle ~ self empowerment by being a clear conduit 

Blue Storm ~ the transformational one that is a catalyst for change

Yellow Seed ~ The true star seed ~ which becomes covered in a protection mask through the human being experience 

This current 13 day process we are now in the 13th day of

White Wizard

will be featuring in a big way when it takes centre stage on July 26 as

White Planetary Wizard 

This code is all about getting our ego

out of the way

and letting our karmic journey unfold instead

I will share a way that I have learned to do this later

and again…

key to this code and these times

it does turn everything traditional and conditional literally…

on it’s head


That is it’s absolute purpose 

I have been discussing this with my Astrologer friend Carolina as well as to destiny/fate/karma

call it what you will 😉

We believe the only free will you have is how to play the cards you are dealt 

because we come to earth with a code 

that is revealed with our

Astrology and Mayan Sign

and the more the individual star journeyer learns to read this code



understand it


understand the personal pattern

the more conscious the journeyer becomes about themselves

and their

star seeded mission

This heart mission

is not to be a blazing celebrity or famous or ego trip 

to be a guru or have followers

it is all about the challenge we face as common people 

whatever our personal challenge that has been there

since we were first born

some people are doing their journey being famous too

and that is the paradox

that is essential to the game of the matrix

it is a totally different game plan

If you are here to be a game changer

by truth telling about shadow stuff

which is the key to this new world code


what goes with that is not an easy path right now

nor has it ever been

but gets easier to navigate

the more the individual embraces the codes of truth

free from any manipulation or distortion

and to do that

starts within

at the home and the hearth

What I share in my blogs is largely what I have come to know 


and shared as such as my experiential journey

however this alchemical journey is not 

“my way”

It is an ancient pathway

and as such I am following in the footsteps 

of all previous and future pathfinders 

to quote Keats who I read at school and did not understand at all at the time

Ode to a Grecian Urn

When old age shall this generation waste,
Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou sayst,
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. (lines 46–50)

or how about

William Blake


“To See a World…”

(Fragments from “Auguries of Innocence”)
To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

A Robin Redbreast in a Cage
Puts all Heaven in a Rage.
A dove house fill’d with doves and pigeons
Shudders Hell thro’ all its regions.
A Dog starv’d at his Master’s Gate
Predicts the ruin of the State.
A Horse misus’d upon the Road
Calls to Heaven for Human blood.
Each outcry of the hunted Hare
A fiber from the Brain does tear.

He who shall train the Horse to War
Shall never pass the Polar Bar.
The Beggar’s Dog and Widow’s Cat,
Feed them and thou wilt grow fat.
The Gnat that sings his Summer song
Poison gets from Slander’s tongue.
The poison of the Snake and Newt
Is the sweat of Envy’s Foot.

A truth that’s told with bad intent
Beats all the Lies you can invent.
It is right it should be so;
Man was made for Joy and Woe;
And when this we rightly know
Thro’ the World we safely go.

Every Night and every Morn
Some to Misery are Born.
Every Morn and every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight.
Some are Born to sweet delight,
Some are Born to Endless Night.


and as is revealed in Donnie Darko ….


Here is a link to interpret the themes

Just watched that again with my daughter who is a White Wizard

with the same tone as my Grandfather

His Mother committed suicide on his birthday

and my mother found her


this impacted heavily in my ancestral code


I am seeing it now showing up in many ways 

From Donnie Darko’s language and theme:

The manipulated living start to die in earnest at 40

because of trying to stay the same and play the ego game

of eternal youth

which is not possible in an ageing vehicle

instead what is possible is acceptance of the human being life span 

and opening up to new learning as a

planetary server


at this time of transition

the path finders are not here to sacrifice themselves to do that 

This is co dependent code

This is essential to integrate any belief that an individual is here 

to do the trip for others

that is an ego mis direction 😉

I time travelled back with the songs in the film

so many key life events triggered in remembrance 

and haunting lyrics with

mad world

and another ~ Killing Moon

Echo and the Bunnymen


The Killing Moon

Under blue moon I saw you
So soon you’ll take me
Up in your arms, too late to beg you
Or cancel it though I know it must be
The killing time
Unwillingly mine

Fate up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him

In starlit nights I saw you
So cruelly you kissed me
Your lips a magic world
Your sky all hung with jewels
The killing moon
Will come too soon

Fate up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him

Under blue moon I saw you
So soon you’ll take me
Up in your arms, too late to beg you
Or cancel it though I know it must be
The killing time
Unwillingly mine

Fate up against your will
Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him…

See it is there to be seen

depending on the place the individual is at 

everyone is a channel of the universal code

This is all the collective has to do


“save the world “

give up the ego

and be prepared to look at what the personal ego believes about itself

It is time to rip the Band Aid off


see the truth of Band Aid in the 80’s 

none sense

because the fruits of the labours are there to be seen

it is still happening 

because other people cannot do the journey for anyone else


“fix it”

To change the world the individual has to be prepared to feel everything

rather than let the ego project it outwards

which is what the child does to be safe and survive

no matter how much the individual thinks about things

the feelings remain

this is out of balance

Feel it 

then let all the pain out 

then the answer comes from a different clearer space

otherwise it is simply an ego “plot” to project and pretend 

Time to grow up and face the music ?


keep playing the same old tune and cry into the coffee

and I have been doing bits of both as that is the nature of it for those that feel

Once the initiate has done enough inner ego transformation this becomes clear

This is key to Taurus time now 

Time to cut the bull poo folks inside

and then no need for it be manifest outside


Key to personal enlightenment


to use a gardening metaphor 

because it is all the same process

A living being is a intrinsically a paradox

Very delicate on one level and yet immensely strong in other ways

If a gardener puts raw manure on young plants shoots

it burns them

because it has not had time to mature and alchemically change

when it has alchemically changed

it is  a wonderful life giving elixir that comes from that process

although not all plants require this and some thrive on nutrient deficient soil 


Basically Bull burns

and if the individual has not healed their original anger events

on all levels

not just think they have 

then the vibe of that is what is creating reality

not what bull comes out of the manipulated mouth piece 

It is what it is

Is Is 




08 Goddess Hathor bas-reliefs on Roman birth house

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus at the moment 

Is Is is strong ~ it is what it is no matter what our ego tries to do to manipulate matter

the illusion will out when the time is right 

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

Be Do Have 

Back to my personal story

When the individual reaches 40 life begins as the saying goes

the 4’s are structure codes for soul transformation

My 40th birthday was in 2005

It was the year before the current 13 year cycle began on planet earth in 2006

It was Yellow Cosmic Seed Year on the earth 

a big year for moving the mask of the collective human being

for me personally I was on a year 10 ~ Blue Planetary Hand

The codes of my own sign and what I had manifested for myself

through using my own hands

my own Gateways 

This year was the 10th year of my cycle of White Wind

which began on my birthday in 1996

This was not a happy place in many ways

It had meant letting go of lots of old ways

and massive fear trips


the ripples are still coming from that

I have done lots of things that I regret

and I am constantly revisiting them every day

in my current reality 

and feeling pain because of it


I know that all of it 

all of it 

was essential for me to be writing this blog today 


I also know that I signed up for it


what to do?

Do it 😉

Learn whatever I need to 


keep moving

keep feeling

keep being

keep as open as I can

and share my process

In our shadow aversion society the truth is not rewarded 

Scapegoat time 

What I have done has created an outcome

That outcome has created feelings and a way of life


I have done that

yes with other people too


do I choose to keep doing relationships that hurt ?

That are inauthentic and dishonest?

To create more of the same ?

That would be crazy wouldn’t it ?

and yet that is what most of the human being collective is doing

and has been doing for centuries

Time to see things in another way ?

The time is absolutely ready for it

and this is what becomes very self evident

once the individual starts to

be the process of the Mayan 260 day synchroniser 

That is what it is designed for

This new 26000 year code of human evolution 

and the human being 


what it is all about

by being it 

Living naturally in alignment with source code

letting go of ego ways and rules

freeing oneself from conditioning 

The individual’s personal code

ties in with society structure

with the potential to create change in that structure

if the individual is prepared to stand up for their beliefs 

this process

birth’s the new age

Soul midwife procedure on a personal level

and isn’t it true in your life experience

that the majority of people are decent and honest to a large degree

wanting a different life ?


how many are prepared to actually do something about it

rather than moan about their lot in life or escape using mood changing strategies ?

The process of change cannot happen without human being engagement 

When the dissolution process starts to happen for the individual

it will bring fear

because the known world

the comfort zone

has to go


What appear to be “safe”

created from imbalance

will naturally bite the bull in the testicles


such is the code polarity now

Taurus and Scorpio

the second and 8th axis




The Goddess axis 

Do you want to be safe and stay in the cave?

Pull down the blinds while the world burns?

Play calming music whilst seething inside?

Pretend that all is well and buy another makeover ?

when the truth really is

fear is running amok

and many are still trying to patch up the truth

with drugs to suppress the pain

and the pain is going deeper and deeper 

seeking expression and release

So called dysfunctional families and systems are simply

manifested realities of what previous generations of human beings 

have seeded


living out of balance 



simply to know that

so that through that experiential knowing

something else can come

and it is

Today’s code is influenced

by the planet Mars

If you know where Mars is in your chart


which house

this will be helpful for you to get in touch with your personal masculine code 

It will reveal what is seeking to come into balance within your personal galaxy within

and any anger issues that appear now

leave a cookie trail to follow that leads back to the big bang personal event

that triggered that

and also what the personal mission is 

this mission started in the womb

the star structure combined with the human dna

all the prior ancestral code

is embodied


the mother

also as the vessel

imparts their current relationship experience with the universe

On a mind level this can be chartered with family constellation

and Mayan Signs and Cycles

and if the individual has access to the family tree like I have had

this is an amazing additional blueprint to add 

This Cosmic sounding stuff actually has a very grounded application 

that assists in the understanding of where the individual has come from

and what codes the individual is now working with…


if the individual is prepared to work holistically

and be the process

then miracles and magic happen naturally

because the reality of the universe is revealed more and more

as the individual transforms their personal veil

The shadow 

otherwise the Scorpio stays on the surface

and that is not a happy place for that energy to be

It seeks deep connection

It seeks to go beyond skimming the shallows and hiding in shadows

It seeks to see the bigger picture

dive deep 

It seeks to become the phoenix rising from the ashes




If it cannot do that

it becomes a survivor

and lashes out in pain

kill or be killed

With the full moon in Scorpio coming up next Monday in the UK

all that was initiated last October will be completing

Darkstar Astrology

Scorpio Decan 2 Scorpio 13 degrees

May 04 which is the mastery day of the

Blue transformation Wavespell starting on Friday

Blue Hand Wavespell


This is my personal 13 day code as a Blue Hand

and people already showing up to help me understand this

as always

right on time

this is what the process brings experiential understanding to the meaning

that many people believe in

If it is meant to happen it will

exactly 🙂

Everything is coded

All our codes continually repeat in cycles

and if we are consciously aware we can really start to see that in action

and truly let go of our ego leading

If someone does not have a code to be in a certain pattern on a certain day

they cannot be

that is a very simple explanation of course

Once the individual starts to understand how the matrix works

It becomes easier to let go

and engage

in the process

of personal transformation

letting go of resistance to what is

and embracing the

Killing Moon


It does not mean being passive

It does not mean lying down and let the world walk all over you


It does not mean structureless

boundaries breached


giving power to anything and everyone

It is the anti thesis of that

If the individual chooses to do the journey

It means commitment to doing what it takes

Keep getting back up

Keep chopping the wood and carrying the water

It is why women and men who allow their feminine

have a natural inclination to doing this process

because they are already doing it

Just like Mother Earth


Over stretched



selfless to a point of

un healthy ness

and on the brink of falling over the edge

one step away from complete exhaustion

and yet somehow still going



remember that the universe always balances us

until we choose to redress and adjust and say enough learn and evolve 

This is the Libra Moon we are working with that initiated this 260 day cycle 

Red Dragon Wavespell


Let go of base survival and any belief that this is ok

because in truth we are all born to a mother

and we all have equal rights in the universe

it is only mankind that decrees otherwise

and this exists

because at the moment it is essential to the evolution framework to change this each human being has to learn how this came into being ~

the process that created it over thousands of years 

and just on simple practical local levels such as how laws

came about because of people not being fair to each other

and how the laws and support systems

that are in our society

are also out of balance 

and there are reasons for that too

everything has a reason and a season

it did not just pop up out of the blue overnight

because someone created a vision board and said some magic words 😉

Here are some resources for learning about Pacal Votan if you choose

This film is created with an emphasis on the masculine

and intellect

and coming from that space

as is this one about

The Red Queen

Here is my offering to you as a 9


The Mayan Cycle we are in is Red Moon


It is the Gateway that each person has to go through to be free

To be awake

To be authentic

To be free

If the individual does not choose this

then no further conscious evolution can happen

because that is what it takes first of all

We are on a year 9 on the planet which is why this balance is so key

If you are on a year 9 this is key too for your personal Gateway

The way to complete the cycle

is to heal everything in the personal history that ego has an issue with

If the individual is prepared to do that then 

the pawn becomes a queen

obtains sovereignty

and has the keys to paradise

free of arrow wounds

This is what the codes reveal on Pacal Votan’s tomb

I believe

and my code is on there 😉

I am the embodiment of

Blue Solar Hand 

and I choose to be that every day as much as I can

and it is not easy

being the Seer

of shadow

especially today when I have had confirmation that 

what I felt intuitively 

back in 2001 was true and I was totally exploded and used


and it is also amazing too

and another layer can be released of living a lie

Todays code is what it takes to be

Self Empowered

the previous 12 days and their codes

have shown the individual

in their life experience

what is seeking change

for them

Each day has a blue print

and if the individual chooses to be it

then the process happens on a transformational level

which is what is 

revealed as the

Quetzalcoatl process 

Ready to be the Cosmic Shift

To bring oneself into balance

by letting go of one’s personal old world

in order to end it 

End it

Begin again 


which means there is paradoxically no end at all simply a Gateway to another way of being

It is a truly wonderful time to be alive and part of the matrix

and actually

get to be the conscious creator

and with that goes big responsibility to be the change and understand that most of the time to begin with the energy of that person will be constantly challenged and denounced because the other person is not ready to embrace that code

Learning how to work with that position takes strength and courage

and lots of dark nights of the ego

until a tipping point is reached

and I haven’t got there yet

but I am getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable

as I transform my wounds and code

Today was massive 

clearly it needed to happen to move me along

and get really clear about my past relationships 



Perfect timing for the too ~ thank you Carolina 

This was recently “discovered”

and is key to this Sacred Feminine Code Coming in 

Nebra Sky Disk

“Nebra Scheibe” by Dbachmann. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nebra_Scheibe.jpg#/media/File:Nebra_Scheibe.jpg

Exercise for today if you choose

to release old worlds with some deep enquiry 


What did you plan to do in the last 14 days that did not go according to plan?

How did that make you feel?

Tap on that

Here is a video I made about Triggers :


Be it

Feel it

With the intention of letting it go

and learning

what your ego structure is

What does this reveal about your personal life mission?

What are you here to personally evolve?

What is your challenge that pushes your anger buttons?

What is hiding underneath the anger ?

Where did that begin ?

Ready to be free of it ?


Once the individual starts to get clear about the patterns and their code

Everything lines up

No need for assumptions

simply stream consciousness

into that clearing space

of emptying the cup that is full of distortions

The bigger picture emerges

from the haze and the fog

Focus emerges as a shining light

from the doom and gloom 


Workshop coming up on 16 May

to work with this

Taurus Manifesting energy

You can take part in person in Glastonbury

or online by ebook and Skype at a mutually convenient time 

This will give you information specifically about your code

and what is coming up to be cleared

to allow you to be free of old conditioning and patterns

and assist in your soul journey

It is perfectly aligned

Blue Self~Existing Night

The code for allowing the conscious dreamer

to emerge free

from the nightmare of past events

It is the structure code of the Yellow Sun 13 day process

It is a portal day ~  a human evolution day 

Yellow Sun is the Mastery Code of enlightenment

The language of light

free from distortions

We are enough 

White Wizard Wavespell ~ Moon Goddess


White Wizard Wavespell

The Moon Goddess returning to power process

This is the code of self empowerment

and the sign is Ix

I have just made the direct connection of this to the Moon Goddess:


who is a similar archetype to

Lilith, Iris and Eris 


who is the leading picture in this blog

This Wavespell is: 

Code 14 

The mastery code 

and the first of the

Seven Solar Seals 

the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades


The shamanic feminine returning

to full radiance and light through each human being 😉 

at the time of the new 26000 year cycle

that began on December 21 2012

with the

Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere

foretold in the Indigenous myths

article about that here

The Aries New Moon

aligns with this tomorrow in the UK 

This is new beginnings time

very late in the sign and at 29 degrees


Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion.
The unconscious mind and the subconscious mind bear seeds of worlds which the conscious mind had yet to penetrate. These worlds can turn from dark to light and back again, but they are there, crying out to be fathomed, accessed, given their part in the dance. It is no longer possible to push into far shadows that part of the light which dwells in darkness. And so you must bring up, playfully or mischievously, candidly or surreptitiously, all of the hidden places. So that nobody can deny how much of our energy and resource indwells the deep and how all of our being longs to be known, to be seen, to be activated, to partake in the dance of life freely.and there is a reason for this 

as always this is perfectly aligned energy

with the starry skies

It is at the time of

Aries Decan 3 

which is ruled by


It is also key to the

Vertex in the natal chart

which is in the

Andromeda constellation


Destiny’s Gate 


this is very key for the individual 

and what was covered in the

Persephone Path 5 Workshop

whose day of Mayan Energy was

Blue Spectral Storm

This linked in to the

Aquarius New Moon on the 18th of February  

seeing our bigger picture

Blue Storm’s planet is Pluto 

along with Yellow Sun 

and these two Mayan signs

are the ending mastery codes of the matrix

code 19 and 20 

which is very synchronistic for today as 

Pluto has gone retrograde

going deeper

back over old ground

the underworld

to unearth that which is seeking light to allow new beginnings 

Article about this here

look out for July 15 and 16 ~ big day 


You can locate the Persephone Path ebook

on the Resources page of the blog 




and this can be seen as the code for the new age the planet is transiting into

the age of human beings becoming consciously aware en masse

leaving behind the ego head led society 

that does not co operate

co depends instead

in imbalance

believing that the ego is powerful and omnipotent 

when it is the absolute anti thesis of this 

and whichever side of the duality the human being is on

there is a scarcity 

a lack belief

fear based code

fuelling the creation process

the path is already there

and the key to this shamanic code

is to find it

to unveil it

to reveal it 

this is the true art of manifesting

that the majority are not yet seeing

and there is a reason for that

until the individual realises that following the cosmic cookie trail is the key

and the beginning

the alpha

step one

is within the individual because that determines the way it is seen and perceived and at the beginning this is by it’s very nature 

distorted code and filtering

this is what Quetzecoatl is:

the human being on earth who is ready to unveil their own code and work to bring balance to the Jekyll and Hyde and end the duality game 



Everything that has happened so far to the individual reveals this code

and the law of attraction is the heart

bringing what the individual needs to heal

and clear the rose thorns from the path

so that the way is free to be seen

to the rose garden

to Eden once more by first clearing the thorns within



Heaven on Earth

The Red Skywalker process


for the individual

White Wizard is the refining castle

of the planet

Red Moon is the awakening and the East

The planetary code of transformation is widdershins

just like the Ages of Precession 

The cycle is going backwards

amazingly huge and comprehensive website here 

The initiation of Red Dragon cycle

begins with the East 

Red Moon is the East ~ awakening to sun rise

White Wizard is the North ~

refining the East energy by aligning with true code free from distortions

and it’s planetary influence is the asteroid belt

and this is the next planetary year code

we go into on July 26 as

manifestation of the past 9 years


the Asteroid belt is full of

Goddess Archetypes 


that are ready to be brought into human being consciousness

to bring balance once more 

to the human being

with the sacred feminine embodiment

Here is an interesting article about dna and women and lovers

and another about women and their children

and although it is not mentioned

the fathers of the children will also be connected in the same vein on a cellular level

this new age reveals new ways to see this cellular connection


which is what

The Age of Pisces is all about

as the 12th house pisces brings the culmination of all of our human being evolution so far

if you look to your personal natal chart and what is in it in the 12th House or Pisces

you will find your code revealed around this

and if it is empty of the regular planets

look for asteroids and fixed stars 😉 

New energies to be integrated 

also look to it’s opposite house

which is the underworld in terms of the natal chart


opposite axis activator

which is


and the 6th house

when the individual aligns with the earth


healing using natural ways of being free from ego contamination 

in balance 

this happens naturally 

Virgo time is

Mayan Lunar Moon time 

this is also key to Chiron and our personal healing zone 

Chiron coming into consciousness in 1977

Earth Day is April 22nd

which just happens to be Planetary Moon day 19


Blue Rhythmic Storm Day

bringing balance to our emotional being

as the catalyst for heart healing and opening

see how everything magically links in ?

It is all taken care of 

already scripted

all the individual has to do 

is learn it and be it 🙂

in alignment for them by developing intuition

from a clear and integrated inner space 


White Wizard 13 year cycle begins in 2019

aligning with Uranus in Taurus 


what we are initiating now with

Uranus in Aries

will bear fruit then


and the more clearing we have done

the more we can align

be present 

in the now 

allowing our

higher isis energy

<clue: is is ~ it is what it is 😉 not what the ego distorts>

to guide us

free from ego rules and restrictions of fear


if you are still trying to read the future

and over extending using protection code

doing things today in an out of balance way

doing things for others based on fear

trying to control and manipulate

living using dishonest code of our hypocritical society

based upon hiding the authentic self

believing that the ego mind holds the secrets

that the universe is a material catalogue to fulfil an ego edifice 

to hide behind and prove worth

then be aware 

this code is past it’s sell by 😉

time to get real


and discover the magic that has always been there

all the time

within ourself 

and when the individual truly gets their ego out of the way

by hearing it

and working with it

transforming it and all it’s wounds 


then everything flows 

all resistance is where the

prima material of the alchemist is

ready to be unearthed

and formed into



from what is perceived as

the beast 


remember fair travellers

to fly high

first dig deep


look within for the treasure you seek 



all the solutions are found in the perceived problem


the wise alchemist is

the open hearted learner 


the fool on the journey…

which is a very different position

to the fool stuck on the labyrinth wheel

afraid of their own shadow


be the green man


reap the rewards ?

Lots of workshops coming up this year to help you live your life’s adventure

Consciousness Codes of:


Mayan Sign


Transformational Tools

you can use to empower yourself


create cosmic change 

from within 


A powerful one next month with Taurus

and the time for practical application

to manifest your heart’s desire by unveiling the gift of our true self

on the

16th of May in Glastonbury

or by ebook and skype

more info coming soon please get in touch to register your interest as charts are required for this 

this is day 4

of the

Yellow Sun Wavespell

and therefore the structure of the enlightenment process

Blue Self~Existing Night 

and a

human evolution day ~ a galactic portal

This is the key code for accessing the dream free from the ego nightmares 

Moon Gardening in Glastonbury 


begins again on Monday 27 April  

in the Taurus part of the Glastonbury Zodiac at my home


Donation for resources to share and group outings 

This group meets every week informally as and when people feel to come

We share gardening wisdom, drink tea, swap plants and seeds  and explore gardens including our members own gardens 

no knowledge of gardening or moon gardening is required 

this year we are also intending to share our experience and produce at fairs

in the locality too 

Please get in touch if you wish to come 

this way of being with nature is so great to re align and attune with the great mother and her circles and cycles


activate our innate knowingness that has been forgotten

and is perfectly timed to be remembered now 

This is Yellow Spectral Seed day ~ letting go of all masks so we can emerge as the true seed .

Perfect for planting ideas that bring joy to the heart for this year

Taurus Sun and working towards the Scorpio full moon

It is Leo waxing moon at 24 degrees :

LEO 24
Sunrise over Stonehenge.
Immortal stature. Undiminished interior presence. A throwback to heroic times and places, character elevated, the universal code upheld, you are stalwart, uncompromising, and even rabid. Vertical understanding and allegiance. Exquisite sensibility. Nobility and the core of human nature embodied. You have a subtle undertone of magic and miracle, yet you’re often overtly quiet, simple, and straight. All goes into the spirit, poignant and evocative and moving.

White Wizard Wavespell ~ pure magic




White Wizard Wavespell 

The Mayan name is Ix

Pure Magic 

Please click on the links to take you to other websites to expand on the information if you choose

All the pictures in today’s blog are by the artist

Susan Seddon ~ Boulet

beautiful images that are truly magical

Goddess initiation

Here is a link to the late Artist’s website


As we have now travelled through the first thirteen steps of the

Mayan Signs in their pure form in

Red Dragon Wavespell


We have initiated our process for this 260 day cycle

that will take us through to April 03 2015

The last five steps have been in a new year :

Red Solar Moon

White Planetary Dog

Blue Spectral Monkey

Yellow Crystal Human

and created a Cosmic shift yesterday with

Red Cosmic Skywalker

The Red Dragon (Imix) 13 day code

takes us through a process

of opening up to what

The Great Mother is bringing us

new learning

the potentiality of evolutionary change 

through emotional awareness and expression

and bringing balance within us to our sacred feminine

so that through that inner process happening

on the inside of each person

and as a result each person changing their belief systems and behaviours

learning how to create different relationship models


being the change 

living their learning

which is a proactive process



Taking responsibility

means understanding how we respond to our life outside of us

based on what beliefs we have created through our life so far

What meaning we have given to the world

and then arrive at a choice point of …

having become aware of our response

Is it in balance with the feminine?





because this shapes everything on planet earth and everyone’s response matters

We are all on this world together

and that is going to increase in people’s awareness now

many things happening that will challenge people’s belief systems 

rock the foundations of society

as the truth of many situations are coming to light 

and reveal stark reality

which is a match for our collective shadow coming to light 

The veil being lifted 


We each create heaven on earth through how we are being 

Red Cosmic Skywalker (Ben) as the 13th step

created a shift yesterday 


especially if we aware of this place of creating


This New Year of Red Solar Moon began on July 26 2014

Muluc is the Mayan Name




If you look at the link above to this it reveals the  Mayan Cross


gives the consciousness code as to what we are working with this year

and very simply we are completing a cycle

that began on July 26 2006 each and everyone of us

on whatever level of conscious awareness we are at 🙂

This is about bringing in The Solar and The Moon into balance

The dark and the Light  

The Masculine and Feminine

These are the energies:

In number 9 



Red Moon (Muluc)~

awakening to our authentic self ~ we have all that we need within us to evolve ~ everything that has happened so far on planet earth

Red Serpent (Chicchan)~

relationship first and foremost with ourselves ~ letting our kundalini show us where our energy is seeking to flow, intimacy and connection

Yellow Human (Eb)~

We are human beings holding a spiritual being and our body reveals all 

This is what is seeking to emerge 

Our body is our temple is our philosopher’s stone 

to become experts on our own body and let it speak to us about what it needs to live well

and allow our spirit to come in by clearing the perfect space

Blue Storm (Cauac)

The point of transformation and the challenge

Our shadow beliefs and fear of loss 

to evolve we have to let go of old ways and this often means leaving relationship’s behind

creating new understanding about who we are and working with our shadow issues

Being present and comfortable with all our emotions and recognising that each one brings us a catalyst opportunity of honesty

and let go of any unhealthy ego coping mechanisms

that are keeping our ego society stuck in dishonesty


and out of alignment with well~being because we are out of alignment as individual’s 

White Dog (OC) ~ 

Our compliment if we let go of conditional love that comes from conditioning

Following the Sirius Star that initiates every New Mayan Year

Dog Star

Dog Days

Often cataclysmic deluges and emotional dramas are part of this initiator because it represents our birth tribe 

The place where we incarnated and learned a lot about wounding and the polar opposite of honest loving relationship 

To leave the first circle is an essential part of the alchemical journey of soul evolution

It is often a very painful initiation


I am just reconnecting to this shamanic process by revisiting the part of my NLP training

that I was most drawn to

as a Blue Solar Hand (Manik)


The Carlos Casteneda branch

NLP is a combination of several schools of process to achieve transformation

The “creators” of NLP in the 70’s studied several different “experts” in their field that stood out to see what was the difference in their process

that made the difference

If you ready the wiki entries you will see that neither of these entries heap praise or validity about the content 

and that is the paradox of the path less travelled

It isn’t mainstream

or science 

or widely accepted 🙂

So not for the faint hearted

It is for the adventurer who is curious and ready to explore 

Discover for themselves what is “true” about the universe

by connecting ultimately to their source

and that is what it means to be a Sourcerer 



When I started out on my self discovery in earnest it was at the start of Red Moon in 2006

Using this Mayan Wavespell now gives me these insights as I see the frameworks

People started entering my life to open Gateways into new worlds I had no knowledge of

Energy therapies

Goddess Dance


All of this was in my White Wind (Ik) Castle ~ a period lasting 13 years 

Connecting to Spirit

Just as the planet has 13 year cycles

~ so do we and sometimes they are exactly the same as the planet ~

if we are born on July 26

In my 13 Year Cycle this bridged year 10 and 11 for me 

So I was seeing what was manifest in my world ~ what I had shaped through my way of being from my birthday in 2005 Blue Planetary Hand

to what I was seeking to let go of in 2006 ~ Yellow Spectral Human 

Once I started to go deeper with the Mayan I saw how everything has been evolving in a different way

and now through that awareness of the universal pattern and my pattern

I can co create in a different way

To use a shamanic framework for this process is key

If we actually want to be the change that is

This involves clearing out our current circle of inventory 

a de~clutter process of everything that has ever happened to us

So we can be clear and free of our conditioned ways of thinking, feeling and being

Recapitulation Process is essential to evolve

and enter a new circle space


We are always creating from this place of being

so really simply …

if we have not done any inner work

we have to keep creating the same karma wheel stuff every day

because that is how the universe works 🙂 

I am re~reading 

The Sorcerer’s Crossing by Taisha Abelar 

Here is a link to a pdf

A person can do this in many ways

I use Emotional Freedom Technique

which is simply a process

of using intention and presence 

a modern twist using ancient wisdom and an integrative holistic system that works



Mind Body Spirit language systems 

To use it with this Wavespell of Magical self~empowerment

is very powerful especially if it is your personal Wavespell

as this is your life purpose

It takes us in a 13 day process

from initiating the Magician within today

to letting go of old worlds ~

if we do not do that ~

how can we create

new ones?





We see how we block what is coming through as to sacred feminine code

by all the beliefs we hold around sacred feminine wounding 

personal and collective

The Sacred Feminine comes in from the left

The here and now 

In the left hand 

If we have emotional energy blocks on this 

We cannot receive fully 


We are breaking our circle and circuitry with the universe

and only

we can heal that with our heart

and how we feel about ourselves and our life 




Today July 31st 2014 we are initiating this 13 day process

White Magnetic Wizard


We are now working on the next level following on from the first 13 steps 

Number 14 ~ added together is 5 

The Centre

The heart wisdom place 

the heart attracts what we need which is often not what the ego wants 🙂


If you choose you can do some enquiry as to what showed up for you in the last 13 days around new learning

let’s you see yourself

What was magical ?

Want to expand…

Trusting the process

and letting the magic flow through us

by getting our ego butt out of the way 🙂 


What feels tough?

Emotionally intense,draining?

What relationships are seeking a tweak around boundaries ?

Where are we out of balance and the universe is bringing us

alter ego people/events to show us what is seeking integration ?

What did we learn in early life to cope

through being primarily in our masculine

and using controlling behaviour/intellectual mind games/competitive frameworks that

are ego based

and as a result are the antipathy of open loving intimacy ?

Tomorrow we have the day of challenge




Blue Lunar Eagle 

Time to work with our higher self and see our bigger picture pattern

Fly high above the situation to see where we are on our path

and let our heart wisdom guide us

These two energies are key to the alchemical process of the next 13 days and in the third day  Saturday 02 August

we see them combined in:

Yellow Electric Warrior

Activating the Warrior of The Heart

that comes

from an evolved ego being

and this is created in many ways

generally speaking

through experiential learning

and being on planet earth

functioning as a capable adult in all ways

having learned through the university of life

and maturity through that process as an individual

and when we can be the Zen Master in our own home

then we have really achieved something monumental 🙂




The Waxing Moon in Virgo as I am writing this ~ at 27 degrees:

Inside Degrees  by Elias Lonsdale

The Magician disrobes. He has no sex organs.

We bear a dream within us

In that dream, we can magically disperse every partisan consideration

and make the truth a commonsensical shareable thing.

We endow that dream with more of ourselves than any outwardly existing realities.

Slowly we foster it’s seeds.

There just must be a way to find a common point

to be no longer jerked around with gender politics 

and all the other anti brotherhood 

anti sisterhood 


So we endow the dream

with our heart’s aspirations

and when we give our all to it

the dream comes true

but until that point

we are world’s apart 

from others

harbouring the dream

of our coming reunion 




We are in Leo Sun and as a Leo I am loving this time

We have Lammas tomorrow on the day of the challenge

and this kicks off some amazing astrological events

More about that here on DarkStar Astrology

As we go further into August Leo Decan 3 arrives on the 4th day of this Wavespell ~ Sunday 03 August

bringing us this foundation stone to work with of Red Earth

and as this Leo is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is currently in Leo ~ wow 

time to hear the Lion roar 


Magical Intentions ~


Tonight in the UK ~ 10pm

is a really good time

to send out those intentions

to bring us into balance

so that we can create our dream

and live from the heart

Waxing Moon in Libra at 2 degrees

This totally connects to my Retreat

which was last Saturday

What is coming up at the moment is anger

for many people


indignation around

creating imbalance to live a life

that is

so far out of our natural way of being  

and the imbalance of a few

having a lot when there really is no need

and this pattern

is created by greed and fear of feeling

People who are in tune with their feminine

are often ridiculed and bullied by those who are not …

and the tides are starting to turn on this now

For many people who are learning new ways of being

and being the change

the magic is happening and that feels a relief 



For those who have the courage to follow their heart

and trust their feelings

Miracles happen

and all the evidence is there to be seen

that is the opposite of what we have been conditioned to believe 🙂 


It has taken me 9 years to arrive at this place of grace

and there is a long way to go yet on my personal peace process…

and it is so worth it 

To sit with a group of fellow travellers


sipping Linden Tree Tea picked on a Moon Gardening foray 


in a beautiful garden

Sharing ourselves

Walking the beauty path of the Glastonbury Sacred Zodiac


The amazing Somerset landscape 

in good company 

being real through accepting the reality of life

as we are accepting where we have been 

more and more 

Celebrating the honey time 

and being blessed by abundance

whilst accepting our shadow and releasing it ….

to reveal even more ways

of understanding and connection

that come from this process

The synchronicities were


People had aligned in a spiral

where they were next to each other in their Astrological Signs

and in some cases their Mayan Signs or their Mayan numbers

and on the day we were 9 with a person I had just met

and it was their Mayan Sign Day no less 🙂

What are the chances of that ?



and so much more….

What a magical year this is

Love to you

and your magical process


The Heart Chakra

If you feel to know more please get in touch 












Solar Sagi Shine the way



White Solar Wind

White Wizard Wavespell cycle completes on day 9

still four days to built on this completion though and what will this bring  for our self empowerment and white water rafting ? 

Please click on the links to go to more info

It is the last day of Scorpio and Sagittarius ushers in tomorrow and wow I am seeking some breathing space to rest and recuperate as

the magic is flowing through me in torrents

yet I am guessing this may not be the case 😉

So many endings I don’t know where to begin 🙂

Scorpio as the eight month has brought integration 

which often comes through dissonance

which was my Mayan Oracle card for today


Begin …….


is clearly my cue

My past life South Node was in Sagittarius as my present soul trip is in Gemini

where did I leave off to begin this pattern with my Sagi starter for 10 ?

One of my key areas of learning is relationships

“right” relationships

How to create equal, healthy, balanced relationships with primarily myself


my higher self.

I am asking for assistance with my next steps 

right now 🙂

I am again learning more about the Narcissist pattern

through experience of course

this is always a favourite Scorpio gateway topic of mine


how it has been the foundation stone of our harsh world reality

in our past generations

because it was designed by the ego on the inside, to allow people to survive huge emotional events

that they couldn’t deal with

there is a price to pay for that of course

and everyone pays it whether they want to….

or not…..

this is what we are seeing manifest on the outside

all the fragmented child behaviours, thoughts and beliefs

that create disharmony


ways of relating that are malign 

as in

mal align 

not a happy life affirming match pattern

Thank you to a lovely Leo for sharing this with me 🙂

Our consumer pattern on the world stage

expanded this creative ploy after seeing how much money can be made at a time of deep scarcity and struggle….

such as depressions and times of huge resistance ~ war

It is a great way to sate the ego


so it doesn’t feel any pain.

This is the useful purpose of addictions

to numb our hurting

but using them only serves to make the wound go deeper

so next time a bigger fix is required.

Time to wean ourselves off this now so we can feel good without any crutches

and intention is 


Murder or manslaughter ?

The intention decides whether the outcome of death is contrived or by accident

yet there is still a culpability 

in both cases.

Honesty can be helpful here so that each party can learn new ways to relate

and yet

presently is rarely seen

being as rare as rocking horse 

remnants 🙂

My personal story is minuscule compared to headline stories at the moment

however it is still revealing my inner strength

and weakness.

As I go around for the umpteenth lap on this pattern and my son asks me often why don’t I learn?

Why do I have to do it again ? 

It affects him too  and part of me takes issue with myself about this.

All I can answer is…..

there is more learning to do for me personally

and new people involved

and always a new angle


one of the key things is

I learn about how the cycles work through my own experience 

and now that is so clear using astrology and the Mayan Wavespell.

To be a Seer one has to see through cycling the cosmic cookie trail 🙂

Taking the path less travelled involves this uncomfortable rocky road

only uncomfortable sometimes at the

dark moments where the next step isn’t clear….

most of the other discomfort is my ego in fear mode

and the more I go through these gateways and 

enjoy the magic that comes as a result

and the easier it gets to 

be pushed through the wormhole into a new chapter.

I don’t expect anyone to nanny me or be financially responsible for me

I do want to be independent and live authentically ……

the question is in today’s western world…..

How is that possible?

To create shelter and a good standard of harmonious , healthy living

without prostituting oneself in some way?

Answers on a postcard please 🙂

I am so open to your inspiring ideas at this time.

I have resources and sometimes they are capped by my 

knowing what I know

and you know

something else 🙂

Because you have lived a life different to mine.

I am once more at Hecate’s Crossroads ready to take 

another road less travelled


keep the faith 

in my soul journey.

I am in conflict with my selves this past couple of days in waning Gemini moon

and as we slipped into Cancer today

I am feeling my mothering adrift.

My ego conditioning is still looking to be that good girl who has created a blissful life of brownie points

a legacy for my offspring that will stand testament to their future

and my soul self says

what utter tripe and nonsense 🙂

My Sacred feminine archetype of Taurus energy stands firm and grounded

and reminds me that there is still more brainwashing 

to be sluiced out

this consumer cultishness still has some strong tendrils that run deep is all.

The Narcissist thread was heavily robed in The Great Gatsby.


This is the Sagittarius challenge 

discipline and balance with the expansion

the upward ever growing, expanding line on the stock exchange of ego

that forever ascends

no roller coaster circles here my dear

only good 



white and bright


Narcissists cannot deal with flexibility and have rigid rules

and when their rules are not obeyed

their rage is unleashed

All that unprocessed emotion comes out like molten lava

Anyone who is waiting for a miracle to occur with a narcissist 

in the way of empathy or any true feelings to be shown of love or compassion

Stop Waiting

It will never happen

because it isn’t a possibility for this person who has never learned to love

and has created an inpenetrable wall around their heart

manned by nihilistic robots 

Heal from the pain the relationship has brought and

move on

to relate with beings who are capable of living from a love space

My long term partner has faced his worse nightmare over the past week and has been totally physically incapacitated and in great pain

He normally works as a builder and yet even though he has kept people in the loop about his condition

they wouldn’t accept that reality 😦

and had no compassion for him at all

Which has led to another end of a cycle

We have worked for many people who loved us when we did everything they wanted

and the minute we said


the tables turned.

We have tried all sorts of strategies to avoid interacting with people in this way

and have come to a conclusion

If one can possibly avoid this type of co dependent relationship

do so

and seek

mature individuals

who have healthy honest relationships

these people are rare

I cannot live out of integrity as I get sick

so it isn’t an option any more.

In a coaching session this week I received the name Javier/Xavier

and one of the meanings is “new home”

of course anyone I am working with is another me 🙂

We have the same path in many ways

A for sale sign appeared outside my home today and this echoes times past.

I felt dread because I have just settled in and last time finding a home was quite traumatic

I feel tired at the thought of packing everything up even though we may be able to stay if the new owner chooses to keep us as tenants

and so many other times of being made to go ~ as a child I didn’t want to leave my first home and friends

I left a beautiful place in the country because of a bullying boss

I left a company that sounded wonderful and was just a slave driver

I left a dream home because of a financial crash

all of these circles felt like something my ego didn’t choose and 

they all led me here 🙂

How will I create with the circumstances this time?

I have been playing a single parent role in many ways this week, doing many things my partner does as well as my own and assisting him in some ways.

This has reflected times past too.

I have had very little time to relax and tune in because I have been “doing”

This is how the co dependent designed society keeps us going as busy little worker bees with no time or energy to think outside the box.

On a finding new tires adventure I went on a half hour journey to a new place using sat nav

my sat nav wouldn’t charge and so I had to keep stopping to see where to go by plugging it in

and I saw the metaphor of taking the small steps

go a little 


check in with the signs

go ahead

My ego doesn’t bode well with this approach as it means it cannot risk assess and draw up a flawless master plan to avoid any 

scraped knees and bruised feelings


My beloved ego only wants what is “good” for me

and this isn’t what soul journeys are about.

Soul Journeys are often given the biggest boost at times of adversity.

This is the lovely Scorpio embrace that drags us into the deep spaces where 

evolution comes

My partner is in the last couple of days of his eleventh year and so big letting go time and everything for him is now at a standstill so he can create something new.

At my last major journeying point into Glastonbury I wasn’t blogging ~

this time you can share my journey with me and see what that brings

inside and out

Next wave spell begins on November 26th with Blue Hand

this is my Mayan Sign.

It brings the doorway through to another world and is the transformational 13 days of shaping to connect with the Goddess.

The blend of what is seeking birth through our great mother energy and each of us, through letting the magic flow through us

from our heart space

from love

if we can transform our ego

with humility and grace

Remember that it is the lightening and solar flares that charge mother earth

and our co creative relationships that allow us

to thrive

rather than simply survive.

Love to you all at this time of creating new cosmic waves

through leaving our caves.

White Wizard Wavespell


White Wizard Wavespell

How’s the magic flowing for you ?

It is an Aries waxing moon today and as we are in the second quarter of the moon, it is a great time for sending out those intentions to manifest.

Please hover your mouse and click on the links to travel to other websites with great resources

I am having a magical time in the main…..however the pain is also still here 🙂

Such is life.

My personality is still trying to figure out the ultimate question of how to get away from darth vadar dictator energy and looking for a solution …….

where to go in the galaxy to start a new life and lose the power trippers 🙂

thing is though wherever I go I take my energetic self with me….. and that means….

I have a ray that attracts the dark magic dude vibe in because

that is the universal game plan just now.

I went to a fabulous talk by Ian Rees about Dion Fortune , that was very timely. 

I highly recommend Ian’s way of working especially if you are interested in magic and the Hermetic Qabalah .

Dion Fortune has been part of my Glastonbury journey and appeared for the first time in my life, in a house, I stayed in, called Dreamtime in the Pisces part of the Glastonbury Zodiac. As a family we had some very vivid dreams here. It’s a beautiful place to stay and saved our bacon as a sanctuary, when we first moved to Glastonbury in September 2011 and nearly became homeless.

This was in the planetary White Rhythmic Wizard Year .

More of this later.

The Dion Fortune appearance was in the form of her novel Moon Magic. I am currently reading The Goat Footed God which is timely for Venus in Capricorn and Neptune going direct today ~ my Neptune is in Scorpio.

Any planet we have in Scorpio will be getting it’s collar felt at the moment and a great way to empower ourselves, is to learn what energetic Star code we are being universally swiped with like a credit card through a bar code reading machine 🙂 

Ian has some great resources on his site and I loved the synchronicity of his talk, which highlighted for me. the key to becoming a master magician :

If you want to be able to talk and philosophise then read about The Tree of Life.

If you choose to work with the wisdom written through Dion Fortune’s filter then she has factual books to enlighten such as The Cosmic Doctrine and The Mystical Qabalah ~ free download here 

When you have done this you will become a mystic by knowing about the concepts.

If you wish to actually become the learning then there is a different path to follow.

You can start to transform through virtually living the path and reading the experiential novels of hers, which reveal the actual magical behaviour and take you through energetic templates and practices

and this starts with your tree roots ~ at the bottom 🙂 

As you do this in the novel and through the novel, you also start to do things differently in real life and

this is the deeper transformational journey of

being the change.

These are two very different paths 🙂


To create true change we have to become the change ~ reading about the concept is simply skimming the surface and does not create the knowing only the knowledge of the knowing.

This picture above is an amazing resource please click on this link to explore it

To hold both dualities within us and truly balance, the darkness and the light, the masculine and the feminine

is what we can ultimately choose in this lifetime.

To see that energy outside of us and repeat the pattern of warring personalities

is the carnage of millennia that we are now ready to overcome

because it is time

I have learned a lot about this recently and some of it has been heart opening sublime and reassurance for that part of me that seeks soothing

the tigger tao , the eternal optimist that is indefatigable in me ….

that is decidedly down trodden and on low beam at this time of year

because at these tough love end of times,

it needs to rest, recuperate and withdraw from “the resistance” to catch breath, and evolve and rejuvenate by going within .

It is time for healing and firming up those bulbous little parts that can get soggy and rotten at this time due to lack of sun and irrigation.

My wand is drooping 🙂

First frost in our garden this morning and a beautiful sight to behold.

A breath of ice obscured the middle band of greenery and wove a veil so only the top of the Gemini Beacon could be seen……

the glory of Avalon.

Luckily I had gathered in my geraniums in the last few days and so my precious heart plants were safe. I even have some tomato plants still growing and this is the contrast of this season here in Somerset , that is so different to the hard, deep permafrost I have been used to in Yorkshire. 

There are still bees buzzing, ladybirds basking and dragonflies skimming the pools of water once the sun thaws the ground it is really warm

This afternoon I have been digging up my beds and finding buried treasure ~ indeed the largest potato I have ever grown and what a surprise as it was in a part of the garden that had not been planted with potatoes this year. It was a renegade gone awol from the year before. This put such a smile on my face ~ the delightful surprise of the unexpected ~ mother earth’s constant gifts that come without any agenda.


This cheered me up after a sad start ~ doesn’t take much now 

and that is what I notice

not again……. ;-(  Yes again….. oh well more to learn

and I am not going to go into the whole sorry story because…..

As one becomes aware of working energetically, one realises that what one harps on about grows in power and grows with the vibe one harps 🙂

Digging helps

I am simply experiencing another pattern that is now so familiar and yet there is another aspect coming in to play now

This is “the secret” that many law of attractor afficianados do not understand.

Our beacon, our blueprint is always radiating like a mobile phone tracker.

We don’t switch it off and we don’t cancel out our true signal by thinking positive thoughts or using affirmations.

This is our learning path that cannot be negated

Be nice if it were so simple wouldn’t it ?

How we amplify it with our focus and intention creates a different outcome ~ turn the music up and see 🙂

If we dwell on a drama in our life then we add fuel to the fire and so it doesn’t do to dwell or keep repeating it over and over to all and sundry and then they repeat it ……

Like the neural networks in our brain this gets stronger and before we know it …..

It’s a veritable galactic superhighway transporting Jack Nicholson into our village  ~

the devil incarnate in The Witches of Eastwick.

Being careful what we wish for is sensible and the middle ground as we learn about the nature of our creative powers.

As in all the myths and magical tales , there is great learning to be gleaned for our own journey and the more we pay attention and heed what we know to be true ~ yes there really are people who believe it is ok to lie pathologically in our locality.

It isn’t just in Star Wars, past history or over the pond,

In our own family we will have encountered villainous behaviour that may have shell shocked us and……

we may still be reeling from this revelation decades later.

Thing is…….do you now believe in yourself when you face such a wicked witch encounter of dishonesty and double dealing….

or do you still come up as a doubting Thomas about your own good self?

How fast can you recover from a Narc attack?

Remember that a destructive energy can only flip you if there is something to hook into

So let the hook connect and reel that Captain in ~ see what is within that can be unearthed and transformed and each time this happens we become integrated and stronger and  let go of “protection” 

Protection methods put off the inevitable  and stop us from healing because this methodology keeps the veil on.

We can still be safe without protection 🙂

Especially when we start at the bottom and work our way up to the supernova.

Working intuitively from heart knowing allows this ~ ego doesn’t and mismatches often going out of alignment for bravado and thrill seeking.

This first picture in the blog today, is Joseph and his technicolour dream coat. Here is a link to his full story here.

It’s a favourite for school productions and is connected to the essence of today’s Mayan Sign and Wavespell.

Another name for White Wizard is the Mayan Ix.

Joseph got a pretty raw deal from his brothers’, who were jealous of him . He was the eleventh brother and had a different mother and was his father’s favourite ~ the love child. This didn’t bode well for him, especially as he was a Seer and his brother’s didn’t like his vision of Joseph being their “superior” in one of his dreams.

This led to them selling him into slavery and ultimately allowing this vision of him becoming their superior, to become manifest, because of that action.

I am reminded constantly of this at the moment in my own life and working with other people as a life coach.

This is the metaphor for all those who choose to follow their soul journey and heart path .

There is always a reason for what is happening 🙂

There are often times when our ego is disheartened and believes we are going downhill, off track and repeating old patterns that surely must be a sign that we have gone “wrong” 🙂

Sound familiar?

Our ego wrestles with “it” and seeks a solution, tries to figure it out and…..

what I have learned is this:

It is happening because….

it needs to happen.

As something happens that creates resistance within us…..

It allows us to see that.

If we have an emotional reaction that isn’t joy and love then we are resisting what is.

This is always something from our past seeking a resolution ~

a soul retrieval potentiality.

Until we have allowed that emotion that is lost in the shadows, to be heard and healed….

the universe will keep setting up that same scenario for us to play out that past pattern role.

We cannot, not do, our pattern because that is our energetic signature.

The universe cannot, not do, it’s pattern because that is the framework

When it is Scorpio time ~ in the UK , it is Autumn, it is dark, it is Halloween and the veil is thin

However there are lots of band waves on this broadband sound 🙂

We resonate with what matches for our pattern and if we have the same old song playing

and it doesn’t invoke dancing in us…..

then all we need do

is raise our vibration

by hearing the message of the song of our siren.

If we try and ignore “it” or play a different tune without accepting this signature…..

our ego is simply trying to override the system through manipulation and lack of integrity insisting it’s will be done

and that can happen of course  ~ for a while ~ till the veneer rubs off, the money runs out, the coach becomes a pumpkin again.

People who do not integrate their shadow cannot have integrity it is really simple. 


This is another aspect of White Wizard.

It is the Jaguar.

When I searched for an image of a Jaguar I got more images of cars than this beautiful creature and this is a sad reality on our planet, I believe, that many people prefer a mechanical ego status symbol and follow the path to achieve that goal.

In taking the steps that create that , they do not see where that leads and that one path cannot live with the other.

They are mutually exclusive in their current form and yet this can evolve.

I watched Avatar again the other night and cried at the savagery and destruction.

I am not blameless.

I do not have the answers and I have been ignorant and still am about many things…..

but I feel so sad and so helpless sometimes and I do not know how people can be so heartless.

Here is an illuminating video to remind us that all of this is happening for our conscious evolution:

I am open to learning and it is my intention to do so.

What I do know is it is all scripted and when I look deeper at my patterns I see so much now.

In fact it is becoming ridiculously laughable.

I looked for a location on google maps to see where it was and if I could go there easily and saw to my surprise…..

a place I had lived in 1993

in a different part of the country 🙂

Virtually the same set up. It wasn’t the same place but it looked identical.

It created a connection for me to reveal what was being revisited that is the same in some way now.

It is becoming very easy to see the Matrix for me and as I create inner space

let go



and allow

I see what I need to in each moment.

I have lived in this place for two years now and am on my third year.

I looked at when I came here and what stage of the 260 day cycle The Tzolk’in

that was in.


Yesterday it was Moon in Pisces and remember just before I moved here I lived in Pisces . 

At that time, just before the move when we had to have faith, it was a full moon in Pisces 

Christ consciousness 🙂

The 260 day cycle began on 9/11 and so that was the energy

More about that here

By the time 11/11/11 arrived and the Supermoon in Taurus

We were in the Taurus part of the zodiac 🙂

My moon is Taurus and my partner’s moon is Scorpio 

and we are so opposite in so many ways

which brings great learning when we unlock our horns and stinger 🙂

Scorpio in Moon and Venus is the deepest of feeling people and yet they have often learned to reign that in and hide behind masks as a defense

More about the Scorpio role

You can look too if you choose and very simply can start with this perspective :

To see the most recent match for this wavespell for example 

remember what you were doing earlier this year 

February 26 to March 10

I also looked at what stage of my 13 year cycle that was in and what pattern I was revisiting .

Yesterday on the 13th day of the Red Dragon wavespell ~ the day of cosmic movement Red Cosmic Skywalker , I did a Thoth Tarot reading asking very specifically ~

What is seeking movement now so I can bring Heaven to Earth for me?

My initiatory card was 9 of Wands


This is completion of a cycle

Nine of Wands – Strength

Yesod in the Tree of LifeTree of Life: Yesod through Fire
Astrology: Moon in the 2. decan of Sagittarius

Now the fiery Wands have reached the happy Nine, the number that reflects on itself, entering the fields of Yesod – imagination and reflection back in the middle of the Tree of Life.

Thus the Nine of Wands remembers the own qualities, showing the full powers of the fiery element rising again. So the card shows strength, determination and discipline, preparing itself for the final step to completion.

The shadow site of the card implies a warning – that we should use our spiritual consciousness to concentrate on our inner strength and master our will, and make it effective in the world we live in.

Drive: Spiritual truth, realization

Light: Combination of the consciousness with the unconsciousness, great success but with strife and energy, victory preceded by apprehension and fear

Shadow: Conflicts, Contradictions

Please click on the link for the website of corax for all things Thoth Tarot. This is an amazing tarot and a great website with a huge reservoir of information.


My challenge and growth area is:

Queen of Cups


Queen of Cups

(Queen of the thrones of water)

Binah in the Tree of LifeAstrology: 21° Gemini to 20° Cancer
Element and world: Water in the waters of Briah
Tree of Life: Binah

The Queen of Cups represents water in water, she is the purest manifestation of the soul of the waters. Thus she represents pure emotion, passion, feeling, never influenced by judgement or purpose. She is loving and affectionated, a warm-hearted mother and a tender friend, looking into the depths of the heart.

On the darker side, the Queen of Cups lacks the stability of the Earth, the will of Air and Fire. Water in water is all passivity and has no powers of its own, but makes a perfect transformer of any other power coming along. So she is susceptible to all kinds of influences, her unstability might let her appear unreliable and inconstant.

At its worst, the precious qualities of imagination and flowing fantasy might turn out to weakness and thoughtlessness, turning in any direction that any wind may blow, getting lost in a dreamworld of irreal fantasies.

Drive: Floating across the borders, drifting between reality and dream

Light: Imagination, poetry, kindness, sensitivity, emotional depth

Shadow: Diffusion, spinning around in irrational folly



I will post the information over the next 13 days , as and when it comes up.

I have created some new documents for new client’s to allow clear seeing of patterns, wounding and issues that are seeking resolution

It is so amazing to have clarity in this way.

We can then be self empowered through having choice through awareness.

Working with mind, body and spirit.

We see the pattern

We feel the emotion seeking release

We release the emotion

we move into another space

we learn new ways to relate

emotional evolution

feel to heal lovers

 it ain’t your brain power 

it’s your heart feel

that’s the deal

Pure Magic

So if you feel ready to look deeper into that sacred geometry of yours……..

if you would love to ask a question and set an intention for the next wave spell with a Thoth tarot reading using the Mayan Wavespell  

or find a solution to a shadow issue that is bugging you right now

and are ready to release the emotion that is holding your heart in another time and space

please get in touch.

I love connecting and co creating

and in everything I do with you

we go for a cosmic ride and see ourselves in each others eyes.

It’s a dynamic dance of destiny

Love to your magical passes Shamans

Let the wonder begin