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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing technique that has changed my life and people I have worked with. In my experience it is the most transformative tool an individual can use to let go of the past .

It can be used for many different areas of life. It is especially valuable for working with an overactive mind to create calm and peace.

I have been using Tapping (it’s other name) for 14 years in my own life and with clients.

As soon as I started using it I felt a shift in my life that was so empowering. I started to release past emotional events and come into my centre.

It is one of the fastest therapies I have used for creating change and letting go of anxiety and worry. 

I am passionate about sharing it as it is so empowering for people to use and let go of co dependent ways of relating.

I have seen people become confident having it as a tool to use to enhance any other therapy.

It is now really starting to be recognised in the UK as a key cutting edge therapy. 

I work with clients using a dynamic energy coaching framework and I have many years experience. I highly recommend any clients who have not learned how to use Tapping to learn it so they can work on themselves in between our sessions.

Learning Emotional Freedom Technique

If you have a group of people who wish to take part this will reduce the cost per person and Facebook Groups and partners to work with will be created. Ask for a specific quote please on my contact form.

I charge for my time so a one to one session is more expensive than in a group, however this is more suitable for some people .


This two hour course will show you how to do the current recognised formula as designed by Gary Craig. I will go through the tapping points in depth and explain the mechanics of how the therapy works with the emotional mind. This will create an ideal space to explore and learn and ask questions.

  • You will receive an Ebook from me that has video support and tapping scripts to get you started. 
  • You will also have email support for a month after the course.
  • There will also be an online group you can share your experiences with if you choose if booked as a group

Beginners EFT on Zoom Individual

This is a bespoke Two hour session for an individual to learn EFT with email support for one month



Are you ready to take your tapping skills to the next level ? You will need to have learned EFT already so you have a basic level of skill set

The Movie Technique is a precise framework that allows you to visit past experiences in your life where you are still holding emotional resonance.

At those past times you would not have had the tools, timing, maturity to deal with these experiences. Now you are ready to make The Director’s Cut from a different perspective and start to take your healing to the next level. We cannot change the past ~ we can change how we feel about it and come into peace and acceptance.This is a profound life changing process. It is dynamic and will literally change how you interact with the world on a daily basis. Change the inside and the outside changes. Each trigger that you experience today will lead you to the original source where it was created in your past timeline. The more you use this process:

As you heal the past, become literally an enlightened being through healing and transforming your shadow stories.

As you release the past you become more present, earthed and grounded and you create emotional centring ~ you can be in the eye of the storm

As you become centred in the present, your future changes. You have learned your ancestral story and become aware of the challenges that you came to know about in order to evolve your lineage. You are free to create new pathways for yourself and all of humanity. This of course expands over time and takes work on a daily basis. It is not a quick fix, the more you do this work and the more your life will change. Proactivity is key.

This level is for the Alchemist

Again booking as a group will create a different price. People have to have basic EFT training already to build their skill. This is a one to one price for an individual and will last two hours


Two hours of advanced EFT to work with individual storylines . We will focus on release and rewiring. How to identify key pattern matches and go deeper. Focus is the key.


Dynamic Energy Coaching with Jo

I have been using this format for 14 years and it is dynamic and life changing.

We use an outcome you want to create in your life.

We then work with letting go of what is getting in the way of what you want to experience in life.

This framework requires a commitment from my client to do this work. I will always match my clients where they are. I cannot do more than the client is ready to do for themselves.

I suggest an initial framework of 10 sessions of 90 minutes

I do one off sessions too

I can create bespoke coaching packages for individuals and groups. I specialise on working with women and have 52 day process packages that align with Astrological events and patterns. Please contact me for more info on the form below.

Individual 90 minutes session:

Transformation Journey

10 sessions of 90 minutes to transform your life


One Energy Session

One session of 90 minutes


Taster sessions

I create circles for women online via Zoom.

You can experience my energy and how I use EFT

for releasing limiting beliefs and creating empowerment for women.

I am passionate about this work. Come and connect to feel if I am a fit for you.

My energy is about change and leaving the old paradigms behind. This is a dynamic process.

Want to know more?

Contact me and let’s arrange a chat on Zoom