Thirteen Clear Signs ~ Quick Summary

From the Fifth Sun


13 Clear Signs

Quick Summary


Red Castle 

the process of awakening to what the Great Mother


bringing us

for our human evolution



Red Dragon Wavespell 1 :

No Clear Sign

Seeing what is revealed in it’s pure form




Astrological info on the initiation day

for the bigger picture overview


which 13 Moon energy it is in 


White Wizard Wavespell 2 :

Day 7 Yellow Resonant Sun

Day 13 White  Cosmic Worldbridger



Blue Hand Wavespell 3 :

Day 4 White Self Existing Dog 



Yellow Sun Wavespell 4:

Day 1 Yellow Magnetic Sun




Red Castle : 4 Clear Signs 






White Castle 

Refining what the Great Mother

has brought us

in the first 52 days

Now we have the prima materia to work with as


The Skywalker 

Red Skywalker  Wavespell 5 :

The most powerful process of transformation initiation as this has 3 clear signs 


Day 5 : Red Overtone Earth

Day 6 : White Rhythmic Mirror

Day 8 : Yellow Galactic Sun 


White Worldbridger Wavespell 6 :

No Clear Sign

We are working with the Red Skywalker powerful process

in ending of

whatever that revealed

around old obsolete distorted code 


Blue Storm Wavespell 7 :

Day 9 Blue Solar Hand 

The only 9

The Gateway to emotional balance and healing

To be our potentiality free of emotional distortion

Re set emotional sat nav


Yellow Human Wavespell 8 :

No Clear Signs 

Seeing our grail revealed

Checking out our personal philosopher’s stone for vital info

as to our process


embodiment status 




4 Clear Signs 



Blue Castle 

In the transformation zone 


This is the human evolution space 


Red Serpent Wavespell 9 :

with 10 human evolution portals

Gateway to change relationship with self and therefore the Universe 


Day 2 White Lunar Worldbridger 


White Mirror Wavespell 10 :

Partly the central column ~ no Clear Signs 


Blue Monkey Wavespell 11 :

Central column ~ key power place 

Day 2 Yellow Lunar Human

Healing what became apparent in

Yellow Human Wavespell


Yellow Seed Wavespell 12 : 

10 Human Evolution portals 

Taking us out and seeing manifest how much starseed is available


how much masking is still there

All good

All accepted

It is what is is

we are where we are

others are where they are

Divine Order

No Clear Signs 


2 Clear Signs 



Yellow Castle 


We see the flowering of all the journey up until now 


Red Earth Wavespell 13 :

Awakening to how we are in relationship to the earth

We are in the Manifestation Castle ~ seeing where we truly are 

There are no Clear Signs in this Wavespell


White Dog Wavespell 14 :

Holds the code of self empowerment and ancestral code evolution

Day 7 Yellow Resonant Warrior

What is resonating reveals old code for evolution process


Blue Night Wavespell 15 :

The Conscious Dreamer Essence Process 

No Clear Sign

See how clearly your holograph is revealing itself

Know your Labyrinth Saturnian codes


Yellow Warrior Wavespell 16 : 

The Heart Path of Acceptance of what is 


1 Clear Sign

Green Castle of the heart

Are we still in an enchantment




Clear and Free to be love 


Red Moon Wavespell 17 :

Being the beacon of light




Day 3 ~ Alchemy 

Blue Electric Monkey 

See how our divine child is free of wounding



with the journey of transformation


White Wind Wavespell 18 :

The ability to access Spiritual truth freer of corrupted code

No Clear Sign


Blue Eagle Wavespell 19 :

Seeing our bigger picture as planetary servers

through healing and becoming a master of our ego


Day 11 ~ Red Spectral Serpent 

Goes back to what we evolved into during the Red Serpent process


what is seeking release still



Yellow Star Wavespell

Seeing the Starseed revealed 

Knowing the Cosmic Codes is key to this revealing 

No Clear Sign


2 Clear Signs 





Total Clear Signs