Bigger Picture Spin Cycle


pic by : Marc Simonetti

Bigger Picture Spin Cycle 

Galactic Moon initiation


on the

8th of February



Wavespell speak :

Red Galactic Moon

is the integration code

in the

White Wind

13 day process

More info by Astrodreamadvisor 

Here is my blog about that in April 2017

in the

Green Castle 



What does that mean in every day language ?

Here is a link to 


It means that in order to be free from hypocrisy 

To be in sovereignty as a human being 

Free from being inauthentic and role playing 

Free from wearing a mask 

Free from any enchantment ~ spell ~ discombobulation ~

anything that is false and creates a destabilising effect ~

that un grounds the individual ~


that is a

magician’s smoke and mirrors diversion


manipulation way of relating 

Crocodile tears for example 

Is to learn how to live in truth and speak in truth


know the difference between personal “truth” 

Walking the talk 





The previous spiral was in

Spectral Moon 


What is seeking release


cognitive dissonance for example?


this last 260 spin



Gemini Sun


dark moon in


24 May 2017 until 07 February 2018


All the times when we were kept in the dark and fed bullsh*t


did the same with other people 

having a surface relationship 

for a fear of deeper intimacy 

for whatever reason that was for us 

Here is an Ebook I created at that time

Free Resource for you 

Gemini Imix 


pic info 


We are all in the same circle of vibration albeit it uniquely 

What goes around comes around 

have you noticed that ?

What we are doing with others is coming around for us on the next cycle

in some way


that is happening faster now for me

Is it for you ?



Time to

own our part in that circle


The spiral of 260 day is continuous

what changes is 

The Astrology 

The 13 Moon calendar

because of the different dates involved 

due to the nature of the spiral 



The spiral has a code

that it initiates with

for human evolution 

The Moon day is key 


Red Moon is the 9th Mayan Sign 

which means it is a Gateway 

It is a Gateway to truth and authenticity

We are in the 13 Year Cycle


Red Moon on the planet

It began on July 26 2006


Red Moon’s planet is Mercury

What is the planetary transit ?

Where is Mercury in your chart ?

Messenger of the God and Goddess self 

Divinity seeking to be heard through each one of us

to evolve the human being individually


bring conscious awareness individually


en mass

to the entire human population

because it is the time for it on planet earth 

This is not about any man made religion

this is about a process of healing

that allows the human being

who has the courage

to do their personal healing process

around personal wounding

to get personally clear 

It is a Universal Healing time

all Universal healing tools are here

ready to be utilised

by those ready to do the inner work 


The current spiral began in

Aquarius Sun time 

Aquarius Decan 2 

Article by Darkstar Astrology

Waning Moon in Scorpio at the Leo Meridian time of 11am 

28 degrees

more about that below 

Here is the video and post  I made on that day  on Facebook :

Red Magnetic Dragon 
The new spiral starts

Today it is Sun in Aquarius
Moon in Scorpio

At 11am Leo time in Barton Saint David



Libra part of the Glastonbury Zodiac

28 degrees Scorpio waning Moon…/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html…

A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone. 
Sacrificing and renouncing the full flood of all you are capable of in order to make way for the bare bones of what stark destiny insists upon. Dropping everything to become attuned to collective destiny calls. Doing so often with considerable damage to yourself. A ruthless will, a fierce life direction. Almost no self-compassion or self-sympathy. It has got be this way if you are intent upon making yourself available to what is asked or intended, with every part of yourself out of the picture except your core indomitable conviction that something hugely important is going on here and all personal considerations are as nothing. This is a path that will draw you through some scary and extreme places–many deaths–and can draw you into a place of sheer one-pointed reality, into becoming as lucidly all here as can humanly be attained.

Blog article coming as soon as I can 😉

We commence this cycle on Galactic Moon Day 2

What is seeking integration that began 
with those Leo eclipses at the beginning of this Mayan Year initiated on 26 July 2017 ?

What were you engaged in then 
Specifically in relationship ?

Yesterday on Yellow Cosmic Sun Day

What light were you holding 
What was seeking a shift in your shadow ?

What happened for you yesterday ?

We are following on from the Gemini spiral that began on the 24th of May 2017 
Red Spectral Moon Day 23

What was seeking release in our relationships?

Do you have clarity around that 9 month experience ?

What works for you and what doesn’t in relationship

Now we are going to be integrating that

To be free from what no longer serves us

The 260 day Wavespell is a synchronisor 
It is a time travel machine 
to liberate the individual from their karma wheel

and as each person does that 
the planet changes as a direct result
The Wavespell is a magical square

The cornerstones are 1 and 7 respectively

They add up to 14 diagonally ~
White Wizard 
The Moon Goddess returning

Self Empowerment 
Trusting the process


8 at the top ~ integrate ~ Yellow Star ~ Venus 
20 at the bottom ~ freedom from shadow and duality ~ Yellow Sun

Are you ready to embody the Age of Individuation ?

Blue Hand ~ the 7th Sign ~ heal and learn the process of personal empowerment 
Be the mystic
Be the full potentiality and your Avatar destiny

Here are some links to other people’s sites as to additional info:

Andrew Smith Venus article:

Prince of Cups:

Eli IsMercantile…/the-tarot-of-eli-the-t…

Mayfly Totem :

Sabrina Monarch Article about current Astrology:…/astrology-of-27-213-eclipse-season-tra…

The Personal Quest

is for the individual

to create




work alchemically 

on what was seeking release

in the 

Gemini spiral 

All the individual’s experiential learning in the field 

was revealed during


9 months of Gemini spiral 

Now is the time to integrate it 


it is key to do that on all levels 

This alchemical process is not logical 

It is a heart first process

It is the emotional evolution

It is the time of the love language

Return of the Sacred

Return of the Sacred Feminine

within each one of us 


Sacred Cacao Recipe 



Red Magnetic Dragon day 

Here was my experience 


Animal Totem’s



I had a Crane in the field outside my window 

Article about Crane totem 


Universe of 




We had a Mayfly in the Aquarium 

Here is my housemate ~ Ian Houlton’s video 


Mayfly in the Aquarium video


and pic 




There is another one currently in process


As I completed this blog 

Blue Resonant Hand 


Valentine’s Day 

What has been resonating for you

that feels good in the 28 days

when we were in

Resonant Moon ?

10 January to 07 February 2018

This is key to expand on 

Intimacy is the way forward


What is resonating around wound ?

Take the time to focus on this


learn how to do this


become empowered



Setting sail for the Siren within 

Let us lay the bones of all the terrible history 

to rest 

by being the change 

If you haven’t watched 

Lovely Bones 

I recommend it 

The leading character always reminds me of my beautiful daughter


Red Spectral Serpent

sekmet image

Pic Sekhmet artist unknown 



Red Spectral Serpent 

A Clear Sign

The day of letting go

in the

Blue Eagle Wavespell


pic by Chie Yoshie





As I write this the full moon in Leo

is approaching






artist unkown




along with

Lunar Eclipse 


Article by Astrology King 




As we near the end of the 260 day cycle



I have written some cross referenced blogs this week

that you can use if you choose

to work with conscious awareness

These Red Serpent Codes are key for relationship

Red Serpent is key for awakening to kundalini and it’s power

Love is the key to set us free



This is a very powerful year for us
Letting go of anything in our relationships that is limiting our life in thriving 
Being the planetary server that we are 
All the Red Serpent Days will be key for revealing relationship status
They happen every 20 days 
We start a new 260 day spiral on 08 February
in Aquarius.

Here is an interesting article



The Secret Language 

Pic by Chie Yoshi
The next Red Serpent
will be 
12 February 2018

Artist unknown

Red Dragon process ~

what the Great Mother is bringing us 

We begin the initiating Scroll ~

5 Wavespells

showing us where we are in relationship

to the new code

seeking embodiment

through personal healing and clearing

The 8th Moon 
Galactic Moon 
Key time to see what is happening for you around
Valentine’s Day 
The Solar eclipse in Aquarius is on the 15th:
Article by Astrology King :
Next up is :
Red Crystal Serpent ~ day 12 of White Wizard Wavespell
04 March 
Seeing how self empowered we are
Seeing how we let the magic flow through us
Pic by Chie Yoshi
Next is :
Red Rhythmic Serpent ~ day 6 of Yellow Sun Wavespell
24 March 
Spring has Sprung in the Norther Hemisphere
We are now in the 9th Moon 
Red Solar Moon 
Gateway to authenticity
being the beacon of light
Having gone through the 13 days of Blue Hand 
clearing some inner space 
to assist with birthing our avatar potentiality
we reach the
Clear Sign process

of seeing how much light we are able to hold
as a direct result of healing our shadow 
The next scroll begins on 01 April
Red Skywalker and our conscious process
artist unkown

This 13 day process is the most powerful process as it has

13 clear signs
Red Cosmic Serpent 
on the 13th of April
The 10th Moon now
Planetary Moon
We see what is manifest based on our journey since July 26 2017
Artist Chie Yoshi
What is seeking to shift in relationship ?
Blue Storm Transformational Wavespell
Red Resonant Serpent 
03 May 
Spectral Moon 
The 11th Moon of Letting go anything that is inauthentic 
A human evolution portal 

Artist Chie Yoshi

What is resonating that feels a healthy vibe ~ expand
What feels anything other than joy ~ let go of emotional wounding episodes
Feelings are the key to set us free
The next Scroll begins 
Relationship status
Red Magnetic Serpent
23 May 
Red Spectral Moon Day 22
Master builder number 
Entering into the central column 
10 days of human evolution 
If we choose this is a very aligned time for learning and transforming ourselves 
Red Galactic Serpent
12 June 
Crystal Moon
the 12th Moon of revealing our clarity
We are in the central column seeing our holograph reflected
Dreamcatcher by Ivan
02 July 
Cosmic Moon 
We leave the centre and go out 
Yellow Seed Wavespell
Revealing our actual Starseed status 
Free of the ego mask coping mechanism
Red Lunar Serpent 
New Learning 
Shadow revealed 
The next Scroll begins 
Red Earth 
How are we feeling connected and aligned to the earth ?
22 July 
Red Solar Serpent 
The Gateway for relationships
A portal day 
11 August 
The Conscious Dreamer process of 
Blue Night Wavespell
Red Electric Serpent 
Magnetic Moon
We start a new cycle of 13 Moons
Red Magnetic Moon
also a New Mayan Year
on the 26 July 
Red Cosmic Moon
A dynamic year of shift 
Artist Chie Yoshi
31 August 
Lunar Moon 
The Second Moon
New Learning and shadow
Yellow Warrior Wavespell
Where we are on our path
Red Planetary Serpent
Seeing the manifestation of our relationship internal process revealed on the outside
20 September
The Alchemy Moon
Red Electric Moon
artist Chie Yoshi
next Red Scroll process
Red Moon
Seeing the manifestation of what began in Magnetic Moon time in July and August
In the Green Castle of the heart
Red Self Existing Serpent 
The structure of being self existing
so that spirit can flow 
White Wind Wavespell
also a 

Burner Day on the planet 


Behind the trees by Ivan 


A day to burn off the shadow to be free

returning full cycle to today’s energy
Red Spectral Serpent 
10 October 
artist unknown
The 13 Clear Sign

Blue Eagle Wavespell

seeing what is seeking release so we can be a planetary server
Healing personal Harm
be clear and free
creating harmony
Mastering our constructed “self”
to be in alignment with our higher self 
Artist unknown ~ EFB 




Another info bite about Pacal


the 13 Clear Signs

that I discovered on my cookie trail the other day


Pacal is the 8th Sun  ~ 8 Ahau

Pacal means shield ~ Sun shield 

Yellow Galactic Sun 

is the 8th day of 

Red Skywalker 


His story and pattern are very interesting :

Wikipedia article 


In my understanding this picture


the 13 Signs

are the key

to the process of transforming the ego shadow 

to become 


The 20 day Sun process


pic Mariana Pavlova

The 20 day Sun process that Red Skywalker is found in



Yellow Galactic Sun is found in


the 3rd

20 day process :

Red Lunar Dragon 


Yellow Galactic Sun

It takes us from the 

Red Castle 


The White Castle 

Yellow Galactic Sun

is the day of integrating the

Yellow Sun Wavespell

The previous Wavespell

This Wavespell is the culmination of

the first scroll of

Red Dragon 

Showing how much light the human being holds

as they experience the first 39 days of the 260 day cycle 

Yellow Magnetic Sun is also a 13 Clear Sign 

as a Wavespell 

it is therefore also a very powerful process


The tomb was unearthed in 1952

From July 26 that was a

Blue Crystal Storm Year 

The 12th process of

Yellow Star Wavespell





Red Electric Serpent




Red Electric Serpent



The Day of Alchemy of the Conscious Dreamer Wavespell

Here is a blog I wrote about this in the last spiral on March 08 this year:

Red Electric Serpent

Sun in Sagittarius Fire

Moon in Aquarius

What we are working with now as to our bigger picture

is so key to

our personal alchemy

We will be seeing our manifestation of this inner work in

Aquarius Sun time

for the next spiral on the

8th of February 2018

I will be creating a retreat

in Glastonbury

at that time

to work consciously with these Universal Codes and Personal Codes

This will be a powerful synergy group

It will be a small group due to the depth of info

so if you wish to come please message me to reserve your space

Here are the links for the videos for

The Webinars of Red Crystal Dragon:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Moon info:

In the next 12 hours here are the codes starting at 10am today :…/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html…
If you want to check out exact timings here is the website:

A gardener with just one leg. 
A liability turned into an asset. Something is missing; something else is freed up. Integration, wholeness, balance, coherence are missing. You discover in their place innovation, wild impressionability, and extravagant opening into multiplicity. The life-force runs wild. Consciousness cannot contain it. It is an explosive display of what it is like when the witness is disenfranchised and all the energy goes into the immediate operator. You become totality bursting loose in a particular personal form. This way of being is simultaneously a throwback to idiosyncratic ways of the past, in the vein of eccentricity and being a character, and a first cracking through of new ways framed as spontaneous revelation. You move into any and every kind of awareness-frequency with abandon and with resiliency, to keep juggling, opening, discovering, and discarding with a fervor and a zest and a trace of really knowing that this is the best way to let go of a whole bunch of stuff and open the floodgates for something different to happen here. Something just like it was a long time ago, and just like it will be when the whole world shakes loose a little.

A woman burning a book of black magic. 
Karma works by indirection. We draw to ourselves what we previously activated and as it comes back, we curse the reflection. Such gestures multiply. They gather force and momentum. And soon we have fixed ideas about what is pulling us back and what is carrying us forward. Before you know it, you have become partisan, taking up this side against this other side, swept up in the drama. And you even become sure in your mind that whole segments of existence are bad and terrible and must be renounced completely. Yet you are making a self-commentary in where your mind as led you, and there must come a point in the journey when the mind strips away its disguise and you know once again that all is of God, that all is toward the good, and nothing can ever harm you, unless you insist upon it.

A book, the words in it keep changing. 
Destiny can keep rearranging itself under special and unusual conditions, where you have written into the contract ahead of time extravagant allowance for major shifts throughout the course of your lifetime. Ready and able to live several lifetimes in one, you are eager to wipe out the traces of a given cycle and start all over again. In love with change and in desperate need of change. Because one side of mind is dogmatically rigid. And so in order to neutralize and outwit your own dry, stuck places, you make sure to generate innovative, radical currents–slowly wearing away the tight self-identity knots and generating freedom where being stuck in old pictures had sealed off the territory and made life predictable and unbearable.

Violets blooming by the barred windows of a dungeon. 
The old past-centered facets of life are predominant in this world. Those who take on the thought patterns of this old earth find themselves immensely trapped in time and space, and in physical form most of all. Yet in the very midst of thinking and operating in this rationalistic way, you are subtly and secretly fostering a great wealth of New Earth consciousness, of fresh ways of seeing. By relentlessly exposing yourself to the rigors and consequences of the mentally-based world, you come to that edge where the way to liberation becomes so sharp that the deeper seeing comes up to give you space and breath. It is quite a process to live between cycles, bridge divergent worlds, and feel the necessity of keeping it all going. But truly the soul is witnessing each dangling moment, and preparing to go free when the season is right and the prison doors open of themselves, as the karma is completed and the unknown calls you onward.

A black raven with a bright red head. 
A watcher poised, observant, keen. Seeing into souls. Negatively disposed, absolutely alert to what is wrong, to what is missing, to what should be changed. Fabulously mental, with a gargantuan appetite for trouble, for difficulties, for crises. Scavenger, bird of prey. Karmic endowment of a strange kind. Susceptible to the dark. Wandering in a maze. Knowing just where you are but not who you are. Identity is eclipsed by the necessity to be effective in action. You are compelled from within to make yourself useful, to do the dirty work, to get down under. Gravitating toward the impossible, and somewhat blind to the pitfalls of such a way of operating, you ferret out the facts. You serve a poser behind the scenes, and are obedient to a fault.

Crows eating the corn that a farmer has sown. 
Giving yourself free rein to negate, to destroy, and to deny. You go with the darkness and wait to see how its cycle extends. While waiting, you can indulge the lower side of your nature to the utmost. The fun lies in getting away with it. Those most skillful and adroit will keep this malice on subconscious levels and will identify consciously with being the victim of such impulses. A complex and confounding internal politics ensues. You must get away with murder while proclaiming your naive. Ingenuous ignorance of anything wrong. However, the rational mind becomes so entangled in the webwork of spy versus spy that sooner or later every inch of territory is eaten away by plots and counterplots, and nobody is left who can tell who did what to whom. For, once you start letting the carrion birds in, very little virtue territory shall remain.

A heated argument turns into laughter. 
Tension and release. Contraction and expansion. The breath of the mind resolving its dualities. In order to make it possible for radical truths and significant realizations to come through, you must first karmically dramatize, inside the ego-mind and outside as well, the unbearable tension between opposing points of view. You enter upon disputes, advocate positions, set up heroes and villains. And then when your whole inner and outer world is packed with dilemmas, problems, arguments and battles, you become ready to seek out synthesis, to enter upon a cycle of restoring wholeness. During your experimental years, spice means everything. But during your maturity, there is no further mileage to be had in turning anything against anything else. Getting it that you made it all up in the first place, and that the rational mind delights in controversy but has its limits. When resolution comes, everything looks different. All of life turns around, and most particularly your relation to yourself changes from the critic into the friend and respectful ally of your own inward intentions.

If you want to know more about personal alchemy tools


your Cosmic Codes please contact me

Coming Soon :

How to create personal alchemy with Emotional Freedom Technique

in several locations throughout Somerset

Also a Workshop and Webinar on The 6th Sun ~ what it’s nature reveals and how to work with it to empower yourself on your Spiritual Journey

Hope you can join me

Thank you to everyone who is co creating with me right now

Love you

Pic by Chie Yoshiee

Yellow Solar Human



Hecate by William Blake 

Yellow Solar Human 


22 October 2017

The Gateway


Yellow Seed Wavespell

and a

human evolution portal day 


Gateway as it is a number 9


Again lots of revelations on a personal level for me over the past couple of days 

around patterns 

especially my personal patterns

which is the key to understanding The Mysteries

First it is essential to 

Know Thyself 

Then all the other doorways unlock from there


My Burner Day 

What does that mean ?

Not sure exactly as I am learning as I go experientially 

Here is what I have found :

Each Wavespell is 13 days 

52 days in 4 Wavespells = A Castle 

Which is also the age that the Mayan Sign of your birth repeats

Our Galactic Signature and the Creativity Code

we are here to embody and create with

as a Human Being carrying a Spiritual Being 

I have mapped my birthdays and each one is aligned to a year

of my human experience Today I noticed some new information:

that for every Burner Year of mine~ It is A Crystal Year on the planet 

A Burner Day occurs every 65 days

from our birthday

So there is an additional 13 day process 

Which is also the same in the Mayan 260 Day Wave 

Red Castle

White Castle 

Blue Castle

Yellow Castle 

Green Castle

Sharing my journey of Burners:

Red Solar Earth ~ 1991 
when I went to London in Nov Wetherspoons age 26

White Crystal Wizard on the planet 

White Solar Wind ~ 2004 ~ age 39 
One of the Venus Transits on the planet
Article here:
Blue Crystal Storm on the planet
I stopped smoking and I had a big estrangement within my family
Blue Solar Hand ~

when I was born in 1965 


in 2017 when I was 52 ~ a 13 Clear Sign

Yellow Crystal Seed on the planet ~ Red Skywalker Wavespell
the current Mayan Year we are in

Yellow Solar Human ~ when I was 13 ~ 1978 ~ a portal year 

A teenager 
Red Crystal Moon on the planet

All Crystal Years on the planet

So today I am in my Flowering Burner and seeing where I am as a Human Being 

How my conditioning and coping mechanisms are coming off now 

slowly over time 

to reveal the true being I am 

freer of co dependency code 

freer of conditional love 

freer of culture conditioning 

Moving into balance of the masculine and feminine within me 

As I alchemically heal and shape my destiny 



I watched the film


again last night

It gave me more insights

Each time we go around our Solar Return we change 

The starry skies connect to our inner cosmic codes 



new learning and awareness


for those intending it be so 


Knowing thyself is key 

Know your Astrology 

Know the planetary happenings 

Know your Mayan Code

Then travel this life with awareness of what is happening to you

Why you are here at this time 


What your Mission Impossible is 

So you can accept it through accepting yourself 


move into a position of empowerment as a result 


I am honoured and privileged

to do other people’s charts 


code readings 

It is so wow and creates an access into the bigger picture 


everything is interlinked  

I did a reading for two dear friends yesterday 

and their path together 

Their Astrology

Their combined Mayan Signs


when they met 

Truly Magical and Synchronistic

Led me on an intuitive Cookie Trail

The next 260 Day Spiral is:

February 08 2018

Galactic Moon Day 2

Waning Moon in Scorpio

at the Aquarius Meridian time of 1am 

23 degrees of Scorpio:

Inside Degrees Website

A collection of dolls. 
The inside of things takes charge when the ego-self is out of the picture and we are free to go with our fancy. The outer side of things becomes purely symbolic, just one way to do it. When the formative soul has its way, the world is recreated in a different image. Eliminating the usual mental considerations, the formative soul sticks to how things feel inside, and pushes for a world that matches the inner pictures. Becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out of what is obvious and straightforward. Deeply driven to move out beyond the known into other realities. A resourcefulness that knows no bounds. Able to turn anything back into what it was meant to be. In the process, you crack through every kind of consensus agreement, becoming an outlaw, fused with core existence and drawing the energy out of empty forms into what is here. When you can feel the magic and know it is real, it is the touchstone to make it all real again.

What is coming through for our experience 

during the current Scorpio Gateway 

is key now

as we will be integrating it then 


Last degrees of Scorpio and beginning of Sagittarius Moon as I write this:

An umbilical cord. 
Definitely completely attached, but what you are attached to changes drastically. Each time it is to the source of sustenance. If at first a mother, womb, an elemental past, it can easily become later on a great teacher, a path, a journey. You are still thoroughly, personally hooked into the sweetness, the juice, the power. Yet as the levels shift, as the attunement deepens, you go from destructive enmeshment toward incredible openings. And as you learn to cut loose from each last thing and to move toward the next greater thing, you become adept in the rough process of inner soul work. You have an extraordinary aptitude for taking the most binding and heavy-duty circuits and moving into and through them, grasping hold of the guiding influence of ever-greater circles of allegiance. Leading eventually toward mutation and evolutionary breakthrough of the first magnitude.


A very dark sky, but no rain. 
Holding over yourself karmic matters. The probation of the soul. Intent is all. A karmic dilemma of long standing. An advanced stage of the warrior battling the self. A gloomy foreboding. Self-mistrust. Holding back at the edge with a heavy heart, with a desperation to break through. Yet you have an eerie capacity for denying yourself what is sought. Inwardly frightened, even terrorized. The imaginative dimension takes charge and death saturates it. There is an anticlimactic feeling when it should have happened, it could have happened and yet, it cannot and will not. Karmic crystallizations of will. Nothing truly moving onward until you experience complete surrender, radical self-overcoming.


A woman, manacled in solid gold chains.
Vividly attached to your own personal limitations, idiosyncrasies, and karmic backlog, you are identified within the strict circle of familiar difficulties, dilemmas, issues, and problems. Habituated to a thick atmosphere of being surrounded and enveloped by all the places you have hung out forever. Immobilized in your will and truly feeling incapable of overthrowing the past. You feel chaotically fascinated by and deeply saturated in patterns, syndromes, and subconscious escapes. Yet in the fiery midst of this very enchantment, you can go free if you inwardly come to a place where all the old spells no longer work and your resurgent spirit simply refuses to confound itself any further.

The Resonance of Blue Hand

is on

Valentine’s Day 

Blue Hand in it’s pure form 


To reveal how we can see our bigger picture


shape our destiny with

the first Wavespell in the 260 day cycle

awakening us to

what the Great Mother is bringing us 

Before I came to live in Glastonbury I created an 

Open Your Heart Retreat

at that time of year

I will be creating another one for this amazing time 

Watch this Space 


Going over my experiences around Valentine’s Day more recently 

I had two events around wounding


2016 and 2017 

One in Red Skywalker Wavespell

One in Red Earth Wavespell

Both Red Wavespell’s awakening me to

What creates Heaven on Earth

What creates Feeling safe on Earth 

I revisited times in my past with conscious awareness of what creates the opposite to that for me 

A wake up call 

Key experiential learning for my 

Book of Shadows 



Have you started yours yet?

Mars has gone into Libra today 

My placement 

Here is an article by CIA 

Lots of workshops coming up

in my locality for you to get involved in

Connect with me on Facebook too ~ lots of videos on there

Here is the latest one and sorry but I still have not figured out how to do this with a pic yet 😉 


” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>


Red Cosmic Earth

17 September 2017


Video on Facebook Link

The 13th Day of Red Serpent


Lunar Moon day 26

Time to shift our perspective and ground
Ending ancestral wounding

Leo Dark Moon at 26 degrees:

LEO 26
A fire burns at the bottom of an old well.
Deeply, foundationally held away, asocial and centered upon individual treasures of ancient vintage, you are hostile to close approach. You need leverage and control, and are driven toward extreme autonomy, remembering the way it has always been. Deep in there, warmly radiant, you focus on keeping alive what has gone out upon the surface–a karma of caretaking the mysteries. But your personal expression veers toward crusty, hard-edged, protective, and guarding behaviors that can become obsessive and almost paranoid. Your rigid commitment is to holding steady and outlasting sympathetic cycles and contexts, with a note of fierce conviction that this is all that counts; nothing must moderate or minimize or relativize what has been agreed to and made an iron law.

We are approaching the dark half of the year

New Moon in Virgo approaching

Magickal time for healing our ancestral wounds


White Worldbridger Wavespell 2017

White Worldbridger Wavespell

began on July 28 2017 

Here is a blog I wrote about this in it’s last cycle in November 2016

My connection to these dates and threads is becoming very synchronised now

it is totally blowing my conditioned mindset

I have no doubt that everything is scripted and written

I have no idea how that happens

as I do not yet embody that consciousness

All I can say is that my spiral is accelerating

as I get closer to my

Gateway birthday

on the 18th of August

I am limited to what I can share in these blogs

because other people are involved in my journey


I cannot write about them

What I can say is that I am in connection with their energy signature

just before they come into contact


I am tuning in to creating videos about our combined energy


specific moon degrees

The synchronising is so powerful now


creating amazing clarity for me


people I am working with

as an energy coach

I can see so many interlinking factors


how all my life experience

is culminating now

to take me into a different space

Revisiting old patterns and relationships with new people

to remember and heal


let go of old worlds

to be free in new ones 

I began this spiral as the last day of my New Mayan Year Retreat in Glastonbury 

26 July 2017 was Yellow Crystal Seed 

a portal day of human evolution 

Letting go of our ego coping mechanism masks

so the true star seed can be revealed 

Sun in Leo 

Moon in Virgo

out and about in Babcary


Keinton Mandeville

on the Virgo part of the Glastonbury Zodiac 


Here I am at Mary Magdalen Church

The shift day was 

Red Cosmic Serpent 

0n the 27th of July 

White Worldbridger began

on the 28th of July 

The day of new learning was the 29th of July 

Blue Lunar Hand 

which is what is seeking to be unveiled

to reveal how we can shape our destiny now

with conscious awareness and healing taking action 

As I have mapped all my Mayan codes this is my birthday year of 1997 

I know what themes I will be working with 

This was when I became pregnant with my daughter 

this whole 13 day spiral is about letting go of out of balance ways of relating

to be literally free of these old ways


exactly why we are here at this time

to heal these ancestral patterns 

This is not any easy mission


we experience a great deal of abusive relating

to become an expert on it

to heal it and share that process with others

who are ready to do that

being a lover not a fighter

is key wisdom


the spiritual warrior of compassion

it is anything but passive


takes a great deal of discipline



to develop trust and surrender

in the face of people

who have not yet developed


conscious ways of relating



full of shadow energy

this is the mastery of self

and what I share on my retreats

is this way of transforming 

The New Seers are here

For more reading:



All the prima materia is within us and matched outside in our circle


all the teachers therefore are in our circle

The ones pushing our boundaries and buttons

A reversal of our ego beliefs of what is “good and safe” is where we have to go 

Surrender to what is ~ 

Tantra ways of working

to release all resistance


what comes after that process

is freedom

from any emotional stressors


fear beliefs

this is a lifelong cyclical process

I went to Avebury on this day with two lovely friends 




Day 3 

Yellow Electric Star 


I met a person who corresponded with this

co creative energy

Combine your Mayan Signs to create your Co Creative Code 

on day 9 Gateway

White Solar Wizard 

with this degree in their chart

in a very significant place

and that meeting created a huge reconnect with a younger me


freedom from lots of beliefs as a result  

It is also key to someone else’s chart that I was working with on my retreat who has many similar patterns and codes to me and reveals my bigger picture too 

This is wow alchemy ~

day 3 of any Wavespell

holding this energy

I made this video


This is the writing I posted on Facebook :

Yellow Electric Star

Day 3 ~ Alchemy

of the White Worldbridger Wavespell

We are now in 
the White 13 Day process of the ending of World’s ~ personal World is the key

In the White Castle

Refining is the vibe

Getting to truth

of what is awakening within us

as to heart opening

The planet of Yellow Star is Venus

Letting go of Venusian delusions and illusions

Scorpio Moon at 9 degrees Waxing…/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html…

A hand with six fingers. 
Complex nature. Containing within yourself an extra spiral of self-obsession and ultimately superlative capacity. Subjecting yourself to grueling ordeals, rites of passage. Knowing that if you can eliminate your stark weakness, you can grasp hold of your boundless strength. The weakness is that you refuse to believe in yourself, and this is a hard one to uproot. You must, against the grain, find any and every possible way to get around your own adamant self-rejection. The weakness is based upon karmic past experiences in which you failed yourself. Now you assume it will happen again. So, building up strength and courage inside, toward self-overcoming, is the path. And paradoxically, in order to forge such a deepening of life-will, you must endanger yourself and expose yourself to radical crises, in order to rally to your own side and come into your truth in the midst of cutting through your falsehood; thus reclaiming the primal ground of a form of selfhood that is mutational, wildly improbable, and just could be real after all.

I have done a spontaneous video ~


Bear with me in my process lovelies

Big love to you all

We are going through liquification of our ego right now

Which can feel intense




a little crazy

but is essential to emerge as the butterfly

over and over

More and more freedom from the ego wound of thousands of years

dna rewire process happening now

Lots of love beautiful people 
See you at The Green Gathering

I love you



Day 4

The day of structure 

We will be working with this 28 day energy in

October and November in Scorpio Sun 

Red Self Existing Moon 




I made this video


Here is the writing that I posted with it on Facebook 

Red Self Existing Moon

A Cosmic day of downloads 
Planet Mercury

A portal day

Very key to the Scorpio Gateway when we will be in 
Red Self Existing Moon and Yellow Seed Wavespell

Intense 13 day process with 10 portals of human evolution

Scorpio Moon waxing now as I write…/inside_degrees/inside_degrees.html…

A collection of dolls. 
The inside of things takes charge when the ego-self is out of the picture and we are free to go with our fancy. The outer side of things becomes purely symbolic, just one way to do it. When the formative soul has its way, the world is recreated in a different image. Eliminating the usual mental considerations, the formative soul sticks to how things feel inside, and pushes for a world that matches the inner pictures. Becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out of what is obvious and straightforward. Deeply driven to move out beyond the known into other realities. A resourcefulness that knows no bounds. Able to turn anything back into what it was meant to be. In the process, you crack through every kind of consensus agreement, becoming an outlaw, fused with core existence and drawing the energy out of empty forms into what is here. When you can feel the magic and know it is real, it is the touchstone to make it all real again.

Magnetic Moon day 6

Burner Day coming up on August 26

check out my blog for more info

Blue Self Existing Eagle

Planetary server day

Yellow Human Wavespell ~ seeing our manifestation as a human being so far in this cycle

Another scroll will be completed

Time to get that alchemy going ?

Learn your code

Everything we are attracting now is showing the way through the black hole phoenix process


We are doing this to ourselves to be free

Lots of love and hugs

Be love

Come and connect at The Green Gathering


August 01 2017 Tuesday



White Overtone Dog

I was with lovely women

in a monthly circle

that I so value 

on day 6 Wednesday August 02

Blue Rhythmic Monkey

I set off to

The Green Gathering at Chepstow 

Had a totally magical time meeting my heart tribe of lovely people 

My dream realised of doing this type of connection and sharing conscious transformational ways of personal alchemy 



The weather was very challenging 

Lots of new learning 

Amazing connections 

Initiations into new worlds 

Day 7 Thursday August 03

Yellow Resonant Human 

I did a workshop and had amazing learning that day 

a portal of human evolution and key for my bigger picture

This was in 2002 for me at the age of 37

I moved to Marsden

for 10 years of a different world experience which took me through powerful transitions and alignment with my true nature 



Day 8 Red Galactic Skywalker

Friday August 04

Integrating the previous Wavespell of

Creating Heaven on Earth 

15 July to July 27 2017

This is the process we are working with throughout the New Mayan Year

July 26 2017 to July 26 2018


White Solar Wizard 

Saturday August 05

a planetary energy 

It was the planetary Mayan Year in 1975 

Leaving behind the labyrinth for me


being led by a key

cat energy


beauty and wildness



being taken by surprise

by my universal self bringing me this experience

out of the blue


so key for me to remember

this that a higher consciousness

is taking me through this lifetime trip

on planet earth and has surprises that is key to White Wizard energy ~

letting the magic flow through us 


The Green Gathering is an amazing event 



Sunday August 06

Day 10 

Blue Planetary Eagle

Planetary Server

bigger picture


our heart’s desire to

release old worlds to be free on a personal level and free the world 


Day 11 

Yellow Spectral Warrior

Monday August 07


the day of Aquarius Full Moon


Lunar Eclipse 

The traffic slowed down radically as people went to leave the site


created the perfect alchemical structure for people

to see if they had any buttons being pushed

This connects to the Spring Equinox

Yellow Warrior Wavespell on the 20th of March 2017 


Red Crystal Earth was day 12

Tuesday August 08

Back in Glastonbury

and at a

Mayan Crystal Court

with friends 

In my personal

cycle this was when I was experiencing my Uranus Opposition in 2007 age 42

Lots of things radically changing in my life


I started my training in holistic therapies 

Wednesday August 09

White Cosmic Mirror 

Seeing our reflections and how they have changed

since starting this cycle 13 days ago 

I was at ecstatic dance feeling very different


opening to lots of magical potentiality 

Wow what a spiral of evolution 

What happened in your cycle ?


Key for your

Book of Shadows 










Day out of time ~ Blue Spectral Night 25 July 2017



Pic by Mariana Pavlova


Day out of time 

25 July 2017

Blue Spectral Night


The most recent Conscious Dreamer Wavespell


07 March to 19 March 2017


I did a workshop for

The Positive Living Group in Glastonbury

on day 2 of


Blue Night Wavespell

Yellow Lunar Seed 

I wrote this blog about it



This 260 day Wavespell is a way to work consciously with intent

with these spirals of

human evolution


the more conscious awareness you have

of your own cosmic codes and patterns

the more you can really become a master at weaving within worlds

and shaping your destiny

which is why this amazing tool is here at this time

for exactly that purpose


why we are here at this time for exactly that purpose


it is time for humanity

to raise the game plan

and work powerfully

to transit the old ways


create new loving and respectful ones

This is not an easy task

This is not without tears

This requires discipline and determination


schooling of


Spiritual Warrior

After mapping and working co creatively with this codex and matrix for 6 years


also with Astrology  

I absolutely know that nothing is random through mapping my own process


that of many other people

I have been honoured to co create with

I also know experientially

that everything is designed for human evolution

with an energetic framework

which can be a very challenging view for the egoic part of our personality

which may believe that it is confined and limited


yes in certain ways that is true

It is a template that has been crafted by a very different consciousness

to the human mind


paradoxically is in fact limitless

once the individual decides to embrace that


trust the process


go with it

releasing any resistance to what is presenting for their transformation

then miracles can commence

Resistance is the edge

of the comfort zone

of the conditioned mind 

Choosing to create love and compassion as the soul purpose of this journey

brings the beauty path

at times this is the opposite

revealing the prima materia for conversion


this is always within the self

Blue Night’s planet is Saturn 

Saturn in Sagittarius on the planetary transit right now

to reveal where we are in our great adventure

and what is seeking healing for us

so we can access the star gate

of literally the place where stars are made

remembering that we are made of the same building blocks of the starry skies


Where Saturn is in your chart is key


understanding it’s structure in your journey

will reveal enlightenment for you

which is the true meaning of enlightenment

Know thyself 

Where Sagittarius is in your chart

is also key 



If we do not know our patterns and codes

we are in the dark

travelling without a map

Nothing wrong with that position

It is what it is

There is no “right” and “wrong” on the journey

Knowing what questions to ask

and having tools of wisdom

reveals a different way of travelling

It is a choice point

to take full responsibility

for how to create and relate

in this life


If you choose to work powerfully

with conscious intent today :

Notice where you are on your journey on this

Day out of time


what is unfolding for you because of your choices

in co creation with the universe ~ which we are a part of ~ we are the Universe


with others


we are all in this together and In Lak ech ~ I am another you ~ literally means that


the more consciously aware we become

we can see how other people are literally reflecting part of us



you can actually map this connection


see what it is repeating and when

and then understand

why they are in your life and you in theirs

and that this has to happen

there is no way around it this code has to come in

and will no matter how much you may try to avoid it

there is no way to avoid it

because it is key to our personal and collective evolution



These patterns do not change throughout our life ~

we simply refine our way of working with them to become wise which is exactly why they exist for that purpose of enlightenment



learn our lesson of evolution


most importantly of love and acceptance of our own wound

and journey

so that we can do that in reality with others 


Today see how you have created ways

of being

that have brought magic and joy for you



Pic Maria Pavlova


If you haven’t already got one may I suggest you create a 

Book of Shadows 

to record your alchemical process and be specific

These magical ways can be further expanded upon

to release your starseed and gift to the world 

The more painful parts hold the light for the next steps of the journey and record these too with the intention of healing them

as this is the key to personal alchemy 

It is Leo time 

It is time to have the courage to shrug off the old self limiting beliefs


really go into that crafted self to reweave it 

The New Year tomorrow

brings the structure of the egoic masks that everyone has created

to live in our conditioned culture of co dependancy

and so the more we know about our self

the more we can start to unwrap our true seed

with gentle care and small steps

with hugs and love

and a structure of support

that will ultimately set us free

and allow us to fly

and change our world

into a place of more beauty

full of amazing butterflies

There is no need to worry it is happening

All that is required is that each person focuses on themselves

and do their personal journey

as and when it feels right for them

because everyone is exactly at the perfect place to allow the cosmic dance 

If you have any worries about the process

then that is something that can be addressed 😉 


I use Emotional Freedom Technique

and it works and is easy ~

lots of resources on my blog and website

or simply google and get a manual and start today if you feel to 

If you want to know more about

how I do this please contact me I also do group work


can travel to you

I love sharing this

It creates self~empowerment

Wishing you an amazing day

beautiful dreamers


Red Skywalker Wavespell 24 July 2017~ 2


Part two of the blog 

Part 1 here

Several days in between blogs

I am writing this on day 10 

White Planetary Wind

24 July 2017

In my personal Mayan Castle

this is 1992 birthday for me 

I had lived in London for nearly a year and had to leave

I was overworked and under paid

and ill because of it

and most importantly for me to own…

my need to please and try


be the manual

that was an impossible ideal

so I was looking for a way out

back to the North


my roots

albeit in different counties as it turned out 

I had dreams of a life in the county

having the actual experience changed my goals


this is key to understanding our mind can have an inaccurate portrayal

that can only be fully understood

by actually doing the trip itself

instead of simply flicking through travel brochures

which is a metaphor for our human being journey


soul journey


owning our choices through life

in order to fully understand

how we create


to become masters


creating harmony and bliss

in this lifetime



Here is a recent picture of Grassington I took this Summer.

It was emotional revisiting the place

where I had so many hopes and dreams for a new beginning


still have now…

Somethings have changed radically 

Some are still the same 


some things have changed radically within me


some have not and are still seeking rewiring and healing

so the same themes are playing out still

as the energetic signature is still there


I am in a

White Galactic Wind year of integration

until my birthday

which is soon


Here is a blog I wrote about today’s energy in 2013


Lots of Leo energy now 


Here is a great article and overview of the starry skies at the mo


Austin Stoppock


The 10th day of each Wavespell is

The heart’s desire

in this Wavespell

this is to manifest our spirit 

to embody it 

to be truth 

free from distortion

crafted from our Uranus experience 

Reworking our Saturnian structure

This really happens in earnest from around 42 to 52

as we let go of our earthly conditioning

to be the spiritual warrior of the heart


as the New Moon was at 0 degrees Leo yesterday on

Red Solar Dragon Day

Here is a post I wrote in 2013

is my DC in my natal chart

this is so key for me

Here is an article about this


White Wind is my White Castle 

White Wind are my kin and tribe


meeting lots of them now it is so magical


Today in the 13 Moon calendar

It is

Cosmic Moon Day 28

At the Leo Meridian time of 11am to 1 pm here are the star stories


Inside Degrees


LEO 15 
A woman with many different colored rings on her fingers. 
To be quintessentially yourself in so many different directions is to be big, impressive, and very dramatic. Your individuality is blessed with innate gifts and treasures unlimited, an embarrassment of riches. The outward temptation is to play this up and use it up. The inward path is to develop it into ripe and mature full-on individual genius. However, it takes an advanced soul to be able to move steadily with such intoxicating qualities. And it takes the utmost in sincerity, simplicity, and core presence to just be there while having loads of outstanding, amazing attributes to show and share and give forth freely, with such royal stature and destiny.

LEO 16 
A red-faced man, tears running down his cheeks. He is laughing convulsively. 
In the warp between the worlds, being a representative of one world in the midst of another and being almost invisible. Tending to disappear off-screen and reappear somewhere else. Transported by a special destiny, slipping by the borderguards. As the uproar happens the deep observer looks on at the role the self is playing, which is so incongruous to who one is truly. But the karmic instructions are to play along, and later all shall be revealed. This is a very peculiar soul condition–taking all the loose ends and finishing them off, to be sprung into a different realm at last.

The last day of the Cosmic Moon

The last day of the 13 Moon Cycle

that began


July 26 2016


Today is a really good day

to be with your heart


see how you are feeling

We do not know what life holds for us 

We cannot see our entire path

because we cannot experience it if we do


often that feels difficult to do

because this earthly life can be so painful

to keep moving forward with an open heart takes great courage

and …

it is the only way we truly learn through our experiences

as to what creates hurt

and what creates joy


then to work wisely when the time is right


all the elements are present for us in every moment

if we are ready to look


do what it takes to be disciplined

There is also the paradox

that we often have to go deep into the dark path to know this

and not know for a good while ~ which the ego is not a fan of 😉

This is a key mastery path though to master and transform the scaredy cat ego 

to create a change for not only us

but for others


for human evolution too


to trust that our higher self knows


will support us even though our conditioned mind

may be screaming for mercy

remember it is ego deconstruct time now for each human being

so that the world can change because each human being changes

When we open more and trust more then miracles are manifest

and that was my experience yesterday

Amidst lots of emotional storms

I found myself with friends

in the centre of the Glastonbury Zodiac


later in the Gemini part of the Zodiac

where I used to live


where I started this

Gemini Imix Quest on 24 May 2017



with a beautiful group of Sufi people

I was watching a rainbow emerge from clear skies and huge clouds

I was welcomed as a human being

I felt loved and accepted

I did not know the language of the prayers

but they spoke to my heart

and I felt I belonged in a roomful of people I did not know

but whom I felt at one with

more than many people I have known for years  

Finding our tribe is key now

to be free of any more wounding

Focusing on being loving and authentic in relationship

free of any need to sacrifice or compete is the key

as this is the new code of creation for humanity

that is beaming through the galaxies now




A new door opened up 

A new path became known

Where does it go ?

I do not know

but I made the choice to venture into an unknown space


the creation codes of that place are now in motion ~

will keep you posted as it unfolds

Mercury will be passing by Regulus in the next couple of days ~

the star in the heart of the celestial Lion

Where this is in your chart is key for healing your heart to regulate your experience of giving and receiving love



Fuller info at Hermetic Podcast

I have an event in Glastonbury for the New Year

on July 26

Living Crystal of the Heart

More info here

I also have one at The Green Gathering on August 03

Love to see you

At the Green Gathering

I will be doing individual readings  for the Mayan Year ahead


Emotional Freedom Technique Circles to create harmony 


one to one sessions too

more info here:

Green Gathering

You can also come and see me for a reading in person in Glastonbury


online using media


Today is key for seeing where we are in light of our spiritual journey

and how it is manifest for us now ~

to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before 

we are writing new code






Red Skywalker 15 July 2017 ~ part 1




I haven’t written a blog in a long time 

Been a really busy bee with lots of new stuff happening for me 

Generally I have been posting on Facebook

so if you haven’t connected to me on there yet please do

I am writing this

Creating Heaven on Earth thread


Cancer Sun time

It is a very personal thread ~ Leo is in Mercury ~ which is my code

for my God and Goddess self

Leo is in the North Node transit on planet earth

Article by Ruby Slipper

As a Leo Sun this is a big time for me 

Leo just gone into Mars too and a huge Leo New Moon coming up this weekend 

All these transits are hitting my chart in so many ways


A very key transformational time for me in this spiral

that began on the 24th of May 


Since the Spring Equinox

I have been visiting sacred sites


ley lines

connecting to this energy locally in the

Glastonbury Zodiac 

with groups

with friends 

co creating with gaia and the starry skies

the Dragon Lines are opening and sharing their energy more every day

We are mirroring each other as human’s are opening


deconstructing now remembering our true nature

Here I am at Mitchell’s Fold 

This is an amazing area with a lovely earthy energy and lots to see



Here I am playing Poo Sticks in Sussex

This is the weekend when Red Skywalker Wavespell initiated 

I was at a farm called 

Heaven Farm 

Here is a video I made which explains how I perceive this energy 


Red Skywalker is the human being

who is actively learning

how to heal and relate

lovingly and respectfully to themselves 

tantra method of focusing

on the

vibration of desire



on the basis that peace creates peace 

suffering creates suffering etc

hence being the love we seek

is the way to create that outcome


that harmony is created naturally for the human being

who has healed any harm ~

this is the

Blue Monkey energy signature

A really simple and practical book that teaches this practice is:


The Transformation of Desire


by Lama Yeshe 

I woke up very early on a morning of this wavespell

with some revelations

about this personal pattern for me

as it is key to my personal evolution 

again this is the most important focus

for the individual ~

this change of focus literally creates new world’s for humanity

Here is a new page with Red Skywalker Dates in the Gregorian calendar

so you can cross reference your personal experience



Here I am in a crop circle ~ it was a wow day of wonder


we also visited Avebury 




I absolutely love having these amazing adventures with other people


it ties in with my first job as a travel agent ~ in a whole different way 

I am living my dream at last


still experiencing lots


emotional release too 

In this 13 day process in the past

I have had an initiation


also a very big release of old ways of relating that created toxicity 


Please check out my previous Red Skywalker blogs

from October/November 2016 to explain:

Red Skywalker 1

Red Skywalker 2



Here is a Video by Kaypacha ~ a Leo ~ that explains the current transits and how that relates to Halloween 2016 when these events happened for me :




Today I felt intuitively to map my codes into it ~

this is what I also do for my client’s

to create a bigger picture of understanding

how we have co created so far

so we can expand what feels good


release what does not 

This Mayan Matrix is not an abstract

it is a very practical workable tool

that reveals

consciousness in action

It gives an overview too and validity to the statement ~ it was not meant to be ~ easier to let go and surrender to the path  of a consciousness

that is seeking to guide our ego


transform it to heal

disrespectful and unloving behaviour 

You can map your birth years


discover your 13 year cycles

You can see then how each Mayan Day in those codes

will be activating these experiences

in order to work deeply and with awareness


in particular where you are now in your 13 year cycle 

Red Magnetic Skywalker

Nov 01 2011 ~ I got initiated into the calendar process ~ creating heaven on earth process

The last time it was this spiral of Red Dragon was 1965

when I was in my Mother’s womb ~ key for my generation born

after May 1965 in 1965


White Lunar Wizard 

my daughter and my Grandfather’s general code ~ also a planetary code of July 26 ~ new learning coming in

Blue Electric Eagle

my son’s and friends code ~ the Wavespell process I have been in this year ~ alchemy day

Yellow Self Existing Warrior

~ the structure of the heart path ~ what is being revealed now which initiated at The Spring Equinox

Red Overtone Earth ~ 13 Clear Sign

A 13 Clear Sign ~ when I was 22 1987 ~ I was very ill ~ key for my shamanic opening and what I had to learn to heal in myself so I could assist other people ~

Blue Hand energy 

Key to wounding in 2016 which created clarity and closure

White Rhythmic Mirror~ 13 Clear Sign

A Gregorian planetary code and my paternal lineage ~ this was my fathers year in 1995 ~ the year my son was born My father is a Gemini with Leo Moon and they both have North Node in Scorpio

Key to wounding in 2016 which created clarity and closure

This is a human evolution portal 

Blue Resonant Storm

A planetary code ~ 2012 ~ the year of the shift on Winter Solstice

Yellow Galactic Sun~ 13 Clear Sign

Key to integrate the last Wavespell of Yellow Sun which has just completed ~ 02 July to 14 July 2017

Red Solar Dragon


serpent mother burning man

I have two lovely friends in Avalon that have this Gateway Signature 


The Gateway to assimilate what happened in the Red Dragon 52 day process which began on the 24th of May


This is also a Leo New Moon on 22 July at 0 degrees Leo ~ my MC in my chart 

Here are Inside degrees info :

As it is 0

I use 1 degree Leo and 29 and 30 degrees Cancer for an Alchemical Combination :

A large school of baby fish swimming in a group. 
You spawn fertile variations on an archetypal theme. These surround and envelop you. Saturated with your own creations; afloat in a multitime warp. It is all old stuff, backed up too far, too long. And so the familiarity smothers, the closeness renders insensible. You are just about consumed by myriad pasts streaming through. And the only possibility is to acknowledge how fed up you are with yourself, and to open to fresh facets with no expectations, no assumptions, no programs, nothing but the living moment.

~ Contents ~

Wild grapes growing everywhere. 
Drawing forth the very best in everything. Selecting out the quintessence, the most vital part, and offering it nurturance and acknowledgment. A celestial quality of perception. Being entirely capable of persuading just about anybody that life is good, that marvelous things are at hand, and that we are all in this together. Sisterhood, brotherhood, camaraderie unlimited. You sense into the place where the situation resolves and completes itself by creative release. You have the epochal realization that there is nothing to hang onto, and that when the containers are broken open, all the vibrancy spills out and blesses the whole. An instantaneous impulse informed by much experience, becoming the instinct for bringing out the truth and letting Earth-life hold sway as a pageantry of trust in the wisdom of the life-force, with nothing to hold back.

~ Contents ~

LEO 1 
A divorced husband and wife enjoying each other’s company. 
The little ego desires what it does not desire, needs what it does not need. It goes after most avidly what it later finds is so very different from what would be good to have. But then things turn again and even the most unconscious patterns reveal their redemptive glory. It all depends on where you are along the spectrum: the initial expansion, the inevitable contraction to follow, or the tempered and seasoned expansion later. In the middle point, it can be hell. But things start out so amazingly and they end up as such a gold mine of experience and self-understanding from all this. Much of life is midstream and involves meeting shadows, enduring reversals, and basically being forced to go absolutely everywhere you never wanted to go. The reason it comes out right in the end is that you move through all of it and discover there is somebody in here who knows how to do that and who remains unscarred, not even discouraged, and is just waiting for the next opening to take up the Earth’s schooling in the way that fiery souls invite and welcome, strangely enough.

A lovely Avalon Astrologer :

White Planetary Wind

~ 1992 for me ~

Living in Cumbria and Colne and visiting Bolton Abbey 

I was back there a few weeks ago 



Blue Rhythmic Storm Day 


Blue Spectral Night

Yellow Crystal Seed 

The New Mayan Year 

A Galactic Portal of human evolution 

Red Cosmic Serpent 

More about these energies in part 2 

I am noticing how centred I am most of the time now 

My behaviour has changed and I am making healthier choices in relationships 


having a magical time with my soul tribe 


lots of new connections coming in with really amazing synchros and sharing info 

Hope you are experiencing this too 😉

If you would like to know more about your codes


how you can align

with the new Mayan Year

please get in touch

Be the beautiful starseed

you truly