Future Spiral Patterns and Dates


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Future Spiral Patterns and Dates 

My key focus with working with my blog

is first and foremost

to reveal my experiential journey

to myself

I believe that this 260 day Wavespell

is gifted to us for this time

It is an experiential process

I work intuitively to be guided as to my next step 

I am learning the language


as and when I can 

sharing it 

with others

who are 

fellow Alchemist’s 

ready to do the work

Walk the talk

Be free of any Victim pattern:

Blaming others and not taking responsibility for our part in our life ~

Poor Me and it is everyone else’s fault way of relating

which is so disempowering for everyone involved in that dance

and childlike

owning that part


our part in that

to learn how to stop doing that 😉

Blue Monkey Process


becoming emotionally intelligent


aware and centred

Key to mastery of step 19

Blue Storm 

Taking full responsbility for 

Our creation here and now

Talking the talk is surface and a key learning gateway to master in the 3rd Astrological sign ~


wherever that is in your chart

this was what was experienced in the last spiral


24 May 2017 to 07 February 2018

Learning how we have learned to relate


allow modifications of our model of relativity

which was mainly formed unconsciously through dna ~ ancestral patterning 


unconscious teachers in family and caretaking 

who were often very wounded

which is why we were born into them

to transform the patterns

with our own conscious awareness


healing modalities

now readily available

because everything is perfectly aligned at this time




To go deeper 

Sagittarius the dance partner of Gemini


9th Gateway

Learn how to co create and behave with maturity

To individuate is key at this time 

To do that:

Know Thyself :


Cosmic Code


start to work on whatever is being revealed in your circle 

that does not feel good 

emotional intensity reveals it is still there

no matter how your logical mind may try to override that 

Until each individual

does this inner work


continues to focus on the other and the outside 

Said individual

will continue to see manifest wounding from childhood


replay the same old stories 


This is a key secret to master



Fab article about The Star Thoth card by Eli 



Take full responsibility for your own earthly adventure


get your personal star show on the road 

Remember the only person you can change

Is you and remember that paradoxically when you change

everything else has to

as it is

Cosmic Law 


I am writing this blog on the third day of the

White Moon Goddess Wavespell ~


Art by Ariana Arroyo 



White Wizard Wavespell


Here is a blog I wrote about this in 2016

Day 3’s are always alchemy days 

Today is

Yellow Electric Warrior 

The last Yellow Warrior Wavespell



5th to the 17th of December 2017

so this can be a good time to look at as to what was seeking Alchemy for you

in your personal life In this spiral this was in

Red Overtone Moon and Red Rhythmic Moon 



Yellow Warrior:

The warrior of the heart

who is seeking to heal their heart


doing that process

in order to 

Surrender to the path

Trust in divine wisdom

Be humble 

Heal their anger to be empowered


experience sovereignty (Sekhmet process)



All these ancient scriptures are process

That allows the human being to hold their God and Goddess energy

as a holy grail chalice 


they are wise through experiential learning

This is the essence of mastery

Coming into balance with the masculine and feminine within 


healing and accepting 

understanding all of the personal life experienced up to now 

because that is key



Otherwise we remain transfixed to the cross process

which is revealed in our natal chart ~ as everything is 

We cannot change the past only change how we perceive it

What it has taught us as a creator 


how we can learn from that experience 



the Age of Aquarius as a result 

cup holder of our God and Goddess self 

so we can personally be with others in community 

as a planetary server


The current cycle we are in

began on 08 February 2018 


That is Aquarius Sun 

Scorpio Waning Moon 

Red Galactic Moon Day 2 



Red Galactic Moon

is the 28 Day period

that begins on the 7th of February

every year and lasts for 28 days until March 06


The Red Moon 28 Day Cycle

begins on 26 July every year with

Red Magnetic Moon 

This is in Leo Sun time 

It initiates the heart path 




By the time we get to February we have experienced

7 Moons 

Each have 28 days

Red Moon is the 9th Mayan Sign

It is the Gateway to remembering who we really are


coming into balance with the 

Sacred Feminine

which has been repressed for thousands of years on planet earth


is now re~emerging

so we can embody our divinity and live from that sacred space of rememberance

Each  Moon has their own energy signature :

All have the planet Mercury

so where that is in your chart is key for you


knowing the planetary transit is also key

as is when Mercury goes Retrograde

to reveal going over old ground to attain wisdom experientially

If you have Mercury Retrograde in your chart

is also key too ( a small r next to it )

Mercury is also Hermes and Thoth Archetype

Here is an article about that myastrologybook.com


Magnetic Moon 1 :

(Red Moon Wavespell in the Green Castle) 

Purpose Intention Initiation of the

13 step process

of Authenticity


being the beacon of light 

Leo Sun time 26 July to August 22

Lunar Moon 2 :

(Yellow Star Wavespell in the Green Castle)




New Learning

Virgo Sun time 

August 23 – September 19



Electric Moon 3 :

( Blue Hand Wavespell in the Red Castle)


Alchemy of 1 and 2

Co creation

Setting out on the journey


our mission

with conscious intent 

Libra Sun time

September 20 – October 17


Self-Existing Moon 4 :

(In the White Worldbridger Wavespell in the White Castle)


becoming free
co dependency and wounding

Libra and Scorpio Sun 

October 18 to November 14
entering the dark half of the year of Yin energy 

Overtone Moon 5 :

(Red Serpent Wavespell in the Blue Castle and a portal day)



Healing creates mastery

Modify and square the circle

November 15 to December 12 

Scorpio and Sagittarius Sun 





Rhythmic Moon 6 :

(Yellow Seed Wavespell in the Blue Castle and a portal day)


Balance through true harmony
The next stage of seeing the structure and refining it
December 13 to January 09

Sagittarius and Capricorn Sun 

Resonant Moon 7 :

(Blue Night Wavespell in the Yellow Castle of flowering ~

seeing the conscious dreamer revealed)


Attuning with higher mystical energy
The peak of the pyramid
The vibe is key ~ what feels good ~ expand ~ what doesn’t ~ release
January 10 to February 08

Capricorn and Aquarius Sun 

Galactic Moon 8:

(White Wind Wavespell ~ truth ~ The green castle of the heart)

Integrity thru integration
Integrating all the previous 7 Moon stages

Aquarius and Pisces Sun 

February 07 to March 06
where this spiral began
so what we will be working with
throughout that 9 month process
human evolution

Solar Moon 9 :

(Red Dragon Wavespell in the Red Castle of awakening )

End of cycle to go to another level potentiality
Magical times of mastery
Gateway to authenticity

Pisces and Aries Sun

March 07 to April 03

Planetary Moon 10 :

(Yellow Sun Wavespell in the Red Castle of Awakening)

Manifestation incarnate
Seeing our inner structure beliefs
revealed outside in form We get to see our level of truth and authenticity
aka Freedom 

Aries and Taurus Sun

April 04 to May 01 ~

Beltane ~ key Pleiadian Date

Spectral Moon 11:

(Blue Storm Wavespell in the White Castle of refinement )

Liberation through letting go
Cognitive and emotional dissonance reveals this Saturnian Structures remoulded by Uranus the light bringer ~ brings crystal complexity potentiality ~ working with where Saturn is in your chart and the opposite house ~
Blue Night and Yellow Warrior are key ~ Conscious Dreamer process

Taurus and Gemini Sun

May 02 to May 29

Crystal Moon 12 :

(White Mirror Wavespell in the Blue Castle of transformation)

Co operation possible from a clear healed space of clarity
Living our learning from this cycle
Seeing our creation
so we keep what comes from love
let go of our fear 

Gemini and Cancer Sun

includes the Summer Solstice and how much light we can hold from clarity inside being
Crystal Clear and Conscious
May 30 to June 26

Cosmic Moon 13

(Red Earth Wavespell in the Yellow Castle of manifestation)


The Cosmic shift 
A time of movement and connection to the starry stars
Upgrades and download time potentiality as we shift internally
there is space
to reload and reboot
having defragged our hard drive to release
been driven by our wounded ego
all our ancestral wounding too

Cancer Sun and Leo Sun 

June 27 to July 24

Day out of Time July 25



Intuitively I have been guided to map

the next 20 Spirals to reveal

a key pattern:

26 October 2018

Red Self Existing Moon Day 9

The structure of the ending of worlds as it is day 4 of

White Worldbridger Wavespell

which was when the Leo Solar eclipse

was in July 2017 ~ what were you having the courage to do then ?

Moon 4 

Scorpio Sun ~ lead up to

All Hallows Eve


we will be seeing how free of ancestral ego wounding we are

having integrated for 9 months 😉 



13 July 2019

Red Cosmic Moon Day 17

Moon 13

Cancer Sun 

We go into a new 13 Year Cycle of White Wizard on the 26th of July 


30 March 2020

Red Solar Moon Day 24

Moon 9 

Aries Sun

Gateway to Authenticity

Easter approximate area 



15 December 2020 

Red Rhythmic Moon Day 3

Moon 6

Sagi Sun 


01 September 2021

Red Lunar Moon Day 10

Moon 2

Virgo Sun 



19 May 2022

Red Spectral Moon Day 18

Moon 11

Taurus Sun 




03 February 2023

Red Resonant Moon Day 25

Moon 7

Aquarius Sun 


21 October 2023

Red Self Existing Moon Day 4 

Moon 4

Scorpio Sun 




08 July 2024

Red Cosmic Moon day 12

Moon 13

Cancer Sun


25 March 2025

Red Solar Moon Day 19 

Gateway to Authenticity ~ around Easter time 

Moon 9

Aries Sun


10 December 2025

Red Overtone Moon Day 26 

Moon 5

Sagi Sun




27 August 2026

Red Lunar Moon day 5

Moon 2

Virgo Sun



14 May 2027

Red Spectral Moon day 13

Moon 11

Taurus Sun



29 January 2028

Red Resonant Moon day 20

Moon 7

Aquarius Sun


16 October 2028

Red Electric Moon day 27

Moon 3

Libra Sun



03 July 2029

Red Cosmic Moon Day 7

Moon 13

Cancer Sun 



20 March 2030

Red Solar Moon day 14

Moon 9

Pisces Sun ~ cusp of Aries

Gateway to Authenticity

05 December 2030

Red Overtone Moon day 21 

Moon 5

Sagi Sun

22 August 2031

Magnetic Moon day 28

Moon 1

Leo Sun

A key shift as we are in the last day of

Magnetic Moon

so initiating

A key year for me

On the 18th of August I will be 66

and in my year of seeing what I have manifested on the earth ~

Red Planetary Earth 

09 May 2032

Red Spectral Moon Day 8

Moon 11

Taurus Sun 



There is a pattern of :

8 now ,4,13,9,6,2,11,7,4,13,9,5,2,11,7,3,13,9,5,1,11

Over the next 20 Spirals 

The structure ~ 4 

The shift ~ 13

Gateway ~ 9 

Balance /resonant /mastery ~ 6/7/5

Shadow ~ 2

Dissonance ~ 11

Initiation ~ 1 

Sun Signs 

Water then fire then earth then air 

















Pisces cusp Aries

















Bigger Picture Spin Cycle


pic by : Marc Simonetti

Bigger Picture Spin Cycle 

Galactic Moon initiation


on the

8th of February



Wavespell speak :

Red Galactic Moon

is the integration code

in the

White Wind

13 day process

More info by Astrodreamadvisor 

Here is my blog about that in April 2017

in the

Green Castle 



What does that mean in every day language ?

Here is a link to 

the freedictionary.com

It means that in order to be free from hypocrisy 

To be in sovereignty as a human being 

Free from being inauthentic and role playing 

Free from wearing a mask 

Free from any enchantment ~ spell ~ discombobulation ~

anything that is false and creates a destabilising effect ~

that un grounds the individual ~


that is a

magician’s smoke and mirrors diversion


manipulation way of relating 

Crocodile tears for example 

Is to learn how to live in truth and speak in truth


know the difference between personal “truth” 

Walking the talk 





The previous spiral was in

Spectral Moon 


What is seeking release


cognitive dissonance for example?


this last 260 spin



Gemini Sun


dark moon in


24 May 2017 until 07 February 2018


All the times when we were kept in the dark and fed bullsh*t


did the same with other people 

having a surface relationship 

for a fear of deeper intimacy 

for whatever reason that was for us 

Here is an Ebook I created at that time

Free Resource for you 

Gemini Imix 


pic info 


We are all in the same circle of vibration albeit it uniquely 

What goes around comes around 

have you noticed that ?

What we are doing with others is coming around for us on the next cycle

in some way


that is happening faster now for me

Is it for you ?



Time to

own our part in that circle


The spiral of 260 day is continuous

what changes is 

The Astrology 

The 13 Moon calendar

because of the different dates involved 

due to the nature of the spiral 



The spiral has a code

that it initiates with

for human evolution 

The Moon day is key 


Red Moon is the 9th Mayan Sign 

which means it is a Gateway 

It is a Gateway to truth and authenticity

We are in the 13 Year Cycle


Red Moon on the planet

It began on July 26 2006


Red Moon’s planet is Mercury

What is the planetary transit ?

Where is Mercury in your chart ?

Messenger of the God and Goddess self 

Divinity seeking to be heard through each one of us

to evolve the human being individually


bring conscious awareness individually


en mass

to the entire human population

because it is the time for it on planet earth 

This is not about any man made religion

this is about a process of healing

that allows the human being

who has the courage

to do their personal healing process

around personal wounding

to get personally clear 

It is a Universal Healing time

all Universal healing tools are here

ready to be utilised

by those ready to do the inner work 


The current spiral began in

Aquarius Sun time 

Aquarius Decan 2 

Article by Darkstar Astrology

Waning Moon in Scorpio at the Leo Meridian time of 11am 

28 degrees

more about that below 

Here is the video and post  I made on that day  on Facebook :

Red Magnetic Dragon 
The new spiral starts

Today it is Sun in Aquarius
Moon in Scorpio

At 11am Leo time in Barton Saint David



Libra part of the Glastonbury Zodiac

28 degrees Scorpio waning Moon


A building: the only part of it left is the cornerstone. 
Sacrificing and renouncing the full flood of all you are capable of in order to make way for the bare bones of what stark destiny insists upon. Dropping everything to become attuned to collective destiny calls. Doing so often with considerable damage to yourself. A ruthless will, a fierce life direction. Almost no self-compassion or self-sympathy. It has got be this way if you are intent upon making yourself available to what is asked or intended, with every part of yourself out of the picture except your core indomitable conviction that something hugely important is going on here and all personal considerations are as nothing. This is a path that will draw you through some scary and extreme places–many deaths–and can draw you into a place of sheer one-pointed reality, into becoming as lucidly all here as can humanly be attained.

Blog article coming as soon as I can 😉

We commence this cycle on Galactic Moon Day 2

What is seeking integration that began 
with those Leo eclipses at the beginning of this Mayan Year initiated on 26 July 2017 ?

What were you engaged in then 
Specifically in relationship ?

Yesterday on Yellow Cosmic Sun Day

What light were you holding 
What was seeking a shift in your shadow ?

What happened for you yesterday ?

We are following on from the Gemini spiral that began on the 24th of May 2017 
Red Spectral Moon Day 23

What was seeking release in our relationships?

Do you have clarity around that 9 month experience ?

What works for you and what doesn’t in relationship

Now we are going to be integrating that

To be free from what no longer serves us

The 260 day Wavespell is a synchronisor 
It is a time travel machine 
to liberate the individual from their karma wheel

and as each person does that 
the planet changes as a direct result
The Wavespell is a magical square

The cornerstones are 1 and 7 respectively

They add up to 14 diagonally ~
White Wizard 
The Moon Goddess returning

Self Empowerment 
Trusting the process


8 at the top ~ integrate ~ Yellow Star ~ Venus 
20 at the bottom ~ freedom from shadow and duality ~ Yellow Sun

Are you ready to embody the Age of Individuation ?

Blue Hand ~ the 7th Sign ~ heal and learn the process of personal empowerment 
Be the mystic
Be the full potentiality and your Avatar destiny

Here are some links to other people’s sites as to additional info:

Andrew Smith Venus article:


Prince of Cups:

Eli IsMercantile


Mayfly Totem :


Sabrina Monarch Article about current Astrology:


The Personal Quest

is for the individual

to create




work alchemically 

on what was seeking release

in the 

Gemini spiral 

All the individual’s experiential learning in the field 

was revealed during


9 months of Gemini spiral 

Now is the time to integrate it 


it is key to do that on all levels 

This alchemical process is not logical 

It is a heart first process

It is the emotional evolution

It is the time of the love language

Return of the Sacred

Return of the Sacred Feminine

within each one of us 


Sacred Cacao Recipe 



Red Magnetic Dragon day 

Here was my experience 


Animal Totem’s



I had a Crane in the field outside my window 

Article about Crane totem 


Universe of Symbolism.com 




We had a Mayfly in the Aquarium 

Here is my housemate ~ Ian Houlton’s video 


Mayfly in the Aquarium video


and pic 




There is another one currently in process


As I completed this blog 

Blue Resonant Hand 


Valentine’s Day 

What has been resonating for you

that feels good in the 28 days

when we were in

Resonant Moon ?

10 January to 07 February 2018

This is key to expand on 

Intimacy is the way forward


What is resonating around wound ?

Take the time to focus on this


learn how to do this


become empowered



Setting sail for the Siren within 

Let us lay the bones of all the terrible history 

to rest 

by being the change 

If you haven’t watched 

Lovely Bones 

I recommend it 

The leading character always reminds me of my beautiful daughter