Yellow Sun Wavespell

Day 3 of the language of light wave spell.
How are you experiencing this intense energy spiral of
Yellow Sun Wavespell ?

I have been off the blog for a couple of days to work with this energy on a personal note and creative note as it is historically a big time for the planet ~ leading up to Easter and all that means for nature in the Northern Hemisphere ~ Spring has sprung although much of the UK is hidden under a blanket of snow. It is very cold in Compton Dundon in Somerset but I think we have missed much of the dramatic weather.
Lots of intense energy black holes coming up for me now as historically I have had big events in my relationships at this time. New people on the planet ~ my first born was just one major time that changed my life forever ❤
I have realised as I move more and more into synchronising by using the Mayan Wavespell and being more aware of astrology and the moon cycle , how significant it is especially when working as an energy therapist.
Sharing my learning today in that spirit 🙂

All the past karma patterns of the past for mankind too at this Aries time of new beginnings. We repeat history 🙂
Now we can change history by changing how we feel 🙂
When we change how we feel ~ we change how we think 🙂 not the other way around 🙂

If you feel like you are being put through an emulsifier at the moment ~ take heart. We all are ❤ ❤ ❤

It is the cosmic downsizer shake up at a transition time ~ about turn 🙂

We are being blended according to our karmic recipe and this time ~ if we really get in touch, awaken and go within too we can create a different flavour to this layer cake.

This is the time of relationship break ups ~ what isn’t in balance will out.

It could be you are strengthening one and making new ones that are going to take you on a ride of learning ~
this time if we choose, we can do it eyes open and trust our gut.

What is the intention that has formed the attraction? How is that repeating in a different way? What possibility does it hold to enlighten us?

If you wish to work with more awareness of your divinity code I have a new service I have just been trialing ~ using a Thoth tarot Spread to work with the Mayan Wavespells. It is a powerful way to see your code and work with the universal code ~ energetic co creating. It is £20 for a thirteen card reading and you can look at the card each day in connection with the Mayan sign of the day to see how you can let more light in. You have an ebook with each days card and meaning and we set an intention and ask a question at the start which is reflected back each day. Please message me. I will need your time/date/place of birth if I haven’t already done that info for you ~ your Mayan Sign and your Starcode.

Day 3 is the day where one and two combine to create a fusion.
White Electric Wind today. Check it out on the wavespell link at the start of the blog or simply google 🙂

What is the outcome of the cosmic blend for us?

Whether it is a nutritious smoothie full of vitality or a low vibe depth charging swamp juice ~ is entirely up to us and …..

our code. No right or wrong simply determined by what is there 🙂
Lots happening in the media world stage with this now.
The writer of the Twilight Saga brings us a new theme with her film The Host.

Paolo Coehlo has a new book out


and Dan Brown’s new book is also due for release too.


As I was writing my ebooks this morning I noticed on C4 on Saturday in the UK there is the drama of Kate Mosse’s book Labyrinth 🙂

All about code ~ just as I was writing about code.

It is an intense time in the planets. Today we are in Virgo moon and tomorrow we go into Libra Full moon.
Are we in balance?
We are always in perfect status as that is our code. This is the meaning of Karma.
We are who we are and we make choices and live our lives according to that. This is our sacred geometry.

There is no judgement attached 🙂 If we are attaching judgement then that is our learning……from being judged. Our experience has rewritten our code and as a result we are no longer resonating harmoniously…..that is all

As we have learned it…….we can unlearn it
My offering ~ at this time on our planetary seesaw we have a heavy load at the masculine end 🙂

A recent fun story at The Heart Centre ~ thank you Fay 🙂

So at the other end lighter loads who are more in the feminine vibe…….are frequently being jettisoned into orbit ~ and it ain’t in a fun way . It is often brutal without respect or care or compassion.

I laugh at the metaphor…..when I am experiencing it I often fail to see the funny side until after.

When I have stuff from the past that requires clearing the universe matches me so I can clear it 🙂

We are always matched. If we want a more harmonious balanced seesaw then it is time to journey into the past and have a look at what is seeking redress.

When we clear our emotional baggage we let more light in and we access more language of light because…….

we have changed our code.

In theory ~ simple.

The only tricky bit …….facing our fear.

If we don’t face our fear we hold this darkness.

Our choice whether to go for the burn or not 🙂

If we choose to stand up for love frameworks ~ history shows us that pattern over and over…….

Clear of ego without any righteousness or need for someone to be the baddie/wrong/a tyrant…..

Everyone wants the same basic recipe really ~ to be loved and accepted

Everyone has developed different armoury to protect themselves and some of it is so old and so deep – it feels to be flesh and bone 🙂

It can be magically dissolved though……. with tears
Heard that message spoken from beyond the veil recently at a memorial sacred gong ceremony for someone whose love had clearly touched the hearts of others.

Connecting with our past and grieving is the key ~ we cannot change it ~ we can change how we feel about it and when we do that energetically ~ not simply in our head ~ we create a shift to the matrix that makes up our world and we……
change the world.

Today is all about sharing the language of light at this tough love time in our world. Letting go of people pleasing and being kind when the truth is far from love and light.

If we don’t like Aunt Bessie’s famous lemon cake then maybe time to say so rather than face another 20 years of chasing it round the plate and sneaking it to the dog under the table…. 🙂
It may be sticky at first and a deafening silence may result ~ sooner or later it will be broken 🙂
We all move on and there is more space on the table for a new creation. Honest communication.
True love straight from the heart ❤ ❤ ❤

Here are some documents I have been inspired to create as a result of my journey so far. Hope you enjoy them:
My Karma Wheel pages document – you can personalise your wheel

My Karma Wheel pdf –

Blue Hand EFT Circle pdf

this was what we focused on at The Heart Centre Open Day
The more we tap the more light we can have in our inner sun ❤
Works for me so I’m sharing it with you ~ maybe it will for you too ? 🙂

We have the power to radiate and live in pure love ❤

Love to you today speakers of truth ❤ ❤ ❤


sacred geometry


Blue Cosmic Storm

Blue Cosmic Storm brings the last day of this powerful shaping wave of transformation ♥

We are in a dynamic time phase now where the sap is rising and our energy is starting to shape towards the coming light.

This past thirteen days has been really amazing for me and gratitude to everyone who has co created with me ♥
Been some challenges too with the shadow coming up to bring a new angle to look at and explore ~ choice points.

We are all connected and we all allow our universe to change through our relationships with each other ♥

This vibe today represent the catalytic cosmic movement that is the wave of our planetary change this year .

It is dynamic and we are going into the unknown ~ places we haven’t personally been before because our very structure is changing.

Our code 🙂

Our energetic universal web is changing as we come out of many years in the dark ages and sailing in our celestial ship ~ planet earth ~ we enter a new age.

All of our tools are being upgraded to work in this new space ~ our minds and our bodies ~ and in order to fully accept this download and step into Spring with a vibrant repose…..

It’s time to chuck out the chintz ~ to coin an old marketing phrase 🙂

Internal spring cleaning 🙂

In the Chinese wheel of the five elements , we are in Wood.
This is my element and I am a snake, so this year is very key for me if I shape up to align and am prepared to get into the galactic groove in mind, body and spirit.

Just been reading a great book which resonates in lots of ways ~ not all ~ this is key, to take what speaks to our heart and let go of being led by the head:

Cellular awakening Barbara Wren.

We are unique. We are at different places on our path. If we live in different parts of the world we require different harmonisers that work with where we live and where we are 🙂
The more we learn to go within and become an expert on trusting our gut ~ from love ~ the more we get drawn to what is good for us at that time.

We aren’t one size fits all 🙂

Some people are totally in their zone on vibrant food, some are flexible in their body and a zen zone, some are peaceful harmonisers through inner work and some are eternal optimists by living authentically……it’s all good.

Wiggling is where it’s at ~ movement ~ letting that energy flow through us to cleanse and clean and keep our fuzziness flexible 🙂
I am going to be sharing blogs on that ~ my journey into food and detox and extracating myself from my addictions on all levels eeeeeeeek 🙂
Are you feeling the pull of the liver cleanse yet ??????

We are all where we are meant to be and sharing that.

What are the next steps to raising that vibe even more and letting in more light?
Holding more light?
Transforming and uplifting and feeling good ~ in the lurve zone…..

The key ~ I believe ~ is to lead from the feelings and the more we feel alive and confident, loving and connecting…..

the more our cells are bursting with vitality.
Tapping does this for me

This draws us to learn and find even more ways of doing that and valuing our self, our time, who we hang out with and what we allow into our world.

We honour the sacred in ourselves…..
and in others.

Next stop on the Mayan love train: 

Tomorrow we move into a brand new energy spiral and this is the fourth this year.
Red Dragon,White Wizard,Blue Hand and now we move into the flowering of these previous spirals.
We enter the castle of the South and the ripening feminine flavour 🙂
Yellow Magnetic Sun brings the language of light and Christ consciousness at Easter time ~ synchronicity.
This calendar was around before the Christ event 🙂

This is all about the metaphor and realising our god and goddessness:-) being our own guru plugged in direct to source and removing any extension leads in between so we get the full throttle, full strength,unedited wowness 🙂

Maybe a little different to Bruce 🙂

Now is the time of learning the language of light and bringing it in to everything we do ~ our thoughts, our words, our deeds , our food, our places of living and being.
If you do not know your Mayan sign and feel drawn to seeing how you can move more into this way of being, please message me with your time, date and place of birth.
Groove is in the heart:

Love to you cosmic storms ~ blowing change across the galaxy

♥ (4 photos)


Love power


As a holistic therapist working with people who want to create change I look at the bigger picture

Mind Body and Spirit to create harmony and more love power.

My passion is energy coaching for creating powerful change very quickly. As a Leo and a fire initiated sign I love to transform energy and I like it sooner rather than later ~ fire energy is fast. As I transform my own ego and intend to move into maturity at midlife on the inside as well as the outside, I have learned to temper that instant fix . I have learned over the years from experience, that a quick fix is often a solution that is temporary and without firm foundation. Often the compulsion to fix is a key gateway into a pattern of an ego trip…… and by that I mean a strong impulse to empower ourselves by taking back something we feel and believe we have lost because something was denied to us as a child that felt confusing and disempowering. Something was taken away and so we felt taken from. Here is where we can look to transform that ego place and connect to our inner child. We are an adult now or we are in a different space now and we can keep the learning and let go of the fear.

I believe life is intended to challenge us……. and that we can overcome every situation and grow and thrive as a result of each challenge.

If we choose to sit with this compulsive feeling instead of acting immediately ……and explore it and resist the impulse ~ wanting some ” thing ” now is always an ego pattern ~ we can let the heart and soul guide us as to what is really seeking release and let go of headless chicken style living  and often drama fuelled desire ~ the opposite of peaceful living.

Today I have had lots of awareness “plops” ~ insights…..eurekas in other words 🙂

As I expand my consciousness and learn about new worlds I see different perspectives and the more I tap for myself and with clients the more these flow. I am so grateful to everyone co creating with me right now.

Getting out into the world to synchronise is also key and another jigsaw piece of the puzzle right on time  ~ a Dion Fortune workshop by Ian Rees who has a room right next to mine at  The Old Clinic ~ my room being The Heart Centre in Glastonbury …..didn’t know he was a specialist on this amazing woman who lived and is buried in Glastonbury. Perfect timing and Ian did a guided visualisation which fitted perfectly in with the learning I am processing about the Qabalah at this time. He explained the Tree of Life in terms of the planets in the universe and how they are reflected in our inner world and the journey of the soul. On my cookie trail I have read Moon Magic and Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune  ~ see if you feel drawn to do the same. It was part of my journey that brought me to The Isle of Avalon.

Creating Love Power with Tapping

If you visit other blogs and forums you will often see comments in the therapist and EFT world in particular about  something stopping people from completely clearing an issue ~ it could be called procrastination, secondary gain ( a client has a reason for being ill that keeps them safe ~ for example: this could be an income directly resulting from their illness and reliant upon it).

For those not familiar with an EFT , Emotional Freedom Technique framework ~ and how it works generally here is a brief summary of how that could look in a session:


Using a specific framework the client speaks of their issue that they want to resolve that is causing them to feel something different to harmony and love.

Leaving a well paid job.

Quick measure to start the process so we can see whether we are able to reduce the feeling  ~which the client feels anxious about every weekend when Monday looms closer and explore what it means :

How much does the client want to leave that job at this moment on a scale of 1 to 10 ?  10 being I totally want to leave asap.

Answer: 8

  • Eft works at it’s best when very specific rather than very general …..sometimes it takes time to get to a focus. Layers to unwrap 🙂
  • Let’s say the client wants to leave their job and become self-employed because they are not happy with their colleagues or what they do, however there is a climate of few jobs so their intellect tells them that isn’t a good idea ~ to leave without first establishing another form of income.
  • Now if we look at the metaphor ~ the pattern, they are leaving an often co-dependent system of being employed ~ rarely does a job function in balance in terms of number of hours worked, pay that equates to that effort, travel, environment and stepping out to create their dream ~ going on an adventure and this means going into unknown territory and facing challenges on their personal quest.
  • On some level the client is ready for change. This is a very big shift and lots of things are going to need to come together and align to make the shift…..and that person has their own unique formula for that according to their position on their life path and personal timeline.
  • If they work only with what they know because of where they have been so far…..they cannot move forward because……that knowledge and energy circle….pattern is born of that past situation
  • To create a new future ……new energy codes are required
  •  We cannot “pre-programme”  because that happens during the change step by step as the universe co creates bringing other people and events together at the perfect time to co create ~ spiral pattern. Most people haven’t been educated in this process because it isn’t an ego framework or one that most of our society is based on.
  • What we can do is let go of anything that is coming up to be released that is fear from the past to let them move forward
  • Changing focus onto  oneself and being internally referenced  so the focus is to enable more core strength, heart based self confidence, trust in oneself and personal ability.
  • So in a session we can start with where the person is now……..and where they want to be ~ and being as real with that as possible as to real life structure, money, dependants and so on
  • We can look at what the client wants to create in the future and we can put a time frame on that creation…..and be open as to how that is achieved as well as taking grounded structured steps in the real world such as buying a website, going on any professional qualification courses etc and taking action
  • Once we start to tap the emotional and past reasons will come up ~ often totally not what the client expected. Some will be very early childhood events that created beliefs where the child didn’t feel loved and nurtured in the way they needed. As these are released at the perfect time the client starts to change their energy and creates a different experience.
  • We may in a first session start to get that number 8 of anxiety down to a much lower number by identifying pattern matches and releasing them . In some very simple EFT scenarios we can completely clear a phobia for example, a fear of public speaking .
  • Whatever is synchronised in a bigger picture will clear ~ often we find a pattern match related to the time of year that the client may not remember ~ once we start tapping though it comes up. There is absolutely nothing to worry about as we always have the answers for ourselves and EFT demonstrates this and allows it to come up and reveal the magic of our universal matrix and soul journey. As soon as I connected to it I knew that and had a recognition of heart wisdom for me.
  • So we can clear what comes up that is ready and when the client is ready for the next stage they get in touch and in the meantime they can use EFT for themselves and build their own skill.
  • Sometimes this means a big life event has to happen that connects them to their destiny and this may not make sense in a mind way~ however each personal life journey is connected to many threads and the ripple goes out and echoes in eternity ~ it may not make sense to us now ~ it is part of the bigger picture and is often revealed later as we evolve through our emotional evolution.
  • Everything that is in our world has a reason.

I now call this a choice point . It is a gateway where we get to choose which direction we go in at this point. Often this is a cycle repeating itself and when we start to look in more depth it can be stunning to see just how we replicate our pattern and it is beneath our conscious awareness ~ until it isn’t. When it is time it rises to the top of our cosmic soup so we can work with it consciously.

This is what I love about the key initiation quest for developing NLP `

the difference that makes the difference

This is when there are enough pieces of the jigsaw puzzle present to create a synergy that is a magnetic force and it starts to pull the other pieces in

The picture becomes clear and we have reached a completion of a cycle.

The mind has a logical viewpoint and perspective ~ Spock persona

We don’t live in a linear world and we don’t function without emotion ~ although I guess we all know someone who seems to and remains locked away in their ivory tower, impassive, impermeable and unmoveable ? Love don’t live here anymore ?

A person living this way has all their ego defences reinforced with a moat and a drawbridge because ……..there has been wounding

Life events often defy logic and it is only when we look at the bigger picture and the pattern we can see there actually was a reason and it may not be a happy one ~ and it is where that person needed to go to create learning. We often have to go into deep dark places to come out and see the light ~ it’s the polarity journey . It is the contrast and it is necessary for our collective human evolution.

The more I have learned about bigger picture frameworks ~ such as astrology and the Mayan calendar and the more I can see how this framework plays out.

What I love about emotional freedom technique is you don’t need to know how it works for it to work. Often when we tap what comes up for release isn’t what we think the issue is about 🙂

I have used EFT with a huge range of people and the easiest clients to work with are the least “educated” usually children or people more in touch with their body and their feelings ~ open , touchy, feel, flexible pattern people.

People who are in this energetic space allow whatever seeks to come up to come up and it does ~ very easily.

Lets say a child has a phobia about spiders.

I know from working in this way that it is rarely about a spider incident that has caused trauma ~ it is about the pattern. What pattern the spider emulates and therefore how it is a pattern match for other emotional traumas. These may seem insignificant for an adult analytical mind but for a child there is a very different reality. Our emotional mind distorts reality . When the true nature of the distortion is released ecologically then the spider is restored to it’s place of neutrality and more freedom is allowed for all beings.

Our planetary patriarchal pattern has created many emotional wounds around our sacred feminine ~ the majority of people have experienced lack of love from their caretakers as our world generally doesn’t live in a sacred, sensitive world.

We are now in our emotional evolution creating balance ~ from within.

How the Mayan Wavespell calendar

can assist us with allowing our sacred feminine in ~

We are currently in the White Wizard Wavespell and today is Blue Planetary Night

This is day ten of  a thirteen day energy spiral of self ~ empowerment and being the change we want to see.

Over the past nine days we can see how we have been in our world and whether that has been from our heart or our head and how we are following our sacred path. Today’s energy is seeing what we have manifested as result of that……

and you may want to look at what you have created to let the magic flow through you as the key focus…..rather than simply what tools you have created to do that. How is what you are creating allowing you to shine from within purely for you rather than about others?

The previous wave spell was Red Dragon ~ this is the first wavespell in the Tzolkien calendar and it started on February 13 . This wavespell was about surrendering to what our goddess energy is showing us ~ heart, feminine, now, intuition, creativity….. and whether we are living our dream and being the true star that we are.

On the tail of this we are now working with the next step ~ putting that into action by letting the magic flow through us.

Notice how in the flow we have been feeling and where we have some sticky bits ~ the square being shaped into a circle ?

Love Power Documents to empower

I have created some documents to share as part of my dream and self-empowerment process and here they are  below.

If you feel called to explore them from the beginning with Step one , please message me and I will send you the first document.

They are evolving in thirteen steps.

The wavespell documents show the thirteen steps and again gratitude to Tracey Gendron who has amazing resources on her website ~ the energy of them stays the same however depending on what wavespell we are in the nature of the energetic code or flavour changes. These changes create transformation within us if we work with them consciously and the time is in alignment with our life cycle.

Working in this way experientially and energetically is the heart path rather than purely intellectually which is the mind and ego path

All is explained in more depth in the documents.

For working with the challenges in depth:

Kalma Karma Purification

For a daily  practical love process:

Daily Love Synchroniser

The New Moon in Pisces is coming up on Monday so time to share the love and we can only truly do that from the heart when we have let go of any personal energetic stories where we believe ourselves to be unloved or separate from our universal mother love.

We have to love and nourish ourselves to be the love we want to see. The astrological wheel has come to full circle . We start a new one with Aries and the fiery energy of initiation on March 20th.

Love to you cosmic dreamers.

Let’s get our ships out of harbour and set sail.


Here is my newsletter with my dreams for this year. Hope you enjoy and maybe I will see you on one of my adventures.

Barefoot Newsletter 2013

A beautiful film about The Tree of Life