Blue Cosmic Storm

Blue Cosmic Storm brings the last day of this powerful shaping wave of transformation ♥

We are in a dynamic time phase now where the sap is rising and our energy is starting to shape towards the coming light.

This past thirteen days has been really amazing for me and gratitude to everyone who has co created with me ♥
Been some challenges too with the shadow coming up to bring a new angle to look at and explore ~ choice points.

We are all connected and we all allow our universe to change through our relationships with each other ♥

This vibe today represent the catalytic cosmic movement that is the wave of our planetary change this year .

It is dynamic and we are going into the unknown ~ places we haven’t personally been before because our very structure is changing.

Our code 🙂

Our energetic universal web is changing as we come out of many years in the dark ages and sailing in our celestial ship ~ planet earth ~ we enter a new age.

All of our tools are being upgraded to work in this new space ~ our minds and our bodies ~ and in order to fully accept this download and step into Spring with a vibrant repose…..

It’s time to chuck out the chintz ~ to coin an old marketing phrase 🙂

Internal spring cleaning 🙂

In the Chinese wheel of the five elements , we are in Wood.
This is my element and I am a snake, so this year is very key for me if I shape up to align and am prepared to get into the galactic groove in mind, body and spirit.

Just been reading a great book which resonates in lots of ways ~ not all ~ this is key, to take what speaks to our heart and let go of being led by the head:

Cellular awakening Barbara Wren.

We are unique. We are at different places on our path. If we live in different parts of the world we require different harmonisers that work with where we live and where we are 🙂
The more we learn to go within and become an expert on trusting our gut ~ from love ~ the more we get drawn to what is good for us at that time.

We aren’t one size fits all 🙂

Some people are totally in their zone on vibrant food, some are flexible in their body and a zen zone, some are peaceful harmonisers through inner work and some are eternal optimists by living authentically……it’s all good.

Wiggling is where it’s at ~ movement ~ letting that energy flow through us to cleanse and clean and keep our fuzziness flexible 🙂
I am going to be sharing blogs on that ~ my journey into food and detox and extracating myself from my addictions on all levels eeeeeeeek 🙂
Are you feeling the pull of the liver cleanse yet ??????

We are all where we are meant to be and sharing that.

What are the next steps to raising that vibe even more and letting in more light?
Holding more light?
Transforming and uplifting and feeling good ~ in the lurve zone…..

The key ~ I believe ~ is to lead from the feelings and the more we feel alive and confident, loving and connecting…..

the more our cells are bursting with vitality.
Tapping does this for me

This draws us to learn and find even more ways of doing that and valuing our self, our time, who we hang out with and what we allow into our world.

We honour the sacred in ourselves…..
and in others.

Next stop on the Mayan love train: 

Tomorrow we move into a brand new energy spiral and this is the fourth this year.
Red Dragon,White Wizard,Blue Hand and now we move into the flowering of these previous spirals.
We enter the castle of the South and the ripening feminine flavour 🙂
Yellow Magnetic Sun brings the language of light and Christ consciousness at Easter time ~ synchronicity.
This calendar was around before the Christ event 🙂

This is all about the metaphor and realising our god and goddessness:-) being our own guru plugged in direct to source and removing any extension leads in between so we get the full throttle, full strength,unedited wowness 🙂

Maybe a little different to Bruce 🙂

Now is the time of learning the language of light and bringing it in to everything we do ~ our thoughts, our words, our deeds , our food, our places of living and being.
If you do not know your Mayan sign and feel drawn to seeing how you can move more into this way of being, please message me with your time, date and place of birth.
Groove is in the heart:

Love to you cosmic storms ~ blowing change across the galaxy

♥ (4 photos)


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