Circle of Light Monthly Online Event

Circle OF Light

The launch of a new monthly event for women seeking transformation

Are you ready to raise your veil beautiful ?

Meet like minded mirrors of yourself and power up together

Who is this for ?

Mature women who are ready for:

Change and empowerment

Letting go of limiting beliefs

Learning how to literally do personal alchemy

Using powerful tools to galvanise their path in new ways

Releasing the past to change the future

How will this create a shift?

We will be using the power of the circle and the cycles

We will be raising the Goddess energy within the group

We will benefit from each other’s perspectives ~ often this gives insights and energy clearing we aren’t even aware of as we have shared aspects of challenges

How may this benefit me individually ?

Supported in a like ~ minded group focusing on new beginnings ~ inspired

Empowered in your own healing process ~ calmer grounded and centred

Lighter ~ shifting the shadow raises our energy levels and experiences ~ energised

Focused ~ letting go of mind fog and honing in on your star mission excited

When ?

We will be meeting on the first Saturday

after the New Moon each month

You can take part live

Send me your experiences of what has come up for you over the past month that you want to let go of to add to the circle

Not possible to come live ?

Simply experience the recording

Use the recording to Tap Along as many times as you wish

Free Workbook to use every month to get to the heart of the matter of what is ready for transformation

Circle of Light

Monthly online Tapping Circle via Zoom