The New Cycle begins



Love to you all on Samhain ~ All Hallow’s Eve ~ Red Magnetic Dragon Day


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We start the 260 day cycle anew and the message today that I am choosing to share with you all is very simple

and of course

very profound 🙂

The way to the Goddess is through

The Valley of Death.

This is the ancient pathway of circles, cycles and the all saints road to inner transformation.

This is the shadow path, the tough love path,

the Scorpion sting that brings the phoenix rising from the ashes

this is the way through the gates of styx where we pull off that blindfold, open our eyes and remember the truth

of who we really are

and free ourselves from a living death,

zombie zone,

disconnected from our earth mother Gaia



walking an insane path that starves us of love

and is the road to nowhere.

Very simply put:

All we are required to do is let go of whatever is holding us back from loving ourselves

if we don’t do this by letting our ego crusade end

and be transformed

let go of what other people think

let go of this nonesense ,

bullpoo existence


stand up for what is 

“right relations”

for all of our planet

and be the loving, respectful co creators on planet earth

rather than competitive, egotistical tyrants

who seek to power trip in every arena of life

pull the blinkers off

and do the honest heart action

be our truth

then the universe will bring bigger and bigger energetic transformation for us

so that we cannot ignore the situation any more

It is time for change

It is happening now

Go with the flow

or be taken with it resisting

The river is rising


Today in the Mayan we are in the Red Castle of Awakening ~ facing the




This Wavespell takes us through thirteen days of initiatory energy

Lots of people love positive initiation and ignore shadow initiation

This is simply fear and ignorance

This is where the gateway to freedom lies 

on every level

if you are willing to face your fears and purge yourself of them 

on every level

not just dramatising, acting out, naming them

but actually opening your Pandora’s Box

facing your ghouls

your beastly behaviour

the shame

the pain

the true you that you are scared to death that others will see and be reviled by

if you are ready to plunge in to rescue

your inner child

that has been locked away


without light

for years and years

Running from safety by Richard Bach is a wonderful book about this.

you have the keys to the kingdom

you are the one who will be transformed

and become free from all fear

I just watched the film The Purge last night and on many levels it was quite shocking …..

one of the key ways was because we are not far off this scenario 


It is only a few steps away from this literal place

In a snapshot the plot :

It is set in America in the near future and there is no crime or unemployment

There is now a period of 12 hours  in a year where anything goes



Each citizen can go out and do what they choose to others and there will be no criminal charges

there is also no support

no police

no medical

All the shadow urges are allowed to run loose…..

and they do

big time

It is very thought provoking as you see certain pockets of society “scapegoated” 

in this scenario they are removed 


and thanked for their sacrifice

to allow others to let out these demonic urges is their sacrificial role

so that the rest of the time the purgers can feel ok about suppressing them

This is happening in our society now and if you imagine

you are viewing this from another planet 

that you are not entrenched in this “system”

remember how many times in our history on planet earth

this has been justified ?

in the name of a holy creator being

or a supreme race…..

It happens over and over

and we 


not learn

and millions die

clearly the majority of strategies employed before


not work


so if you were an “alien” watching from afar

could you see the madness?

could you see the repeat?

Could you see….

The end of times ?



New Learning alert

It is time to




and go out of the comfort zone

Be Batman and go in our cave

Do it for ourselves

Take a good look at……

The Writing on our wall

and see what it speaks of to us.

Understand that it is

game over for lush living off the land and leeching off others

by over consummation

Mother Gaia has suckled her over grown infants long enough and is tired of their whining

wanting more and more to fill the void

We have raised a planet of dependents

who crave oblivion from the mess we have made

We didn’t know any better then it seems….

now we are starting to

now is the time to learn and evolve

and that doesn’t happen when we repeat ourselves and do

more of the same.

Hallow means holy

It is holy day.

It is the time to initiate a new sacred way of being for all.

Time to birth something new.

Create peace and harmony from

learning to be peaceful and harmonious

inside out.

Get in touch with our feelings.

I work with many therapists and we are experiencing so much resistance with our clients

over years

they come for answers

they come for guidance ~ reassurance and support

they love the positive

when we mention that to leave their past behind

they have to revisit it

and learn from it

learn what ways of behaving didn’t create peace and harmony

let go of their emotion

hear their inner child in the dark

and only when they do that

can they move forward and create anew

they do not want that

no pain

please 🙂

Releasing pain is what is required to heal

and to do that

we feel it

until it has gone

until we have cleared enough of our past hurt to create a tipping point

that creates a landslide within us

and suddenly

everything becomes easier

as we change our point of view and shine inside

Many would rather have a psychic reading than face their pain

and this is a key ego pattern

to for tell their future…..

(which it cannot do , it can only reveal possibilities not fixed outcomes and certainly in itself does not create a change of being for that person)

seeking comfort and security

and soothe their inner child temporarilly

a distraction……

but  not for long

this is a co dependency pattern

and there is no such thing in real life

as a safe , secure , future

only in story books does that exist

to change this for good means……

learning how to listen to our inner child every day and what seeks transformation in us ~

our unique life experience

and learning how to transform it ourselves

learning how to relate to others gently and lovingly

because we have learned how to do that to ourself

There is no shortcut

No one else can do that for us

No matter how many meditations we do

no matter how many tarot readings we have

no matter how many things we learn about spirituality

our greatest teacher is our inner child

going there

transforms our life


We may be able to recite the Bhagavad Gita  in four languages

whilst wearing a traditional Mayan priest outfit

and Om with majesty 🙂

but if we haven’t changed our inner world ….

all of this 

outside stuff

is irrelevant


and when we get off the stage

when we are alone with out thoughts and feelings 

and our inner child stuff comes up

the true nature of our inner peace is unveiled.

Healing our shadow is the key to world peace.

It is time for that to begin.

If we are being bullied ~ there is past stuff there to heal. It is time to make a stand by healing this and speaking out.

Remember the world can only reveal our beliefs as that is how it works.

If  the majority of the world hasn’t healed it’s childhood trauma, 

learned how to let go of dependency ~ either through drugs, food, being parented, policed etc

The world has to contain those learning places until

each person learns

lets go

and does something else 🙂


The majority of our planet has become out of balance and masculine….

cannot see the beauty of the simple life all around

We have had generations of tough living


over production

work being the god

we have lost sight of our feminine gifts

and now it is time to let them be revealed

Tomorrow is our challenge

to let our spirit speak to us

If we are stuck in out of alignment patterns

too much rigidity


abrasive environments

this is not conducive to hear our gentle spirit speak

The more we move towards natural, cyclical, ancient , indigenous, sustainable

and self supportive frameworks

that allow us to be free 

and the more we create a new world

we are the midwives of the new age

let’s birth our radiant goddess selves

and everything else will simply come into being.

Every one of us is our saviour

Salvation from within.

Love to you and what you choose to consciously create in this 260 days.

It is a waning dark moon time

I began this in Virgo moon and am finishing it in Libra this evening after a mad day interacting with institutions 

which took all my strength of will 

and drain me 


because they are so in opposite polarity to “right relations”

I didn’t feel rage today but I still had anger at the focus of  their priority ~ money

an absence of compassion 

no allowing of a person knowing themselves and being empowered

that is how it seemed

Still more clearing for me so that I simply accept this is how it is at the moment 🙂

I felt sad and weary of it all at the time


speaking up is important

although my message  may fall on deaf ears 

it is important that I say it

for my integrity

and to create a new cosmic groove

silence can be interpreted as acceptance by those who seek to keep the unfair advantage 🙂

This is the PMT time of the moon 

This is our ego wound roaring time.

This is the time women who menstruate in synch with the moon, ideally choose to be alone and go within to commune with their moon consciousness that resonates within all women.

One of the main reasons women experience PMT is because they do not know or allow (or both) themselves to honour this time.

They try and keep the same linear style of being going all of their cycle and this is totally out of synch with their natural rhythm which is why they get tired, angry and growly.

We all need to heed our universal mammas cycles and go with their flow

and then we flow

feel good


go within

speak to our guides and ancestors

and allow our  formless dreams to be recognised

the next steps on our path to be revealed

from this clear space

we can all do this

if we are prepared to 



inner space 🙂

On this day the Mayan calendar speaks to us of Neptune 

In esoteric astrology this is a profound space.

Follow the link to learn more here 🙂

My Neptune is in Scorpio and so this is impacting strongly for me.

There are lots of ways to read your natal chart ~ I call it The Starcode.

It reveals our conception light body that was plotted before we fell to earth and were born 

through the gateway of our mothers

This is the nature of all birth to form and this is what this wavespell is about.

In the Lord’s Prayer when we look at these words in a different way we hear that

“Thy Kingdom come

thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

Look to the starry skies and the planets for information about influencing energies now

and most importantly learn about yours 

Start one planet at a time when your intuition calls you to it.

It’s amazing how many people say they don’t have time

and yet have time to do a phd in knitting

knitting is more important than knowing themselves it seems 🙂

if you start to do this

much will be revealed to you

what affects you

what expands you

rattles your cage

lights up your heart

know yourself

and  in this knowing you can prepare yourself at times of change

strap down the battens by securing your self~confidence

being aware of your predilictions and persuasion

and  flexing in the breeze

flying your inner cross  bravely in stormy skies

with resolution and resolve

your roots going down deep

to mother earth

this is the wheel we are all here to weave on

this is

The Matrix

and we are now swimming in stormy seas.

This week there have been two significant car crashes in virtually the same place in my locality one within days of the last, the other in a similar spot to  last year and there is more than “statistics” to explain that scenario and if you are prepared to look deeper you will find this becoming a scientifically approved pattern recognition, in many areas of society now.

Patterns affect everything and are destined to repeat until what is seeking evolution 

creates all the individual elements to allow this to bear fruit

It could be diversions are created to allow a meeting to take place or avoid a meeting

everything happens for a reason

and the more aware we become the more we see this in action

Human Beings are the creators 

If something isn’t working out in the way you wish it to

the only way to change it

is to look at what gave birth to it

in your thoughts, beliefs and your behaviour

Lots happening in the skies tomorrow to influence our challenge and growth area

New Moon coming on Monday in UK 

Deep gratitude to everyone who creates this amazing information and helps me to see the bigger picture I am part of.

Please do feedback about my blog and what is happening to you at the moment as I really value our connection.

Often people tell me later how something I shared really impacted or inspired them and I had no idea that had happened 🙂

Please create an expanded share space here 🙂

This is an amazing time now people

we chose to be a part of this evolution

if you feel afraid right now


it is simply a feeling

hear it, feel it and know that this is so 

and then it can go because it has achieved it’s mission and communicated  🙂

Yellow Cosmic Sun ~ love


Yellow Cosmic Sun

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It is the last day of the 260 day Tzolk’in Cycle. The Yellow Star Wavespell.

It is also a Galactic Portal Day so we can be wide open with all that is to what is seeking a shift in our vibe today

a cosmic upgrade for even more open hearted va va voom

Tomorrow on Samhain or All Hallows Eve , we go into a new cycle…. and this energy of the thinnest of veils between the world’s of the earth plane and other planes, is the energetic flavour of the whole cycle.

Tomorrow the circle begins anew and if we choose we can speak to our personal ancestors and sincerely ask for their view about what could die now ~

  • what is really timely for release and renewal ?

  • what can they see now they are free of the earthly realm roadshow from a different perspective?

  • what can we learn about their past life experience…..

that is within us…..

our double helix divinity code?

Where has a belief and behaviour outlived it’s usefulness ?

Hereditary means so much more than blood and bone ~ what have we inherited from the past generations that is no longer true now and maybe was never ours?

What are we holding energetically that is causing us to live painfully in the dark shadows ?

Waning moon in Virgo today so a perfect time to see the Saturnian rings of earth bound grooves we may be stuck in.

This is the dark moon energy coming in so we can be in that psychic place.

No need to worry about release ~ we have a New Moon in Scorpio coming on Sunday 03 November

Language of love and heart or ego ?


A common question I hear ~

How do I know if I am coming from my heart and soul space or my ego ?

The ego has a framework like everything else ~ it has a pattern. It is often very misunderstood and maligned our ego assistant.

An immature ego creates distortion of the language of light. It creates refractions like a prism. There is nothing “wrong” with this framework. It allows the duality game of life to take place on earth at this time. It is a very simple, child like framework of opposites and this is what we all transit through as children in our own unique way.

As we journey we ~ hopefully ~ learn through our engagement with the planet and everything on it.

If we don’t learn we repeat until we do.

We are part of our universe and we share some things with other aspects and somethings are unique to humans and there is a common belief that ego is one of our unique programmes.

Our human journey has often involved us borrowing ways of being from our animal world to create an ego belief system such as “survival of the fittest” ~ to justify ethnic cleansing, bullying and genocide.  

To introduce a superior system of religion to “lesser knowing mortals”  ~ a bullpoo manipulation framework in full scale and still expanding all over the globe.

There is no such ego framework amongst animals. Animals are depicted as lesser beings by ego dwellers as they fail to understand how limited their own perspective is.

It is, some of , mankind’s arrogance to place itself as an elite being above all others with a consciousness. Everything in our universe has consciousness.

This is going to become more and more evident now to all. Just reading Anastasia , watching Earthing film and loving the Barefoot connections that I have been experiencing more of this year on my beautiful land . I am so excited by this. I feel like a child again when my connection with the world of imagination was so vivid ~ anything was possible 🙂 

Here are two amazing films that really touched my heart . Hope they will for you too ~ please share them far and wide.

This healing is available for all ~ get those bare feet  on the earth and ground yourself lovelies ~ simples.





When we see our immature ego aspects and patterns , we raise them to our conscious awareness so we can transform them to maturity over our lifetime.

The ego is self serving and a survival mechanism  and as such , places it’s human being body and mind first and that is true for every living thing in one sense so ……

we could say everything that is living and breathing has this ego aspect.

It keeps the living being alive so …..

it can live.

Without life there is no life here 🙂 Simple.

This ego aspect for the animal world involves hazards that are general patterns and over millennia create a programme of harmful patterns to avoid and to enable that protection programme of millenia of experiential learning ….

the physical being of the animal is overridden by consciousness that is at the same level of awareness as breathing. It isn’t something constantly accessed unless needed because if it was… creates too much overload and distraction.

We can see living examples of this in human beings when they develop OCD, phobias and are on the very sensitive spectrum of autism for example.

Life becomes very challenging just to complete simple details. If you feel like you are barely keeping moving forward then this is a good time to shed a load 🙂

There are lots of reasons why this happens too and all of this way of being…..

that the immature ego sees as “wrong”

are simply to create learning so that we can evolve and explore through understanding.

That is why we are here.

The more we take heed of our immature ego and the more we can transform that space .

Our ego is our best friend and here for that very purpose. Without it we would die and our evolution on all levels wouldn’t be possible.

When we let go of events in our past that have caused us physical and emotional wounding , our ego matures. It has had the experiential experience and has survived it ~ grown stronger as a result.

It moves us to a space of thrive ability and moving towards rather than moving away from pattern.

As we move towards what we love and open our hearts part of that process involves clearing our inner space of fear patterns and…..

this opens up our inner world and allows more room for courage and flexibility ~ patterns that our spirit self loves to enhage with.

We let go of trying to run away from our pain and we are ready to stand still and

bring it on 🙂

We are ready to speak our truth.

In this universe of ours we have cycles for this.

We have sun signs, moon signs and lots of other planetary times. We have seasons and we have a time specially prepared to be in a space of new learning.

Only the immature ego that has forgotten it is part of the universe and struts it’s stuff and tries to force it’s will over the universe ~ like Icarus flying too close to the sun ~ insists on a different framework with it’s own timeline that is out of synch with the language of light.

The more we ignore this pushy little diva and trust that our universal mamma knows the way for us

because we are she 🙂

and the more we learn to re educate our relationship with our god and goddess self and trust our instinctual intuition.

When we are ready to receive then our sacred feminine will usher in

If there is too much ego noise getting in the way and no time and space for this to happen

Then it does not happen.

It is our free will and our choice to play the soul game.

Most people on our planet are not aware of this and totally immersed in ego living. A few are intellectually aware of awakening and still living an ego framework ~ part time intellectual players at weekends. Some are going deeper and energetically and emotionally transforming.

There is a long way to go …..

and if you are feeling jaded about this….

accept that. It is tough love time on our planet.

Until we love and accept our feelings and our ego as individuals, the language of light cannot be fully received ~ it can be intellectually known of course.

To fully receive it ~ we have to be it 🙂

Are you longing  for intimacy and to be the true love you seek ? There is only you that is in the way of that happening 🙂 Beliefs around being intimate that you have learned about yourself ~ that are totally ~ illusional 🙂

I am seeking a couple more people on my current coaching circle to synchronise with. This is an exciting time of  digging deep to pave our way for Spring. If you think that may be you and you are ready to remove some layers and are open to working with your shadow please get in touch. It’s an amazing time to be alive and I know we are going to be in for a rebirthing year in ways we hadn’t imagined.

Love to you all and your love light shining 

First picture ~ artist link


Our 13 Year Cycles


Our thirteen year Cycles

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It is the fifth day of the Yellow Star Wavespell ~ Yellow Overtone Human

On the fifth day we have a chance to be in a place of mastery and centre.

Being the star we really are which means accepting our humanity.

It is by working with our human personality and our human body that we are shown the path to the stars

that is within us.

We each have four castles of time in our personal Mayan Wavespell life journey, that take us through a spiral journey of the four directions .

Each castle lasts for thirteen years.

In the Tzolk’in itself that we use for our planetary journey, we have five castles.

We are in the green castle of transcendence now 

After working with “another me” yesterday I had lots of insights around my cycles 🙂

This is one of the joys of being a human being ~ seeing ourselves reflected in others and recognising our common ground.

We are all unique and we have a lot of the same shared patterns.

As a magnetic universe we draw like energetic beings to us so we can dance together and evolve.

Intuitively I have been remembering lots of events around this time in years gone by and as I am very familiar with this way of being ~ tuning in to raise my consciousness from the deep pool of my existence and energetic pattern , I follow my cosmic cookie trail and engage my mind and brain to refine my search and connection.

Working holistically with Mind, Body and Spirit we allow all parts of ourselves to create a circle of synergy.


The universe is a cyclical being and so it makes sense to go with the flow of our great universal mother.

I am in the fifth year of my thirteenth year and so if I look back at other fifth years in the past ,

I can see a pattern emerging and I can see how I am weaving my current energetic pattern with the same golden skeins of thread today.

What tapestry am I weaving with these threads. Do I choose another design?

If you wish to do this , first of all you need to know your Mayan Sign.

Here is a decoder:

Foundation for the law of time


When you put in this year’s birthday it will give you a different reading so if today is your birthday you will be experiencing your fifth year and this year for you is Yellow Overtone Human.

If you would like any assistance in understanding this please contact me for a free consultation

So my time of 5 years.

We go through 13 year cycles and our planet goes through 13 Year Cycles.

When we look deeper at our patterns we see how the universe keeps bringing us our beliefs and …..

wherever we have sticky, turbulent times that feel intense ….

is a doorway and an opportunity to shed a skin .


The more specific we are with our intention and the more detail will be revealed ~ like Google Maps moving in for a street view.

We can time travel down memory lane and see where we were then

where we are now

and how we can work with our needlework 

to weave a web of



To give you a peek into my world here are some snapshots of my journey in this blog.

If I want to be super specific then I would intend to tune in to this day 

It may seem impossible but if you keep memorabilia or your emails you can often find a way to see what is looking to be revealed

and shed some light on some dark corners

and in the process 

get to the root of whatever is haunting you at this Scorpionic time

Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful time to go into heart space 

let our feelings lead us to where our Eden lies within.


On my birthday this year I entered Blue Overtone Hand Year 

Year 5 of a 13 Year Cycle that began on my birthday in 2009

This 13 year cycle is Blue Magnetic Hand

this is my Mayan Glyph ~ Blue Hand ~ Manik

I am in a powerful cycle of gateway transformation through death of the old ways and training my ego.

When it began in 2009 I experienced lots of loss around being a property developer and loss of my credit rating.

This was my soul journey stepping up a gear and aligning me with my heart calling

Developing my self

So to go back further I travel to the previous cycle and revisit my birthday in the year 2000

This was White Overtone Wind

and this was the fifth year of a 13 year cycle that began in 1996 

White Magnetic Wind

This energetic is all about allowing my spiritual, higher truth self to come in.

At the start of this cycle, I had become a Mother for the first time, then had my second child and was facing a split in my relationship and a question mark over many things that I was living with at that time.

I had just had my Saturn return in 1995 .

This often involves a crossroads of choosing a different path which can be challenging especially when children are involved.

Often they are the catalysts.

 In 1997 there was a major event that deeply affected me as a mother ~ the death of Diana. She was a Blue Solar Storm ~ a number 9 like me ~ although I didn’t know that then. Diana in myth is the huntress ~ Artemis. The deer energy. 

On the world stage we were moving towards the major  9/11  event that would radically change many world views.

Here is a link to other world events that happened today in history.

Here is a Daily Mail link for the UK~ one headline predicting a crash which I don’t remember happening ~ we sold our house in 2002 and began our property developing and made more money doing that than we ever had before.

We had also just bought 6 vans with finance for our courier business, so it’s strange to look back on this “news” because we had no problem raising cash to expand our business ~ bit of a paradox.

What was the real financial situation then ?

During this cycle I had my ego transformation through all sorts of relationship issues and this showed me what my beliefs actually were and my core strength of self ~ belief.

At this time I was given a book ~ Louise Hay, You can Heal your Life and introduced to energy therapies by an energy therapist. I also ~ through this friend ~ looked deeper at the world of astrology and looked at what next steps I felt drawn to taking on my journey.

I read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and wanted to be in a space of living that this novel offered.

A heart space.

It seemed a massive gap between where I was and where I wanted to be.

Living in alignment with the earth and other people and beings.

The life I was living was comfortable in terms of material “stuff”

I didn’t feel loved though. I wasn’t happy in my relationships and I had reached many “goals” only to feel empty , sad and a “failure”.

I blamed myself . I was studying to be a psychologist and felt adrift because all of that “knowledge” I had about how my mind worked still didn’t create well-being for me and my family.

Letting go of certain manipulative business relationships was my next step and although this worked to some degree ,through refining and limiting my co dependent relationships, we were still hooked in to a financial co dependency .

We had tweaked some things and gained more freedom and autonomy around time frames , so we could have a quality time with our children in a new location……

but all the emotional patterns were still there , ready to erupt like mount vesuvius when the planetary signatures came in to alignment to open up our book of shadows for further inspection.


The previous fifth year was in 1987.

Red Overtone Earth

This was the fifth year in a 13 year cycle that started in 1983 with  Red Magnetic Earth .

This is all about being centred, earthed and stable in our core.

I had come back from living away in Greece and back to my roots in a very abusive relationship with a man.

He was a Blue Cosmic Night and as this is my higher self signature this was a big awakening for me .

This journey was a big wounding of learning about allowing the loss of my self to please another……

to fulfil one of my ego masks 

I got really sick and I learned experientially about what happens when you try and be something for someone else’s ego satisfaction

which was simply an expansion of my people pleasing persona

my ego mask and coping mechanism which allowed me to be the person with the one sided identity and all the shadow hidden away

until it emerged.

I became his alter ego and he mine.

He had chosen to express his anger from childhood, aggressively when drunk and passive ~ aggressively when sober.

This is  also a metaphor for the pattern of our co ~ dependent relationship with the “authorities” in our society.

When we are compliant we get ego strokes and when we aren’t we get the bailiffs on our doorstep 🙂

It’s a hard landscape still in our society with very little feminine nurturing happening

It is a very one sided power relationship and very conditional  and it is expanding into bigger and bigger exclusion and control zones the more it goes unchallenged and the more our collective ignores it’s shadow.

I am revisiting aspects of this cycle now in my body and with different relationships in different ways.

I am very aware of this now

and I still have lots of stuff to clear 🙂

It is getting easier to see and goes quicker and so the eek goes to ahh in the space of a day rather than days.

That is all the challenge is on one level.

Acceptance of our humanity and other people’s humanity that 

although speaking a different language

are generally speaking of the same thing

being loved and respected for who we are

live and let live


My first fifth year cycle was in1974 

This matches today’s energy ~ Yellow Overtone human

hence me being drawn intuitively to post today.

The Yellow Star Wavespell that year started on August 14 in 1974.

I was 9 and I lived in a gift shop called Haigh’s. I found it exciting and magical and challenging.

It is when I first recall seeing spirit and there was a lot of activity in that house. 

It was an old property and my parent’s renovated it with the help of their extended family. 

There were lots of treasure troves in that place ~ amazing beautiful things from a time in the past, covered in dust, long forgotten.

An age gone by.

It was my parent’s Saturn Return.

It was also a time of struggle for the UK

When I look at the news stories back then, there was so much strife compared to today in the UK ,so things have really moved on in terms of far fewer dramatic terror events or riots.

This 13 year cycle started in 1970 when I was 5 and was Yellow Magnetic Human.

I was crafting my beliefs about the world and my chalice pattern.

So I could create my star seeded mission.

Leo is my sun sign and is the fifth sign in the zodiac. We have had lots of Lion chat today .

One of the key things that I loved was that often we ( human’s) believe ourselves “above” other animals and forget that we share so much.

Our ego does not allow unconditional love like other ego free animals.

As my friend said today ~ in the wild few animals get sick and die of old age 

they are often eaten

that is their demise

and the thought of that exit stage left route isn’t very comforting 🙂

What happens with any great trauma or pain is that our body and mind can only take so much of it and at that point 

we shift into another state of consciousness as do animals when they are becoming part of another animal.

Often we fail to see the Lion in our midst as we shut down rather than see it….

we ignore the predator at our door praying it will go away.

Most of our citizens employ this coping mechanism  just now.

If we are choosing to live from courage and heart we welcome the cat

and we heed the call of the wild

the sacred feminine coming in…….

we look at what is within us to bring this liberator to our life

we see the friend who agreed to perform this wake up call, long before we arrived on the earthly plane.

If you would like to reveal your cogs in your cycles and see what is illuminating at this Scorpio time of death and rebirth

please get in touch.

I find it very helpful to understand the bigger picture of where I have been and how I am revisiting a particular pattern.

It helps make sense of this often

mad world

that we inhabit today.

Love to you and your humanity today.



Yellow Star Wavespell



Yellow Star Wavespell


Please hover your mouse over the text and see the links to other websites to expand on this information 🙂

A powerful day today with the last wavespell of this current Tzolk’in 260 day cycle . It’s a full moon and a lunar eclipse and the ephemeris pictured shows you where the planet’s are today and how this energetic signature will affect certain parts of the planet more than others.

With this Astrologers’ perspective Peter Stockinger ~ how it will affect the UK in particular for four months and women especially in that region. I chose this at “random” today ~ what I intuitively felt to do and share.

Everyone’s perspective is purely unique of course and the majority of the planet still do not understand this very basic premise:

We all have our unique perspective based on our life experience

We are not taught self~development in most Western schools

We are not encouraged to be a free spirit or create independency patterns in our dependent patriarchal led society

We are not advised to be heart led and be

the star that we truly are

because that doesn’t serve our consumer led, ego driven way of life in the majority of our planet earth at this time 🙂


times they are a changing and if you choose now


you can do this for yourself by learning

about your energetic signature


and your star seeded mission at this transit time.

Why would you want to do that you may ask ?


What will happen if I change my focus from giving , being in my masculine and the outward pattern of being ego led?


Outward pattern focus on ………the stuff outside of us the individual

and this is what most people are still doing because this is familiar, ingrained and what they know

most people are doing this with their “spiritual journey” and believe they are “following their path”

For most this is still the ego outward pattern.


Anything outside of you…..

is well

ya know sort of

outside 🙂


will only influence your way of being for a short while until the ego realises it is a temporary fix and wants something new.

We learn these ego fixes as a child and they are

coping mechanisms .

The flavour of this heart dwelling wavespell  ~ it is in the fifth green segment of the Mayan Wavespell calendar, is to show us what our ego coping mechanisms are so we can outgrow them and instead of “coping”

we can thrive 

by creating an inward focusing pattern that is totally self sufficient in terms of each individual getting their emotional needs met from within.

This is truly “sustainable” …

as it means in the bigger picture

We no longer “need” to consume planet earth to feel good and define

ourselves through “stuff”


This is the beauty of learning about patterns and sacred geometry.


Again, at this time, many people are still on the intellect track of cramming in information about sacred geometry and the fibonacci sequence, the golden seed and so on.

Nothing “wrong” with that.

It won’t create heaven on earth for you in isolation.

Anything that happens as a singular focus, in isolation and linear is a masculine pattern and is more often than not ego led and definitely mind led 🙂

This is what patterns reveal and enable us to let go of debate, duality and ego arguing about “the best” way . “the right” way and all the ego stuff that gets in the way of

creating heaven on earth and harmonious co creating.

If we haven’t healed our inner conflict around this within us and therefore creating self~ confidence and high self~ esteem from core integrity then this will continually keep showing up outside of us to show us that 🙂

This is the true meaning of law of attraction 🙂

It is impossible to live in peace and harmony outside if it doesn’t dwell within us ~ 

harmony code 🙂

If you have spent a life time creating rose beds with the intention of having an Eden space ~ only to have a farmer continually bulldoze it, neighbours spray it, or a new development show up just as your prize flower is ready to open like in the film Dennis the Menace 🙂

(If you haven’t seen this I thoroughly recommend it for bellylaughs)

Here is the clip of the moment:

Maybe it is time for you to realise that this is you creating this reality inside out ?

your inner slides require a change of view  instead 

because the inside creates the outside 🙂

Instead of blaming “the villain”

and  “the menace” which is our inner child “dennis”

the part of us that has never grown up and is stuck in that space in the past

and bringing us that information today so we can free ourselves and integrate

blame ~ is an ego mask of avoiding the feelings

then we can do something else

heed the message

and let go of shooting the messenger


everyone benefits as we become responsible on all levels


What does create heaven on earth for us as individuals is to use a holistic, integration pattern ~ an inclusive one that involves the whole person.

To initiate your inward focusing pattern can be as simple ~ simple is the heart path pattern ~ as

Learning about your pattern 🙂

The more in depth you go and the more you can see exactly what is happening for you at a particular time and how you can create a change in circumstance for yourself.

When we are creating a pattern and this pattern creates a behaviour  there are outcomes that match that.


If you want to change the outcome you have to change the pattern

Here is a document I created  that you can use if you choose with a video

This is how the universe changes and as we are a part of the universe

yea ok ho hum ~ it ain’t rocket science is it really 🙂

and each one of us doesn’t need to be super human in a mind capacity, to understand how our universe works either

because we are superhuman 🙂

Lovely paradox.

We all have the same access to everything even though our way of living at this time may not seem to hold that vision

underneath the illusion version

it is true

but only

if we believe it and half the power of that self belief

by activating our spleen energy in a healthy way instead of

venting it from an ungrounded , shame perspective around stuff we cannot stomach

The spleen energy is emerging now with the sacred feminine earth energy 

that we create within us and in turn without.

Being a hero within meeting our own dragons is a very different perspective from being on a crusade fighting the good fight for “others” like the Salvation Army modus operandi for example.

When we look at our Starcode ~ our natal chart of where the planets where when we arrived on planet earth ~ a shooting star of consciousness, then we can be consciously aware of our star seeded mission this time around.

When we are ready to do this and walk our talk ~ use this conscious information to create an outcome of living in harmony ourselves ~ everything starts to become crystal clear.

Knowing your Mayan Sign is another way of doing this.


The Mayan Wavespell is the Matrix code and the more we learn about it and our individual code and be it every day 

It becomes second nature and we are being the change we want to see in the world.


When we start with the Starcode we get lots of information and we start to use a bigger picture perspective of our energy signature. We are so much more than our Sun sign.

When we focus simply on our Sun Sign ~ we are connecting to the masculine linear ego led pattern because that is what this energy is.

If we have chosen to evolve our consciousness in this lifetime and awaken to our true nature then this is where we start by learning about our initial focus of what this energetic signature brings for us.

There will be expansion of this energy and key times of this expansion.

Do we choose to live as an ego being who lives in the outer pattern and expands the ego consuming way of being to try and fill the void within us that the ego creates as we experience

many events that feel hurtful to us .

Do we at some point decide to look at what has created that “disharmony” relationship and how we can transform our experience through knowing about how “we work” on all levels?

When we have this inner focus and lead from within then all is revealed as we transform.

That is the secret.

As we change our energetics within we expand our feminine and we allow ourselves to receive instead of giving all the time.

We develop our circle in balance .


We give and receive in equality.

We become balanced in our masculine and feminine as we transform our ego events.

We heal our shadow.

This is the alchemical lead into gold process that creates heaven on earth for us.

The more time we spend on ourselves ~ knowing our true energetic signature and unveiling it through clearing off any emotional event “distortions” and the easier our life flows and the more magical life becomes.

We cannot see and experience the matrix fully without unveiling our own matrix because……

to see it, to live it fully ~ we have to own it

and to own it….

requires owning all of ourselves, our behaviour and our life so far ~ all our behaviour.

We cannot “go” anywhere else until we “go” here 🙂

We can of course create the illusion of going and having by using money and stuff but as soon as that disappears ~ and ageing brings that on which is why we currently age to reveal how we really feel . It is part of the ego transformation process.

When we don’t need that process it will end.

Life can seem cruel to the ego personality ~ because the ego personality has expectations and ideas is all ~ it has rules and regulations about how life “should” be  in resistance to “what is”

If someone dies young often the resistance is ~ they went before their time

How can that be?

The truth is ~they died and there will be many reasons as to why that happened for their and other people’s learning experience I believe.

Our ego may not like that.

It uses a coping mechanism to deal with it instead of feeling the feelings. It disowns the feelings of fear, sadness, anger and labels the experience as “wrong”.

Byron Katie’s framework “the Work” is a great way to see this.

Whenever we have an experience we often use this pattern of focusing on the outward and avoiding the true direct nature of the feeling which is

fear of our own ego personalities death and what that could mean for us.

A thriving mechanism can be to own that for ourselves, face it , feel it and let it go.

Indigenous people do not have this mind construct and in many tribes they do not have language for future experiences. They live in the now. 

They don’t do “fear” in the way our western society does ~ that doesn’t mean any lack of awareness of danger.

When we live in the now we do not fear the future  and this creates a different reality.

Our western way of life ~ our city system ~ does not allow this and we have to plan our future.

Another reason we cannot be in the now is because we haven’t cleared our past emotionally and therefore energetically

and this energy is constantly triggered in our day to day through current events that cause us to “time travel” and re experience these past events.

We have no room in our day to day because our “hard drive” is full up and we are running slow with all our human hardware over burdened with these big data files taking up all our energetic space.

This is happening in the collective as each individual hasn’t “cleared their cache” 

At this time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere , we are in the Persephone Underworld.

This is the time to go into our lower chakras and vent our spleen , visit our emotional wounds and clear our cache.

It’s time to connect to our Aries , youthful energy and revisit Aries time earlier this year and see what came up as our challenge.

As we leave the gateway of Pisces energy in February and March each year ~ Pisces reveals our dreams, we immediately encounter our growth area of where we expand to create them. The challenge that is our next step on our evolutionary journey and what is required to be the Hero and Heroine in our own Mystical Movie of life.

Our own Mystery school 🙂

So today we can travel back and remember.

To use the garden as a metaphor ~ we may be planting bulbs now for Spring. What do we choose to bloom in the garden of our heart?


We can also be aware of our challenges over the past few days, weeks and maybe there is a pattern emerging.

The universe ~ which we are part of ~ is bringing us an opportunity now to create new patterns and free ourselves from old karma.

When we started our journey here this time we had a code and a mission that we chose to experience.

To know this experience we start with the wounding process:

We choose a family to be born into that creates a pattern of being that we are choosing to evolve as a collective consciousness.

There is nothing “wrong” with this pattern. It is what it is. Our experience of it may feel “wrong”, it may feel hurtful and maybe ~ as with the majority of relationship patterns on planet earth at this time 

It may have felt disrespectful and unloving. It may have felt we were dishonoured, told we couldn’t be who we were.

It could be that we experienced being:

bullied, manipulated, controlled, abused, unsupported emotionally and physically.

In order to create new patterns in this duality framework that we currently live in 

We have to know the pattern to transform experientially.

Then we have a choice.

We can carry on being that pattern and live it with our behaviour ~ chip off the old block 🙂

We can carry on being that pattern and start to become aware of it and decide to change it at key times in life ~

become a life ~ long learner and transformer 🙂

We can carry on being that pattern and start to become aware of it and pretend we are changing it by doing the same thing in a different way ~ wearing an ego mask 🙂

All of these choices are important on planet earth because they allow the game of life to be played.

Each perspective is equally valid and valued ~ one cannot exist without the other.

As each perspective evolves through the interaction with each other

everything changes

that is why all we need focus on is ourself because when we change ~

everything changes 🙂

The more inner emotional work we do and the more we understand this and let go of trying to control the others because our times in the past around being controlled are healed.

It is the only way ~ you cannot do this with intellect because it isn’t how the emotional mind works.


What you choose is your destiny 🙂

I am in the process of creating some new videos to help people who want to help themselves by enhancing their inner emotional therapist ability 🙂

They are on their way and I will put them up as and when they become available so please bear in mind that you may wish to choose to use them for a particular emotional event ~ when they are all there 🙂

We all know what our issues are and now is an amazing time to clear them and thrive .

Ways I co create with people choosing to thrive now:

I use Emotional Freedom Technique and have had a fabulous journey with it.

I create workshops for people who are brave enough to face their demons by facing their shadow.

These are time sensitive and contain the astrological and Mayan information.

They have coaching frameworks for self development and to focus with intent on what you choose to create and let go of

I work one to one in person and on Skype

Today’s workshop is Persephone Path

I work with people who are ready to do what it takes to know themselves , empower themselves and let go of needing other people to do that for them.

Over several years of working as a holistic therapist and being a mother and a woman in relationships I have learned a lot about co dependent ways of relating.

I have worked my way through lots of addictions and ego stuff so my school of life is experiential and I offer this as “a” way.

If you are feeling inclined to ride this powerful Saturn in Scorpio Snake time please get in touch.

It is my honour to work with you and the wonderful thing about this way of working is we both get a shift in one to one work.

In circle work we all get to create a synergy that is greater than our individual parts ~ true Gestalt.

I am another you and I love co creating .

If you wish to receive this blog and keep in the cycle of the posts please subscribe.

This is my video channel on You Tube ~ theflowjo1

The sooner we all go into ourselves and the sooner we feel real 

in that space of grace

we are self supported 

and nothing can burst our bubble

of beauty 

when we love ourselves

everything is beautiful 

and we trust our universal process

love to you and your transformation

shiny star people

The Tzolk’in




Day 8 of the Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Integrate

White Galactic Wind

Please click on the links to follow to other sites to expand on the information here.


Having taken time to be still ~ and still creating illness to be in that space 🙂 I have had many ahas.

As a fire sign I often find this difficult ~ to be still. 

I love rapid transformation and my personality is impatient to get it on 🙂 This is one of my key mastery lessons.

More and more I am connecting to the magic that is here in Avalon ~ as I let go and transform my ego.


The Mayan Wavespell ~ the Tzolki’n


I am learning this experientially and am amazed by what it is teaching me every day. Here is my sharing for today. Purely my perspective ~ a way “-) 

I am looking to offer a workshop about this soon as I have learned enough to feel ready to share.  If you are interested and wish to take part, in person or online please get in touch. When I have enough people I will create one. This is my way of working. When I have lived it I and know it energetically I am ready to speak of it. This Wavespell is our soul evolution and is unlimited in it’s wisdom and so I am offering you a snapshot here.

To work with it and know it yourself ~ connect to it each day and let it speak to you through being with the energy signature of the day, see the synchronicities occur and in doing so see the matrix of the universe we live in.

I have made some for people  and here is a link to mine. You can use this online ~ it has links to wavespell information. You can print it out and laminate it and move your piece of  blue tac each day , which is how I started my relationship with it. There are products on the internet in many shapes and forms and lots of wonderful websites ~ if you choose follow your own cosmic cookie trail and source what feels good for you. You may feel you want to do what you have always done and get several books and learn it in chunks ~ that isn’t experiential learning or working with the wheel and the cycle. It is not the same thing at all and is mind led. To work the way I have suggested opens up your heart and your feminine side  and is the co creative way to work with your spirit and intuition which is what today’s energy is all about 🙂 Choice is as always yours lovelies 🙂 

If you struggle with working with intuition and trusting your gut, hearing your inner voice and are facing a lot of resistance showing up in your world at the moment then…..

heed this 🙂

Whatever we are feeling resistant to ~

is our next step on our evolution.

Yesterday I posted about the new cycle coming up for a brand new spin on All Hallows Eve  ~ Red Dragon ~ the initiator of this calendar’s 260 day cycle.

Forget what you need to add to yourself ~ it is what is within that allows you access to spirit ~ clearing the inner space. Go within and clear the noise, the chatter, the shadow. This is what is seeking your attention and devotion, your love and acceptance. When you place your attention here instead of outside ~ it all becomes clear 🙂

I use Tapping to do this ~ Emotional Freedom Technique. Tap it ~ unwrap it and move into a whole new space.

The Mayan Wavespell will help you with the process. 

We say that everyone has their own path and unique signature ~ there is also a pathway structure that shares common ground and everyone can use it.

The Mayan Wavespell is it. 🙂 

It seems very complex at first and most websites are huge with lots of information. My intention is to create a simple guide ~ I don’t like the term “Dummies Guide” because to me that terminology isn’t loving or respectful.

I prefer

The Cosmic Cookie Trail to Co Creativity

~ bit like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 🙂

The intention is to share this amazing gift of the Gods and Goddesses that we truly are , with love for all.

This Wavespell runs without pause over and over. It has 260 energetic signature days. Each day belongs to a 13 day bigger picture Spiral that has a specific intention ~ a message to share, a lesson and a learning space for each individual according to where they are on their path.

When an individual has connected consciously and experientially and most importantly emotionally and energetically with this energy every day 

with awareness for eight years

they are integrated with the universal wheel of life ~ how’s that for flow 🙂

That is the teaching 🙂

You may feel that is a huge undertaking and that you cannot spare the time or the energy and you haven’t got the know how ?

It is your choice.

This is the secret to transcendence ~ know Thyself. Transform yourself in co creative relationship with the universe.

Intend it and you will be shown how to do it ~ that is how the universe works ~ you are the universe 🙂

It offers you ( through you ) the Gateway to the Goddess ~ Heaven on Earth. 

If you are prepared to do the work on yourself and transform your shadow. That is what is required on your part. Whatever it takes, wherever you are required to go and shake off the shackles ~ you have to commit to the journey. You will not give yourself challenges that you are not ready to face although your ego will tell you it is so 🙂 

Your ego is your salvation ~ the loyal friend who will show you the shadow and the light.


This first step today is the transformation process woven in the matrix.



There are thirteen Steps that reoccur over and over every 20 days in different forms which create different awareness and energetic structures.

The First Step is Red Dragon ~ the initiatory energy ~ what is seeking to be formed from the void?

The Second Step is White Wind ~ what is our challenge ~ our next step in our evolution? Spirit coming in Space.

The Third Step is Blue Night ~ how do we combine steps one and two through looking with at our dreams and nightmares calling us into our past and future 

The Fourth step is Yellow Seed ~ how do we let go of the coping mechanisms we created in childhood ~ ego masks ~ to be free to be our true nature now

The Fifth Step is Red Serpent ~ the way we relate ~ sex/intimacy/kundalini rising ~ our body showing us our energy flow. Mastery through Struggle

The Sixth Step is White World Bridger ~ how do we open up to other worlds and surrender to what our path is bringing us and leave the past behind ?

The Seventh Step is Blue Hand ~ the top of the pyramid ~ the Mystic, the Gateway where we transform and realise the magic of ourselves

The Eighth Step is Yellow Star ~ integrating so we are clear of old wounding and shine our star essence free from ego , know and accept ourselves

The Ninth Step is Red Moon ~ opening to new cycles by ending old ones. Our shadow is transformed and we are truly our cosmic seed.

The Tenth Step is White Dog ~ we love and accept ourselves unconditionally and as a result have found our tribe of the heart. Our inner dog has been heard and transformed.

The Eleventh Step is Blue Monkey ~ we are truly the transparent divine child who has no inner brat and is in balance in masculine and feminine, living in the now having transformed the past experiences

The Twelfth Step is Yellow Human ~ We accept our humanity as a very valued part of this trip on earth and we learn how to give our human vehicle what it needs to thrive from a place of sacred loving selflessness through putting ourselves first , being grounded and honouring our space in all ways

The Thirteenth Step is Red Skywalker ~ we bring heaven to earth through ourselves knowing we are the creators of our own reality and how we perceive the world, how we feel about it, how we live in it ~ is all an inside job. Our beliefs , thoughts and how we relate have all been learned. The more we integrate any past events of being a victim and the more free we become. We can see that everything happens for a reason and we do not get caught up in the drama because there is no longer any energetic drama within us to match that. We are free to play our game of life and expand our conscious way of living in the manner of our choosing and…..

Be the gift we were born to be.

There are seven mastery energetic structures as to ways of being that

assist us in this process and are the next seven steps in the 20 step cycle:


The Initiate energy  Step One : White Wizard

Being empowered within. Letting the magic flow through us instead of believing we have to create it ~ ego based belief. Having integrity. Being the change we want to see ~ impeccability.

The Gateway Challenge energy Step Two : Blue Eagle

Being able to see the bigger picture by seeing our pattern and the universal pattern. Rising high to see where we are , where we have been and where we are headed. Knowing that everything has a reason and a season and the more we face our challenge and step into it, the sooner it passes.

The Co Creative Energy bringing one and two together ~ Step Three Yellow


To be a warrior of the heart we choose love . We choose to heal our wounds rather than fight with them and fight others. We know that each adversary or challenging event brings us an opportunity to face our inner demons if there is an emotional intensity. We can clear this and then face the challenge from this clear space and create a different outcome for everyone.

The Fourth Step ~ The Structure ~ Red Earth

When we are grounded and centred through knowing ourself and being strong in our core through our own personal clearing , healing journey

We are rooted, we bend with the breeze, we do not rise to the chaos. We know that all is well in our world. The more we go to this place and strengthen it and the more we let go of any drama affecting our equilibrium. We do not need alter ego’s showing up to balance us now as as they have come before, we have cleared their learning gifts. We know our path and greet it openly ~ knowing that each step brings us more magic.

The Fifth Step   ~ The Mastery through Struggle of the other four steps

White Mirror

When we are transparent we  have cleared our issues. We see others as reflections of ourselves in terms of our life experience so far. We don’t buy the “projection” angle often overused in ego frameworks~ because we own our behaviour and walk our talk ~ we realise that everything that we have ever encountered is within us and we choose how that emanates, vibrates and resonates. As we clear we become clear and step through each new frame.

The Sixth Step ~ being balanced in our giving and receiving ,

our masculine and feminine within ~ Blue Storm    


Our emotions guide us through our journey. This is our sat nav of the heart.

The more we have cleared our stuckness in past events where our true feelings have been denied and labelled “shadow”.

The more we have called our spirit back in ~ where we have fragmented and gone to another space because in the past, we couldn’t cope with our present reality at that time , maybe because we didn’t have the cognitive know how/the support/the safe space to survive or thrive if we felt all the feelings. Now we do and so we have.

The more we clear and accept about all of our emotional self and the more we simply allow all of our emotions now in a balanced, free flowing way. The intensity of volcanic proportions that builds to a black hole dimension , no longer happens as we have deconstructed it’s past reservoir piece by piece, layer by layer, tear by tear. Our emotional reactions are proportionate to the event happening now without all the past pattern matches flaming the pyre.

Through this integration process we know and trust our gut feelings ~ even when we are relating to a person who may choose dishonest relationship because they do not wish to take responsibility for their behaviour and feelings and disown their true state of being.

Through this mastery we know when we are flowing and being authentic. It is child’s play.

The Seventh Step ~ Mastery of our magical mystery self ~Yellow Sun

The language of light and recognition of I am what I am. Knowing, using and being the language of light of consciousness. We reach our higher ground from that inner space of transformation ~ lead into gold. We are the Christ Consciousness of love . We can see the game of life and understand that although there are frameworks and ways of being there is in truth no “right” of “wrong” simply different learning places in this duality framework world we are currently transiting. This is the framework that allows us to create a perceived”shadow” and transform it if we choose. Others will do this in different ways to allow us to play the transformation game. Our business is to heal our shadow. When we reach a space of light through this personal process we transit the duality framework for ourselves. This is known as transcendence, We can live in peace and expand our consciousness. As a holograph we project our reality ~ when our shadow is transformed and we love and accept ourselves we do not project our alter ego because it has been integrated. We have no need to attract our shadow archetypes or shadow events to heal . Our inner slides allow our higher self to totally co create and inhabit with our human self . 

The more people who do this and the more our world will achieve a different reality ~ this is what is known as the second coming. When more and more people understand this and do this process we will see big changes occurring  ~ until we do we won’t and people will still try and create change on the outside and through the mind. 

This is the ego doing the giving, controlling and the half of the wheel which is the masculine system ~ which is perfectly aligned for the times we have been in.

As more and more people come into this change of direction ~ at the perfect time for the Grand Design ~ everything changes. 

No need to worry 🙂 When it is time it is time.


So if you start to follow this pattern consciously ~ remember this is always happening anyway we simply connect with it in a different way. 

This is a simple first step and I didn’t know any of this when I started,

Funnily enough I moved into my present home on a lunar moon ( this is the feminine aspect of the Wavespell that I will speak about separately in another post) on Blue Resonant Hand Day in the Year of White Rhythmic Wizard ~ shaping my self empowerment through death and transformation and being in balance with giving and receiving.

Soon after I went to a talk at the Glastonbury Positive Living Event with Jon McCarthy on 02/02/2011 Red Magnetic Skywalker Day ~ the wave spell for bringing heaven to earth.  He  shared his 15 year journey with the calendar using a heart, experiential approach that really resonated with me where other approaches didn’t. I have tried to contact Jon without success , if anyone knows how to please get in touch. I bought my calendar from him and started to follow his instructions of connecting each day.

Love to you all on your journey.

Here is a link to a universal decoder so you can put in your birthdate and know your own sign ~ any date in your life or famous dates/famous people’s birthdays/your family constellation ~

Foundation of the law of time

Wishing you much love and joy on your exploration of this amazing gift from ……..

ourselves from a whole different dimension

 as and when you go deeper there is no doubt of the amazingness of our universal life experience and our star seeded existence.


I do not know the source of this amazing artwork as couldn’t find a clear reference but if you put Ixchel into Google images you can find her ~ she is the Mayan Moon Goddess Ixchel. I am planning a trip to Mexico in December for an amazing retreat ~ if you feel you would love to come please message me 🙂



The New Cycle

It’s been a while since my last post ~ I have been through the energetic

mill and flung out the other side and I feel very different .

Please click on the links for further info on other websites. This blog is all about Flow ~ the Mayan Calendar and energy therapies. My sharing of various alternative views and perspectives of our holographic universe and….

our soul journey 🙂

Today I seem unable to add pics to my blog so I am picture less 😦 

Red Resonant Dragon today

Hugs to all of you that are feeling that you are going through a wringer at the moment ~ it’s a challenging time of growth through baring our bones 🙂


Fall time ~ stripping back to our structure


I am writing this in the Blue Eagle Wavespell and this is the penultimate wavespell of the 260

day bigger cycle.

 Eagle ~ the nebula where new stars are formed in the energies of Scorpio ~ the Eagle is part of the holy trinity of this transformation energy.

There is only one Wavespell to go ~

Yellow Star Wavespell

We are in the last few days of the Green Castle of Enchantment of the heart ~ the fifth and final element of the wave before the whole spin cycle starts once more.

The Green Castle is the fifth element and combines 4 wave spells:

Red Moon ~ awakening to our cosmic seed energy ~ the East

White Wind ~ refining our connection to spirit and the breath ~ the North

Blue Eagle ~ transforming our bigger picture awareness with death of old ways ~ the West

Yellow Star ~ being the star that we really are ~ the South



I still haven’t got a lot of energy so I have been taking it easy and keeping off the web in terms of direct communication ~ doing StarCodes and Mayan Signs.

I apologise for the delay if you are waiting . When I do this work I connect to the energetics to read them and I am learning new ways to do this so I can do it without overreaching my circuitry …… I can stay balanced.

Lots of people I know are ill and finding it tough just now and my take on this ~ we are going through another energetic gateway of purification and to show us where our next steps are is all. If we pay attention to what is pulling us down to earth , slowing us, feeling sluggish ~ here is a space for some clearing and letting go as we go down in to cave time in the Northern Hemisphere.

One of my key patterns is to overreach, overstretch and do too much and in Glastonbury that is the Road to Perdition because in this powerful place whatever ego patterns we are still holding on to ~ amplify  so that, if we are aware, we can see them oh so clearly.

I am seeing them oh so clearly and at this Libra time I have had lots of deep insights as to what I have woven.

I am focusing on building up my mojo 🙂

I am heeding my gut which is telling me there is a big change coming.

I am committing to new learning which is really challenging my mind’s eye.…..

new ways do….

that is what makes them new.

To evolve it is necessary to white water raft, jump the gap and forge new territory….

often that means burning bridges

no going back

and it is a message that more may have to learn in our brave new world…..

because there are no easy passages at this transition time and yet…..

people are still wanting to hold on to the past despite the recent lessons that have been forthcoming.

People generally are still looking to continue co dependent relationships because that is all they know and as one  that has…..

gone through the mire so to speak…..

I know it is the only way to ….


down into the pit of our ego mine.

Face our  “shame” and expose ourselves to every dirty little secret that still has power over us.…. because that is the sole reason that most people are holding on to the edge…….

and the soul reason is …..go into the void 🙂

Go through the gateway and be reborn.

It’s Hecate time and we are in for one hell of a ride.

The trick is…….don’t go for the treat…..lose the ego by finding ways to transform the angry inner brat/need for revenge/road rage/instant fix/

this is the hidden gift in the cracker should you choose to unwrap it 🙂

Don’t push me cos I’m close to …..the edge…..I’m trying not to lose my head…..remember that lyric ? Grandmaster Flash

Sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under…….

I have had many experiences with bullies in all sorts of arenas and especially the corporate world

seen the spin

watched the smoke being blown 

for diversions and….

the players play their pipes

so the blind ones follow blindly

and the lovers with their bleeding needy hearts…….. swoon to the false truths of the fool’s gold

It is such a tempting picture that is painted and is such an ancient craft and I have believed it  😉

It’s song has been sung in every historical event of our world ~ is it only me that feels like I have lived through it all over and over and please let this be the end now ~ let’s sing a different tune please because we are so much more than this tawdry existence ?

This involves seeing the truth about our society though and how at the top end of the spectrum ~ that we are all a part of ~ there are some narcissistic nasty parties going on that we have watched ~  maybe believing them merely a product of a vivid imagination  ~ in every James Bond film. There are some people on this planet that do not want to play fair or nice ~ do not even know what it means to do that. Some people refuse to admit that to themselves because it is far scarier than any horror movie……… and sometimes that involves turning a blind eye on what their company or boss does on a daily basis.

That has a price to pay in the karma wheel and many people misunderstand this ~ the judgement angle comes into play , which comes from the ego place of being judged and criticised. If we haven’t cleared our personal events around these two areas then this will keep coming up .

The karma wheel is simple ~

If you do this ~ this is what comes with it as part of that action ~ you do this and you get that. No judgement .

This is the true meaning of an eye for an eye. In every “mafia” movie we see the true innocent who believes that they can get away with hanging around with people who kill people and not have that dynamic affect them….and they always come out learning something painful with that approach.

Just watched The Iceman and this really illustrates this well. Michael Clayton is another powerful film that I have just re watched and immediately Montsanto came to mind ~ they weren’t in the news the first time I watched it. Love George Clooney films.

If we live by the sword…….If we manipulate people……if we think we can “get away with…..” taking something that isn’t ours, being sneaky, being passive~ aggressive ~ then we forget the golden rule ~ what goes around comes around. If we don’t like it ~ don’t do it because at this time  on earth we are seeing time accelerated where we get to see virtual immediate effects of our actions ~ simply so we can learn what it feels like to have the experience ~ because that is how we learn ~ experientially. We are seeing how we have acted with others from their perspective .

There are some people who love to turn people’s good nature back on them  ~ just watched Our Idiot Brother which really highlights this ~ and undermine their confidence because to call the protagonist’s bluff means stepping into their shoes in some way and voicing our concerns and what if……..we’ve got it wrong/made a mistake …….then we are in really deep and how does that make us look? Better to say nothing just in case so we avoid feeling humiliated/ashamed/foolish and several months further on ~ it was just as we thought…..

The truth is out and we find we have been played and that we were used and thrown away ~ worthless to the people who really don’t care about how they survive and thrive. Look what is happening to nearly a million people in the US  left with literally nothing in terms of finances overnight. Part of a bargaining leverage game ~ collateral damage without any informed consent given ~ were they asked/informed in advance/given a poll ? ~ no 😦 Goal posts were changed and no one considered their thoughts or needs. This will allow them to make different choices now though and although it may not seem good now ~ if people choose to let go of co dependency , which is part of the Aquarian Age plan, then in future they will thrive.

This is part of one big business plan that was seeded many moons ago ~ the same as the film War of the Worlds ~ but there is no other race from outer space ~ it’s our own people ~ I use that term loosely 🙂

Blood on the fields from our beautiful people and animals, as a sacrifice that only mankind can call for and yet this is disguised as a mission of the gods.

How many times do we have to see this until we awaken to the reality of our world and it’s imbalances ?

Look at the evidence of our glorious government’s past who are the representative of the collective ego ~ we have all allowed this to happen.

 It takes as long as it takes……..

of course…..

and yet I feel this is long overdue …..don’t you?

Yet when I witness how people live their lives on a daily basis…..

nothing much has changed….

if anything really

Business as usual…..until the next time

If you choose you could take a reality check and ask yourself……

If the plug on power was pulled……

how would you survive ?

If the banks collapsed again… long would your cash last ~ not in a bank  ~the stuff under your mattress 🙂

My intention is to raise awareness ~ not doom and gloom ~ I did this myself and it took me on an interesting journey of how little I know about where my essentials come from and what I would do to survive independently if all my dependencies ceased to be.

Do you know where your water is sourced in your mains, where your electric cables come from and your gas for example ? What would you do for an alternative supply?

I was an avid reader of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and lots of other “disaster” writers who wrote about big times of transition……………………. where let’s say mankind got a big squeeze 🙂

I do wonder why I was motivated to read such things……knowing what I know now about patterns 🙂

How long would your food last and what is in your garden that you can eat ?

Radically different questions to what is on TV tonight 🙂

If we really want to get out of the rat race then we have to let go of our all of our cagey games and participating strategies and create something new by doing it, living it and letting go of conformity

In the bigger picture there is still a huge divide between how we portray our western society

and the truth of how our society really is and

no one

no party

no celebrity

no religion

has an answer it seems.

What will it take to bounce the masses out of their reverie ?

What it took me ?

~ a wake up call of

No more down this road sister.

This road is closed and it isn’t ever going to reopen so it is time……

to head West

and try a little transformation

through your beliefs about how you think you are

and what really matters

in this rosy life of yours

take a chance on getting clean of these ego structures that seem to offer pleasure and yet ….

suck you in just like heroin

getting free

of the crutches that support you

and the cross that you carry

that is all of your own design

I haven’t had any sort of credit since 2009 and at that time I had about 20 credit cards.

I didn’t think I could live without one ~ so ingrained and habituated it had been to borrow and pay later in my self- employed business and oh how I bent over backwards to do whatever it took to keep my credit rating as pure as the driven snow.

When that all crashed and burned with the financial crash ~ I had no way out ~ I was aflame with shame and wrote in depth to each of my creditors like a good girl. This fell on deaf ears. They loved me when I was playing their game and now I was of no longer use  ~I was cast aside and blamed.

At the time my ego screamed with indignation ~ my previous twenty years of good girl service with the bank counted for….


My crash didn’t stop where I was at ~ it went into negative equity ~ below ground

and soon I saw the salvation

I was no longer bound to my guilded cage of illusion.

As I was tarnished there was no golden carrot dangling and I was free…….

to be totally honest.

If you haven’t got to this place yet ……..maybe you will go there and maybe you won’t……it’s your choice 🙂 There are many roads and through the myriad of routes there is still a common path shared by all that seek to be truly open hearted and free  and this requires we let go of dishonesty.

this is today’s golden journey and the gates of paradise are open wide if only we choose to enter

I did an exercise today based on my old mortgages for properties I had bought and renovated then remortgaged and let or sold and checked them out on the internet……

surprise ~ the old companies are still there and offering very similar products to the ones that they were never going to do again because they “caused” the crash ~ these unsafe , risky, people, maxed out to the hilt.

It is all a deceit and no one is seemingly taking any notice so apparently all the reasons for not doing this crazy road have just……

evaporated into thin air.

So I guess we are going around again for another go……..

This year it is the opportunity of liberation 

grace through feeling and allowing supposed


the paradox.

When a corporation treats you disrespectfully , if you withhold further payment, they will hold you to ransom with your credit rating

When you don’t have a credit rating and you aren’t wanting to emesh yourself in the game plan it offers……

you are free of it

all rules are off

you remove the unfair game playing

and you are clear

just like the CI5 agent who can never leave, the spy who has a secret life and is turned into a double agent for blackmail 

anyone who is living with secrets and debt

is ripe for ruin

a concept for coercion 

If we look at the metaphor of all of this

our shadow is our keeper

inside and outside

How many of you reading this are yearning for a new life and yet do not

know where to start to create it?

How to get off this ever turning wheel that never seems to stop long enough so we can get off it onto a different rhythm ?

Maybe you seek a new page because you are in debt for everything and you cannot see a way out ?

You have to keep your job, your partner, your friends because…..

it’s safe

it’s what you know

it’s ……

killing your creativity and numbing your natural self ?

What would the neighbour’s think if you left your miserable marriage ?

What would your parent’s think if you told them the truth about how you have got yourself into debt ?

What would your friend’s think if they knew about your alcohol/cocaine/sex addiction?

Do you know how many people in your street are just about keeping their head above water

emotionally/financially/ physically ?


and every day it is getting harder for those who are ……

living a lie

and covering up the cracks with whatever they can 

to reinforce the dissolving edifice that is bleeding out like mud in a tropical storm.

Are you the one who brings this up at a dinner party?

The one who is the loose cannon that other people try and strap down so they can hold their anxieties at bay?

Are you the one that is labelled the mad one ?

The darkness ……….when in truth it is the light that is shining in your words.

Brit’s are renowned for putting on a brave face…..

the mask of the hypocritical race who fiddle while Rome burns because….

they don’t have the sense to speak it as it is

so that 

it can be faced


met with honesty.

When we face our demons and let it all hang out and totally own who we are we find ourselves in a whole different space free from anyone and anything because we are totally accepting of ourselves.

Yes we have made mistakes/acted immaturely/unfairly/been disrespectful and dishonest and…..

all the rest .

We are human and in our life sh*t happens. It is part of the human condition.

We can learn from it and learn not to do it anymore  and then……

Everything changes

But until we own it ……

Nothing does ~ a confession is simply a free ticket to ride the same trip

The next  260 day wavespell starts on All Hallows Eve 31 October

This will influence the whole 260 day cycle and so……

The Day of Death

The Day of the Ancestors

The Day where the veil is at it’s thinnest

The Day where we send out the Yang energy to the Universe of what our universal primordial pattern brings us to birth through us.

Red Magnetic Dragon.

All of our trust issues coming to be seen

All of our ancestral wounding issues around mothering/nurturing and beliefs of abundance.

All the strategies we have created to cope with the natural disasters since the beginning of time……

All the rituals to avoid fear

Here is a great link on this ~ Apotropaic

and an amazing film which goes into depth about the Mayan culture ~ Apocalypto

All the safety mechanisms to cope with the raw uncertainty of life and our ultimate exit ~ our human personalities’ death which is what we fear the most and that which we seek to control and in truth have zero control of……

when it is our time to leave this earth

we leave 🙂

Facebook is an amazing space to see our circle of variety

What do you see in your circle?

I see so many ego led things ~

reaching out for attention,

reaching out for validation,

reaching out for recognition,

so many childish things that are not coming from ~ innocence and creativity

they are rooted in pain and neediness

I feel so tired of it all

where is the freshness

the vitality

the purity of loving relationships

without all this mind control and clever remarks in likes and the passive aggressive comments with hidden agenda’s between the lines

the bitterness and bile

vile 🙂

Our world is full of children in adult’s bodies who are full to the brim

world is full of children in adult’s bodies who are full to the brim

with fairytales Grimm

and believe they have found the recipe for success in public

whilst behind the net curtains they weep the tears

of the lost and damned…….

It isn’t all bleak house of course ~ it is simply a recognition of what we feel now and seeing the holograph we are all part of.

Our society generally suppresses the “negative” and tries to paint the positive but the unhappy is the space that is seeking balance at this time of year.

So many people are unaware of how the energetic universe we live in really functions ~ evidentially ~ as if we did know we would be doing things differently 🙂

From the moment we are born into this world and we open our eyes, we start to create our reality with our divinity code.

We arrive with an energetic signature and through this filter we start to perceive.

When I meet you, I see you, with my life so far filters. I do not see the you that you perceive yourself to be 🙂

Everyone who sees me , sees me in a million different ways. I am their mother, daughter, first love, sister, the wound, the light …….whatever I am gifted to be in their life event tapestry.

The more I carry my Persephone wounding Path and the more my life filter will be darkened by the door of victimhood.

The more I clear my Persephone Path and the more transparent I become in yours.

Instead of suppressing our shadow ~ and living a lie ~ we can honour this brooding alter ego and make peace with our selves.

If we do not, we simply see it become a larger than life character on the world stage like The Incredible Hulk.

Lead us not into temptation ~ Heaven 17