The New Cycle begins

  Love to you all on Samhain ~ All Hallow’s Eve ~ Red Magnetic Dragon Day   Please click on the links , hover your mouse to find the cosmic cookie trail threads to other websites that reveal so much more. We start the 260 day cycle anew and the message today that I am […]

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Yellow Cosmic Sun ~ love

Yellow Cosmic Sun Please click on the links, hover with your mouse and explore other websites and expand on my information. Everything I offer is simply my take on what I learn on my travels. If you choose to receive my blog effortlessly, please subscribe and it will be so. It is the last day […]

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Our 13 Year Cycles

Our thirteen year Cycles Please click on the links by hovering your mouse over them and following the cookie trail to more information that expands on this theme. It is the fifth day of the Yellow Star Wavespell ~ Yellow Overtone Human On the fifth day we have a chance to be in a place […]

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Yellow Star Wavespell

  Yellow Star Wavespell   Please hover your mouse over the text and see the links to other websites to expand on this information 🙂 A powerful day today with the last wavespell of this current Tzolk’in 260 day cycle . It’s a full moon and a lunar eclipse and the ephemeris pictured shows you […]

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The Tzolk’in

    Day 8 of the Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Integrate White Galactic Wind Please click on the links to follow to other sites to expand on the information here.   Having taken time to be still ~ and still creating illness to be in that space 🙂 I have had many ahas. As a […]

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The New Cycle

It’s been a while since my last post ~ I have been through the energetic mill and flung out the other side and I feel very different . Please click on the links for further info on other websites. This blog is all about Flow ~ the Mayan Calendar and energy therapies. My sharing of […]

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