The Tzolk’in




Day 8 of the Blue Eagle Wavespell ~ Integrate

White Galactic Wind

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Having taken time to be still ~ and still creating illness to be in that space 🙂 I have had many ahas.

As a fire sign I often find this difficult ~ to be still. 

I love rapid transformation and my personality is impatient to get it on 🙂 This is one of my key mastery lessons.

More and more I am connecting to the magic that is here in Avalon ~ as I let go and transform my ego.


The Mayan Wavespell ~ the Tzolki’n


I am learning this experientially and am amazed by what it is teaching me every day. Here is my sharing for today. Purely my perspective ~ a way “-) 

I am looking to offer a workshop about this soon as I have learned enough to feel ready to share.  If you are interested and wish to take part, in person or online please get in touch. When I have enough people I will create one. This is my way of working. When I have lived it I and know it energetically I am ready to speak of it. This Wavespell is our soul evolution and is unlimited in it’s wisdom and so I am offering you a snapshot here.

To work with it and know it yourself ~ connect to it each day and let it speak to you through being with the energy signature of the day, see the synchronicities occur and in doing so see the matrix of the universe we live in.

I have made some for people  and here is a link to mine. You can use this online ~ it has links to wavespell information. You can print it out and laminate it and move your piece of  blue tac each day , which is how I started my relationship with it. There are products on the internet in many shapes and forms and lots of wonderful websites ~ if you choose follow your own cosmic cookie trail and source what feels good for you. You may feel you want to do what you have always done and get several books and learn it in chunks ~ that isn’t experiential learning or working with the wheel and the cycle. It is not the same thing at all and is mind led. To work the way I have suggested opens up your heart and your feminine side  and is the co creative way to work with your spirit and intuition which is what today’s energy is all about 🙂 Choice is as always yours lovelies 🙂 

If you struggle with working with intuition and trusting your gut, hearing your inner voice and are facing a lot of resistance showing up in your world at the moment then…..

heed this 🙂

Whatever we are feeling resistant to ~

is our next step on our evolution.

Yesterday I posted about the new cycle coming up for a brand new spin on All Hallows Eve  ~ Red Dragon ~ the initiator of this calendar’s 260 day cycle.

Forget what you need to add to yourself ~ it is what is within that allows you access to spirit ~ clearing the inner space. Go within and clear the noise, the chatter, the shadow. This is what is seeking your attention and devotion, your love and acceptance. When you place your attention here instead of outside ~ it all becomes clear 🙂

I use Tapping to do this ~ Emotional Freedom Technique. Tap it ~ unwrap it and move into a whole new space.

The Mayan Wavespell will help you with the process. 

We say that everyone has their own path and unique signature ~ there is also a pathway structure that shares common ground and everyone can use it.

The Mayan Wavespell is it. 🙂 

It seems very complex at first and most websites are huge with lots of information. My intention is to create a simple guide ~ I don’t like the term “Dummies Guide” because to me that terminology isn’t loving or respectful.

I prefer

The Cosmic Cookie Trail to Co Creativity

~ bit like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 🙂

The intention is to share this amazing gift of the Gods and Goddesses that we truly are , with love for all.

This Wavespell runs without pause over and over. It has 260 energetic signature days. Each day belongs to a 13 day bigger picture Spiral that has a specific intention ~ a message to share, a lesson and a learning space for each individual according to where they are on their path.

When an individual has connected consciously and experientially and most importantly emotionally and energetically with this energy every day 

with awareness for eight years

they are integrated with the universal wheel of life ~ how’s that for flow 🙂

That is the teaching 🙂

You may feel that is a huge undertaking and that you cannot spare the time or the energy and you haven’t got the know how ?

It is your choice.

This is the secret to transcendence ~ know Thyself. Transform yourself in co creative relationship with the universe.

Intend it and you will be shown how to do it ~ that is how the universe works ~ you are the universe 🙂

It offers you ( through you ) the Gateway to the Goddess ~ Heaven on Earth. 

If you are prepared to do the work on yourself and transform your shadow. That is what is required on your part. Whatever it takes, wherever you are required to go and shake off the shackles ~ you have to commit to the journey. You will not give yourself challenges that you are not ready to face although your ego will tell you it is so 🙂 

Your ego is your salvation ~ the loyal friend who will show you the shadow and the light.


This first step today is the transformation process woven in the matrix.



There are thirteen Steps that reoccur over and over every 20 days in different forms which create different awareness and energetic structures.

The First Step is Red Dragon ~ the initiatory energy ~ what is seeking to be formed from the void?

The Second Step is White Wind ~ what is our challenge ~ our next step in our evolution? Spirit coming in Space.

The Third Step is Blue Night ~ how do we combine steps one and two through looking with at our dreams and nightmares calling us into our past and future 

The Fourth step is Yellow Seed ~ how do we let go of the coping mechanisms we created in childhood ~ ego masks ~ to be free to be our true nature now

The Fifth Step is Red Serpent ~ the way we relate ~ sex/intimacy/kundalini rising ~ our body showing us our energy flow. Mastery through Struggle

The Sixth Step is White World Bridger ~ how do we open up to other worlds and surrender to what our path is bringing us and leave the past behind ?

The Seventh Step is Blue Hand ~ the top of the pyramid ~ the Mystic, the Gateway where we transform and realise the magic of ourselves

The Eighth Step is Yellow Star ~ integrating so we are clear of old wounding and shine our star essence free from ego , know and accept ourselves

The Ninth Step is Red Moon ~ opening to new cycles by ending old ones. Our shadow is transformed and we are truly our cosmic seed.

The Tenth Step is White Dog ~ we love and accept ourselves unconditionally and as a result have found our tribe of the heart. Our inner dog has been heard and transformed.

The Eleventh Step is Blue Monkey ~ we are truly the transparent divine child who has no inner brat and is in balance in masculine and feminine, living in the now having transformed the past experiences

The Twelfth Step is Yellow Human ~ We accept our humanity as a very valued part of this trip on earth and we learn how to give our human vehicle what it needs to thrive from a place of sacred loving selflessness through putting ourselves first , being grounded and honouring our space in all ways

The Thirteenth Step is Red Skywalker ~ we bring heaven to earth through ourselves knowing we are the creators of our own reality and how we perceive the world, how we feel about it, how we live in it ~ is all an inside job. Our beliefs , thoughts and how we relate have all been learned. The more we integrate any past events of being a victim and the more free we become. We can see that everything happens for a reason and we do not get caught up in the drama because there is no longer any energetic drama within us to match that. We are free to play our game of life and expand our conscious way of living in the manner of our choosing and…..

Be the gift we were born to be.

There are seven mastery energetic structures as to ways of being that

assist us in this process and are the next seven steps in the 20 step cycle:


The Initiate energy  Step One : White Wizard

Being empowered within. Letting the magic flow through us instead of believing we have to create it ~ ego based belief. Having integrity. Being the change we want to see ~ impeccability.

The Gateway Challenge energy Step Two : Blue Eagle

Being able to see the bigger picture by seeing our pattern and the universal pattern. Rising high to see where we are , where we have been and where we are headed. Knowing that everything has a reason and a season and the more we face our challenge and step into it, the sooner it passes.

The Co Creative Energy bringing one and two together ~ Step Three Yellow


To be a warrior of the heart we choose love . We choose to heal our wounds rather than fight with them and fight others. We know that each adversary or challenging event brings us an opportunity to face our inner demons if there is an emotional intensity. We can clear this and then face the challenge from this clear space and create a different outcome for everyone.

The Fourth Step ~ The Structure ~ Red Earth

When we are grounded and centred through knowing ourself and being strong in our core through our own personal clearing , healing journey

We are rooted, we bend with the breeze, we do not rise to the chaos. We know that all is well in our world. The more we go to this place and strengthen it and the more we let go of any drama affecting our equilibrium. We do not need alter ego’s showing up to balance us now as as they have come before, we have cleared their learning gifts. We know our path and greet it openly ~ knowing that each step brings us more magic.

The Fifth Step   ~ The Mastery through Struggle of the other four steps

White Mirror

When we are transparent we  have cleared our issues. We see others as reflections of ourselves in terms of our life experience so far. We don’t buy the “projection” angle often overused in ego frameworks~ because we own our behaviour and walk our talk ~ we realise that everything that we have ever encountered is within us and we choose how that emanates, vibrates and resonates. As we clear we become clear and step through each new frame.

The Sixth Step ~ being balanced in our giving and receiving ,

our masculine and feminine within ~ Blue Storm    


Our emotions guide us through our journey. This is our sat nav of the heart.

The more we have cleared our stuckness in past events where our true feelings have been denied and labelled “shadow”.

The more we have called our spirit back in ~ where we have fragmented and gone to another space because in the past, we couldn’t cope with our present reality at that time , maybe because we didn’t have the cognitive know how/the support/the safe space to survive or thrive if we felt all the feelings. Now we do and so we have.

The more we clear and accept about all of our emotional self and the more we simply allow all of our emotions now in a balanced, free flowing way. The intensity of volcanic proportions that builds to a black hole dimension , no longer happens as we have deconstructed it’s past reservoir piece by piece, layer by layer, tear by tear. Our emotional reactions are proportionate to the event happening now without all the past pattern matches flaming the pyre.

Through this integration process we know and trust our gut feelings ~ even when we are relating to a person who may choose dishonest relationship because they do not wish to take responsibility for their behaviour and feelings and disown their true state of being.

Through this mastery we know when we are flowing and being authentic. It is child’s play.

The Seventh Step ~ Mastery of our magical mystery self ~Yellow Sun

The language of light and recognition of I am what I am. Knowing, using and being the language of light of consciousness. We reach our higher ground from that inner space of transformation ~ lead into gold. We are the Christ Consciousness of love . We can see the game of life and understand that although there are frameworks and ways of being there is in truth no “right” of “wrong” simply different learning places in this duality framework world we are currently transiting. This is the framework that allows us to create a perceived”shadow” and transform it if we choose. Others will do this in different ways to allow us to play the transformation game. Our business is to heal our shadow. When we reach a space of light through this personal process we transit the duality framework for ourselves. This is known as transcendence, We can live in peace and expand our consciousness. As a holograph we project our reality ~ when our shadow is transformed and we love and accept ourselves we do not project our alter ego because it has been integrated. We have no need to attract our shadow archetypes or shadow events to heal . Our inner slides allow our higher self to totally co create and inhabit with our human self . 

The more people who do this and the more our world will achieve a different reality ~ this is what is known as the second coming. When more and more people understand this and do this process we will see big changes occurring  ~ until we do we won’t and people will still try and create change on the outside and through the mind. 

This is the ego doing the giving, controlling and the half of the wheel which is the masculine system ~ which is perfectly aligned for the times we have been in.

As more and more people come into this change of direction ~ at the perfect time for the Grand Design ~ everything changes. 

No need to worry 🙂 When it is time it is time.


So if you start to follow this pattern consciously ~ remember this is always happening anyway we simply connect with it in a different way. 

This is a simple first step and I didn’t know any of this when I started,

Funnily enough I moved into my present home on a lunar moon ( this is the feminine aspect of the Wavespell that I will speak about separately in another post) on Blue Resonant Hand Day in the Year of White Rhythmic Wizard ~ shaping my self empowerment through death and transformation and being in balance with giving and receiving.

Soon after I went to a talk at the Glastonbury Positive Living Event with Jon McCarthy on 02/02/2011 Red Magnetic Skywalker Day ~ the wave spell for bringing heaven to earth.  He  shared his 15 year journey with the calendar using a heart, experiential approach that really resonated with me where other approaches didn’t. I have tried to contact Jon without success , if anyone knows how to please get in touch. I bought my calendar from him and started to follow his instructions of connecting each day.

Love to you all on your journey.

Here is a link to a universal decoder so you can put in your birthdate and know your own sign ~ any date in your life or famous dates/famous people’s birthdays/your family constellation ~

Foundation of the law of time

Wishing you much love and joy on your exploration of this amazing gift from ……..

ourselves from a whole different dimension

 as and when you go deeper there is no doubt of the amazingness of our universal life experience and our star seeded existence.


I do not know the source of this amazing artwork as couldn’t find a clear reference but if you put Ixchel into Google images you can find her ~ she is the Mayan Moon Goddess Ixchel. I am planning a trip to Mexico in December for an amazing retreat ~ if you feel you would love to come please message me 🙂



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