Dragon to Sun ~ 20 Day process


The power of this 20 day process

is key to healing


Mother Wounding

so we can feel safe to be on the earth


move from survival

to thrive mode

This is the foundation for

how we change the world

by changing ourselves



co dependency patterns

This is the purpose of

the Wavespell process of 9 months

It is a guide to reveal

what the universal consciousness code is

so we can align and work with it

to embody it and come into our power


Neptune is the planet of Red Dragon 

Healing our ego’s coping mechanisms is key to shaping our destiny

When we heal wounding we start to release

any need for our ego’s coping mechanisms of escapism


living in a fantasy world

These may include ~

numbing out 

denial of reality

getting high


sugar highs mood alteration

to relax

or stimulate

hiding from people and the world for fear of being harmed

inability to relate


Acceptance that we do this

is key to begin with


this can be tough

Accepting where we are is the essential first step

When we let go of coping mechanisms

We are walking the talk

We are ready to go deeper on our spirit journey of wisdom

We then access deep esoterica

from source intuitively

in a timeline

that matches the universal healing process and evolution foretold in the prophecies

In order to do this we have to become consciously aware of our wound

and how to heal it

When we do this process we naturally see our life in a different light

We naturally behave in a different way

and have a different learning experience

as we are progressing through

our own personal mystery school


learning how to relate in a loving and respectful way 

This is the secret that most people do not understand

because they are not doing the process

This is the alchemy of the human being shadow personal process


allows the spirit to be embodied

by doing this process of heart healing 

Pluto is the planet of Yellow Sun

The shadow is the key to letting go of ancestral wounding stories playing out


Where the planets are in terms of planetary transits is key

to how they are influencing the whole planet


Where this is aspecting your planetary chart is key 

Neptune and Pluto placements in your chart is key for your awareness 

Know Thyself Co Creation Codes

Red Dragon ~ Mayan Sign 1

Yellow Sun ~ Mayan Sign 20 

Combined Codes 21 = 3 = Blue Night

Conscious Dreamer Code  ~ being

The Conscious Dreamer Creator

The Spirals of

Red Dragon ~ Imix 

Mayan Sign 1


Yellow Sun ~ Ahau

Mayan Sign 20

The Initiation ~ also a Portal Day of Human Evolution 

Spiral 1 ~Red Magnetic Dragon ~ 1


Yellow Resonant Sun ~7~ A clear Sign and a portal


New Learning ~ shadow revealed

Spiral 2~ Red Galactic Dragon ~ 8


Yellow Magnetic Sun ~ 1 ~ A clear sign 


Spiral 3 ~ Red Lunar Dragon ~ 2

Yellow Galactic Sun ~ 8 ~ Pakal Votan’s Mayan Sign ~ A clear sign 


Structure of Self Existing ~

free of Co dependency 

Spiral 4 ~ Red Solar Dragon ~ 9 ~ Gateway out of The Red Dragon Castle 

Yellow Lunar Sun ~2 ~ The shadow revealed 


The Mastery ~ Overtone

Spiral 5 ~ Red Electric Dragon ~ 3 ~ The Alchemy of the experience in the Red Dragon Castle 

Yellow Solar Sun ~ 9 ~ The Gateway to the light 


The Rhythmic balance ~ equilibrium 

Spiral 6 ~Red Planetary Dragon ~ The manifestation of The Red Dragon Castle

Yellow Electric Sun ~ 3 The alchemy of the light 

The Resonant mystic process

The Spinal Column

We reach the centre of The Tzol Kin 

Spiral 7 ~ Red Self Existing Dragon ~ 4 ~ Reveals how much we are embodying our spirit free of wounding 

Yellow Planetary Sun ~ 10 ~ The manifestation of light within us 

The Integration ~

Coming out the other side

Spiral 8 ~ Red Spectral Dragon ~ 11 ~ Letting go of what is no longer required

Yellow Self Existing Sun ~ 4 ~  Planetary Burner Day 

The Gateway

Going through the doorway

to a different level of being 

Spiral 9 ~ Red Overtone Dragon ~ 5 ~ mastery of Red Dragon Castle ~

we see it manifest in the holograph of our existence 

Yellow Spectral Sun ~ 9 ~ releasing the shadow experiences to embody the light 

The Manifestation 

Spiral 10 ~ Red Crystal Dragon ~ 12 ~ The Crystal Clear structure within

that is free of co dependency 

Yellow Overtone Sun ~ 5 ~ mastery of transforming the shadow and being disciplined around light ways of being


The Release 

Spiral 11 ~ Red Rhythmic Dragon ~ 6 ~ equilibrium with the Universal Code of Consciousness

Yellow Crystal Sun ~ 12 ~ The Crystal Clear structure within 


The Crystal Structure 

Spiral 12 ~ Red Cosmic Dragon ~ 13 ~ The shift of what we initiated at the beginning of the spiral 

Yellow Rhythmic Sun ~ 6 ~ equilibrium with the shadow and the light 


The Shift ~ align with the Cosmos 


Spiral 13 ~ Red Resonant Dragon ~ 07 ~ aligning with the spirit of the Great Mother and embodying her deep wisdom 

Yellow Cosmic Sun ~ 13 ~ Cosmic Sun radiating through the human being


Blogs and videos for the Spirals :




Mastery Code 5 ~ Red Electric Dragon to Yellow Solar Sun  ~

January 14 to February 02 2019

Coming into balance Code 6

Red Planetary Dragon to Yellow Electric Sun ~ February 03 to February 22 2019

The manifestation of where we are on this cycle as a human being

Resonating with the New Mother Code 7

Red Self Existing Dragon ~February 23 2019


Yellow Planetary Sun to March 14 2019

Integrate whatever is not in synch Code 8

Red Spectral Dragon 15 March


Yellow Self Existing Sun ~ Burner Day 03 April

Gateway to the Goddess Go to another level Code 9

Red Overtone Dragon 4 April 2019


Yellow Spectral Sun 24 April 2019

Will update this section as soon as I can 

2019 to 2020



Red Overtone Dragon 20 December 2019


Yellow Spectral Sun 08 January 2020 

Gateway to the Goddess ~ go to another level




Red Dragon began on 30 March 2020

08 May 2020

Yellow Magnetic Sun Wavespell