Red Electric Dragon to Yellow Solar Sun 20 Step Code 5 ~ Mastery process


Red Electric Dragon ~ Alchemy ~ mastery ~ stepping through the Gateway of Light


Today the Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon

has just gone into waxing in Taurus as I write this 

This is a mastery process

We are in the fifth 20 day process of Red Dragon to Yellow Sun




This is the mastery process 

This is the Overtone 

As we are in North Node in Cancer now this is the key to be focusing


until May 2020

Here is an article by Astrobutterfly

Making our way towards the full moon in Leo 


a Lunar Eclipse 

Heart opening potentiality

This is a profound energy building time of year to have this process

What we do in this time

will be very powerful for our personal alchemy 

I will start to map these codes now of 20 steps 

This is the Alchemy Code of 

Blue Storm Wavespell

this is my Wavespell ~ day 9 is my sign


It is time to learn how to parent ourselves 

time to heal all our mothering issues

instead of trying to manipulate and control women

because we are afraid 

because of all our primordial fears and trust issues

that create delusions and illusions

based on past patterns

Healing the wound ends the projection and

allows deep love and intimacy

By the time we get to that golden gateway in

Yellow Human Wavespell

Who will we be ?

Lovers or fighters ?

Let’s be the love we want to see

by loving ourselves


making healthy choices


Pic by Klimt 




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