White Solar Wizard ~Goddess Gateway


All of the artwork on this page is by Maya Telford 

I absolutely love her work ~ webpage here

White Solar Wizard

This is the Wavespell of the process

that allows

Goddess Code to be embodied 

At the time of writing on Monday January 08

during this spiral the

Astrology is off the chart

for activating the patriarchal wounding



It is an intense time especially for women

who have experienced abusive behaviour from their family

as part of ancient patterns in the ancestral lineage

There has been unspeakable cruelty

to those who match the wild woman pattern

who does not conform …

We are giving voice to it now

The silence is over 

We are feeling the heart break now

of being projected upon

by those in our circle

who will not own their fear

who seek to vilify and blame

rather than speak truthfully

about what is going on for them


are in denial

This is a necessary experiential step

for our understanding

of what came into being


for what reason 

all the old worlds and old ways

all the behaviour from those who repeated abuse

without questioning it

without consciousness

until there was enough of that experience

For some of us

we are at that place of

enough of that experience now


we are ready to let go of being told

that there is something wrong with us

because we refuse to conform to a sick way of living in society



In the past 9 days

we have been through a process

A New Moon in Capricorn at 15 degrees:

A woman wearing a necklace of skulls. 
Feminine power of the deepest kind. Ancient, impressive, and formidable. Standing for the Dark Goddess. Authoritative, proud, and knowledgeable. Can be attracted to pouring on the power and becoming personally identified with dominant behaviors. Lack of compassion, very little forgiveness. Not generous-spirited. Imperious, demanding, and not to be denied. If sparked by wakeful seeing–redemptive and cauterizingly renewing. But if captured by old pictures–autocratic, ideological, and retaliatory. The perfect soul-gift for those with pure intention. Otherwise, a scourge.



The degree in Cancer is :

A boarded-up doorway that leads to another realm. 
The soul, as divided as it can be between two diametrically opposed realities. Radical karmic crossroads. What is preferred, what you have a taste for and an affinity with is any known familiar world within which you belong and are not questioned. What you feel afraid of, forbidden from entering, are the vast, unknown worlds which partake of infinity. If given your way, the densely familiar worlds will surround and protect you for extended cycles. Spirit here must wait until all personal dramas are exhausted. Yet spirit here is not patient, and subtly curses your mundane endeavors for being so trivial. The resolution of this extreme polarization will require drastic self-loss and many subtle permutations to pass through in order to become whole again, when your karma has split you down the middle and left you there to work it out for yourself.


A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn ~ the first of 3 eclipses in Capricorn this year

bringing discipline and inner work to the table ~ the next mastery course will be in Capricorn after this transit in Sagittarius and so optimum that we work with this healing truth gateway to the max ~ the 9th Sign brings deep star forging 

Today this was the Astrology:

Trancendental Karmic Astrology 

Mercury – Mars cardinal square, Astraea – North Node water trine

Only two days ago, Mercury entered Capricorn (serious, structured thoughts) and today it is clashing with Mars in its own sign (militant self-assertion), creating the “perfect” energy pattern for wounding through words. You may experience in a very direct way how much power uttered words carry, especially if the 4th degree is prominent in your chart. In the meanwhile, Astraea in Pisces (emotional karma-breaking) is again (or still) teaming up with the North Node in Cancer, and I am emphasizing it because it is an important karmic astrological placement. The point of the chosen destiny in this sign is helping commitments around family issues, as well as regarding your homeland or nation. The asteroid of karma-breaking is bringing new viewpoints to the surface, water is the element of emotions, and trines fill the space time moment with blessings and harmony. The aspect is forming at 26-27th degrees of the signs, and will remain within orb for at least two-three days.



The next step tomorrow is

Blue Planetary Eagle 

Seeing the manifestation of where we are as a planetary server 

As we become clearer we change the world

Job done 

Is it easy to do ?

No not at first ~ you have to retrain your ego to want to feel unpleasant feelings ~

it is worth it ~ we become free of the old out of balance patriarchal way of being We are worth it ~

time to get with the Cosmic programme


be love again

being free of this madness

liberation from living from shadow teachings

Lots of love beautiful creators of the new world 

What you have experienced today

will be key

for the new cycle starting in July 

When I was working with an old friend today

It was the moon degree of my Lilith in Aquarius at 4 degrees :

Many fireflies at dusk. 
You become aware all at once of staggering things, of astounding things, of world-shattering things. States of revelation. You are being called inwardly to shake off the slumber of the common day and to heed the stirrings of the future. Capable of bounding leaps, your are infused with a spirit of new beginnings. Especially strongly drawn toward altered states and threshold awareness. You’ve been brought to places where all of the shared assumptions and ideologies become pale and lifeless, and something other sparks recognition and pursuit. Collectively inspired to find alternatives, to seek a vision, to gather with those who are similarly touched, you are in on the ground floor of new movements and innovative discoveries. And full of wonder and awe at the process, and at a whole way of things in worlds such as this one.

This is the current transit of Lilith until May ~ here is an article by Ruby Slipper


Lilith transit around 8 months ~ like the Venus pattern of the Wavespell 


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