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to assist you on your Adventure

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Past Wavespells:

Red Dragon Wavespell

initiates in Aries Fire

04 April 2015 in the UK 


It is a powerful 260 day cycle bringing balance 

Here is an ebook I created today click to download 

Lots of Resources in there to use if you choose 


My Mayan Wavespell Calendar:

The image above is simply used here to show the format of the calendar

~ it isn’t mine.

If you google Tzolk’in there are lots of great online resources you can access.

This is a large format calendar that you can use simply online for Wavespells ~ there is a link for each one.

You can print it out and laminate it ~ put your piece of blue tac on it


as you move your piece of blue tac each day ~ commune with the calendar.

The calendar is a heart process.

It allows you to learn at your own pace.

It allows you to connect to the labyrinth of all that is


start to remember it


deconstruct the conditioned process of ego society.

As you feel drawn to, you can google names such as the day ~

Yellow Overtone Star for example,

access sites that are perfect for your game level and pattern

at the perfect time of the planet cycle and your cycle.

They will reveal what you need to know at that time for your next learning step.

Gettting in synch with the cosmic groove 🙂

What is the most important aspect of using the calendar in this way ~ we are being the process and not simply accessing it with our head and intellect ~ this is key ~ Being the process is the New Age and Heart Wisdom we are entering into 

Here is the link

If you want to buy a laminated copy from me I charge £5 for the materials only 

If you need me to post it I will have to check on additional charges 😉 





Wavespell Documents:

Here is a document you can use if you wish to start connecting to

The Wavespells


working with their individual day codes

to raise awareness


to create transformation

on whatever level you choose:

Simply click on the link and download:

Wavespell Transformational Process

Universal Lifecoach Documents :

Documents I have created to assist in working with the Wavespells

and using them as a

Life Coaching tool

along with

Emotional Freedom Technique

for personal alchemy daily process.

More coming soon as I create them.

Please feed back if any links are broken as things are constantly changing.

Any Feedback is welcomed 🙂 Co creation is the key

Simply click on the documents to download an ebook

Universal Life Coach One ~

The starting point Magnetic ~ where are you now and where do you want to be ?

What is the expansion you want to connect to your heart’s desire ?

What is your energetic code?

Universal Life Coach 2 ~

The next step ~ the lead into gold . What appears to be blocking us is actually our next step of enlightening by healing our shadow, expanding our feminine and learning new ways of relating and creating. All our challenges are moving us towards more harmony if we are ready to face our inner demons.

What is seeking to be integrated and evolved ?

Daily Self enquiry Tools:

Daily Love Synchronisor ~

a handy format to create a structure to be present with ourselves and the universe 

Daily Button Pushing Questionnaire ~

What is pushing your button ?  This is a direct connection to shadow and the pain body


Castles and Code

How to find out more about your personal codes ~ your Castles are your foundation structures of evolution

On a bigger cycle they last for 13 years and within that framework they have mini wheel codes that come around each birthday 

Each code is a process

These codes reveal the karma wheel process of our planetary evolution and our personal evolution 

Once you start to work with these matrix creation codes you will be able to see how everything has a reason and a season 

Once you start to collate your personal data into this you will be able to understand your own process and pattern and know what is coming and why 

Also you can work consciously on your own path and transform all your experiences ~ knowing you have the power as a conscious creator

These documents explain ~ they are pdf’s you can download from my droplr site ~ simply click on the link

Master Codes

13 Year Cycle ~ Planet Earth 

13 Year Cycle ~ The Individual


Tree of Life


These documents are designed to assist you on your cookie trail 

They have information and formats that allow patterns to be revealed as to family codes and belief systems

Key life events 

Cycles of life ~ your life in particular which is the focus for you knowing yourself

Please click on the links to download from my droplr site

Tree of Life pdf ~ an information ebook

My Tree of Life ~ pdf  a personal information ebook to reveal personal code 

My Tree of Life ~ pages ~ same as above in a format you can modify ~ Mac version 


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