Yellow Human Wavespell ~ truth of the chalice


Yellow Human Wavespell 

 Please click on the links to take you to other websites

to expand on the information

This blog is me sharing ” a” way rather than “the” way “

My journey so far and my learning and the links are not linked to me or that place

and are wholly independent 


I have been brought into balance with a

heavy cold in the first half of this Wavespell

when the sun was in Libra


It has allowed me to recognise that I still haven’t fully integrated

the learning of this Autumnal Gateway

or how working with the shadow and allowing more sensitivity

requires different ways of being in the world 

and this way of being is getting stronger

with the return to balance of the sacred feminine

We are now learning

what ails us from not being cared for

and nurtured in the way we needed as children ~

so we can create new models

from this awareness

for our future generations by living it now 


Being the change we want to see is key


Resting allowed me to be still



partake of my home made elderberry cordial

The Elder is a protector and although some of it is very healing 

other parts are toxic ~ take care when working with this magical plant 

Do not use the leaves or wood to ingest in any way ~ do not burn the wood for example 

Many Elder’s planted  together can be intoxicating when inhaled

so wisdom required as always when working with nature 

and being very aware of what your intention is

Do whatever it takes to fully inform yourself of this information

before you begin


The Art of Alchemy is a powerful process

Here is a great blog on the Elder

This is key for me this year as I am in my

Yellow Rhythmic Human


which is all about bringing myself into balance 

If you look on the link above you will see how this great website reveals the way to do this 

very specifically 

by revealing the codes of  the

actual alchemical process:



Red Moon ~ also the year we are in on planet Earth ~ being the authentic beacon of light

White Wind ~ the breath of spirit blowing through us free of ego distortion and dishonest ~ learning to speak our truth no matter what ~ very challenging at times and often does not create polarity 🙂

If we do not we pay a big price for that 

Blue Hand ~ The Gateway of transformation ~ learning our conditioned codes, transforming them and learning and integrating new ways of being

Yellow Human itself ~ working with our humanity and human being avatar in an aware and respectful way ~ it is our vehicle for our spirit and the more we clear our conditioning , the more our chalice can be filled with our spiritual guide . This requires a lot of new learning for the majority of humanity.

Here is a link to a great pdf that gives lots of info about the Mayan Codes:




that my Leo ego self does not welcome the Autumn Gateway 😉

and still has resistance 

for me to bid farewell to Summer

and all that means

which is also a reflection of my bigger picture

and my cycles of leaving my youth

and ageing 

I love the changing colours

the shift to more time inside in some ways

but notice the impact has on my body 

and my mood 

of more dark hours 

and my body needing layers of covering 

and how that feels

Autumn has a huge impact on

the human being circuitry

The environment outside changes

The environment in our home changes

and other places we inhabit , when we live in a place that has significant seasonal changes


Remembering that what the majority of the world

believe is illness

and  as such a malady

is actually the healing process

bringing us into balance

Which is why there never will be a “cure” for the common cold

The more we start to understand this process of what creates being un well

and stop doing it

instead of trying to stop our body going into a healing process

because of what our will has decided to do and act on that is out of balance 

and in denial of our human being capabilities 

the more it does not have to happen and we let go of our living in denial way of life 

If the ego is allowed to decide to arrogantly believe that it knows better than consciousness

then we see the growing number of deaths and lawsuits for pharmaceuticals 

This one for example 

Fen Phen 

The Root causes are not being addressed and yet a miracle cure 

quick fix 

is sought so the ego over drive can carry on regardless 

Time for people to open their eyes

and realise that they are creating their lack of health in some way 

letting go of blame 

simply looking for a long term 

well rounded solution is the key 

Making changes on all levels to match living the well being code  

is what will bring about a new way of living for all when all are ready to do what that takes

and it starts with one person leading the way 

Peace begins with me

This is the polar opposite model of :


Our way of living template

created by “authority”

led by our collective shallow ego

from the conditioned out of balance

head led mind set






that believes it can control all universal realities

and overcome them

strap them down

measure them

and avoid any chaos

as it doesn’t understand the true meaning of life and the process and most of this code comes from early childhood and parental issues ~

in particular issues with Mother’s and how very different their experience was with their Mother from the Disney version of what a mother “should” be

which is a complete nonsense

and totally unachievable in today’s paradigm of home and family versus the reality which cannot actually be known by society as a whole anyway 

Think about it ….

What do you know about the reality of life for people who live in your neighbourhood and the gap between what media tells us is true and how would they know that anyway ?

The ego intellect stand alone model

has no access to wisdom

because it is running on will power alone

and cut off from higher self guidance ….

 there is no room for it 


Full to the brim with fear based beliefs

and running away from death

yet ironically creating a death culture

and trying desperately from this place of denial to create a positive spin 

a reframe position

of profiting from misery 

with big business in the pharma world

and the war machine 

and keeping the masses in survival mode by selling goods that have a limited life built in on purpose to keep the consumer consuming 


The “civilised” world is a very sick place to live in

Pathological in fact 

In big denial of truth and honesty 

Co ~ Dependency rules the waves

as different facets of the whole have no empathy or understanding of “the other”

and no inclination to learn or recognise that we are all connected

~ that is the holistic model after all

and so separation is impossible ~

what each cell does affects the whole planetary body

We are responsible for our collective creations

as we all impact on each other …

which is a pickle isn’t it ?

How to create a worldwide solution with people who are resistant to co operation and community

because of their early family life codes 

and would rather make a perfect vacuum cleaner to live in a showroom house 

than deal with how they felt as a child in their family house and how their boundaries

were not tolerated and as a result they became intolerant and….

Really angry 

No amount of vacuum cleaner sales

is going to clean up that feeling 


Living in balance is virtually impossible

in the way we live in the modern world

because of this resistance to what is 



Virtually all of it’s structure is founded on self~sacrifice and imbalance

This is why we push our body beyond it’s limits

Damage ourselves

Do not heed the early warning signs

We are brainwashed to “go the extra mile”

especially in business and sport

The two great distraction arenas

that allow avoidance of seeing life

in it’s true colours

and create all sorts of ego distorted behaviour and abuse

Here is a film about that arena in one aspect and it is a very challenging subject 

When we have too much yang energy coming in

which is the patriarchal pattern just now ~ at the extreme 




Often aggressive

On the fear spectrum

On the ego spectrum

Un ~ natural


Our human being sentinel system

has to stop it and create a sanctuary

Reverse the process and bring balance

Create Yin within




Regenerate space


Shut down oncoming by blocking the receptive openings

Moisture for the airwaves

lines the incoming channels to calm the inflamed orifices

and all the emotional energy is felt in the body

Aches and Pains

Re~ hydration is required

Lots of fluids

Lots of sleep and low energy output

to allow the body to fully heal and restore

Remove the residue of the stressors

This is happening to most people all day every day

being in out of balance scenarios

because that is what is currently the accepted modus operandi

Most people are therefore experiencing repeated ill health

that leads to chronic ill health over time

because all the stressors are there every day

and that is the root of the matter

The way of dealing with that just now is by

covering it up

not addressing the real cause

suppressing it with drugs

and our society is going into a giant melt down and ultimately for the whole of humanity 

So what do you choose ?

Are you ready to face the facts 

You know what is getting you down 

You have all the answers 

You have the ability to turn the tides 

For yourself 

For your health 

For your wealth 

and ultimately for the whole of humanity

All the tools are here now 

All we have to do is be prepared to make the shift and become proactive in our way of living 

To be proactive

is to take responsibility

for our way of living 

all of it

and start to get off the hamster wheel 






and this does take time to reverse a familiar process

and it is wise to take small steps that are sustainable

and be gentle with ourselves and start to learn the codes of consciousness which allow us to 

Know Ourself 


Knowing ourself can start with knowing our energetic Signature

 which is our Astrology and Mayan Sign

as this reveals our life purpose and gives understanding of who we are

and why we came here

and how the current planetary movements are affecting our cosmic code

Starry Skies to the rescue

bringing us tough love truth 




This week has been a major script

in the Heavens Production Team


Saturday the 25th ~ Yellow Solar Sun day 

Mercury goes direct again so a very different vibe around communication

We are now in Scorpio Sun Code

which really ties in to what I have been saying about transformation of the ego if you look at the myth of it 


Below are some links of great blogs with information:

Darkstar Astrology

Darkstar Solar Eclipse

Blue Moon Astrology

and what I am sharing personally here

is from my weekly

Astrology group in Glastonbury

and the sharings of my host Carolina Lamus

Why not join us on Thursday evenings it is a lovely group ?

It has been a revelation for me this week

as it has brought a deep understanding of a long term cycle 

October 23rd ~ Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 0 degrees approx 1030 pm in the UK

This was the last one for 19 years and the last one being 19 years ago on

October 24 1995 as they come in pairs

1995 was when my Son was born and a huge shift in how I saw the world , myself and everything as I became a Mother

His North Node is in Scorpio as is my Father’s

In the Mayan calendar this was Yellow Lunar Seed ~ a portal day which allows access to all time.

This is day 2 of the Blue Night Wavespell .

Blue Night is the code of being the conscious dreamer.

If you are a Blue Night this is the 13 day code of you .

This is the energetic signature

of being a free flowing human intuitive being

free from ego distortion and in balance with the

sacred feminine


Pic by Susan Seddon Boulet

To fully allow oneself to do this requires integrating the shadow to open up the portals.

The third eye is connected to The Sacral


 and  so it is essential that our relationship structures are in harmony

to let this free flowing channel come in our form free of our mind conditioned filters

this could be also seen as the Taurus ~ Scorpio axis

in either chakra and indeed in both as the wheel spins

As we let go of past nightmares we are free to be our true selves.

As part of this process we have to let go of our childhood coping mechanisms ~ our masks ~ so we can be true to our nature and reveal our seeded gift


Once the individual understands the nature of this process it becomes very self~evident

as to why one has to transform one’s early conditioned life in order to walk the soul path of the initiate 

So many people are suffering now

as they have followed an ego structure

that has done nothing to empower them 

or give any lasting support system 

because it cannot by it’s definition

It is a 

House of Cards


it is built on the foundational structures of sorrow and low self esteem 

seeking external gratification

which is not sustainable 

Just found a 3rd series of House of Cards is being filmed

which is such an eye opener to the world of politics and the egos of all those who live in this world of rule

Once you start to opt out of the money

and material way this is revealed 

and it is painful

because it brings all these old beliefs to the surface

so we can really see the truth

Some people choose not to and suffer even more because

they are still trying to play the game of life by the old rules 

and the old rules no longer apply 

New Game in play 

Becoming an adept at being an empowered learner is the key

and to do this starts at home 

by knowing oneself and one’s energetic belief system


It is actually a fantastic doorway

into the real world of our soul journey 

and is amazing 

but few choose it 

This eclipse also happened on October 23 1976

This was day 8 Yellow Galactic Sta

The day of integration in the initiating Wavespell of Red Dragon 

This is the start of the 260 day Wavespell

It was a red hot summer in the UK that year

so interesting to look back and check out what was significant for you and the world stage matrix 

World history October 1976

Thailand History 76

In particular it was a big shift for  my relationship with my partner and for him becoming a Father again.

Big issues have been resurfacing around our relationship and co operating with each other

and as I have mentioned before this is inherent in our Moons

My moon in Taurus and his Moon in Scorpio

These twin energies that are polar opposites

So we often lock horns 😉

More about the twin axis of  Signs here

Our patterns are polar opposites too ~ which is why we are so perfect for our learning journey

and why our relationship is incredibly tough and intense at times

this totally links in with the workshops I am doing at the moment

and as part of that

 focused energy coaching

 about our personal

Persephone Path


more about the axis here

My partner also has Venus in Scorpio ~ deep intense feelings

Being a

White Cosmic Dog


this is key to his soul journey

In his birth family of 11 siblings

it was a very tough creation space on all levels

One did not become a gentle


touchy feel person

in that environment

All space was over crowded

Limited resources

Strict and cruel authoritarian rules

Lots of anger and control issues

Like a war zone

This creates crisis coping mechanisms and code



and post traumatic stress syndrome



If you cannot feel safe in your family home

Where can you ?

The truth is we are all on this spectrum in some way

in different ways


We are all dealing with these issues now




In the Scorpio Gateway

Scorpio Solar Eclipse

The integration zone

No light only shadow in that time

Full strength integration energy

We are now in the 8th Gateway


The eighth sign of integration of the shadow

and it is so intense

nothing is surface in Scorpio

Living in Glastonbury is extreme



It is akin to a sandblast of the sahara

a constant solar storm

hitting you day in day out




at the meeting point of 52 energy lines

that connect the whole globe

It takes strength to see and feel your shadow every day

and hone your soul in the transformation of it

and most people do not do that

they hide under a mask instead

that is fully understandable of course


because the masks we all wear were crafted to let us live

survive in a heart hostile environment of our childhood

where most adults were doing the best they could

with their dna

their learned behaviour

with belief systems that had come handed down

generation after generation

and when we look at world history over the last 100 years

that has not been easy for the vast majority of human beings

If we look at the myths and horror stories of these times

we see weird and wonderful creatures

all of which get an outing shortly




And yet…

What is the “truth” of these creatures ?

My belief ~

they are simply shadow human archetypes

The parts of human beings that we are afraid to admit are in existence

and that potentially are each one of us

The terrible acts of inhumanity

that are all happening now

have always happened and the systems that allow this to happen….

remembering that we have to engage

with a system to give it power

The Vampyre ~


energy suckers  and systems

who are pretending to be something they are not

and glammer people

manipulate people with a trick or treat ~ risk or reward

Have us believe they are strong and we are weak yet who is feeding off who ?

Who is dependent ?

The Witch





Portrayed as ugly and demonic

Powerful and evil

yet feared

for their connection to source

and ability to evade manipulation

free of fear to a degree

beyond the majority

so untouchable through the usual channels

by those seeking to enslave 

truth tellers of the unpalatable 



The Ghosts




All our ancestry seeking redemption

Traces of the past still lingering

Still seeking salvation

Stuck somewhere

Unresolved emotional events

Trauma that is tenable

 there is no time …

and so the veil getting thinner

reveals past people’s patterns

seeking healing

looking for love and 

the light

Are you still doing the dance of Christmas Past ?

It is so difficult when children are involved to step off this obscene consumer spin story ~

who has the courage to …

and risk the child’s rejection and shadow ?

And face their shadow ~ in particular people pleasing and conformity … 

and yet like every other manipulation horror story of conditional love 

if we do not release ourselves from this material meme 

we cannot get off the karma wheel and be free of it

We are currently bound to this ritual in so many ways

and just like The Emperors’s New Clothes

what will it take before we 

Cut the ties that bind us ?


The Zombie 

The living dead

Walking wounded



Falling apart 


Repressed all deeper sensitive emotions 




Oblivious to anyone else on any deep level

Spirit has left the body 



Warm bodies

is a great film illustrating this metaphor



Great films and drama  I watched recently  that synchronise with this:

The Code

The Bridge 

Totally synchs with the Taurus ~ Scorpio axis code of course 🙂

Thank you to inspirational family and friends for recommending things to watch and read 

A very timely arrival from my friend Rebekah via her Yellow Human Friend Joe 

was a book


The Unfoldment by Neil Kramer

which I have listed on my Learning Library page on this blog

Gob smacking synchros and so many shared viewpoints and experiences

which is no surprise

as we entered planet earth

in a very close locality of the North West of England

Neil writes in a style that is easy to read, clear with no frills and cuts to the chase 

Love this book 

I have also added a pdf for Anastasia ~ the first of the Ringing Cedars series

Tip of the week

Big Hollywood film watch that I loved and is the key metaphor to this blog and my constant message 

Edge of tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt 

Whilst there are lots of subliminal messages in there and repeating patterns of war 

not to mention a huge amount of violence 

there is a very powerful wisdom code

embedded too 

which fits in with the Pallas Athena Asteroid of the Scorpio Eclipse and The Sun, Moon , Venus and Pallas Athena all being at maximum 0 degrees supercharged energy spectrum in close proximity which is a rare event 

Ego stimulant based films are amped up to reach the stirrings of the de sensitised 

and are therefore often very base and literal 

The theme is of death and immediate rebirth through literal death of the character

and the deeper meaning can be seen as

 reincarnation and the purpose of it 

which is learning how the universe works

what beliefs create what outcomes and what we have to do to match the outcome we want to create 

I believe that this is the opportunity

open to us now

for the first time in many a thousand year


so despite the woe in this thread there is a way out 🙂

and an adventure to be had in the process


During my still zone I have created lots of documents to assist people in this process 

I am co creating the most amazing process now with my clients in the

Persephone Path Workshop 

This process isn’t a quick fix

It isn’t the smaller picture 

It is the Divinity Code revealed 

and it comes through as part of using EFT with our shadow 

We have all the seeds of this transformation within us 

We do not have to die to be reborn

we work with what our mind perceives as the dark points of our life 

This is where the illumination begins 

On my Resources page

you can find new documents so you can start to trace your own codes

if you are ready 

You can see your soul journey 

You can see the web of wonder that you are part of 

Perfect timing for that as we are in Moon 4 

Self~Existing Moon 

which is all about our foundational structures that under pin everything 


time to start to turn everything around 

be powerful by taking power back

from when it was

lost or taken 





I will be creating additional support workshops

over the dark half of the year


self esteem


and  codes for

empowering conscious relationships 

please contact me if your interested and able to look at your shadow 


The Persephone Path Workshops  

have a few places left

as these are deep. intense and a lot of info is involved so please book in plenty of time so I can do your charts

The next one is in 2 weeks time on November 08 and is on day 10 of one of the most

intense periods of the whole wavespell cycle

The focus is our challenge and what we are seeking to be free of

to move into more flow and this is key to our relationships which are highlighted

in the 10 portal day code of :

Red Serpent Wavespell

Lots of exciting starry skies events coming too so will be talking about those 

please consider supporting this blog financially 

@£2 a month it will assist with my hosting and website costs and is very much appreciated

Thank you to the people who

have been generous and sent donations

Human Beings are the key to love and learning 


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