Yellow Lunar Sun ~ the challenge


Yellow Lunar Sun

The area of new learning in

Blue Storm Wavespell


This is the ultimate goal of the whole 260 day cycle 

to enlighten ourself

It ends with the 

Yellow Cosmic Sun 

Day 2 of every wavespell is the day of the new coming in

If you are a 2 this is what you are here for 

This can be a challenging role to play 

The Mayan Wavespell information

can assist with understanding how this new way of being is coming in because it reveals a structure 

and our mind loves a good structure 

to help it understand 

because that is how the mind works on one level

Through logic and thinking 

So if we choose to empower ourself this is a very important part of ourselves that requires consideration

and acceptance 

and being understood in the way we uniquely understand  

and interface with our universe


This in itself is a skill to learn

How to understand ourselves

as we didn’t arrive with a manual 

Which sometimes would seem handy 

So if we want to understand how we work generally as human beings ….

We have shared commonality

and  how we do that uniquely 

In our own way so for example we may enjoy receiving information through listening 

we may be touchy feel y people 

we may like watching things

and sometimes all of the above 

This is key to being self ~ aware 




When we understand how we do that

We understand that other people may do that differently 

and so to communicate with other people 

in an optimum way 

requires flexibility 

respectful gentle ways 

If we haven’t ever been on the receiving end of those ways

Then we will have to learn them 

This is the language of light 

it is what allows life to live vibrantly 

evil is simply live reversed

it is death code

and cannot by it’s very nature create joy and love per se 

but it’s presence in this world is essential to experiencing what that means 

so we can create the opposite if we are ready to



To be light Code in day to day human being ness takes work

It requires a decision to look at oneself  and actually do something with the self

and see what we need to learn to align with ways that are in balance and transform all that is in us that is not that

because in this day and age we were not born into this way of being 

This process focuses on understanding

our shadow behaviour and beliefs 

First of all about our self 

then about ” the other”

This is an active daily process that involves realising

that the world we live in may not actually be what we think

This can feel un grounding to the mind to begin with

so it is essential to 

take small steps with new learning 

to feel able to rewire ones inner circuitry

and trust that we can do this 😉 



Process of Stress

The human being has a shared common stress process

and when we receive

incoming information from the world that feels unsafe

we have a biological response ~

we are triggered into a flight/flight/freeze state

Some of this is generally shared and a very basic response

to spiders for example that could be poisonous

and has evolved from the beginning of the human being

and over time generations of human being experience

has been shared around their individual deaths

such as eating poisonous mushrooms so that the whole could benefit and

not need to stay limited in evolutionary individual experience but benefit from the whole

and so it is a pattern matcher a simple pattern recognition code

that does not think because to think would be dangerous it requires us to act to be safe

and will create a biological response that gives us the energy to fight or flee

or to have no energy and be frozen


Some of this flight/fight/freeze response

is very unique based on our personal life history

Anytime we felt afraid we created a file for that in our personal burglar alarm.

This file gets bigger with similar events until it is a big black hole of post traumatic stress

and this understanding is key because we can change this and I use EFT .

This is essential to new learning because our defence mechanisms

will override any logical thought

Do you see why this is key ?

Eyes the window of the soul


Today’s lifestyle in our created society is so unnatural that we have forgotten

that we have amazing skills

(and  yet they are still there untapped when we remove our veil of dust sheets)

and places us under constant stress that we are faced with every day

and the code is now changing so we are changing with it 


Here is a link to a video I created about Triggers and how to use EFT to release them when you are ready to 


Here is a wonderful video you can tap along to if you choose 

The Template Ceremonies


The picture at the top is The Pleiades 


This may assist the reasoning part of the human being as to Science :

We have entered a new 26000 year cycle based on where earth is in the universe

Ancient wisdom indigenous human beings who do not have ego conditioned minds know this and have known this for 1000s of years because they are connected to source and intuitively know to see what happens in the stars

and how that influence earth and it’s cycles and how this affects everything 

They don’t need an app or some guy who went to some university in a white coat telling them it is a “fact”

Their universal source of information has a very different place of being 

free from consumer manipulation

free from agenda

It simply is what it is

It isn’t rocket science and it makes sense if you look at the information that is available en masse when people are ready to look and learn for themselves rather than being spoon fed distorted information and trust what their gut is saying

When people are full of conditioned mind which is based on the ego picture and the small mind set and lack of trust and self esteem 

their ego has a need to be “right” and argue and feel in control of what has been proven 

and yet not realising that everything is actually a belief 


and that everything changes

and even Steven Fry said that on QI so you know it has to be true 🙂

A different model is the bigger picture

and the expansive mind set

and I guess you are sharing that perspective

in some way reading this blog

Open to new learning

Here are some links that explain something about the nature of precession of the equinoxes and the new cycles:

worldwide water plan

keys of



This pattern of sacred geometry of creation is also linked

to many others including the ones in Dion Fortune’s book

The Cosmic Doctrine 


Time to empty our cup of conditioning and transform our shadow

Today in the UK at the time of writing , we are in Pisces Waxing Moon ~ the most psychic moon that is limitless :

A gypsy peasant woman sings a mournful chant.
The earth is broken. The compact between a human soul and her earth housing is violated. Some of us are sensitive to what has gone wrong and must proclaim a conscience-change. An agonizing place to be, and yet treated as just the way it is, met with huge resolve, almost welcoming that it has come down to this. Creatively expressive of what it feels like to be here in the midst, you feel resonant with all the kingdoms of nature, and especially aligned with the soul of this planet in her deep changes. Put in the right place at the right time to call the occasion, to make things unavoidable, you feel almost immobilized by how huge the task is. Yet you are stoical, dedicated, exceedingly strong, and enduring. Able to withstand the shaking-loose of the old Earth. In here for the duration. Just getting going when it all seems lost.


Personal Cookie Trail today


As this is my Wavespell I am experiencing lots of dreams and intuitive insights about this and I follow my personal cookie trail of discovery .

The Wavespell we are born into is the key to what we are here to evolve as it is a 13 day galactic process. Each day has it’s own code.

My Mum is part of the same wavespell and is code 7 I am code 9

My mum had a difficult birth with me and I had difficult births with my children

How we enter this world is key and is part of our code

There is nothing “wrong” with this 

This shows us what this way of being creates 

so we can be aware and see if  it is what we choose to create in future 

There is valuable information

In terms of how we personally felt about these experiences is often

what is seeking healing ~ trauma

and part of our trigger code

that will have created for us on a deeper conscious level all our lives 

Now we have the tools to change that code because we have got the learning

that was essential for us to understand 

and be the learning

We have all we need within us to do that so that our creation process can change now for future generations 


it is self evident from history that technology and intellectual logic alone do not do this

Today I tuned in to my birth process and the medical staff believing that both me and my first born were late 

for a very important date 

according to their calculations 

and when one learns about Astrology and Mayan Signs this is revealed as so untrue

We arrive right on time when we are meant to

and with all the frameworks for what the mother and child

are here to evolve

A female foetus has her eggs develop around 20 weeks gestation

The Mayan Wavespell has the 260 day same time framework as a foetus developing 

So I counted in 140 days as to when this would be 

It is

Yellow Planetary Sun

the day of manifestation

the day of the Heart’s desire 

Day 10 of Blue Monkey Wavespell

Blue Monkey is the divine child

at the heart of the Tzolkien 

Is that a coincidence ?


Here is the blog I received the info about the 20 weeks from:


When we look at key birth days and days that people died in our life and how these fit into Wavespells 

We can have a different understanding

When we look at people in our birth family and their Mayan Code 

People who are in our circle now 

We can also relate this to the key days in our Wavespell

So here is an exercise you can do if you choose for this catalyst time:

You will need to know people’s birth date and you can also look up celebrities and people who have inspired you

Here is an online decoder:

who was an initiator in my life  ~ Blue Storm Sign

who was a language of light illuminator of my shadow ~ Yellow Sun

who was a ~ being open to what the Goddess is bringing me energy ~

a Red Dragon alchemist

Who was a speaker of truth and spirit energy ~ White Wind

Who got me to the heart of the matter to recognise what can happen

when I follow my dream and let go of my nightmares ~ Blue Night

Who showed me how to reveal my true essence by letting go of my

mask to bring balance in a healthy way ~ Yellow Seed

Who showed me the importance of loving relationship

so that I am able to let my kundalini flow and allow intimacy by

loving the skin I am in ~ Red Serpent

Who let me see that to live in the now and access all world requires

letting go of my past on all levels through integrating all parts of me

~ White World Bridger

Who let me see that is was me that had the ability to shape my

destiny with my own hands and transformation process and that in

doing so I could go beyond the confines of time

and be my God and Goddess self ~ Blue Hand

Who revealed the difference to me of how it is being the star

that we really are ~ our Starcode ~ that is the essence of being and

living in harmony ~ rather than our ego show ~ Yellow Star ( this

day matches your 10th house/MC in Astrology) ~ Yellow Star

Who has been illuminating what is seeking release

so I can be my authentic self and remember

I have all I need seeded within me  ~ Red Moon

Who is allowing me to see the conditions in me

that began in my birth tribe that I can clear to allow clarity

and create unconditional love now ~ White Dog 

Who is showing me ways to be the divine child again free

from manipulation and letting any ego arrows go through me

as I have no wounds to tag me in having healed them from within

I am free and here to love my life

and access the match for this in my destiny ~ Blue Monkey


If your Wavespell is different to this one then it will have different codes on different days 

Once you know your Mayan Sign you can check out your Life Mission with your Wavespell 


Wishing you joy and love with your discovery and catalyst process

Let your life become even more amazing by seeing the reality








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