Blue Storm Wavespell ~ time to transform


Transformation Time


Blue Storm Wavespell


Blue Magnetic Storm


Are you ready for your catalytic conversion ?




Please click on the links to take you to other websites which expand on the info

This is my Wavespell and I am day 9

Blue Solar Hand 

This is the energy signature transformation process I was born into 

This energy arrived in Glastonbury with a storm in the early hours lashing rain against our window

This Wavespell process is truly life changing

should you choose to consciously align with it

It literally reveals the divinity code of the cosmos

It reveals our personal process

This information is revealing itself to me on a daily basis as I intend to be it

As my life mission this is all about being a catalyst for change 

in my own life and sharing it with others 

I do this by sharing my journey in this blog

and sharing processes I have learned to help others do the same

These are tough transition times on planet earth 

Blue Storm is an energetic signature that is one of four

that change every year on planet earth 

to take the planet code of evolution 

through a continuous 4 step process in a period of 13 Year Cycles

Red Moon ~ awakening to the beacon of light that we really are 

in the Mayan this is called Muluc

This is code number 9 ~ a Gateway

One of the 13 core process steps

We are currently in a Red Moon Year  ~ number 9 in a 13 year cycle of Red Moon that started in July 26 in 2006

Red Solar Moon started on July 26 2014

check out my blog about that here:

Red Solar Moon Year

hkuyutrjpg copy

White Wizard comes next ~

self empowerment and refining the process

that begins in Red Moon

in the Mayan this is called Ix and is code number 14 = 5

The heart of the matter and the core

It is one of the seven seals of mastery



Blue Storm ~

the energy of this Wavespell comes next

this is the alchemical process

of Red Moon and White Wizard

to transform so that we evolve

In the Mayan this is called Cauac

This is code number 19 = 1

It is the initiation of the light body 

It is one of the seven seals



as a result of this transformation

we arrive at the fourth

place of flowering Yellow Seed

removing our conditioned mind mask

so that the true seed emerges free from raw ego

In the Mayan this is called Kan and is code number 4

The structure

One of the first 13 core process steps



If you choose you can align with this process

and consciously co create with the universe which we are a part of

this process is happening anyway with or without our “consent” 🙂 

If we choose we can work with awareness which is a very different place of being

it is time for more and more people to do this now 

we are ready to create a new way of being that transcends the karma wheel we have been bound to as human beings 

for many thousands of years 

In the past very few have accessed magical process 

as it has been known 

God and Goddess awareness 

Conscious dreamers being aware of the true nature of the universe 

Many have been the mystics creating alchemical process outside of themselves 

Now we are ready to work with the inside of us 🙂 

This isn’t a purely mind process 

This is what the Wavespell is here for 

This is the emotional evolution 

Aligning our heart with our head in balance 

Aligning our masculine and feminine in balance 

Aligning our way of being in time in balance 

We are ready to navigate and explore our dark matter 

to birth new worlds 

Exciting times indeed and believe me

Everything that has happened to us so far has had to happen

so we can go through the butterfly process and emerge 

We have to be it to transform it

We all have that purpose 

It is how evolution works

with each one of us a part of this beautiful tapestry 


Once you start working in this way you will start to lose any fear that you have about what is happening 

As you work on your own personal fear events and understand them

As you realise it is the society system we have created that is sick and insane 

and so if we follow it we become sick and insane 


As we have created it 

over thousands of years 

It is a culmination of the patriarch ~ extreme masculine on an ego trip led by the head 

We can create something that is balanced instead



because we have all the evidence to look at and learn from

and see clearly what has created what 

and so what to do now instead

to lead us out of this hell of our own making 🙂 

That is created by our beliefs and projections directly 

All these shadow energies that we can now work to transform in each one of us

green heart

How can I use this Divinity Code in a practical way ?

Is a question I am often asked 

as well as a million and one questions about this and that of the Mayan Codex 😉 

and my answer is this :

I share my learning as I am intuitively

learning it in connection

with where I am on my process with living the calendar

remember we are in a new age with new ways of being in natural time 

in the now 

where as society system is ego led not being in the now and getting ahead 

debt for example 

which creates dependency 

having something now when we cannot afford it

To connect to this natural time means one has to be patient

and receive as and when we match the current code 

Be in tune 

to tune in 🙂

Channel the code by being a clear channel free of conditioning which takes work 

clearing our personal conditioned mind

The universe is a matrix of code Each one of us is part of that

and we see our reality matched to our belief systems literally

every day

Change our code and what we see changes because of that 🙂

That is within a universal script of course we are all equal under the sun as to what we create ~ it is only ego script that believes there is “better” or “worse” 

These are man mind made duality measurement codes that come from a limited script

and that is the current way most people see the world 


So what is happening today is not three months away which is why my workshops key information

are written as near to the day as to what I receive intuitively and using the Mayan and Astrological code of the day ….

as are my blogs


we all have the ability to do this 

to channel 

because we are actually doing this by receiving the codes anyway most people don’t allow it

because they are conditioned to be afraid of this “weird stuff” 

because historically people who are in the flow of this had bad things happen to them

from people who didn’t want the masses to be self empowered

because people who are self ~ empowered wouldn’t  be their slaves

and that of course is exactly what is happening now 

same as it ever was

“business models” require planning ahead and making things happen 

that is ok to a degree as we co create with other people and there are practicalities in doing this but the more flexible we become about how we can go with the flow 

which is why I offer in person ways of working and Skype 

so that people have the time sensitive info in an ebook to use when they choose and is in alignment for them


we get together at the perfect moment 

which if you think about this whole way of being makes sense

but when I started out as a holistic therapist

I followed the old patterns until I was stopped

and it snowed for three weeks and I had to adapt and go online 





If you have 150 people all with different codes 

how can they all be in the flow at the same time to suit a workshop presenter ?

We see what happens to flow as a result of commuting times ….

So we have to live it to access it and clear our old code

What we learn with this synchroniser is

a return to ancient ways 

so being in balance with this is key 

You can work with balanced ways of being but if you go to far out of that

imbalance occurs and there isn’t enough time today to create harmony today

because you are doing too much now in one day

of what is really meant to be done in small steps everyday 

Hope this makes sense ?

We have to choose codes that are life enhancing and they are the polar opposite of most of society codes

which require us to to give more than is healthy for us to enable parasites to live off that energy

A job for example that takes up 10 hours of your day  that isn’t setting your heart on fire

and often means being in environments and around people that stress you out 

means you are too tired for anything else

The house becomes a mess 

You have no time to cook

You have to cram all of the nurturing caring side of living 

the creating side of you 

the feminine free wild child you 

that has been repressed 

into a couple of days 

and get a couple of weeks off which leaves you feeling 

resentful and miserable 


So you balance yourself with addictions

As do most of the population 

We self medicate to balance ourselves

to cope 

which is the shadow of Blue Storm

and the planet of Blue Storm is



The West

The setting Sun and the place of transformation 

When we look at the esoteric code of Pluto 

explained on the link above

we can see how this directly ties in to this energy 

Pisces ~ christ consciousness and the polar opposite addictions

and the Age of Pisces we are transiting out of


This is what has to change for all of us 

and this myth that somehow we have to do this because that is what it is 

The answers come 

The steps come 

as we commit to the process 

heal our trust issues so we trust that we are enough and have our own answers

Have courage to tell the truth

believe in ourself

transform our distorted image of ourself

wolves in sheep's clothing

Be the wolf that pioneers the path

Let go of trying to be something we are not

I have been doing the process with this Mayan system for 3 years ~ not in a huge way either

small steps every day

As I am now in my 4th year ~ the structure code 

I am now building on the previous 3 and the steps get bigger 

This is the Tipping Point Process 

Once you have the foundations in place 

the walls start to build rapidly 

Once we heal all our fear events 

The code they carried is transformed so we do not do the same things anymore 

We have got the learning and we become more confident 

We start to relax more 

We have the bigger picture awareness

We have the tools to deal with the challenges

We are self empowered

Inside out 

To thrive we have to meet the conditions to survive 

and that means letting go of old ways taking small steps pro actively if possible 

If we don’t 

We will be pushed into facing our fears 

That is what we are here for to do the process

We are not here to raise 2.4 children, have a company car and a nice sofa 🙂 

and be measured in these terms

We are so much more that that

We are star beings



until we are willing to do what it takes 

we will not receive anything beyond where we are

we will only see glimpses beyond the veil

until we are ready to remove our veil 



We have to choose now

We cannot do both paths because they arrive at different destinations

they have totally different processes and so take us through different challenges

in the first stages it can be painful and we will seem the anti thesis of society 



we have to learn to relate to ourself and the universe in a different way 

go into the abyss 

face our abyss

then and only then can we be free 

and that’s when the true nature of life, the universe and everything is revealed….

and just like was told in 

The Hitchikers Galaxy 

this is 42 

42 is a code and if you have read the info on the link above this Mayan version can actually seem quite simple 🙂 

4 = The structure which in Mayan terms is Yellow Seed ~ the authentic self free of the mask

2 = The new learning coming from shadow which in Mayan Terms is White Wind  ~ speaking the truth from spirit

add them together = 6 Organic Balance =

White World Bridger which is the 13 day code

we have just completed 

Death of the old world’s to create the new through transforming our inner world

Believe me 

Just follow the Yellow Brick Road

Do the inner work

All will be revealed

There are no short cuts 

you cannot buy your stairway to heaven

That is what it takes

Everyone has what it takes

only most will not do it

This energy is Brigid 

The fire Goddess 



Which is also connected

to the archetype of St Brigid


Pic by Kathrin Burleson

Are you ready to 

light your personal fire of transformation ?


Day 2 on Sunday 04 October is the day of new learning 

Yellow Lunar Sun

Letting more light in through transforming our shadow


Day 3 on Monday 05 October is the day of Alchemy 

Red Electric Dragon

Becoming open to what our cosmic mother is sending our way by learning about the matrix and healing our feminine wounding events so we can receive free from conditioned mind filters


Today we are in Waxing Moon in Aquarius in the UK

At the time of writing at 17 degrees:

An old woman drying herbs.
Knowing what you know, being who you are and going where you go, with absolute autonomy. A complete world unto yourself. Living out away from the unwelcome intrusion of alien perspectives. Ornery, taciturn, eccentric. Convinced that your own truth-consciousness is the real thing and that very few others know what they are talking about. Steeped in experience of a solitary kind. A highly distinctive mode of awareness. You seek to link ancient wisdom with future worlds, absolutely intent upon losing nothing in the translation. Rabidly convinced you must not concede unnecessary territory to the common mind of today. Acutely well-informed and voluminously knowledgeable. Working for the future Earth, you are supremely intolerant of compromises and latter-day confusions.

As we are coming up to Aries Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday 08 October in the UK

all of this feminine archetype fits in with remembering what we initiated in the Spring at the time of Aries Sun

The Youthful part of us that is also the archetype of Persephone

Here is a blog with more info about that

The Persephone is going down into Pluto energy to work with her underworld 

All the things seeking balance in this Libra Month 

We also have Mercury Retrograde

which is time to get out of our heads

and into our hearts starting today

Moving from :

Scorpio at 2 degrees:

A large stately bronze horse.
Pride. Stupendous and rigid pride. “I am right.” You have held tightly within reputation, stature, the highest standards, the way it should be. Revering the authority that is central. Vastly given over to schemes and dreams. Idiosyncratic and self-referential, immune to reflection. Driven from before. And always standing up for yourself forcefully, while inwardly self-betrayal oriented and doubtful. Political intrigue. Maintaining the appearance. You don’t know how to stop. Karmically transfixed by convictions, forces, factions, and biased points of view that seem inevitable. Nothing ever changes, stuck with the same destiny-edge, deeply at the mercy of what has gone before. A link in a chain, strictly enforced.


Libra at 16 degrees

A woman: The lower half of her body is a serpent.
Magic working simultaneously from two divergent levels. The regular, human, everyday magic of holding yourself together as a complex and volatile mix by sheer intent. And the deeper magic of yielding into the undersoul, the passions, the desires, the impulses, and the skills of the subconscious levels. Primarily being absorbed in the deep forces of body and soul. But meanwhile bending over backwards to frame everything in normalcy. This combination is extremely difficult to maintain. It is fragile, delicate, and dangerous. You secretly exult in how impossible it really is and urge yourself onward to work this magic and wield it with the same kind of life-force that moves at the edge of an abyss and stays on that edge in a balancing act that may capsize at any moment. And it therefore is entered upon with a passion of the most dazzling cross between sheer foolishness and a wizard’s mastery.


More about that here from Darkstar Astrology


Blue Storm Patterns


Using the Decoder we can see all of history revealed and a way of understanding evolution patterns 

The next Blue Storm Year will begin on July 26  2016

This is Blue Spectral Storm and is therefore an energy of dissolution

this could mean building an ark is wise

and as an ark is actually the

inside structure that allows our soul energy to be fully immersed within us

this could be a good move on our part

We will be transforming en masse what is seeking to be released over the past 11 years

in this Red Moon awakening process

That could be potentially a challenging year for the collective 

If we go back in time to recent challenges that affected the world at large

the last world war for example

It began in a Blue Storm 13 Year Cycle in 1928

In 1932 we had Blue Overtone Storm Year that was also a galactic portal

a gateway to access all of time and the heart of the matter

The struggle that creates the mastery

In 1936 we had Blue Solar Storm and the completion of a cycle

In 1940 we had Blue Cosmic Storm 

The last year of that cycle and the shift

If you look at history detailed on these links and are aware of what is happening in the world today 

We can see many things repeating

Sometimes in a slightly different way 

but the underlying code remains the same

It is very important now that we start to see this business code

the consumer code 

the de~personalise

de~ humanise code 

for what it really is 

The out of control ego of a select few 

that is getting away with murder literally now 

only because people are not self~aware 

and are playing their part in allowing it

rather than addressing it 

Going along with it 

Ignoring it 

Pretending life is great 

Pretending this is

The American Dream 

When in truth

It is a very sick system

That can only be changed when….

everyone is prepared to opt out of it 

and Be the change we want to see

Here are a some films I found interesting this week along these themes:

Hannah Arendt




If you are ready to work with yourself

and create personal alchemy during this aligned time of the year 

Here are a series of 6 Workshops 

1 per month

That I have co created for this purpose of 

Becoming aware of what our Fears are 

and using the transformation of them 

to unveil our true selves 

The first one begins on Saturday 11 October at 11am 

or you can access via an ebook 

you can arrange a time to suit us mutually to Skype with me

I will need to do your Mayan Sign and Astrology to do this so please give time for this

The first one initiates the process and sets an intention



To take you to the heart

of feeling unsafe 

that is very much resonating in our society right now

How to take our power back by letting go of what has created it

Learn new ways to relate without sacrifice 

Transform any distorted codes

we have experienced in our life journey so far with the power of fire


The most important thing is that each person learns how to do this for themselves

to be truly self~empowered 

This involves learning how to do EFT 

and doing it consistently 

More about them here 

A clip from the film Hannah Arendt:

2 thoughts on “Blue Storm Wavespell ~ time to transform

  1. you are talking the truth in metaphor too hard to de-code. its really simple to explain without all the cosmic jargon which is confusing people into thinking they have a ‘personal’ truth. the truth is we need to wake up to the fact we are being hurtled toward extinction, global climate change, the farming industries, the waste problems and the fact we are STILL at war. Money is a big problem. you say ‘we need to wait until everyone is prepared to change’ followed by ‘we need to be the change we want to see’ which is a complete contradiction, we need to change ourselves first then help others see that we are killing our environment which is ultimately going to kill the entire race. this personal transformation begins with, like you say, stopping our addictions, smoking, drinking, drug taking, and then moving to vegan, then moving to moneyless once these are done we have to start to use our success in these fields as a way to show others what is happening in THIS world. I did this in 1 moon cycle, i.e. 28 days, i suggest you do this on the next new moon and convince your friends this is the right answer, the fact you talk all space agey is, although very fascinating, confusing and basically taking people away from the point which is IF WE CARRY ON LIVING THE WAY WE ARE WE ARE GOING TO BECOME EXTINCT.


    1. Ben
      Thank you to take the time to share your opinion ~ this is a very old article ~ may I ask why you chose this one ?
      You are missing the point of this blog ~ it is my personal journey with the cosmic jargon of the Mayan Wavespell .
      My understanding is exactly that ~ people have a personal “truth” and you are clearly illustrating that point in your comments to me .
      These comments are your personal “truth” ~ how could they be anything else?
      People are a point of view 😉
      People are making the choices that are creating the outcomes ~ that is how the universe works ~ in my opinion.
      People do what they know and what people think or idealise is very different to what action they take ~ doesn’t matter how many “facts” or statistics or “evidence” people are given ~ the emotional mind is not logical and that is the point I make in most of my blogs.
      Rules are broken by people who do not care to conform or for anyone or anything else.

      I don’t try and convince anyone of anything ~ not my place to do that ~ a waste of my breath 😉

      I am simply sharing my experiential journey and subjective understanding.

      I do not believe that we will become extinct , I believe this is a process of human evolution and is necessary for our awakening to conscious beings .

      I respect the fact that you do and feel passionately about that and feel that you have to tell other people what they should do to prevent it.
      Like most people I know I do not like being told what I should and should not do though or how I should write my blogs because this is my personal space to express myself .

      Being the change I want to see is speaking my truth and honouring that other people have theirs.

      Do you have a blog ?


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